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Thursday, May 25, 2000

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“You Create Your Reality”

“Faster is Not Better”

“Being in the Now”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Frank (Ulra).

Elias arrives at 12:11 PM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

FRANK: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) As always!

FRANK: Glad to hear that! I’d like to pick up on our discussion from the last time we talked, regarding my employment situation and self-acceptance and trust. But first, I want to ask you about what has happened in between regarding some of the things you told me to do ... which basically, I didn’t do. I tried some other methods to sort of work on this issue of self acceptance and trust.

Also, I didn’t listen to the tape of the last session until recently, and one of the things I got is that we were actually supposed to have this conversation about two weeks ago, and I missed it, and I’m just wondering, subjectively, what was going on there? What am I avoiding here, and what are your thoughts on that?

ELIAS: I express to you, Ulra, you are not creating a movement of avoidance. You have allowed yourself to experiment with your own design of creations and movement, and you have purposefully delayed your reviewing of our discussion, that you may allow yourself the freedom of your own movement and experimentation in your own direction, creating your own exercises and your own affirmations within yourself.

Had you moved into the direction of allowing yourself to be repeating your interaction with me, as in the action of listening to your tape of our session, you would have been occupying your thoughts and your direction with my exercises and my instruction to you. But this is merely one avenue that is available to you.

What I offer to you in exercises or in affirmations or in any offering of methods that you may employ, these are all suggestions. They are not absolutes, and they are not the only direction that you may offer to yourself that may be effective. They are suggestions that may be helpful to you in time periods in which you are not allowing yourself to offer your own suggestions to you.

In this, as I have stated, you are not creating any action of avoidance. You are merely offering yourself a time framework to be moving yourself into the beginnings of an expression of trust of yourself, and in that trust, you are allowing yourself to experiment with your own energy, with your own movement, with your own exercises, and allowing yourself to view what you assess as beneficial and what you assess as not beneficial.

This allows you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your own energy, with your own behaviors, and it also allows you to become familiar with your own automatic responses and the influences of your own belief systems.

Therefore, what you have been creating in this interim time framework is not what you may view as a negative or a diversion in your actions, but you may allow yourself to view and acknowledge yourself in your action of allowing yourself to begin moving into the action of trusting yourself.

FRANK: Well, I feel like I’m starting to move in that direction, I guess I would say, ever so slightly. Can you give me some advice on how I might move forward more quickly, or is that a proper analysis of where I’m at right now?

ELIAS: What I shall express to you is the suggestion that you allow yourself to merely move, and not to concern yourself with the rapidness or the slowness of your movement, for you are allowing yourself to be moving in the expressions of trust and acceptance at a pace, so to speak, that is the most efficient for you.

In this, as you look to your own movement, and you push yourself or you force your energy to be moving more quickly, you create much more of an opportunity to become overwhelmed and to create more scenarios in which you engage fear.

Therefore, allow yourself merely to relax in your movement presently, and not to be expressing to yourself that you “should” be moving more quickly, and that if you are moving more quickly, this shall be “better.”

FRANK: Okay. I was reading one of the transcripts this week from one of the other individuals that you spoke to, and something hit me as significant. She talked about how she realized for the first time that she was holding her energy much too tightly, and that once she sort of relaxed from that and released that, major changes occurred in her life, and I’m wondering if this is sort of an issue for me as well. It seemed very significant for me when I read that passage.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

Many, many, many individuals create this action, and you also create this type of movement, in which you allow elements of fear to dictate to you to be holding tightly to your energy.

This manifests into issues of control. It manifests in expressions of anticipation, anxiety, and a lack of trust of situations and circumstances that you view to be occurring around you, and this reinforces a feeling within you that you need be holding to your energy and controlling your manipulation of your own energy precisely and carefully, for fear that you may create a mistake or that you may be engaging in actions that may be expressed otherwise in a manner that is better.

Now; understand, I am not expressing that any choice that you create is better than any other choice that you create, for they are not, but this is your assessment of many situations, and this is reinforcing of an underlying aspect of fear.

The fear is very influencing in the action of holding tightly to your energy. There is a reinforcement of the fear in any expression of movement of anticipation of loosening that hold upon your energy, for the concept that you in actuality do create your reality is suspect.

