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Monday, July 31, 2000

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“Accessing Regional Area 2”

“Ouija Boards/Energy Exchanges”

“To Blazes with Past and Future!”


Participants: Mary (Michael) and Patricia (Liva).

Elias arrives at 2:17 p.m. (Arrival time is 28 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling)

PATRICIA: Hi, Elias. (Elias chuckles and Jen laughs) Hello, Oscar Wilde of the Avengers! Yeah? (Elias chuckles)

Okay, first question. Was that a message from you – Oscar Wilde and the Avengers – that I found in a Playboy magazine? I thought of you! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Not quite a message from myself, but an allowance of yourself to be connecting with imagery associated with myself, yes. (Chuckling)

PATRICIA: Ooo, I loved it! (Laughing) I thought it was great! (Pause) How are ya?

ELIAS: As always. (Grinning)

PATRICIA: So, I’ve been working. I think I’ve been doing pretty good. What do you think? Hmm?

ELIAS: Moving into noticing of areas of acceptance of self, have you not?

PATRICIA: Oh yeah, I think so. I’m trying to create some freedoms. I think I’ve succeeded a little, yeah? (Elias nods) Okay. (Laughing) I’m trying to earn a medal or something ... or maybe a certificate! (Laughing) Any information would be great, any little guidance.

ELIAS: What is the direction of your concern presently? (Pause)

PATRICIA: I just want to ... hmm, I don’t know. Seems to be a couple of directions.

ELIAS: Quite! I am understanding. Your energy is moving not merely in what you identify as “a couple of directions,” but several directions simultaneously! (Grinning, and Jen laughs) This be the reason that I express to you, identify which direction you wish to address to.

PATRICIA: Okay. I’m trying to access Framework 2. I’m trying to access the city. I’m trying to get into altered states, and I’m doing this all at once! I’m trying to get through the acceptance real quick ... you know, any of those! You’re grinning! (Laughing) Framework 2 ... I said that. Have I come ... I think I’ve come ... I don’t know if I’ve come closer. I’ve had more dreams about the mall, but they’re like a little different. Are you with me? (Elias nods) I love it, because I don’t have to explain much. I had one where I was like in class with a blond person with like shiny bowl-cut hair, and it was like an advanced placement class, a second level. I had another one where I was in a hotel searching for a Framework 2 level ... I don’t know. It wasn’t what I expected, but I don’t know. I mean, if I’ve never been there, I really don’t ... well, I guess I am there. But you know, objectively, I don’t know. I just have imagined what it’s gonna be like ... I don’t know! How can I come closer, or how can I just get there? (Elias chuckles) Use it to my advantage?

ELIAS: First of all, let us identify your motivation for accessing information through what you term to be Framework 2, which is?

PATRICIA: Well, curiosity and creativity and pleasure. Yeah....

ELIAS: (Grinning) How may you access this area of consciousness more efficiently, that you may be beneficial to yourself presently? This is your question, correct?


ELIAS: Your identification of your motivation is that you may be accessing more of an expression of creativity and joyfulness, and that you may be satisfying of your curiosity.


ELIAS: Now; the element of curiosity is quite understandable, and is quite in alignment with your qualities of essence families.

The other two expressions that you have offered, in an enhancement of your joyfulness or your creativity, are interesting key identifications of your motivation.

Now; understand that I am encouraging of you to be allowing yourself movement within Regional Area 2, and I am acknowledging that this may be beneficial.

I am also quite pointedly engaging questioning with you presently, that you may allow yourself to become familiar with you, and allow yourself to be examining your movement and your motivation in where you turn your attention, so to speak.

Objectively, you hold your attention in many directions simultaneously presently. Subjectively, you are also engaging your attention in many directions simultaneously.

You and I have engaged conversation previously concerning your allowance of acceptance of self and your exploration into self, and therefore offering yourself a recognition of your natural flow of energy and your assessment of worth, which is affecting of your perception and how you create your reality in many different directions – in relation to other individuals, in relation to your movement into your desires that may be objectified in what you term to be future employ, your school, your engagements in many different situations. But all of these movements stem, so to speak, from you and your perception of you. The successfulness – in YOUR assessment – or the lack of successfulness in your movement is a projection of your assessment of you.

