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Sunday, December 17, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 7:53 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) Much discussion has transpired this evening! You have been incorporating connecting, and you all incorporate many questions ... (long pause) ... or not! (Grinning)

JIM: Well, my question of earlier, I was talking to Michael about it. With the trust, trusting issue, trusting of ourselves, I don’t quite grasp what that is of ourselves; our physical self, trusting of our essence, that we are, that that is our physical self, or trusting of our mind, of our impulses, of our body? Where do we connect the trust to? I know it’s connected from essence. Is it trusting in the teachings? Is it everything together? I’m not clear on that, as you know. (Chuckling)

ELIAS: (Smiling at Jim) Just as we spoke previously of essence and facets, one may not be removed from the other. Just as you may not remove, with your fingers, your shape from your paper once it has been imprinted, you also may not remove a facet from essence once it is created. It contains everything that essence contains. You are a facet. Therefore, what you trust is you.

JIM: The physical me?

ELIAS: Correct; for this physical manifestation incorporates all of essence also. You have moved into a position of focusing upon essence, and some of you have incorporated the concept of essence; and without realizing what you are doing, you have created the same scenario and situation as you incorporate with your religious focuses. You only label it differently now. You look now to your essence as your god, as being greater than you, larger than you, knowing more than you, being more trustworthy than you, more powerful than you; but I have expressed to you, previously, (slapping Vicki’s leg) this is no vessel! (Now slapping his own leg) This is essence! It is a physical manifestation. Therefore, in trusting the you that you know, you are also trusting in essence.

How you deceive yourselves is that you believe yourselves to be trusting in yourself, and in actuality, you are not! (Grinning) Trust incorporates no conflict! Where there is conflict, there is lack of trust! If you are vacillating, you are not trusting! You may ask, “How do I create my reality?” You do. Whether you allow yourself the realization of this or not, you create your reality. (Pause)

You may also think to yourself, “But I am wishing to create one thing, and another thing is being created. Therefore, I am not accomplishing creating my reality.” You are creating your reality! If what you desire, or what you think you desire, is not being created before you, then you must examine your intent, for you are creating what your intent wishes. (Pause)

JIM: That would be different from physical or emotional thought?

ELIAS: You may find these answers, but you must seek them out. Incorporate your intent name, and find the intent of your creations. Your intent, in your present creation, was not and is not what you have stated. Your intent was created for approval.

JIM: My own approval?

ELIAS: This is what you would term to be the “double-edged sword”; for you seek the approval of another to validate your own approval. This has been your intent in your creation; this being also why you have not changed the creation, for you have not accepted your own intent and accomplishment, for you continue to divert your thought process into explanations of your creation, which are off the mark. Therefore, you are not focused upon trusting and listening to self.

JIM: I do that!

ELIAS: You all do this! (Grinning) This is what you focus upon, in trust; you trust the goodness, the wisdom, the truthfulness, the joyfulness, the worth of self. In this, you eliminate conflict; for when you are allowing yourself a trust in these, you incorporate no need for confirmation from (to Jim) parents, (to Vicki) or children, (to Guin) or friends, (to Cathy) or jobs, or anyone! In this, you radiate out your trusting of self, which is affecting within Regional Area 2, allowing new probabilities to develop and materialize. Is this more efficiently answering of your question?

JIM: That was great. That opens a lot. Thank you. It gives me a lot to search for, but not with a lot of effort, right?

ELIAS: (Firmly) Effortlessness is not lack of action, for all energy incorporates movement. Action is part of your focus. You are physically manifest; therefore you also incorporate physical action within your reality. In this, you may concentrate as intensely as you wish, and you will not incorporate movement of your creation, for your concentration becomes confused. Your action is not confused, for it is following your intent. This is why you may think and think and think and think, and be wishing and wishing, for anything to materialize, and it will not materialize, for it is conflicting with your intent; for your actions will bear out your intent. (Emphatic pause; this is important! Thanks, Jim!)

