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Thursday, March 30, 2000

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ďEnergy Surges/Physical BirthĒ

ďThe Tail of the MonsterĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).

Elias arrives at 4:31 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

DARYL: Hi! (Elias chuckles) So, I wanted to talk to you because things have been going pretty well, and I seem to have run into kind of a rough spot here. The fear that Iíve felt so much for most of my life has really decreased greatly, to the point where itís almost non-existent except for some stuff in dreams, but my waking reality is really different. Iíve moved through a lot of fear. I do still feel the energy entity within my body subjectively and objectively, and the physical effects of that.

Whatís happened recently is that a few weeks ago, I entered a very pleasant moving-into my new perception, my new angle of perception, where I really felt for the first time that I had a right to exist, and I also had a greater sense that I was creating my own reality. That lasted for a few days, and then I returned more to my familiar state, although still I wasnít experiencing fear, really. Then I started having difficulties with my throat, where I would kind of get stuff in it, and then I would start coughing, and then I would start choking, and then I would start having trouble breathing. That has been increasing over the last few weeks, and it takes place mostly at night, and Iíve been trying to figure out what that is drawing my attention to. I know that it probably has something to do with the energy entity, whatís left of that, because there seems to be an interaction, and I feel it also has to do with trust of self, and perhaps also this moving into the reality of creating my reality, rather than just having that as a concept. I would like you to help me understand whatís going on here.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you are accomplishing quite well in your impressions and your understanding objectively of what you are creating, for your assessments are quite correct in your identification of what you are incorporating in your experience.

Now that you are in actuality moving yourself into the objectification of an actual reality of NOT incorporating this fear in the intensity that you have created previously, and allowing yourself more of an expression of freedom, there is also a type of residual element of fear, which is creating certain manifestations in a type of restriction physically within your physical functions.

You are creating this in this particular time framework, in what you identify as your evening or night hours, more frequently, for there is an anticipation of entering sleep state.

DARYL: I have been having very vivid dreams.

ELIAS: Within your waking state, you have allowed yourself an element of security, so to speak.

In this, we have spoken previously of the birds of control and lack of control, if you are recalling, and in this concept, in a manner of speaking, your feeling or your identification of a lack of control in certain expressions is turning into an element of control that allows you a feeling of safety and security within your waking state.

Now; do not misunderstand. This is not bad, and this is not a wrong expression. It is merely a method that you have chosen to be offering yourself validation and the feeling of calm within your waking state, to be reinforcing yourself in allowing yourself the expression of acceptance and more trust within self. This offers you a useful tool to be engaging this element of fear that you have created, and in your physical terms, you have been quite successful in your addressing to this issue.

Now; within the night hours of your time framework is the association of restfulness and sleep time. There is also the recognition that engaging this action of sleep within this time framework automatically moves you into the realm of dream state.

Within you, there is an underlying suspicion of this dream state, for there is less of an association of security and control associated with the dream state and the sleep state than you identify with your waking state. There are some elements of your dream state that you view to be occurring or moving which may be outside of your control, for you do not afford yourself the same type of objective awareness in the dream state that you afford yourself in the waking state.

In this, you create an expression of familiarity in relation to the fear, and you create a physical response in anticipation of this sleep state and the possibility of actions that may be occurring that continue to incorporate elements of fear. The monsters still live within the dream state! (Chuckling)

DARYL: That Iím definitely aware of! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Now; I may express to you, first of all, this is also intensified greatly and influenced quite strongly by surges of energy which have been occurring within a limited time framework recently, in your terms. Within....

DARYL: Okay. Now, Michael and I were talking about that. Is that what weíve been experiencing for about the past three weeks or so?

ELIAS: Yes. This is the identification of the time framework, and what is occurring is another energy surge that you are all creating collectively throughout your globe, in a type of push to be offering another movement of insertion of this shift in consciousness.

You may liken these energy surges to the physical action of birth, and the contracting movements of the muscles of the body to be creating the push for the emergence of the physical element from the location of within to the location of without. This symbolically is quite similar to what you are collectively creating in the insertion of this shift into your objective reality.

