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Sunday, April 02, 2000

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“Trusting Other Individuals”

“Parent-Child Interaction”

“You Are Fellow Travelers”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Elaina-Joy (Soskia), and two new participants, Alya (Odette) and Deborah (Udaakyam). (Alya is 11 years old.)

Elias arrives at 11:19 AM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day! And we meet again!

ELAINA-JOY: Oh, we meet again, Elias!

ELIAS: Welcome! (Chuckling)

ALYA: Thank you.

ELIAS: And what shall we be discussing this day?

ELAINA-JOY: I’m gonna let my daughter start.

ELIAS: Very well.

ELAINA-JOY: (To Alya) Unless you’d rather not?

ALYA: (Giggling) Well, I have to think of a question.

ELAINA-JOY: Alright. You think, and I’ll ask one in the meantime.

As you might know, a lot of things have been happening. One of the questions I have – I’m almost timid to ask it – is, I really want to know more about my connection to Michael S. that is getting more and more interesting by the day, hour, and minute! My connection has always been intense, and he’s served many roles in my life in the last four years or so, and now we’ve launched up a level, and he is very much a teacher to me, and yet, I wouldn’t give him that role. That’s not exactly what I could possibly hand him as his role. Can you tell me anything about that? (Pause)

ELIAS: You are already aware that you share other focuses together, and this is influencing of your interaction with this individual presently in this focus. You also allow a recognition of a familiarity in energy. The reason that you are moving yourself into the expression of identifying this individual as a teacher is an association of roles within another focus.

I shall also be reminding you, in this shift, as you are widening your awareness, you may allow yourself to be remembering that no individual is your teacher.

You are fellow travelers, and you are sharing experiences and philosophies, ideas, emotions. But you are not learning from each other and you are not teaching each other, for as you do widen your awareness, you allow yourself the recognition that these terms now are obsolete. They merely reinforce the belief system of duplicity, in setting forth the idea and the association that any individual may be above another individual or below another individual.

Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of experiences or intellectual comprehension of ideas, none of you are manifesting within this physical dimension to be teaching or to be learning.

In this, as you allow yourself the exploration of the sharing with this individual, what you are allowing yourself is an opportunity to be objectively viewing, with more awareness, yourself and different qualities that you express and different behaviors that you express outwardly.

In interaction with other individuals that you deem to be close to you, you create an exchange that allows you to engage the other individual as a mirror. This offers you the opportunity to view self and familiarize yourself with self, for I shall express to you, all of you hold an objective and – for the most part – acute awareness of other individuals. You may look to other individuals and allow yourself a clarity in viewing what they are creating within their reality, how they are creating their reality, why they are creating their reality, but you do not afford yourselves the same awareness.

And as the point of this shift in consciousness is to be widening your awareness, therefore allowing you the ability objectively to create choices intentionally to be creating your reality in the fashion that you choose, you are also allowing yourself the viewing of self through the mirror action of other individuals.

This be the reason that you draw to yourself individuals that shall be compliant and shall offer you the “clear glass.” (Smiling)

ELAINA-JOY: If that is true, then I have a life where even when it didn’t seem to be going very well for me, I continually drew ... there’s a string of what I would call great people, amazing, unique, extremely individual people who have pursued their own understanding of reality, created their own systems, taught that, and yet would never write a book about it, would never go on tour about it. They just do it quietly, and they work with some people, and if they learn it they learn it, and if they don’t, they don’t.

Michael gives that work away. It’s not even something that he asks for an exchange for, and it’s only right now that he’s just asked me to make an exchange with him, after years, and....

ELIAS: Offer to me within this moment what you assess to be an impression of why you draw this individual to yourself and what they are offering to you in mirror action that you may be viewing within yourself and addressing to, and not merely this individual, but other individuals also.

ELAINA-JOY: If I see it as a mirror, it’s really scary. I’m looking at a huge and unique aspect of myself that would not be at all afraid to stand forth and do that and be that.

