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Tuesday, May 30, 2000

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ďTranscript ImageryĒ

ďMass Events: Elian GĒ

ďYou Are Far Too Serious!Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Vicki (Lawrence).

Vicís note: This is my first phone session with Elias. Actually, Mary scheduled the session for herself, but by the time we did it, I was knee-deep in transcript imagery, so I participated too. And Iím noticing that itís session 626, which is funny because thereís a standing joke between Elias and I about Regional Area 26. Ha ha!

Elias arrives at 2:10 PM. (Arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Bon jour, Lawrence!

VICKI: Bon jour, Elias! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Ah, the suspense has overwhelmed you!

VICKI: Yes, it has! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA HA! Therefore, we engage the opportunity to play once again, my friend! Ha ha ha ha ha!

VICKI: Yes, we do! And itís gonna be fun, I have a feeling!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! As always!

VICKI: As always! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) And Iím going to start with the game!

ELIAS: Ah, our game!

VICKI: Our game!

ELIAS: Very well!

VICKI: Iíd like to introduce a new category of waves in consciousness as connected to belief systems.


VICKI: There are several of us that are going to offer some entries today, and Iím going to start with Margot.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: Her entry is to connect the belief system of sexuality with the Borledim family.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Offer to Giselle, less probable.

VICKI: Okay. I have to say, I had that impression too! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Next, Bobbi would like to connect the belief system of sexuality with the Gramada family.

ELIAS: Less probable.

VICKI: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: Good guessing! (Chuckling, and I crack up)

VICKI: She has a second entry then ...

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: ... to connect the belief system of emotion with the Vold family.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Okay! Mary would like to connect the belief system of perception with the Tumold family.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And I would like to connect the belief system of spirituality with the Ilda family.

ELIAS: One point. (Chuckling, and I crack up)

VICKI: Okay, thatís it for the game!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! (Thereís a standing joke between Elias and I in this area, as I am aligned with Ilda, and I have quite a resistance to spiritual/religious beliefs.)

VICKI: We shall continue on in that category at another time.

ELIAS: Very well!

VICKI: Iím going to start with some questions for Mary, which is also interesting, as you know! (Elias chuckles)

Her first question is, what was the point of the Elian thing, in terms of it being a mass event? (Pause)

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, this mass event may be associated with the essence family of Borledim, and in this, in relation to this shift in consciousness, you may be noticing of this mass event Ė and other responses within mass events and the responses of many individuals in relation to other mass events Ė in association with the belief system of relationships.

The Borledim family, as we have expressed previously, creates what you term to be the earth stock, so to speak, and in the intent of that particular essence family .... ah! I shall be offering your game entry in this explanation! (Chuckling)

VICKI: Yes! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! We shall qualify in this session that this particular entry may not be offered, as it is not the exercising of impressions. Ha ha ha ha ha!

VICKI: Okie dokie!

ELIAS: This particular essence family engages a friction with the belief system of relationships, for the belief system of relationships holds many aspects which are intensely influencing of your reality and the roles that you create for yourselves and for each other within your reality.

In this, many of the expressions of the aspects of this particular belief system move, in a manner of speaking, contrary to the qualities and the intent of that particular essence family.

Now; as the essence family of Borledim is one of the families that are physically orchestrating the direction of movement of this shift in consciousness, in a manner of speaking, you may allow yourselves to observe that the aspects of the belief system of relationships is being addressed to in an ongoing manner, even outside of the expression of the wave which was initiated and moved in addressing to that particular belief system, for this essence family is moving energy in a manner to be drawing attention to the strength of many aspects of this particular belief system.

Now; for the most part, throughout your globe, individuals within most cultures of your reality view certain aspects of this belief system as absolute roles, in which they create tremendous expressions in intensity in association with this belief system.

One of the aspects of this particular belief system is that of family, and within that expression of family, individuals design very specific identifications and definitions of roles, and behaviors that shall be displayed in conjunction with those roles.

Now; these are extremely influencing in expressions as individuals interact with each other.

The roles of the individuals participating in the family unit, so to speak, are clearly defined within your reality in most cultures; not all, but for the most part, this is an identification that holds throughout most of your globe. Therefore, it is a very strong aspect of this belief system. In this, you assign what you identify as certain ďrightsĒ to certain roles in these family units.

