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Tuesday, May 02, 2000

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“The Physical Imagery Matters Not”

“What Matters is Your Perception”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marcos (Marta).

Vic’s note: Elias was quite intense throughout this session. I have indicated this a few times in the transcript, but I wanted to include a note too, rather than pepper the script with descriptive words.

Elias arrives at 9:26 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARCOS: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We meet again, my friend!

MARCOS: It’s very, very good to hear your voice objectively. There has been a lot of interaction between us lately, I know, but this is wonderful. I’ve been looking forward to it!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you may proceed!

MARCOS: I have several questions, Elias, and I was telling Michael that perhaps we will do this in a couple of sessions because of time and so forth. But I would like to start, and first of all, I just want to say that I thank you so much for your help, your assistance, your being there.

Let me go into one experience I had, if you could tell me a little bit about that. This was in a dream ... well, I was asleep, so I’m not quite sure it was a dream. I catalog it more as an experience. I heard a very long, sharp noise, and then I felt an electric shock like all over my body. I was a little afraid, quite frankly, and I started calling out to you, and then I saw these shades of blue, and that was very helpful. What was that? What did I go through?

ELIAS: What you have created is in actuality an experience of movement in relation to an aspect of your participation in this shift in consciousness.

In this, you have allowed yourself a partial movement in emergence, and what you have experienced in this is a type of thrust in your energy, in a manner of speaking, pushing you from one area to another area within your experiences, and you have allowed yourself an objective memory of this event and a physical experience in relation to the movement.

In this, there has been previously a build-up, so to speak, of pressure in energy, in your holding to energy within yourself in response to the energy surges which are occurring presently in relation to this shift in consciousness.

Now; your response with those energy surges has been to be allowing an intake of that energy, but also a holding of that energy in a lack of recognition of how to be effectively expressing that energy in output.

Therefore, you have held to that energy, but also, you have allowed yourself an expression subjectively IN holding to that energy, with a particular direction of incorporating that energy and using that energy to be thrusting yourself into a type of emergence, which is precisely what is occurring within the action of this shift presently.

It is a type of bursting forth of energy, from a subjective expression and awareness into an objective expression and awareness. This is what we term to be the insertion of this shift into your officially accepted reality and your objective awareness.

Your thrust has been marked by you in this experience, and subsequent to that thrust of energy, you have also allowed yourself more of an expression of balance.

MARCOS: That’s fascinating, and I think that leads me to my next question, because I definitely feel that, and I feel that this is a result, or at least a partial result, of that experience.

I would like your help, your assistance, your interpretation, your information on what I have been creating at work. It seems to me that I have been moving, positioning myself, almost creating myself out of the job, if you will. I very deeply feel that it is time for me to move, because of, I think, some belief systems I have going back and forth inside of me, and I’ve struggled somewhat with that.

But this morning I woke up, after one of my typical nights, as you know, where I do a lot of creating and just doing a lot of things in my sleep, and I feel very good this morning, and I almost believe, Elias, that I made a decision last night in regard to moving from this employment.

I’ve been objectively ... I would call it working on myself, in a sense of doing things effortlessly, without thinking about it, but just knowing the direction I’m heading is the one I want to take.

ELIAS: This is also an objective evidence of this movement that you are creating presently in relation to this shift in consciousness.

Be aware that this shift is created through the expressions and experiences and acceptance of each individual, and within the expressions of the individuals, that creates the movement en masse, but not as an organized mass movement in which the participating individuals objectively choose a common direction of movement, but rather an expression of collective movement through all of the individual movements.

Therefore, although this shift is being inserted into your officially accepted reality, it is not a situation in which the shift is an entity in itself, and is cosmically being inserted into your reality, and you are all responding to that. It is quite the reverse!

Each of you individually are beginning to be inserting this shift into your individual objective realities, and therefore it becomes a mass expression in the collective consciousness, so to speak, and spreads, in a manner of speaking, throughout your globe until the point of its entire accomplishment.

In this, you are allowing yourself the beginnings of this emergence, and in that emergence, you are also beginning to allow yourself to move more freely within your individual expression of movement naturally, and the expression of energy that is created through your personality, your orientation, and your perception.

Now; as you allow yourself less tension, more of an acceptance and trust of self, you also create objectively more of an ease in your movement.

You are allowing yourself to question less of your own ability and allowing yourself more of an expression of trust, KNOWING that you shall create what you desire, and you need not be pushing energy and forcing that movement. It shall be created naturally.

MARCOS: That’s exactly right, and that’s how I feel, and I feel very strongly.

