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Thursday, March 02, 2000

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“Responsibility and Choice”

“Orientations: Common”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Joe (Holden), and a new participant, Helen (Salaama).

Vic’s note: Helen is barely audible on my tape. You will see many question marks (?) in this script. It’s interesting that this does not seem to affect Elias, although he does say “Pardon me?” once.

Elias arrives at 10:22 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOE: Hi, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Welcome to new essence!

HELEN: Welcome to you!

ELIAS: And you have fared well in your challenge?

HELEN: (Laughing) Oh, I have?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! What is your assessment of your ability to be connecting with your own impressions?

HELEN: (?) I know you said something about (?) and I do want to know about this (?).

ELIAS: I....

JOE: Elias, we have a problem here in transmission. This is on a conference call, and evidently the audio is not as good as we had hoped. So, if it’s all right with you, I’m going to have to repeat your answers so that Helen can hear.

ELIAS: My suggestion, Holden, is that you offer yourself, as you have stated, as the interpreter. You may be the medium to the medium! Ha ha ha ha!

JOE: Okay, I’ll do that!

HELEN: (?)

JOE: He says I can be the interpreter, as the medium to the medium. (Helen laughs)

Basically – and if I have this wrong, Elias, just tell me – but basically he says that he thinks you’ve done well as far as being able to interpret your own essence name.

ELIAS: Now you may express to me the impression, and I shall offer my response.

JOE: He wants ... did you hear that?

HELEN: Yes. (?) and he will offer his response?

JOE: Your impression of what your essence name is.

HELEN: Yes. This is really fascinating....

JOE: Helen, I know this is going to sound weird, but try yelling into your phone.

HELEN: Okay. I thought it was (?).

JOE: Spell it.

HELEN: It’s either ... the original was S-A-L-A-H, but I think it’s more like S-A-L-A or S-A-A-L-A.


HELEN: S as in Sara.

JOE: Oh, S.


ELIAS: Now I shall present to you the correction, in a manner of speaking, or the alteration to be clarifying this allowance of your impression. You are correct that this physical translation also is incorporated in the languages of Africa, and I shall offer to you, the actual translation is Salaama. (säl-äm’ah, with three distinct syllables)




JOE: Did you get that?


ELIAS: Correct.

HELEN: Yes, I have been (?).

JOE: Was that an M or an N, Elias?



HELEN: Yes, (?).

ELIAS: Säl-ah-äm’. (Pronouncing it differently than before)

HELEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

HELEN: (?) family of consciousness (?).

JOE: That was your orientation.

ELIAS: This is not a family of consciousness, so to speak, but rather the orientation that you hold within this particular focus.

There are three different expressions of orientation of manifestations within this particular physical dimension. These orientations are that element of your perception which interprets yourself and your world within your reality. This is the manner in which you view and interact with yourself and your world within this particular focus. Each focus of essence which is manifest also chooses an orientation in which they shall perceive their reality as they are focused within this particular physical dimension.

This orientation of common is designated by this term that I have chosen to be defining it, for it is the most commonly held orientation within any given time framework in your physical dimension. In this, the orientation of common is affecting of the perception and the manner in which you create your reality in an outward expression.

Individuals that choose the orientation of common create their reality outwardly and focus their attention through their objective awareness, which offers them their information and their interaction with themselves and with their world or universe, in your terms. Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that your information shall be offered to you through yourself in an objective manner, and you shall create your reality outwardly in an objective manner also, which....

HELEN: (?)

ELIAS: Ha ha! This is in difference to the other two orientations within this particular physical dimension, which are soft or intermediate, and their expressions through their perception are created quite differently.

HELEN: So this combination of ... the outward impression is ... you’ve talked about this before. I went back and looked up the references to these families, and I said, this is really right on. It does make sense to me. So this expression is an orientation to the world, and it’s almost as if it’s a prism or a way through ... information to be expressed outwardly, right? And that is not a family of consciousness, but an orientation.

ELIAS: Yes. I have offered information in explanation of these orientations, which you may be interactive with Michael and also with Holden, and they may be offering to you the direction in which you may allow yourself to be assimilating the information which I have expressed in connection with these orientations; the identification and the definitions of these orientations.

I shall express to you that your essence family that you are belonging to and the family that you are aligning with are influencing of the individual focus, but there are different types of activities that essence may engage which may at times alter those expressions of essence families.

The orientation is quite a different creation within this physical dimension, for the orientation is the choice of the individual focus, and although it is not impossible to be altering an orientation within one particular focus, it is generally not created.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is, the orientation that you hold within one particular focus couples itself with the choice of personality expression, and is an identification of that particular energy signature of the individual. It is quite influencing individually in each focus with respect to how you interpret yourself, your interactions, and your world, and also how you create your reality through that interpretation.