Now; in assigning these rights, so to speak, what you reinforce in the expression of this aspect of this belief system is a discounting of the ability of any individual to be creating their own individual reality.

This is assigned in extreme to small ones. With the exception of very few cultures throughout your globe, there is an absolute definition, as set forth through the influence of this aspect of this belief system, that expresses that small ones most especially do not create their reality, nor do they hold the right to be creating their reality.

In this, you have created a mass event which demonstrates and offers an example of your association with this family unit as an entity in itself, and the roles that comprise this family unit.

The individual players in this scenario matter not. What holds significance is the aspect of the belief and how that influences the perceptions of the participating individuals, for you DO align with these aspects of these belief systems and you DO participate in the offering of energy to these mass events through your association with these roles.

Now; in this, you have offered yourselves an objective example in this mass event of the strength of individualsí participations, of their movement in association with their perceptions, and the intensity of what they may be creating through the manipulation of their perception, which is intensely influenced by these beliefs.

You associate that individuals holding the roles of the parents in the family unit are designated as the dictators of the reality of the family unit. They set the rules. They set the direction. They act as the guides, the teachers, the providers.

Now; within the aspect of the belief and the roles that you have accepted into your reality in this family unit, you view these roles as good, as positive, and quite acceptable. You even fit these roles into your concept of each individual creating their own reality and that you are allowing for that as a reality, but you are not.

You continue to create friction and conflict in your interactions in the relationships that you create with other individuals, and one of the expressions of this conflict is the expression of the roles that you have created in association with families.

Now; you do not merely create conflict which is limited to a family unit itself. You create conflicts in association with the roles of these family units that extend far beyond the family unit itself.

This essence family of Borledim has participated in this example in offering energy to the creation of this mass event to be drawing attention to the action of the influence of the beliefs concerning the family unit and expression, and how very affecting these beliefs are as they are projected through your perceptions, and how far-reaching they become Ė how many more individuals participate than merely those that you associate as the immediate family members.

You have involved thousands and thousands and thousands of individuals in the expression of one family. You have created a mass event in which many, many cultures throughout your globe have participated. Many, many thousands of families have participated in the actions and choices of one family.

This offers you an objective example of the interconnectedness and the lack of separation of all of you throughout your globe, and how affecting these belief systems are and how these belief systems are influencing of your perception, reinforcing that you do not create your reality.

For you may not create your reality in part. You create ALL of your reality. But if one small one is not creating all of their reality, the association is automatic that neither are any of you.

This opens the door and holds it open for the reinforcement that there are elements of your reality that you do not create, and this spills into aspects of control and protection and victim and perpetrator. There are many, many other aspects of belief systems that are involved, so to speak, with the association that you do not create all of your reality.

The one area which holds significance, in your very physical terms, to target, so to speak Ė to gain your attention in association with you creating your reality individually within every moment Ė is to be focusing the attention upon a small one, and to allow yourselves to view a small one to be manipulating his energy to be creating his reality in the manner in which he chooses, and not necessarily by the dictates of parents or family or cultures or countries ... OR the laws of nature, so to speak! (Chuckling)

For within your associations and your beliefs Ė in your common vernacular, ďby all rights,Ē for you are so very fond of rights Ė this small one should have disengaged in natural elements of your ocean with no individual to protect him, and thwarting the elements of nature itself!

VICKI: So I imagine that part of the reason that Mary was especially drawn to this event is because she is very much dealing with aspects of this belief system of relationships, and has been for a while.

ELIAS: You are correct; in many different expressions. Michael engages this belief system of relationships in many different aspects, and in this, there are many different areas of confusion in addressing to this particular belief system as he allows himself to be interacting with individuals that he has created relationships with. This addresses to roles specifically.

And as I have stated, throughout the entirety of your globe, there are very few cultures that do not associate with these particular definitions of roles and the responsibilities and the associations of the expressions and behaviors that accompany those roles, as parents, as children, as siblings. You create quite absolute definitions concerning these particular roles.

Michael is engaging, once again, a blurring of these absolutes, and therefore finds himself, once again, in the midst of confusion!

VICKI: Right, and I am also experiencing this blurring of absolutes, and I will get to that when I get through Maryís questions!

ELIAS: Very well! You may continue.

VICKI: Okay. Her second question is, regarding duplicated essence names, can we assume that you have and will indicate if the individuals involved are of the same essence?