Now; returning to your question regarding Regional Area 2.

The desire to be engaging Regional Area 2, in satisfying an expression of curiosity, moves quite in relation to your natural flow of energy, for you do create in this focus a tremendous surge of energy in curiosity in many subject matters. The identification of enhancement of creativity or joyfulness are directions that you may allow yourself to be noticing, and identifying the beliefs that are motivating that type of movement.

Be remembering, I am not discouraging you from this action, for it may be quite beneficial to you, but this is also relative to other directions that you proceed within objectively in this focus, for there is an underlying assessment that your abilities presently are not quite good enough. Therefore, if you are accessing other areas of consciousness in relation to self, you may enhance or acquire more abilities than you already express.

This also extends to the aspect of joyfulness. There are some expressions within your focus presently that you assess as good and joyful and acceptable, and there are some expressions that you view as not quite so acceptable! (Chuckling)

This provides you with an objective opportunity, not to be discounting of yourself, but to be acknowledging of yourself that you are allowing yourself an openness to explore you, and to offer yourself the identification of those expressions within you that may be lacking in acceptance and trust of you.

This is the base line, so to speak, within your exploration – the familiarization of you with who you are and what you are, therefore recognizing your abilities and the wondrousness of what you are!

Let me express to you, you already exhibit and incorporate perfection. Ah, and I am receiving of this energy that you project! “Myself? Perfection? Not quite!” Ha ha ha ha ha! And I express to you, this is genuine! You, in this manifestation, in any aspect of your expression, are already perfect!

Therefore, you may not improve upon perfection, for what shall you acquire or add to in perfection? You are merely expanding your awareness, allowing yourself to objectively incorporate more of what is naturally you, not improving upon.

This is significant, for an element of your motivation is to be improving upon, to be expressing better.

The direction of attempting to be expressing “better” is different than the expression of incorporating more of your periphery and allowing yourself more of an expansiveness. This is not necessarily identifiable as better. It merely is an allowance of the abilities you already hold. Therefore, there is no automatic association with a discounting of self.

Now; in this, your question is offered in the direction of, how may you be allowing yourself to access Regional Area 2? You are already accessing Regional Area 2.

First of all, let me express to you, do not be discounting of yourself in assessing that what you are allowing in your experiences may be imagination. What you are accessing IS reality.

Each individual creates an objective design of their movement within Regional Area 2. This is quite purposeful, for what you recognize within your waking awareness and that aspect of your attention IS objective. Therefore, you may allow yourself to translate your subjective movement into objective recognition.

In this, you have created imagery in association with what you term to be your mall. This is your access point to Regional Area 2. In a manner of speaking, it serves as a type of gateway, and allows you movement into an objective recognition that you are engaging Regional Area 2.

The imagery itself matters not. You may be creating any type of imagery. What is significant is that you are creating an identification of imagery that you may consistently associate as your gateway into the awareness of Regional Area 2.

Therefore, as you associate these different types of movements through your mall and into other areas of your classroom, you do allow yourself to be accessing information.

Now; the confusion is created in your retention of that information in objective terms within waking state. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Very well.

The activity is occurring. You hold a partial recognition and identification that you are engaging activity within Regional Area 2. But within your waking state, there are elements of confusion in the interpretation and translation of what you are engaging within Regional Area 2, and translating that action into your waking state of Regional Area 1.

You may create imagery and you may express to yourself, “I am remembering of my activity, but I hold confusion as to the meaning of that activity. Therefore, if I am creating more activity in this Regional Area 2, I may be offering myself more of an objective understanding of what I am engaging within Regional Area 2.”

Now; there are two elements that I shall express to you presently that may be helpful within your movement.

