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Wednesday, December 13, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 8:53 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling at Guin) And, you are feeling better?

GUIN: Yes, thank you.

ELIAS: (Smiling at Jim) And, you are feeling better also?

JIM: Much so, yes. Thank you. I feel good. (Pause)

ELIAS: I will not incorporate this question with the others, for it is of no consequence! (Grinning in his enjoyment of his emotionally-focused/thought-focused joke) You are wishing questions this evening? (Pause)

GUIN: Okay, I’ll ask one. I want to know, by practicing on widening and noticing, will I incorporate my monthly thing again?

ELIAS: And is this your intention and your desire?

GUIN: Yeah, ’cause I guess I haven’t trusted myself enough to think that it’s okay.

ELIAS: This would be of your choosing, for you see, you choose to incorporate this frustration and anxiety. This allows you a physical focus expression of anxiety; your excuse. Therefore, if you are directing your anxiety in another direction, or eliminating it, then you will choose another probability. This probability you believe to be working for you, so to speak; therefore, this is your choice. You may incorporate anxiety in many areas, and allow yourself the permission to be expressing anxiety over this situation.

GUIN: How do I get rid of the anxiety?

ELIAS: Now Sophia may answer this to me! (Pause)

GUIN: I don’t know.

ELIAS: Did we not discuss this recently?

GUIN: Acceptance of myself? I’m working on it.

ELIAS: And all of your experiences!

GUIN: I said that this morning. Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You will accomplish.

GUIN: I believe you.

ELIAS: Believe you; but if you must, you may believe me first!

JIM: Okay, I have a question.

ELIAS: One moment, Yarr. (Looking at Cathy) Were you incorporating waving back? (Referring to Cathy’s whale-watching experience)

CATHY: I would have, if I hadn’t been fiddling with my camera!

ELIAS: You were not supposed to be focusing on a camera! You were supposed to be focusing on acknowledging a wave!

CATHY: I knew that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (To Jim) Continue.

JIM: With the birds that I acquired six weeks back, the lovebirds. You had spoken, I believe, there was consciousness in those?

ELIAS: Aspects.

JIM: Aspects? (Pause) They haven’t hatched yet. Is that something I should pay attention to, be concerned about, or just leave them alone? They should’ve hatched at this point, I believe. I’m curious.

ELIAS: I will express to you that their probability is that they will not. They have been given for your noticing. The noticing has been accomplished. It is not necessary to become physically focused, although the probability may be changed. I am offering you the most probable probability, for each moment allows for change within all probabilities. (Grinning at Cathy)

JIM: Okay. Interesting. Also, can we be affective in healing of animals? You’ve brought this up a little bit before, on how animals manifest injuries or disease. Could you expand on that?

ELIAS: I will express to you that you may be affecting with a creature, although at this present awareness, it is unlikely. Your awareness must expand, and you must incorporate a completeness of trust within your own self. This creates a connection with essence and a flow of energy, this being a flow of energy that may be directed through your black connecting color. Some individuals possess the awareness and the ability to be physically affecting, in what you term to be healing, without your scientific incorporation. This is not the usual. You may be quite affecting, through your consciousness, in what you are projecting to those animals that you incorporate, though. You may prevent certain elements from occurring, through your consciousness and your thoughts and feelings, just as you may also be affecting in creating of elements within the creature’s consciousness. You may develop your own awareness, and you may be affecting in this area, but you must be increasing your own trust and awareness first. Creatures around you do not possess reasoning within consciousness. Therefore, your affectingness must come from your inner senses and connect with their inner senses, for they do not understand your thinking process or your feelings.

JIM: It’s hard. How, what, what can I do or where, where could I look to, to gain more trustingness in myself? I seem to feel a great trustingness. Everyday, it seems to incorporate more and more. Is that just what it is, it’s daily practice, daily being with it, and, I don’t know.

ELIAS: You each, in different manners, hold an expectation that one day, within your focus, you will arise, and an action will be incorporated, and you will automatically know all! (Laughter)

JIM: Just a few more things! (More laughter) Trust!

