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Sunday, December 03, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), Jo (Joseph), and Greg (Olivia).

Elias arrives at 7:09 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! We shall make Michael the president of the Pecs! (Referring to Mary’s procrastination in beginning the sessions) So ... and have you chosen your names? (Grinning and looking around)

JO: I must have missed that one. (Long pause)

CATHY: Well, Ron has his! (Laughing)

RON: I chose the name “Remember.”

ELIAS: Appropriate.

RON: Thank you. (Long pause)

ELIAS: Only one? We have established one intent? (Laughter)

VICKI: Okay. I choose the name “Knowledge of Self.”

ELIAS: Very good! Also appropriate, coinciding with the intent.

CATHY: Seeker? (Pause) You’re waiting for the rest of it, aren’t you? I only got the seeker part. Am I partially correct? (Laughing)

ELIAS: It is a beginning. This is not a question of correct or incorrect. This is your gift to yourself, in trusting and allowing yourself to view yourself, and choose your own name.

CATHY: I’ll just view some more this week. (Pause)

JIM: Then I’d like to go with “Artful Creator.”

ELIAS: Well, Yarr, each of you incorporates the intent of artful creation. Therefore, focus upon this developmental focus, this aspect of yourself, and what is its intent.

JIM: Okay. I’ll do some more viewing.

CATHY: See ya in the viewing room! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I was expressing to you that you would be more easily successful in your viewing with your mirror than in your finding of your name! This requires a trust of self; the ability to look within and view yourself, and what your intent for your focus is. This should be an honest looking within and viewing. All individuals may be wishing to be incorporating a flowery, cosmic name, but your name that you assign to yourself should be that which defines you. This will be helpful for you when you are answering my question, which you have not answered yet! (Pause)

VICKI: What’s the difference between intent and desire?

ELIAS: (Looking directly at Ron) Answer! (All eyes on Ron)

RON: (Looking very surprised) Well, we talked about that earlier. I don’t know if ... I don’t want to do a PI. My opinion is that desire is ever-changing. Intent is constant. Intent is what best describes your focus. Desire is what drives the intent.

ELIAS: Reverse. Your intent will be driving your desire. Therefore, as you do not understand or know what your intent is, your desire fluctuates and changes, for it is searching for the other half. Your desire allows you information about your intent, for as you view your changing desires of your focus, this will illustrate to you a commonality which will point to the direction of your intent.

If you are viewing your experiences and your desires of not only this present, but of all of your present moments, from your birth to this present moment, you will see that your desires have taken different roads, but generally incorporate a basic theme. In this, you offer yourself information of your intent. This also offers you your clues of yourself; who you are, what you are, how you create your reality, and that you possess all knowledge already. You need only remember; and as you are looking to yourselves and you are discovering your desires, you will also be discovering parts of yourself; how you create your reality; for you already possess your own answers.

This will lead us directly into continuing our discussion of how you draw to you information and incidents that help you to focus upon needed information. We have also spoken of counterparts and aspects, which all affect you, and you affect all of them also. It is a constant exchange. In widening and noticing, you begin to realize the affectingness of counterparts of yours, or aspects of yours, and how they are affecting of you. You recognize the affectingness of other aspects upon you before you recognize your affectingness upon all of them, for it is easier for you to be identifying with this information. I will express to you that within physical focus, you also are very focused; this being for a particular reason, that you may not be continuously distracted.

As you are noticing of other aspects, you are also allowing other aspects to be affecting of you; but in this, you only allow aspects to affect you within areas that are issues or challenges to you. If you do not incorporate a challenge or an issue with a particular subject, the experiences of your aspects that are incorporating these subjects will not be affecting of you, for you will not allow them to interfere with your focus. You draw to you experiences for your benefit, just as we spoke, at one time, of our pay-offs. Individuals do not incorporate action which does not allow them a pay-off. You do not engage in allowing yourselves to experience action of energy of aspects if it is not benefiting to you, just as each of you has encountered, within your physical focus, individuals who attempt to invoke a reaction from you using certain methods of emotional incorporation. If you are not responding, you are blocking their attempts. You do not feel that it is necessary for yourself to engage in the action of exchange with this other individual. Therefore, you consider yourself to ignore them. You brush the action aside.

