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Wednesday, June 07, 2000

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ďThe Illusion of AnticipationĒ

ďEnding Intimate RelationshipsĒ

ďWinning the Lottery Ė Or Not!Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jo (Gildae), and Marj (Grady).

Elias arrives at 12:11 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JO: Good afternoon!

MARJ: Good afternoon, Elias! (Elias chuckles) Itís nice to hear your voice again!

ELIAS: And you also!

MARJ: Thank you!

JO: I have a couple of questions for you, if thatís okay.

ELIAS: Very well.

JO: Iíve been having a really difficult time, I guess just trusting myself and the decisions Iím making with my husband and our marriage, and I keep going around and around in circles, and I just need your help (laughing) in trying to figure out what it is that weíre doing! I donít even know how to explain it. (Elias chuckles) I just got to the point where I was going, ďI need help Ė we need to call Elias.Ē

It was funny because right after I made that decision Ė and Mom will be talking to you too Ė we both immediately felt better, and I was hoping you could give me some insight into what it is that Iím doing with this.

ELIAS: Very well, Gildae. First of all, let us discuss the situation in relation to YOU.

You are setting forth the inquiry, ďWhat are WE doing within this relationship?Ē Now; you and I shall adjust that question in our discussion to, ďWhat are YOU doing?Ē From that perspective, express to me what YOU are doing.

JO: I missed part of what you said.

ELIAS: Let us not be engaging discussion in the framework of the ďwe,Ē but in the framework of YOU.

JO: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, initially I am inquiring of you, what is your perception of what YOU are doing?

JO: My perception is that Iím working through ending my marriage.

ELIAS: Now; express to me, what do YOU desire?

JO: Thatís a difficult question, because I can tell you what I donít desire. But what I actually desire, Iím having a hard time with. I know I want ... peace and harmony are the two biggest things, and....

ELIAS: Very well. Express what you do NOT want, for in the identification of what you do not want, there is also an expression of many elements that you DO want.

JO: I donít want to fight anymore, and I donít want to talk about things that are only interesting to him. The biggest thing is, I donít want all this stress and tension. I want to wake up feeling happy and excited about things, and being able to talk about things. I donít want to wake up in the morning having an argument, and with feelings of all of these things that I have to do in order to keep from having conflict and having arguments and things like that.

ELIAS: And in these expressions that you do not want, do you also not want to be interactive in relationship with this particular individual any longer?

JO: Thatís the biggest thing, because I feel like Iíve gotten to the point where Iíve said goodbye, but I havenít actually physically left yet. I think we could be friends, but beyond that, no Ė I donít want to do this anymore.

ELIAS: Very well. Now; in expressing what you do NOT want, you are also expressing, in a manner of speaking, what you DO want. Let us identify what you do want.

You want to be experiencing no conflict. You want to be experiencing joyfulness. You want to be experiencing more of an expression of choice. You want to be experiencing your reality outside of the intimacy of relationship with this particular individual, correct?

JO: Oh yeah, thatís it!

ELIAS: You also view, within the choices that you present to yourself in this present now, that you may not be accomplishing most of those actions if you are continuing within this relationship in intimacy with this particular individual, correct?

JO: Yes, but I have thought about ... this is where I get really confused, because I know that it doesnít really matter, and I could change my perception and let it work, or try to ... see if it works with him.

ELIAS: I shall stop you momentarily, for this direction that you are moving into is associated with an underlying assessment of what is right or wrong or good or better.

JO: Right, but I ... yes, it is.

ELIAS: And this is not the point. The point is inquiring to yourself, what is the direction that you wish to be creating? What is it that you want within your focus, and also, what is it that you do not want within your focus? And within the now presently Ė not projecting yourself futurely as to what you may or [may] not create in possibilities, but holding yourself in the now Ė what are the choices that you may be engaging to facilitate creating what you want and eliminating the creations that you do not want?

Now; the elimination of creations that you do not want is quite simple. You merely stop creating (Jo giggles) what you have been creating. You choose not to continue creating what you have been creating. This is objectively a quite simple choice and action.

As to movement concerning what you want, that may be viewed slightly more difficultly objectively, for you incorporate your beliefs and you cloud your viewing and your perception of your abilities to be accomplishing what you do want.