Let me ask you this. Part of the reason for my wanting to move is that I’m being asked to transfer to another location, and I think I don’t want to go. Is that correct? Am I creating not moving to this other city because I don’t want to go, or is it out of fear? I don’t think it is, but I’d just like to clarify that, if you would, please.

ELIAS: You are not creating in relation to fear. I shall validate that.

What you are allowing yourself in this time framework, in the expression of your trust of self, is movement into the creation of your own individual choices.

You are allowing yourself an expression of acceptance and trusting your ability to be creating choices yourself objectively, not as dictated by any other element within your reality – your job, so to speak, or other individuals – but recognizing that you are not bound to the dictates of expressions or individuals outside of yourself, and that you may be quite efficiently creating your own choices, and this is acceptable, and this shall allow you much more of an expression of freedom.

Therefore, quite simply, you are allowing yourself an objective recognition of self-realization and freedom in choice.

MARCOS: I feel that very strongly, and I thank you for validating that. How does that ... let me say this differently.

I know that you have stated previously that the freedom is created within, and the restrictions are not necessarily placed upon oneself by others or by an institution. So, I’ve been struggling a little bit with that too, saying, can I create my freedom internally within what I feel are the confines of this institution or not?

But I would agree with you in your previous statement, in that I’m creating this movement to allow myself more freedom, because I see the choices that I have much more clearly than I ever did before.

ELIAS: Quite.

Now; let me express to you, Marta, initially, many individuals – in actuality, most individuals within your reality – begin this type of movement, of recognition of self and choice and freedom, in expressions of what we may term to be extremes.

What I am expressing to you in the identification of extremes is the viewing of a choice in the manner of black and white, or absolutes.

Now; this is not wrong and this is not bad. It is merely the initial movement that you commonly create within this dimension as you allow yourself to begin recognizing your freedom of movement, but this freedom is quite unfamiliar to you. Therefore, you move initially in expressions that ARE familiar to you, such as within this particular subject matter that you are speaking of now.

You view a situation in relation to your job, so to speak, and in this, you are beginning to recognize that you create your reality, that you hold the ability to be creating choices within yourself, that you may actualize those choices, and that you need not be dictated to by other individuals or by the institution itself, but you also continue to participate with this institution in a very familiar setting, so to speak.

Now: this is the aspect of discussion and information that I have been engaging with many individuals recently, in expressing to you that what holds significance is your perception. This is the tool that shall be altering your reality.

This is in actuality the key that opens all of the doors of all of your choices; not the actual alteration of the physical expressions or physical imagery, which may be translated into locations, objects, institutions, individuals, actions – it matters not. All of these are physical expressions of physical imagery, and THESE MATTER NOT.

You collectively have designed many, many elements of your physical reality that you have agreed upon and that you choose collectively to NOT be entirely altering the expression of physically. This is not to say that you shall continue to be interactive with this imagery in the same manner.

In this, as we speak of a physical design of an institution, such as that type of which you interact with in your job, the institution itself remains relatively the same, for this is the collective design.

But your perception – as you turn your attention to self and begin allowing yourself the expression of trust and acceptance – begins to change, and in the changing of your perception or moving your perception, you are in actuality altering your actual reality. You alter how you interact with your reality ... and the actual reality itself! (Emphatically)

Therefore, initially you create a thought process in response to a beginning of awakening, so to speak, in figurative terms, to a new objective recognition that you are beginning to trust your choices, and you look to this particular institution and you express to yourself, “Ah! I hold choices! I may be creating my reality in the manner that I am choosing, and this is acceptable, and it matters not that this particular institution continues in its expression. I shall choose what I wish to be creating and interacting with.”

And your automatic familiar expression moves in the direction of expressing to yourself that your choices are those of the absolutes, the black and white, and therefore you express to yourself, “It is quite acceptable that this institution continues in its manner of expression. I shall merely remove myself, and I shall move elsewhere and create a different reality and create a different job, which shall allow me the freedom of choices that I am now beginning to realize.”

Now: I shall express to you, THE PHYSICAL IMAGERY MATTERS NOT. It is your perception which holds tremendous power and significance.

For you may be removing yourself and creating the choice to not be continuing in this particular job, and this is merely a choice and is ONE choice, and it may be an efficient choice in your actualization of your movement into your own freedom in expressions.

OR, you may continue to be interactive in this particular job, and you may afford yourself the SAME creation of freedom and choices.

This is the aspect of movement that is confusing to many individuals, for you have not quite allowed yourself yet to be viewing the intensity and incredible power of your perception, and how movement within your perception actually alters your very reality in physical terms. (Emphatically)

If you choose, in your situation, not to be creating a physical movement to another physical location, the options of choices, within your ability to be creating probabilities, is not limited to the expression of choosing not to be continuing within this particular job to be avoiding movement to a new location physically. You may be creating that same actualization of probabilities and continue within this particular job.

