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Sunday, March 12, 2000

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“The Noble Act of Forgiveness”

“Choice of Physical Body Form”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Ben (Albert).

Elias arrives at 11:49 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, Albert!

BEN: Good morning, Elias! It’s nice to talk to you again!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And what shall we be discussing in profundity this morning? (Grinning)

BEN: Well, I think that we can discuss sex and sexuality and relationships and this whole wave!

ELIAS: HA HA! Very well. Proceed!

BEN: I think the first thing I want to cover is, I did some more regression investigating or whatever, and one of the relationships that I currently have issues with is the relationship that I have with YOU. A lot of people seem to ... I don’t know. They’re like,”Oh, isn’t Elias so great, so whatever,” and I’m just sort of like going, “I don’t know. I kind of have some issues with him!” (Elias is grinning to beat the band!) So, I had a little regression thing that made me think that perhaps we’re lovers in another focus, or that this was my explanation for my current issues with you now.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And you are offering yourself impressions in this area?

BEN: Yes, as a way to explain what’s going on. I felt like a burned lover or a rival, that there was some jealousy or some competition or something, and I was trying to explain it to myself somehow.

ELIAS: You are correct. Let me express to you that many times, the experiences that occur within focuses may be quite likened to the experiences that you create within one focus. As you interact with individuals within one focus and you experience a disdain or irritation with an individual within that one focus, you may allow yourself the identification that you may create such an intensity of disdain for a certain individual that even their physical name may invoke certain feelings, so to speak, of negativity, and as you encounter another individual holding that same name, you shall trigger within you those feelings, in memory of experiences that you have assessed as negative.

In the relationship of different focuses to each other, this also is a common occurrence – that you may be experiencing a type of interaction with an individual in one focus, and you may encounter another focus of that essence within a different time framework, and the bleed-through of the energy of the other focus may be affecting of you in this focus to the point in which you create automatic responses with respect to that individual. Regardless of the personality or the energy that they project within your now, your memory inwardly, in a manner of speaking, is overriding your present experience, to an extent.

Now; in a manner of speaking, this action is purposeful [in] that it allows you objectively the recognition of an apparent inconsistency, which sparks an objective motivation within you to be questioning why you shall be responding to the individual in the manner that you find yourself responding, and this opens a window, so to speak, for your investigation in your questioning, and allows you more of an objective understanding of yourself in the incorporation of a fuller picture of yourself. It also affords you the opportunity to be addressing to self and recognizing the beliefs that have been influencing within certain experiences, and how those experiences may parallel some of your actions or behaviors or experiences within this present now.

You draw these experiences to yourself – or allow for these types of bleed-through of energy of other focuses – in conjunction with this now, that you may offer yourself information concerning your present focus of attention. Therefore, it is not what you may term to be random experiences, or experiences that bleed through that shall not hold a purposefulness in your objective realization of them.

This be the reason that you are not incorporating bleed-throughs within every moment from every other focus that you hold within this dimension. There are particular focuses that are allowed to be influencing in your focus of attention, as they may hold a type of purposeful energy in bringing surfacely to your attention objectively elements within your focus presently that you choose to be addressing to or viewing. Are you understanding?

BEN: Let’s see if I am. So in a sense, kind of what you’re saying is sort of that the prejudging that I do of you, I’m currently doing in another relationship now in my objective focus?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but not necessarily in the same exact type of expression, for your expressions objectively may vary, but the underlying movement of energy or motivation may be the same. You may translate it differently within different focuses, but the underlying motivation that creates those types of expressions is the same.

In this, you may not in actuality be experiencing that same type of energy presently, but have experienced pastly within your focus a similar type of expression, or may be moving in the direction, so to speak, of creating a similar type of expression futurely, which may be altered through your awareness of what has been created, and why.

BEN: Can you tell me something more about the focus I’m picking up on, to explain how I interpret our relationship? Is this something that I’m translating?