It doesn’t matter what the system is that they’re working with or their particular knowledge. It doesn’t even matter. The overall, looking at all those people ... and they’re very successful, all of them. They’re very successful in a material sense, not flamboyant ... well, some flamboyantly, but they’ve all made a mark. They’ve all impacted the world somehow. Large numbers of people have been impacted for the good, have gained enormously from their ability to stand forth their way.

And then I have experiences like in the last month, two different week-long experiences of absolutely not fitting in, of absolutely being almost ridiculously either naive and/or judgmental of other people. I could not possibly fit in, and it was terrifying to me.

So, I have these two things just totally juxtaposed, looking at me.

ELIAS: Identify the one quality that these other individuals express obviously objectively that you do not allow yourself to be expressing within yourself. Even these individuals present offer an example of this same action. One word.

ELAINA-JOY: Self-acceptance.

ELIAS: Trust.

ELAINA-JOY: Trust....

ELIAS: Acceptance and trust are two different actions.

Individuals that you draw yourself to and that you interact with express outwardly and project an energy of trust of themselves in their abilities.

ELAINA-JOY: Trust in themselves as opposed to self-acceptance, and I can see the difference, or I feel the difference.

ELIAS: You may be trusting of yourself and expressing trust of your abilities, and not be accepting of self. They are very different actions. But trust and the expression of trust in your abilities lends to a movement to begin an exploration of the expression of acceptance. It lends energy in validation and reinforcement to you, for trust is an objective, outward expression.

ELAINA-JOY: And yet, in those two weeks, especially in the second week when I went to Tennessee with Alya, I trusted. I generally didn’t ... it wasn’t about trusting myself. I trusted others. I trusted the situation; I trusted the general honesty of people. I was not cautious, and....

ELIAS: I shall stop you.


ELIAS: This is the expression of why you experience conflict. This is the identification of what you are creating within your reality that creates conflict, for you are turning your attention outward and you are expressing to yourself that you are trusting, and you are not.

You may express to yourself over and over that you are trusting in a situation or you are trusting in other individuals, and this expression is misplaced. It matters not that you express to yourself or to any other individual that you hold a trust in another individual or in a situation. It is unnecessary. What holds significance is that you trust yourself and in your abilities.

For as you turn your attention outward and you project that element of trust to other individuals or situations, in actuality what you are creating is an expression of camouflage. You are creating an expectation of other individuals. You are also reinforcing your own discounting of self, and you are setting into motion a probability to be creating disappointment.

For in the expectation, you are placing yourself in the role of victim, with the expectation that other individuals shall create your reality for you in the manner that you desire.

As you turn your attention to self, you assume responsibility for your creations. You move out of the role of victim, and in this action, you open yourself to new freedom in allowing yourself choice. In the role of victim, you deny yourself choice.

ELAINA-JOY: I felt as though I had no choice, and I know, of course, that there’s always choice, and yet in this social situation, where Alya would have been impacted had I just moved on my own desires....

It sounds so basic and silly, but I was locked into a car, I was locked into a room, and I was locked into agreements, and most of all, when I tried to stand and say,”This is not a good place to be. We need to all be somewhere else,” and I went ahead and found the somewhere else, didn’t just complain but presented that, I got such an absolute “no” from people!

I watched other people make the shift to be there and have it be okay, and I could never shake the feeling that it was a bad place to be, that the energy there was really remarkably icky. I....

ELIAS: Recognize [that] turning attention to self, for most individuals, in a genuine expression may be exceedingly difficult, for you are quite familiar with holding your attention outside of self and creating expectations.

Therefore, you are unfamiliar with your choices of behaviors and expressions. They are available to you, but you are unfamiliar with them. Therefore, you do not view them.

In this one scenario, let us view the difference of holding your attention within self and listening to self, and projecting your attention outward.

