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Friday, May 26, 2000

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“Thought/Emotion/Political/Religious Focus”

“Manipulating Energy with Sound and Tone”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Rhonda (Adorabelle).

Elias arrives at 1:30 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

RHONDA: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have inquiries this day?

RHONDA: Yes, I do!

ELIAS: Very well! You may proceed.

RHONDA: Elias, my first question is, a friend felt that I’m moving into creating being a healer via color and music. Is this the most likely probability, and how could or should I expedite?

ELIAS: I express to you that you have created movement throughout your focus in this type of direction, for this is an expression associated with your individual intent in this focus, which also moves in conjunction with your alignment in this particular focus.

In this focus, you align with the Tumold family. Therefore, an element of your intent individually in this focus moves in that direction in association with that essence family of the Tumold, and the expression of this essence family in your physical reality is translated into what you identify as healing.

Now; I shall also express to you that the actual definition of the intent of that essence family is to be facilitating returning energy to its natural state.

Therefore, these individuals that are belonging to or aligning with this essence family of Tumold move their energy in an expression of what may be identified physically as a type of healing energy.

You are incorporating a direction in which you may choose to be creating probabilities that shall be expressive in relation to tones and sound as a facilitating tool for this action of healing, in relation to other individuals and also yourself.

RHONDA: Okay. I didn’t mean to interrupt you – is there more?

ELIAS: As to your inquiry in relation to how you may be facilitating the movement of this type of action individually within yourself or beginning this type of creation of probabilities, I shall suggest to you that you allow yourself to become familiar with the physical sounds within your physical dimension and tones that resonate within you first, and as you familiarize yourself with these different tones and sounds, you shall offer yourself information as to how you may be manipulating the energy which is associated with those tones.

Now; in this action, you shall hold the ability to objectively identify those particular tones and sounds that resonate within you in an energy expression, for you shall actually incorporate a physical sensation associated with the tone.

What I am expressing to you is that as you listen to certain tones within your objective reality and you allow yourself an openness in relaxation in the incorporation of these tones, this shall create a responsiveness within your energy centers in your physical body which may create an actual vibration within you physically.

The vibration may not appear overt or extreme initially. Therefore, it may be beneficial to you to be allowing yourself a relaxation as you experiment with different tones, and therefore allow yourself a clearer recognition of which tones resonate within you and in relation to your particular energy centers. But you shall in actuality physically feel a vibration from these particular tones. Are you understanding?

RHONDA: I think so, Elias. It’s clearer to me. I guess I need to figure out where to go to find these tones. I’m not sure if they’re from the radio, or how I will experiment with them. First I should find them.

ELIAS: You may be experimenting with the incorporation of tones in many different manners. Allow yourself to be incorporating the sounds in the expression of different musical notes, which you may access through any types of your physical recordings, or you may be allowing yourself to be connecting with these tones through an actual interaction with a musical instrument.

You may also allow yourself to be paying attention and noticing certain sounds that are not necessarily musical – tones within the voice projections of certain individuals, sounds that may be incorporated within your environment.

Some sounds you shall notice will be creating a response within you of tension. Some sounds shall appear to be soothing in your response to them. Certain musical tones shall create a vibrating action within your physical body consciousness that you may actually feel.

You may incorporate a similar response to other sounds, if you are paying attention, that are not necessarily what you identify as musical tones, but are sounds that may be incorporated within your environment.

There are many sounds that occur within your environment that you are not paying attention to, but the incorporation of these sounds, and your allowance within yourself to become familiar with them and familiar with the vibrational energy of them, may be quite helpful to you as you expand, so to speak, and move into an expression of interaction with other individuals.

There are some sounds, such as the movement of air through leaves or the sound of some creatures that are manifest as birds and the vibrational quality of the wing movement – there are other sounds incorporated by the movement of water – that you may allow yourself experimentation with, and identify the vibrational association that you incorporate and that you respond to with these sounds.

Allowing yourself to become familiar with these associations in energy shall be helpful to you in your interaction with other individuals, for other individuals are or may be responsive to similar sounds in certain actions, and to be facilitating certain movements within their own energy. (Pause)

RHONDA: Hello?


