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Sunday, June 25, 2000

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“You ARE The Other Individual”

“You Are All That Is Created”

“The Gift of Choice – Again”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Rodney (Zacharie).

Elias arrives at 9:06 AM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

RODNEY: Good morning, Elias! It’s good to hear your voice!

ELIAS: We meet again!

RODNEY: So we do! (Elias chuckles) I want to say to you that the last session we had is just so profound for me, but I really haven’t come to terms with everything you said in it, although I am on my way to incorporating it.

I’ve really made an effort to open to the idea or the concept of accepting everybody that had anything to do with that incident at work, and I must say, there has not been any significant conflict as a result of my outburst, and I’m very pleased with that, and I think that is a result of my opening to accepting whatever existed, both on my part and in my perception of other people’s parts, in the scenario of my malfunctioning computer systems.

There is an idea you put forth which I was hoping you would talk about a little, and that is the concept that objects are a part of me; the concept of no separation between myself and what I consider to be things and people and animals outside of myself; the idea of oneness, of there being no separation. I don’t know how to put my arms around that; I don’t know how to hold that idea in a way that would help me create movement here. I mentioned it to you the last time, like with my automobile. I’ve developed the concept that my automobile is kind of like a part of me, but I’ve not extended that very much to other objects. I was wondering if you could talk to me about how or what I might do to get a better sense of this.

And objects is one thing. You know, I could almost begin to believe that I could do this, but when it comes to people, how do I create non-separation between myself and a person? That seems like such a contradiction to me! I perceive objects not to have a mind of their own, although you pointed out in the last session that my computer does exactly what I expect it to do, and that’s to malfunction. So in a sense, I have to agree that maybe the computer does have a mind of its own! It certainly responds to me, or to my energy.

But when I carry that same concept over to my interaction with a person, then I perceive the person to definitely have a mind of their own. How do I create oneness with that? That independence out there is so much outside of myself.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your confusion and your dilemma, so to speak. (Chuckling)

Now; we have spoken previously of inner senses and the action of mergence, and your participation with your empathic sense and the action which is engaged in that type of creation and interaction.

Let me express to you that in all of these discussions that have moved in that manner and that type of subject matter, I have essentially offered information to be laying a foundation, so to speak, that you may understand aspects of yourselves in a wider perception of self and reality than you had allowed yourselves to previously recognize.

And in this, as you have played with these concepts for a time framework now, and you have allowed yourselves to be experimenting with different expressions of your abilities and recognizing more of your own manipulation of energy and opening your awareness slightly more to your periphery, we move now into another layer of information which may be built upon that foundation, in a manner of speaking.

I may now offer to you more information concerning yourself and your reality, that you may assimilate and allow yourself to widen your awareness and open to your periphery even more. In this, you may allow yourself the idea and an objective understanding of the action that you engage in enacting your empathic sense.


RODNEY: Did you say acting?

ELIAS: Enacting.

RODNEY: Enacting?


RODNEY: Thank you, sir.

ELIAS: In this, as you think to yourself of your empathic sense, you allow yourself an understanding of the concept of the workings, so to speak, of this inner sense, and to a point, you offer to yourself an understanding of the action of mergence with another expression of consciousness.

And you are correct in your assessment that you allow yourself this action more freely and easily with an object – and at times even with another living element, such as a creature or even a plant within your reality – than you shall in allowing yourself to be merging with another individual. You view this action to be slightly more difficult, for you identify other individuals differently than you identify any other expression of consciousness within your reality, even living beings, in your definition.

RODNEY: I definitely do, yes.

ELIAS: In this, you look to other individuals as expressions of essences, and you associate your definition of them with yourself. You identify and define that you are a unique individual, a projection of essence, and you assign separating qualities to yourself, which you also attribute to other individuals.

And in this expression, you experience more of an ease in acceptance of the concept of a lack of separation between yourself and any other expression of consciousness within your dimension, for you allow yourself the idea that you have created all of these other expressions of consciousness in your reality. Therefore, as the creator, there is less difficulty in your acceptance of a lack of separation between yourself and all of these other expressions of consciousness.

RODNEY: Could you give an example of what you mean by “expressions of consciousness” in that last sentence?