Your description of your scenario is that you are experiencing within your perception an oppressiveness, and in this oppressiveness, you choose to be – or wish to be – removing yourself from a physical location that you perceive to be expelling this oppressiveness.

Your attention moves in an automatic fashion from self to outside of self, and in this, you project a communication and an energy to other individuals in a struggle.

You are attempting to be acknowledging your perception, but you are moving into the familiar behaviors and expressions by projecting your energy outwardly, and your expression is, “WE need to move.”

Now; this projection of energy is not received by the other individuals, for their perception is different, and they are not experiencing what you are experiencing.

ELAINA-JOY: Which was a shock to me. I mean, it was a shock!

ELIAS: In your projection OUTSIDE of yourself, you are automatically discounting yourself. You are automatically projecting an expectation of other individuals, a judgment and an assessment that other individuals’ perceptions shall and should be the same as yours, and they are not. Each individual’s perception is as unique as your fingerprints.

In this, what you create is a disappointment and a feeling in emotional projection of not merely being discounted, in your perception, by other individuals, but discounting yourself also, and confining yourself, in which you feel trapped.

ELAINA-JOY: Accurate.

ELIAS: Now; in viewing this same scenario in relation to self and holding your attention within self, recognizing that your impressions, your emotions, your feelings, and your perception are entirely valid and ARE your reality ... they are not other individuals’ reality, but this is not an expression that they are any less real.

In the recognition of the reality of your perception and that it is not right or wrong, it merely is, holding your attention to self, you may be accepting of the choice of other individuals, recognizing that their perception is different and their reality is different, and also acknowledge your own reality.

This affords you choice, in reality. You hold the choice to be acting or not acting in relation to what you are perceiving.

You may remove yourself, if you are choosing, without judgment upon self or other individuals, without expectation of other individuals, and without the compliance of other individuals. It matters not. Each of you are creating your own choices.

Even small ones (smiling at Alya) are creating their own reality and their own choices, and although you perceive that small ones are requiring of great care, in your physical terms, this is the design of your reality through your societies and your belief systems.

In actuality, in this particular example, you held the ability to be removing yourself if you so choose, and this is not creating devastation in relation to other individuals or to the small one.

ELAINA-JOY: If I had taken her away to the other....

ELIAS: Why shall you take another individual away? We are not discussing other individuals. We are discussing YOUR choices and YOUR perception, and holding your attention with self.

Which, you choose to be interactive with other individuals, and as you are interactive with other individuals, if other individuals are choosing not to be receiving what you are projecting, you continue to hold choices as you hold your attention with self, not assuming personal responsibility for any other individual upon your planet, even a small one, EVEN what you identify as your daughter.

This is another individual, another essence, who creates her own reality! I may not emphasize this to any of you enough or strongly enough!

You express to yourselves and to each other that you BELIEVE you create your reality, but you do not. You believe that you create your reality in certain situations and sometimes, and you believe that you create the reality for other individuals and that other individuals create your reality, and you assume responsibility for each other. Your responsibility in this manifestation is held ONLY to you.

ELAINA-JOY: That’s a hard one to learn!

ELIAS: Quite!

ELAINA-JOY: It’s huge!

ELIAS: It is quite unfamiliar, and this is the point of this shift in consciousness. You are altering the entirety of your reality to offer you freedom.

In this, I shall express to you once again, as I have expressed previously with other individuals, you choose to become what you identify within your belief systems a parent. This role is an action. You are choosing, in agreement, to facilitate a physical entry of another essence to be manifesting within this physical dimension, period. Your responsibility to that individual ends at the moment of manifestation.

They are creating their reality, which is their responsibility. Your responsibility is that you create YOUR reality.

You do not create the reality for any other individual throughout this dimension, nor do they create yours. You do not dictate to another individual, and no other individual dictates to you UNLESS you allow them, and this is your choice.

(To Alya) You may speak. (Smiling)

ALYA: What if ... if you’re in like a mother/daughter situation, then don’t you like counter-create or something?