JIM: Yes, indeed. That’s just what’s happened!

ELIAS: And we will be welcoming a new fragment of Lawrence. There is the connection which Michael is not remembering; although you may also express to him that his remembering is quite close, and I am anticipating that it will be fulfilling itself, partially, quite soon; and you also, if you are choosing! (Vicki sighs) Although Ron has incorporated the name of Remember, each of you possesses the ability.

RON: That’s kind of what it’s all about, isn’t it?

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Pause) And, how is Sophia this evening?

GUIN: Confused.

ELIAS: And may I be helpful to you?

GUIN: (Sighing) I’m sure you probably could. I just don’t know how to formulate the question yet.

ELIAS: Acceptable. I will express to you each that if you have not realized a noticing to this moment, I allow you your physical time to formulate your questions intentionally, for this allows you a clearer focus and understanding. My offering answers to you, before you have even realized your questions, is pointless. (Pause, smiling at Guin)

CATHY: So, since I am going to go to Vienna, and it is something that I really don’t want to do, and I do have conflict about it, but I have made the conscious decision to go ahead and do this unless something ... I don’t know what could happen between now and three weeks, but ... So, this means that probabilities are static? Does this mean connecting is static? Does this mean, you know, I’m gonna have a hard time meditating, doing anything I try to do?

ELIAS: No. (Smiling at Cathy, who laughs and says, “Oh, good! I’m glad of that!”) When I expressed to you that the probabilities are static, this incorporates only one focus; that in which your conflict lies. This is not to say that other probabilities do not continue without interruption. You engage and encounter probabilities of all kinds, continuously. These are not affected. Only in the area of your conflict is where you block, and you create the situation of less movement. There is not a situation of no movement, for all energy is continuously moving; but you incorporate less movement, and you only generate movement in continuing the conflict, whereas your wishing is to be discontinuing the conflict. Your intent is not always synchronized with your wishing. (Pause)

VICKI: Is that what causes the conflict?

ELIAS: Your intent does not cause conflict. Your misdirection of energy causes conflict, although you do create some situations in which your intent also does create some conflict, for your noticing, and also for your evaluation and moving through; just as a mouse moving through a maze. Your intent, sometimes, you create by blocking your shortest path, in order to experience in areas that will create conflict, for this will be what obtains your attention.

VICKI: If your desire and your intent are not synchronized, why are they not synchronized?

ELIAS: For you have created this.

VICKI: It doesn’t make sense that you would create that!

ELIAS: Ah! Once again, it does not make sense that I would create a broken leg! It does not make sense that I will be creating poverty! It does not make sense that I will be creating suffering for myself! But you do, for your experience. But you view this as negative, therefore it does not make sense! But as it is not negative, it makes perfect sense! If you are challenging yourself to be remembering and connecting with your self, your essence, you may not be listening in some areas. You will, initially, choose non-conflicting ways to speak to yourself. When you are not listening, you notice, and therefore you change your intent in one area, to obtain your attention.

If a small child is tugging at its mother and is saying, “Mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother,” and its mother is paying no attention, this small child will discontinue this action which incorporated no conflict, and may stomp on his mother’s foot, or may break an object in front of his mother, or may scream uncontrollably, therefore creating conflict, and also obtaining the attention of his mother! In like manner, your self, your essence, will speak to you without conflict, initially; and when you are not listening, this will be recognized. Therefore, it will create conflict for your attention, and you will listen, for you do not like conflict!

JIM: That carries into many, many areas, doesn’t it?

ELIAS: This carries into all areas of your existence! You will all learn a great deal in reincorporating little ones into your focus, and relating to their growth and attention differently, now.

I will also clarify, for Lawrence; the fragment to which I was speaking was not that which you were understanding.

VICKI: You were speaking of the baby, correct?

ELIAS: Yes. I was also speaking of the splintered fragment, also being newly reincorporated. (Pause)

VICKI: Regarding the remembering. Okay. Michael and I have talked about this quite a bit ...