Now; identifying what you do not want may be quite helpful, for it allows you more clarity in your identification of your choices and opens your perception slightly more to the choices that you may present in availability to yourself.

In this, the key identification of choices in this particular situation is to be recognizing the response to the question of, do you want to continue to be creating an intimate relationship with this individual?

This is key, for it is influencing of the choice of direction that you may incorporate in relation to the other questions that you are inquiring of yourself.

You may, as you have stated, create this joyfulness and lack of conflict and a different type of movement within the continued expression of intimate relationship with this individual if you are so choosing, but if you wish not to continue with this individual, those questions are eliminated. Are you understanding?

JO: Yes. Yeah, I do understand that, and....

ELIAS: Therefore, what is your confusion?

JO: Well, I guess it comes down to just trusting that Iíve created myself into this relationship, and so I have the ability to create myself out of this relationship, and....

ELIAS: Let me express to you the inquiry in a different manner. How are you complicating your choice?

JO: I donít see a way out. Iíll see a choice ... and it was funny because I had made a decision about living arrangements, and before I even said anything to him about it, he woke up one morning all upset. He had had a dream that we were living the way I was thinking, and that was like, oh great! (Laughing) I was going to suggest that he live away from home Monday through Friday, and Iíll live away from home Friday through Monday morning, and before I could even tell him that, he had the dream that we were living that way, and he was all upset, and I was like, oh great! And then he turned around and quit his job, so that choice seems to have evaporated. So now Iím like, okay, what other choices are out there?

ELIAS: Now....

JO: Iíd like to win the lottery! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Let us discuss what you want and your choices.

In this, you are answering my question, but you are not answering my question in the manner that you are understanding what you are answering! (Laughing) I am understanding the identification of how you are complicating this situation, and the simplicity of engaging or actualizing the choice that you want. But you are not viewing what I am viewing. You are answering my question, but you are not understanding your answer to my question.

What you are expressing, in part of your response to my question, is a focusing of your attention upon the actions and choices of the other individual, and expressing that this is dictating to you your choices, for your choices are based upon the choices of the other individual. But they are not. This is one area in which you are complicating your choices.

Your choice, as are all choices, is quite simple. You have already identified what you want, and you objectively may offer yourself the recognition of your ability to be accomplishing that want. But you are complicating your choice by holding your attention outside of yourself, and concerning yourself with the choice of your partner.

You are also influencing your choice with your beliefs concerning your partner and your children and other individuals, not wishing to be creating an imposition.

JO: Right.

ELIAS: Therefore, the main element of complication is that your attention is focused upon many other individuals rather than self.

JO: I can see where that is the truth. I do try to take everything into consideration (laughing) and worry about that before making a choice, and the thing thatís complicating everything is, I feel that to leave, there has to be ... certain things have to happen first.


JO: So I know, but it comes down to, Iíd love to pack myself and my kids up and walk out the door.

ELIAS: Ah, but this holds difficulty within you, for there are many beliefs that are influencing of that type of action, are there not?

JO: Yes, there are, but the biggest one is, where would we go? I feel like I have to create or come up with a plan or a place to go.

ELIAS: Ah, a plan!

MARJ: (Cracking up) I love how you say that! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: And a plan is a projection into the future, (chuckling) an anticipation, an expectation. These are elusive illusions!

I express to you that this thought process that you are creating in this manner, assessing that you need be creating your plan of action and where you shall go, so to speak, is being implemented quite in conjunction with your beliefs also, for you are engaging beliefs concerning responsibility and control and rationality, sensitivity to other individuals, how you identify yourself, how you assess other individuals, what shall be least inconveniencing for other individuals within your reality.

You create this thought process of a plan to hold yourself in the position that you are occupying presently. Therefore, you are choosing to continue to create what you have been creating, and you are choosing NOT to be engaging choices in a different expression. You are CHOOSING to not move.

JO: Okay, because I canít make everything fit the criteria that I believe it should fit before I can walk out the door.

ELIAS: You CAN, but you are not presenting that to yourself presently. But you do hold the ability to be creating that also, IF you were so choosing.

