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Friday, April 28, 2000

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“The Sumafi Hamster Wheel”

“Redefining Natural State”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 9:54 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JIM: Good morning, Elias! Thank you for stopping by on such short notice.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JIM: As Michael and I were talking here previously, I’m sure you’re aware of the situations that seem to be involving us both, with this frustration and feeling of helplessness. Mine in particular, as you know, is with my ponies. I have my foot stuck in the hamster wheel! (Laughing) This one in particular, April, right now I’m experiencing her apparent illness, and I was wondering if you could give me some insight as to her and my expressions and this wave that is affecting of myself and Michael, and she knows of other people as well.

ELIAS: I shall respond to your creations, your participations, your situations, and I shall offer you information which shall be what you may term to be an answer to your question, but not in the manner of a direct answer to your question concerning this one creature. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes. Yes, I have a feeling where you’re going with this.

ELIAS: For the answer is wider than the one situation. The one situation is merely an element of imagery that you are presenting to yourself in relation to the creation and the movement which is occurring.

In this, the involvement or the participation that you engage with this creature is similar to other participations that you have engaged with other creatures, and we have established in understanding already that this type of imagery is what you present to yourself as a method of gaining your attention in whatever you individually are choosing to be addressing to.

Now; let me also explain to you, in relation to your essence family, belonging to the essence family of Sumafi, each individual physically focused that is belonging to the essence family of Sumafi moves in similar type of expression.

I wish to offer this element of information to you first, that you may allow yourself some understanding of why you continue to be creating participation in a particular type of imagery that appears to you to be quite repetitive, and IS in actuality repetitive.

The Sumafi family, within the qualities of expression and the intent of that family, creates a translation into physical movement within your physical dimension which appears in a type of rigidity and repetitiveness.

In the intent of that particular family, this serves to be a beneficial quality, but within the translation of physical actions, the individuals belonging to this family at different points may be experiencing frustration and exasperation within their participation of events or their own individual creations.

And in that exasperation and frustration, there is an automatic reinforcement of expressions of duplicity, for there is an automatic movement in thought process of discounting of self in the expression that you offer to yourself in identification.

“I am repeating and repeating and repeating the same imagery, the same creations, and I am not moving beyond these creations. If I were creating adequate movement within my ‘growth,’ I would be creating different imagery.”

Now; let me express to you, this is incorrect within the design of the energy and the qualities of this particular essence family, for this particular essence family moves within an expression of energy which IS repetitive, which DOES create a type of rigidity, in that you continue to draw yourself to situations and creations, and you continue to create, within your own imagery and situations, the same type of expressions over and over and over.

The beneficial aspect of this is that you do not distract yourself with outside imagery in each choice of direction to be addressing to any belief or issue that you are turning your attention to.

You do not distract yourself with the imagery itself, for the imagery becomes mundane and familiar, which allows you to turn your attention to the issue, the movement, the beliefs, the participation, the behaviors, the expressions that you are participating within or creating yourself. The imagery itself becomes secondary.

Therefore, it is purposeful and beneficial, within the intent and the movement of energy of this particular essence family, that you DO participate in repetitive actions and creations, but you also are not immune to the tremendous influence of duplicity which has been incorporated into your physical reality.

And therefore, as you continue throughout your focus to be creating these repetitive actions and participations, at points, as you avail yourself of information, you look to the actions that you participate within and you express the element of duplicity in discounting yourself, in the assessment that you are not moving efficiently and that you are not growing....

JIM: I’m sorry – what?

ELIAS: That you are not growing and you are not moving forward, for you continue to be creating similar imagery.

Now; that being stated, we shall move into discussion of what you are creating presently and what you are participating in presently, knowing that the imagery you present yourself with is the same or similar as you continue to create continuously throughout your focus.

In this, within this time framework, you and many other individuals are beginning to be objectively noticing an intensity in certain differences of expressions and creations and participations with situations, circumstances, and other individuals.

And in your assessment, you define that you are moving backwards, and the reason you define that you are moving backwards is that you are experiencing frustration and a very clear, objective recognition of the intensity of the influence of duplicity.

First of all, let me express to you, the wave in the expression addressing to the belief system of sexuality is beginning to ebb. Therefore, there is an allowance for the beginning of another belief system to be overlapping in another wave.

In this time framework – as I have been expressing to you all from the onset of your new millennium – you are now inserting this shift, collectively and intensely individually, into your objective, officially accepted reality.