ELIAS: And why are we not remembering our dreams? (Sarcastically)

VICKI: No. Well, that’s a small part, but quite often we feel right on the edge of remembering, not only a dream, but something much more than a dream, almost like you remember it but you don’t remember it at the same time, which doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the way it feels, and a little while ago you made a statement; you will remember if you choose to remember. Okay. I think everybody would agree with me that they choose to remember! I choose to remember! Where do you go beyond that?

ELIAS: Choosing to remember may also be a little scary, for this incorporates complete trusting; allowing all elements of yourself to be accepted and trusted. You are moving in this direction, therefore you incorporate small, very small bleed-throughs. Your dream focus is a very physical symptom of the entirety of your picture; a continuous knowing, just beyond grasp. You also incorporate great impatience, in expectance of knowing all immediately! A small amount is not enough!

You have all made tremendous, underline this word, strides consciously, and are also trusting; but you discount, and you express “This is not enough”; for you have become, figuratively speaking, greedy of this knowledge, and are wishing to incorporate the entire “pot of gold” immediately! (Grinning) Unfortunately for yourselves, you consciousness does not assimilate quite so quickly!

You are dealing with physically focused manifestations, which you have created to be working physically. Therefore, you have engaged in the process of rearranging neurological patterns and pathways. You have engaged in rearranging your creating of your reality, physically and otherwise. These are all physical realities; manifestations. Your physical expression is not “used to” this difference!

I will express to you that if you are physically writing on your paper for half of your manifestation, in years, with one hand, it will be quite difficult, in the beginning, to change hands; and you will scribble quite a lot, and your direction of your movement with your writing instrument on your paper will be very jerky and not very flowing. This is not to say that if you are practicing, that within a relative short amount of your time you will acquire the ability to be writing with your other hand; but not only your hand is involved in this writing. Your brain is involved, your breathing, your muscles, your shoulders and neck and spine, your visual perception, your sense of touch; many elements of your physical creation that you take for granted, for you do not focus consciously upon these elements. They automatically happen; but you affect all of these in making a conscious decision to be writing with a different hand.

In this same way, when you are making a conscious decision to be changing your focus, which you are, it will not immediately happen; but you do accomplish more and more. Therefore, in trusting, and accepting of yourself and your creation, accept the moment in which you are. (Pause) Realize that each “now” moment creates everything. Therefore, each “now” moment, experienced to its fullest, knowing or unknowing, is its fullest experience, and to be appreciated for its own creation. How can you expect to be appreciating of greater elements if you are not appreciating of what you incorporate now? For it will always be now, and there will always be more. (Profound!)

GUIN: I have a question. That I know of now, I have two major conflicts; one only being incorporated since I started coming to the sessions, which I understand with what you said tonight, making it more clear on something to work on, as far as letting it go. However, the second one has been incorporated for a long time, which I have discussed with you, and believe I went through a noticing of a couple different things last night, but not quite understanding how you let go when there’s other people incorporated. I don’t understand!

ELIAS: Ah! Here, we return to our example with Michael! You will approach a moment when you are trusting within yourself, and you are incorporating the process of letting go, by allowing yourself to not be emotionally manipulated by a situation or another individual, by realizing the strength and the power and the trust within your own self, and realizing that all of what you seek is pulled from within, not drawn from without. In this, when you are realizing, you will allow yourself to be letting go of these feelings, which may be quite intense, for feelings often are! You will know, for the feelings will slowly dissipate. Notice this word slowly! Do not be expecting that you will awaken within your morning tomorrow, and you will be experiencing no feelings! This is incorrect; but over your period of time, within your focus, they will begin to dissipate as you accept more of you; and then you will awaken and realize they are not there!

