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Tuesday, March 14, 2000

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“Turn Your Attention to Self”

“You Create Your Reality”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Luanne (Inez), Ted (Cara), and sitting in on this session, Joanne (Gildae) and Marj (Grady).

Elias arrives at 12:35 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ALL: (Enthusiastically) Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And we meet again!

JOANNE: Yes, we do! (Elias chuckles) And how are you today?

ELIAS: As always!

JOANNE: There’s a surprise! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And yourself?

JOANNE: Well, we’ve been ... busy! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOANNE: Doing all sorts of things!

ELIAS: And not creating boredom?

JOANNE: Oh no, not boredom! I made the mistake of walking around thinking I was bored there for awhile, and that suddenly changed!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And now you are creating tremendous amusement for yourself?

JOANNE: Oh yes! I’m trying to change my perception of conflict and trauma.


JOANNE: Getting into the spirit of it! (Laughing) Now it’s glorious and magnificent, and it’s not a problem anymore!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Therefore, you deem yourself to be successful!

JOANNE: Oh yes, yes! In everything I create!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Very good! Acknowledgment of self!

JOANNE: Oh, thank you!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

LUANNE: Good morning, Elias. This is Inez.

ELIAS: Good morning!

LUANNE: Did I receive your communication accurately last night with the radio station?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

LUANNE: Was that you?

ELIAS: Interference in your electrical equipment!


MARJ: It might be me, Elias.

ELIAS: Excuse, please! I shall be assuming credit for my own actions (everybody cracks up) and not offering a willingness of sharing of the interference with other individuals! You may be crediting yourself with your own creations! (Much laughter)

MARJ: I’ve been doing a lot of that!

ELIAS: HA HA! (Chuckling)

LUANNE: Well, thank you, Elias. It was really very comforting. I guess I’ll start off today’s session.

My daughter Michelle is creating an illness, and in response to this, it seems that I’m creating a really major bad feeling in my stomach that is scaring me. I’m wondering what information you can give us about what Michelle is creating. (Pause)

ELIAS: What I shall express to you first of all is that as to information concerning what this other individual is creating, I shall reserve for that individual, dependent upon her desire to be acquiring information concerning her creation herself.

As to YOUR interaction with this situation, I shall address to this participation, and offer to you the suggestion that you allow yourself to be practicing turning your attention to self, and not holding your attention outside of self.

In this, I am aware that I have offered this statement many, many, many times to many, many, many individuals and groups of individuals throughout much time framework in the course, so to speak, of the interaction of these sessions. Let me express to you this day, this statement – in turning your attention to self and not holding your attention outside of self – is exceedingly affecting.

As we began this day in playful interaction and a temporary exchange of conversation, we have exchanged in speaking of what individuals create and altering perceptions. Let me express to you, this subject matter of altering perceptions is the most affecting action that you may be accomplishing in this physical reality, for your perception of your reality IS your reality, and is extremely affecting. In actuality, it is all-encompassing in its affectingness.

As you allow yourself to hold your attention outside of yourself and concern yourself with the choices and the creations of other individuals, you also allow yourself to be affecting of yourself, as you are aware, in response to what other individuals are choosing within their reality.

The reason you are responsive is that you hold judgments concerning what other individuals are creating. It matters not how you label these judgments. You may label them in what you view as couched in soft or positive expressions, but it matters not, for you are creating responsiveness to the other individual or to situations for the reason that you are creating a judgment.

Your judgment may be labeled as concern or that you are sorrowful for another individual or that you wish prosperity or health or happiness for another individual, but as I have stated, regardless of how you couch the identification of the judgment, it remains a judgment.

And as you create that action, you also mirror that imagery and that energy to yourself, and therefore you create certain affectingnesses within your own energy and within your own reality.

I have stated many times, the most helpful expression that any individual may offer to another individual is to be accepting of self, for this automatically creates byproducts. It creates a type of movement, a type of energy that allows for an acceptance of the other individual.

Now; understand in this, I hold the awareness that within interactions between different individuals, one individual may be creating some element within their reality that they deem to be uncomfortable or negative. This may be a physical affectingness, an emotional affectingness, a mental or intellectual affectingness, it may be physical circumstances – it matters not.

In this, they may approach you and enter discussion of what they are creating, and offer to you the expression of their distress with their creation of uncomfortableness.

Now; they may not individually hold an objective realization that they are in actuality creating that reality, and this matters not also, for what we are speaking of is your attention with self.

Therefore, it matters not that the other individual recognize objectively that they are creating their reality, or that they may view themselves to be a victim, or that they are being attacked by a dis-ease, or that they are being dictated to by any other individual or by situations or rules of your society.

