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Thursday, March 02, 2000

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“Learning and Teaching”

“Shifty Final Focuses”

“Orientations: Soft”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jo (Tyl).

Elias arrives at 1:41 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JO: Good morning! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

It’s nice to talk to you again. I feel a lot better than I did when I talked to you last. I’m actually beginning to relax, as you’ve been suggesting to me! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! Very good!

JO: Thank you!

I was wondering if part of our expectations of ourselves have to do with the fact that this is – well, I’ll speak for myself – that this is my final focus, because I’ve always felt like an alien my entire life. I was reading the wonderful information that you gave about final focuses, and I was wondering if this explains things for me, and if this newness that I feel, this strangeness, has to do with my feeling of the initiating manifestation, and I was wondering if it would be helpful to be aware of who this focus is, perhaps?

ELIAS: I may express to you that as the designated final focus or initiating focus, you do experience different qualities within those particular focuses than may be identified in other focuses.

Although I may also express to you that the initial focus experiences the physical manifestation and the exploration of this physical dimension in quite a different manner and type of expression than would you, as the designation of the final focus.

In this, you allow yourself in moments to be opening to other areas of consciousness, and not holding your attention entirely and intensely within merely this particular physical dimension.

As to your question of the helpfulness in the identification of the initiating focus, the experiences are quite diverse, and in this, it may not be offering you a tremendous expression of helpfulness in your understanding objectively of what you are creating or allowing within this focus.

Now; it may be more helpful to you to be understanding objectively more of the qualities and the expressions and the influences of this particular focus that you are experiencing in this attention, for as you are manifest within this time framework and you are participating within the action of this shift, this intensifies many of the feelings that you experience within this particular focus.

There are many factors which are incorporated within your experience in this focus that are quite influencing of why you feel, in a manner of speaking, what you feel in this focus.

As you allow yourself to be participating within this shift in consciousness, you are also automatically opening elements of your awareness. You are focusing your attention on actions that move in harmony to the movement of the shift. You are also allowing yourself more of an objective recognition and identification and knowing of self, which in this aspect of your experience may be quite affecting as the designated final focus, more so than final focuses which are designated within other time frameworks, not directly incorporating the action of this shift into their personal experience in that particular focus.

But as there is much movement into unfamiliar areas of your reality in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, it intensifies the experience of the designated final focus, and also at times, not always but at times, may be influencing in a manner to be distracting of your attention within this particular focus and even dimension, for you are incorporating the widening of awareness. You are also allowing yourself an element of openness merely in conjunction with the designation of final focus. You are also incorporating some elements of transition, which opens your awareness objectively, and you are familiarizing yourself with self, incorporating the being of remembrance. All of these factors are quite influencing of your experience and of your feelings within the particular focus of attention.

Now; in this, given that you are participating in this time framework in this shift in consciousness, [and] you have moved into your new millennium, which alters the action of this shift, for you have begun your insertion of this shift into your objective reality now, and the familiarizing of self with self, you are creating a different action than other focuses within other time frameworks.

Other designated final focuses which manifest within other time frameworks NOT incorporating the action of this shift in consciousness – or those which have already accomplished the full incorporation of this shift in consciousness – do not experience the same type of exploration of objective awareness, and therefore also do not experience the same confusion or conflict or challenges.

One of the areas of exploration which is being engaged in widening your awareness – in familiarizing yourself with yourself – in this time framework is to be recognizing the free flow of your individual expression and energy, your natural movement, which is a direct expression of your orientation.

There are many elements of these orientations that we have not engaged in discussion yet, but this particular aspect of you is extremely influencing of your reality, and therefore also quite influencing of your thoughts, your emotions, your senses, your feelings.

This becomes a type of heightened awareness in sensitivity, in a manner of speaking, in this time framework, as you ARE participating in this shift in consciousness and widening your objective awareness, for you become acutely aware objectively, in some manners, of the very element that you have offered within your terms: feeling alien, holding a sense or a type of knowing, in part objectively, that there are elements of you that appear to be off in your assessment, or not quite fitting entirely in what you may view as smoothly or freely.

And in this, you automatically turn your attention to the influences of your perception and begin discounting of self or placing judgments upon self, and expressing to yourself that you are creating some element of a lack of understanding or you are distorting your reality or you are not creating adequately enough, and you begin devaluing yourself within your perception and allowing yourself to be moving into tremendous expressions of duplicity.

This all moves through an influence of the designation of the final focus also. It is quite influencing within some individuals.

As you allow yourself to recognize all of the different elements of you, all of the different expressions and manifestations of you – the emotional qualities of you, the expression of orientation of you, the identification of the natural movement of energy that you project, not in comparison with other individuals, but merely holding your attention with self – you may allow yourself to become familiar with your individual movement, and this shall begin opening elements of clarity within you; which you already are moving in this direction, in a manner of speaking, and you already are allowing yourself to become familiar with more of your natural expression of energy and how that moves in the moments that you are not obstructing it.