ELIAS: (To Jim) You will incorporate complete trust of self and essence. (To Vicki) You will view all of your focuses. (To Ron) You will remember everything. (To Guin) You will know all things. (To Cathy) You will feel all aspects. You have designed this physical focus in this manner, for this experience. Your impatience may be viewed as a positive, as it is motivating for you to move forward, so to speak. I will express to you, though, that no such action will be occurring, that you will automatically “know all” and incorporate all trustfulness within yourself, within one moment! I do not know all! There are essences much wider than myself, to which I aspire to be also. You have encased yourselves within physical focus. Your essence and its reality would be completely confusing to you, and in viewing your essence within this physical focus, would also be quite frightening. Therefore, be pleased with your manifestation as it exists. Continue to aspire, but be remembering that all of your reality is within the moment. All is created within the now. Therefore, all of your awarenesses are created within the now.

VICKI: How do you aspire to widen your awareness?

ELIAS: I do not spend all of my time, so to speak, although I do not incorporate your time, thinking of only this group of individuals and preparing texts for you! (Grinning) I also incorporate connection with my own wider awarenesses, which allow me the opportunity to view more and experience more, differently than you experience, for you experience physically.

I would say to you that my experiences would be, to you within this focus, quite boring; much the same as a student listening to Ron’s aspect personality expressing nothing but mathematical equations. There are points of reality beyond mathematics. Within your focus, mathematics incorporates closer to truth than your thoughts; although all is reality, for you create your reality through your thoughts and feelings. Not all reality is created through thought or feeling, though. There are realities beyond these. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I have a question about the aspects. It’s been driving me nuts all week! (Elias starts laughing) I want more information!

ELIAS: Ah, but your information was offered yesterday, and you are requiring more?

VICKI: I didn’t think about it that way. (Elias laughs again)

ELIAS: (Still laughing) I have expressed to you that you incorporate aspects of personality which I differentiate from all other aspects; these being not necessarily counterparts, but being part, so to speak, of essence awarenesses being connected through personalities, and also connected within essence. You may not necessarily meet or physically know other individuals who are these personality aspects, but you will know them. You will identify with them as though they were a part of your soul, as you would say ...

VICKI: (Interrupting) Yeah! It’s so intense!

ELIAS: ... for they are. It is amusing to me that you insist upon thinking that Ron may be fragmented of Paul, and Paul may be fragmented of Otha, and our Sir Einstein is only floating around in your space somewhere, but is a strange personality aspect and not quite connected, but connected within your soul! You incorporate such confusion! A personality aspect will be also fragmented the same as yourself. (Pause) And we are continuing to not be understanding, (laughter) but you will understand more, as you think of this. The connections are great already, with what has been offered. Think to yourselves, when you are incorporating these types of questions, of our “shape.” (Pause)

VICKI: That was a helpful physical example. I found that very helpful.

ELIAS: Ah! Am I being complimented upon my teaching abilities?

VICKI: Absolutely! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Thank you very much!

GUIN: Elias, if I made a visual aid, would it help to understand or would it just complicate things more?

ELIAS: You may understand, within this incorporation, a bit better. Let me offer you a suggestion. You may incorporate two of your sheets of paper. Upon one, remove a circle from its surface, allowing a hole. Upon the other, you may create many small circles in a large circle, going around. Placing the sheet of paper with the hole on top of the other, you may turn this paper and view all of your facets, one by one, as you do now. (Pause, during which it is obvious that Guin does not understand) Allow Sophia a paper!

CATHY: It’s okay. I didn’t get it either!

GUIN: I got it all the way to the very end.

ELIAS: Create circles in a circle.

GUIN: Just going around the inner edge of the circle?

ELIAS: Create circles. (Pause, during which it is obvious that Guin does not understand) Create squares in a circle! (Here, there is a pause during which Elias is grinning widely, obviously getting a kick out of our discussion regarding how to draw this circle, while Guin is frantically drawing circles on her piece of paper) It is quite warm in this focus, is it not? Michael incorporates this small frame.

VICKI: Michael is always very cold.

ELIAS: Hmmm. I express to him that he may be concentrating on his own warmth, and eliminating so many layers of clothing when incorporating Elias.

VICKI: Okay. (Another pause, while Elias waits for Guin to finish)

GUIN: He’s cutting the circle. (Indicating Ron)

CATHY: It’s done!

GUIN: Oh, that’s a little circle!

RON: That’s because all your facets are little!

GUIN: Okay. I got it. Put it on top?

