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Friday, March 10, 2000

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ďEntering/Disengaging FocusesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and John (Vito).

Elias arrives at 11:14 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOHN: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We meet again!

JOHN: Yes! Itís a pleasure to speak with you once again, on this fine Friday morning! (Elias chuckles) I guess Iíll just jump right in. My wifeís grandfather disengaged this week, and I wanted to see if I could get his essence name and family and alignment. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Cloe; C-L-O-E. Essence family, Borledim; alignment in this focus, Ilda.

JOHN: Ilda Ė just like I am. Okay.

I want to ask you: Now, he just recently disengaged, and I remember reading in the transcripts about how itís individual for each person, but Iím wondering where he went to thereafter upon disengagement, how he arrived, and what heís doing now. Is he still around the family, or is it just all his choice? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that as an individual disengages, they allow for what you may term to be a residual energy. This is an energy deposit which remains within your physical Regional Area 1.

In this, as the physical body also remains within your physical dimension, the body consciousness is engaged and continues for a time framework.

Now; in this, initially, many individuals that continue within physical focus for a time framework in relation to the disengagement of the individual shall allow themselves an openness in which they shall be aware of and noticing Ė and even at times interactive with Ė the energy deposit which continues within the physical reality.

Therefore, individuals may express that they feel a presence, or that they are interactive with the individual regardless that this individual has disengaged, or that they may view certain actions or notice certain occurrences in relation to that individual.

This is the expression of the energy deposit which the individual allows to be placed in your physical reality as they choose to be disengaging from physical reality, and in this, the energy deposit holds more strength, for the most part, as the physical body also continues within your physical reality.

What I am expressing to you is, if an individual is choosing to be disengaging and the physical body also is removed from your physical reality, there is what may appear to be less strength in the expression of the energy deposit within your physical reality, for the individual has chosen to be removing the entirety of the consciousness from this physical reality. There may continue to be an expression of an energy deposit, but it also may appear not as strongly in its expression as it may as the physical body continues.

Now; as to the individual, you are correct that each individual is creating of different types of movements and creations and actions once disengagement occurs. Much of their action or what they may create in imagery is dependent upon their belief systems associated with this reality.

In this, this particular individual presently is within an objective state, in a manner of speaking. There continues to be an objective awareness.

Now; let me also express to you, this objective awareness in this now Ė or that you associate with this now Ė is not holding its attention in association with your physical focus.

This individual has moved elements of its consciousness prior to the disengagement into nonphysical areas of consciousness. Therefore, there is an awareness of the individual that they are no longer, in a manner of speaking, interactive with this physical reality, although the individual continues to be creating objective imagery which is associated with this objective physical reality.

The difference is that this individual is choosing to be experimenting with their ability to be manipulating imagery.

JOHN: Okay, but thatís only in his reality, in his perception.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: It wouldnít cross over. ĎCause the other day Ė I donít know if it was you, but it was shortly after he disengaged Ė my wife said she turned the light on in the bedroom, and it just kept flickering for like two minutes. So I donít know if that was you, or him, or it might have been somebody else, or it might have just been electrical wiring. Iím not sure.

ELIAS: This is an expression of my energy.

JOHN: Thatís wonderful! Iím gonna tell her that. Sheíll be very happy to hear that.

ELIAS: This has been offered in an expression of acknowledgment and recognition of what is occurring within your physical reality.

Many times individuals view through their belief systems that they may be interactive with an essence or they may be receiving information from an essence that they associate as discarnate, so to speak, but in actuality, their belief in this area is questionable. Therefore, within certain moments, I may be choosing to be offering physical evidence that this is not what you term to be merely your imagination. (Chuckling)