ELIAS: This may be any element of your reality – a tree, a creature, a building, a vehicle, a rock, an ocean, the weather – it matters not. Any expression, any design of object or manifestation of your reality within this dimension, you allow yourself to attribute its creation to yourself, and therefore allow yourself less of an expression of separation between yourself and that other expression or manifestation of consciousness within your reality. But you DO create a very strong separation, within your perception, between yourself and another individual, for you view them to be an equal.

RODNEY: Ha! You’re right!

ELIAS: You view them to be the same as yourself as an expression of consciousness, and you create a distinction between yourself as an expression of essence and any other manifestation of consciousness. Therefore, if another individual is also an expression of essence, and that is separated in your definition of your being, you do not view within your perception that you are the creator of that other individual. Therefore, there is a greater perception of separation as you view another individual.

Now; in allowing yourself to be assimilating and understanding objectively this concept of a lack of separation – and that you are not merely the creator, but you ARE all of these other expressions – I may offer you an exercise with an object, and this may be applied to individuals also. I may also express to you the information that even the other individuals that you interact with, YOU are creating.

RODNEY: That’s a tough one, Elias.

ELIAS: Zacharie, these are difficult concepts for your assimilation, for you are very familiar with your definitions of your reality, and you define your reality quite in absolutes.

This is the movement that I am expressing to you now, that we move beyond the information and the foundation of concepts that may be viewed as outside of you to another layer of awareness of reality that is created within you and IS you.

And in this, there is much to be discussed within this subject, for there are many avenues to be viewed in how you view your reality and define your reality, and the action of redefining your reality in relation to opening to your periphery, and not merely viewing your reality through what you may identify as tunnel vision.

In this, I have expressed previously, essence is consciousness and consciousness is essence. I have offered distinctions for your objective understanding in foundational information, but I have also expressed to you all many times that there is no separation of consciousness. There is no actual distinction of consciousness. The identification of essence within consciousness is not a separation per se. It is merely the recognition and identification of personality tone.

And in this, I have offered examples in physical terms to you all in the viewing of your physical bodies. I have offered these examples in relation to yourself and other focuses of your essence, or of your essence in relation to consciousness, and in the concept of no separation.

Within your physical body, as I have stated previously, your finger is an expression of you. It IS you. It is not separated from you. It also is not the entirety of your physical body. It is one projection of attention.

In this, essence may be viewed as an aspect of attention of consciousness, but that consciousness and essence are essentially synonymous. There is no separation. It is merely the identification of expressions of personality tones. This is what you may identify as any type of distinguishing quality.

But as we turn the attention to your physical reality and your everyday interactions, so to speak, and what you create within your reality, we return to the subject of perception, which is ultimately important within all of our discussions concerning your physical reality.

For once again, perception is the instrument that creates all of your reality, and I express this to you EXTREMELY literally.

Therefore, if perception be the instrument that creates all of your reality, it also is creating all of the individuals that you interact with. Therefore, YOU are creating all of the individuals that you interact with.

This is not to say that they also are not creating themselves, and that they also are not engaging the same action that you are engaging and creating you, for they are.

But beyond the idea of being the creator is the reality that this concept of creator is even limiting, and is narrow. For the actual reality extends, in the expression of the periphery, beyond the narrowness of the idea of a creator in ANY sense to the reality of the BEING. Even the concept of being the creator creates an element of separation. Therefore, beyond the concept and the idea of the creator, the BEING is the reality that eliminates the separation – that you ARE the objects, that you ARE the creatures, that you ARE the other individuals, that you ARE the universe, not merely that you create all of these expressions.

But initially, in continuing the movement in layers of understanding and in recognition of how you create your reality within this physical dimension and that you do incorporate processes of movement and of understanding, I shall direct your attention to the idea of being the creator.

RODNEY: Can I interrupt you?

ELIAS: You may.

