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Tuesday, June 13, 2000

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“Opening to Your Periphery”

“Your Insatiable Curiosity”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant Susie (Barith).

Elias arrives at 6:39 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling)

SUSIE: (Whispering) Hello.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Welcome!

SUSIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: And you have questions this day?

SUSIE: (Whispering) Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

SUSIE: Thank you. I’d first like to know, what is my essence name and my essence family and my family alignment, if I may? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Barith; B-A-R-I-T-H. (bare’ith) Essence family, Ilda; alignment in this focus, Vold.

SUSIE: Thank you. I may not be able to speak in exactly the same terminology that you speak in....

ELIAS: It matters not. (Smiling)

SUSIE: Okay. (Elias chuckles) Well, I suppose the biggest question I have is that I believe this is my last time around/evolvement here, and I believe I will then have no need to be here anymore or to come back in the cycle of life and death anymore, but I believe implicitly that I will go somewhere else. Have I been here ... I believe I’ve been here many, many, many times. Do you see how many times I’ve been here? (Pause)


SUSIE: That quick? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you are wishing for total numbering?

SUSIE: Oh, I have no need of it, but it’s many?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. I may express to you, in your physical terms or your identifications of “old souls” in association with the numbering of physical focuses that you hold in this dimension, you may identify yourself as a very old soul. (Chuckling)

SUSIE: (Laughing) I always thought so! (Elias chuckles)

Bigger question, bigger question: I’ve always believed since I was very, very small that ... I would look to the sky and imagine how many existences and worlds and places, and I always asked myself, why were we born into this family? Well, as time evolved, maybe I got to understand that slightly. Why ... I’ve always believed that there are parallel worlds, that there must be, but why can’t I go there?

ELIAS: You can!

SUSIE: How? Is the answer on the end of my nose? Is it this simple? (Snapping her fingers)

ELIAS: It is quite simple! (Chuckling)

SUSIE: I always thought it was! Is it because I can’t see it?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you manifest focuses of essence.

Now; a focus of essence is that – a focus of attention. Just as within this particular physical manifestation, you hold the ability to physically be focusing your attention in different manners concerning different subjects or actions, but your focus of attention is not the entirety of the expression of you.

The manifestations of individuals within this particular physical dimension are what you may term to be a type of physical mirror in a projection of essence, of consciousness.

In actuality, you hold all of the abilities of essence in this very manifestation. You merely do not recognize yet the genuineness of this, and you incorporate many beliefs within this dimension which limit your perception. Therefore, you create only what you allow yourselves to perceive.

SUSIE: How do you break the mold? How ... I think it’s as easy as sitting here and moving there.

ELIAS: Ah, you are so very correct! It is not a question of moving forward or backward or higher or lower. It is a matter of moving sideways, merely allowing yourself momentarily to step sideways and turn your perception ever so slightly, and in this, you may allow yourself to view worlds!

Let me express to you, you are correct that there are numberless parallel universes. There are numberless other universes which do not parallel your universe. I may also express to you that all physical exhibitions of consciousness, all physical universes, occupy the same space arrangement. Therefore, they are all present, and all of this action occurs simultaneously.

All of your focuses, or what you deem to be other lifetimes, past or future, are all occurring simultaneously. All of your interactions in other focuses of essence within other dimensions are occurring simultaneously. They are all occurring NOW.

Therefore, you may quite easily step sideways and view any of them, for they are not removed from you, for they are all occurring now.

SUSIE: How do you ... in moving sideways, is it ... the answer is here, I know. But I feel like a child, saying how? How do I get where you are now in your region, as you call it or name it for us? How did you get there? Were you like this before?

ELIAS: I have been physically manifest in what you identify within your linear time framework, yes. I have manifest within your physical dimension many times, in your terms.

I also have chosen not to be engaging physical manifestations presently. Although this appears to be a contradiction, in actuality, it is not a contradiction, for all of consciousness occupies all of consciousness.

Therefore, although I may choose not to be participating in physical focus in what you term to be “any longer,” what I am expressing is that my attention is not focused upon physical manifestations. My attention is held within nonphysical areas of consciousness and the exploration of that action.

Your attention presently is focused within the exploration of physical dimensions, not merely this one, but many, many, many physical dimensions. In this....

SUSIE: I seem to have the blinkers on, and you don’t.

ELIAS: Your attention is singularly focused. This is not to say that it must be singularly focused. It merely IS singularly focused presently, but you hold the ability to widen that perception by engaging your periphery.