ELIAS: Of course you are creating a translation, for any energy exchange between focuses is a presentment of energy in relation to the experiences which are occurring in the individual focus, and as any other focus allows that to bleed through, there is also a translation in objective terms which shall be, in your terms, relatable to the experiences of the present focus of attention and the understanding of the present focus of attention.

In this, I may express to you that yourself and myself engage two focuses together in which there is an expressed tension at times in the expression of relationship, for the relationship is not occurring within the guidelines of your beliefs within the individual focus.

In one of these focuses, in what you may term to be late 1800s, you and the focus of myself have engaged a temporary relationship which has moved in the expression of back and forth, so to speak, over the course of a time framework.

But I may also express to you that within the expression of the held belief systems, the behavior that my focus has chosen to be engaging and exhibiting is not entirely acceptable in the assessment of other individuals, and may be viewed as not merely arrogant, but also at times quite uncaring, in other individuals’ assessment. (Chuckling)

BEN: (Laughing) Oh, this is funny!

ELIAS: In this, I may express to you that within that focus, with regard to intimates, (chuckling) I may have been known as unsavory in character, (chuckling) and quite disappointing and irritating to many individuals. You hold a focus in this time framework in which you participate as one of these dissatisfied individuals. Ha ha ha ha! (Ben laughs) HA HA! I view myself to be quite a lovable creature, in actuality! (Chuckling)

In this, there has been created the experience of emotional expressions of having been wronged.

BEN: Okay.

ELIAS: Now; this translates in a bleed-through to this focus in which you recognize the energy, and the recognition of that energy triggers a type of memory. But as you engage physical focus, your memories magnate more strongly to events and experience that you assess to be negative than they shall to those that you deem to be positive or joyful.

For as I have stated previously, you all hold a fascination with these elements of negativity, which would be our identification, in your modern psychological terminology, of your “dead mouse syndrome.” Ha ha ha ha!

In this, you may couple this bleed-through with the energy of another focus that you have experienced a similar type of relationship and interaction with another focus of this essence, and therefore there is what you may term to be a lending of strength to the energy which bleeds through, and your recognition of it objectively.

But be remembering that you draw to yourself this energy quite purposefully. The reason that you draw this energy to yourself is that you may allow yourself to become aware of what you create. In actuality, regardless of the beliefs of these other focuses within their respective time frameworks and cultures, no other individual may inflict upon you any hurtfulness.

No other individual may victimize you. This is an agreement that is created between both individuals, and without the agreement to be the victim, and without the incorporation of the lack of acceptance of self and partially the lack of trust of self, the individual shall not be in agreement to be placing themselves in that role of victim.

Therefore, in this, you draw to yourself the bleed-through of these expressions of energy and you allow yourself an objective memory and feeling that you associate with these focuses, that you may allow yourself in THIS focus of attention to be viewing and noticing the energy that you express and the beliefs that you hold which are influencing of this focus, in creating similarities in your behaviors and in your perception.

For be remembering, your perception is the tool which creates your reality. Therefore, as you incorporate beliefs which are influencing of that perception, you create a view of your reality, which IS your reality, but that reality is colored, so to speak, by your beliefs.

(Intently) The recognition is for you to be examining those beliefs and allowing yourself to view the actions that you encounter within your focus that you influence through your beliefs, and thusly create a perception that another individual is thrusting some expression upon you and therefore being hurtful to you.

This is quite purposeful, for it offers you the opportunity to be addressing to these beliefs and thusly opening a new door of freedom, recognizing that you hold many more choices, and in these choices you afford yourself the ability to be creating choices that alter your perception, and therefore also alter the entirety of your reality.