VICKI: Okay. The next question is about a dream that Mary had. I guess there was an individual that received an essence name through another person, and later sat in on a session but didnít actually participate, and in that session, you offered her a different essence name. A few weeks after that, Mary had a dream, and in the dream, this individual was telling a bunch of different people what her essence name was, but she was telling each of them a different name. (Elias grins) Mary felt that even though the names were different, they were all the same, and I guess they both felt that the whole thing was really very funny, and Mary is curious about this imagery. She feels thereís a significance to it. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I am aware of what you are speaking and of the association of this individual and of this essence.

Now; you may express to Michael that he has offered himself dream imagery in relation to this essence name, for in actuality this may be viewed as a type of game which is incorporated by this particular essence. I shall be acknowledging of him also in his association with this energy, for I quite intentionally offered that variation, so to speak, of the essence name. (Chuckling)

The individual holds the essence name of Angelica. This essence name may be, as all essence names, translated in many different physical languages.

Now; generally speaking, essences create a tone specifically associated with a specific translation which manifests in a word within your physical reality, and in this, as you associate the same name, so to speak, or the same word within different languages, it alters the tone in the translation and therefore may alter the actual tone quality of the essence name itself outside of the translation.

In this, generally speaking, I am quite specific in offering one translation.

In example, the focus that Michael holds presently engages the physical naming of Mary. This particular name may be translated into many different languages, and these different translations hold a different tonal quality within your physical reality that may also be translated in other areas of consciousness, and therefore be the designation of a different essence in a different tonal quality.

This particular essence is quite playful. This particular essence is also dispersed. This particular essence displays and creates an experience of pleasure in relation to the game of creating translations of its essence name into different languages, but Michael is correct that the essence name is the same. The translation is different in association with different words within your physical reality.

Therefore, the name that I have offered subsequent to the initial offering of essence name, which was Angelica, is a translation into a different physical language of the same name. In your terms, the meaning of the second name is also Angelica.

VICKI: Okie dokie! (Elias chuckles) This business of essence names seems to be coming down toďthere are no absolutesĒ also.

ELIAS: The significance in this dream imagery is the aspect of the dispersed essence.

VICKI: Okay. Her last question has to do with the energy exchange itself, and this is what I wrote down:

ďRecently I have been experiencing something different while doing a session, but this has only happened a few times. It stood out the most in Rodneyís last few sessions, and itís also happened in a few others. Itís as if the personís energy is not necessarily different, but itís THERE. Itís very present and itís very noticeable, which is unusual. Is this happening because Iím doing something different or because the other person is doing something different?

ELIAS: This is an action which is created in relation to the individual that is participating in the session, so to speak, in the interaction with myself.

Now; Michael continues to be creating a similar expression to that of which he has been creating for much time framework in association with these sessions and this phenomenon.

In this, I may express to you that there has always been an element of allowance within Michaelís creation of his buffer as to the incorporation of energy of other individuals, but the buffer has been created in a manner in which for the most part, in the expression of individualsí energy in association with the energy of this phenomenon, it is, in a manner of speaking, unaffecting of him.

Therefore, he is also not noticing or paying attention to the energy of other individuals. This serves him purposefully in allowing him to hold his attention within the action of the energy exchange and not to be distracted by the movement of energy which may be associated with other individuals.

Now; within what you term to be recent time framework and quite in association with the movement of this shift in consciousness as being inserted into your objective reality, some individuals are allowing themselves an expression of a type of widening their awareness to allow their projection of energy and their reception of energy to be experienced more fully.

In this, we have always created an energy exchange with all of the individuals that participate within this forum, but the individuals physically focused, generally speaking, allow a narrow stream of that energy exchange.

As individuals widen their awareness, they are allowing themselves to expand their openness to consciousness and to the movement of energy. Therefore, within this phenomenon, some individuals are allowing themselves a more full expression and awareness of the energy exchange.

Now; in this action, what occurs is the individualís expression of energy as penetrating the buffer.

Now; let me offer to you, as I have expressed previously, there has always been an element of allowance within the buffer. In a manner of speaking, you may express, within your own visualizations physically, that this buffer is a type of layer of energy which Michael surrounds himself with, but the buffer itself is porous.