Here also is an area that you do not focus upon. Lawrence was offering, in suggestion, to be focusing upon accomplishments, and viewing these, and understanding how you have accomplished these things. This is a very good suggestion, for you focus very much upon your conflict; and within your conflict, as your motion of probabilities is slowed tremendously, your focus becomes dull and confused, for it is not incorporating its “usual” vibrational tone of movement. This is what you view as being so close to your situation that you may not view this objectively! The point is to view subjectively, for this is where your probabilities change. In the same way that you accomplish in what you view to be positive areas, you also accomplish in what you view to be negative. You only focus more, and more intensely, upon these negative areas, creating a much larger issue with these.

You are like floundering, kicking children, in but two meters of water! You need only put your feet down; but you are floundering so intensely, for fear that you will drown, you do not think to plant your feet! This being also why your interaction with each other is quite good, for another may attach to your flailing feet and plant them for you, momentarily; and then you may say, “Oh! I may stand! I will not drown!”; for you may stand! I will express to you that you may be speaking to Michael of this issue if you are choosing, but I will assure you that within a considerable amount of your physical time, he incorporated much conflict in regards to the present resolution.

GUIN: I bet! (Pause, Elias smiling at Guin)

ELIAS: Be remembering also: You will be continuing what you are concentrating on!

GUIN: That’s a hard one! Distractions! Christmas is good!

ELIAS: An excellent time of your year to be creating probabilities in very positive ways, so to speak; or allowing your own movements into probabilities and helping to be creating them, for you allow yourselves this charity.

VICKI: At this time of the year???

ELIAS: Many individuals will allow issues to drop away, this being an incorporation of belief systems that may not necessarily be so damaging! In this way, any excuse that you may offer to yourselves to be allowing yourselves your “cosmic boot,” and allowing yourselves permission to be moving your probabilities and trusting of yourselves, and accepting of yourselves, is acceptable.

VICKI: I’d like to ask about my dream last night, my Seth dream, as I shall term it. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I would be wishing to be asking Lawrence about his “Seth dream!”

VICKI: Well, I would imagine probably this dream has some symbolism regarding my own non-acceptance of myself, after listening to this conversation.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: But it seems like there’s something there that I’m missing.

ELIAS: Why Seth?

VICKI: I don’t know!

ELIAS: Elias is too mundane for the dream interaction! We must go beyond, and incorporate Seth! (Quite sarcastically, and Vicki laughs) Seth represents, within your consciousness, an equality with Otha. Therefore, this is a very good representation, in symbolism, of what you are wishing to be connecting with, but you are not quite sure that you are ready. This was quite clear, and a very good example to you; but you are ready, as ready as you may be, (laughter) and your answer to yourself, that you will have audience within the near future, was correct. (Whispering) Very difficult to interpret!

GUIN: Elias, I want to know what happened to Vicki’s charm, and why I feel so weird about it.

ELIAS: I will express to you that it is quite understandable that Sophia feels so “weird” about it, (laughter) for Sophia feels so “weird” about all things! (We all crack up)

GUIN: Yeah, so?

ELIAS: (Grinning at Guin) This is not of your creation, or your personal responsibility!

GUIN: No, I know that!

ELIAS: Therefore, choose this as a baby step, to allow to fly away; that you may allow yourself permission to accept yourself, and not feel “weird” about an action!

GUIN: But is she gonna find it? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! Fortune telling! (He’s on a sarcastic roll tonight!)

GUIN: I wanna know!

ELIAS: I must be incorporating my crystal ball!

GUIN: Alright! Forget it!

ELIAS: I believe also a turban would be in order! (Laughter) We must be dimming the lights, for no interference! (Here, Elias places his fingers on his temples and sways, humming) Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. It is gone!

GUIN: Where? (We are all losing it now!)

ELIAS: If the desire to be re-materializing this element is important enough, it will reappear! Otherwise, it is gone! It is also not important where, although I may view, in an inclusion in my ball, Ah, yes! I am seeing this clearly now! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I have lost the transmission. Sorry! You may catch me next week on our usual station, and you may send contributions also! (Much laughter)

GUIN: Okay. Maybe by next week I’ll be rid of it. I’ll fly away!