RHONDA: I heard some noise on the phone. I think it might have been someone on the other end ... Elias?

ELIAS: Continue.

RHONDA: I’m sorry. My second question ... were we done with the first one?


RHONDA: Okay. I feel I’m moving into ... hello? (There are repeated clicking “sounds!” on the phone.)

ELIAS: You may continue. (Nodding and smiling)

RHONDA: I feel I’m moving into a new relationship of the loving kind. Is this the most likely probability?

ELIAS: Presently, within the probabilities that you are creating in this now, yes.

Now; I shall also express to you that this be your choice, in how you choose to proceed in the creation of this relationship.

In this, as you continue to allow yourself to become more familiar with self and as you move into more of an expression of trust and acceptance of self, you shall also be affecting of your interaction in this relationship, and allow yourself much more of an ease and an acceptance of the relationship and of the other individual in more clarity.

In this, I express to you that as you allow yourself your own freedoms, you shall also allow yourself to be creating much more of an ease and joyfulness in relation to what you are creating within this relationship.

Let me also express to you one element in addition, in alignment with that information. If you are incorporating this action and allowing yourself an ease and a freedom within your movement, you shall also be lending an ease in energy in an influence with your small one, in an incorporation of acceptance of this relationship. Are you understanding?

RHONDA: You mean (inaudible)? (Elias chuckles) You meant my little boy?


RHONDA: Wow! Very interesting! That’s very interesting, Elias. Are we done with the second question?


RHONDA: Okay. Elias, what is my essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Adorabelle; A-D-O-R-A-B-E-L-L-E. (a-dor’a-bel’)

RHONDA: (Laughing) That’s great! (Elias chuckles) Oh, wow! You’ve told me that my family is Tumold?

ELIAS: Your alignment is to the Tumold family in this focus. You are belonging to the essence family of Borledim.

RHONDA: Could you spell that?


RHONDA: Thank you. And what is my orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation in this focus, common.

RHONDA: Okay. Am I thought or emotionally based?

ELIAS: Emotional focus.

RHONDA: What does that mean, Elias?

ELIAS: Within this physical dimension, essence manifests focuses in quite specific manners to be creating of certain types of functions and perceptions. In this, you may focus within this dimension in a type of functioning manner which manifests in four categories, so to speak.

Now; these functions – which are identified as emotional focus, thought focus, religious or political focuses – are influencing of your perception. Your perception is the tool that you incorporate in this physical dimension which creates your reality, and in a manner of speaking, processes information concerning your reality.

In this, the type of focus that you incorporate – such as an emotional focus – is influencing of the function of your perception; how it shall process the information that you intake and how it shall express the creation of your reality.

In this, emotionally focused individuals input information concerning their reality through the yellow energy center.

All of you incorporate eight energy centers within your physical body consciousness. In this, certain energy centers facilitate the processing of information concerning your reality, and also allow you the expression outwardly, through your perception, of that same energy center, which creates your reality.

Your yellow energy center does not create your reality. Your perception creates your reality, but the process[ing] of information concerning your reality moves through this particular energy center, as being an emotionally focused individual.

Individuals that are religious focused shall process information through the red energy center. Individuals that are political focused individuals shall process information through the blue energy center. Those individuals that are thought focused shall process information through the purple energy center.

This is a function of your physical manifestation within this particular physical dimension.

Now; this particular function is influencing of how you create your reality, for it is influencing of your perception within this physical reality.

In this, in similar manner to your physical nervous system within your physical body, it is influencing of the functioning and the creations of different elements of your physical body. Your blood flow, your organ functions, your physical movement and motor abilities are affected by the influence of your physical nervous system. This nervous system that you incorporate physically is an integral element of your physical body functioning.

In similar manner, the type of focus that you create in any particular manifestation is also influencing of all of your creation of your reality. It is influencing of your personality type, it is influencing of your perception, and it is the manner in which you process information in relation to this physical reality.