JOHN: Okay. I was talking to Mary about this very thing yesterday. Iím always looking for you, and I think she brought up a great point. I canít have my expectations; it wonít happen if Iím expecting it too much. I think what I do is, Iím thinking all the time about it, and Iím waiting; Iím looking for signs from you. I think I had one sign when I was talking to my wife one night, but it came out of the blue. I saw a blue spot, and Iím like, hey, that might have been you!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: But I think Iím expecting too much, so Iím trying to teach myself to relax. Itís just that as I was saying to Mary yesterday, and the last time I spoke to you, the volume of the information and how altering it is of my perception in such a short time frame, and to grow up according to what you think is reality, as far as belief systems and whatnot, and then to say, ďHey, wait. Letís take a look at this, and take a step back and look at it from a different angle.Ē Itís so much, and I get so caught up in it. I have to teach myself to relax. Like you said last time, Iím not in a race. But I know youíve been interactive with me; itís just that I havenít noticed.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Although I may express to you, at times you are noticing. You are merely discounting what you are noticing.

JOHN: If itís not too much, can you just give me an example, so I donít go out of my mind? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Partially your expression of !Ēout of the blue,Ē and the blue! Ha ha! But I may also express to you that you do experience moments in different time frameworks in which you feel my interaction in energy. You feel my energy interacting with you each time we engage within this forum. You also are becoming familiar with that energy, and noticing those time frameworks in which it is NOT present.

Therefore, there may be an allowance of a brief momentary recognition of my energy which is interactive with you, and you are not allowing yourself to be paying much attention to this expression.

In this, as you allow yourself to be engaging this relaxation, as we have spoken previously Ė and you also are not on the prowl, so to speak, for parlor tricks (grinning) Ė you may allow yourself much more of an awareness of more of a continuous interaction which is less flamboyant, so to speak.

I may at times engage actions which are quite obvious within your physical focus, but I shall express to you, I also choose those time frameworks in which I may be expressing that type of energy surge to be creating an actual physical affectingness, in an expression of acknowledgment in energy from myself to other individuals. At times it may be an encouragement. At times it may be merely an expression of acknowledgment and an offering in a physical expression, that the individual may be comforted, knowing objectively that essences are present, regardless that you view them physically or not.

At times I may be offering physical expressions or affectingnesses to be gaining an individualís attention in relation to specific information that we have discussed, and to be offering an objective reminder, so to speak, that the individual may be noticing of their actions or their behaviors, and in this, allow themselves more of an awareness of self.

Therefore, I shall express to you, you are looking for the flamboyant, and you are overlooking the continuous interaction which is present.

JOHN: Okay, that makes total sense to me. (Elias laughs) I just have to relax a little bit, and not get so caught up in everything.

I want to ask you about the focus I have in the late 1800s when I was in prison. I believe, I just have a feeling, that the focus of Oscar Wilde that you held, that thatís when we were interactive, whether we were friends or just interactive on occasion. Am I correct in that?

ELIAS: You are correct. Let me express to you, within this particular location and within this time framework in this prison, individuals within your physical focus do not engage the creation of relationships in which you would identify as friendships, so to speak, for the interaction is quite limited, and each individual is quite consumed with their individual situation. But many individuals do encounter each other and also become what you may term to be acquaintances, and these acquaintances do, in a manner of speaking, mark upon each other objectively, for each of the individuals within this prison values the interaction of other individuals tremendously.

In this, the individual that you are viewing occupies much time in solitude, and also creates tremendous physical affectingnesses. There is an expression of great illness.

JOHN: Right. I remember we spoke about that last time, how whatever is running through that prison is hitting everybody pretty hard.

ELIAS: This individual participates in this illness quite strongly, and in this, as I have expressed to you, the individual which may be identified as the guard holds compassion for the other individual in the role of the inmate.

JOHN: Okay. I think of the name Henry when I think of that time. I donít know if thatís my name or ... it just pops into my head.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JOHN: Henry is my name?


JOHN: Iím not sure about my last name, but Iím thinking it starts with a V or something, but Iím not exactly sure.

ELIAS: And you may continue to allow your impressions to be flowing, so to speak. I shall express to you that this individual, as you are aware, has engaged what you would term to be the crime of petty thievery, quite insignificant in your assessment in this present now. But within that time framework, there is strength in the disapproval of certain classes and the actions that they may engage.