HELEN: Okay. What is the process of this? By this, I mean (?). How does that (?), either of awareness or environment, occur? What alchemy, what magic, what interactions between the boundaries of these categories and ingredients make that (?) work or not work?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, in simplicity, what allows the flow – or in your terms, what allows this action to work or not to work – is the individual’s recognition of their natural self and expression.

Now; you are inquiring in relation to these three expressions of orientation, and these three expressions of orientation, as I have stated, are each quite different. Therefore, there is what we may express to be importance within your physical dimension for your recognition objectively of which orientation you as an individual have chosen within a particular focus, for it is extremely influencing of all that you create within that particular focus. It is extremely influencing of your reality. It is the natural flow of energy, in a particular type of expression and direction, that the individual has chosen for that particular focus.

In this, as you choose the orientation of common, for the most part, although not entirely, your flow of energy is allowed to be expressed freely, for the mass belief systems and the mass creations, or the methods in which the mass creates, is influenced and almost dictated to by this orientation of common. For....

HELEN: (?)

ELIAS: Pardon me?

HELEN: I’m sorry. Could you spell common?



ELIAS: Now; in this, as essences do focus most of their manifestations in the choice of orientation of common, this particular orientation creates a type of design set, in a manner of speaking, for the officially accepted reality. Therefore, those individuals manifesting holding the orientations of intermediate or soft experience challenges within their objective expressions, for they move in conjunction with the officially accepted reality and the energy of the mass, and they are attempting to be fitting themselves, in their expressions and their flow of energy, into the expressions of the orientation of common. But they do not fit, for this is not the natural flow of energy and expression which is projected by those two orientations.

Now; I may also express to you, in certain situations, individuals that hold the orientation of common may experience similar difficulty dependent upon their choice of their placement physically within their reality.

Now; what I am expressing to you is that an individual of the orientation of common may choose in a particular focus to be manifesting and interacting and drawing themselves to many other individuals that hold a different orientation.

Let us express hypothetically as an example, an individual of the orientation of common may choose – infrequently – to be placing themselves physically in what you may term to be the midst of many other individuals collectively that hold the orientation of soft.

In this type of scenario, the individual of common shall allow some expressions of energy in ease, for there is a continuous underlying flow of energy of the mass or the collective, of which the majority is common. But within their actual physical interaction, they may experience some elements of difficulty or challenge or confusion in their natural flow of energy, for it shall appear to not fit with the collective of energy of the individuals that they have chosen to be interactive with, for the base element of your energy flows are different. The manner in which you perceive your reality is different. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you are speaking different languages.

Now; this is not to say that you do not hold the ability to be creating a bridge, so to speak, or a translation of these languages, and allow yourselves to be creating a free flow of energy between the different expressions of orientations, but the challenge is presented objectively in that you do not recognize your own free flow and expression of energy which is natural to you, for each of you are not focusing your attention upon self and familiarizing yourselves with self; rather, creating comparisons of self and other individuals. (1)

But in this, as to your question of,”What is the magic? What is the alchemy that allows you this free flow of energy to be creating your reality without obstacles in relation to your expression of orientation?” ... which I may express to you as an aside is an insightful question, for this subject of orientation is quite affecting within your reality.

But in response to that questioning of magic, I express to you, the most powerful and the most affecting movement that you may create within an individual focus to be accomplishing this free flow is to be turning your attention to self, familiarizing yourself with self and your automatic, natural free flow of energy; not that which is forced to be fitting into the expressions of other orientations, but the recognition of your own energy and the acceptance of that natural movement outside of comparison, recognizing that you need not be the same in your perception as other individuals, that reality is highly individualized.

Regardless of the illusion that there are absolutes within your reality, the actual expression of your reality, even within physical terms, physical matter, is that you create this reality in a highly individualized expression through your individual unique perception.

Therefore, as each individual turns their attention to self – and I may not be expressing of this point strongly enough, for this is the most affecting action that you may be creating within your physical reality. In turning your attention to self and allowing yourself the acceptance in the action of familiarizing yourself with self and with your individual energy and natural expression of it, you shall also allow yourself an outward AND an inward flow of energy which does not rail against yourself.

HELEN: What I was attempting to do was (?).

ELIAS: Let me express to you, the confusion which is expressed and experienced most strongly within the individuals holding the orientation of common is that their natural free flow of energy is to be expressing outwardly within their creations, and what is occurring in the creation of confusion in relation to this orientation is a misunderstanding and a misinterpretation of your reality.