It is, figuratively speaking, solid enough to be withholding most expressions of energy Ė in what you may term to be an average projection of energy Ė in relation to the openness of individuals that are participating within this phenomenon.

Now; as individuals are widening their awareness and as individuals are opening to their periphery and becoming more familiar with their own energy and are allowing themselves to be manipulating their own expressions of energy more fully, they also may be penetrating through the porousness of the buffer, for they have recognized the movement of their own energy and that they do hold the ability to be exchanging in this phenomenon much more intensely if they are so choosing, and more fully, which offers them more of an objective expression of assimilating the information in what you may term to be a more rapid expression.

In this, the individuals have merely familiarized themselves with the energy of the exchange and with their own energy expression, and are allowing themselves more of an ability objectively to be projecting and manipulating this energy.

If Michael is so choosing, he may be adjusting his expression of his buffer and he shall not be incorporating this action futurely, although he has also allowed himself more familiarity with this phenomenon, and therefore the projection of energy as exercised by other individuals is not affecting in similar manner to what he experienced previously in the onset of this forum.

It is his choice. He may continue to be allowing for the expression of other individualsí energy, which he views as being closer, in a manner of speaking, or he may choose to be reinforcing his buffer. It matters not. It shall not be interfering with the energy exchange which occurs within the phenomenon.

VICKI: Mary did say that it wasnít unpleasant, just very noticeable.

ELIAS: Quite, for it is an expression of difference, and he is noticing of many expressions of difference recently! (Laughing)

VICKI: Okay, now Iím going to move on to my big mystery!


VICKI: This imagery started about a month ago, and it continues.

When it started, it mostly imaged in a delay in sending transcripts out to people, which happened for several reasons. There were various elements involved, where I was either waiting for somebody to answer a question, or I was waiting for somebody to proofread their transcript, or I was waiting for one of the other transcribers to send me a transcript. A few times it had to do with some very long transcripts that took longer to type. In any case, there was a delay in sending out transcripts in the beginning of the month.

A few weeks into it, the website also went down for a short time, which is another element. So, people were not only not receiving transcripts, they couldnít access the ones that are already available on the website.

Then I sent a transcript out, and a bunch of people couldnít open the file. I resent that transcript two times Ė three times total Ė and nobody could ... not nobody. Some people couldnít open it. Finally I found out that if I sent it to people individually, they could open it just fine, or in small groups.

In the initial part of this, there was actually one person that wrote and said they had received over 70 resends of this one particular transcript, so that was another piece of imagery in there.

The next three transcripts I sent out I typed personally, and everybody received them just fine. Then I started sending out more transcripts Ė thereís probably been six or seven more to date now Ė and thereís this ongoing phenomenon of sometimes some people canít open the files.

Thereís no consistency to it. Itís not always the same people; itís not all of the transcripts. The only consistent factor in the whole thing that I can see is that every time I send the transcript to the person the second time, or to a small group of people, they can open it just fine.

People have explored this from different areas, from looking at the technical end of it, the computer end of it, to the content of the transcripts ... people have explored it in many different ways, including myself, and all I know is, the imagery continues, and it continues in a non-consistent way, and it still continues to date! And I just wonder, what the heck is going on?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And express to me, Lawrence, what is your impression?

VICKI: Well, what Iíve got to so far is that ... I sent out a note in the middle of all this in which I said that I thought this was a group creation, and when I woke up the next morning, I got hit by a two-by-four on the side of the head, that this particular thought process of a group creation was a discounting of ďyou create your reality.Ē And so at that point I started to look at this in terms of, I am creating the whole thing. Itís still confusing to me to think about it that way, because of course other people are involved, but thatís one place Iíve kinda come to with it. And of course, on a general note, it comes down to ďthere are no absolutes,Ē and I kinda get that, although I am aware that I donít REALLY get it, and thatís why Iím talking to you about it! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Now; you are correct that this is not what you term to be a group creation, for you DO create your reality individually. Although it may appear that you are creating what you term to be a group reality superficially, each of you are creating your individual reality. You may create a reality in association, so to speak, with other individuals, but you are quite specifically creating your individual experience and your individual reality.

In this, (chuckling) as you are aware, first of all, there is no element to be fixed!

VICKI: Right....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

VICKI: Yeah, Iím aware, but a lot of time has been spent trying to fix it, thatís for sure!