RODNEY: Opening all the way to the concept that I AM everything ... that has occurred to me. One aspect of that notion, which I guess frightens me a little, is the possibility – and I don’t know if I’m using the right word here – of, I guess, insanity, in a sense, a kind of megalomaniac. (Elias chuckles) Yeah! (Laughing)

It’s like so far out there that it borders on the dangerous, in a sense, and so I’ve not pushed into that idea very much, yet I’m willing to, and as you speak, I begin to get the stirring of the power of appreciation that comes with that idea.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your reservation and your caution as influenced by your beliefs and your definitions that you hold within your reality, and this be the reason that we move in information in increments, and this be the reason, in my participation with you, in offering information in relation to this shift in consciousness – to be AVOIDING trauma, not participating [in] and perpetuating trauma.

I offer to you information in increments, that you may allow yourselves to move in a process of assimilation, and not overwhelm yourselves and not be creating trauma within your experiences as you move in relation to this shift in consciousness, for you ARE moving and you ARE widening your awarenesses and you ARE opening to your periphery, for this is what you have chosen, and in the expression of lessening the trauma that is associated with this choice to be creating this shift in consciousness, I offer information to you in segments, so to speak, that you may allow yourself a process of movement in that opening and that widening of awareness.

Therefore, we shall direct the attention to the actuality of being the creator rather than being all of the created! (Laughing)


ELIAS: In this, as you allow yourself incrementally to be recognizing that you ARE actually creating all of your reality and every expression within it through your perception, and that THAT instrument of perception creates actual physical manifestations, you may also create more of an ease in your movement into the recognition of being all of the created.

In this, as you are interactive with another individual, what you are interacting with is your creation of the other individual. You create a blueprint – a design of an individual – as you associate with an expression of another essence, and you project energy through your perception, which creates your own design of the individual.

Therefore, as you interact with any individual upon your planet, you are essentially directly interacting with the one that you have created through your perception – which is quite physical and quite solid – and you are indirectly interacting with the manifestation of the other individual as an expression of another essence. Are you following thus far?

RODNEY: Yes. What I hear you saying is that when I interact with another person, I am predominantly interacting with my own perception of what that person is.

ELIAS: Yes, but understand that your own perception creates an actual individual.

RODNEY: Yes; it’s not like my own perception as seen from within me. What I hear you saying is that I’m interacting with my perception as it’s given material ... living, breathing reality outside of myself.


RODNEY: Am I kind of on the same wavelength with you there?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, within your physical presence are two living, breathing, physical-matter individuals. You physically see only one.

RODNEY: Right; the other person.

ELIAS: You see physically the manifestation – in matter and solidity, in physical corporeal form – of YOUR design, the individual that YOU have created.

You do not physically, visually view the other individual, which is the manifestation physically of the other essence. You view, in your reality singularly, the projections of your individual perception.

I have expressed previously – at times – that within your physical space arrangement, were you to be allowing yourselves to open to your periphery and view your actual physical reality as it is expressed in its entirety, WITHOUT separation, you would view it to be exceedingly immense and exceedingly crowded! (Chuckling)

RODNEY: Crowded?

ELIAS: Yes! (Chuckling)

RODNEY: Okay....

ELIAS: For each of you is creating all of the expressions – all of the manifestations within your physical reality – individually.

RODNEY: (Sighing) Alright.

ELIAS: Therefore, as an example, as you may sit within a room within your house, and you view one tree outside of your window – and your sky and your universe and your stars and your planets and your sun and your moon and oceans and creatures – and you engage interaction with three other individuals in that room, were you to allow yourself to open to your periphery and view all of the reality being expressed within that moment in conjunction with these three other individuals, you quadruple the physical manifestations.

RODNEY: Okay, I understand.

ELIAS: For each of the other individuals are also creating all of these expressions and all of these manifestations, and they may be creating manifestations that you are not creating.

RODNEY: Really!

ELIAS: And you may be creating manifestations that they are not creating. Therefore, you may view certain expressions, certain manifestations, objects, even creatures or expressions of living things ...

RODNEY: That they are not creating?

ELIAS: ... that they are not creating and that they are not viewing within their reality, for their reality is individually created through their perception.

RODNEY: So therefore, the simple act of agreement that two people are seeing the same thing is a rather important aspect of reality.