Within your other consciousness, which you designate as subconscious, you do the same. Actions of aspects are continually happening, but you are ignoring them, for they are not what you are focused upon. There are times when you are allowing the action or the experience of another aspect to “bleed through” into your reality, and you may emotionally or physically experience these bleed-throughs. You allow this for a purpose. You may not understand, initially, why you have allowed this to be happening, but if you were not allowing and drawing to you, you would not be experiencing. Therefore, when you are experiencing physical discomfort, you are connecting with an aspect, a counterpart, whatever. You are allowing the experience that this aspect is incorporating to filter into your physical consciousness and expression, for you are offering yourself the opportunity to be learning from this experience. Accepting of these experiences allows them to be experienced, and to move on.

You are not always consciously aware of why you draw to yourselves certain experiences, but within other areas of your consciousness, you do possess reasons. I will express to you that you also have access to this information. It is not that you possess another you, in a dark closet, plotting against you and drawing experiences to you that you are physically incorporating, and you may not unlock the closet to be finding out why! You do not possess a locked closet! All of your answers are available to you. Many times, you need only sidestep yourself just a very small bit, for you are focusing upon the aspect that is connecting with you, and your focus is only “Why am I experiencing what this individual is experiencing?” If you are moving slightly to your side, you may instead say to yourself, “This is an experience only; acceptable, and that is all,” and you will find that if you are not concentrating on the shared experience, you will not be perpetuating it, and it will fly. (Pause)

(Grinning at Vicki) All that you notice is a wonderful awareness that you are noticing. This does not mean that you must be clinging to your noticing, and holding this as jewels that are trying to escape you, when in actuality, you are not wishing them to be so intensely experienced to begin with! (Long pause)

JO: “K.” I want to give myself a name.

ELIAS: Ah ha! (Grinning at Jo)

JO: It just seems typical to me; “Giver of Helpfulness.”

ELIAS: And I will inquire of Joseph, for the benefit of the group, why do you incorporate this name? This is very good!

JO: It seems to be, that’s my main focus, always.

ELIAS: I will express to you that this is quite intuitive in connecting with yourself, for this is what you have incorporated as your intent. You have only deviated from your original focus with this intent. As you learn to be trusting of yourself, you will be understanding that you may retain your desire and your intent, and not be hurtful to yourself, at the same time. I commend this act of trust!

JO: Thank you. (Pause)

JIM: Okay, on the names; “Healer of Self,” or just plain “Healer.” (Here, Greg whispers a question, barely audible, to Cathy)

ELIAS: (Not appearing to have heard this whispering, and focusing on Jim) This seems to be quite acceptable, and as you journey farther, you may be accomplishing this intent.

JIM: I know that!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Your sojourn does not deviate quite as far off from your intent as you believe it to be!

JIM: My what? Would you repeat, please?

ELIAS: Sojourn; a small journey; for each developmental focus is a sojourn. (Pause, and then speaking directly to Greg) These names are not names incorporated within our game. These names are names that each individual has chosen for themselves, to designate their identification of themselves and their intent of this lifetime, so to speak. I would speak to you as this being a developmental focus, for lifetime encompasses all, and this being, as I have just expressed, only a sojourn. You are engaged in only one of many small journeys within this particular focus. You designate this as a lifetime. Within this, each individual manifest incorporates an intent; a reason that they have manifest into this physical reality; an intent that they had focused upon before they chose to manifest within this physical reality.

I have asked these individuals who they are, for none of you realize who you are. I have expressed to them, many times, what creative and divine creatures they are, and what beauty they possess, but they do not believe me! (Laughter) Therefore, I have asked them who they believe they are, what they believe they are; which I would pose the same question to you; for each individual may be asked, or ask themselves, this question; but each individual may not necessarily be able to be answering this question sufficiently. As you grow within trusting yourself, you learn to know yourself; and as you learn to know who you are, you begin to see what an absolutely glorious creation you really are!