ELIAS: Correct. (Another pause, loaded with non-comprehension)

GUIN: Turn it upside down? (Here, Elias gives us all one of his “Oh brother” looks, and we all crack up)

ELIAS: We shall incorporate a new element, for Shynla’s benefit! Allow Elias an instrument for writing! (Vicki hands him a pen) Thank you. (To Cathy) Pretty tricky! (To Vicki) I am requiring of a paper. (Vicki holds a tablet of paper for Elias, on which he draws a circle of squares. When he is finished, he places the point of the pen in the middle of the circle)

Your pinpoint for connecting papers. Your hole for your top paper shall be placed that it may rotate on top of each square, stopping at each square to incorporate Sophia focus, Joquin focus, Thomas focus, Bertrand focus; continuing around that you may view each focus individually, and you may understand that within this center area is essence, waving out to all individual facets. (Still demonstrating by drawing on the paper)

GUIN: Okay. Now, then you could put another bigger circle with Ayla, and put that circle next to that circle, being connected with that circle, right?

ELIAS: Or, you may put a smaller circle within, for you do not look without. All is created from within. (Smiling at Guin)

GUIN: So if I took a really big piece of paper and put a really big circle, and had that circle and then that circle and then that circle and that circle and that circle, can I do the connections?

ELIAS: You will be the outermost circle! (Pause)

GUIN: Oh, no! I thought it went the other way around!

ELIAS: (Smiling) For you are viewing within physical terms. You view yourself, and you look outward through your eyes and you view bigger, and you see your planet as bigger, and you see your universe as bigger, and they are all incorporated within you. You are bigger! (Pause, with many sighs) Therefore, the farther you travel, so to speak, within, the wider your awareness. (To Guin) This is quite an attractive pose! (Laughter) You do not incorporate a sheet of paper big enough to be you! (Elias starts laughing)

GUIN: (Obviously frustrated) Well, I was trying to do it to understand the wider awarenesses of us here, such as Otha and Ordin and yourself and Rose, and trying to get ...

ELIAS: For somehow, it will be easier to be understanding Otha and Ordin and Rose and Elias and so forth, than yourself! (Laughter)

GUIN: Okay, I’m done!

ELIAS: I will express to you that you at least understand your own language!

GUIN: Oh, brother!

ELIAS: (Laughing)) There is no language incorporated with Otha and Ordin, therefore it may be easier to be focusing on the largest circle first! (Pause, grinning at Guin)

GUIN: Oh, I have more to say, but I’m not saying no more, so you guys can all go now! (Elias starts laughing again)

VICKI: Well, I have a question for Michael. First, about Michael; what was the source of Michael’s irritation this evening?

ELIAS: Frustration. Michael is encountering elements of his reality that he does not understand, and when Michael does not understand, he becomes frustrated, and when Michael becomes frustrated, he becomes irritated!

VICKI: Oh, I wouldn’t understand that at all! (Laughing) He did want to ask about these “twinge flashes” he’s been having the last few days, flashes of being upset, or feeling out of sorts.

ELIAS: I will offer you one statement: Be instructing Elizabeth to be connecting with her sibling. He will encounter his answer.

VICKI: Okay. Michael’s other question had to do with wondering about the source of inspirations.

ELIAS: I will express that Lawrence has quite efficiently offered an explanation of this, but as you each do not always listen to each other, and as oftentimes you incorporate into your reality my words easier, I will echo your explanation.

Thought is reality. Whether you physically manifest thought within this reality or not, you do physically incorporate thought with some reality, somewhere. In this, all things have been created. Therefore, when you are receiving an inspiration, you are unconsciously, so to speak, connecting with known information. You do not realize or recognize this as a remembrance, but you have connected with a known reality; that you are focused within a facet. An action of a facet may appear, within your reality and consciousness, as an inspiration. A building of a cabinet may be an inspiration, for it has been built already by a facet. (Long pause)

VICKI: I have another question, just briefly, about the scissors in my dream the other night. I can’t figure out the scissors.

ELIAS: Any object would have been the same.

VICKI: Okay. (Pause)

ELIAS: Within the symbolism of your dreams, they are not always deeply incorporated psychological symbols. Many times, you insert a familiar object and focus upon this within your dream state, for it is familiar. It is a common object, and allows you to feel a continued connection, and safety. When you are moving into areas of your consciousness that are very unfamiliar to you, you may attach yourselves to very common, mundane objects or actions within your dream state, for this incorporates safety, and a feeling of continued connection with your personal identity.

VICKI: Thank you. (Elias turns to Cathy, smiling)

CATHY: So, how might I be able to practice my empathic abilities a bit better? I’m talking about with animals. I like that better than people, although the tree was pretty good. Well, I guess that was conceptualization. The tree in Maui was pretty powerful.