For in one element of your awareness and your identification of your energy in relation to your orientation, you recognize individually that you do create your reality outwardly, and the area in which the confusion is created is that there is a translation formed in this definition, so to speak, of creating outwardly, that essence and consciousness – and that your reality – is also outward.

Therefore, the confusion is within the translation or the misunderstanding that your perception – or that you as essence or consciousness – lies outside of you also, in like manner to how you project outwardly in your creation of your reality.

In this, great challenges and difficulties are experienced by the individuals holding this orientation of common as they attempt to be assimilating information in relation to essence and self and consciousness, for there is an automatic assumption and strength in beliefs that all of these elements lie outside of the manifestation of the individual focus.

This is what creates the beliefs, which are held en masse, and the officially accepted reality or perception en masse, that the physical manifestation within this dimension is lower than or less than universe, higher self, consciousness, essence, god – whichever you choose within your terminology to be identifying that element which you designate as supreme.

In this, there is also an assessment or a defining that the focus is in physical manifestation merely a vessel, the attention of the focus is merely a piece or a part of a greater whole, and that this part of the greater whole is manifest to be learning, for it is incomplete, less than, and lacks in knowledge.

JOE: Elias, can I ask one question here in relation to this?

ELIAS: You may.

JOE: Is this a little bit like trying to get from here to there, and building bridges and knocking down walls, and finding out that we are exactly where we started?

ELIAS: You are correct. Be remembering, Holden, of my offering of the Ferris wheel.

HELEN: The Ferris wheel?

ELIAS: Correct. This is an example in imagery, in an analogy that has been offered as an explanation of how you view yourselves and your reality and how you move in that reality.

You are the Ferris wheel, and you continue to climb to the outer rim of the Ferris wheel and hold your attention beyond this Ferris wheel, watching and looking to all that lies outside of this Ferris wheel and viewing this all in amazement, but also in confusion at times, for you lack in your understanding objectively of how you may be interactive with all that exists, in a manner of speaking, beyond the Ferris wheel.

Therefore, you create the compartments or the cars, so to speak, on the outside of the Ferris wheel, the rim, which are the expressions of your beliefs, and in this, you jump from one to another to another, and you may not view the inner cog from the outer rim.

But as you move yourselves down in the beams and into the center of this wheel, you also allow yourself the ability to be connecting with that which you identify symbolically as the ground, which offers you the bridge to all of the reality that you view to be outside of you – which is in actuality not – and also allows you the ability to view all of self.

I express to you quite definitely, all that you view to be your cosmos, your universe, all that you identify or define or assess to be consciousness and essence, your higher self, your inner self, ANY element that you view to be outside of yourself in greater expression is in actuality the reverse.

HELEN: The reverse? I’m sorry – in actuality is the reverse?

ELIAS: Yes. You ARE all of this. Your planets do not express movement which influences you. You express energy which influences them, for they ARE you. Your patterns within your reality do not influence you. You create them, for they ARE you.

All of the focuses of essence that you may identify as what you define to be as past or future lives, in a manner of speaking, are merely different focuses of attention all occurring simultaneously, and in this, they are all you. They are all present within you NOW. All of essence, all of your universe, all of consciousness is present within you NOW. All that you view is a projection in mirror image of all that you are, not the reverse.

Therefore, you are not aspiring to any thing or any place. You already ARE. What you are creating is a shift in your objective awareness, that which you experience within your waking physical expression of consciousness, and in this shifting, you are allowing yourself the action of the remembrance, and the remembrance is not memory. It is being.

HELEN: It is ...?

ELIAS: Being.


ELIAS: Therefore, as I have stated, in conjunction with your inquiry of orientation, it behooves you tremendously to be allowing yourself the familiarization with self and your orientation, for this offers you a tremendous volume of information in how you create your reality and how your beliefs are influencing of that reality.

In this, it also offers you explanation in the movement and the workings, so to speak, of your perception, which is the element of you which creates your reality.

HELEN: So the perception or the action of procrastination is derived from not remembering that it’s always there?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, the identification of this particular term of procrastination I have most recently offered information of, and a definition and explanation of this particular terminology.

As to the remembrance, this is what you are shifting into, and within this particular time framework that you have entered into within your new expression of millennium, you are now inserting this action objectively into your officially accepted reality. It no longer is expressed merely subjectively or within movements of energy that may not necessarily hold solidity or objectivity within your reality.

You have moved into your break-point of your new millennium, and in this, you have, as per your agreements en masse and choice, begun the insertion, in physical objective solid manifestation, [of] this shift in your reality.