Now; look to yourself and conceptualize presently what you have just expressed, that you view yourself to be experiencing with the blinders upon yourself, so to speak.

Now; think to yourself of your physical sense of vision. Without your periphery, without the incorporation of your peripheral vision, you view only before you. You view in a narrow stream. Your field of vision is limited.

Now; conceptualize in viewing consciousness, for it moves very similarly to what you manifest in this particular physical dimension.

I have expressed previously that this one particular physical dimension is exceedingly complex. In actuality, this particular physical dimension is one of the most complex physical areas of consciousness that is created.

This manifestation of this physical reality mirrors many, many, many aspects of consciousness. You physically exhibit consciousness!

Your physical vision is an example of movement and action that you may incorporate in consciousness. You may physically view in a narrow field or you may engage your periphery, and in your periphery, you allow yourself to view motion and action that occurs sideways.

Now; in movement within consciousness and widening your awareness, what you are accomplishing is opening to your periphery in awareness. You open to your periphery by recognizing that you are not as singular as you perceive yourself to be, and you allow yourself to become familiar with perception.

Perception is the tool that you incorporate within this physical dimension to be creating all of your reality. Therefore, what you perceive is real. Your perception actually CREATES all of your reality.

Now; as you allow yourself to become familiar with perception, and you also allow yourself the recognition of separation – that you have purposefully created a veil of separation within this physical dimension, but that it is not an absolute and it is not impenetrable, and that in actuality there is no separation, there is merely an illusion of separation – and as you begin genuinely recognizing this, you also begin to open to your periphery in your perception.

Let me express to you, within this present now, example.

You present yourself physically in interaction with myself. You perceive yourself to be (pause) sitting. You perceive yourself to be sitting upon your chair. You perceive the chair to be an object. You perceive the chair to be separated from yourself. You are two entities. You perceive a table before you, which you perceive to be a physical object, a third separate entity. You yourself, the chair, the table are three separate manifestations. No, you are not!

You, the table, the chair are not separate. They are all projections of consciousness that you – YOU – are creating and are projecting and manifesting in energy, configuring that energy in specific manners to be producing specific objects – yourself, the chair, the table – but all of these objects are being created by you within this moment now. They are not separate from you. They ARE you. You ARE the table. You ARE the chair. You are also YOU.

SUSIE: This isn’t new to me. It makes sense. It’s real.

ELIAS: Oh, it is quite real!

Now; as you begin the genuine recognition that these objects are not created by you but ARE you, you begin to drop the veil of separation, and this is the action of opening to your periphery within your objective awareness.

SUSIE: And the time this takes comes down to me.

ELIAS: Quite, and as you practice paying attention, you become more familiar with all that exists, so to speak, within consciousness, and you allow yourself to view all of the expressions of energy and of consciousness that you wish to view objectively.

You may view another dimensional focus of yourself that you express to be an extraterrestrial as easily and effortlessly as you view your table, merely by allowing yourself to open to your periphery.

But let me express to you also, notice how little you pay attention objectively to your visual periphery. You look physically with your physical vision ahead of you. You pay very little attention to what is occurring within your peripheral vision.

Engaging practicing what you view within your physical peripheral vision is an exercise that may familiarize you with the action of engaging your periphery within your perception.

In this, the lack of separation and the realization of this is key, for the more you practice in engaging your periphery in perception, in the lack of separation, the more you shall be noticing and the more you shall allow yourself to view.

But you have already begun, for you already allow yourself the recognition that this is not an action to be attained ahead of you, but that it is already present beside you, (chuckling) and the excitement abounds! (Laughing)

SUSIE: Why is it ... do we, before we choose to be born into the next focus, I think you call it ... why do we choose to forget?

ELIAS: You have chosen quite purposefully this action of forgetting, so to speak, or separation, for this offers you the purity of experience in your exploration of physical experience and manifestation.

Essence is consciousness. Consciousness is all, and consciousness is continuously becoming. The action of becoming is the continual action of exploration and discovery of self.

SUSIE: So pure discovery is exploration, which is why we choose to come back, to experience certain feelings that we choose to feel.

ELIAS: Yes. You design physical dimensions to be creating an exploration of self within that design of that physical dimension.

SUSIE: Do we ... what happens when you have no further need of that, and you want to go....

ELIAS: It is not a need. (Grinning)

SUSIE: Well ... or you desire. (Elias chuckles) Is it that we then can create something completely different, but not in this physical world?


SUSIE: So we can also choose ...


SUSIE: ... to be you.