But presently, you are choosing to continue creating what you have been creating. You are continuing to remain in the position and the role that is familiar to you, for movement outside of that or in a different direction is unfamiliar and therefore also holds an element of fear, and although you may be experiencing discomfort in what you are presently creating, it is not fearful, for it is familiar.

JO: So, what do I do? How do I get past....

ELIAS: You offer yourself permission to be creating the choices that YOU desire, and allow yourself to hold your attention with self and not concern yourself with the creations of other individuals.

You allow yourself to be holding your attention within the now, and observing and presenting to yourself the choices that are available to you NOW, and you discontinue projecting yourself into your anticipation of future situations, choices, and events which are mapped within your plan. For your plan matters not, for it is not now, and your future is being created now.

JO: Iíve been trying to address a lot of things in my relationship with my husband. I feel like I AM taking small steps, and changing, and not being as afraid as I used to be. Does it just come down to just trusting that itís all going to work out the way I want it to?

ELIAS: I shall express to you quite simply, yes.

JO: So the key here would be to just relax, and as things unfold, make my choices and my decisions then.

ELIAS: In the moment. I shall express to you quite in simplicity, what you have stated is quite accurate, for it is not in actuality a question of waiting, so to speak, but the recognition of trusting yourself and your abilities, and knowing that you are already creating what shall occur futurely, for you create the future now.

The future is not created in the future, for there is no future. There is merely the idea of the future, for as the future becomes actualized, it also is the present.

Therefore, what you create are the choices within the now, and those choices within the now, hypothetically, are creating the future, or what you view to be the future, for as what you see as the future is actualized, the choices that have now moved into the past are those that have created the present.

Now; I am understanding that this may be confusing to you. Let us speak in more solid terms, in your assessment.

In this, if you are creating the alignment with a fear presently and you are anticipating the actualization of that fear presently, and each moment within your linear time framework continues and you with it continue to be holding your attention in anticipation of fear, as the time framework approaches which holds the element of your anticipation, or the event, so to speak, in the now you continue to concentrate your energy upon the creation of the fear.

Therefore, as the moment of your anticipation becomes actualized and is no longer future, and the moments have passed in which you have been creating the anticipation and the expression of fear, they converge together to create the present, and the fear is actualized.

Example: You may be anticipating offering information to another individual, and in that event, you anticipate that the individualís response to the information that you offer shall be offensive to you or hurtful to you, and this creates an element of anxiety within you now. The actual event has not occurred. You view that to be an event that shall be created within the future. In the now, you continue to anticipate, and in that anticipation, each moment you are creating a reinforcement of the fear, and you create a larger and larger expression of energy configured into that fear. Moments pass, days pass.

Now; the anticipation that was in the present has now become the past, correct?

JO: Yeah.

ELIAS: And you continue in the present to be creating the anticipation and the fear, and you add to the anticipation and the fear, anxiety. And in the now, in the present, this is what you are creating. You are not distracting yourself. You are not choosing to be creating a different expression. You continue to be creating that same expression, moment by moment.

Now you have created the past AND the present, of the actualization of the fear, and anticipation and anxiety concerning what shall be within the future, but you have not yet created the actualization of the future. And as the moments and the days pass, you approach and you actualize the moment, the day of your interaction with another individual, and you offer your information to the individual and you engage the very response that you had anticipated, for you have continued to be creating that energy in the past, in the projection of the future, and in the present, and now the future is present and you are continuing your expression and you actualize it.

It is not that you project some elusive expression of energy into some elusive expression of the future, and that you shall move closer and closer to it as though it were some type of expression of a finish line. You are creating and actualizing what you concentrate upon in the now, and the now creates the past and the future.

Now; at times you do not actualize that expression of fear, for you turn your attention, and in the now, you are not paying attention to the future, and therefore you are not creating that expression, and when the event occurs that you perceived to be future within the present, you are not creating the anticipation or the fear of the interaction in the manner of discomfort, which may have been anticipated momentarily in the past, but now that is an expression within the past and not the present.

What I am expressing to you quite simply is that your trust and your acceptance of self within the now is extremely powerful, for that is what creates your reality in the present, and it also creates your reality in the past and in the future, all simultaneously.