ELIAS: Co-create, in a manner of speaking, and yes, ideally and within the action of this shift, this be what you are creating, an agreement to be interactive with each other on a continuous basis for mutual benefit individually.

(To Elaina-Joy) Not that you are benefiting the small one.

(To Alya) Not that you are benefiting who you identify to be your mother.

But that you are each benefiting yourselves in the most efficient manner, and you choose in agreement to be traveling together and sharing together; not teaching each other, not learning from each other, not assuming responsibility for each other in your actions, in your behaviors, in your creation of your reality, and recognizing that each of you holds your own individual unique perception, your own individual unique expression of personality and qualities that you exhibit within this particular focus that no other focus throughout the entirety of this dimension, through time and space, exhibits, other than you, and afford each other, in your very physical terms, the appreciation and respect of those qualities and expressions, WITHOUT judgment and without assuming responsibility.

THIS is the action of the shift and THIS is the action of acceptance, of self and of each other.

(To Elaina-Joy) You do not singularly express this behavior of projecting energy in teaching or learning. These are mass belief systems. The energy projected within them is exceedingly strong and insidious.

(To Alya) You also teach and learn with your mother.

I express to you each, you may be eliminating much of the conflict that you experience between you ...

ALYA: How?

ELIAS: ... by holding your attention with self and not concerning yourselves with the response and the reaction of the other, for these are automatic actions. You are very familiar with your reality. You are moving very automatically in your expressions.

Let us present a hypothetical scenario.

You express to your daughter, “Tidy your room.” You are issuing an order, for you wish the room to be tidy. Therefore, you project the command to the small one, and you view this to be your responsibility in teaching responsibility to your daughter.

The response from the small one is, hypothetically, “No!” (Alya and Elaina-Joy crack up)

ALYA: Yes indeed!

ELIAS: “I wish not to be tidying my room. I am busy!” (Laughter)


ELIAS: Your response is frustration....

ELAINA-JOY: Right, and anger.

ELIAS: Quite, for your expectation is not met, and in this one action of interaction, not merely is your expectation not met, but within a moment, you have already moved yourself into the expression of many beliefs and many associations that place judgment upon self; not upon the response of the small one, but the judgment upon self that you are inadequate, that you are not accomplishing, that you are not serving your role in your responsibility as the parent.

You are not being offered the respect that you are deserving of as the parent, and therefore you are discounting and discounting and discounting of your worth, and this manifests in energy outwardly in anger.

Conversely, the small one expresses initially the expression of self: “No. I choose not to be engaging this action presently.” And within that moment, conflict arises, (to Alya) for you also experience a discounting of yourself. You become angry and frustrated, and you are already, in your very physical terms, learning – which you are not learning – to be questioning and discounting of your choices and of yourself. You are not compliant, you are angry, and you assess to yourself, the reason that you are angry is that you are not being heard – which is a devaluation of yourself – you are not being understood, and you are not being afforded your freedom, and this turns inward.

In the same manner that you turn inward, you also turn inward, and you express anger outward to each other. But inward, you express a devaluation of yourselves, and as you devaluate yourselves, you perpetuate this action of duplicity, and the automatic action which occurs is to be devaluing outwardly to other individuals, and you create a circle, and you continue upon this circle. You devalue yourself, you discount yourself, and you discount and devalue other individuals, and you continue and continue and continue.

The manner in which you break the circle is to stop and to express your attention to yourselves, and in this create your own choices, recognizing that you bear no responsibility to each other.

(To Elaina-Joy) If you wish – in this hypothetical scenario as the example – for the room to be tidy, this is your choice, and you may tidy it!

ELAINA-JOY: And I often do! (Laughing)

ELIAS: WITHOUT judgment, but recognizing that ...

ELAINA-JOY: That it’s my need.

ELIAS: ... this is your choice, and this is satisfying to your perception.