Recognize, in what I am expressing to you now, one choice is not better than the other choice. It matters not.

If you choose to be continuing within this particular job, allow yourself to know that the job is not limiting to your choices. You in your perception in relation to the job may be creating limitations in your movement within the job, but the job itself is not creating or dictating the limitations to you.

Now; you may also be choosing to be altering your job and moving yourself into the expression of another or different job.

Either choice matters not, for either choice is an involvement of physical outside imagery.

All of the imagery that you create outside of you – objects, jobs, interactions, circumstances, situations – ALL of the physical elements that you create outside of you, figuratively speaking, although they are reality, for they are created within the expression of this physical reality, they are also almost an illusion.

This be the reason that in recognizing your ACTUAL abilities and truly what you are and what you have created in this physical reality, you actually hold the ability to place your hand through physical matter, for in actuality, all that you create within your physical reality is a type of illusion. It is a projection of your perception. (Emphatically)

(Firmly) Therefore, if you perceive an object to be solid, it shall be. If you perceive your ability of movement to not be incorporating penetration of physical objects, you shall not penetrate them. If you perceive that you are limited in your choices in certain actions, jobs, or interactions with other individuals or situations, you shall limit yourself.

It is not the outside imagery that limits you. It is your perception that limits you, but your perception is IMMENSELY powerful. There is no element within your physical reality that you may not move merely through the movement of your perception.

MARCOS: I think I understand just about everything you’ve said. I know that on a deeper level, I understand it. It makes sense to me. What you are telling me hits home. It makes sense, and I think what I want to do now is digest that a little bit more. It’s funny how your words ... almost, in a sense, they don’t go through my brain. They come directly to my gut, and I feel ... they just make sense.

ELIAS: I am understanding, for you are allowing yourself a wider awareness. You are allowing yourself an opening, and this moves quite in relation to your beginning in your creation of your own emergence into the actualization objectively of this shift in consciousness.

Now; be remembering in this subject matter that we have been discussing, it genuinely matters not what you are choosing.

Remaining within your job does not create any more of a challenge for you to be recognizing your ability in choice and freedom than to not be remaining within that particular job. You are creating a movement in a particular direction to be recognizing your freedom and your choices regardless of what you create objectively.

Therefore, shall you remain within this particular job or shall you not remain, you shall move anyway, and you shall create imagery and situations and interaction and circumstances that shall be beneficial and helpful to you in that movement.

What I am expressing to you in this is that you yourself, and many other individuals also, view within your reality a type of nobility in struggle, a type of greatness, in a manner of speaking, in presenting yourselves with more difficulty and challenges and complications, and you view the action of simplicity and the term of “easy” as being suspect, for this moves quite in relation to your beliefs that elements hold more worth within your reality if there is an expression of challenge or difficulty that accompanies them, and what I am expressing to you is that this is an aspect of beliefs. It is not truth.

Therefore, in your creation of choices, the point is to merely be recognizing that you hold the freedom to be creating the choices that are pleasing to you and that create an ease within you, not to be questioning yourself in the viewing of your choices and choosing the more difficult choice merely for the reason that you perceive you shall learn more through the engagement of the difficult choice.

You are not manifest within this physical reality to be learning. You already know. Therefore, the perception of nobility is in actuality a crafty aspect of duplicity.

MARCOS: You’re absolutely right. I remember only too well, in most of my working life, feeling and doing exactly that, and I’m starting to reject that and accept the simplicity and the ease. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of going into farming and planting money trees, and having no job, and just taking down the money from the trees!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And I shall be offering energy to you, my friend, in this creation! Ha ha ha ha!

MARCOS: I love it! (Laughing) Well, thank you so, so much. That was a terrific explanation, and it really hits home, and I’m so excited because, as I said, I don’t even think about it, and the feeling I have is truly fantastic. Thank you so, so much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

MARCOS: I have one more quick question, and then I think I will wait for a few days, when Isabel and I will be speaking with you. Just quickly, Paul’s family alignment, is he Vold?

ELIAS: Alignment, yes.

MARCOS: Okay, great. Thank you. I think that will do it for today, and I will tell you again, this is really exciting and fantastic and wonderful, and as always, you are so, so helpful.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend, and I shall be anticipating our meeting objectively futurely, and I shall also be anticipating interaction with Isabel once again. (Chuckling)

To you, my dear friend, I express tremendous affection, and au revoir till we meet again.

MARCOS: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:08 AM.

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