In this, in focusing within, I have asked them to examine themselves; to look to their desires of this particular lifetime; to see, within themselves, what their experiences have been and how they have progressed. With this being borne in their minds, I have asked them to formulate a name for themselves, one which they give themselves, to themselves; not a name given to them by another individual; not a parent, not an acquaintance; but what they view themselves to be, based upon their intent and their desire of this particular developmental focus.

This may be helpful for them to answer the question for themselves of who they are, or who you are; this being an exercise. All individuals may incorporate this exercise. Unfortunately, all individuals do not trust themselves enough to view themselves without distortion and without placing value judgments upon themselves, which is unnecessary; but this is what you have learned, therefore this is what you incorporate into your reality. I am hopeful to be helping you to widen your view of your reality and your self, as being all-creating, and as being the beautiful magnificent creatures that you are. Is this a sufficient answer for this question? (I guess he did hear the whispering!)

GREG: Yes, it is. I’ve got another question though. Are you able, and if you are, can you tell me something only I know?

ELIAS: I am quite able! I am also quite unwilling! (Grinning) I will express to you that this is not expressed to you with any negativity, as you would view this, for in truth, I express nothing to you but acceptance and affection; but I have also expressed to all who encounter me that I am not here to be playing fortune-telling tricks with individuals. I may very easily connect with you, telepathically. May you tell me anything of me, in the same regard? For you possess the same ability! (Very interesting!)


ELIAS: Therefore, I will express to you; as you move into trusting of yourself, evidences of reality will become clear. I do not ask you to be accepting of me. It is of no matter. When you may express to me the same which you ask me to express to you, then we will share a message, telepathically! (Grinning) It would be quite easy to be incorporated with each of you, with many individuals, and focus my time element engaging within nothing more than expressing to each individual, “You did this when you were five, your father was this when you were ten, you were feeling and experiencing this when you were twenty, this is your deep family secret that no one is aware of.” I may also incorporate floating cups! This will not be helpful to you, or to any other individual within this company, or any company.

You may go to other individuals, and they may offer these phenomenons for your entertainment, and you will be entertained! You will walk away knowing no more about yourself or your reality than you began with, but you will experience entertainment, and you may briefly feel emotionally validated; but they have offered you nothing. I offer you helpfulness, if you are wishing to be accepting of this. If you are not, this is acceptable to me. It is of no consequence if any particular individual is wishing to be accepting or not, for those who are have asked, and receive what they have asked for. You may view amazing stories, but they will come when you are not expecting them! (Pause, grinning) And now, I shall initiate a break, and then we will focus upon our game and your questions.

VICKI: May I ask one quick question? Any comments on Michael’s name?

ELIAS: Ah! Michael’s name! Which is?

VICKI: “Painter of Concepts.”

ELIAS: Appropriate. I will express that his incorporation of this name so quickly is an accomplishment in trust worthy of acknowledgment, although one was more quickly than Michael’s! (Grinning at Ron) He is still racing to be neck and neck! Is this all? (Pause) I shall return briefly.

BREAK 7:57 PM.


ELIAS: We continue. (Silent pause) Shhh ...

VICKI: I have a question.

ELIAS: This is a surprise! (Laughter)

VICKI: Regarding the counterpart experience.

ELIAS: Yes, oh Asker of Questions! (Laughter)

VICKI: You can instantaneously release the counterpart experience by not concentrating on it. Is this correct?


VICKI: How do you not concentrate on a very physical feeling?

ELIAS: (Looking directly at Ron again) Answer!

RON: Honey, he’s picking on me! (Elias is grinning) How do you not concentrate on a very physical feeling? You just don’t concentrate on it! (Laughter) Works for me!