First of all, I shall incorporate one direction which we have spoken of previously, and that is to be relaxing your energy. You incorporate a tension, and tension also creates a thickness within your energy and your movement. (Short pause)

Very good! In this exchange that we engage presently, you are allowing yourself more of a relaxation. As you entered this conversation, your energy was being projected in (gasping) quite an exhibition of tightness! (Jen laughs and Elias chuckles)

The movement in relaxation allows you more of a free flow. As you incorporate tension within your energy, you restrict your movement.

Movement is not merely identified by the activity that you may engage in Regional Area 2. For this be the second element of my offering of information to you in this subject matter.

Within the movement of Regional Area 2, you are creating what we identify as subjective movement. This is an area of consciousness that is created – that you have created collectively – to be a field, so to speak, of consciousness, which is designed to be accommodating of the subjective awareness. Are you following thus far?

PATRICIA: I’m going to Regional Area 2 to create a field?

ELIAS: The field is already created. It IS Regional Area 2.

Regional Area 2 is a field, so to speak, of consciousness; an area of consciousness that is designed to be accommodating, in a manner of speaking, of the subjective awareness.

Now; you already engage activity in that area of consciousness continuously.

What you seek is to be incorporating a mergence of the subjective and objective awarenesses, allowing yourself to be creating translations that are understandable to you in objective terms.

The subjective and objective awarenesses move in harmony to each other continuously, but in a manner of speaking, they are moving in different languages. Therefore, although they may be expressing the same energy and creating the same movement, they are creating that in two different languages simultaneously.

What you and many other individuals seek to be creating is a translation of the subjective language into the objective language, which offers you a translated objective awareness of what you are creating subjectively or what movement and activity you are engaging subjectively.

Now; there is a key element in this equation. The key element is that the objective and the subjective move in harmony, and they are creating simultaneously the same actions within different languages.

Now; as we return to our discussion previously this day, this is the expression of your perfection and the identification of not acquiring what you do not already possess.

Be remembering of our discussion as to your motivation – that you seek to be acquiring abilities or qualities within your objective expression that you perceive you do not entirely hold already. If you are holding these qualities already, you may not be acquiring them.

Let me also express to you, there is no element to be acquired, for you already possess all.

Now; recognizing that, the motivation shifts from the acquisition of an ability to the natural flow in the curiosity and the exploration of Regional Area 2, that you may be creating the challenge of the translation, not of the acquisition.

It is not a situation that Regional Area 2 holds more information than Regional Area 1.



PATRICIA: I see it as like a Cinderella world.

ELIAS: Many individuals view that there must be more information within Regional Area 2 and within their subjective awareness than there is within their objective awareness and within Regional Area 1. This is not the case. It is merely allowance of your attention, and what you incorporate in the opening of your awareness.

Your objective attention may be allowed to access as much, in a manner of speaking, information as you view yourself or you assess yourself to hold subjectively. It is merely that within your objective awareness, you focus your attention singularly.

Within your subjective attention, you allow your attention to move more freely, and you do not focus your attention as intensely in a singularity.

What is available to you is, in a manner of speaking, equal measure in both awarenesses, for they are the same. They are merely creating within different languages.

In this, the significance of what I am expressing to you is that you may allow yourself the opportunity to view the abilities that you hold – and what you are – within your objective awareness.

Your belief systems are held more loosely within your subjective awareness, which is evidenced as you access any expression of Regional Area 2 and translate that into objective imagery. Your dream state is an example continuously of this principle, so to speak.

Within your dream state, you allow yourself more freedom of movement, in which the influence of your belief systems is more relaxed. There is an incorporation of your belief systems, but it is not singularly focused upon or as intensely influencing in relation to your perception.

Therefore, within your dream state, you may allow yourself movement that you may not necessarily allow yourself within waking state, and you do not necessarily create judgments within your dream state as to the association of your activity.

Recognize that all imagery that you recall of dream state is an objective translation, for the movement of subjective activity is not solid and is not created in the design of matter. Your objective awareness holds its attention in the creation of solidity, which incorporates matter – tangibles.

This is the nature of the corporeal existence of this physical dimension. But as essence, you also incorporate the nature of consciousness outside of the design of corporeal existence, so to speak, and this is the creation of the subjective aspect of you.