JOHN: That must be something, for Oscar Wilde to experience that situation, coming from his status, his stature.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Quite enlightening! (Chuckling)

JOHN: I wanted to ask about my wifeís motherís essence name, family, alignment, and such. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Annatell; A-N-N-A-T-E-L-L. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari; orientation, common.

JOHN: Okay. If I could go back to her grandfather, what orientation did he hold in this focus?

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

JOHN: Thank you. Now, her father disengaged about two years ago, and I was wondering if I could get his essence name in that focus.

ELIAS: Essence name, Hairra; H-A-I-R-R-A. (airíah)

JOHN: And family and alignment?

ELIAS: Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Vold.

JOHN: I want to get her brother and his wife and their baby. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, first individual: Saum; S-A-U-M. Essence family, Milumet; alignment, Tumold.

Second individual: essence name, Taudi; T-A-U-D-I. Essence family, Zuli; alignment, Ilda.

Third individual: essence name, Tillie; T-I-L-L-I-E. Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Gramada.

JOHN: Back to her father, is his orientation common?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: Thank you. She has two brothers as well. My wife has two younger brothers, Andrew and Christopher.

ELIAS: Essence name, first individual: Cuphel; C-U-P-H-E-L. (koo-felí) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold.

Second individual: essence name, Fierette; F-I-E-R-E-T-T-E. (feer-retí) Essence family, Borledim; alignment, Tumold.

JOHN: My wife and I are expecting a baby in October, and weíre very excited, and I was wondering if it would be too presumptuous to find out the babyís essence name, family, and alignment. Is it too soon, or are the probabilities in place? (Pause)

ELIAS: I may offer to you, this essence also moves in what you would term to be in and out of the physical expression. This is not uncommon within the expression of entering focuses.

JOHN: So at times, the essence is occupying the physical location of my wifeís womb, and at times heís not? Is that correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

Let me express to you, partially, an element of that focusí energy and consciousness is present continuously, although the attention drifts, and therefore, at times the attention is focused within that physical manifestation, and at times it may be diverted into other areas of consciousness and other experiences.

JOHN: Is it still possible to get the essence name of the baby?

ELIAS: Yes. Essence name, Ariella; A-R-I-E-L-L-A. (are-ee-elíah) Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, undecided presently.

JOHN: Thatís interesting. Itís quite exciting to hear that, to know that the essence still hasnít chosen the exact alignment, I guess, or hasnít gravitated towards a certain alignment as of yet.

ELIAS: Correct. Orientation not decided either, presently.

JOHN: Okay. Also, with the creation of a physical form ... weíve helped make a baby! Now as to ... I donít know the best way to say this. As to how the baby is born and what itís born with, whether itís born with ten fingers and ten toes or what, is that the choice of the essence, or is that in agreement with ourselves as well? Is it entirely up to the new focus?

ELIAS: This is the choice of the entering focus. I shall express to you, your choice in this action is merely to be participating in the facilitation of this entering focus. You participate, each, in the role of the parents in a physical manner. Beyond this expression, what you assume in responsibility is influenced through your belief systems, and is created in agreement with the entering focus.

As to the qualities, the manifestation, the physical choice of body type, gender, orientation, heredity, and even genetic encoding, these are all designs of the entering focus.

JOHN: Thatís quite interesting. So even at that level, itís still that focusí choice. Thatís pretty cool.

ELIAS: Quite. Each of you enters into this physical reality creating all of the choices concerning the manifestation of the individual focus. This is not dictated to you by the facilitating individuals that hold the role of your physical parents. You as the entering focus choose your direction and all of your physical qualities, manifestations, and reality.

JOHN: Wow. Okay, let me see where I want to go here ... I just had it on the tip of my tongue, and I lost it.