ELIAS: Yes, and you are already. Your attention is merely focused in YOU.

SUSIE: In the wrong direction!

ELIAS: Ah, not wrong! Your direction is the direction you have chosen, and the direction....

SUSIE: But the choice was still to come to you. My choice was to come to you.

ELIAS: No. Your choice is, in your terms, to come to YOU.

SUSIE: Yes, yes.

ELIAS: To the fullness of you, to the exploration of you. You hold insatiable curiosity of YOU.

You express this outside of you as an insatiable curiosity of the universe, of consciousness, of the cosmos. You ARE the universe. You ARE consciousness. Therefore, your insatiable curiosity is of YOU and what you ARE.

SUSIE: Which is, there is no one god. We ARE.


SUSIE: We are our own gods....

ELIAS: ALL of it, for there is no separation.

I am not separated from you, and you are not separated from myself. It is all consciousness, and you are creating all of it, for you ARE all of it.

You merely have created a focus of attention which creates a perception of singularity, but this focus of attention is not locked to that one particular focus of attention.

SUSIE: I can stop it?

ELIAS: You may widen it. Why shall you stop? (Grinning)

SUSIE: No, not stop it – take the blinkers off and see.

ELIAS: And widen, and allow yourself to view the wondrousness of yourself!

SUSIE: Yes. That’ll take a bit longer! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I express to you, not so very much longer, for you are already engaging!

SUSIE: Yeah, we choose. (Elias chuckles) I had two children, and they died of a very rare disease, which is obviously a choice that they wanted to experience. Can you see their essence, the children that I had in this focus? (Pause)


SUSIE: Did they, while they were here, have their essence names, and may I know them? It’s not important. It is their own names. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, first child, Lystilell; L-Y-S-T-I-L-E-L-L. Essence name, second child, Somaatta; S-O-M-A-A-T-T-A.

SUSIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

SUSIE: Can you see where they are now? (Pause)

ELIAS: I hold an awareness of these movements, yes.

SUSIE: Well ... and they are doing exactly what they choose to do?

ELIAS: Quite.

SUSIE: And they are happy?

ELIAS: In your terms.

SUSIE: In your terms centered, and happy in my terms.

ELIAS: In your terms, yes, although I may express to you that these types of terms are expressions of emotions, and this is relative to this particular physical dimension.

SUSIE: And a mother! (Laughing)

ELIAS: But I am understanding of your desire, and in response to that, I express to you, yes – they are exploring and moving in fulfillment of their desires, quite differently in expression.

One participates in an action in relation to physical focuses – not merely this particular physical dimension, but several expressions of physical dimensions – in an expression of energy in relation to those focuses as they choose to be disengaging from the physical expression.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is, at times, as any particular individual or manifestation within certain physical dimensions disengages from that particular physical dimension, many different types of actions may be incorporated.

At times, that individual focus may incorporate what you identify – this is quite figuratively speaking, for it moves in relation to your linear time framework and your expression of it – but a particular focus may engage what you identify as a time framework and experience a type of disorientation, in a manner of speaking.

In that experience of disorientation, the focus may not necessarily recognize that they have created the action of disengaging. Therefore, in very limited terms, they may be experiencing a type of in-between, (chuckling) although there is no in-between!

SUSIE: No, but ... I get it, yes.

ELIAS: In this, they continue to be creating objective imagery that appears quite similar to what is familiar within their perception to the physical dimension that they have previously occupied.

Now; in this state, so to speak, there may be an experience of a temporary disorientation in their lack of recognition that they have chosen to be disengaging. There are essences that choose to focus attention in relation to those that are experiencing this disorientation.

SUSIE: So in limited vocabulary, like a guide?

ELIAS: In a figurative manner of speaking, for in actuality, they are not guiding....

SUSIE: The chair and the table.

ELIAS: Correct, and I wish not to perpetuate the beliefs that there exists guides that exhibit higher elements of consciousness.

But in this expression, in a figurative manner of speaking, you may identify these particular essences to be incorporating the action of guidance, in a manner of speaking, and in that, they focus their attention to be helpful to the individual, that they may realize that they have disengaged, and therefore allow themselves the choices to turn their attention in whichever manner that they are so choosing.

Now; one of these essences that you identify the manifest focus of as one of your children engages this action ...

SUSIE: That was my first little girl. She was a very old soul.

ELIAS: ... in offering a helpfulness to those focuses that are experiencing that disorientation.