ELIAS: You are viewing SIMILAR things, so to speak, for your creation of a particular object is unique. As you view a tree, and you speak with another individual that appears to be viewing the same tree in the same location as you are viewing, there is a difference in its creation, for you are each uniquely, simultaneously creating that tree, and it is also configuring itself.


ELIAS: For ALL is consciousness. (Pause) And in this, as you allow yourself initially to merely move into the assimilation of the idea that you are actually creating all of these manifestations and all of these expressions, you allow yourself to be opening your periphery, and as you continue to open to your periphery, you allow more of a natural flow of your energy. In a manner of speaking, it becomes as a wheel in motion. The more you spin the wheel, the more it spins.

RODNEY: May I interrupt you for a second?

ELIAS: You may.

RODNEY: I hate to do that, but I want to change my tape.

ELIAS: You may. (Pause)

RODNEY: You were saying that the more the wheel spins....

ELIAS: The more you spin the wheel, the more the wheel spins. Therefore, it is all perpetuating of all.

RODNEY: Alright. Because ... I’m trying to grope for a question here to indicate what I’m feeling. Because I have lived this focus in a world of absolutes ...

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: ... and because I live this world in a sense of learning to control, not so much other people but myself, it seems like the very concept of control gets really bent out of shape ...

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Quite!

RODNEY: ... by this vision that you’ve given me.

ELIAS: For control is an illusion. It is an expression of your beliefs, and in this, there is no element of control or any element to be controlled.

RODNEY: To play, so to speak, to create ... or my desire to create. It appears that moving the elements of definition and perception and concepts is far more powerful than any idea of control, or kind of asking oneself, what do I gotta do to get there? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite, and allow yourself the recognition, Zacharie, this is what you ARE.

I express to you once again, you are intricate, magnificent, multi-dimensional beings, and you hold extreme powerfulness. You merely do not allow yourselves to be empowering of yourself through the recognition and knowing of what you ARE, and your abilities. You limit yourselves in the expression of separation and this tunnel vision, so to speak, and do not allow yourselves the peripheral vision....

RODNEY: Elias, it comes to my mind that when I am meditating and something outside of my physical body occurs, like someone closes a door in the other part of the building or somebody sneezes, I feel the energy of that action much, much, much more powerfully than if I were not meditating.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: Like I’ve had the experience of someone sneezing while I’m meditating – it’s like a great rush of energy penetrating through me.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: Is this because ... or is this a result of my allowing myself to experience outsided-ness as a part of myself?

ELIAS: This is your momentary allowance, in experience, of recognizing that the expression of energy IS you. And as you turn your attention to self – which is what you are incorporating as you are creating this action of meditation; you are allowing yourself to be focusing your attention upon self – and in that action, you also lessen or thin the veils of separation, and allow yourself to be experiencing, in some beginning expressions, this lack of separation, and that the movement of energy is not in actuality outside of you, but IS you.

RODNEY: Okay. Wow. Now, this pertains to the physical world.


RODNEY: How about beings not of this physical world? How about my friend Elias?

ELIAS: This is applicable to this state also, within consciousness.

And I shall express to you once again, the difference in expression between yourself and myself is merely that I hold the remembrance and you have forgotten.

RODNEY: Thank you, sir.

ELIAS: In this, you hold the same qualities of consciousness as do I. Your awareness is centered in an objective expression of reality, which creates a narrowness and a forgetting of consciousness and the fullness of all of its expressions.

And I say to you that this is merely the difference between yourself and myself – or different areas of consciousness – is that you have merely created a focus of attention which incorporates a forgetting, and I do not. And this is what you are creating in the movement of this shift in consciousness – to be moving out of your oubliette and into the BEING of the remembrance.

RODNEY: Are we gonna make it in this lifetime, Elias?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is your choice, Zacharie! (Rodney laughs) You hold the ability. There is no element of consciousness that is hidden from you, and you hold the wondrous ability of choice!

And as you offer this expression of this glorious gift of choice ONCE AGAIN to yourself ... for you have ALWAYS incorporated that quality. But within your oubliette, you have limited that quality, and you now offer it to yourself once again as a gift, and as you offer this gift to yourself in choice, you express a tremendous exhibition of freedom and allow yourself vast new discoveries!