Now; in simplistic terms, emotionally focused individuals respond inwardly to information and stimulus through the yellow energy center and the responsiveness of their emotions. This is not to say that individuals that are emotionally focused do not also process information and incorporate the functions of all other types of focuses, but that they initially input and output their creations and their reality through the expression of emotion.

Individuals that incorporate thought focus within a particular manifestation input and output through the action of thought initially. Those individuals that incorporate the focus of religious focus input and output through feeling; not emotion, but through feeling. Those individuals that incorporate political focus input and output through sensation.

Therefore, each of these identifications of a particular design of manifestation within any focus creates a type of color lens, so to speak, through which the individual shall perceive their reality. (Pause)

RHONDA: Should I ask another question now?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing! (Chuckling)

RHONDA: Elias, how many incarnations have I had, and why have I placed emphasis on inhabitants of North America before the white man arrived?

ELIAS: As to your first question, total number of focuses within this physical dimension, 896. As to your second question concerning your association with manifestations of what you term to be Native Americans, you associate with certain physical locations and certain time frameworks as you incorporate certain allowances for bleed-throughs and memory, so to speak, within any one particular focus which is associated with other focuses.

Now; at times you may associate with a particular time framework and a particular physical location in what you term physically to be a repelling or a negative association. At other times and within other expressions, you may associate a particular draw to certain physical locations and time frameworks.

All of these associations are evidences that you offer to yourself in remembrance of yourself and of essence. This allows you an objective recognition – vaguely, but it IS a recognition – that you participate in other focuses within different time frameworks, in different physical locations throughout your globe.

In this, you do participate in more than one focus associated with this culture and in what you term to be early time frameworks. In actuality, you may be investigating if you are so choosing, and you may access four focuses which you participate within in the physical location of this continent of Northern America within different time frameworks, all in association prior to the exploration of European cultures.

RHONDA: Did you say that I could contact these focuses?

ELIAS: Quite; yes.

RHONDA: How do I do that, Elias?

ELIAS: You may access these focuses through dream state or through meditation, through the action of visualization. You may even allow yourself to be accessing information in relation to any of these focuses merely through relaxation. You may also incorporate an action of what you physically term to be hypnosis presently within your culture, for many individuals view this particular action to lend an ease to their accessing of these other focuses, as they do not incorporate a trust of their own abilities to be accessing this information. (Chuckling)

Although I express to you, you hold the ability to be accessing these other focuses quite easily, and if you are so choosing, you may allow yourself to be incorporating what you identify as quiet and relaxed visualization, and in this action, you may direct your attention to a particular generality associated with this physical location and different time frameworks, and in that action, merely allow yourself to be relaxing into the imagery, and this shall facilitate an ease in your accessing the information.

You individually incorporate quite an ease in this type of ability, in visualization. Therefore, it may be unnecessary for you to be incorporating more extreme methods, so to speak, such as the incorporation of your hypnosis or even meditations, so to speak.

You may also, as I have stated, be accessing much information through dream state, for there is a natural flow of energy which occurs within dream state and allows for much less of an incorporation of obstacles, as you allow yourself much more permission to be relaxing within dream state.

RHONDA: That’s great. Is that all for that question?


RHONDA: Elias, I’m having some irritation with my bladder, and I have to ... it seems like I have like a little frequent urination, and I’m wondering what I have created and what my body is trying to tell me. (Pause)

ELIAS: I shall express to you, this particular creation is twofold.

There is one expression of energy that you are creating in response to hesitation, in some expression, with the movement of new relationship.

Therefore, you have created a slight irritation physically, and also a physical manifestation, to be allowing you a temporary permission within yourself to be reserving your movement, and not fully moving into an expression of closeness, so to speak, in relationship yet, for you are incorporating a slight hesitancy.

Now; be aware that I am incorporating the terminology of “slight” quite purposefully, for this is not what you would term to be a large expression. It is not an issue; it is not a blocking obstacle.

It is merely a slight hesitancy that you are incorporating, with some reservation as to your identification of rapid movement into openness in this relationship, incorporating some underlying concerns in relation to the small one and also in relation to your own energy.