(To Alya) If you wish the room not to be tidy ...

ALYA: Mess it up! (Laughing)

ELIAS: ... you may merely be expressing, you choose not to be tidying the room, WITHOUT a projection of judgment and anger.

In this, you shall allow yourselves to be stopping within this circle.

Experiment in an exercise. Each time, for one week, that either of you experience a feeling within you, before it even is manifest as an emotion, but the feeling ... which you both hold an awareness of objectively. You identify as a “rise” or a “heat,” which is the prelude to the emotion of anger or frustration. EACH time that you are experiencing that rise inwardly within your feelings, STOP.

ALYA: Is this every single emotion we have, like joy or happiness, or just the frustration and anger?

ELIAS: The frustration and anger that create conflict.

ALYA: Okay.

ELIAS: We are addressing to the elimination of conflict, for neither of you wishes to be continuing in conflict.

BOTH: Right.

ELIAS: Each of you are uncomfortable in this conflict. Each of you wish to be discontinuing in this action. Therefore, each time you are experiencing the rise of the beginning of this conflict, agree now to stop, and you may express to each other, “I stop.”

ELAINA-JOY: That’s our favorite word, isn’t it?

ELIAS: (To Elaina-Joy) Not “YOU stop.” (To Alya) Not “YOU stop.” (To both) “I stop.”

Each of you agree, now, that you shall be compliant, recognizing this is the other individual’s perception. It is different from your own. This is a tremendous challenge!

ELAINA-JOY: No chuckles from the peanut gallery here. That wasn’t a chuckle. That was a....

ALYA: Sigh. That was a sigh.

ELIAS: These are tremendous challenges within your physical dimension presently.

I do not express figuratively, as I have offered many times, that the action of this shift is also incorporating trauma; not merely conflict, not merely drama, but in actuality, trauma. You are moving yourselves into an actual entirely new expression of reality.

You are recognizing that you hold belief systems. You are recognizing that these beliefs influence all that you create throughout your reality. You are recognizing that you hold a perception!

You may have created this word of“perception” and held a definition in physical terms for much time framework within this dimension, but now you are offering yourself the reality that you each hold a perception, and this is your most powerful tool in creating your reality. It does, in actuality, create ALL of your reality.

ELAINA-JOY: And you CAN shift perspective. Even when we were in Tennessee at that motel, if I moved into one of the other people’s perspectives, I had a different experience of that reality, but I was battling between my perspective and trying to look at the situation through their perspective....

ELIAS: For you are discounting of your OWN perception, and attempting to move yourself into the perception of another individual to justify – another dangerous term – to justify your action and your choice....

ELAINA-JOY: Of staying.

ELIAS: Correct, which is uncomfortable within you.

ELAINA-JOY: I wish I would have understood what I was perceiving. I mean, I guess I had the judgment that I perceived what others didn’t perceive, and that I was right and that they were wrong. I had that. I cop to it completely. But I couldn’t possibly imagine that they were not just shut down, that they couldn’t perceive, because it was so enormous. It was so huge! I couldn’t breathe. I wanted to run! It was so big, the icky energy there. It manifested all over the place. The children practiced their play outdoors, and boys spat on their heads from the stairs above and made noises and interfered, and still no one did anything! They stayed there!

I could perceive them energetically sort of surrounding the children, but they wouldn’t take action to back anything off. There was this placidity, and I hated it! I absolutely hated it, and I hated being there, and it ended up being a terrible disaster. (Crying)

ELIAS: For this is distressing and upsetting to YOU, within your perception. Within YOUR reality, this is offensive, and therefore, you are responding through your perception. Other individuals are not perceiving in the same manner, and therefore, it is not being received in offensiveness. Neither is wrong or right. They are merely different.

ELAINA-JOY: (Crying) But that frightens me! I don’t know where to put myself where it’s gonna be ... where other people see what I see, and it doesn’t feel crazy!