RODNEY: I am very excited, Elias!

ELIAS: And so shall we all be, Zacharie! Ha ha ha!

RODNEY: Oh my! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You manifest within what you physically term to be exciting times!

RODNEY: Yes. Yes, yes, yes! (Elias chuckles) Well, I thank you so much for being with me this morning.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

RODNEY: You know, I’ve been scrambling around thinking, what, what, what, what to discuss with you? I have so many things that I’d like to talk to you about, and I could go on like this all day, which of course my oubliette does not permit!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! But we shall always engage discussion, and we shall always incorporate subject matter for our exchange.

RODNEY: Elias, it is so good to hear you say that! (Elias chuckles) ‘Cause the notion occurs to me, what if Elias isn’t there? (Laughing) And you are there, and that’s just the way it is.

ELIAS: The font of information is never ending, Zacharie!

RODNEY: (Laughing) Look, I have a couple of really quick items ...

ELIAS: Very well.

RODNEY: ... that I’d like to ask you about.

The first is, I awoke two or three weeks ago physically hearing my name called in a very, very loving, friendly way. I only heard it spoken once, but I did hear it, and the hearing appeared to be in my left ear. What was I creating there, Elias, or what was I allowing myself to perceive?

ELIAS: You are allowing yourself to be speaking to yourself, and hearing YOU. And in this, you allow yourself to be incorporating this action without physical limitation, in the recognition that physical limitations, as you perceive them to be, are merely expressions that are chosen within the moment, and this may be altered or different choices may be enacted within any moment.

RODNEY: It did sound like my voice, actually. (Elias chuckles) It was a morning greeting.

ELIAS: And it is the action of offering to you validation from you, not validation from outside of you.

RODNEY: Thank you, sir.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RODNEY: I had another vision upon waking one morning recently that was painful. I had the vision in the dream state, as I was awaking, of someone taking a very large, very sharp needle, as you might find on the end of a hypodermic, and they were putting it into the most sensitive area of my body, which is the end of my penis, and although I had experienced no sense of feeling while in the dream state, as I awoke and remembered what I was creating, I just cringed at the very thought of it, and every time I thought of it over the ensuing days, I would cringe. But I’m beginning to realize that I was cringing a little bit less each time I remembered it, and it occurred to me that perhaps – and this sounds a little bit strange – I had created the feeling of what it would be like to accept the absolute unacceptable. (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

It sounds a little strange, but other than that, I’ve not come up with any interpretations, except that it was allowing myself to be penetrated in a place which I consider to be profoundly vulnerable.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: And I was allowing my vulnerability to be penetrated.

ELIAS: And also offering yourself the opportunity to view the power of the influence of beliefs and perception. For as your beliefs are influencing your perception, your perception is so very powerful that it may be creating of actual pain, even without an action that may be associated with pain.

Look to your beliefs and what they dictate to you – that you shall not necessarily experience painfulness within a dream state, within that imagery, for that is not real. But you may create a pain in association with the identification of a dream, even though the dream is not real, within your definition.

RODNEY: Is that why I created this image?

ELIAS: To be offering yourself the opportunity to recognize the strength of perception and how it creates actual realities, and how you associate through the influence of your beliefs, and how you view, in your definitions of absolutes, your reality, and also the presentment of apprehensiveness that you hold in allowing too much openness, which is the expression of vulnerability....

RODNEY: Exactly. My biggest response to this in the waking state was to close off, to protect myself.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: I was very apprehensive.

ELIAS: For vulnerability may be expressed, as I have stated previously, synonymously with openness.

RODNEY: Okay! Good work! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha!

RODNEY: Okay! (Elias chuckles) I have about three dreams here that I’d like to go over with you, but it would not be fair to Mary. (They both laugh) So, we’ll do it the next time, perhaps.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. We shall continue!

RODNEY: Thank you! Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I offer to you, as always, my expression of encouragement and energy in our continued playful interaction! (Laughing)

RODNEY: (Laughing) Alright!

ELIAS: To you, my very good friend, I express great affection and anticipate our next meeting, and in an expression of lovingness, I state, adieu.

RODNEY: Adieu.

Elias departs at 10:16 AM.

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