Now; during the time frameworks of these surges of energy ... which may incorporate a time framework of what you term to be a few days, or they may incorporate a time framework that you identify as a few weeks, and dependent upon the intensity of the push of energy, you may even create these surges that may incorporate slightly lengthier time frameworks, but not to the point that they appear to be ongoing with no reprieve.

In this, whatever you are creating in relation to your own movement, your own issues, your own accomplishments, your own addressing to within your belief systems, your creativity Ė any expression that you are creating within your individual focus, and you are holding your attention with in your individual focus, shall also be affected and intensified.

Therefore, you may experience within one time framework or moment elation, and within the next moment, as you are creating a different probability or turning your attention to another area of your reality, you may experience an extreme in a different feeling, and also in the creation of the experience itself.

Now; in addressing to the situation that you are creating physically in relation to these surges of energy which are lending energy to the intensification of your constriction of breathing, I may suggest to you that you may offer to yourself an exercise in the evening as you begin experiencing or noticing that you are creating this action of constricting of your breath, and in this exercise, you may allow yourself to be focusing your attention upon your energy centers.

Focus your attention upon the central energy centers. It is unnecessary to focus upon the red or the indigo or the purple. Focus your attention on the central energy centers.

DARYL: What color would be associated with the central one?

ELIAS: The orange, the yellow, green, pink, blue.

DARYL: Okay, and....

ELIAS: Now....

DARYL: I havenít really worked much with the energy centers. Is the best way to do that to think of those colors, or ...?

ELIAS: You may visualize these particular energy centers as a sphere in their respective locations.

I shall express to you, the base energy center is the red. Above that energy center is the orange, which would be the base of the energy centers that you shall focus your attention on in this exercise. Above the orange is the yellow, above the yellow is the green, above the green is the pink, above the pink is the blue.

DARYL: And the blue, is that located in the throat?


DARYL: Okay, because thatís a definite area of constriction.

ELIAS: Correct. This would be, in physical location, the energies which are physically located between the areas of your throat and your lower abdomen.

In this, you may visualize each of these energy centers as a sphere in their respective colors, and as you allow yourself to visualize these energy centers, do not concentrate your attention upon your breathing.

I shall express this quite specifically. In difference to the beliefs that are expressed and held in metaphysics, which draw your attention to your breathing in many exercises, this is not helpful in what I am expressing to you.

What you are attempting to be accomplishing is physically affecting of the constriction of your breathing within these specific time frameworks, for this is creating conflict and an element of uncomfortableness, which becomes in your assessment unmanageable, and also lends to the reinforcement of the fear.

Therefore, my suggestion to you is to turn your attention from the element that reinforces the fear, and concentrate your objective attention in an action of relaxing Ė not your breathing, but relaxing your physical muscles within your physical body, for this shall automatically be affecting of your breathing.

As you allow yourself to be relaxing the tension from your physical body ... for this is an automatic response to the action of constricting breath, is to be tensing the physical muscles within your physical body. Therefore, in not concentrating upon your breath, concentrate your attention upon the tension within your physical muscles of your physical body and allow yourself to be relaxing of that tension, and also turn your attention to these energy centers, allowing yourself merely the action of visualizing a soothing color interplay.

It is unnecessary for you to be aligning these energy centers or attempting to be adjusting their movement or their rotation. This merely, in action, would also reinforce the tension, which is the expression of the fear. Therefore, do not concern yourself with alignment of your energy centers, but merely allow yourself, in relaxation, a visualization of a blending of these colors.

If you are so choosing, you may swirl these colors together in a type of circular motion which you may allow yourself to hold within your attention, and the movement of these colors together may be soothing to you and shall aid in the relaxation of your physical body, which shall automatically also be affecting of your physical action of breathing.

In this, before you allow yourself to be entering into your sleep state, offer yourself in relaxation a gentle reminder that there is no harmfulness which shall befall you as you engage your dream state, that your dream state is merely an interaction of your subjective and objective awarenesses. It is your opportunity for communication to self. It is not an action of threateningness, but an inward movement which provides you with the same safety that you are providing yourself with within your waking state.