ELIAS: But no thing is broken! Therefore, you need not be engaging the action of attempting to be fixing it, for it is not broken! (Chuckling)

You also allow yourself to be noticing that this is being created in relation to this particular action of your transcribing.

Now, Lawrence, think with myself, in the simplicity of this action, how efficiently you have created a very simple expression within your own reality.

You already incorporate information as to the wave which is occurring presently and that you are participating within, and that you are belonging to this essence family of Sumafi and therefore shall be affecting within yourself more intensely in certain expressions than shall other individuals not belonging to this particular essence family. You already hold information that movement is occurring in addressing to duplicity.

Now think to yourself, objectively, individually. You are creating your reality. You are creating your imagery. You are employing an aspect of your reality which holds much of your attention.

And what is the other element that is strongly expressed in this particular creation?

VICKI: What is the other element? (Elias chuckles) Um ... Iím not sure what youíre getting at.

ELIAS: Shall we engage a very wild guess! (I crack up) HA HA HA!

I shall attempt, in a guess, to express the suggestion of individual personal responsibility!


ELIAS: How very obvious, Lawrence! I am quite disappointed! I suspect I shall disengage this phenomenon for a few millennium as I rest and recuperate from this disappointment! (I crack up) Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

VICKI: Hmm ... personal responsibility, eh?

ELIAS: Ah, and do you not incorporate a tremendous expression of personal responsibility in relation to this action of your transcribing?

VICKI: Yes, I suppose I do....

ELIAS: AND in its transmission to other individuals?


ELIAS: And do you not view yourself to be more proficient at interaction with individuals in an individual action than within a group?

VICKI: Yes. (Elias chuckles) Yes I do, so thatís the part of the imagery where itís always fine the second time I send it.

ELIAS: Ah, for you view yourself to be incorporating less distortion as you engage interaction with one individual or with small groups of individuals rather than large groups of individuals, for this, within your perception, creates more of an open window for a factor of distortion to be incorporated.

VICKI: Hmm. Okay.... (I have pretty much lost my objective thought process by this point!)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I have not expressed that you shall necessarily be incorporating trauma in addressing to this belief system, but I AM expressing that you shall be affecting yourself, and you shall affect yourself in the expressions that are strongly held, in the influence of your own issues or beliefs. (Pause)

Take heart! Michael is engaging this particular shrine also! (Chuckling)

VICKI: Yeah, I know. I really didnít connect with that part of it.

ELIAS: HA HA HA! And I shall express to you, neither is he ... YET! (Chuckling)

VICKI: I can say that even though I did have quite a bit of concern when all this first started, now itís just become quite amusing, and Iím not as concerned as I was, and it really isnít....

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging of you in this. I am not offering you this information, that you may be incorporating judgment within yourself or discounting of yourself. (And thatís exactly what I was doing!)

This is not what you term to be a negative. It is merely a mirror in imagery in addressing to this particular aspect of the influence of duplicity in this expression, which allows you to merely view and NOT create judgments.

In actuality, it matters not. You are continuing to accomplish your goal, so to speak. You are merely accomplishing it in a different manner, which this you may view as the positive aspect of your noticing, for you are also incorporating the action of employing difference without necessarily employing conflict.

VICKI: Right.

Now, let me ask you, the other people that have created their own imagery Ė thatís the way Iím thinking about it now Ė the other people that are involved that havenít received a transcript the first time, if those people were to ask you this same question, would your response to each individual be different?


VICKI: Because each individual is creating their imagery ...


VICKI: ... as a mirror of their own ...


VICKI: ... whatever it is that theyíre addressing to.

ELIAS: Correct. There are some individuals that may be creating some aspects of their imagery in similarity, but they also are creating their own individual expression of it.

VICKI: Yeah. Well, this whole idea of the thought of group creations being a discounting ofďyou create your reality,Ē that was real strong for me when it came, but it really just kind of takes away the whole concept of co-creation. (Elias chuckles) Doesnít it? Am I thinking about this correctly?

ELIAS: In the manner that you have defined it previously.

VICKI: Itís different now....


VICKI: The definition previously isnít the way that it is, correct?

ELIAS: Correct, yes.

Now; in this also, do not discount the element of what I have expressed to you in what you are accomplishing in this action in relation to difference, for this is significant. Your allowance of yourself to be engaging difference WITHOUT engaging conflict is a significant expression and movement, for this is a movement towards acceptance, so to speak, and may be reflected in many, many, many other expressions.