I have likened this action to a birth, for it is an emergence from one area of consciousness to another area of consciousness in your reality. Therefore, in the definition of emergence, it may be quite likened to a birth, and the symptoms of this birth mirror quite immaculately the symptoms that you physically create in the action of a birth, dependent upon your beliefs and your alignment with those beliefs.

In this, some individuals choose to be allowing a smoothness of insertion of this shift; an emergence, a birth without pain. Some choose to be – in conjunction with their belief systems – creating this birth process with an incorporation of painfulness.

I have been stating for five of your physical linear years in time framework that this shift in consciousness IS and DOES and SHALL BE incorporating trauma. This is literal and is occurring, and no individual upon your planet is exempt from the possibility of their own creation of their own expression of trauma in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Now; in that, as you move into the insertion and the birth individually of this shift in consciousness ... which is, although very much a collective expression, also a very personal and individual creation and expression.

And in that individual expression, as you create your individual birth process in relation to the waves in consciousness that you participate within, you now move into the objective recognition of the expression and the interweaving of duplicity in all that you create.

You have allowed yourselves enough information to this point – as to the identification and definition of duplicity – that now, within the insertion of this shift individually, you also collectively create another wave in consciousness overlapping the wave of sexuality, in which you now begin addressing to and identifying the tremendous affectingness of the different aspects of duplicity in your individual reality.

In this, you feel as though you are moving backwards, or you are stuck, or you are creating a standstill, so to speak, in your movement. You discount yourselves. You create frustration. You create exasperation. You DO place yourselves upon these hamster wheels in your discounting of yourselves, and you continue to be discounting of yourselves.

And I shall express to you, in each wave, different families respond differently. Each family shall respond to each addressment of each belief system in a manner of intensity as it correlates with the intent or creates friction with the intent of that particular family.

Belonging to the family of Sumafi, those individuals shall be experiencing the intensity of the friction of the engagement and addressing to the belief system of duplicity in a different manner than individuals not belonging to the family of Sumafi.

This particular belief system creates a tremendous friction in the expression of the intent of the Sumafi family, for as you DO create in a rigid manner, so to speak, and as you DO create your reality in a repetitive manner, there is a tremendous allowance for the expression of discounting of self, as you compare and measure your movement to the movement within the expressions of other families.

In this, there is an immense window which opens concerning your methods and your designs of creation, in which you assess within yourself that you are not moving fast enough. You are not moving efficiently enough. You hold information, and you are not applying it enough. You are not creating many movements, in your assessment, enough, for you DO hold yourselves to this expression of rigidity.

Now; in this, first of all, allow yourself to recognize the qualities of the intent of the family that you yourself belong to, and recognize that this is continuously, throughout your focus, an ongoing influence in how you create your reality.

It is quite important, within this time framework, that you and all other individuals allow yourselves to be remembering, connecting to, allowing within self the recognition of self – that you are belonging to a particular essence family, what the expressions of that family are; that you have chosen a particular orientation within this focus, what the expressions of that orientation are; that you have designed a particular personality type in this focus, what the qualities of that personality type are – and in this allow yourself the acceptance of your expression and creation of your reality NOT in competition or comparison to any other design of expression of reality.

This holds importance, for as you move more and more into this wave of duplicity and addressing to this particular belief system, you may, figuratively speaking, look to yourself and view yourself in a type of movement as planting yourself and grounding yourself in the winds of a hurricane.

Therefore, prepare yourself to hold fast and tightly, for the winds rage and blow strongly, and in this, what shall hold you is your recognition and acceptance of how you create your reality, what you have chosen in your reality – in what and who you are.

You are Sumafi. You align with Tumold. Familiarize yourself with these families in their genuine expression and intents and expressions/qualities of energy.

You are the orientation of soft. Familiarize yourself with your natural expression of this orientation.

You hold a specific individual expression of personality type, which creates your design of thought processes and which creates your particular expressions of emotional qualities.

Allow yourself to recognize you and be accepting of you, and this shall be your foothold, so to speak.

JIM: Okay. That is understood. That was deep. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JIM: So my imagery presently with our pony, April, whatever I feel to do, whatever I feel that she asks for in helpfulness, it matters not in the life or death situation that she is facing. This is also something that I am facing, with Vlasta just passing away. This was tremendous imagery for me, with the services and the funeral and the hospital, and I want to ask you how he’s doing.

