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Wednesday, April 26, 2000

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ďThe Monster of Fear is YOUĒ

ďImpressions vs. ThoughtsĒ

ďMerging with FurnitureĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).

Elias arrives at 3:52 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

DARYL: Greetings.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah, such formality!

DARYL: (Laughing) Well, I wasnít intending that, but yeah!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

DARYL: I suspect you probably know what Iím interested in talking about, because Iím still having my breathing difficulty. Iíve been interacting with you a lot subjectively about this area, but I want to talk to you again objectively. I feel like if I understand more about whatís going on, then maybe it will help me go through this.

After I last talked to you, the breathing difficulties increased for a couple weeks, and then I had a couple days when they decreased, and then they increased again, for a little more than the past week. And now, in addition to having it at night, Iím having it most of the day every day, so itís become almost a 24-hour thing.

The first thing I want to ask you is, when Iíve been dealing with my fear of objective reality, Iíve felt like Iíve had a pretty good idea of what Iím dealing with in my fear of being killed by somebody, and that this fear stems from duplicity and lack of acceptance and trust of self. Also, the fear is not of simple disengagement and going on, but the fear of being annihilated and having no more consciousness.

When we last talked, you said I was suspicious of the dream state, and I wonder, am I dealing with the same kind of fear here? Are the same issues involved basically, except that Iím doing it in another area?

ELIAS: Let us approach this subject matter together.

Now; first, express to me what you have offered to yourself thus far in your own impressions concerning what you are creating and what you are participating within in this situation.

DARYL: Okay. Part of it is what I just said about duplicity, Ďcause I have offered myself more information about my duplicity and my lack of acceptance.

I also had an incident over the weekend where I really felt the entity, kind of this thing pressing down on me, and I realized that the constraints that Iíve been putting on my breathing have the same effect on my life as my fear does. I feel constrained, I restrict my movement, and I end up staying in one place and essentially losing my freedom.

Thereís another issue that came up last week that I know I found upsetting. Iím not sure if Iím reading the information right, but I have this concern that Iím dealing with the issue of disengagement, possibly with the idea that after I get done with this process of moving through my fear, Iím done here and Iím gonna be leaving.

So, thatís pretty much what Iíve been thinking about.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; allow yourself, with me, to identify and recognize the difference between your impressions and the information that you offer to yourself through impressions, and the information that you offer to yourself within your thoughts as they are influenced by beliefs and issues.

In this, you offer yourself impressions, which you translate into your objective language Ė into your thoughts Ė and offer yourself information concerning duplicity and also concerning fear.

But you also offer yourself information through thoughts and confuse these with impressions. You identify ALL of the thoughts as the translations of impressions, but they are not.

First of all, we shall look to the identification of the difference of the influence of the issues and beliefs themselves in the creation of the thoughts and the feelings, and the communication that you offer to yourself in impressions and THAT information, how it is translated into thoughts, for there IS a difference.

In this, the impressions are accurately offering you information to be moving you in conjunction with your intention in your movement, and offering you a communication which opens a line, so to speak, of trust within self and an avenue to be creating choices.

Whereas, the communication of thoughts that is influenced by the beliefs and the issue restricts the choices and compounds the fear. It reinforces the fear.

Now; in this, you have identified that you are offering yourself some information in your impressions concerning duplicity, the expressions of duplicity, the identification of a lack of trust concerning the dream state and the element of a lack of control, and the translation into an objective waking state in the creation of constriction.

Now; in this, the reason that you offer yourself the impressions concerning duplicity is that you may allow yourself more of an understanding of what you are creating and what is influencing those creations in your belief systems. It is offering you the opportunity to examine your perception and what you are creating.

The thoughts that you engage concerning disengagement are directly related to the issue itself. This is another expression of the monster or the dragon rearing its head once again and puffing another flame in your direction, expressing to you, ďAh! So, you intend to defeat me with the sword, and I shall move around and flank you with the fire, and I shall incorporate the element of surprise in a new expression that shall thwart your efforts.Ē

For you are thrusting much energy in the dissipation of this fear, and the accomplishment of moving through this fear, and moving to what you visualize as the other side of this fear.