ELIAS: Inefficient, but correct. You notice, you realize what you are noticing, you accept what you have noticed, and you realize, within yourself, that the more energy you expend on concentration of the situation, the more that you perpetuate the situation itself. Part of the releasing of an action is to acknowledge the action and the energy that is being put forth toward this action, just as we spoke before of the difference between your acceptance of an action that you view to be positive, and your focus upon what you view to be negative.

When you are incorporating joyfulness or happiness or lightheartedness, when you are enjoying any action, you view this within the moment. You experience these actions and you release them, for you are not dwelling upon them. You are not experiencing the same joyfulness or acceleration of an action one half of an hour past the initiation of the action, for within this small amount of your time, you have already experienced, noticed, accepted, and released.

In your other direction of what you identify as negative, you instantly place the negative identification label upon the experience. This instantly is transmitted, through your physical impulses within your brain, and is instantly suggested to you, “Hold this.” Therefore, you must initiate a conscious process for release.

Whereas you do this automatically within positive actions, you have learned to block this automatic response with negative actions. Therefore, you must consciously step through. This may only incorporate a few seconds of your physical timing, but you will be needing to focus upon this until you are learning that there is no negative, and until you allow yourselves to automatically release these experiences as easily as you do positive.

Once you have identified, which you do also with positive experiences, only not consciously, as you view consciousness, and once you have noticed, and once you have accepted, then you may allow a release by not concentrating upon this any longer. Acceptance is a very key issue with these things, for you may think that you are accepting by noticing and identifying. You are not necessarily accepting when you have only noticed and identified. You may experience a physical sensation, and you may have the ability to identify this as a connection of a counterpart aspect of yourself. You may notice the intensity, and your reaction to this. You do not accept this, for you continue to try to find a reason; therefore you continue to dwell upon the experience.

In identifying your intent, all experiences that you draw to yourself are incorporated within this. You draw experiences in line with your intent. Therefore, those experiences which you have acknowledged, which you are not wishing to be continuing, which you feel that you have connected with and you are wishing to disconnect the experience or sensation, you may do so within a moment, in recognizing that all energy manifests. If you are feeding energy through concentration to anything, it will manifest. If you are continuing to be thinking to yourself, “I am experiencing tremendous uncomfortableness,” you will manifest continuing to experience uncomfortableness! If you are accepting of the experience, recognizing it for what it is and not concentrating on this, and not allowing this any more energy, it will not continue!

If you are finding it difficult to be changing your focus, realize that your attention span for creation is very short. Therefore, if you are needing of helpfulness to be not concentrating upon an undesired experience, distract yourself. This is quite easy for you. Shift your attention. Incorporate music. Focus upon a project. Look to your picture box. Speak to another individual. It is quite easy for you to distract your own attention. This breaks your concentration upon the action that you do not wish to be continuing. Once your concentration has been interrupted and broken, you will find that it is much easier to continue in releasing. Once you have broken the current of concentration, you instantly notice a change, and then you express to yourself, “Oh, I experience a difference.” This allows you to continue in a changed reality.

I have expressed to you, many times; you receive what you concentrate on. You create your reality, in everything! (Long pause) Is this sufficient?

VICKI: Yes. (Pause)

JIM: Could you please comment on the alleviation of Michael’s back pain?

ELIAS: This has been explained previously. This situation has been created on a level of interaction, with this aspect of essence, which involves many issues. I have also explained that this issue was requiring of trusting. Michael, as do you all, incorporates a lack of trustfulness in areas. This, as with all of you, creates fearfulness. As you create these elements, you manifest them in different ways. These are your dragons that we spoke of before. Each of you possesses them.