Therefore, recognize first that you are already incorporating continuous movement and activity within Regional Area 2, for this is the “homeland,” so to speak, of your subjective awareness.

Allow yourself also to recognize that your objective awareness and movement is a type of mirror. (Pause)

PATRICIA: Of Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: Yes. The translation is different in form, but the movement of energy is the same.

Therefore, what you are creating in this awareness objectively, you are also creating in the subjective awareness. The point of that information is, what you are creating in your objective awareness is mirrored by the subjective.

Therefore, if you are viewing yourself to not be expressing enough, or if you are assessing that you need be creating “better,” you are mirroring that within the subjective movement also.

This is key to you and to many other individuals that experience obstacles and difficulties in accessing Regional Area 2 or in movement within Regional Area 2.

You may be acknowledging of yourself, for you are accomplishing and you are allowing yourself an objective awareness of your subjective movement. You ARE creating a translation. You DO create an identification. You HAVE presented yourself with your imagery in translation in many expressions.

Your obstacle is created in what you wish, in mirror to what you create objectively.

Example: Let us focus attention upon creativity. You may express quite singularly your identification of creativity. Let us identify within the subject matter of your artistic abilities.

Within Regional Area 1, your objective waking awareness, you may hypothetically express to yourself, “I wish to be creating in this manner in relation to my artistic ability.” You may assess within yourself that you are experiencing a challenge, or that you wish to be expressing more fully or better in your presentment of your ability.

Now; in that identification, you turn your attention to self and you express to yourself, “I may be accessing this information, and I may be acquiring more of an expression of objective abilities within myself that I may express if I am accessing Regional Area 2 and that aspect of myself, and I shall turn my attention to the engagement of Regional Area 2 and my subjective awareness, and this shall offer me more of an ability, for I shall access more information of myself through this action in movement into Regional Area 2.”

Following thus far?


ELIAS: Very well.

Now; surfacely, there is a camouflage within your perception, that you are turning your attention to self, and therefore you are moving and maneuvering your energy around your belief systems ... OR not engaging your belief systems at all, and bypassing your belief systems into other activities that do not incorporate belief systems at all. (Chuckling)

You allow yourself what you identify as a “successful maneuver,” (grinning, and Jen laughs) and you access Regional Area 2 and your subjective activity, and you present yourself with movement within what you identify as a classroom, and you express to yourself that you are acquiring information.

You may accomplish this action within a meditation or within your dream state, and upon awakening, you may allow yourself the recall of the imagery of your activity, and in that recall, you express to yourself, “Very well, I have accomplished accessing Regional Area 2, but I have no understanding objectively of what information I have been offering to myself. It appears to be quite muddled, and I now experience confusion, for I know not what I am expressing to myself.”


ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning, and Jen laughs)

And what I am expressing to you is, the reason that you awake with this confusion is that you are NOT bypassing your beliefs and you ARE incorporating your perception, which is influenced by your beliefs, and your beliefs are assessing your acceptance of self, your measure of your abilities, and you create an identification that objectively, they are not enough. Therefore, you are seeking the acquisition of more within another area.

PATRICIA: What should I do? (Expressing frustration)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Nothing! Let me express to you, first of all, once again, let us breathe and relax!

PATRICIA: (Sighing) I’m so sick of this!

ELIAS: Relax. (Pause) What shall be the ...

PATRICIA: I’m SO sick of this!

ELIAS: ... offense within this now?

PATRICIA: What do you mean?

ELIAS: What is occurring within this very moment, within this very now, that shall be offensive to you?

PATRICIA: I’m so sick of ... I don’t know, thinking that way or just being that way. It’s torture! (Emotionally)

ELIAS: And what is torturous to you within this moment?

PATRICIA: Thinking about ... (pause) I don’t know, the past? Yeah, the past, and....

ELIAS: Liva! Look to me presently. Do not break your gaze.