Everything you create is created NOW. Therefore, you may allow yourself to view that you hold a WONDROUS expression within your reality, which you identify as CHOICE.

For unlike the illusion of anticipation, as you allow yourself to recognize the reality that you are creating all of your choices in the now, you offer yourself a freedom. Anticipation offers you limitation, for you lock yourself into a particular expression and you offer yourself few or no other choices.

But as you realize that you hold the ability to be altering your choice in each moment, regardless of how solid any choice that you are creating appears objectively, you continue to hold the ability to alter or change that choice moment by moment, and this is a tremendous freedom.

I have expressed previously and I shall reiterate in example now, even in actions that you assess to be ongoing, such as a dis-ease or the breaking of a physical bone, this is a choice. It is a choice of a creation, and that creation is created moment by moment repeatedly.

As I have stated previously, even in examples that you offer to yourself such as a broken bone, in each moment, you create a choice to be continuing to create that broken bone or to be altering that choice and not creating it any longer.

This is the expression of your miracles. They are not miracles! They are merely choices to be turning your attention, and not to be creating what you have been creating moment by moment to that point.

(Intently) Every moment offers you the opportunity of choice. You are never locked into the re-creation of any choice. You may always create a different choice within each moment.

THIS is the key to freedom within your movement Ė your realization of choice, and in that, allowing yourself to trust self and to hold your attention within you and within the now.

JO: Thank you, Elias. Iím gonna have to listen to the tape and read the transcripts more, (Elias chuckles) and Iíll work on that.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

MARJ: Elias, Iím just gonna stick my nose in here for one second. Joanne has had, for a long time, a peace-at-any-price feeling, and she has been lately speaking up, stating how she feels about things, drawing a little line in the sand to say that sheís not going to put up with this any more, and since sheís been doing that, Iíve noticed a change in her, which is bringing about changes in her husband also.

Am I correct in assuming that in little increments, she is bringing about change and is working her way through some of these problems? Sheís not throwing it all up into the air and walking out the door, but she is progressing, in a sense. Is that a correct assessment?

ELIAS: In your manner of speaking, yes. I am quite acknowledging of this!

Were you not moving in this type of expression and allowing yourself to become more familiar with yourself and allowing yourself to move more into an expression of trust of yourself, I would not be engaging this discussion with you this day, for you would not be objectively understanding what I am expressing to you, and you would also not be listening.

I am offering this information to you in reinforcement and validation of the movement that you are already creating. You are already creating your own expression of reinforcement to yourself of your trust of self, and also of your abilities in this focus.

The information that I am offering to you now is an addition to that expression of trust of self and of your abilities, that you may continue in the direction that you are presently choosing and expand this expression, and allow yourself permission more so to be creating your own choices without limitation, and to allow yourself to recognize the beliefs that hinder your movement in certain choices or in viewing your choices or that create obstacles before you, so to speak, in which you shall hinder your availability of your own choices.

Do not concern yourself with the choices of other individuals. Other individuals create their choices, and you may choose to be creating in alliance with them or you may choose not to be creating in that manner. You shall all continue. Another individual shall not disengage their focus as you create your choices.

Each individual chooses to be participating or not in each scenario, in each interaction. Therefore, how shall you be an imposition to another individual if that individual is choosing to participate? Why shall you accept the dictates of another individual as to how you shall create your reality? You have endowed yourself with the ability to be creating your reality quite efficiently!

You doubt your ability to be creating your own reality. You doubt that you ARE creating all of your reality. What I am expressing to you is the freedom of knowing that you DO create all of your reality, that you are not subject to the dictates of any other individual or any other expression within consciousness, only to your own.

JO: Yeah, I think Iím becoming more and more aware of that, and feeling my own sense of power instead of feeling powerless.