VICKI: Okay. (Elias chuckles) That actually makes a lot of sense to me Ďcause I know that I have the fear of change thing going, and Iíve had it going my whole life, so that fits in with that.

ELIAS: Ah, but as I have expressed, this is significant movement. (Chuckling)

VICKI: Well, I guess thatís it for today, Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I express to my friend Lawrence, and my companion in this phenomenon, it is quite joyous to be engaging you in objective expression once again!

VICKI: It is quite joyous for me too, Elias. Itís fun!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And I shall express to you, we must be engaging this action more often! HA HA!

VICKI: And perhaps we shall!

ELIAS: Very well!

VICKI: Now that Iíve gotten over the hump of the telephone thing.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I shall be greatly encouraging of this in my expression of energy. (Chuckling)

VICKI: Well, you just might hear from the twins again soon Ė you never know!

ELIAS: Ah, I shall be anticipating in tremendous fun of this action! Ha ha ha ha! I express to both of you tremendous affection and a continuation of interaction, as always, with you each, although you are not each always listening! Ha ha ha ha ha!

VICKI: Yeah, well, speaking of which ...


VICKI: ... I will bring up one other little thing. I donít normally blame events that happen to me unofficially on you. (Elias chuckles) However, recently Iíve had a funny thing happen as Iím transcribing, and what happens is, out of the blue, from nowhere, seemingly, your voice on the video tape thatís coming through my headphones changes into this weird voice ... kinda like it sounds when somebody sucks helium out of a balloon.


VICKI: And every time it happens, it makes me jump about six feet. It sounds very, very odd.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

VICKI: Itís almost disturbing, the way that it sounds, and I really started to think there was something wrong with my VCR. It started about a month ago, but the last few times itís happened, Iíve just laughed!

ELIAS: I express to you an urgency that you be incorporating fixing your VCR. HA HA!

VICKI: (Cracking up) I donít think thatís the problem! But I DO think youíre involved in it, and I donít normally think that.

ELIAS: I identify quite literally that it is broken! HA HA HA HA! Ah, you are correct, and quite attention-attaining, is it not?

VICKI: It very much is! The first time it happened, it sounded like little alien voices!

ELIAS: You have become much too serious, Lawrence!

VICKI: (Laughing) Yes, sometimes I am!

ELIAS: You are not incorporating enough fun in your transcribing! You are so very serious!

VICKI: Well, I shall attempt to rectify and FIX that situation!

ELIAS: I have already incorporated energy to be rectifying that situation! Ha ha ha ha ha! You are becoming quite reminiscent of a scribe previously, of which I have PAINFUL recollection of. So very serious and musty. Ha ha ha ha ha! You really MUST incorporate more enjoyment and pleasure and FUN within this transcribing. You need not be dependent upon myself to be incorporating humor always!

VICKI: (Cracking up) Okay!

ELIAS: Be remembering, I must be serious with some individuals. Therefore, how may I be offering levity in relation to your job, so to speak, but to be altering the sound quality? It is annoying to you if I am blinking in and out your recording!

VICKI: Yes, it is!

ELIAS: Therefore, I have incorporated a different action. HA HA HA! Quite inventive, I express! (Chuckling) Very well. I shall discontinue. (Chuckling)

VICKI: I could go on, but I donít want to be ďtaxing of Michael.Ē

ELIAS: Very well. Blah blah blah. Taxing taxing taxing. I grow so very weary of this action. Were Michael not to be incorporating a scheduling system to be taxing of himself, I would not be engaging the watchdog action and incorporating consideration of his physical expression. (Sighing dramatically)

VICKI: I will relay that to him! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: You twins may be quite tedious at times. Both of you incorporate such seriousness. (Sighing dramatically again) Ah, alas.

Very well. We shall disengage this day, but I shall be anticipating our incorporation of future fun! Ha ha ha!

VICKI: And I shall be also! Thanks a lot, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. You may offer my greetings to your circle of friends physically, and my regards.

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: To you in tremendous affection, au revoir.

VICKI: Au revoir.

Vicís note: I wish I could convey how funny Eliasí vocal tones are when he is being funny, especially in a dramatic way. What a kick!

Elias departs at 3:24 PM.

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