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Sunday, April 30, 2000

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“The Wave of Duplicity”

“The Hurricane Rages”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Howard (Bosht), and Margot (Giselle).

Elias arrives at 1:35 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARGOT: Good morning, Elias!

HOWARD: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what be on your agenda for this day?

MARGOT: Well, we’re just gonna go right on with where we left off, because I have more to ask. It’s not going to take up the whole session, I don’t think, and so we’ll just call this first part Part Two of the session we had three weeks ago, or something like that!

My health is going on; it’s beginning to improve, but so slowly that I can only measure the improvement from one week to the next. But that’s okay, you know. We’re getting there, and that’s okay. But I’ve had a couple of things come up that I did want to ask you about.

Last time we talked, we talked about the similarities between the episodes I created three years ago and then this last one, but I thought of one more that seems interesting to me.

Three years ago, right as I was beginning to come out of that last episode – the transitional episode – my grandson Rhett was killed. At that point, it was so soon after the episode that I was still too weak and confused to get to Missouri where he was killed. This time, immediately following this current episode, Steve’s health took a turn for the worse, but we were able to go back and be with him for a few days. It strikes me that these two similarities in the family are quite remarkable, in that they both came at the end of a big spin-out that I had. Can you address that or explain that to me?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, Giselle, very good in your noticing!


ELIAS: In this, you are offering yourself in your noticing more information which concerns you and how you create your reality, and how you allow yourself to be connecting with events and individuals outside of yourself.

Now; let me say, all of you create this type of action, but all of you do not notice or pay attention to what you are creating. You begin to pay attention as you begin noticing actions that you identify as coincidences.

In this, you each create certain actions or methods, as you will, that you allow yourselves to be connecting with elements that occur, so to speak, outside of you. This is recognized objectively, and is a subjective movement.

None of you are oblivious to the subjective awareness or movement that you create. You merely do not notice objectively, but as I have stated, in times that you allow yourself to be noticing coincidences, you begin to be noticing movement that you create subjectively, and you allow yourself to identify that movement objectively.

What I am expressing to you is that in these two situations, and in many other situations, what you have created is a projection of energy subjectively – which you continuously create – and an interaction with other individuals.

Your attention focuses upon individuals that you define as close to you in relationship. Therefore, this encompasses individuals that you identify as friends or as family.

Regardless of whether you are objectively interactive with those individuals or not, underlyingly you continue to define them as close to you, and in your direction of attention, which also is influenced by your orientation, [common], you allow yourself to be in a constant state of subjective interaction with these other individuals.

There is a continuous flow of energy. Figuratively speaking, you may express that what you are creating is a continuous check-in, so to speak, with all of the individuals that you deem to be close to you.

In this, as you access information concerning the creations of other individuals – the situations and the circumstances and the experiences which are occurring – at times, many times in actuality, you respond objectively in creating elements within your reality that shall mirror the intensity of what is occurring within the other individual’s reality.

What you are creating is a form of an empathic expression, although you are translating that empathic experience into your creation and choice of experience within your focus.

MARGOT: Okay. So then these two episodes that I had – that I keep referring to as episodes – I can’t say that I created those because of empathic interactions with both my grandson and Steve, can I?

ELIAS: Not entirely.

MARGOT: Not entirely ... but because I objectively was able to see the connections now, afterwards, I could perhaps have seen that at the time?

ELIAS: Partially you have created these situations within your experience in response to the influence of energy which is exchanged through an empathic connection.

MARGOT: I see.

ELIAS: Partially you create these types of actions, that you shall allow yourself to be noticing and offering yourself information concerning how you individually create your reality.

MARGOT: I see.

ELIAS: Partially you are offering yourself information concerning your orientation, and partially you are choosing the type of experience that you are creating to be offering yourself information which is relative to you individually.

MARGOT: I understand. I really thank you for that because that was very helpful, and I will understand things from another standpoint, hopefully, in the future. Before we leave the subject completely, what are the probabilities of Steve being able to bounce back once again, and live a while longer? (Pause)

ELIAS: I express to you that this individual, within this present now, is not creating the choice of disengagement yet.

MARGOT: I didn’t think he was.

ELIAS: Now; in this, what he is creating presently is a choice of probabilities to be continuing in the expression that he has already created.

MARGOT: In not good health, but still staying for a while?

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; understand, this is the probability that he is creating presently, and is continuing. But as he is not choosing to be creating disengagement yet, he also is creating the action presently which is familiar to him, in which for a time framework he creates physical affectingness and what you may term to be illness or ill health, and also tires of that creation subsequent to a time framework of continuation of it.