You are not experiencing a lack of control within your dream state. It is unnecessary for you to be objectively manipulating your dream state; you shall not be out of control regardless. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: This may be helpful to you in the temporary affectingness of the extreme of physical action that you are incorporating within this time framework.

DARYL: Well, that would be nice if I could get a little relief from it, because it seems to just be building on itself. I also do have a sense that Iím accomplishing a lot in the dream state ... I remember some about it. But I have a sense that there is tremendous movement in there, but I guess I didnít realize how much it was scaring me.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, it matters not that you identify that you are creating movement that you may even assess as positive within your dream state. This is not discounting or eliminating of the reality that you also express in the element of fearfulness.

In this, I am not discounting of your movement and am acknowledging of the movement that you are creating objectively and subjectively, and I am aware that you also are acknowledging of yourself, which I am greatly encouraging of, in that you validate to yourself the movement that you have been and continue to create in your addressing to this particular issue, which has been expressed throughout your focus in tremendous strength. You have accomplished quite well, in your terms, and may be offering to yourself tremendous validation in your accomplishment.

I merely express to you not to be discounting yourself in discouragement that there may be some elements of fear that have not been addressed to yet, and also acknowledging to you that these elements are quite affecting and are quite real.

DARYL: Yeah, I guess because the fear has changed so dramatically in objective reality, I have been assuming that more of it is gone than is actually gone.

ELIAS: Ah! I am not expressing this! This is what I am expressing to you NOT to be expressing to yourself, in discounting yourself.

DARYL: Well, Iím not saying that in terms of discounting, I donít believe, but just kind of a misunderstanding of the situation.

ELIAS: It is not a misunderstanding. You HAVE accomplished, in your terms, great strides, and you HAVE moved through a tremendous expression of this creation of fear.

The element of fearfulness that remains, in your terms, is relatively small, in your vernacular, in comparison to the element that you have already addressed to. I am merely expressing to you that it is not entirely conquered as the monster, so to speak. Ha ha ha ha! A tail remains in movement, as the monster lies immobilized upon the ground! (They both laugh)

DARYL: So if this is partly being affected by the greater global thing thatís going on with the energy surge, can you tell me, is that something thatís going to last a lot longer? ĎCause Iím not used to these surges. I felt stuff last year, but this seems more defined.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And you are correct!

DARYL: Or the beginning point, at least; I donít know about an end.

ELIAS: You are correct, and in your terminology, not merely are YOU not ďused toĒ this type of energy surge, but neither are any other individuals that are experiencing this action, as they are allowing themselves the movement WITH this shift in consciousness.

I shall express to you, in actuality, this particular surge is already dissipating.

Now; this is not to say that you may not be collectively creating another surge quite rapidly, for in what you term to be likelihood, in the action of these pushes or surges to be inserting this shift into your objective reality, you shall be experiencing more of these types of energy expressions.

But as you familiarize yourself with these energy surges by allowing yourself to recognize the extremes, you also shall allow yourself to be interactive with them in less confusion and less conflict, for you shall adapt your energy to the energy that you are incorporating in your individual focus in relation to these collective surges.

This is the point of offering yourselves information, that you may objectively recognize what you are creating, what you are participating [within], the affectingness of what you are participating within, and thusly allowing yourself to be engaging different choices.

DARYL: Okay. Now, last year you talked about utilizing the vast amount of energy that was available for change, or whatever use we wanted to make of it. Is it possible to also use these energy surges, especially when one is aware of them, to kind of ride the wave of the energy towards changes that I want to accomplish, rather than just kind of getting battered around by them?

ELIAS: Quite! Yes, you may be allowing yourself to manipulate that energy to be objectively beneficial to you in your desires and to be accomplishing what you are addressing to. This is your choice, and if incorporating that action, you shall allow yourself more of an ease in your accomplishment, for you are assuming more of a push, so to speak, in energy, which allows for the ease in your expressions.

You may allow yourself to be manipulating energy merely in diverting the energy, that it is not creating confusion and conflict within your individual focus, or you may be choosing to be manipulating of that energy and configuring it in manners that are beneficial to you individually.

DARYL: Okay. Iíve had a sense within that I was trying to make some big change, but I think perhaps it was me sensing this surge, rather than me in particular being at a point of big change.