BEN: I know that becoming aware of this other focus has made me see our relationship in a new light or whatever. I don’t feel exactly the same way. The hypnotist was saying, couldn’t I try to forgive you for whatever indiscretion I seem to think you caused me, but I was saying that if I forgive you, it’s like we have no link to one another anymore, that we hang on to these feelings, somehow thinking that we’re connected with someone through the feelings.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And this is the point of offering yourself the examination, which also offers you the expression of the realization of new freedoms. For this is your assessment presently, that you hold to certain expressions for this creates a link, but you may be perceiving in a different direction, and you may continue to experience the link in a different manner. But I shall also express to you, it matters not, for the motivation to alter the perception would be the element of conflict, and if you are not experiencing conflict, you also are not motivated to be altering the experience.

Now; let us move in what you may term to be a step further in this subject matter. For I express to you that within the action of this shift, there IS a motivation to be altering the perception regardless that you incorporate no conflict OR that you incorporate conflict, for the point is the movement into acceptance.

In this, you mention your conversation concerning forgiveness.

Now; let me express to you, this is not the point. Forgiveness is not acceptance. Forgiveness is your assessment and acknowledgment to yourself and to another individual that you have been wronged, that another individual has perpetrated against you and therefore has placed you in the position of victim. You are creating a judgment not merely upon the other individual, but also upon self.

You are creating a judgment of devaluation of the other individual, that they have created an expression of wrong, and therefore, in that moment, they have expressed themselves as bad. Therefore, you are devaluing of the other individual, but you are also devaluing of yourself, for you are expressing to self that you do not hold the ability to be creating your own reality, that you are dictated to by outside elements and therefore are victim to the expressions of other individuals, or to circumstances which are created within your reality, in your assessment, that lie beyond your control, in your common vernacular.

In this, the act of forgiveness is merely the acknowledgment of the discounting of both individuals, and also holds an expectation and condition. You shall be forgiving of another individual if that individual is compliant with your direction of your beliefs.

This is not to say that the individual need be accomplishing any act. It is not necessary for another individual to be sorrowful or apologetic to you for you to move in the direction of expressing forgiveness, and how very noble THAT act shall be, to be offering the bestowing of your forgiveness upon the head of another individual that is not repentant! But within yourself, you shall justify your act of forgiveness in the compliance of the other individual, in your assessment, as holding an inability to be repentant. Therefore, you are excusing of their lack of offering to you, and may be nobly forgiving regardless.

There is also an expectation in the act of forgiveness. There is an expectation placed upon yourself, and there is an expectation placed upon the other individual. The expectation is the want for the discontinuation of the other individual to be perpetrating that same behavior subsequently. Regardless of their agreement to this action or not, you hold the want.

The expectation upon yourself is that you shall move nobly into either an expression of entire detachment from that individual, in which you assess objectively that you are entirely unaffected by the individual, OR you shall create the expectation of yourself, that within the forgiveness, you shall also extend the compassion towards the other individual – which is falsely created – and this compassion is translated into an exhibition of a feeble attempt at expressing a type of affection or even love towards the other individual, and this provides you with the payoff of nobility.

This expression of forgiveness in actuality is merely a perpetuation in the strength of your belief systems of duplicity.

Therefore, I shall express to you, I may be quite insulted if you are moving in the direction of creating the expression of forgiveness to myself, for this is a discounting of yourself and myself, and quite contrary to the action of this shift in consciousness of which we speak! Ha ha ha!

BEN: (Laughing) Well, that’s a lot to think about!

ELIAS: Acceptance is quite a different matter, my friend. Acceptance is the recognition that each individual’s perception is their reality, and no expression within any avenue of reality is either right or wrong. It is merely a choice of experience which you create within a particular focus.

Your perception of the energy or the expression or the behavior which is produced by another individual is quite influenced by your individual beliefs and your assessment of your individual worth; your expression of acceptance and trust of self. This is tremendously influencing of your perception. Therefore, as other individuals project energy to you, you also create the choice to participate in that exchange or not, and how you shall interpret that exchange.

I am understanding that this is a difficult subject to be objectively assimilating in actuality and practice. In theory and in concept, it may appear quite easy to be expressing an understanding of this particular subject matter. But in actuality, within your reality and the creation of your reality and your interactions with other individuals, the practice of this subject matter may be entirely different than the viewing of the theory. (Chuckling)

BEN: Okay, now I’m not sure what direction I want to go in. Either I want to try to find out what it would be like, you know, to wake up in the morning and ... like how does your day or your daily life go when you’re practicing acceptance?