ELIAS: You are not experiencing lunacy, and other individuals need not see what you see!

ELAINA-JOY: (Still crying) Then how do I live? How can I be in a place I hate? How do I eat food I don’t want to eat? How do I go places I don’t want to go, and yet make available to her the things that are just normal and present for her? (Weeping)

ELIAS: Soskia!


ELIAS: Do you perceive that you are creating this great favor? (Pause) Do you assess objectively that you are being beneficial to your daughter? (Pause)

For you are creating physical actions that facilitate movement in relation to HER choices, and in this compliance, do you assess that you are being beneficial? Do you assess that you are being helpful? Do you view yourself as being noble, (emphatic pause) and this is the expression of love? It is not.

The expression of what you deem to be love is the acceptance of self, not that you be doing actions that you wish not to do, or participating in scenarios that you wish not to be participating in, or consuming any element that you wish not to be consuming.

Do not delude yourself or fool yourself in the objective thought process that you may be creating this overriding of your choices objectively, and that other individuals shall not perceive this and shall not receive the energy which is being projected anyway.

ELAINA-JOY: And resent it.

ELIAS: This is the choice of the individual. Some individuals may choose to be creating of that type of expression of resentment; some individuals may not. It matters not. The point is that they DO receive the energy. They ARE aware.

ELAINA-JOY: Totally. They were.

ELIAS: Therefore ...

ELAINA-JOY: They have various reactions back.

ELIAS: ... you are not creating what you identify as helpfulness ...

ELAINA-JOY: Right, or harmony, or anything else.

ELIAS: ... for yourself or for other individuals.

ELAINA-JOY: I still don’t see how I could have gotten out of there ... I don’t see how I could have gotten out of there! I can’t see!

I can’t see monetarily how I could have afforded it. I don’t see, when the car we were renting was at one place, how I could have gotten back and forth. I don’t see how I could ever have said to her, “Come on, we’re going to go stay at the other place.” I would have created a hardship for the woman who I was sharing a room with. I had agreements to pay half. I don’t quite get how I could have gotten out of being there!

So, I tried to be there and have it be okay, but it never was okay. It was never okay, and everything, like a domino set, all the cards, all the tiles went down, one by one by one, till by the end, it was a disaster, and I was so discounting of myself. I wanted to run and hide and never come out of my house again.

I know what I did. I see what I did with all of that, but I still don’t see the detail of exactly what I could have done, how I could have left and said,”Look, it’s okay. I need to be somewhere else,” and been there and not judged them, and had it been okay, she would have been SO angry at me, and I don’t know how I could have done it!

ELIAS: This is an assumption. (Staring at Elaina-Joy)


ELIAS: Which is also an automatic action within perception, that you create assumptions continuously concerning how other individuals shall perceive your actions and your behaviors. Many times they are not perceiving your behaviors and your actions in the way that YOU perceive they shall perceive them! (Chuckling)

In this, you begin at the beginning, in your terms. It is unnecessary for you to be continuing in analyzation of what you have already created. This merely perpetuates your discounting of self. It merely perpetuates and reinforces an expression of duplicity.

ELAINA-JOY: I wonder if I know what you mean by duplicity.

ELIAS: The right and the wrong of your reality.

In this, afford yourself the opportunity to be within the now. We have discussed this previously. In the now, recognize that you hold choices, and in those choices, begin now to be turning your attention to self. If you wish not to be participating in certain actions, do not participate. It is your choice.

Actions may be facilitated in many different manners. There are endless choices in every scenario, in every probability, in every action that you choose, but you merely allow yourselves to see either/or, black and white.

ALYA: Same thing.

ELIAS: Quite, and there are many, many, many, many colors between black and white, and there are countless choices between either/or.

ALYA: I have a question. How do I say this? How many lifetimes have I had on this earth, in this dimension of physical reality? (Pause)

ELIAS: 821. And I shall express to you, all of those 821, in their entirety, make up one lifetime, which is one participation in this physical dimension. They are 821 different focuses of attention, of which you are one.