I was reading a transcript the other day, and I donít know who it was, a girl I believe, and she had put an energy deposit in the back of her house, and she created effortlessly, I would guess. She said she wished for orchids, and orchids appeared, and then other types of things happened for her quite easily. I guess the key to that would be her acceptance of self and relaxation and no expectations, letting a free flow of energy? Is that correct? (Reference #479, 9/28/99)

ELIAS: I hold an awareness of the individual that you are speaking of. This individual does express an acceptance and a trust of her abilities to be creating in a spontaneous and effortless manner. This individual also engages a tremendous expression of playfulness, and in this, allows for much of a free flow of energy.

Now; this individual also engages areas of difficulty in relation to acceptance of self, but there is a very strong expression of trust of her abilities, and therefore, in coupling this trust of abilities and the lack of questioning....

JOHN: Okay, thatís what I was going to ask about. Obviously, she is just allowing herself to be in this manner, and sheís just letting it flow, and not questioning and not doubting and not discounting.

ELIAS: Quite, and in this also incorporating quite an expression of playfulness, for this individual engages a type of game personally, in a manner of speaking, and therefore, with herself, plays this game of how she shall surprise herself, and therefore allows the flow of energy, does not incorporate doubtfulness as to her ability to be creating, and engages this expression of playfulness, which also facilitates her allowance of energy movement, and therefore also lends to her physical creations.

JOHN: Okay. I want to ask you, I seem to be ... like Iíve said, I think about this material quite a bit, and Iím assimilating it all. Itís only been a short time since we last spoke, so Iím still in the assimilation and conceptualizing with this information, but it seems that every time ... Iím good all day, and I trust myself and have no problem, but before I go to bed, I guess my expectations again come into play, and I go to bed and start to drift off to sleep, and just in that little ... between the fence, like riding the fence between being awake and being asleep, Iíll have imagery presented to myself, and then Iíll strain, and Iíll tell myself that I want the focus to clear up, and then Iíll lose it, and ... I donít know.

I guess what Iím asking is, what am I doing incorrectly, as far as ... I guess Iím holding to my energy in some way.

ELIAS: This is not what we may term to be incorrect, but I shall express to you what you are creating. What you are creating is a struggle.

One aspect of you aligns with the belief that within the ending hours of your day, so to speak, you incorporate fatigue and you become tired. Therefore, you are preparing yourself for restfulness, in your beliefs. Another aspect of you is expressing an excitement in the wish for engaging movement in the types of expressions such as projections and viewing other focuses.

Now; you struggle between the two, and create a tension, which creates a frustration. For within one aspect, what you are expressing to yourself is that you may not be accomplishing this action, for you are physically tired and you must be engaging sleep. The other aspect of you, in its excitement, is expressing contrary and is expressing to you, !ĒI wish not to be engaging sleep. I wish to be creating an adventure.Ē And you battle back and forth between the wish and the desire for the creation of the adventure, and the belief that you are engaging fatigue, and this creates an inability to be accomplishing. Both aspects of you become frustrated; one becoming frustrated that it is not engaging rest, one becoming frustrated that you are engaging sleep and not the adventure.

JOHN: So how can I get these guys together so we can reach a dťtente or something? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Understand the key point Ė the tension. This is key.

Recognize that relaxation is not necessarily the expression of deep breaths and physical body relaxation. This may be one expression of relaxation, but it is not the entirety of relaxation. Relaxation creates allowance. As you are struggling and battling with yourself, you also create a tension. Therefore, if you allow yourself to merely relax and not incorporate this tension, in the recognition of your beliefs ... and allow your expression to move how you create it.

In this, an element of your frustration and your disappointment is that you may engage sleep, and once engaging sleep, you have thwarted your effort. Let me express to you, you are not thwarting your effort as you engage sleep. It matters not. You are continuing to engage consciousness, regardless that you be engaging your waking state or your sleep state.

JOHN: Right. Itís just the remembrance, I guess, of engaging sleep and the exploration that I do during that sleep time, and then into the waking objective state. I remember bits and pieces of dreams or experiences, but to have a full-blown experience, I havenít achieved that yet. Itíll come. I just have to relax my mind a little more.