In physical terminology that you incorporate in this time framework, you are slightly hesitant to be “jumping into the situation with both feet immediately.” (Grinning and chuckling) Therefore, you create a slight physical affectingness that shall be a reminder to you to be moving a little more slowly than your emotions are expressing to you. (Chuckling)

In this also, as I have stated, you have created this manifestation in a twofold reasoning, that being one of the reasons. The other is that you are also simultaneously presenting yourself with an opportunity to be experimenting with your own energy. This is in relation to what we have spoken of earlier within this particular session today.

In this, as you allow yourself to become more familiar with your individual energy and your ability to be manipulating your energy and the incorporation of physical tones and sounds, you have allowed yourself the creation of a physical manifestation that you may experiment with within yourself, allowing yourself to view how you may manipulate and incorporate energy in relation to sound and tones to be affecting of the energy that you are expressing and creating physically, and what shall facilitate an action of returning your energy expression to its natural state more efficiently.

In this, rather than merely incorporating concepts, and in your desire to be moving quickly into the incorporation of interaction with sound and tone in relation to your movement within your intent, you offer yourself as an avenue for experimentation.

Are you understanding?

RHONDA: A little bit, Elias. It was very enlightening, and I grasped some of it.

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to be incorporating the actions that we have spoken of in relation to tone and sound, and familiarize yourself with your own energy and with your ability to be manipulating energy in relation to sound and tone, you may employ these actions with yourself in relation to your own physical creation in the functioning of your bladder, and you may allow yourself to physically objectively witness and observe how you manipulate energy, and how that energy manipulation is physically affecting of certain functions within your physical body.

This shall provide you with actual physical experience. This holds significance, for you may be engaging interaction and conversation with me, and I may be offering concepts to you, but without the incorporation of actual experience associated with these concepts in your physical reality, you shall not employ these actions.

Therefore, in the movement into the reality of these actions rather than merely the concept of them, you have offered yourself a physical manifestation which you hold the ability to alter. You have chosen to incorporate certain tools to facilitate that alteration by manipulating energy through the incorporation of tones and sounds. These are the tools that you have chosen to be helpful to you as focal points within your physical reality in manipulating energy.

In this, as you create an actual physical affectingness within your physical body, you offer yourself the opportunity to practice with this ability and with these tools.

RHONDA: Okay. Wow! That’s pretty amazing!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And you hold amazing abilities! (Chuckling)

RHONDA: Oh boy! It’s a different experience in physical form, isn’t it? The people that you speak with, are they often not able to fully realize their abilities?

ELIAS: Quite often! Ha ha ha! In actuality, I shall express to you, every individual that I speak with does not realize fully their abilities within this physical reality yet ... but you shall! (Chuckling)

RHONDA: In the in-between world, or where you are, it’s not as difficult to view these abilities?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary for myself to be manipulating energy in the manner that you are manipulating energy, for I do not incorporate physical action.

But as to the direction of your question, I express to you, I do not incorporate the veil of separation within my awareness that you have created within your physical reality. This is merely a difference of expression. It is not better or worse. It is merely different.

You have created this physical dimension and this physical reality with these separations quite purposefully, and they have served you quite well in your manifestations in this particular physical dimension, for it offers you the purity of your physical experiences, and offers you the opportunity to explore the physical manifestations and your abilities to be creating within a physical manifestation of energy. (Chuckling)

RHONDA: Okay. Well, I think that our time might be up, but I surely hope to talk to you again, Elias. If I were to speak with you again, could I do so on my own, or should I do it through Mary?

ELIAS: (Smiling) This is your choice. You do hold the ability to be interactive with myself objectively, although I shall also express to you that many individuals incorporate difficulty in incorporating this action, but this is not to say that it is impossible, for it is not. I express to you, I anticipate our continued interaction, and I am available to you in either manner.

You may be incorporating the objective action, such as that which we have engaged today, or you may be incorporating interaction with myself in other manners. Regardless, I shall be offering energy and interaction to you and with you continuously, and I shall offer you evidences of my presence.

RHONDA: Thank you. Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express to you this day great affection, and an anticipation of our next meeting.

RHONDA: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: To you this day, in friendship, au revoir.

RHONDA: (Whispering) Au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:31 PM.

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