ELIAS: You share a quite similar perception with Michael in this area, of wishing to be connecting with all other elements other than individuals! (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You may practice with creatures, in demonstrating your empathic sense. You will need practice! Be concentrated, but also be allowing yourself to not hold so tightly to your own physical focus. Allow your consciousness to drift. Release your hold. Allow this to connect.

CATHY: I also have my intent name. What do you think of that?

ELIAS: And what do you think of that??? (Laughter)

CATHY: I think that’s what I do. I think it’s what I’ve done in the past ... if there was one.

GUIN: Tell him what it is!

CATHY: He knows what it is! (Laughing)

RON: We don’t!

VICKI: (To Elias) You know everything, don’t you? (Sarcastically)

ELIAS: I believe that the individuals within your physical group have not mastered this sense of telepathy quite yet!

CATHY: Probability Changer.

ELIAS: Quite appropriate.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: Sometimes! (Laughter)

CATHY: I was waiting for that! I was waiting for the kicker! I knew it was gonna come. Well, the ability is there, anyway.

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Pause, smiling) And how are your probabilities working, for your physical distress?

CATHY: They’re moving in the right direction.

ELIAS: Interesting that you have created this at all!

CATHY: Rather amazing too, huh? (Long, uncomfortable pause)

GUIN: Hey! How about that game! (We all crack up)

ELIAS: We may always be counting on Sophia! (Grinning widely)

JIM: Well, while I was out there “searching,” I came up with my intent name as well.


JIM: And, I appreciate the clue. Searcher; Search for short.

ELIAS: (To Ron) Log this!

JIM: Got it! Ink it in! That’s what I do ... everything!

ELIAS: Now, search for your future focus, within your diagram and wheel that I have expressed as an illustration, and find the future searcher, and explore his view of the searcher.

JIM: Oh! Okay. That’ll be an experience. (Pause)

RON: I have a dream question that’s partially for Michael’s benefit. Recently, I’ve had a couple of dreams involving, in Michael’s terms, babies in boxes. Is there anything that I can tell him to ease his superstitious feelings about these dreams? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Michael is quite amusing! This shall serve as an example, that you may encounter a wider awareness, and you may physically incorporate this within your reality, and you may also simultaneously hold to your belief systems and your superstitions! One does not always completely influence the other! You may express to him that these dream encounters do not incorporate infants and death! It is not a symbolism of babies in small coffins, as he may be thinking!

Therefore, he may feel secure that Olivia is fine, and quite healthy and growing quite rapidly, much to Elizabeth’s distress; much more to Elizabeth’s future distress! (Laughter) The probability has been chosen, and the connections have been made. Therefore, he need not worry for the safety of Olivia, unless I am expressing that Olivia is changing her name! Then he may worry! (Grinning) Although the symbolism of the infants that you continue to encounter within your dream state is a connection with these two infants, and is a recognition of the connection, this is not to say that the actions incorporated around the infants are necessarily connected with the infants themselves.

RON: Is that why the number two keeps coming up in other dreams too? I seem to be dreaming of two windows. In fact, I’ve had a couple of dreams of two windows.

ELIAS: Two windows being more significant of the two little twins, for these do incorporate a consciousness window. Very good remembering! (Pause, smiling, and then to Guin)) The game!

GUIN: Sure! That’s okay with you?

ELIAS: Well ... your timepiece is reading what? For I may have another engagement, and I may be late for it, as I am incorporating physical time ... alright! (Humorously sarcastic, and we all laugh)

GUIN: Okay, I’ll start then. I would like to connect, in the category of desire, connecting, with Ayla.

ELIAS: Very good, Sophia; continuing with your gift also. One point.

GUIN: And staying with the same essence, since I seem to like her so much, in the category of woods, eucalyptus.

ELIAS: One point. Now, you may be experiencing Michael, who will be experiencing an instant remembering, from your question previously, of your woods.

GUIN: I thought it was the same one. (Pause)

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Michael must be attending to this physical form more conscientiously. It is incorporating low rattling sounds, which I will interpret to be, he is not incorporating enough sustenance.

VICKI: He doesn’t eat very much.

ELIAS: He should be incorporating this art more completely, and more often! (Pause)

CATHY: Well, I would like to connect the art of drawing with Twylah.

ELIAS: Incorrect. You are each continuing along the same line, connecting with each other through your perceptions, and not exactly connecting with the essence.

CATHY: Let’s go back to this element category for Tomkin. Currents?

ELIAS: (Laughing) You may incorporate this. (Pause)

CATHY: But what?