For in this interaction, as you allow yourself to be turning your attention to self and holding your attention with self and creating a type of acceptance and trust within yourself, there is an automatic action in byproduct, which you begin creating a projection of energy outwardly in acceptance of other individuals, and your responsiveness shall be quite different.

As this same individual approaches you and expresses concern or distress with the situation that they are experiencing and [is] questioning you, inquiring of your input as to how they may be affecting of their experience or how you may be helpful to them, if you are holding your attention outside of self and your attention is directed to the other individual, you tremendously limit your choices.

And in this limitation of choices, you grapple for what you view as answers in what you may offer to another individual to be helpful to them, and in this, you create an incorporation of frustration within yourself, and you discount yourself and create a perpetuation of the expressions of duplicity within self.

In this action, you are not helpful to the other individual, and you are not helpful to yourself either.

In holding your attention to self and allowing yourself to be trusting and accepting of you, recognizing that you create your reality and that it is not dictated to by any other individual – even within your allowance to be engaging your empathic sense, which we shall address subsequently – you also are not victim to outside influences, and you hold choices.

But if you are not allowing yourself to view your own choices and if you are not moving in the expression of energy in which you are accepting and trusting of self, your communication expresses that, regardless of your intention to the other individual.

All that you express outwardly is a mirror of what you believe inwardly. All that you draw to yourself from what you may term to be outside is a mirror of what you view within yourself.

In this, you may be engaged in conversation with another individual, and as you may hypothetically express any communication of what you think of as humility, what you are in actuality expressing is a discounting of self, and this message is communicated in energy to the other individual. You have discounted yourself. This has been projected to another individual. The other individual receives that, and coupled with their beliefs of duplicity shall reinforce their own expression in discounting of self, for you mirror to each other these beliefs, and you share expressions which are created through your perceptions as influenced by your beliefs.

In this, let us examine a very small expression that may be offered to another individual.

Your daughter may approach you and express discomfort and distress with a physical ailment that is being experienced, and may express fear also concerning this creation, and your automatic response, hypothetically, may be what YOU identify as supportiveness, compassion, affection, love.

And you may express in communication to this individual, “I am so sorry that you are experiencing such discomfort. I am understanding of this situation and its difficulty and your painfulness that you are experiencing in these moments. I wish I may assume this for you, that you shall not have to experience this.”

These words seem to you to be expressions of comforting. These words in actuality perpetuate the energy which is being created in the discomfort. They are not helpful. The expression is not helpful.

These words appear to you to be loving and compassionate. These same words in communication are expressing your acknowledgment to another individual that they have created some “thing” wrong, that there is an inadequacy occurring within their focus, that there is some element of their reality that is broken, that needs be fixed.

You are also expressing in these words the acknowledgment of your own inadequacy, and discounting of self in your inability to be fixing what you perceive to be broken or malfunctioning within the other individual.

In this manner, you may allow yourself to view how these expressions are perpetuated, and the energy IS perpetuated in its continuing expression of discounting.

If you are holding your attention with self and you are engaging the same interaction with another individual, your responsiveness may be quite different. For in the actual realization that you DO each create your reality, and as you are NOT concerning yourself with judgments upon what the other individual is creating but continuing to hold your attention within self, you may be offering an expression of genuine supportiveness and what you may identify as helpfulness, for you lend energy to the other individual in the expression of them turning their attention to their self.

This is the point of the little story of the little sapling – not to be concerning itself or yourself with any other creation, but to be holding the attention within self, and recognizing all of the myriads of avenues in which your perception accesses to be creating your reality.

This is a grave undertaking, for you are quite accustomed to and familiar with NOT paying attention to self and holding your attention outside of self. This be the reason that I have expressed so very many times in relation to the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness.

What I am expressing to you now is not the lack of acknowledgment that you hold affection for this individual or that you love this individual, but in that expression of love and affection, the supportiveness of energy shall be created in your stopping of your action of lending to its perpetuation, and your realization that whatever another individual chooses to be creating, they are choosing that probability, that creation, for their individual reasons or purposes which are beneficial to them, regardless of your assessment and regardless of your judgment of those choices.

In this, they are also receiving, in like manner to yourself, their payoff. For as I have stated from the onset of the engagement of these sessions, you shall not create an action in this physical dimension that you do not receive a payoff. Your motivation is yourself. Therefore, all that your create offers you a payoff, or you shall not create it. A payoff is not a negative. It is merely the objectification and responsiveness to your choice of probabilities as expressed within this physical dimension.

As to you and your individual creations, it shall be exceedingly helpful to you also to be turning your attention to self and allowing yourself the genuine recognition that YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY.

I hold the awareness that many of you express this in words to yourselves, and you express to yourselves that you believe these words, and I express to you that you believe them in part.

There are some actions and some creations within your reality that you do not believe you create.