There are some quite strong basic qualities that are expressed within your energy – or struggle to be expressed within your energy – that are natural movements of your orientation, but you attempt to be channeling that energy into what you assess to be more acceptable expressions.

At times, you attempt to be channeling that natural flow of energy into expressions that you deem to be acceptable in the category of creativity, (chuckling) which is an interesting diversion of your natural flow of energy.

As you look to yourself, recognize also that two very strong influencing factors presently are the beginning of the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your objective reality now, and the movement of your individual focus as designated being the final focus. These two factors are influencing in a tremendous movement of energy.

You may be allowing yourself much more freedom and much more of an ease as you allow yourself, in this turning of your attention to self, to be recognizing and acknowledging – not proving and not comparing, but recognizing and acknowledging – your natural flow of energy in your ease of expression with it.

Now; let me offer to you one small example that you may recognize individually within you – within your choice of personality, your choice of orientation, and your natural flow of energy ... and your manipulation of that energy out of its natural flow.

In this, let us view an exploration of yourself in this focus, and your identification of a particular type of energy that you identify or define as feminine.

Now; in that feminine energy, you hold many, many, many definitions of the qualities of that feminine energy, and in this particular identification of gender energy, you assess to yourself the expressions of intuitiveness, of strength, of determination.

You also incorporate into your identification and your definition natural expressions of your orientation, which are not necessarily linked to gender, but through the established mass belief systems are associated with gender.

In this, in the orientation [of soft] that you hold, you allow a natural flow of energy of subjective and objective. You allow for an interaction of both of these awarenesses and you allow that to be the determining factor in your perception, therefore in how you create your reality. This is influenced through direct interaction of subjective and objective awarenesses simultaneously.

As I have stated previously, you create inward and outward, both. This is how you interact with your world. This is how you interact with other individuals. You also hold an innate knowing of the interconnectedness of all of you manifest within your physical dimension. You hold less of an objective veil of separation.

In this, there is a tremendous motivation to be not merely interactive with other individuals continuously, but also to be, in a manner of speaking, swirling the energy of objective and subjective movement together, and this becomes expressed outwardly, but also incorporated inwardly.

Therefore, let us examine a small scenario.

You hold an ideal or a philosophy, a thought process that you create within this particular focus, which leans in the direction of what you and mass beliefs may identify as a type of feminism.

In this, there are many different types of expressions that you incorporate in the philosophy of this ideal of feminism.

As you engage other individuals, initially you express a natural flow of your energy outward. The natural flow is the swirl of energy which incorporates the objective and subjective awareness, which are in play initially in the expression.

Therefore, you may encounter another individual and you may engage a discussion of this philosophy. Your initial movement into the discussion shall merely be the expression of your energy, and your thoughts and opinions as to this subject matter in the philosophy.

As the interaction continues, regardless of the expression or the communication objectively that is incorporated and projected by the other individual, you shall begin more of an intensity in your interaction, and in this, what shall be created is the movement of several actions incorporated simultaneously.

One shall be the projection of energy and communication objectively in the direction of the other individual to be attempting to gain their awareness – or what you perceive to be their awareness – of the lack of separation of all individuals, which within your philosophy is expressed in the terminology of equality.

Are you following thus far?

JO: Yes.

ELIAS: In this philosophical discussion, as you are swirling this natural flow of energy, not incorporating the veils of separation that other individuals may incorporate, you attempt to be offering information, and in that attempt, you cross into the territory of teaching, and in the moment that you cross into the territory of teaching – which I shall express, as an aside, is not your job – as you incorporate this action, you also incorporate another action simultaneously inwardly of devaluing self.

For you begin incorporating an awareness within yourself objectively – and creating a judgment upon self – that you may be expressing out of line, or that you are not being accepting of another individual, or that you are expressing merely through your belief systems and you are not allowing for the perception of the other individual.

In this action, you are automatically diverting your natural flow of energy and discounting of self.

Now; you further this action by channeling that energy into what you identify as a creative expression: “I shall not engage the action of encountering and confronting other individuals in debate. I shall channel my energy into teaching in another manner which is more efficient and much more subtle, and I shall engage my creativity, which shall express this same philosophy but in a different manner.”

But this is continuing with the intention of teaching another individual or many individuals, which also is discounting of the other individuals and discounting of yourself, for your need to be discounting of other individuals by teaching other individuals is expressed as a reflection of the uncomfortableness with your own expression. Therefore, you create safety in the expression of creativity.