There are elements within you that you do believe that you create certain aspects of your reality. There are other elements of your reality that are suspect, that you are not quite sure objectively that you yourself are actually creating.

This creates an underlying influence in fear, for it creates a suggestion to you that there are influences or elements within your reality that are outside of you that may be creating some aspects of your reality for you.

FRANK: Can you give me some examples of what these elements are that I don’t feel I have control of?

ELIAS: Let us speak of the subject which we engaged at our last meeting, and your job. You have moved into an expression in this time framework in which you have created a choice to be addressing to an aspect of your underlying fear and the expression of control by moving yourself into another expression of job, correct?


ELIAS: Now; you have chosen to be disengaging the affiliation with the former job. You have chosen to move yourself into a new expression of your job, and in this, you have allowed yourself a beginning movement into a trust. You are testing the waters, so to speak.

But in this, you also continue to believe that regardless of your creation of movement into a new job, you are participating in that job with other individuals. Therefore, they are creating aspects of that job also, in your perception, and therefore, you do not create all of the job. You create portions of the job.

In this, you also continue to hold to the belief that there are other individuals that participate in this job with you that hold influencing power over you. Therefore, they hold the ability to create choices for you, in some capacities.

Now; this is the expression and the manifestation of the belief that there are some areas of your reality that you do not create. Therefore, you respond to that perception that you do not create some aspects of your reality, that other individuals hold the authority and the power to create choices for you and therefore create certain elements of your reality for you.

This creates an underlying movement of energy within you of fear, and that, in its uncertainty, creates a responsiveness within you to be holding tightly to your energy in an expression of control; that if you are controlling your energy, your direction, your movement, your behavior, your actions, you shall move in compliance with other individuals, and therefore, that shall be influencing of them and appeasing of them, and this shall create a flow in which you shall allow yourself to create your reality.

Now; this manner of thought and this type of perception is quite real, but it is also creating of obstacles. You limit your choices and your freedom, for you allow the expression of fear to dictate a narrow avenue of movement. Are you understanding thus far?

FRANK: Yes, I think I am.

ELIAS: In this, as you begin to allow yourself to objectively realize and understand that you in actuality do create all of your reality – every moment, every action – you shall also allow yourself to dissipate the fear and to offer yourself more freedom.

Let me offer you one simple example. An element that may be incorporated to be creating a fear is to be creating an adequate performance within a job, and thereby continuing within that particular job without the fear of being discharged, for there is a perception held that other individuals hold the power to create the choice for you, without your permission, to discharge you from a particular job.

Now; let me express to you in terms of REALITY, and how energy moves, and how you create your reality.

You may not be discharged from any employment without your agreement. If you are not in agreement, if you are not creating the reality to be disengaging a particular job, you shall not disengage that job.

FRANK: It could never happen unless I choose to make it happen.

ELIAS: Unless YOU create it. Other individuals are not creating it, regardless of the surface appearance.

FRANK: Okay. Now, at a certain level, I understand what you’re saying; let’s call it an intellectual level. But somewhere deep down, obviously I don’t fully accept it, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Okay. How do I change that?

ELIAS: Through practice in acceptance and trust of yourself.

Now; the manner in which you practice may be created in myriads of expressions, and in this, what I may suggest to you is that you allow yourself to notice and acknowledge yourself each time you are viewing yourself as accomplishing.

Now; I am not expressing this suggestion in the noticing of obvious physical accomplishments or movements, but in moment by moment acknowledgment of yourself and trust of yourself in each action that you engage, continuing to allow yourself to relax, to not incorporate the intensity of tension that you incorporate, and to express to yourself that within this moment, you are creating perfectly.

This requires attention in the now, which we have spoken of previously. This is a difficult action to be incorporating when you are not familiar with holding your attention within the now, but this IS an extremely affecting expression and action, for much of your tension arises from recall of past events and behaviors and anticipation of future events and behaviors.

One aspect of this action that you engage in not holding your attention within the now is to be focusing your attention on past events and behaviors and creations, and projecting that attention futurely in the attempt to be diverting your energy to not be creating the same types of actions and interactions that you have created pastly. Therefore, you combine the past and the future together, and are projecting yourself entirely outside of the now. Those actions are not occurring within the now!