What I am expressing is that within the probabilities presently, that is the direction that he is incorporating, which is to be continuing illness and dysfunction temporarily, and to be lessening that expression temporarily, and possibly a continuation once again of that expression. That is the design of the probability presently.

MARGOT: Thank you. Thank you very much for that.

After we talked the last time, two more types of imagery or mirror action appeared. One of them was that my legs and feet began to swell because of fluids that I retained because of the medication. Of course, that was the official reality, but this became quite bad. My legs swelled to the degree that I couldn’t cross them anymore, and my feet to the point that they actually bled. Now, this was painful, of course, and it took a long time for it to go away. In fact, I believe this is probably the first day that I could say that my feet are absolutely back to being my feet again.

What was I mirroring in unofficial reality precisely? I know it was all part of what you explained to me last time about the insertion of the shift into my own reality, but could you explain that to me just a little more?

ELIAS: In this insertion of this shift into individual realities, you intensify what you choose to be addressing to.

Now; you have been moving in the action of addressing to certain belief systems which influence your creations in your reality of physical ailments. You have been creating this movement for a time framework, and in this, you continue to be examining your beliefs concerning your own abilities, and attempting to reconcile that recognition of your own abilities with your beliefs concerning your medical expressions.


ELIAS: In this, as you individually participate in this shift in consciousness, you create a response to the surges of energy of this insertion in similar manner to many, many other individuals, in creating much more of an intensity of your creations and your responses. Therefore, what you address to becomes exaggerated.

MARGOT: I see. Okay. That answers a few other questions that I’ve had come up about this whole thing. The only imagery I could get out of it, and I got it very strong because you told me about it before, was that I needed to slow down, and I saw areas or ways of slowing down that did not necessarily mean physically slowing down as much as mentally slowing down, and – I don’t really quite have the words for it – relaxing.

ELIAS: Exactly. This IS what I am expressing to you – not necessarily physically, but allowing yourself to be slowing your energy expression, and allowing yourself to be utilizing the creation of a linear time framework in this dimension.

This creation of linear time may be quite beneficial to you in many expressions!

In this, it affords you the ability to slow your energy and allows you to address to movement that you choose to be creating in increments and more slowly. Therefore, you allow yourself to examine, to assimilate, to understand, and to create efficient choices, and not overwhelm yourself.

(Intently) This is an intense time framework. You may easily allow yourself to become overwhelmed. This be the reason that I express to you to relax and to slow your movement, and in the slowing of your movement, you shall prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed, and therefore lessen the incorporation of trauma.

Look to this creation of swelling. This is an exaggeration of reaction.

MARGOT: Yes! (Laughing) I saw that many times!

ELIAS: And in this, it creates a tremendous expression of tension and pressure.

MARGOT: Yes, it certainly did!

ELIAS: And you may translate that imagery that you have offered to yourself to expressions that are less physically expressed.

MARGOT: Okay. Now, there was one other thing, and then I hope that we never have to get into this thing again! (Laughing)

While I was doing the feet thing, something began to go on with my taste. It underwent a complete change. Now, this was also no doubt a result of the heavy medication, because the only thing I could taste in my mouth, with everything, was a sharp, burning, metallic taste, and this transferred into everything I ate. I craved food constantly, but I couldn’t find anything I could eat that tasted like it was supposed to taste.

I know we’ve talked about all the shoulds that are going away, and we’ll just be down to what is, so to speak. I’ve been correcting my diet to try to take care of this, and I am probably halfway finished, and I’m beginning to be able to taste some kinds of foods. But what kind of mirror action was going on with this taste thing?

ELIAS: This also moves quite in relation to all that we are discussing, for you are creating an extreme response, and are expressing to yourself imagery in a physical manner that shall gain your attention quite strongly in the expression of slowing, for you image this in one of your outer senses.

Your outer senses are designed to provide you with input from outside of yourself. This creates information. It creates stimulus.

In this, you have chosen, in conjunction with your belief concerning your input of medication, an action of altering and almost turning off, in a manner of speaking, the input of one of your outer senses.

What you are mirroring to yourself objectively is that as you allow what you may consider to be an overwhelming volume of input in your continuous movement in relation to this shift in consciousness, you overwhelm yourself.


ELIAS: And as you overwhelm yourself, an automatic response to that overwhelmingness is to eliminate certain elements of input.