Now; let us explore further. Within your natural expression of energy in relation to your orientation, and the natural flow of interactiveness of self and other individuals, and the natural flow of objective and subjective, creating inward and outward, as you focus upon self, you also create a natural flow of energy to be projecting outward simultaneously.

This is the creation of the interaction of subjective and objective simultaneously, creating inwardly and outwardly simultaneously. This is quite a different expression than that of the common.

As another aside, I shall express to you, allow yourself to stop comparing and attempting to be of the orientation of common, as you are not!

In your natural expression, as you focus upon yourself and you identify your natural movement of energy within self, and your natural preferences that you choose and those elements of your reality that you choose to be creating, the natural flow of energy projects outwardly also simultaneously.

Therefore, as you assess a strength of energy within you and identify any particular element that you wish to be creating within you, you also naturally flow into an outward expression of crusade ... which I shall express to you is not wrong!

Let me express to you, Tyl, in this very subject matter which provides our very simple example, in this one small area of your individual focus and your expression, you may incorporate one small direction in your philosophy of feminism. You may express to yourself subjectively and inwardly that you recognize the similarity of yourself to all other individuals that occupy your physical dimension. You recognize the lack of separation. You recognize what you define in physical focus as your equality. You express this to yourself, and simultaneously, the natural outward creation is to be expressing this in conjunction with collectivity, movements, groups.

You may not view yourself to be following, in your terms, many groups or movements or causes, but view in genuineness within you how easily you are motivated to create leading them ... although you do not, for you divert your attention into your expression of creativity, for you wish not to be overstepping yourself, in your very physical vernacular, and you wish not to be appearing as unaccepting outwardly. But this is not an expression of a lack of acceptance.

You as an individual, you as essence, you as consciousness are continuously changing. You are continuously altering. You are continuously moving and exploring, and therefore, as you view any element within your reality that you assess to be not satisfying to you, you immediately motivate yourself to be changing. This is a natural flow of energy, and in this, you are merely confusing yourself, as you are not allowing yourself to become familiar with yourself and your natural flow of energy within your expression of your orientation.

And as you allow yourself this recognition, you also may turn your attention to self, and as you are expressing your energy in holding your attention to self, your outward expression turns and may no longer be expressed in the direction or manifestation of teaching, but rather, the acknowledgment of self and your natural expression of energy, your natural direction, and the incorporation or drawing to other individuals of like spirit and sharing together through your travel together, rather than teaching another individual.

For no other individual need be taught. They all hold the same information that you hold. You all already hold all of the information. There is no element that any individual need be teaching any other individual. You need not be taught, and you need not be teaching.

But in conjunction with your orientation especially, if you are identifying any element that you may assess to be a need within physical focus, you may identify that your need is to be sharing.

JO: Right.

ELIAS: And in this, as you allow yourself to recognize more of this natural flow of your energy and you familiarize yourself with yourself and your manifestation of your orientation, you also shall offer yourself the identification of why, within this designated final focus, you feel out of place, so to speak, or alien, or different, and why you create this continual search to be offering yourself information concerning self. But you are offering yourself the search in the manner of individuals that incorporate a different orientation. You are offering yourself the methods of the common, not the movement and the acceptance of the soft.

I shall express once again, these orientations, all three, are quite different in their expressions. The flow of energy is different. It is all quite purposeful. Were they to be the same, it would be unnecessary for you to be creating different orientations. You would merely create one orientation. But you have not created one orientation within this physical dimension. You have created three, and each of these three hold very different expressions.

I shall also express to you, Tyl, the difficulty in the differences of these orientations is much less in any individual’s movement in the action of creating a translation between one to another of these orientations. There is much more of a tremendous difficulty expressed in individuals accepting the orientation that they have created themselves, and allowing their own free flow of energy and natural expression without comparison and without attempting to be fitting into another orientation. The orientation that you hold is wondrous in its expression. Accept that.

Let me also express to you, within the initial throes of the engagement of this forum, these sessions, and my initial offering of information concerning essence families, you may be availing yourself of this information, and I shall express to you that within that offering of information, I expressed a fondness, in this essence’s preference, in the intent and expression of the Ilda. These are playful and what you in physical terms may express to be free flowing energy essences. It is the nature of the quality of the energy expressed within the Ilda – a continuous exchange, a free flow in playfulness. I have expressed an affection for this essence family.

Within your manifestation in this focus, you incorporate that essence family AND the orientation of soft, which complement each other tremendously, for both incorporate a continuous expression of exchange and a free flow of energy in the incorporation of objective and subjective interaction and awarenesses; the creation inward and outward. Just as the Ilda may be viewed as the bridges between cultures, between ideas, between philosophies, between expressions – in physical terms, the exchangers – so also the soft may be viewed as the bridges.