(Gently) In this, feel my energy. You are present within the now – not within the past, not in anticipation of the future, in the now – and in this now, what is torturous in your engagement with myself? (Pause)

PATRICIA: (Whispering) Me. What I’m doing. (Emotionally)

ELIAS: (Softly) And without the past and without the future, but holding your attention in no other area or activity than your engagement in this moment with my energy, what may be torturous? There is no expression of that in this moment. There is no past; there is no future. There is now. (Pause)

May you offer yourself permission to receive my energy in this now, and allow yourself to feel that energy? For it is not the projection of torturous feeling. (Pause) No offense, no harm, no torturousness is present or occurring within this now. (Pause)

I am understanding of your fear and of your concern. Allow yourself to play. Seek your joy in playfulness. (Jen becomes emotional again)

Let me express to you an identification of your distress presently. Shall you listen? (No audible response)

I am acknowledging of your movement. I offer information to you, for you request this information.

The reason that you experience the anxiety that you are experiencing presently is a manifestation of frustration. You receive an energy of acceptance from myself, and you create a frustration within yourself that you do not offer this to yourself, but you wish to be, (pause) and you may!

Express an affirmation to yourself that you may not improve upon perfection.

In this, allow yourself to be relaxing with your energy. Practice. Do not be discounting of yourself, but acknowledging of yourself in your practicing. I am acknowledging of you in your practice within the time framework in what you identify as between our previous discussion and this discussion this day.

You have become quite familiar with the tension and the holding to your energy and the pushing of your energy. Therefore, you may be incorporating practice to be relaxing and not pushing, but you may also allow yourself the acknowledgment, each time you are relaxing and discontinuing in your pushing, pushing.

PATRICIA: Pushing what?

ELIAS: Yourself! You push upon yourself very hard, in a striving to be what you already are! (Chuckling)

Let me also offer to you, do not be discounting of yourself that you move in the design of repetitive creations. (Pause) You create a thought process within yourself that you identify in certain moments that you are repeating, repeating, repeating, and this creates an anxiety within you, for as you assess that you may be repeating any action, you also identify and define that as bad, or as a lack of movement, or as being stuck, or that you are not moving forward in your assessment.

I shall offer to you that this is a quality of the essence family that you are belonging to [of Sumafi]. Therefore, it is quite natural. This is the manner in which you offer information to yourself, through repetitive movements, and this is quite beneficial, for in that repetitiveness, you offer to yourself familiarity.

You may express to yourself a frustration that you continuously repeat one particular movement. “Why shall I continue to repeat this movement time and time again? I offer myself information, and I continue to create the same action. There must be some element that is wrong with myself!” (Chuckling)

Let me express to you, this repetitiveness creates a familiarity in which you need not allow yourself to concentrate upon the action that is being repeated, but allow your attention to move into what you are offering to yourself in the individual moment of the repetitive action.

For each time that you repeat any action, you offer yourself different information. It surfacely appears the same, in your assessment, but you are offering yourself different information in each situation.

PATRICIA: So what should I do? I mean, I’ve been going with better....

ELIAS: For much time framework!

PATRICIA: Yeah, yeah!

ELIAS: And it has become quite familiar!

PATRICIA: Yeah. (Elias chuckles) It’s like, I don’t know what else to do. Well, I do, but I guess....

ELIAS: This is the incorporation of relaxation. Each time you are identifying your movement and your thoughts in the direction of attempting to be better, allow yourself the incorporation of the relaxation.

As I express to you, incorporate fun ... each time you are incorporating the thought process of becoming “better,” you are moving yourself into an expression of “seriousness.” (Humorously)

Now; in counterbalance to that seriousness – although it is not wrong – allow yourself to turn your perception momentarily, and as you identify, “I am striving, I am attempting to be creating better,” allow yourself even a moment to stop, to recognize, to notice, and to express to yourself humorously – humorously! – “I am perfect. Why shall I create better?”

I am recognizing that you do not believe this statement, and this be the reason that I express to you, incorporate the humor. Create a game with yourself, and play! Express to yourself, “I am already perfect, I need not be better, and I shall hold my attention in this now, not concerning myself with what has gone before or what may come futurely, but merely allowing myself to be, now, perfect.”