ELAINA-JOY: And some of those could be happening ... well, they’re all happening simultaneously.

ELIAS: Correct.

ALYA: Past lives and future are all happening at the same time.

ELIAS: Correct. It all occurs simultaneously, yes.

ALYA: But if I’ve had 821, which makes up one ... do I choose which people I’m associated with in this lifetime?

ELIAS: Yes. Each individual that you encounter within ANY focus, you choose to encounter. You draw yourself to them, and you draw their energy to you.

The manner in which you draw them to you is that you project energy outward like a beacon, a great shining light, and within consciousness, all other essences and all focuses of essences see this light, and those that are moving in similar manner to yourself or hold similar qualities respond to your light, and once they are responding, you choose whether you shall interact with them or not.

You ALWAYS hold choice. In every moment, in every action, within everything you do, within everything you create, you are ALWAYS in a position of choice.

ELAINA-JOY: Including the issues that are up for looking at right now, having to do with attention, having to do with completion, or having to do with organization, with her?

ALYA: Mom....

ELAINA-JOY: That’s a question I meant to ask.

ALYA: I know, but is that all you’re really focusing on right now, my attention span?

ELAINA-JOY: Because right now, it looks to me like there’s an entire package of behaviors that all fall under one kind of category....


ELAINA-JOY: I don’t like that category. I don’t like the category of diagnosis, of Attention Deficit Disorder....

ELIAS: Now Elias shall express, stop!


ELIAS: View what you have created within this very moment!

We have created an agreement, and you have already moved into automatic responses – ha ha ha ha ha! – within a very few minutes! Ha ha ha ha ha! Very good at your accomplishments! Ha ha ha ha ha!

(To Elaina-Joy) You have projected outside of yourself in an expectation of your daughter, in an inquiry to myself couched in curiosity, holding your attention outside of yourself in judgment of behaviors, and concentrating your objective focus upon your daughter.

(To Alya) And your automatic response is to be viewing your mother and expressing exasperation; not expressing yourself, what YOU are experiencing, but inquiring of your mother, “Is this all you concentrate upon?”

Each of you, within one moment, have projected your attention away from yourselves and to the other individual in judgment and a lack of acceptance, and have couched it in conversation with myself. I shall not participate!

ELAINA-JOY: I don’t blame you!

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! (Much laughter)

(To Alya) And you may continue with your question.

(To Elaina-Joy) And you may focus your attention upon self, not another individual’s behavior!


ALYA: Okay, what was I asking? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

ALYA: I’ll ask a different question. Why do you like the color blue so much?

ELIAS: This translation of vibrational quality of energy identifies in your reality as the expression or color of blue. This particular vibrational quality, which is a truth within consciousness, is a quality that I, this essence, resonate with, and I hold a preference to this particular vibrational tone, which manifests within your identification as blue.

ELAINA-JOY: And a sound.

ELIAS: Yes. It also may be translated within a tone of sound.

ALYA: How would someone find out what color they resonate with?

ELIAS: Ah! Many individuals allow themselves to be exploring and identifying what we may term to be their signature color, which is the color that they identify with in their energy as a vibrational tone, and which is the base or underlying color of their individual energy field. Other colors are superimposed upon that base color as projected by your eight energy centers, but the base color is what you may term to be your signature color.

Now; you may be allowing yourself to acquire this information through viewing your own energy field. You may extend your hand and view your energy field surrounding your hand, not paying attention, so to speak, to the colors that are projected by your energy centers within your body, but looking through those colors to the underlying color.

You shall also recognize, for you also shall resonate with one particular tone of color, which shall be quite pleasing to you, shall be very comforting to you in your emotional expressions, and that you shall continuously draw yourself to.