ELIAS: Therefore, as you lessen your intake of stimulus and information, you also allow yourself to lessen the affectingness that you incorporate in overwhelmingness.

You have not disconnected, so to speak, all of your outer senses. But you have affected one to the point of almost disconnecting its function temporarily, that you shall not be incorporating as much input.

Your sense of taste incorporates a tremendous variety, a tremendous volume of input of stimulation and information. Therefore, it is offering you an example of creating only one availability of stimulus and input.

You taste the same element regardless of what you consume.

MARGOT: Right.

ELIAS: You are narrowing your input to be incorporating only one expression of stimulus and input, and this mirrors to you – in once again, extreme example – that you are attempting to gain your attention in this movement of relaxing and slowing your incorporation of movement in these energy surges, and in YOUR insertion of the shift into YOUR reality.

MARGOT: Okay. Now, you brought this up or you talked about this a little bit the last time, these energy surges and how I’m handling them and whatnot, and there is something that keeps coming up in my own mind that I think about. Because the energy – that I’m going to talk about as being lent energy – that you told us about in the fall before the end of the millennium, I was very much aware of that, and I did very well with it. I just sailed through it, kind of patting myself on the back too much, I guess, because it didn’t upset me or anything, and in fact, I loved it.

Now, understandably, evidently these surges that we’re experiencing now are much stronger and perhaps not vibrationally the same, but I haven’t done ... or my sense is that I haven’t done well at all with this. I feel some concern about it because I’m sure that the surges aren’t gonna go away. They’re gonna be here for a long, long time. Can you talk to me a little bit about the contrast that I’m seeing there, and why I should have done so well prior to now, and not now?

ELIAS: It is not a question of your doing well previously, and you are not doing well now.

MARGOT: Okay, that’s what I want to know about.

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that you and all other individuals presently are experiencing the affectingness in energy – which you are imaging and associating within yourself individually – of the beginning of another wave in consciousness which is occurring, overlapping the wave of sexuality; this being a wave addressing to aspects of duplicity.

Therefore, you, in like manner to many, many, many other individuals presently, are assessing your creations and your movement now to be inadequate, or not accomplishing as well as you may have been or as you could be, or that you are simply wrong or bad in what you are creating.

MARGOT: Yes, that pretty well sums it up.

ELIAS: You may even be expressing to yourself that you are now moving backward rather than forward.

MARGOT: Yes, that’s right. Okay.

ELIAS: This is an expression that you are experiencing in relation to the beginning elements of duplicity and that wave.

Let me express to you, the wave of duplicity began temporarily in what you identify as your previous year, but it also dissipated quite quickly.

This be the reason that I offered very little information addressing to that particular belief system and wave in consciousness, for collectively, you all have chosen not to be overlapping that particular belief system within that time framework until the action of dissipation began with this belief system of sexuality.

Now; in this time framework, this belief system of sexuality is beginning to ebb. It is not ending, so to speak, in your physical terms, yet, but it is moving into a position of less intensity, and therefore, collectively you have re-initiated the wave of duplicity now.

Now; I shall also express to you information that I have expressed quite recently in another session with another individual, for this applies also to you and many other individuals.

Speaking to you directly, individually, this wave which is beginning which addresses to the belief system of duplicity shall be affecting of you quite strongly, and this moves in direct relation to your essence family.


ELIAS: Each essence family responds to one of these belief systems more intensely than it shall respond to the other belief systems, for each essence family may identify one belief system that creates an expression of energy which expresses more of a type of friction, so to speak, with the intent and vibrational quality of that particular essence family more so than the other belief systems.

Now; this be the reason that you may view some individuals that appear objectively to be responding to one wave in consciousness much more intensely than they may be to another wave in consciousness.

I have expressed, there are ten belief systems. I have also identified to you that there are nine essence families. Within these ten belief systems, each one of these essence families shall respond in one manner to nine of the belief systems in their waves, and shall respond differently and more intensely to one of the ten belief systems. Are you understanding?

MARGOT: Yes, I am, and you’ve mentioned the overlapping or the interaction of duplicity with all of the others. Is that what you’re referring to?

ELIAS: I have expressed that this belief system of duplicity merges with all other belief systems, but this particular belief system is the one belief system that creates more of an intensity of friction in relation to the Sumafi family than the other nine belief systems.