Last night I slept alone in the bed, and Iím used to having my wife next to me, and as I went down, I started ... I was relaxing, and I felt myself drifting off to sleep, and then Iíd shake myself out of it and Iíd open my eyes, and it felt like the room was filled with energy or whatever, and I felt a fearfulness in myself. But I kept telling myself, ďRelax, itís whatever I choose thatís gonna happen,Ē and yet I ... it was a battle again last night as well.

ELIAS: And in this, as you allow yourself to practice with relaxation, you also may allow yourself more of an engagement.

Let me express to you, this offering or allowance of relaxation is also a key element as to your objective memory of what you shall allow yourself within waking state. Therefore....

JOHN: I think one of the keys for me, in the objective state and then going into the sleeping state, I guess you would call it, is relaxation. I consider myself a pretty laid-back person, but I guess I just need to relax, and go a little deeper into my relaxation and trustfulness. It comes down to expectations again, I believe. Itís just that I get so geeked up or excited about the possibilities that Iím waiting for them instead of just allowing them to happen. Iím on the look-out and Iím tensing up and I get excited, so I have to just relax and chill out.

ELIAS: Interesting assessment that you offer, that you view yourself to be a ďkick-back!Ē individual, but you also incorporate tremendous chatter inwardly!

JOHN: Oh yeah, oh yeah! I donít know if itís information overload, or itís just that Iím processing all this information, and itís quite daunting at times, and....

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in this incessant chatter that you incorporate, you complicate the simplicity of the actions.

JOHN: Right.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: I have to turn my mind off and free it up and stop thinking. I think itís just over-thinking on many occasions.

ELIAS: It is unnecessary to be engaging the action that you have expressed as ďturning off your mind.Ē You may be recognizing that you are engaging much of this chatter, and allow yourself to be relaxing and not engaging as much of your analyzation as you generally incorporate, but this is not turning off your thought process entirely. What you are expressing in that type of statement is setting yourself in the motion for what you shall deem to be failure, for you are quite accustomed to this chatter and you are quite unfamiliar with the quiet. Therefore, allow yourself to practice with this engagement of relaxation without the expectation of complete silence.

JOHN: Okay, alright. I think my wife said it best. Sheís like, ďYouíve been reading this material for so long. You talk about it, you love it, youíre constantly thinking about it. Why canít you just let it be? You know what you believe or what you align with. Just let it be.Ē And I think sheís onto something there.

ELIAS: Ha ha! Wise words! (Chuckling)

JOHN: Sheís wiser than I, I believe.

ELIAS: Ah! Discounting of self!

JOHN: I knew you were going to say that!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

JOHN: I read another transcript, and somebody was interactive with what they called an Indian named White Hawk, and I was wondering if that was me or if I was familiar with White Hawk, Ďcause when I read that name, it kind of clicked with me a little bit. (Reference #478, 9/25/99)

ELIAS: I shall express to you an encouragement to be investigating. You do hold a focus of essence in this location, although you are not this individual.

JOHN: I am not White Hawk. Was I a shaman or a medicine man, or either that or a brave?

ELIAS: What you would term to be an apprentice.

JOHN: An apprentice, an Indian apprentice? To a shaman?


JOHN: Okay, because I donít know. I just feel that ... itís just a feeling, so thatís what Iím going to go with. Thatís what I thought. Iím an apprentice, okay. I believe Iím male.


JOHN: And I believe also, from reading other transcripts ... it just feels to me that I align or I think I have more focuses as male than female. Would I be correct in that?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JOHN: I wanted to ask you if you could also tell me how many other focuses my wife and I have been interactive with in this dimension.

ELIAS: You engage eight focuses together.

JOHN: Okay, great. Including this one?


JOHN: Thank you. I also had something else on the tip of my tongue, and I forgot it. What was it? Iím thinking, Elias, Iím thinking....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: What was it? I just had it on the tip of my tongue. Iím just a little frazzled today, for some reason. I donít know....