In this situation, as I have expressed before, Michael has chosen to use visualization in helping him to move through personal issues, this being quite appropriate; as inner paintings of pictures, with his own issues, similar to his outer expression with painting physical pictures. In this, he visualizes a stream. In actuality, this stream is a portion of the place which he has incorporated within our game; the pond. He is not quite aware of this connection yet, but eventually he will make this connection also; this being a safe place, and an area of moving through and accomplishment of connecting. In this, he visualizes this stream and attaches his challenges to be part of the water within the stream. Whereas Lawrence moves through swimmingly in water, Michael walks through the stream, visualizing the center as the greatest depth; which, if he is not trusting of the moving through, he would be plunging into the center of the stream and struggling back to the original shore. Therefore, until he is viewing himself within as strong enough and confident enough to be accomplishing moving to the opposite shore, he does not attempt this stream.

He incorporates rapid currents within this stream also, which may be sweeping away; this stream being not necessarily a calm, welcoming environment. Therefore, he must build to a trustfulness to approach. He has approached many times, and retreated. In attempting to move through some major challenges that are incorporated with this situation of physical manifestation, he was not quite sure of his trustfulness, but made the attempt, regardless. In the process, he was finding himself to be encountering these currents and being swept through this watery stream, hitting a foot upon a rock. Within this action, attention was snapped. At this point, determination was incorporated to be arriving at the other side, for safety. In this, he has allowed himself the ability to be looking back and seeing that he has accomplished the crossing; therefore the elimination of the original manifestation. Now he also incorporates a lack of trust of his accomplishment, for this was a difficult moving through this stream; and for the first time, he was experiencing conflict within this stream. It seemed to be that the water itself was fighting back, pulling him into a rock. Therefore, in standing upon the other side, he looks back now with apprehension, and also slightly awed at the power of the essence and its manifestations; for still, to this moment, even with the incorporation of his dream vision, he is not completely accepting of the beauty of essence.

I have explained to you that as essences, you possess great ability. You possess great force and great power. These are only words. They are a mere translation of an idea which you do not incorporate the reality of. I have also expressed to you that were you to view your actual essence, it would frighten you; for it is so vast, and you are still thinking in terms of your individual selves within this one focus. Michael has glimpsed a tiny bit. This tiny aspect, in glimpsing, has given him a realization of how small he is. He does not quite understand, for he has not quite put all these pieces together within his puzzle, so to speak. He does incorporate a knowing that there is something, as he will say, bigger; something he has not seen or found. This “something” is himself! This power that flows and is viewed as raging is only the power of his own energy. It does not fight against him, as your power in energy does not fight against you, but it may manifest quite powerfully, for you possess this energy. (Pause)

JIM: That’s neat; which we all should look at as well. Thank you. (Pause) Getting back to the names!


JIM: Okay; Wizard. I am Wizard.

ELIAS: Now, are you sure?

JIM: Yes!

ELIAS: This is a definite?

JIM: Yes, it is. Viewing, looking, feeling; yes!

ELIAS: This being your definition of your word.

JIM: Yes, of what I perceive of that.

ELIAS: Therefore you would also perceive, within this wizard, searching.

JIM: Yes; becoming.

ELIAS: Very good. (Pause) I would also tell you that these names that you give to yourselves now, be definite; for they have already, as you speak them, been logged. These will be a recognition identification for future Seers within your city; (pause) as Monarch to Window. (Pause)

JO: Can you tell me my counterpart Ed’s essence name?

ELIAS: I will be asking Joseph a question!

JO: Oh, no! Okay. (Laughing)

ELIAS: This counterpart engages within a relationship to yourself which is quite connected; and I will be asking you why this counterpart does not incorporate?

JO: Does not incorporate the group? His belief systems.

ELIAS: But you each possess belief systems!

JO: Yes; well, his belief system is a little different than mine. Not essentially, but ... essentially they’re the same. I don’t know! (Pause) Maybe he’s not ready yet. (Pause)

ELIAS: And what is your perception of your counterpart’s reception of your information?

JO: Very receptive, very trusting.

ELIAS: Then, I ask again!

JO: Actually, he was never invited.

ELIAS: Ah, this being more to the point! (Grinning)

JO: I missed that, didn’t I! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This counterpart, I will explain, may be quite helpful to you, and you also to it, in moving through issues of trust.

JO: I can see that.