ELAINA-JOY: Elias, I never see color. I always see shades of black and white, shades of gray; I always see energy in density, thickness, and in brightness to darkness. I never see color. I never ever have seen color, although I see plenty of the other. How do you switch to seeing color? I never see color!

ELIAS: (Grinning) And interestingly enough, this also moves quite in conjunction with all of our discussion this day, for as you allow yourself to be not occupying your attention so very much outside of self, and you turn your attention to self and afford yourself more trust of your ability in your expressions, and you allow yourself to relax – this is key! Relax, relax, relax! (Laughter)

ALYA: She needs to be told that more often, WAY more often!

ELIAS: And in this relaxation, you may allow yourself to view.

You express a quickness in your movement, an anticipation, a lack of relaxation, which in your terms may be translated into an impatience. In actuality, it IS an expression of impatience, for patience is not the action of waiting, but the action of allowance.

In this, all individuals initially view the light and dark within the viewing of an energy field.

Many individuals view the initial expression of an energy field visually as white with shadows, but as you allow yourself to relax, you may adjust your visual and incorporate the allowance – in the expression of patience (grinning) – and you shall view the colors. This white is the base color. In actuality, it is not white.

ELAINA-JOY: It’s all colors.

ELIAS: It is your signature color that is the base color underneath all of the other colors, and in allowing yourself to view physically, visually, the emergence of that white into a color, it shall manifest in your signature color.

ALYA: Why, before, did you call my mom Soskia?

ELIAS: This is the expression of tone which is the designation of what we term to be her essence name, just as I have expressed to you, the 821 focuses of attention of you are the entirety of your lifetime.

The entirety of ALL of your focuses of attention in ALL dimensions is the expression of your essence, and that essence holds what you may simply term as a signature tone also, and that tone translates into your language in this physical dimension as a word, and that is what we identify as an essence name.

The tone of this essence is translated into your language as Soskia. The tone of your essence, translated into your words, is Odette.

(To Deborah) The tone of your essence, within the translation of physical words, is Udaakyam. (yoo-dok’-ee-um) I shall spell for clarification: U-D-A-A-K-Y-A-M.

I shall accept one more inquiry, and we shall discontinue for this day. (Elaina-Joy and Alya start cracking up; it seems that they’re encouraging Deborah to ask a question.)

DEBORAH: I’ll do that another time.

ELIAS: Very well! (Chuckling)

ELAINA-JOY: I would like one more question, then. I feel as though I am ready and ripe for entering into a relationship with a mate or a partner, and I guess I have a lot of worry to even let myself be ready because I’m afraid that I won’t really be able to create that. I experience it as a conflict in creative energy, and therefore, it does not occur.

ELIAS: And so you shall not create it, for you project your energy as this same beacon, to not be drawing this to yourself.

My suggestion remains, that you practice turning your attention to self and allowing yourself a trust and an acceptance of self, and in this action, you shall radiate an energy that shall draw to you other individuals that you may choose to be entering into this action of a relationship with.

ELAINA-JOY: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

I express great affection to you all this day, and I offer to you each playful energy. All of your focus is not so very serious! (Laughter) Be of light-heartedness, and you shall eliminate many physical affectingnesses within yourselves! (Chuckling)

ELAINA-JOY: I can imagine!

ALYA: Tell those two that – I already know it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: In this, practice, and also incorporate FUN! (Chuckling)

ELAINA-JOY: I’ll try.

DEBORAH: I am a witness!

ELAINA-JOY: Yeah, I wonder if I even know what fun is. I honestly don’t believe I do.

ELIAS: Discover! Create an adventure of exploration to be discovering FUN!

ALYA: (Singing) Discover your imagination!

BOTH: (Singing) ... fascination, where everything is possible, and everything is possible, it’s all for you, imagination! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am appreciative of your serenade in my company!

I shall be expressing anticipation in our continued interaction. To you each, in genuine lovingness, au revoir.

ELAINA-JOY: Au revoir, Elias.

Elias departs at 12:39 PM.

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