ELIAS: I was hopeful that you would be moving a step further with this idea. You are in the right direction, though.

CATHY: Water!

ELIAS: Now we will play hot and cold. Very cold!


ELIAS: Currents is acceptable.

CATHY: Okay.

ELIAS: Focus! (Grinning) One point. I will express to you, as I stated previously, each of you possesses elements very similar and alike to the essences to which you are connected, this being why you are connected to these essences. Within this, in viewing your essence and its dispersement, think of this as motion. Think of the energy of essence, as it incorporates waves.

CATHY: Okay. How about Pegasus for Tomkin, as the god.

ELIAS: One point! (To Vicki) This is not incorrect, “Pepper!”

RON: Kind of like rubbing salt in an open wound! (Elias laughs) I’d like to connect, in the fabrics category, I’d like to connect the fabric of cotton with Otha. (Oh, you guys are soooo funny!)

ELIAS: One point.

RON: And in the wood category, I’d like to connect cypress with Elias.

ELIAS: Incorrect, but a very good guess!

RON: I’ll have to think of something else. Go ahead.

VICKI: In the energy category, I would like to connect the energy of water with Otha.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Acceptable. One point. I am understanding of your focus. (Pause)

VICKI: And in the insect category, I will connect Ordin with that darn beetle!

ELIAS: We are trying again! (Grinning) Incorrect! (Laughter) You will find the beetle eventually!

JIM: In the energy category, for Twylah, heat.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: And in art, watercolor painting.

ELIAS: Incorrect! (Laughter)

JIM: Just painting! Just paint!

ELIAS: Incorrect! (More laughter)

CATHY: Finger-painting! (We’re all cracking up)

ELIAS: Expression: All painting, incorrect! All drawing, incorrect!

JIM: It’s the art of, it’s right there! I’ll search for it! (Elias starts laughing, and Jim, getting his own joke, says) Oh! Okay!

RON: I’ll try another one. In the metals category, I’d like to connect copper with Tomkin.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Notice how well I’m staying away from orange?

ELIAS: We shall allow Ron one point extra, for attempting such a valiant effort! (Laughter)

RON: Thank you!

VICKI: Well, I just got an impression. In the category of art, connected with the essence of Twylah, sculpture.

ELIAS: (Grinning widely) One point! Although I must express to these individuals present that this also incorporates what you will be terming as “cheating,” for Michael is right here, (motioning towards Vicki) saying “sculpture, sculpture,” and Lawrence is speaking up, “sculpture, sculpture!”

VICKI: No argument there!

CATHY: That’s really cool, though!

VICKI: It sure is! (Cracking up) I do have a game question for Michael. In the category of woods, he would like to connect Elias with cherry wood.

ELIAS: One point. (Pause, while Vicki tries to remember another game question for Mary, from previous conversation)

VICKI: Also for Michael, in the category of desire, to connect Otha with the desire to connect.

ELIAS: Very good! One point. (Pause, grinning slyly) This was not Michael’s question!

VICKI: He did have the impression!

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Still grinning)

GUIN: Can I ask a question? In the desire category, is everybody connected with connecting?

ELIAS: No. (Still grinning)

GUIN: Okay. I thought it was one of those female/male things, you know.

ELIAS: There is no female/male thing! (Still grinning! Does your face ever hurt after the sessions, Mary?)

GUIN: Exactly.

ELIAS: There is no other category that you have chosen thus far that incorporates all correct answers.

GUIN: But yet, they are!

ELIAS: In one sense. We will refer to this last point, and I will express that there exists another answer also. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

CATHY: I have one. Actually, it was Geri’s. She wanted to know if there was any significance to the fact that her child was born on the sixth, and Elizabeth’s child is going to be born on the sixth.

ELIAS: Is this not obvious?

CATHY: I guess besides the obvious.

ELIAS: They have both chosen one number, for they are one. (Pause) This essence incorporates one essence, creating two twins of one essence; unlike Lawrence and Michael, possessing two essences. (Pause)

CATHY: Oh. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: I will await your formulation of a question.

CATHY: Right now, you’re gonna wait? (Laughing)


CATHY: ’Cause you’ll be waitin’ a long time! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: It will seem as no time for me, but these individuals may incorporate distress in waiting also. Therefore, I alone will wait! I will be dismissing myself, and you may connect and be contemplating this information.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Yes, thank you for all your helpfulness.

Elias departs at 10:22 PM.

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