Therefore, allow yourself the opportunity to be turning your attention more to self and incorporating the acceptance of the choices that you have created to be manifesting in this focus with these qualities, and in this, you shall also allow yourself a new expression of tremendous freedom. Are you understanding?

JO: Yes. I think it’s interesting that you didn’t bring up my Borledim alignment. (Elias chuckles) So I do this, and I find my tribe and I find my life-fulfilling expression, and then at 65 years old I get pregnant? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! This would be your choice! (Jo laughs)

I may express to you that the alignment is quite influencing of your direction in this particular focus. You do incorporate many of the qualities of this family in this particular focus. But I may also express to you that in conjunction with your orientation and your essence family, this also complements tremendously and lends a strength in energy to your directions, for this particular essence family that you align with is quite influencing and quite strongly manipulating and directing of energy in conjunction with this shift. Therefore, within your focus, this intensifies your expressions.

JO: Yes. I’m sloughing off, I think, some religious beliefs about what the final focus is supposed to be about, and also the desire to spread the word, and in that, I’m also getting through this need to teach. So somehow, I feel that my expression is very much aligned with this shift, but I’m losing the desire to teach anyone. I think that I’m seeing how possibly my other focuses have really screwed up myths too, right?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Not necessarily!

And I shall express to you, this dissipation in your wanting to be teaching other individuals – or your desire or your motivation to be moving in this direction – is your objective indication to yourself that you are allowing yourself the recognition that your most efficient movement is to be concerning yourself with self, and you shall automatically be projecting energy outwardly as you incorporate this action.

You are moving yourself more into the recognition that, in a manner of speaking, your objective is not to be teaching, for there is no element to be taught. But your objective is to be sharing.

JO: Right. But say Caroll, for example, his objective is probably to teach. Teaching these ideas isn’t bad. It’s just that they aren’t for me. I guess I’m confused because there is a line that gets crossed into proselytizing.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, I am not merely expressing this to you. I am expressing this to all individuals. I am expressing to you individually in relation to your individual direction and your individual creations and your individual challenges, but I am also expressing quite generally to all individuals.

There is no element to be taught. There is no need to be teaching. And within THIS time framework of this shift in consciousness, and now within this new millennium, as you ARE moving into the expression of inserting this shift into your officially accepted reality and into your objective awareness and creations, all of you already hold all information.

No one individual holds more information than any other individual. No one individual holds the design of the path and needs be offering it to any other individual.

You collectively, not merely you yourself, but you collectively need not be offering teaching to any other individual in any capacity, quite literally. For as you allow yourself to proceed in this type of direction of expression and you are attempting to be teaching another individual, you are creating in actuality the expression of projecting your perception to that individual in devaluation of that individual, for if you need be teaching another individual, they are lacking in some element.

JO: Right, and that seems as if it applies to any subject.

ELIAS: You are correct. It applies to all subjects.

JO: So I imagine teaching itself in the shift is becoming, and we’re seeing it now, more of a sharing opportunity and environment than, as Paul would put it, the sage on the stage.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

You are fellow travelers. You are not teachers. None of you are manifest to be teaching or to be learning. You are not learning, for you already know, and the action of learning implies that you hold a lack of information, which you do not.

You are not incorporating this manifestation to be teaching, for in this, you are projecting outwardly the devaluation of other individuals. You are elevating yourself as holding more than another individual in information or in method, and you are devaluing the other individual in the expression that you may offer to them the better way.

JO: That’s awesome.

ELIAS: Therefore, I may express to you, you are correct. You are sharing, and you individually are allowing yourself the beginning recognition objectively of this movement, and you are allowing yourself the beginnings of the understanding of the importance of holding your attention to self, recognizing your perception, for this is the key which unlocks the door to the universe of choice.

JO: This has been very helpful. Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JO: I would just like to ask one more very brief question. I came across a character named Ned Buntline, and I wonder if he is a focus of Caroll’s. (Pause)

ELIAS: No, but the expression of personality type is, within another focus.

JO: Oh, interesting. Okay. Well, thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JO: It’s just been wonderful, and this has been very, very helpful for me. So, thank you very much again.

ELIAS: I offer to you continuous encouragement, and a reminder to be recognizing that you incorporate a wondrous expression worthy of acceptance in the choices which you have incorporated within this manifestation. Look to your natural flow of energy in your orientation, and do not be attempting to box it into other expressions.

JO: I’ve been very willing to do that so far, so I appreciate that.

ELIAS: Ha ha!

JO: (Laughing) I do it all the time! I realize that, I really do. (Elias chuckles) So, thank you again.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Accept from myself this day an expression of affection and acknowledgment, and I offer to you in lovingness, au revoir.

JO: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:50 PM.

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