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Wednesday, November 29, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 8:18 PM.

I would like to note that the “spaciness” or “blahness” of this session, which was quite apparent to everyone present, was not apparent on the videotape. I find this very interesting!

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause, looking around, and then to Vicki) So, Michael has encountered one of Lawrence’s fragments!

VICKI: Oh! (Pause, one of many during this session )

ELIAS: And was believing that this was only a one-way agreement, that you would be encountering all of his counterparts or fragments, and not the other way around! Incorrect!

VICKI: Oh! (Yes folks, she’s verbal tonight!)

ELIAS: They have been experienced in the past already, one being re-encountered. (Pause)

CATHY: Well, who?

VICKI: It was a friend of Michael’s that he used to spend a lot of time with, and re-encountered today, after some years.

CATHY: Interesting.

ELIAS: This individual incorporating many parallels also, being a splintered fragment. (Long pause, ending in nervous laughter)

ELIAS: Are you possessing of a time-piece, Ron?

RON: Yes sir, I am.

ELIAS: Would you be doing me this favor of keeping track of our time element of silence that the individuals incorporate waiting for Elias to initiate, and not initiating themselves? (More nervous laughter)

RON: Go! (We all crack up)

JIM: Okay, I have a question.

ELIAS: Ah! A little prompting!

JIM: Yes, always helps. Last night, when we did the Ouija board, and I spelled, and something spelled out the name Elias, was that you, or was that Paul, or was that something else? I had a feeling it was you.

ELIAS: I will explain to you, first of all, that Paul will not play games with you in this way, expressing to be Elias. If he is choosing to interact with you through your Ouija board, he will interact as his own self. I will also express to you that I do not incorporate Ouija boards, ever! (Looking directly at Jim)

JIM: Ever. Okay. So that was somebody, something else?

ELIAS: It is very easy, within your focus, to be swayed, or to be confused, or to be misled; this being a very easy example of this. Some essences, while not physically manifest, may be within a point of not yet manifesting into physical form again. Therefore, you may consider this an “in-between” timing; intermission! Within this time, as we do not incorporate time as you do, the element of moments within your time may exist from a few minutes to many, many years. This is dependent upon the individual within the transition state and what they are choosing to experience, and remember, and focus upon.

In this, some essences within a focus may become distracted. Their energy is scattered, and they are not quite sure of their directing abilities. They may connect with you through signals that you may be sending through consciousness and energy. This may connect also with their own energy and may be a directing force to them, to be focusing upon something specific. This may occur during what you incorporate as seances, or your Ouija board, or even within periods of meditation; this depending on your focus and connection, and intentions of connection. You may not completely be directed either; therefore you send general signals which any essence may receive. One may receive a signal and not understand what it is receiving, but allow itself to be pulled into the energy stream, finding itself within the situation of interacting with physically focused individuals.

In this, they may quite clearly receive telepathic thought from the individuals that are physically manifest. Therefore, if they are incorporating confusion, they may feed back to you what you are projecting out. Therefore you, in return, are believing you have made some great contact, for it is appearing to be answering you! In actuality, it is echoing you and your consciousness; this being why I have expressed before to be wary of what you are “taking in,” so to speak, for not all is what it appears to be. I have expressed to you all, very playfully, that I do not incorporate parlor tricks. I will not speak to any of you through a board. If I am wishing to speak with you, I will speak with you as I do now.

JIM: That’s something! That explains a lot. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) Be understanding, these are not evil spirits! They are also not “unevolved” spirits! They are focuses of essences within transition, just as you will be when you are choosing to end this physical manifestation. (Pause)

VICKI: So the dream that Michael had the other night, this was kind of a turning point dream, huh?

ELIAS: A remembrance.

VICKI: Yeah!

ELIAS: And you are surprised?

VICKI: No, I just think it’s really cool.

ELIAS: Interesting word!

VICKI: The bruise on the foot, would this be an empathic experience, or would it be something, maybe a physical manifestation of a moving through, or what might it be?

ELIAS: I will allow you clues; your first clue being that I have expressed already to you that Michael does not incorporate the empathic sense, as do some of you. This is not to say that this ability does not exist within him, but he does not focus upon this and he does not connect with this, as it is not as important to his intent. Therefore, his conceptualization will be overriding this sense of empathic. Therefore, he may discontinue searching for an individual who has a hurt foot!

Then, I will offer to you a second clue; that as you are moving through challenges, think to what Michael expresses as his visualization of moving through his challenges; that he is walking through his stream. Therefore, he is obviously incorporating conceptualization incorporating feet. I am surprised that he has not incorporated both feet! He must have been hopping through his stream at this moment, but quite effective and creative for allowing visual evidence while moving; effective also in not incorporating much painfulness! (Long pause; Elias looks at Ron) Timekeeper!

RON: Twenty seconds.

VICKI: Well, I have another question if nobody else does. Earlier this evening, we were talking about Rose manifesting in two physically focused bodies, and I was curious if that has any similarity to the dispersing of Shynla’s essence. Is this a similar thing?

ELIAS: The dispersement of Rose and the dispersement of Shynla; you are speaking in comparison?