ELIAS: Very good! And you may not quite need a crystal ball, either!

GUIN: Good thing! I don’t have one!

ELIAS: And are you wishing more questions?

VICKI: Oh, you know me! I’ve always got a hundred!

ELIAS: We will quickly incorporate our game.

VICKI: I do have a question about the game, just out of curiosity. I’ve noticed that sometimes, when somebody asks a game question, you answer immediately, and sometimes you do your little computer check, or whatever it is that you do, and I’m curious about that.

ELIAS: (Grinning) There are many times when, within the realm of probabilities, within this group of individuals, you may change these probabilities with your answers; also my reason for expressing to you that it is quite pointless to be predicting future for you, for you are changing it at every moment, within your reality and your probabilities. You are also affecting of all other realities. In this, it is dependent upon your answers as to my response, for you have sent answers already.

View, if you will, within your imagination, a game to which you may watch upon your viewing box. In this game you may, as the audience, send your answers in. Therefore, they are already logged. Understand? Although you may, at the very last moment, withdraw one of these answers and insert another, which will also be correct. You, within this group, incorporate this action quite often within our game, for you are connecting more than you realize with this game. Therefore, there are moments that I must re-adjust for new answers that have been incorporated at the moment. This is not to say that there are not incorrect answers, for there are; but there is more than one correct answer.

GUIN: How come there’s an incorrect answer? If we get an impression of an answer, how do we change the probability and make some correct and some incorrect?

ELIAS: You may be incorporating a correct answer, and this is why you have noticed an impression. You may connect it incorrectly! You do this, within physical focus, continuously; this being another point of our game for you to notice. You are consumed with your issues of conflict. If you may notice how you interpret information and connect it incorrectly, then you will also notice where to correctly connect. (Pause) And your questions, correct or incorrect!

CATHY: “K.” I’ll go. I would like to connect, in the ... (Here, Elias is waving one hand back and forth at Cathy. Finally, she waves back. This is in reference to her whale-watching experience)

ELIAS: Thank you!

CATHY: You’re welcome! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Be noticing: If at first you do not succeed, be trying and trying again! (Grinning at Cathy) Continue.

CATHY: I would like to connect, in the bird category, an eagle with Paul.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: And in the same category, I would like to connect a parrot with Mobowah.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

CATHY: Okay. I’ll just wait a while, then.

RON: Michael would like to incorporate a couple of new categories to the game.

ELIAS: Ah! Adventurous!

RON: He would like to incorporate constellations.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: He would also like to incorporate ... how did he put it ... mythological and other dimensional beings or creatures.

ELIAS: Ah! Creatures! Acceptable.

JIM: I’d like to add another category, the category of directions.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Looking at Vicki and laughing, as he is reading her mind, as she is thinking “backwards, backwards, backwards”)

JIM: Within that category, I would like to connect indigo with within.

ELIAS: (To Vicki) This is not a changed probability. (To Jim) this answer incorporates all of your colors. Therefore, we will eliminate “in” as a direction, for they may all be connected with this one direction. Continue.

JIM: In the category of birds, for indigo, I connect the owl.

ELIAS: One point. (Long pause, while Jim looks at the board)

JIM: With purple, in woods, I’d like to connect dogwood.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Thank you. Thank myself!

ELIAS: Hush, hush, little one! (In response to Caleigh growling. He then starts petting her) Continue. We are experiencing stressfulness!

VICKI: Experiencing having to go take a pee, I believe! (Laughter) Michael’s questions for this evening; he would like to connect Ordin, in the category of metals, with brass.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And also to connect Ordin again, in the category of fabric, with silk.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: I would like to connect Ordin, in the insect category, with a dragonfly.

ELIAS: One point! (Grinning)

VICKI: And I would like to connect ... I have to do this! I would like to connect, in the bird category, I’d like to connect that parrot with Elias! (Cracking herself up)

ELIAS: Now we are being comical, with the talking birds!