ELIAS: Quite, and I am encouraging of you to be continuing in this expression, for this is your new exploration Ė the exploration of self and the tremendous expression of freedom that lies within that exploration! (Pause)

JO: One more question. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! As we heave a huge sigh! (Laughing)

JO: Well, Iím just ... off and on lately, Iíve been so hard on myself, so very judgmental, and Iím really going to have to pay attention to everything you just said to me even more. I heard everything you said; I just need to go back and internalize it. Thank you. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Chuckling)

JO: My last question has to do with the lottery. Iím still working on that! (Elias laughs) Last time I got it up to about $365,000,000 with no winner! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) And then I just sort of gave up, and someone won it Ė someone else won it.

I know youíve said a lot, in the transcripts Iíve read recently, about motivation, and I know my motivation has to do with feeling that Iíll go from a position of powerlessness to a position of power and control, and having recognized that motivation, that motivating factor, how do I address to that? Is it just recognizing it?

ELIAS: This is what you may be noticing in the very discussion that we have been engaging this day, for the expression of actualizing these types of probabilities is an expression of trust.

JO: I did have one night where I felt that I had won, and it was strange because I went home and I thought, is it possible? Can you trust yourself that much?


JO: And it was such an amazing feeling, but the strange thing was that I got scared ...

ELIAS: Quite!

JO: ... that I COULD trust that much.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is....

JO: Like instead of feeling liberated that I could trust that much, I got scared.

ELIAS: Quite. This is an understandable and also a common response, for that expression of trust is quite unfamiliar within your physical reality. In this, a tremendous expression of power may be associated with that expression of trust.

JO: If I continue to try to relax, will that feeling come back?

ELIAS: As you continue to be moving in your expression of trust of self, I may express to you, yes and no. For yes, the identification or the feeling associated with the knowing of the expression of trust within self may be re-created, but the fear element shall dissipate.

JO: Really? I canít wait for that! (They both laugh) I know that you talked to Ted/Cara recently, and you told him that the crystal ball was cloudy but functional....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JO: (Laughing) So, may I ask a crystal ball question?

ELIAS: You may, and I shall assess the clarity of the ball this day!

JO: Am I gonna win the lottery?

ELIAS: Within this present now and the design of the energy that you configure NOW, no. (Grinning) But this is not an inclusive response, is it? (Chuckling)

JO: No, because thatís just right now.

ELIAS: Correct! (Chuckling) But be remembering that all of your future probabilities are created in the now.

Therefore, you may continue to allow yourself the freedom to be altering your expressions and your trust and the incorporation of trust within yourself, and this may be quite influencing of your future creations. (Chuckling)

MARJ: She can validate her trust very easily if she really wants to, canít she, Elias?


JO: Do you remember when I inserted my tile?


JO: Well, is it the same type of thing?

ELIAS: Yes Ė in the moment of expression, yes.

JO: So, I have a lottery ticket, and the number was drawn last night at 11:00, and I donít know for sure if I won or not. But if I knew Ė really knew Ė and trusted inside that I had won, I could look up the number and find out that I had.


JO: Trust that I won, and know that I did.

ELIAS: Be remembering, the creation is actualized in the moment.

Now; in the expression that you have been engaging with myself this day, you have been ...

JO: Wishy-washy.

ELIAS: ... expressing Ė not wishy-washy! (Jo laughs) Ė quite intently the extreme of your doubting of self.

Pay attention to what you are creating in the now. Pay attention to what you are creating in all of your expressions and within all of you, not merely within your thoughts, for your thoughts are not the expression of your concentration. This be the expression that you offer to yourselves in your jibes of ďwishful thinking.Ē (Chuckling) You have created that clichť in recognition that your thoughts are not necessarily what create your reality! (Pause)

JO: Well, I guess Iíll have to work on that again!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JO: Thank you very much, Elias, and thank you for all the blue energy youíve sent me.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I shall continue to be interactive with you and offering energy to you, and I shall also continue to be encouraging with you in your movement in these difficult expressions of actualizing your trust within yourself in relation to your wants.

But you may hold to your clarity that you are identifying what you want and what you do not want within your individual reality, which you may also acknowledge to yourself that in that action, you are opening the door to the viewing of more of your choices.

JO: Thank you. I needed that little shot in the arm! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! To you in tremendous expression of lovingness, I offer encouragement and my projection of energy, and I anticipate our next meeting. I express to you today, au revoir.

JO: Bye. Thank you.

Elias departs at 1:17 PM.

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