ELIAS: You also are, in your physical terms, changing, for the action of this shift in consciousness being inserted into the objective reality is created through the individuals.

Therefore, the manner in which it becomes inserted is that each individual is changing their individual reality.

Therefore, you are correct in your impression in both manners.

There is an identification of the whole, so to speak, in the collective movement, but there is also an identification of your individual creations and your individual movement, and the recognition, in a type of vagueness objectively, that you individually are emerging also.

DARYL: Okay. One of the areas where I feel that happening is kind of changing the perception of being a victim to the true perception that I create my own reality. Am I moving in that direction?

ELIAS: Quite!

DARYL: Okay. Maybe this is a typical pattern, but it seems like I kind of do this one step forward, two steps back or something, where I can feel a big shift in myself and changes in my perception, and then I go back to the way I was, or even, in this case, I feel like more extreme. Is that kind of a typical pattern of movement?

ELIAS: Yes, although I shall also offer to you an identification that what you view within your perception as one step forward and two steps backward in actuality is not, if you are allowing yourself to be genuinely assessing your movement.

You may be perceiving that you are offering yourself setbacks, but in actuality, were you to be creating that type of movement genuinely, you would be experiencing what you term to be twice the intensity of the fear creation that you had created previously, and you are not.

DARYL: No, I definitely am not.

ELIAS: Therefore, you are merely expressing this identification to yourself in an expression of anticipation and in a restlessness, for you assess your movement to be not rapid enough.

Therefore, in the moments that you are experiencing a lull in your movement or that you are not viewing the rapidness of your movement, you express to yourself that you are slipping backward, OR you may be incorporating some aspects of familiarity in behavior, which is quite common throughout your reality, for you DO magnate to the familiar. This is automatic.

But you are NOT moving yourself into the re-creation of what you had been creating previously in the experience of extreme conflict. You are not re-creating the element of fear in the intensity that you had created it previously throughout your focus. Therefore, you are not moving two steps backward, and I shall continue to be encouraging of you.

You are merely stepping sideways temporarily, allowing yourself a lessening of the intensity in rapidness of movement, that you do not overwhelm yourself and thrust yourself FORWARD, in your terms, into the fear, which you perceive to be the backward motion! Ha ha ha!

DARYL: Yeah, Ďcause I do know things are different, but this thing with the breathing has really kind of thrown me, in terms of whatís going on.

ELIAS: This is not a backward movement either. This continues to be movement in the addressing to this issue, and this continues to be an accomplishment, for you may not be moving through all of the elements of this issue of fearfulness if you are not presenting yourself with the identification of what it is. How may you do battle with the monster if you do not view the monster?

DARYL: Yeah.

ELIAS: Therefore, you flush it out into the light, so to speak, in which you may view it and assess its measurement, and choose which instrument you shall incorporate to lop off its head! (Chuckling, and Daryl laughs) Ha ha ha ha!

DARYL: Well, I thank you for the exercise, because I think that will really help me in going through this period.

ELIAS: Yes. I express to you that you may be offering yourself much helpfulness in the incorporation of this exercise.

At times, I say to you, it is not helpful to be heading on and facing the dragon. At times, it is more beneficial and more reinforcing to you to be allowing yourself a respite in which you may gather your forces and collect your strength, in a manner of speaking, in the terms of battle! (Chuckling)

Therefore, allow yourself your own reprieve, and merely incorporate the comfort and the ease of swirling colors that shall allow you a relaxation and a respite from the constriction and tension of your breath.

DARYL: Okay. Iíve also been experiencing a stiffness in my joints, on and off. Is that associating with this also?

ELIAS: Yes. This is your imagery that you are offering to yourself to be paying attention within your physical body, moving your attention from your breathing into other areas of your physical body, but drawing your attention to these areas of your physical body in a type of immobility; not creating a movement or an action, so to speak, but recognizing that it may be much more beneficial to you to hold in stillness and allow yourself not to be exercising or moving, so to speak, but rather to be relaxing in the energy, and therefore not reinforcing the tension. Are you understanding?