And now the dragon moves to the side and expresses, ďAha! Well, I shall offer you a surprise upon the other side, and now the other side shall be, once you accomplish, you shall die, for you shall hold no more reason for engagement within this dimension, for you have accomplished your life-long goal.Ē (Chuckling) Quite crafty, this creature!

DARYL: It works pretty well! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

DARYL: And it happened right after I was beginning to think, ďI can do this.Ē Things had calmed down, and I was beginning to feel more confident, and then BAM, things were happening again.

ELIAS: Now; let us also incorporate discussion in remembering what I have been expressing, in that much energy is ensuing en masse. There is a tremendous thrust in energy collectively which is occurring in relation to this shift in consciousness and its insertion into your objective reality.

Be aware, this is not an action that is merely occurring outside of you in mass events or in mass expressions or in collective creations. This is affecting of EVERY individual, and it is affecting in whatever each individual engages personally.

Therefore, YOU are engaging this monster of fear, and you are raging the battle with this particular expression. In this battle, you are gaining ground, so to speak, but the battle rages with yourself, not with an outside element.

Therefore, recognize that in the surges of energy which are occurring in the collective expression, you are an element of that collective. You are not divorced from it. Therefore, that energy you allow to be applied to your own expressions, which intensify your own creations and your own movement.

And in this battle which you wage with yourself Ė for the creature is another aspect of you. Although you hold in your objective movement great power, this monster of fear is also another element of YOU. Therefore, it also holds an expression of power, for the intensity that you express, you also express in intensity back to yourself.

This is the communication that you have offered to yourself in impression concerning duplicity. You are offering to yourself information that ALL of this movement is you.

It is not some element outside of you that you are battling. Therefore, the strength that you hold is all of you. What you express in strength in one direction expresses in strength in similar measure in another direction, and THIS is the importance of acceptance.

To this point, you and I have been engaged in discussion in the waging of the battle, and this has been quite purposeful, for initially it has been necessary, for your objective validation and a reinforcement of your trust of yourself objectively, that you be engaged in this battle and waging this war against the foe.

Now; you have allowed yourself the battleground. You have also allowed yourself the victories. You have allowed yourself to view your abilities. You have allowed yourself to reinforce your trust. You have allowed yourself to view your strength.

NOW you may move in that strength into the expression of acceptance, in the laying down of arms and the recognition that as intensely as you fight upon one side, figuratively speaking, you also fight intensely upon the other side, and the battle shall continue to rage until you choose to be discontinuing.

The battle rages in the expression of the duplicity, and you viewing yourself as separate entities Ė yourself and the fear as separate entities. In actuality, they are one. They are all you. They are all your expression and your creation, and are meshed together in an inseparable manner.

Therefore, what shall eliminate the expression of the fear is the acceptance of you, that this is merely a choice of creation of experience which you have created. It holds no power other than what you afford to it, and you hold the ability and the power to create choices in whichever direction you wish.

In this, you offer to yourself the validation of ALL of yourself.

In this time framework, what you are inquiring of me is, ďHow may I address to this creation of constricting my breathing? It is immobilizing me physically, and in my objective waking reality, it is creating a situation which is uncomfortable. I am not appreciating of this particular creation, and wish to be discontinuing of this creation. I wish not to be continuing in incorporating fear, and I wish not to be translating any element of fear into other types of creations, physically or otherwise.Ē Correct?

DARYL: Yeah....

ELIAS: You wish to offer yourself a solution to be discontinuing the creations that you are creating, correct?

DARYL: Yeah. I would like to think that Iím accepting it, but I know Iím not. Iím struggling with it....

ELIAS: Struggle is not acceptance.

DARYL: Yeah.

ELIAS: Fighting is not acceptance.

DARYL: No, itís not.

ELIAS: Now; do not misunderstand. As I have stated, the fighting has been purposeful and beneficial, for it has offered you a reinforcement and an avenue in which you have allowed yourself to view Ė and become aware of objectively Ė your own ability to trust. Therefore, it has been quite purposeful and beneficial to you.