FRANK: Okay, so what you’re saying is really, in an effort to try to change things in the future, that’s what’s taking it out of the now.


FRANK: And so in essence, in what I’m trying to do to prevent these things from happening in the future, I’m probably causing them to occur all over again.

ELIAS: Partially, yes, you are correct. For you are projecting the energy in this direction, and as you continue to hold tightly to your energy, you also block your movement within the now. You create obstacles, and you project your energy into the very creations that you wish not to create, for you anticipate them and you expect them.

FRANK: Okay. So to sort of break out of this vicious circle, let’s call it – at least that’s what I call it! Okay, let’s say that some past event comes to my attention that wasn’t positive, from my point of view. Rather than trying to project something different in going forward, what do I do? I stay in the now ... and do what?

ELIAS: Remain in the now; not“and do what?” But allow yourself to recognize in the now that the event or the action or the behavior that you are viewing within the past is not occurring presently – is not occurring within this moment – and in that, acknowledge yourself and allow yourself merely to continue within the moment, without the projection of the past, without the anticipation of the future.

(Intently) It is unnecessary to be creating a method in anticipation of the future and what you shall create within the future, for the future is an illusion. What holds significance is what you are creating in the now.

Now; let me express to you how this is affecting, without even employing your objective awareness or thought process concerning the action.

As you project your anticipation into the future, and you create your scenario in your thought process of what you SHALL be creating, what you ARE creating in the now is an expectation. Therefore, as the future becomes the now, you have already, in the past – which was the present – you have already created the action, for in the now, you have created the anticipation and the expectation, and you have created the direction of your concentration.

Therefore, as you anticipate pitfalls, you create them in the now. They materialize in what you view to be the future, for you continue to create them in the now, but you are not paying attention to what you are creating in the now. You are paying attention to your projection into the future, and as the future approaches, the past has become, and the past is creating the now, for the now is the future which has already been created. (Chuckling)

Therefore, in avoidance of all of this confusion and complication of past and future and present and now and then, (Frank laughs) I offer you the suggestion that you may simplify and offer yourself much more of an ease in merely holding your attention within the now, for the now is what is creating of the all.

In this, as you hold your attention within the now and you have no anticipation, which creates no tension, you allow yourself to begin to relax within the now, and this automatically begins to create a reinforcement of trust and of acceptance of yourself in the now, and this is all-encompassingly affecting.

FRANK: Okay. Can you suggest maybe some exercise that I could apply that would help me to stay more focused in the now?

ELIAS: I shall express to you merely to be noticing each time that you are engaging a thought or a feeling associated with past or future which creates any rise, regardless of how slight, within your feelings. Each time you allow yourself to notice this action of thoughts or feelings concerning past or present, intentionally focus your attention upon the now.

Express to yourself, aloud if necessary,”What is occurring now?” Identify to yourself, in actual thoughts, the past and the future. Do not allow yourself to merely skim the surface in a quick recognition: “Oh, this thought is concerning the past.” Allow yourself a moment in which you intentionally notice, the thought or the feeling is associated with past or future, even if the past or future is only one day removed from you.

And in that moment, pull your attention to the now and allow yourself to view the difference, that those events that you are projecting to, those feelings or those thoughts that you are projecting to, either future or past, are not in actuality occurring now.

Practice temporarily with this type of action, for as you continue to practice with this type of action, you become more and more familiar with the now, and you become more and more familiar with your automatic movement into projections outside of the now, and it shall become easier and easier for you to hold your attention within the now.

Presently, this is a very unfamiliar expression in your reality. Therefore, it may be requiring of some element of practice initially, but this is quite temporary, and you shall be allowing yourself quite quickly, as you shall view, that you may be moving into more of an attention in the now, which allows you much more of an ability to relax yourself and to dissipate the tremendous incorporation of tension that you hold.

FRANK: I’d like to ask you about something else now. When I was younger during my business career, actually quite young, I was very, very successful for a period, and then I went through sort of a dry spell. Ten years later, again I was very, very successful, and now I’ve been through sort of a long dry spell.