ELIAS: Partially; for this essence of Rose has incorporated a very strong intent and has created many fragments, many essences, and incorporates many aspects. When I am expressing many, I am expressing more in numbers than you may count. Shynla, in basic element of dispersement, incorporates the same action with different intent, and also not quite as many fragmentations, incorporating also very many aspects, though. (Pause) Oh, I understand, Elias! (Laughter; pause)

CATHY: Well, I have a question. When you talked to us about the empathic sense and conceptualization, why did you put those two together?

ELIAS: Some of you will choose to experience your empathic sense, and will find conceptualization difficult. Others will incorporate the opposite, so to speak. Therefore, either of these may be chosen, or may be combined, to be achieving this understanding and awareness.

CATHY: I understood that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Thank you! (Grinning)

CATHY: So when I go to Vienna, how does that affect everybody else’s simultaneous focuses, since we’re all connected and we’re all here?

ELIAS: However you are wishing it to be affecting! All that you do is affecting. All that you think, all that you feel, is affecting. Therefore, all that you incorporate within action is affecting of all the rest; as they are all affecting of you also.

CATHY: So when we have this shift, are people just, I mean, is there going to be anymore like angry people and geysers and all that stuff, still affecting everybody like it does now?

ELIAS: Initially, within your beginning stages, you may continue, partially, to experience some of these rampant emotions, for you will also incorporate confusion, and will not quite be understanding of your power of containment. You will not completely understand all of your abilities; just as small ones play with blocks and accidentally, after building a house of these blocks, they walk into the house of blocks and knock them all onto their floor, and being distressed that they have destroyed their creation. As they grow and become more in tune with their ability, physically, to manipulate, they learn that they will not knock their house down any longer, and that they may create, and it will stand.

In this same way, initially, when you are realizing your abilities which are available to you, you may use these abilities, and you may be (grinning) bumping into each other or yourselves with these abilities; and as you learn to direct your focus and your consciousness, you will become more adept at creating and allowing these to stand.

You may, once your shift has occurred, incorporate moving to another area within your globe, and continue to be a participant within our sessions also, for you may project yourself to this location and participate. Presently, if you are wishing, you may accomplish this already, but I would be saying that the other individuals will not be aware of your physical presence.

CATHY: That would be okay by me!

ELIAS: (Grinning) This is not to say that I would not be aware of your presence!

CATHY: Well, I know that! So, in Oversoul Seven, how did Cyprus know that George was about to be out of his body for too long?

ELIAS: Within non-physical focus, you are aware of physical limitations. You, within physical focus, are not always aware of your limitations. I will clarify in explaining that in actuality, you hold no limitations, but you also hold to officially accepted limitations within physical consciousness. Therefore, you hold to the officially accepted idea that if you are discontinuing your breath for too many moments, you will discontinue physical focus. You accept this as reality, therefore you allow this to actualize. This is not necessarily truth, but is it is a reality, for you create it as being a reality; this being the same as known and unknown elements within physical focus.

Within your physical focus, your physical body does require you, with your consciousness, to be connected for time periods, for you dwell within a time-oriented reality. All of your reality is geared to time elements. Within this, you have created this physical manifestation of body accordingly. You may project from your physical expression, and you may be leaving for what seems to be an extended time period. In actuality, you may not leave your physical expression completely for too long, for the physical body, although possessing consciousness of its own, possesses a limited amount of consciousness. Your consciousness that you incorporate as you, your soul, yourself, whatever term you are wishing to be placing upon this, is what is directing of this physical manifestation. It may exist temporarily without the direction of your consciousness, but it may not exist indefinitely without the incorporation of you.

CATHY: Well, how long is too long?

ELIAS: I would be expressing to you that you will not actualize this and be finding out, for you will not attempt this; but I will say to you that you would not be projecting from your physical expression completely for many hours, approaching complete days, in your terms, for your physical body would not continue. It may only continue life without the life-force for a limited amount of your time.

CATHY: So there’s nothing that the consciousness left in the body would do to ... I don’t know. Would there be a drawing or something, or a knowing, that you need to go back, kind of thing?

ELIAS: If you are leaving a portion of your consciousness within your physical expression, you will incorporate a knowing, and you will automatically “pop” yourself back into your physical expression. If you are completely removing your consciousness from your physical expression, which it is possible for you to accomplish, there is nothing within the physical expression to be calling to you. Therefore, if you become distracted and are paying no attention to the physical expression, it does not call to you of itself.

I expressed to you, previously, that when Michael has aligned vibrationally within essence, you would be needing to incorporate the instructions that I have given to you, for the reason that the consciousness will be completely separated from the physical expression. This physical separation of consciousness and body has occurred with this phenomenon many times before, but it has also always anchored here. The twin has incorporated the anchor. Therefore, the pull remains. Within this alignment, momentarily the entire consciousness will be removed. Therefore, the physical expression will not be calling to the consciousness.