Therefore, all that I have been expressing to you all in previous time framework concerning the action of this shift in consciousness, and all of its manifestations and the dropping of the veils of separation, is now being accomplished in actuality, objectively, in physical reality.

HELEN: That feels absolutely right. Just recently, in fact, I have been personally working on two things. One is (?) and choice and the way out of duality, and the term “responsibility of choice” as a way out of the dilemma of procrastination, and not being able to see (?). It feels like the first time I’m moving (?), and procrastination has been almost a waiting for not just clarity, but a concept that (?).


And in this, you offer yourself objectively information which is in actuality closer to the actual definition of procrastination, which is not a negative, but in actuality an allowance of yourselves, in a type of waiting time framework, to be creating a comfortableness within your movement and to be offering yourself the opportunity to recognize objectively your choices, and the key, as you are becoming aware yourself, in this movement is to be turning your attention to your perception, which is what creates your reality in its entirety, and as you allow yourself to be aware of your perception, you also allow yourself the incorporation of choice, and choice is the base expression of this shift in consciousness – the allowance of choice and the removal of limitations in choices.

HELEN: So each is a part of the equation – consciousness (?) infinite expression, and choice (?) infinite focus?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

HELEN: So choice exists as a kind of prism to understand something that might get lost in the infinite expression or expansion?

ELIAS: Choice is what you may term to be a type of prism for direction. It is the instrument for directing your attention, which facilitates your exploration, and this is the action of consciousness in its entirety, in all of its expressions and manifestations – exploration.

HELEN: So what is the nature of responsibility in making a choice? In consciousness, when choice is made, it seems it takes the focus away from what everybody else does to you or what everybody else does to each other. It’s almost as if choice permits the true reveling in individual mastery ...

ELIAS: You are correct.

HELEN: ... and action.

ELIAS: You are correct. And in this, the responsibility lies merely within self.


ELIAS: And also, as you do allow yourselves to be familiarizing yourself with self, with essence, you also allow yourself more of an objective recognition of the expression of essence, which IS your responsibility.

You hold responsibility for and to self. You do not incorporate responsibility for or to any other manifestation, any other expression of consciousness, but you DO hold responsibility of self, of your essence, of your choice of your creations.

And in this, the very element of responsibility and choice is unfamiliar to you, as it has been covered or camouflaged by your beliefs and distorted in its movement of energy, for you continue to hold your attention outside of self, which once again is a tremendous influence of the orientation of common.

And in this, as the attention is held outside of self, all that you create is projected outward, but you also assess all that is created is outward, and as you view in this manner, you assume responsibility for elements outside of self, but you do not assume responsibility for self and for your own choices and creations.

And in this, your perception turns, and what you view, what you create in your reality, and what you believe is that other individuals or circumstances or situations or energy projections or the universe or essences or consciousness or god or whatever creates your reality for you, and you do not create your reality, and conversely, you do create the reality outside of you. You create other individuals’ reality, you create the reality of different scenarios in which you participate, but you do not create your own reality.

HELEN: (?) in our structures of domination and war?


HELEN: It seems if we really exercise choice, then there’s nobody else to blame, and if there’s nobody else to blame, then there’s no need for a dominate country or for war, in the way we experience it. It seems as if war is an action that fails to recognize the existence of choice.

ELIAS: You are correct. In this, once again, the key element in the manifestation of choice or the allowance of choice is the recognition of perception and the understanding of the power of perception.

HELEN: This can be a pretty remarkable transformation if we get it, if we get the waiting. I won’t call it procrastination anymore!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

HELEN: So whatever this word is, is this something I should pursue between the exploration of choice and a way out of (?)?

ELIAS: I am quite encouraging of this action, and I express to you to be remembering objectively and continuing to reinforce to yourself objectively to be holding your attention with self and to be recognizing perception, for this is the key element. You shall not allow yourself the freedom of choice if you are not allowing yourself the recognition of perception.

HELEN: You are answering the questions that I am framing in my mind as well as with my words, and I thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Ha ha ha ha!

HELEN: (Laughing) I want to thank you and Joe and Mary for this. It is wonderful to meet you and to feel the recognition with your energy. It feels calm, and I want to thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and yourself with us and with (?).

ELIAS: And I offer to you an expression of acknowledgment, and I may state to you, you are quite welcome and also quite appreciated in your expression of energy, and your willingness and openness within your expression of consciousness to be assimilating information objectively and subjectively. To you both this day, I offer my expression of affection and an offering of my energy to you each.

JOE: Take care, Elias.

ELIAS: I express to you quite lovingly, au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:28 AM.


(1) I have removed the word “than” from the following phrase: “rather than creating comparisons of self and other individuals.”

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