ELIAS: I shall express to you, practice NOW. Within the now, RELAX.

JOHN: Okay. (Elias chuckles) Letís see now. I wanted to ask for a friend of mine, Harry, his essence name. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Poarlow; P-O-A-R-L-O-W. (poor-lowí)

JOHN: Letís see, what else? Iím thinking about the Peru focuses that I hold. I donít know why those three stand out so much more than anything else. I guess itís just an allowance on my part?

ELIAS: This is correct. You are allowing yourself to be offering yourself a window, that you may be viewing, in a beginning manner, other focuses. These particular focuses hold a similar type of energy to your expression within this focus. Therefore, there is an ease in the allowance of movement into those focuses.

JOHN: If we could just touch on my intent before we disengage today. Iíve been trying to think about what you said last time, to examine my life in its whole, in its entirety from childhood, and to notice a pattern. I donít know. I guess I could use a little more narrowing down into the pattern itself. Iíve dealt with death or disengagement of other focuses since the time I was 14, and since then, itís been pretty prevalent in my life, as it is with others, but it just seems that Iíve experienced that more.

Iím trying to get more clues as to my intent. I know Iím the pot-stirrer Ė thatís part of my Ilda alignment Ė but Iím trying to find my own individual intent and what Iím going to. I know you said to look to self, and if you could just give me any more clues, or maybe just another prodding in the right direction, Iíd appreciate it.

ELIAS: Very well. I am understanding of what you are expressing. I shall suggest to you that you are, in part, correct.

This imagery that you have presented to yourself, and the actions or participation that you have drawn yourself to in relation to the action of disengagement, is an element of your intent; not the disengagement itself, but that you incorporate an intent which addresses to the concepts of disengagement or death, and the myths that are associated with this action.

JOHN: Okay. Maybe Iím onto something here then, because I donít know ... my wife even says, ďSometimes I think youíre obsessed with death,Ē and Iím like, Iím not obsessed. At one time, I think I was obsessed. I needed to know why or how or what happens after death, because itís just ... for whatever reason, thatís my intent. But as Iíve moved along in the last five or six years, Iíve gotten away from wondering why or how come at this point. Itís just that Iím still intrigued by the whole, the bigness of consciousness, what we really are, the true meaning of ourselves. So maybe my intent is to find that remembrance in myself. I guess that would be part of it. But isnít that what all of us are doing in this situation right now? Thatís why weíre here in this physical time.

ELIAS: Not particularly with this one subject matter.

In this, you allow yourself to be focusing your attention in this area and you have allowed yourself an investigation and an occupation with this subject matter individually, that you may dispel certain aspects of your own fearfulness which is associated with this action. Now you engage a fascination with this action in a different type of manner, but continuing to be moving within your individual intent.

This offers you the opportunity to be seeking out and exploring the philosophies and the myths that individuals hold within this physical dimension concerning this subject matter and this action, and allowing yourself to be viewing more clearly the actual action which occurs in the creation of this choice for disengagement of physical focus, and the recognition that this is merely a movement, in like manner to your physical movements to other countries.

JOHN: Right, and I was explaining that to my wife as well, Ďcause youíve said this on more than one occasion. Itís easy for me to say right now, because I loved her grandfather, but I didnít have the relationship that she had, and she says she understands when I tell her, ďListen, heís not gone. I know youíll miss him because you canít physically, objectively talk with him and touch him and tell him you love him, but on some level, youíre able to.Ē Itís easy to say because the sting isnít as hard for me as it is for her right now, because emotionally, of course, she misses her grandfather.

I donít know if itís an automatic response or whatever, but Iím thinking that eventually, as we get along, as we move into the shift, weíll become more and more conscious of just exactly what happens in disengagement, and it might not be as traumatic for people as it has been since the beginning of ... since as far back as we can remember.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in one parting clue in conjunction with your intent in this focus, one of the actions of this shift in consciousness is to be dropping the veils of separation.