In this, you may express to yourself that your solar plexus are being affected – your yellow energy center is being affected – in empathic mergence with this other individual, and you may express objectively the recognition of that action. But you also do not express to yourself that you hold choices in that action. It is an automatic action that is being created. Were this individual not affected, were this individual not experiencing discomfort, were you not holding affection for this individual, you would express to yourself that you would not be experiencing this empathic responsiveness.

In this, underlyingly the attention moves once again to the other individual, and there is an underlying expression of projecting the responsibility of your creation to the other individual, which also denies your choices. For how shall you hold or create choices to be expressing differently if you are not creating the affectingness, if the affectingness is being dictated to you through energy by another individual?

This moves in many different types of expressions, many disguises.

As an individual that you identify to yourself that you love experiences great joy, you also shall allow yourself to be experiencing great joy, but your great joy is “because of” their experience, in your physical terms.

As an individual that you love experiences sorrow or painfulness, you also shall be responsive to those creations “because of.”

As you identify this “because of,” you are shifting the responsibility from yourself to another individual.

This is key, for you limit your choices and you do not allow yourself the ability to be altering your perception if you are not holding your attention with self and allowing yourself the recognition that YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY.

I may express to you, it is not a wrong expression to be expressing any of these directions. The point is that you hold a curiosity as to how you may alter your perception, which shall alter your reality, and how you may be interactive with other individuals to be helpful.

And in this, my response to you is as I have initiated this day. You shall be most helpful, most supportive, and most affecting in the interaction with other individuals as you allow yourself to turn your attention to self. Recognize what YOU are creating.

An expression of sympathetic painfulness is merely a reinforcement and perpetuation of the conflict. Are you understanding?

LUANNE: I imagine I will, once I have a chance to actually read it, Elias. It’s a whole lot to think about! (Elias chuckles)

Could you remark at all to us about Michelle’s essence, and the relationship to her sister Lisa’s essence? (Pause)

ELIAS: In which capacity are you inquiring, as to essences or to focuses of essence? (Pause)

LUANNE: Well, this focus of those essences. (Pause)

ELIAS: There is an expression of difference in tone within these essences, and although there are beliefs held quite strongly underlyingly as to the relationships within family, there are also pools of probabilities, in a manner of speaking, which have been chosen by each of these individuals, that move not in relation, so to speak, with those belief systems.

What I am expressing to you is, outside of the beliefs which are held by these individuals, the choice of individual intents move quite independently of each other and may be expressed quite differently without conflict, as each may allow themselves to be recognizing the influence of their belief systems concerning relationships.

TED: Would they be counterparts? (Pause)

ELIAS: No, these individuals do not engage counterpart action.

LUANNE: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TED: Since I’ve been reading your transcripts and interfacing with Mary and Vicki and your core group, I recall that you mentioned two different waves of consciousness, one in relation to relationships and the other in relation to sexuality. Tell me, how long do these waves of consciousness last, and how many are there going to be?

ELIAS: The waves in consciousness are created in relation to your belief systems.

Now; as I have expressed previously, within this physical dimension, in actuality you hold ten belief systems. There are countless aspects of these belief systems, but there are few actual bird cages ... which are quite stuffed with birds! Ha ha! (Laughter)

In this, what you have designed in the movement of this shift in consciousness is a method, so to speak – that you are so VERY fond of within this physical dimension – for addressing to each of these belief systems, and offering yourselves a time framework in which collectively you shall be examining each of these belief systems and all of the aspects that are contained within each of these belief systems. This is what is creating of a wave of consciousness in relation to this shift.

Now; the duration in your physical time framework of a particular wave of consciousness is dependent upon the belief system itself, and the volume of strength in energy that it incorporates, and your movements individually and collectively in examination of it.

Now; let me express to you, the movement of a wave in consciousness addressing to any particular belief system is not to be creating the end product, so to speak, at the diminishing point of that energy wave, which shall be expressed as acceptance of that particular belief.

The point of these waves in consciousness are that you collectively shall bring surfacely, objectively, the recognition first of all that the belief system exists, and that you shall allow yourself to examine many of the aspects and expressions of that belief.

Now; the wave may diminish, and the wave may even cease, so to speak, in its movement, and you shall not have collectively accepted that belief system, but that was not the objective of creating it. You have allowed yourselves to be recognizing the existence of the belief system and the many, many different expressions of it.

You shall not be accepting of an element of your reality if you are not allowing yourself the recognition and identification of it. If you do not hold an objective awareness of certain aspects of your beliefs, you shall also not allow yourself to be accepting of those aspects.

In like manner, if you are not allowing yourself the viewing and recognition of self and familiarizing yourself with self, you shall not afford yourself the ability to be accepting of self either, for you shall not be motivated to be accepting of elements that you do not recognize are in existence, so to speak.