ELIAS: You are wishing an essence name, correct?

JO: Correct.

ELIAS: For this essence, which is Topla. I will also express to you each that within each of your own focuses, and your own issues of trust, and your own challenges, you may focus quite easily upon each other, and you may see how each other may benefit better, as you think of this. I will also say to you that each of you incorporates what you listen to. Every individual moves to the point of acceptance of self through the method that is most acceptable to them. In this you may, in focusing upon your own issues of trust, view the issues of trust which this counterpart possesses, and you may each exchange these issues. Within yourself, accept the other’s issues. Experience the other’s lack of trust, in the area in which it is focused upon, and this may offer you information of moving through your own.

You may offer this exercise to your counterpart also, if it is wishing to be experimenting with this exercise openly and honestly. Many times, when you are focused so intensely upon yourself, you confuse yourself; for you incorporate negative elements which you view as being this, and you do not seem to be able to move past these elements. You allow yourselves to become “stuck” in them, as if you have glued your feet to a floor. In allowing yourself the opportunity, briefly, to experience, or to exercise your empathic ability, another individual’s experience, you remove yourself from your own challenges, briefly, to view your own challenges in a different way. This may be quite instructional if you allow yourself to be honestly viewing. You may also incorporate very helpful suggestions for your counterpart, in affecting their own challenges. (Pause, and then to Vicki) Are you wishing spelling?


ELIAS: T-O-P-L-A. My scribe. (Grinning) One day we will engage in a discussion of why Lawrence incorporates this writing so well, and why Lawrence disassociates himself with Christian religious focus so well.

CATHY: I have a question about the mirror meditation, and how I always seem to be able to see two of me in the mirror, but I haven’t been able to see another aspect of myself.

ELIAS: And what are you believing this other you is? (Laughter)

CATHY: Well, it is an aspect, but, I mean, it looks just like me! Nobody else sees anybody else that looks just like them in the mirror next to them. They see different aspects of different faces.

ELIAS: And are you believing that this one physical manifestation has only been created one time?

CATHY: No, but I mean ... it’s just the only thing I see!

ELIAS: I will express to you that if Elias were physically manifest, he would view one face very often within a mirror, for this being the expression that he has chosen very many times to manifest. Elizabeth, if viewing within a mirror, will view Elizabeth. So also does Shynla. You are not failing only because you have not viewed an extraterrestrial! (Laughter) Use your empathic sense while you are viewing. I have expressed to you, within this exercise of your mirror, that you are not only viewing. The purpose is to know. As to this moment, all you know is a visual perception. You know what you look like; you know nothing else. These images are equally as real, within their reality, as you are within this reality. They are not cardboard! They possess thought, emotion, careers, (grinning) families; but you know nothing of them. (Pause) Connect! Ask them!

Remember George, projecting out, did not become a flower on the wall, and interacted with others within their reality. You may also accomplish this. Be striving. I will be expecting to be viewing an aspect of your consciousness within our future sessions, be it physically manifest or not! (Grinning)

RON: I’d like to incorporate a question concerning our game.

ELIAS: Ah! Ron is actually incorporating telepathy, for Elias was about to initiate the game!

RON: Pardon me for interrupting.

ELIAS: Pardon me!

RON: Well, I just want to clarify a little conflict that I’m experiencing, about a certain category that I suggested, of spices. (Laughter) Elias told me that we should incorporate a dictionary for Ron. Well, trusting myself, I knew I didn’t need one; but I did, out of respect, incorporate a dictionary; and I found out, in fact, that spices are way different that herbs.

ELIAS: Very good; and are you still wishing to incorporate spices to a category?

RON: I’d love to!

ELIAS: Acknowledged.

RON: Thank you!

ELIAS: And were you actually believing that I was sitting in this place being challenged, and “hotly” standing my ground, that I have the answer? Incorrect! Very good for trusting your instincts, and listening and participating and connecting.

RON: I have to chastise myself a bit for not speaking up sooner!