CATHY: So when Guin had her OOB and I had my little OOB in my dream, we still had pieces of our consciousness in our bodies, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. The aspect of consciousness that you may retain within your physical expression may be very small, as you will think of this. There is no actual size incorporated, or actual amount either; but if you are thinking in physical terms, you leave to your body a very small piece of your consciousness, which keeps a watchful eye. Many individuals incorporating fearfulness and uncertainty may physically manifest a cord that extends from their physical body to their astral body, this being a thread or cord connecting the two, this allowing themselves to feel safe and not disconnected. It is reassuring to them that they may not wander too far, and expose themselves to a dangerous situation. In actuality, there is no danger, but their fear prevents them from disconnecting this thread. You have incorporated an understanding, well enough, that within a partial element of yourself, you are trusting enough to not be needing of this thread, and to be allowing yourselves to project freely.

CATHY: So like even in the dreams, like when Vicki flies, she just leaves a little piece of her consciousness back there with her body, same as Mary when she comes over to play with Vicki, same as Ron when he stepped outside himself and then went back real quick ...

ELIAS: Correct. As you trust more, and as you learn to view yourselves within this trust more accurately, you will incorporate less of this portion of consciousness that you leave to your physical expression. You may also choose to disconnect completely. You will be completely safe. You need only remember that your time within physical focus is limited; or you may not remember, and I and Paul will be watching and push you back anyway! (Grinning)

CATHY: I thought that was like the job of like my wider aspect of myself, would be there, hanging out there too?

ELIAS: Exactly! (Grinning widely) (Do you get this, Cathy?)

CATHY: Oh, okay, just checking! Well, I’ll go some more. (Laughing) Those little leprechauns I used to see in my friend’s backyard when I was a kid, I really believed I saw those. Did I really see those?

ELIAS: This is actually an interesting question, for many children actually visualize and actually physically see essences, this being rationalized by parents and older individuals as imagination, and not reality. In reality, they are encountering other essences, and they are physically viewing them, just as you view each other. They interact with them. They speak with them. They play with them. You choose to visualize them, sometimes, in ways that are comfortable to you. Sometimes they choose to manifest to you in ways that will be accepted by you. Children are very accepting, and are not afraid of aspects of reality that older individuals may not understand. Therefore, yes; you were seeing these. They were not leprechauns!

CATHY: They were little! (Laughing)

ELIAS: But they were essences manifesting in small form for you, just as Michael also incorporated two small people as a child, and interacted with often, one being ... ?

CATHY: One being who? I hate it when he does this! (Laughing)

ELIAS: One being Elias!

CATHY: Really! Well, gee, I’m glad I asked that question. I just wish I wouldn’t panic every time you ask me something, and I just go blank!

ELIAS: Everything is not quite so serious! (Grinning)

JIM: Well, I’ve often wondered along the same lines. I remember when I was young, waking up and seeing an image at the end of my bed, very clear, and very, very clear, but very, very quiet, kind of a round type image. I remember seeing it quite often. It was different than anything else. It’s always stuck with me, for forty some odd years.

ELIAS: All of these visualizations that you incorporated are all the same. They only manifest differently, for connection with each individual and recognition of each individual. Essences incorporating with children are quite in tune, and adept at manifesting to be understood by these children. Elizabeth also incorporated viewing and playing with non-physically focused essences, as “playful”; this being the essence that Shynla is connected with, within our game.

JIM: That’s neat.

CATHY: Maybe that’s why I’ve always had a really hard time, like up until, I swear, about ten years ago, I had such a hard time with fiction and non-fiction. I could never remember which was which!

JIM: I still can’t! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very many are the same!

CATHY: Yeah, I figured that out today. I figured a few things out today, while I was reading my book.

JIM: Our new book is classified fiction, “Mutant Messages,” which I thought was strange as fiction.

ELIAS: But is not!

JIM: Yes. It is not. (Pause, during which Elias leans forward and puts his face, grinning, right in Vicki’s face)

VICKI: So, what is the thing here tonight? It’s different!

ELIAS: And you have asked me this question before! (Smiling)

VICKI: Yes, I guess I have. Okay.

ELIAS: A very strong connection; and you are not becoming familiar with this yet? (Pause) No, Elias! (Grinning)

VICKI: It’s very intense tonight. (This is an understatement!)

ELIAS: Be incorporating this, and be remembering; for this will also be the draw when you are (Elias knocks three times on the table). Remember your pull. We are approaching closely. Michael is still apprehensive, but the vibrational tone is set. Therefore, you may be expecting of this occurrence at any given moment. Very astutely aware this evening, Lawrence. Very good.

CATHY: Energy detective!

ELIAS: I will be waiting for you also to be visualizing this energy, for at times as this, you have all caught glimpses, and sense intensity. Therefore, if you are incorporating your trustfulness, there is no reason as to why you would not be viewing.

I will be allowing you to be interacting with each other, and I will be discontinuing. If you are wishing for continued audience, you may ring me! (Laughter) I will be available. I may even take a message! Good evening.

Elias departs at 9:18 PM.

I would like to note that there was dead silence after this session, for a few minutes. I do not remember this happening before. Each individual present had a different experience this evening, but all experienced the same intensity level. Very interesting!

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