Now, in your physical terms, you may allow yourself to move beyond that expression.

I expressed to you previously to relax. Are you remembering?

DARYL: Yes, I am. Iíve been doing the energy center exercise, and starting last week, I started feeling activity, first in green, and then pink, and now yellow some of the time. It feels like there is something changing in those, and I continue to do the exercise when Iím getting more restricted.

ELIAS: Also be remembering to be incorporating an actual relaxation Ė relaxation of physical and relaxation in the tension of energy, relaxing your thoughts, relaxing your physical expression of your physical body.

You shall not be incorporating the fight and relaxing simultaneously. These expressions are inconsistent with each other, and therefore you shall not incorporate them both together.

In this, if you are allowing yourself to be relaxing, you also shall dissipate the fight, and the fight is exhibiting itself in the constriction of your breathing.

You may also incorporate, from time to time, if you are choosing, another exercise which you may view to be fun!

In this, you may allow yourself a momentary mergence with an object such as a chair, a sofa, even a bed; any of these types of furniture. Allow yourself to be sitting or lying upon, and allow yourself to merge Ė to melt physically, in a manner of speaking Ė into the physical object. This action requires relaxation.

In this action, you allow yourself to discontinue the constriction and the struggle, for in the accomplishment of this exercise, you must require yourself to be relaxing to a point in which you allow yourself to dissipate your thought process and to dissipate your concentration upon your physical body.

And in this, you may allow yourself the expression of fun, and in that fun, you may also allow yourself to view how you hold the ability to turn your attention away from your physical body and its functioning, or its constriction of function.

The chair, the bed, the sofa does not breathe in the manner that you breathe. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be breathing! (Chuckling) Although you shall, in automatic action, but you shall not be concentrating upon the action of breathing.

Let me express to you quite strongly, you ARE concentrating upon your breath, and this be the reason that it continues to be constricted, regardless of your thoughts.

Thoughts are not necessarily concentration. Therefore, regardless of whether you are thinking of your breathing or not, your concentration is being held quite strongly upon the action of your breathing and your blue energy center.

DARYL: Yeah, I had the feeling that that was going on, that Iím concentrating on it more than I was before, even.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Now; you are also concentrating upon this more, for you have offered yourself thought processes in relation to the issue of fear and the influence of it, as you allow it to flank you and offer you the expression and the suggestion that once you have conquered this issue, so to speak, as the warrior, you shall no longer hold a reason for continuation within this physical dimension, which invokes another fear!

DARYL: Yes, it does.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Therefore, you are offering yourself many examples, and in this, the examples are expressing to you your abilities and your choices.

You are allowing yourself to be creating expressions that allow you the opportunity to differentiate your impressions from your thought processes, your trust from your fear, your relaxation in genuineness from your continuation of concentration and battling.

If you are recalling, I have expressed to you: in the expression of the suggestion to be relaxing, I was not merely expressing physical relaxing, but also relaxing of your energy, which incorporates your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. (15-second pause)

DARYL: If Iím trying to do an activity and Iím having trouble with the constriction, which has happened lately, is it most effective to try to push through the activity, or stop momentarily? Itís hard a lot of times to relax physically, plus do a physical activity, such as vacuuming.

ELIAS: Quite. Now; I shall express to you the suggestion that you allow yourself a stop-point. Why shall you continue to push within your energy and yourself, as this merely exacerbates what you are creating?

DARYL: Iím not clear on what you mean by stop-point. Does that mean just stop doing the activity completely, or stop momentarily, or ...?

ELIAS: Stop momentarily within your activity. Acknowledge your constriction. Allow yourself to turn your attention, and allow yourself to relax.

Examine with me now. Let us view this very activity that you have offered. You are creating this chore; you are vacuuming. You are home, and you are experiencing this constriction within your breath, and you continue to be creating this action of vacuuming, and this constriction continues and may even increase.

And what else are you creating in that action and in those moments?

You are creating frustration, and you are creating a feeling of more tension, and you are experiencing an emotion of exasperation.