In this, I have expressed previously and offered information that an action that you shall be engaging in this shift in consciousness is to be piercing the veil or dropping the veil between the physical expression and the nonphysical expression which occurs in what you view to be subsequent to disengagement. Therefore, this veil of death shall be pierced.

Recognize that now, within this time framework, you are beginning the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, and as you engage and move within your individual intent, you may also allow yourself not merely the expression of verbal communication with other individuals concerning the possibility of interaction with individuals that have chosen to be disengaging physical focus, but the actualization of this action. The veil is much thinner than you recognize.

JOHN: Okay, so Iím just trying to process. This would be part of my intent, then?


JOHN: Okay, so Iím just kind of narrowing it down now. My intent is ... the imagery of the act of disengagement and my fascination with it, and then my movement towards ... I mean, the reason that Iíve chosen this time period to manifest is to experience this firsthand.

ELIAS: And also ...

JOHN: To help others?

ELIAS: ... to be assimilating this information, and in your engagement with other individuals, to be allowing, through your recognition of the lack of separation ... you shall also allow the presentment to other individuals that in actuality, this veil is very thin, and they hold the same ability as do you to be piercing through this veil.

JOHN: Okay, so I have some work to do then! (They both laugh)

Just one last thing before I go. My friends had a baby six or seven months ago, Sparth, you gave me the essence name already, and before Sparth was born or manifest in physical, I said to them, ďItís a wonderful thing that youíre having this baby, and now Iím having one, and a friend of mine. These babies are going to be beautiful, and theyíre going to teach us a lot.Ē Because I just read the other day, you said that people that choose to manifest at this time have more of an objective awareness of the non-separation of consciousness, and it seems like the children will be our teachers as we go along, and help lead the way towards this shift.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, they shall offer an example, but they shall not engage teaching, for they recognize that this is unnecessary! (Laughing)

JOHN: Well, they will be a shining example then! I guess the struggle, or not the struggle, but I guess the difficulty we have assimilating this is because weíve been brought up in a different type of time frame. Theyíre kind of born into this shift, so they just have more of an allowance or a free flow in them than we do.

ELIAS: They are emerging into the shift within a different action and a different time framework. You have, in your terms, been born into this shift also, but within a different action of it.

JOHN: Iíve always believed that ... I know others disengage from this dimension because they donít want to participate in this shift objectively for whatever reason. The choice is theirs, and thatís wonderful for them, whatever they want to do. But Iíve always felt, and I feel very strongly, that Iím here, and that part of my intent also is to experience this shift, if not fully, at least for a large amount of linear time.

ELIAS: You are correct.

JOHN: So I believe thatís why I think Iíll be around for quite some time. I tell my wife not to worry! (They both laugh) Iím gonna be here forever, donít worry about it! Not that I will be here forever, but I just know that Iím supposed to experience all that happens objectively. I know thereís trauma happening now, and there will be more coming. I was talking to Mary about the shift, and how itís not going to be just one big thing. Itís a bunch of little things, but maybe there will be like four or five events that will kind of wake everybody up, because it seems that everybody is still holding to whatís familiar, and with these shootings happening, when you find out about one child shooting another child, and people automatically retreat back and hold to their energy and say, ďHow can this happen? Ē Thereís blame, when maybe we should be looking to ourselves, I guess.

ELIAS: Quite, and I shall be offering more information concerning these occurrences futurely.

JOHN: Okay, Elias. I think Iíve taxed Mary quite long enough, and I want to thank you for your linear time, and I hope you have a really good day! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And I may extend the same to you, my friend! Ha ha ha ha! I offer to you encouragement in energy, and you may allow yourself to be feeling and experiencing my energy this day as you engage your farewells, in a manner of speaking! (Laughing)

JOHN: Thank you very much, Elias, as always, I guess.

ELIAS: To you this day, I anticipate our next meeting.

JOHN: I do as well.

ELIAS: I express to you in great affection, au revoir.

JOHN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:24 PM.

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