CATHY: African gray!

ELIAS: Incorrect! (Laughter)

VICKI: I had to say it! In that case, I shall connect, in the seeds category, I shall connect sesame seed with Otha.

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: In the roots category, I want to connect ginger with Otha.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

GUIN: Okay. I’m just going to stick with yellow then.

ELIAS: (Laughing) No extra point for this!

GUIN: Can I do one with Ayla? In the vibrational tones quality category, the name Anna.

ELIAS: Very good! I will also express, though, that Michael may be needing to incorporate another column for these connections, for these may not be connected within your board as it stands presently. Therefore, express to him to be incorporating an essence connecting column; this being an example to Sophia that she also incorporates correct answers, only expresses them in incorrect connections within the game; but as you continue, you arrive at your correct answer. Do you see? (Guin acknowledges) Very good!

GUIN: Thank you! Staying with Ayla, in the emotions category, connecting affection.

ELIAS: An intent; very good! One point! (Pause)

GUIN: I don’t get it, but okay.

ELIAS: An intent of moving through, to accomplish connection.

RON: I would like to connect, with the essence of Twylah, the physical focus name of Thomas.

ELIAS: Another! Acceptable. One point!

RON: And in the vibrational tone category, in red, I would like to also insert Thomas.

ELIAS: I will accept this, and I will also ask for your explanation, for the benefit of our group.

RON: Having to do with Tomkin and Amos.

ELIAS: Being physically focused as a vibrational tone quality. Very good, as the understanding was quite obviously lacking at your expression, in viewing these present! (Making a “jaw on the floor” face, and we all laugh)

CATHY: Well, it’s back to me, isn’t it? I’ll take that ginger and put it in Tomkin’s category.

ELIAS: Incorrect!

CATHY: Wrong! How about home, in the places category, for Tomkin?

ELIAS: Which home? (Grinning)

CATHY: Any of ‘em! (Laughter and a long pause) Africa?

ELIAS: Ah! This is quite general!

CATHY: How about Zimbabwe?

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Looking at Vicki) Be noticing another of these, previously discussed. (Referring to correct answers being incorrectly connected) Continue.

CATHY: Okay. How about a June bug, for the insect for Mobowah?

ELIAS: Incorrect; not quite that hard-headed!

CATHY: It’s not that quite hard? Is that what you said?

ELIAS: Headed! (Somebody whispers hard-headed) As a June bug!

CATHY: Oh. (Pause) I didn’t think I’d ever get down to this, but I could do the continent of Africa for Mobowah though! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Also laughing) I believe we have incorporated this already!

CATHY: I thought it was the country. But we’re doing continents too! Isn’t it a continent and a country?

GUIN: It’s a continent.

CATHY: Oh. I thought they ... Well, I put it under the wrong spot then ... Well then, the country! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Which are you choosing for your country?

CATHY: Africa!

ELIAS: This is not a country!

CATHY: Oh. I thought it was a country and a continent. See how smart I am?

RON: Go with your Zimbabwe!

CATHY: I went through that! I must have confused myself! Obviously I did! (She’s starting to lose it!)

VICKI: How about Vienna?

GUIN: Here’s an easy one!

CATHY: Which one? What? (Ron’s note: Obviously the group, by this time, has lost a certain amount of decorum!)

GUIN: The one that’s not there! (Ron’s note: You had to be there!)

CATHY: Oh, the one that’s not there! I don’t wanna play anymore! (Laughter and group comments) I don’t wanna play anymore! I’m done!

ELIAS: You may be clasping hands with Yarr, and you may each share a temper tantrum!


ELIAS: Well, I do not wish to play anymore either! (Much laughter)

RON: He’s gonna take his crystal ball and go home!

ELIAS: Exactly! Good bye! (Poof! Gone!)

Elias departs, rather quickly, at 9:23 PM.

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