What’s going on there? I mean, why do I have these periods where I do very, very well, and then poorly, and then very, very well, and then poorly?

ELIAS: Now; I shall express to you quite simply.

This type of imagery is displayed by many individuals. You create what you reinforce, and it is in actuality quite easy for you to reinforce any direction.

You think to yourselves within your thought processes that you only reinforce in ease actions that you view to be negative or time frameworks that you view to be negative. I express to you that you also reinforce quite easily actions and time frameworks in which you view yourselves to be successful.

As easily as you may climb upon your hamster wheel in discounting yourselves, you may also climb upon your hamster wheel in what you assess to be positive, in reinforcing yourselves in successfulness, in your very physical terms, and you create time frameworks in which you alternate with these actions, and at times, you create time frameworks in which you engage both of these actions simultaneously.

In some areas you are reinforcing yourself in what you view to be positive, and simultaneously, in other areas you are reinforcing yourself in what you view to be negative. It is quite easy and quite natural for you to be creating a movement, and subsequently to be reinforcing, over and over, that movement.

Now; I shall also express to you individually, this particular type of action may be expressed more obviously within your creations, in alignment with the essence family that you are belonging to. One of the expressions of the essence family of Sumafi is repetitiveness, as you are aware, and in this, individuals that are belonging to this family of Sumafi create this type of movement frequently.

You fix your attention in a particular direction, and as you continue in that particular direction, you shall repeat and repeat and repeat certain types of creations. Be they your assessment of good or bad, it matters not. You create an action of a type of wheel, and as you move, you turn this wheel in very similar manner, over and over and over. This is a very common action that is engaged with individuals belonging to the essence family of Sumafi.

Therefore, as you create your role, so to speak, in positive actions and successful actions, you continue, and you repeat, and you allow yourself extended time frameworks in which you continue this type of creation. As you turn your attention and you move into a different avenue, you may be creating of a different type of role, so to speak, in which you shall continue for another extended time framework in repeating the movement and the motion of that particular direction.

I may also express to you, many individuals that are belonging to the essence family of Sumafi experience difficulty in moving from one action to another, from one avenue to another, in altering their direction. They become familiar with a particular direction and they become comfortable in the repetitiveness of that direction, that avenue, and as they choose to be changing or altering their direction, it is quite common that they also may be experiencing difficulty in the action of altering the direction, for they are interrupting their repetitive role, so to speak.

You also create this type of natural movement throughout your focus in conjunction with the qualities of this particular family.

FRANK: Okay, here’s a question. Recently, my son broke his thumb playing baseball, and I’m just curious to know why that happened. Why did he create that? What issues surrounded that? (Pause)

ELIAS: This is not an expression necessarily of an issue.

This is an action that this individual has chosen merely to be slowing his participation, and also offering himself an objective creation that shall present itself as an excusable development, so to speak, in which he may allow himself a respite from some of his own expectations that he places upon himself as to his performance, and also a respite, so to speak, from the expectations that he perceives are being projected to him by other individuals.

FRANK: Like me?

ELIAS: You also, but not you singularly. (Chuckling)

FRANK: Okay. I understand that everyone creates their own reality, but what is my role in this? I mean, do I have a role to try to help him not feel pressure from those expectations? Can I do that? Is there a way to do that?

ELIAS: Your role is to focus your attention upon yourself, and in that action, allow yourself to become trusting and accepting of yourself, which provides an example as the little sapling, and this is the most influencing and most helpful action that you may be offering to your son.

Your role is not to dictate to him or to be offering guidance. You are not manifest in this reality to be teaching. You are manifest to be experiencing, to be exploring. You are discovering and exploring consciousness in a physical manifestation, in the same manner as is your son, and your agreement is to be traveling together now, but not to be teaching or learning from each other. You are fellow travelers, discovering and exploring together.

In this, your most beneficial and most helpful expression that you may offer to him is to be creating the example by focusing upon yourself and trusting and accepting yourself, for as you create this action, you project that energy outwardly, which shines for all other individuals to view, and other individuals gravitate to that expression.

And your son shall view that radiating of your energy and shall wish to be emulating of it, in like fashion to what he is creating now, the wish to be emulating of your example and your energy, but your energy and your example is expressing other actions....