You are also creating a judgment upon self, discounting yourself and your abilities, for you are assessing within yourself the frustration that you do not hold the ability to be altering this expression immediately and banishing it from your physical existence.

DARYL: And then I feel like Iím losing.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the expression of the duplicity that you have offered to yourself in your impression, to bring your attention to the interaction of the expression of the duplicity.

Therefore, I express to you, stop the physical action that you incorporate. Stop the action of the vacuuming.

Allow yourself to turn your attention, as opposed to continuing in the action and also creating the allowance for the expression of duplicity, the continuation of the restriction of physical breath, the intensification of the tension of your energy, the emotion of frustration and irritation.

Create a turn in your attention, and allow yourself to stop and relax. Turn your attention. Allow yourself to melt into a chair! Ha ha ha ha!

Your chore shall be accomplished eventually, for you shall accomplish it. It matters not. Is it essential to your existence? Are you....

DARYL: I have a lot of rules about stuff, you know? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! And are you creating what you may term to be harmfulness to yourself in the rigidity of your rules? And view the term of rigidity, which is incomparable with relaxing! (Chuckling)

This is my suggestion, that you allow yourself to become flexible, bendable, not rigid. Allow yourself to be mobile, and in that mobility objectively, allow yourself permission to turn your attention momentarily.

You shall, as I have stated, continue your task eventually, for this IS the expression of your family [of Sumafi], is it not? (Chuckling)

DARYL: Thatís true! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Therefore, you shall continue in these types of expressions. You shall continue in some expressions of your rigidness, for this is the expression of your family intent in some areas.

But this expression needs not be harmful to yourself. It also needs not be what you may term physically as counterproductive to your movement presently within the issue that you address to. (Pause)

DARYL: Okay. (Sighing) It seems to me that in a large sense, this is a metaphor for acceptance versus struggle, in relation to self.

ELIAS: You are correct.

DARYL: So in a way, Iím learning about how to accept instead of struggle.

ELIAS: You are correct.

DARYL: Youíd think it would be easier! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I shall express to you, those elements of your reality which incorporate the most simplicity are the most difficult for your accomplishment. (Pause, and Daryl sighs)

You have created a reality quite well in which you have incorporated this separation and these expressions of duplicity, and duplicity is contrary to acceptance.

DARYL: When I was recognizing duplicity the other day, it was just so clear to me that I was judging myself for not being X, when it was even clear to me that I didnít want to be X. It was just that that was what society thought. That was within mass beliefs, and it just seems, I donít know ... all this energy going into trashing myself for not being something that I donít want to be in the first place.

ELIAS: This also moves much in relation to your orientation, but I wish not to be overwhelming you with many, many different expressions and directions presently, and therefore we continue in one expression which is the most affecting within your reality presently.

Although I shall express to you also, this expression of your orientation in this focus is influencing and couples itself with ALL of these expressions that you are addressing to presently: the fear, the duplicity, inadequacy, lack of trust, lack of acceptance, lack of acknowledgment of your abilities and your choices. These are all reinforced by your lack of acceptance of self IN your individual orientation, for it does not fit within the expression of the mass, which is the common.

DARYL: So thatís more reason I feel that so strongly, that drive to be something that I donít want to be, essentially.


DARYL: Okay. Iím also kind of curious why I chose the imagery of breathing in this, because in regard to especially my objective fear of death, itís very strongly tied in with the idea of being choked. Is that why Iím experiencing the breathing problems now, is because thatís such affecting imagery for me?

ELIAS: Partially, yes. Partially also, you choose to be affecting in this particular physical expression, for it incorporates interaction with what you identify to be air, which surrounds you.

DARYL: Okay....

ELIAS: It is all-encompassing physically. In your terms physically, the air is everywhere. It is inescapable.

DARYL: Yes, it is! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Just like my fear, perhaps?

ELIAS: (Laughing) Very good!

DARYL: Another thing thatís been coming up in my dreams is, Iíve been having dreams about getting involved with someone. Iíve also created someone I havenít met yet, but that Iím communicating with. Am I also dealing with fears about dropping the way Iíve been doing things for so long, and actually opening myself up to interaction?