HOWARD: Could this be that the Cuban boy’s situation is a Sumafi event? (Pause)

ELIAS: No. In response to that particular question precisely, in relation to what I am expressing presently concerning the belief systems and their relation to particular essence families, as to the identification of a mass event which may be associated with one essence family, that particular mass event may be associated with the Borledim, and also may be related to the addressing to the belief system of relationships, with particular aspects of that belief system being brought into focus, so to speak.

HOWARD: Very good. Thank you.

MARGOT: Thank you for that. So Sumafi then is going to have more friction involved with this wave that we are just beginning to wane – or not wane, to grow again – and therefore, it affects all Sumafi particularly.

ELIAS: Not particularly, but more intensely, and it shall gain your attention more in frequency than it may gain attention within individuals of other essence families.

HOWARD: I was in the airport the other day waiting for Margot, and the only place I could go to sit and wait for an hour was the bar, where they allowed smoking. I looked around and I saw all of these people seeking refuge in this place and I said, Welcome, Sumafis!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

HOWARD: Is this what you’re alluding to? We group together because of a refuge place?

ELIAS: You may at times be seeking each other out, so to speak, to be offering each other an expression of comfort, in a manner of speaking, but this is not quite what I have been expressing to you, although as I have stated, you may be creating that action.

What I am expressing to you is, you may allow yourself to notice, individuals belonging to the family of Sumafi shall be more intensely aware of their own participation, alignment, and issues with the expressions of duplicity and their own behaviors in duplicity than individuals may be as they are belonging to the Milumet family or the Ilda family or any of the other essence families.

This is not to say that all individuals shall not be experiencing the affectingness of this wave and that they shall not be presenting themselves with many examples of the aspects of duplicity, for you all shall.

But individuals that are belonging to the family of Sumafi shall be acutely aware of the expressions of duplicity within themselves and within all of their reality, and they shall be experiencing an intensity in this particular wave, for this particular belief system creates more of an intensity of friction in relation to the vibrational quality and expression of intent of the family of Sumafi.

MARGOT: And this would undoubtedly be because of our emphasis on a discernment of things.

ELIAS: And the least amount of distortion.


ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT: It’s about time to quit, Elias, and I want to ask you about this. Some of us were talking in the last three or four days about the final focus, and we batted that one around a great deal, and then we began talking about the fact that none of us knows much about the beginning focus or the designated beginning focus or whatever it’s called. And so before I leave today, I’d like to know ... I’d like you to tell me about my essence’s beginning focus. In linear terms, when was that?

ELIAS: Ah! You are wishing for an identification of time framework in which your beginning focus occupies?

MARGOT: Right.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Very well!

MARGOT: Okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS: One moment. (Pause) The beginning focus of this essence of Giselle occupies the time framework of eighteenth century.

MARGOT: Oh! I had thought it was long before that!

ELIAS: Ah, and this is a misinterpretation! I have not stated to you that you do not hold focuses within your linear time framework that are occupying times before that time framework. You DO hold what you identify as past focuses long before eighteenth century.

MARGOT: Yes. Okay, but then ... so you’re saying then that the designated one was in the eighteenth century.

ELIAS: You are correct, just as you may be the final focus, but your essence holds focuses within future time frameworks.

MARGOT: Yes, I understand that. So if I were to ask you relatively the same question, only I were to say, when did my essence blink in, would I get a different answer?

ELIAS: No. This would be the response.


ELIAS: That focus is the initiating focus.

MARGOT: Okay, and within the aspects of simultaneous time, I will eventually understand that completely, even though I don’t now!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And it matters not! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MARGOT: (Laughing) Okie doke!

HOWARD: I’ve got a question. When we were shut off from my last session, I was trying to describe something that Margot and I had gone through – a shamanic “little death” – and when I finished the question, you said that we needed to hold that for another time. Little did I know that we were out of video tape.

The ceremony presented images of that event, and it continually comes back to me. The ceremony was intended to recombine pieces of shards of oneself to help restore the peace of mind and self-fulfillment of a person, or at least that’s what Jade said and what I believe. The images were not what I expected, and they have perplexed me.

First I saw my oldest son, then a house, then a broad, straight path through a forest, the kind that one would see to accommodate a high voltage line, an electric power transmission. And then my son’s face appeared again, and then there was another house, and then I was in space and I saw a geometric shape called a star tetrahedron. I don’t know its proper name, I regret to say, geometric as I am. But it was comprised of two tetrahedrons merged together, making an 8-pointed, 24-faceted gem-like structure exactly like the one that is depicted on the cover of my book. This structure was hovering in orbit above the planet, which was pretty remarkable to me, but more remarkable was that several of the facets were covered with blood.