The other (chuckling) engages not such a NOBLE expression, (Susie cracks up) in your terms, but engages a continuous exploration of playfulness and is manipulating of energy in quite creative expressions to be exploring the ability in creativeness, in some expressions almost what you may term, in your physical terminology, bordering mischievousness! HA HA HA! (Susie cracks up again)

SUSIE: As we are creating whatever we choose to experience, and again, forgive my vocabulary, do we have bonds with other essences?


SUSIE: So there are still people ... like when you see someone and you think, “I’ve met you before; I KNOW you.”

ELIAS: That....

SUSIE: But not ... with no need of names or....

ELIAS: That action many times is your allowance for an objective recognition that you are participating in other focuses with that individual, and therefore you recognize your interactions and what you term to be a connection, so to speak.

Now; as to essences not within the physical manifestations, there are also expressions in which some essences magnate themselves to each other, in a manner of speaking, more frequently or more consistently than they may with other essences. They may be merging and intertwining with other essences specifically. These are what you may term to be essence preferences, in like manner to your preferences, in which some essences hold similar tones and create an ease in mergence with each other. Yes, you are correct.

SUSIE: Why did you choose to be the teacher? Your choice, but you are a teacher.

ELIAS: I have offered this identification previously, for it is a type of terminology and concept that you within physical dimensions understand.

In actuality, I am not teaching you, for you already know. I am merely offering you information to be helpful in the awakening of your own remembrance.

I have chosen to focus an aspect of my attention in this manner, in part, in response to the request that has been projected by you.

SUSIE: Loudly!

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning, and Susie cracks up)

In part, I have also chosen this action in my own design of exploration of filtration of energy through layers of consciousness and through different regional areas of consciousness to be interactive with a physical dimension without physical interaction.

This offers myself an exploration and a challenge of focusing my attention and manipulation of energy to be creating what you may term to be a stream of energy, but also to continue to be genuine to my interaction in relation to the Sumafi family, and incorporating the least distortion through the filters of many layers of consciousness and through the limitations of physical audible interaction with all of you through the use of your language. This presents a challenge! (Grinning)

SUSIE: But it is also a need, because....

ELIAS: It is not a need. It is a request.

SUSIE: It’s a request. But the request was ... it’s like, in my limited vocabulary, being put back on track. You KNOW. You know, and you just can’t see without essences taking the time to choose to come back to say ... the dogma and the untruth can still get people lost for a very long time in themselves, and they know, and I think that brings the frustration in themselves. It has at times in me, like walking forward and walking back, frustrated, but I know I’ll get there. I know I’ll get there because I want to, and because having met you, which I’m very pleased to have done, I think it’s going to be ... I am so pleased. My words are limited, but I’m sure you can see it.

Do we choose, our essences ... you see not me....

ELIAS: Correct.

SUSIE: You see who I am, in here, my essence, my energy.


SUSIE: Do they have different colors?

ELIAS: Yes. Now express to me, what is your impression of your signature color?

SUSIE: Blue.

ELIAS: And express to me a more defined identification of this blue.

SUSIE: Vast, and....

ELIAS: What is the hue?

SUSIE: The hue is sapphire. It’s bright – it’s bright!

ELIAS: You are correct.

SUSIE: And yours?

ELIAS: I may express to you that the color that I incorporate which translates into your identifiable hues in this physical dimension may be identified (pause) as horizon blue. This color of blue you may visualize as the blue between your sea and your expanse of sky, and that is the identifying blue that I associate as my expression of signature color.

SUSIE: Which is what I can imagine, but also with gold, golden, which I’m not meaning....

ELIAS: I am understanding.

SUSIE: Yeah. I didn’t want to say you’re an angel! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! If I be an angel, then you be an angel also! Ha ha ha! (Susie laughs) For we are the same. The mere difference is that I incorporate the remembrance and you do not yet ... but you shall!

SUSIE: I can almost feel it. I can’t remember when I last felt as if I could explode, like on the brink of ... it’s fantastic! I have no more questions, but I really hope that ... well, I know I will see you again, but I will always have your voice inside of this body for as long as I need it, and I will think on your words.

ELIAS: Very well.

SUSIE: And it was delightful to meet you!

ELIAS: Quite! (They both laugh) And I shall express to you, I anticipate our next meeting, and I shall offer my expression of energy to you in your exploration. You may be assured I shall continue with you.

SUSIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: I offer to you tremendous energy and great affection.

SUSIE: And the same back.

ELIAS: To you, lovingly, adieu.

SUSIE: Adieu.

Elias departs at 7:33 PM.

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