ELIAS: Oh, but you had to check! (Laughter)

RON: Testing the water!

ELIAS: Very good; you and Michael both! (Grinning) Is it luke-warm now? Acceptable. (To Vicki) Mark this; spices. And you are wishing to incorporate a connection within this category that you have entered?

RON: Yes. I would like to connect the color of green with pepper. (This suggestion is obviously very irritating to Vicki)

ELIAS: A repellent! One point! (Laughter) You must ask Michael sometime of his dream interaction of the twins and their chatter, which is incessant! (More laughter)

RON: That’s why I would like to connect the essence of Elias with salt.

ELIAS: Ah! Very good! Two points! The two shaking together! (Elias demonstrates by pretending to shake salt and pepper shakers, and making shaking sounds) Ch ch ch ch ch ch!

VICKI: But they’re backwards!

ELIAS: They are always backwards! (Grinning) They are choosing to be backwards! Ah, the cross we essences must bear! (Oh, brother!) Be appreciating of Cyprus. She deals with only one. (Laughter, and a pause) And? (Pause) We have only Ron’s questions for the game?

VICKI: Oh, no. I shall ask Michael’s questions. He would like to connect, in the connecting essence’s category intersecting with the senses category, he would like to connect Ron and Elizabeth with the empathic sense.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And then he would like to connect, in the continent category, the essence of Marshuka with Australia.

ELIAS: One point. So, he has changed his focus! (Laughter)

VICKI: Well, if nobody else will go next, I will. I would like to suggest a new category this evening.

ELIAS: As Sophia is not in attendance!

CATHY: By proxy!

VICKI: The category of desire.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: I would like to connect, in that category, in the connecting essences category, I would like to connect Lawrence and Yarr with the desire of problem-solving! (Laughter)

ELIAS: One point! Unnecessary most of your time, but quite correct!

VICKI: And also in the connecting essence category, I would like to connect Michael and Lawrence, in the senses category, with the inner sense of conceptualization.

ELIAS: Correct. One point. And are you realizing that you are incorporating this sense more than you originally “thought?”


ELIAS: Very good! (Pause)

CATHY: I would like to connect the art of writing with Marshuka.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: And the name of Tile, pronounced tili, or maybe tile, spelled T-I-L-E, with Ordin.

ELIAS: Your spelling is correct. Now I will issue one point, and express this is (here, Elias pronounces this with the accent on the second syllable, similar to Tylee’)

CATHY: I knew it was that, but I didn’t come up with that way of saying it. Had to ask! (Pause)

JIM: I would like to connect the art of magic with Twylah.

ELIAS: (Grinning) I will ask you to be more specific, for your existence is magic; although you are on the correct path, so to speak.

JIM: (Laughing) Okay, I’ll look at that with the bee. I would like to connect the city of Katmandu with Twylah.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: And I’d like to connect the energy of water with Twylah.

ELIAS: (Laughing) Incorrect! Continue.

JIM: Also, my intent name, I’m still gonna work on that!

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: There’s still something there.

ELIAS: We would not be wishing this to be entered into your sites quite yet!

JIM: Yes! Correct! Don’t log it in!

JO: Okay, I’d like to connect the wood of mahogany with Mamandy.

ELIAS: One point.

JO: And, I’d like to connect the planet of Jupiter with Minerva.

ELIAS: One point. I will also be acknowledging of our site-maker, Rememberer, in your incorporation of placing objects into your sites, for this also being a remembrance.

RON: I knew that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Not yet, but you will! (Grinning) Are you wishing more questions? (Silent pause) Judging from this silence, I will be saying that you are not, and I will be departing. (To Cathy) Be working with your intent!

CATHY: Oh, I will!

ELIAS: Or we will be calling this essence “Non-existence!”

CATHY: Does that mean I get to be a speck on the wall?

ELIAS: You already are! (Pause) Therefore, you are dismissed! You bell has rung, and our class is over. Good evening! (Whoosh! Gone!)

Elias departs at 10:03 PM.

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