But I think the other direction I want to ask about is, okay, so I create my own reality. But I don’t create other individuals, but I create my image of other individuals. We identify so much with the individuals and the situations that we find attractive, that to me it’s like, well, these are creations of your own. Why are certain things ... or what’s really going on when we find someone attractive, or decide to ourselves, well, I wouldn’t like someone of that gender or that age or that body type?

Actually, what I’d like you to do ... you can use me as an example. I hear or people tell me all the time that I’m very young-looking. Am I walking around like a radio station, broadcasting, “When you create your image of me, make me look young”? What’s actually going on when we’re ... you know, that whole thing! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! In this, YOU are creating of your body form and expression.

Now; you may not hold a strength in attention objectively to what you are creating, but you DO hold a strength in your concentration in relation to your beliefs, which are the elements that are influencing of your perception, and once again, that is the element which creates your reality.

Much of the creation of your reality requires little or no thought process. This is not to say that it requires no concentration, for you are continuously concentrating upon different elements of your reality through your beliefs.

Now; it is unnecessary for you to be objectively creating a thought process in relation to the belief that you hold as to how you shall project your outward appearance to other individuals. They are perceiving you in the manner in which you are projecting your energy in the manifestation that you have created. They also each are perceiving you slightly differently through each of their perceptions. Therefore, what they physically view – each individual – is slightly different.

You do not appear singularly the same to every individual, for no element within your reality appears identical to every individual, for there is no two individuals that hold the same perception.

But in this, you, as your own example, may examine to yourself not necessarily that you perceive yourself to be youthful in the presentment of your appearance, but allow yourself temporarily to be examining your beliefs concerning appearance and what you believe is distasteful in appearance. ({Pause)

BEN: Okay....

ELIAS: In this, you hold an underlying belief which is expressed in great strength that it shall be grotesque, in your assessment, should you be appearing outwardly to other individuals or to yourself to be obese.

BEN: Okay.

ELIAS: And in relation to the strength of that belief, you project that energy to your perception. Your perception creates your reality, and you create a physical body type that is not obese, for this shall create not merely conflict, but it shall not be creating of your individual value fulfillment, for within the conflict, it shall be exceedingly distracting to you. Therefore, you incorporate this belief, and you project that energy in a beneficial manner to your individual value fulfillment.

Now; I present this quite purposefully, for individuals view belief systems as entirely negative. Belief systems are the curse of your focuses and need be eliminated as quickly as possible, that you may be on with your focus and moving into the action of this shift and creating wondrous events of magic! (Humorously)

I express to you, beliefs are neither good or bad. The aspects of the beliefs, coupled with duplicity, have assumed the quality of good or bad or right or wrong, but the beliefs themselves are neither, and in this, in neutralizing the aspects of the beliefs, you return the beliefs to the state of neither good or bad, and you create the action of acceptance in this.

But in this example, as in many examples, there are beliefs that you incorporate continuously that you would not deem to be negative, that you deem to be positive and beneficial and quite unconflicting within your focus. These beliefs, within the action of this shift, are requiring of acceptance in equal measure to those that you assess to be negative, for they are limiting.

Any belief that expresses the judgments that you place upon them are also expressing limitations and narrowing your field, so to speak, of choices that you may be allowing yourself [in] the ability to be creating of your reality in a more expansive manner.

Therefore, in this, you view this belief to be quite beneficial and acceptable to you, and you perpetuate that belief.

You do not think of the belief in the manner of projecting a body type and appearance of youthfulness, but you may allow yourself to identify the very same aspect of the belief in viewing it from a different angle, and allowing yourself the recognition of your response to different types of creations that you would not, will not, and do not create within your physical expression.