DARYL: Yeah. Okay. One thing Iíve also noticed thatís kind of an amazement to me is that Iíve had allergies my whole life, and at this time of the year, Iím supposed to be having them, and other people are having them, and I seem to be totally unaffected, which is really delightful to me! Itís like they just stopped completely! (Elias laughs) I feel that this is also related to my fear and my feelings about being in the world, and....

ELIAS: You are quite correct!

DARYL: And so I can just kind of say good-bye to them, huh?

ELIAS: Yes, for it is unnecessary for you to hold your attention in this creation any longer.

DARYL: Oh, that certainly is delightful!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

DARYL: Iíve experienced enough of that! (Laughing) I think I can do without any more. One thing I also wanted to ask you about is my signature color. I had wondered if itís a particular shade of blue that Iíve been quite drawn to.

ELIAS: Identify.

DARYL: The shade?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Itís hard for me. Itís ... would it help if I looked at it?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Shall it be helpful to you if you are looking at it?

DARYL: Yeah, Iíve got it in front of me. Iím looking at it now. (Elias laughs) But I donít know the name of it. I know itís close to whatís called French blue, but I donít know that thatís the name of this particular shade. (Short pause)

ELIAS: And I shall express to you, this is the incorporation of the vibrational quality of what may be identified as Ashley blue.

DARYL: Ashley blue?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Thatís a nice name! (Elias laughs) I used to have a bird named Ashley. I like that name.

ELIAS: It is quite close in quality to that which you identify as French blue, although the actual color of French blue is slightly darker in hue.

DARYL: Okay. Thank you for that. Iíve gotten the idea recently through my experiences that when I have a leak in my house with the plumbing, Iím experiencing some kind of a bleed-through action that Iím trying to call up to my attention. Is that generally correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Okay. One of the focuses that occurred with that, Iíd like to check with you on. I wonder if I have a German male focus who is a Nazi? (Pause)

ELIAS: Not quite, for the individual does not entirely associate with that particular political party in official capacity.

DARYL: So heís in the area, but heís not a member of the Nazi party?


DARYL: Okay, and I was wondering, how many focuses do I currently have at this time?

ELIAS: Within this time framework?

DARYL: Yeah. (Short pause)

ELIAS: Five.

DARYL: Five? Whoa! Thatís more than I was thinking of. And that includes me?


DARYL: Okay, and is one of those in Japan? (Short pause)


DARYL: Okay. Also, I received some information through somebody else, not myself. I wonder if I have a Roman focus named Daniel? (Pause)

ELIAS: You do participate in this time framework within another focus of essence. The physical name is not incorporated as Daniel.

DARYL: What was that, please?

ELIAS: This would not be the physical naming.

DARYL: Thatís not the name, okay.

ELIAS: But you are correct. You are participating in that particular time framework and location.

DARYL: Okay, in association with that time frame, I got the phrase, ďThe truth must be told.Ē Is there an association there?

ELIAS: You are merely offering to yourself imagery that allows you objectively to familiarize yourself with the personality and the direction of experiences of that particular focus.

This type of imagery that you are presenting yourself with is relevant to this focus merely in the expression that you are allowing yourself to be connecting with it, in a manner of speaking. It is not necessarily significant in symbology, so to speak, as associated with this particular focus, but it holds significance in allowing you to become familiar with the direction, so to speak, of the personality and the experiences of that individual within that focus.

This type of imagery, of this type of phrase, offers you information concerning the passion that is expressed within this individual, and the determination, in a manner of speaking, of their directedness in that particular focus.

DARYL: Okay, because I did get a sense of that when I got this phrase.

ELIAS: Now; how this is significant to you within THIS focus is that as you allow yourself to identify the direction and the intensity and the personality of that focus, you may also allow yourself to view why you choose to be allowing the bleed-through of that particular focus, for you hold several similar qualities in your directedness and determination in specific directions within your focus.

DARYL: Yes, I would definitely agree with that!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

DARYL: Okay. Well, our time is up. I thank you a lot for this information. I think it will really be helpful to me.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, and I shall continue to be encouraging of you and offering energy to your accomplishments.

I anticipate our meeting futurely. To you this day in tremendous affection and continued validation, I express au revoir.

DARYL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 5:30 PM.

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