ELIAS: Partially, and this moves in relation to the wave and the belief system of sexuality.

DARYL: Okay, so itís a couple of things. Iíve also, in conjunction with this, been having a lot of what you could call headache pain and pain in my eyes, which is all in that same area of my energy, in the blockage. Is that all connected with this also?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this particular expression of painfulness that you are incorporating Ė in that which you identify as headache which is also affecting of your eye Ė is only partially related, so to speak, to all that we have been discussing.

This also is an action that you are incorporating in relation to these energy surges that are occurring in consciousness, and in which you are responding in an overwhelming manner.

Now; this partially also is intensified by your orientation in this focus. What I am expressing to you is that in the design of this particular orientation [of soft], in the action of subjective and objective, inward and outward movement of energy and expression, you interact with these energy surges in consciousness differently than an individual may interact holding a different orientation.

And in this, although it is the choice of each individual in how you shall incorporate interaction with any expression of energy, I may express to you that this particular type of expression, in headaches and even the incorporation of affectingness within vision or eyes, is more widely expressed in conjunction to energy surges within individuals in this particular orientation.

This is not to say that you may not be creating another expression if you are so choosing, but as this is a widely expressed creation in this particular orientation, that also lends an ease to its incorporation within any individual.

DARYL: Okay. Now, when that is occurring, is that a sign that thereís a surge at that moment? Is there a way I can use that to gain information about when the surges are occurring or starting or dissipating?

ELIAS: It is an indication to you that you are tapping into that energy objectively more than you allow yourself in other moments. It is also an indication objectively to you, that you may identify there may be a stronger element or movement in the surge in those moments.

You may be experiencing this physical action of headache in a type of ongoing expression, although it may not be ongoing/consistent without interruption. It may be continuing in the manner that it is repeated many times within a brief time framework.

In a manner of speaking, you may create several headaches Ė or be incorporating several headaches Ė within a few days, so to speak, or it may be a longer time framework, in your terms. In this, you are allowing yourself to be responsive objectively to these surges.

As to your ability to be tapping into any type of information, merely recognize that this IS an energy surge, and in that, you are responding to that energy surge, and therefore you may allow yourself the recognition that within that time framework, you also may avail yourself of more of an intensity of energy to be accomplishing actions in whatever you are addressing to within that time framework.

DARYL: Okay. So, I could objectively attempt to turn that energy towards being more accepting or accomplishing more in the area of acceptance.

ELIAS: Yes, for in that time framework, which there are many of presently, you may incorporate that energy in the noticing and in your objective awareness, and you may turn that energy and manipulate that energy to be beneficial to yourself in all that you are creating Ė in your awareness of acceptance, of trust, of dissipating within the fear, even within your experimentation of relaxation.

DARYL: Okay, Ďcause I have been having that happen a lot. Iím not sure for exactly how long, but I know in the past week or so, Iíve really noticed it a lot.

I have one other thing, and I wanted to find out if itís related. One of my birds has been pulling her new feathers out, not to a large degree, but enough for me to notice, and I wondered if thatís also somehow a reflection of whatís going on within me. (Pause)

ELIAS: This is a response to your energy and what you are projecting and the energy which is deposited within your actual physical space arrangement. It is a responsiveness, in like expression, to frustration.

DARYL: Okay, I thought that was going on, Ďcause itís been occurring during the same physical time period, pretty much.

Well, weíre out of time. I do want to thank you for being there for me subjectively, because thatís been very helpful.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I shall continue to be so with you, and I shall continue to be expressing energy and encouragement to you, as always.

DARYL: Okay, and Iím going to try to stop fighting!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And I shall be encouraging of you in this! I shall also offer you, in your terms, little nudges in energy to be reminding you to be melting rather than fighting! Ha ha ha ha!

DARYL: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: And perhaps we shall melt together! (Chuckling)

DARYL: Okay!

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you tremendous affection, and I shall continue in my energy expression with you. In anticipation of our continued meeting, I offer to you lovingly, au revoir.

DARYL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:54 PM.

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