TED: I understand that. I understand that, yes sir!

ELIAS: Some of these waves in consciousness shall overlap each other. Some shall be expressed in greater length of time than others, in a manner of speaking, for the strength that they hold in energy may be much greater than other belief systems.

Some belief systems and the aspects that they hold are expressed quite underlyingly, in which you objectively do not even allow yourselves the recognition that they ARE a belief. These may be requiring of more of a time framework, individually and collectively, to be recognizing and identifying and subsequently addressing to, for there are countless expressions of one belief system.

Let me also be reminding you that as you address to any belief system, you simultaneously are incorporating an element of addressing to duplicity, for duplicity is coupled with all of your belief systems. Therefore, you simultaneously address to two belief systems within each wave.

Some belief systems also, you, individually and collectively throughout your previous century, have allowed yourselves to relax the energy within. Therefore, they may not necessarily be requiring of as much time framework as other beliefs.

Within your society, the belief system of sexuality is quite strong. There are aspects of this belief system that are quite underlying, and you have not allowed yourselves even the recognition that these aspects are an expression of beliefs. You are allowing yourselves to be recognizing of these aspects now, but previously you did not allow yourselves an objective recognition of many of these aspects of this belief of sexuality.

Within your society collectively, there is less strength in this now in some aspects of your religious belief systems. This is not to say that you do not hold a continuation of great strength in this belief system of religious beliefs, but you have collectively, in your society, allowed yourselves to relax that energy to a degree, so to speak, whereas within the expression of the belief system of sexuality, you have not loosed your energy in the expressions of its aspects.

Now; I am specifically addressing to your society, for this may not be the expression throughout your globe.

TED: We understood that, Elias. We understood that part.

ELIAS: Different societies hold their attention in different belief systems more strongly. (Pause)

If you are inquiring as to when this particular wave in consciousness shall dissipate and shall cease, I shall express to you, this would be your choice!

TED: I knew that would be your answer! That’s why I didn’t ask that part! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOANNE: First! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

I shall express to you that you do continue within this particular wave in this belief system, and you do continue in strength in its expression.

Now; I shall also offer encouragement to you objectively that you are dissipating the energy within the belief system of relationships, for you are allowing yourselves the awareness of the many aspects of that belief system.

And as I have stated, the objective is not necessarily acceptance within the action of the wave itself, but merely the recognition and identification of the aspects of the belief, which for the most part, in a manner of speaking, with the belief system of relationships, you have accomplished.

TED: Thank you! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are quite welcome! (Laughter)

TED: One more question about waves. We had this tremendous wave of energy that took place at the end of our last millennium, and I have not felt it being dissipated as yet, although I know it must have started to dissipate.

ELIAS: Ah, and I shall be acknowledging of you in your recognition of this surge of energy, and I shall express to you, it has NOT dissipated.

I shall also express to you, what you are experiencing in this recognition of this tremendous surge of energy is your movement in this new millennium and your alteration of the action of this shift in consciousness, for you have shifted your shift! (Laughter)

You are moving the energy more objectively now, and inserting your shift in consciousness into your objective, officially accepted reality, and this is requiring of a tremendous surge of energy, to be materializing all that you have held in concept previously.

TED: Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend!

TED: Do I have time for one more?

ELIAS: You may.

TED: I had a dream last night that I think fits in with this last statement that you made. I was in Atlantic City, and there was a preacher there at the old Atlantic City Convention Center giving a seminar or a revival, but nobody was in attendance. This preacher got very angry and placed his hands on the side of the building and pushed a section of it down, and it fell very, very slowly, like in slow motion, and when that side of the building came down, then the roof came down, again in a very, very slow motion effect, and then the buildings all up and down the boardwalk in Atlantic City started all coming apart, all the old buildings. None of the new ones were affected, only the older buildings. I was instrumental within the dream of warning the people in these older buildings to get out so that they wouldn’t be injured, and nobody was injured except for two men in an ice cream store, who I had to physically grab hold of and withdraw from their ice cream store before they would believe that it was crumbling down around them. Now, am I correct that this is an indication to me of the shift in consciousness that is taking place?

ELIAS: Yes. This is your imagery that you have created within yourself as an offering of this action and the tremendous power of the surge of this energy.

TED: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TED: This would be a good time, I think, to take our break between the sessions.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall express to you both great affection, and anticipation of our next meeting.

I shall also express to you, Inez, do not be discounting and invalidating of yourself. Recognize, I have not chastised you this day. I have encouraged you to allow yourself the freedom of you. There is a tremendous difference in expression.

I offer to you this day in great lovingness, adieu.

LUANNE: Adieu.

TED: We love you too, Elias!

Elias departs at 1:38 PM.

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