A lot of this seems to tie into a lot of this ... I mean, there’s a tremendous amount of interconnectedness that I see in all that I’m creating, and creating a greater allowance and acceptance in myself and in my own expression is kinda what I’m getting from this. It’s quite okay, so to speak, to move through my expression. There isn’t anything else I need to do or anything else I should be doing or not be doing, except allow myself to just be and not question as much my actions and what I put before me.

ELIAS: The point is that this is how, so to speak, you allow yourself to be recognizing information. This is the method in which you allow yourself to be, in a manner of speaking physically, connecting with self. This is how you offer information to yourself.

The creation of the creature matters not. This is not your choice. This is the creature’s choice. Your participation with the creature is your method of offering information to yourself.

And in this, in alignment with your family alignment of the Tumold, you also offer yourself objectively more and more of an understanding of the interplay of energies between different expressions of consciousness; yourself being one expression of consciousness, the creatures or other individuals or any element within your reality being another expression of consciousness.

How you are interactive with them, in responsiveness to them within the design of their own creation, is an element of the expression of your family alignment. Your job is not to fix.

Healing is not fixing. Healing is not even changing, for you are not changing the reality of any other expression within your dimension. These are not your choices. Healing is an expression of acceptance.

Let me express to you, Yarr, healing is an expression of supportiveness. Supportiveness and healing may be synonymous.

You may replace the term of healing with the term of supportiveness within your physical expressions, and you may not be creating supportiveness to any creature, to any other individual, to anything within your reality without an element of acceptance. (Pause)

JIM: Hmm. I follow you there. Okay.

ELIAS: The direction of the expression of energy, in its design within the Tumold family, is to be supportive to all other expressions within your reality, offering an expression of energy in allowance, in that supportiveness, that whatever is being created is acceptable, and in this shall be its natural state.

I have expressed to you the identification of the design of intent of the family of Tumold – to be returning to the natural state. The natural state is not necessarily changing a reality or a creation that you deem to be a malfunction, a dis-ease, death. These are choices, and these are not necessarily an unnatural state.

What may be classified as the unnatural state, in your physical definitions, is the lack of acceptance in the creation of any of these choices by the individual that is creating them.

Therefore, you, in the position and movement of the alignment of Tumold, your expression of offering supportiveness to be returning any expression to its natural state is not necessarily the expression of creating any physical or nonphysical action to be altering ANY creation – death, dis-ease, ANY creation – but to be supportive in energy, which lends energy to the other expression of consciousness to be accepting within themselves of their own creation, which returns their energy to its natural state.

This is not necessarily an alteration of their choice to be creating what they are creating. They may continue to create the dis-ease, the malfunction, in your terms, the death. It matters not. This is merely a choice. This is merely an objective creation.

It matters not. The perception is what holds significance and what determines the natural or unnatural state, in the definition of the energy of the Tumold family. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes. Yes I am, and I know I have some investigating to do.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

JIM: Thank you. I have some other questions, but obviously you’ve covered a great deal. Vlasta – how is he?

ELIAS: HA HA HA! How is he!

JIM: This is the first time I’ve experienced a close death. I feel everything is fine with him and I feel very comfortable with him, and I feel that we have a pretty special relationship that was developed subjectively through a lot of this.

ELIAS: I shall express to you an acknowledgment of your impression. This is correct. The individual is creating partial – quite partial – movement in the expression of transition, but also is creating a continuation of objective imagery and associations with objective reality in the familiarity of the physical experience. Therefore, there is an element of allowance of playfulness.

JIM: Good. Well, I’ve gotta take a look at a lot of the information you’ve offered here, and take a new look, I guess, in many areas, and as you stated in our last session, find the balance, the recognition of the interconnectedness. I think that seems to be a very important area as well for my well-being.

I appreciate your insight, and I also have tremendous affection for you. You’ve given me great comfort today, and I thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, Yarr, and I extend to you also a great expression of affection, and I shall express to you also that I am always available to you.

JIM: You wouldn’t have anything to do with all the bluejays that I see around the barn quite frequently, and that seem to be quite bold at times?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Be noticing that it is not the expression of the imagery of birds in this time framework – which you automatically associate with another essence – but the color! Ha ha ha!

JIM: Yes, I feel them both. Thank you. (Elias laughs) Yes, indeed. Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I express to you much lovingness and offer to you an expression of energy in acknowledgment and great encouragement. Continue, my friend, in your expression, and do not be discounting of your movement.

JIM: Yes, I shall.

ELIAS: To you this day, au revoir.

JIM: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:41 AM.

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