FRANK: Like lack of trust.

ELIAS: Therefore, if you are desiring to be helpful to your son, my offering to you is to be accepting of you.

Vic’s note: Here, there is a 60-second pause, during which Elias rocks for 40 seconds, and then sits with head down and eyes closed for 20 seconds, and then pops out at 1:06 PM, and Mary pops back in. Interestingly enough, the phone did not get disconnected. I don’t think this has happened before.

MARY: Hello?

FRANK: Yeah, hello?

MARY: What happened?

FRANK: Hello, Mary?

MARY: Yeah!

FRANK: I don’t know. I asked a question, and then there was a long silence, and here you are! I guess we’re done.

MARY: Oh, that’s okay. I can go back.

FRANK: You don’t have to do that.

MARY: (Laughing) That’s very weird!

FRANK: That hasn’t happened before?

MARY: I don’t think so.

Vic’s note: Mary and Frank continue to converse briefly, and then Elias returns at 1:07 PM, with an arrival time of 8 seconds.

ELIAS: Continuing!

FRANK: Welcome back!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Interesting energy interference! Ha ha ha ha!

FRANK: What happened?

ELIAS: This is merely an expression of interference of energy which has interrupted our communication temporarily. You may continue.

FRANK: Okay. My question was, if you could tell me about the most recent focus that I share with my son. (Pause)

ELIAS: Most recent in your linear time framework, correct?

FRANK: Yes, or any one you can think of.

ELIAS: Most recent focus engaged in interaction with yourself and your son, physical location Greenland, time framework 1800s, early time. You engage the relationship of siblings, both male within that focus also.

FRANK: Have we shared many focuses together?

ELIAS: Several, yes. In this particular focus, you engage much interaction with each other.

In actuality, there are many individuals in the unit identified as the family, many siblings. You and this particular individual are close in what you term to be age, being one year different in age factor. This creates within your relationship a closeness in understanding, and you single yourselves together frequently.

FRANK: Does that affect this focus?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, all of your focuses are affecting or influencing of all other focuses.

In this particular influence, yes, there is what you may identify as a relationship to this focus now, in an influence of your perceptions to each other.

As you have created an interaction in that focus that you physically would identify as a closeness and an allowance for an understanding objectively of each other, you also hold an underlying want and desire to be creating a similar type of expression in this focus, although you occupy different roles within this focus, and therefore, you create different expectations which create obstacles in the flow of the allowance of understanding in the same manner within this focus as in comparison to that focus.

That focus lends an energy to this focus to be accomplishing the movement into acceptance of the belief systems of relationship and concerning the roles that you engage in this particular focus, which lends to more of an ease for you to be dropping these veils, so to speak, in the obstacles between you, which are created in direct association to your individual roles. These roles are expressions of your beliefs, and as you allow yourself to move into acceptance of yourself and your beliefs, the influence of these roles shall become less and less, and also less affecting.

FRANK: Okay. The last question I have for you is, recently I had an urge to build lamps. (Laughing) Is this a bleed-through from another focus, or what exactly is behind that?

ELIAS: This is an expression of your energy in new movement into an expression of individual creativity in what you may term to be a new outlet. (Grinning)

FRANK: Okay, so it directly relates to everything else we’ve talked about here.

ELIAS: Yes – allowing yourself to be trusting within your ability, incorporating a new avenue, incorporating a different type of action, and allowing yourself to be expressing your creativity in an action of fun, but that is expressed quite individually yourself. Are you understanding?

FRANK: Well, I am, but my question is actually about doing this; in other words, doing the physical action of creating a lamp. Does that somehow assist in the subjective movement? In other words, I have a desire to do this, but I haven’t done it.

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing. Yes, in actuality, the allowance of your physical engagement of this expression of creativity may be influencing of your action, not merely subjectively, but both objectively and subjectively.

FRANK: Okay, very good. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

FRANK: I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

ELIAS: And I anticipate the same, and I shall continue to be encouraging of you and offering energy to you in your relaxing.

To you in tremendous affection, I express au revoir.

FRANK: And to you also.

Elias departs at 1:17 PM.

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