As to the interpretation of other individuals’ viewing of you through their perception, you all create collectively in the form of matter in this particular physical dimension.

In this, collectively you create agreements in the expressions of general forms. Subjectively, there is a continual communication that you create collectively which identifies these general forms. You may express to yourself, a house holds a general form. A chair holds a general form. A bureau holds a general form.

Now; as any particular physical matter form is created within this physical dimension, the individual or individuals that create that particular form project a direction of energy in conjunction with links of consciousness, which form together the expression of the physical matter, which creates a general appearance of that particular manifestation.

In this, as you create a physical body type, you singularly are expressing the direction of how it shall be formed and what you desire to be projecting in physical matter as an appearance.

Other individuals, as I have stated, shall perceive that projection slightly differently, for they are viewing through their individual perception, but they shall also incorporate the general form and expression that you are projecting. Therefore, they are incorporating both.

And I shall express to you, (chuckling) for future discussion, this may also be incorporated into a subject matter addressing to what is created in the projection of imagery subsequent to an individual’s disengagement of physical focus, for they are no longer interacting with other individuals’ perceptions. We shall hold this for future identification!

BEN: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

BEN: I guess the last little thing I want to talk about is, we had talked some about the other-focus thing, about our focuses together, and I had a lovely discussion with Michael, as you call her, on the phone before we started, about people being attracted to what we call famous focuses, and not so much from the point that famous people are better than other people, but just the objective information that you can get ... just to see what you can get from it objectively versus subjectively.

So, I was hoping that maybe you could give me some more information about one of those two relationships that we had, or perhaps about a famous focus that I might have had?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! Now! I shall express to you first of all the challenge that you be investigating! (Ben cracks up) For you already hold at your disposal, in a manner of speaking, the objective opportunity with this one focus, in which you may avail yourself of MUCH objective information.

In this action of allowing yourself to be investigating, within the action of your investigation, allow yourself the engagement of your impressions and intuition. Be attuned to this aspect of yourself, for you may find this to be much easier than you hold in expectation, that you shall allow yourself the identification of this other focus.

If you are not accomplishing ... which I hold great confidence that you shall! But if you are not accomplishing, at our next meeting I shall concede and offer to you the physical naming of the individual, but I challenge you first to be allowing yourself this experience.

This is quite purposeful, for I hold an awareness that you very easily move in the expression of discounting your ability to be connecting, in your terms, with these other focuses and this type of information, regardless of the fame or lack of fame of the individual! For even in those time frameworks and experiences in which you may be allowing yourself the objective connection, you also are discounting of yourself and dismissing your impressions.

Therefore, first allow yourself to be connecting with this focus. It shall not be difficult, and in this, as I have stated, you have much information in which the name appears within your very libraries. You need not travel far to be incorporating this information. (Chuckling) Much easier than traveling inter-dimensionally to be connecting with another focus that you deem to be alien! HA HA!

BEN: You think that’s funny, huh!

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughing)

BEN: Well, just a quick guess then. We were talking about the late 1800s before. Does that have to do with the Oscar Wilde focus?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. One point, Albert! This shall narrow your field of investigation considerably! (Chuckling)

BEN: At one point, after we talked last time and you talked about my chapter focus in France, I wrote down everybody that I could think of who was French whose works that I liked or anything like that, just rambled them off, and actually, there were a lot more than I thought, because I don’t consider myself a big “franco-phile” or anything!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And you may be offering yourself surprising information as you allow yourself to be investigating! (Chuckling)

BEN: Okay. Well, thanks for talking to me. I think I can actually ... I’m gonna call you my friend today!

ELIAS: Very well! (Grinning)

BEN: And I’ll talk to you soon, I hope.

ELIAS: And I express great honor that you are deeming myself to be your friend once again, and not holding our interaction with such distasteful energy! Ha ha ha ha ha!

I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and the confrontation of your challenge and your findings objectively. (Chuckling) To you in great affection this day, I express au revoir.

BEN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:49 PM.

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