The next image was onboard a space ship, and I was looking out at this planet which I took to be Earth. I sensed myself to be in the company of a small person in stature, like a Zeta Reticuli, and I felt behind me a very huge being who was pointing something out to me. Then as quickly as I saw this, I was transported into a cavern underground, and I was approaching an archway-like door that was embellished all around with hieroglyphics. I was about to enter this door when the ceremony ended.

My question ... my feelings or my immediate impression afterwards was that this was the same kind of image that was portrayed in the Book of Revelations. I knew I had tapped into something significant, but I could not and cannot today decide what it was. Was it prophetic, or was it a dimensional bleed-through?

ELIAS: Neither. What you have allowed yourself is an experience quite in keeping with the purpose of the ceremony, in allowing yourself, in a brief moment of time, so to speak, to present yourself with a collage of images, which are translations symbolically of many different facets of your focus – that which you commonly in physical focus express as “this life.”

In this, you have allowed yourself to view symbols that are your translations in imagery of symbolic expressions of events, of beliefs, and of movement throughout this focus.

The reason that you discontinue in the manner that you have created, in the approaching of this opening to this cavern, so to speak, is that your focus is not completed. Therefore, you present yourself with the imagery of continuation of movement into other areas and the presentment of more discovery.

Images of your son are symbolic of your identification of relationships; not necessarily limited to merely this one individual, but it is what you may term to be a quick translation into a form of imagery that shall be identified with a general concept.

All of the imagery that you have presented to yourself in this experience is the same type of action.

Your prism is a symbolic representation in imagery of your identification as influenced through your individual beliefs of spirituality. But you also incorporate the symbol of blood in relation to this object, and this may be translated in relation to your individual alignment with belief systems, that there is a price which is exacted in your movement into a pureness of spirituality.

Be remembering, all of these images are translations which are presented in relation to the beliefs that you hold within this particular focus.

You have created, as I have stated, a type of collage of experiences that you have created throughout the entirety of your focus, and you have brought these experiences together to create another experience in this ceremony of a type of viewing in symbolic imagery [of] all of the aspects of belief systems and experiences within this focus that hold significance to you in this focus and that are most affecting within this focus.

If you are so choosing, you may be recalling all of the imagery that you have presented to yourself, and you may, in a manner of speaking, isolate each expression of imagery, each symbol, and you may allow yourself to delve into each of those symbols in relation to yourself, this focus, your beliefs, your acceptance and your lack of acceptance of self in this focus, your definitions of certain concepts in this focus, your definition of terms in this focus.

You may allow yourself to be accessing a tremendous volume of information concerning yourself by allowing yourself to merge with each of these elements of imagery. In this, pay particular attention to the feeling that underlies each image and accompanies it.

In this, you may allow yourself, through dream imagery or meditation or even within waking objective state, in calmness and in a type of quietness, to be accessing your individual portal to other areas of consciousness, and as you move through your portal, allow yourself to individually merge with each aspect of imagery that you have presented to yourself, and you shall offer to yourself a tremendous expression of information in identifying and recognizing you within you.

HOWARD: That’s so cool!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

HOWARD: It made me cry.

ELIAS; You have presented yourself a tremendous opportunity, Bosht.

HOWARD: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARGOT: I think our time is up.

HOWARD: I have one more.


HOWARD: Just recently, I was going through a book and came across a character religiously known as Zoroaster, and I was reading much of what the Zoroaster sect knows today, and I found many correlations to the basic tenets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The reason I ask this question or bring it up is because I can’t believe that no one else has tripped on the fact that Zoroaster and Melchizadek were the same person, primarily because of the influence that Melchizadek had on Abraham, and I just have to say that I think they’re the same person. Is this correct? (Pause)

ELIAS: In actuality, you ARE correct.

HOWARD: Goddamn! I guess that’s it then.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Chuckling)

HOWARD: Talk to you later.

ELIAS: I express to each of you great encouragement. Continue within your movement, but slowly and in relaxation.

I also express to you the suggestion that you allow yourselves to be aware objectively of the hurricane that begins to rage in the movement of this wave of duplicity. Create your foothold and hold fast, that you be not swept away within the winds! (Chuckling)

MARGOT: Thank you for that!

HOWARD: Freddie in Friday the Thirteenth – that’s an ominous foretelling. We’ll be prepared, I’m sure.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And I am sure also! (Laughing)

To you both in tremendous affection, I express to you, adieu.


Elias departs at 2:46 PM.

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