To blazes with the past and the future! They are a design of imagination. As you continue to focus your attention upon the past and the future, you do not pay attention to the now, and this is the discounting of you, for the gloriousness resides now! (Pause)

PATRICIA: My skin has been like breaking out, and I do not like it. I do not see it as perfect!

ELIAS: Quite! And what is this the mirror of?

PATRICIA: Tension.


PATRICIA: Discounting.

ELIAS: Quite. It is the mirror of your belief. It is not that your skin is creating, and subsequently you are assessing that you are not perfect. You are perfectly mirroring what you believe!

PATRICIA: Well, I don’t want to do that!

ELIAS: Ah! And this is the key – to be holding your attention within the now, and affirming to yourself your worth and your acceptance of self within the now.

PATRICIA: If I don’t accept not accepting ... isn’t that just perpetual? If I don’t accept not accepting ... do you know what I mean? Should I just forget it? But ... or should I just change my attention?

ELIAS: Acceptance is the lack of judgment. (Pause) Therefore, non-acceptance is the incorporation of judgment.

PATRICIA: Well, is it normal, when you change directions, to feel weird about it, or to feel unusual?

ELIAS: Quite! It is quite unfamiliar! (Chuckling)

You are moving into quite unfamiliar territory. Therefore, it shall be somewhat shaky, so to speak. (Grinning) No individual moves into unfamiliarity in ease entirely. You have not created the design of this physical dimension to lend itself to that expression.

PATRICIA: So, I’m just here to experience myself?

ELIAS: One point! Yes, in all that you are! (Pause) That is enough, for you are immense. You are a multidimensional being!

PATRICIA: Okay. Well, I tried to contact the shady part of me. This is weird. I was in my bed and I was like thinking about it, and I was like chanting to myself and I was getting relaxed, and then something fell downstairs in my house, and it scared me. Can you offer me any insight there? ‘Cause if it’s me, I thought it would be like I would see something in my head, or have a dream, or like get some imagery.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

PATRICIA: It’s weird when I talk to you, ‘cause it’s like, I don’t know. It’s just different (laughing) ‘cause there’s different things going on. (Elias chuckles)

So, the glass fell, and it scared me. Did I do that?


PATRICIA: Oh geez, I knew it! Well, I didn’t, but how? Could you tell me, please, something?

ELIAS: Through your energy....

PATRICIA: Did the shady me pop up or something and break it?

ELIAS: No. This is an expression of your energy.

PATRICIA: What the heck! It scared me! And it’s an expression of my energy? I moved it?

ELIAS: Quite.

PATRICIA: Into the sink?

ELIAS: It is an intensity of energy which creates a physical anomaly, so to speak.

PATRICIA: I moved it!

ELIAS: Quite.

PATRICIA: Well, that’s great, I think.

ELIAS: Now....

PATRICIA: But it scared me, though!

ELIAS: Quite, for it is unfamiliar, and you do not credit yourself with the immense ability that you incorporate in the exhibition of your energy, which is quite powerful and incorporates the ability to be creating much more than you have allowed yourself previously.

Allow yourself to draw upon that experience futurely and express to yourself, if you may be creating movement in energy to create a wave within your physical air to be affecting of a physical object and knocking it over, your energy is quite powerful! And what else may you be accomplishing in the directions of your desire? (Grinning)

PATRICIA: I think that’s why I liked the book “Matilda” so much, by Roald Dahl. This is some imagination-packed stuff! It was a book, but she could do all this, and I loved it! I must have identified with it.

ELIAS: This is not imagination. It is reality. (Grinning)

PATRICIA: What? The book?

ELIAS: All that you may be accomplishing! The book is a story presented in the design of what you identify as imagination, and what I am expressing to you is that these exhibitions are not imagination. They are reality! You DO hold these abilities within your physical reality.

PATRICIA: Does everyone?


PATRICIA: But I allow myself ‘cause I’m so curious, and I like to get into it?

ELIAS: This is the playful aspect that I am expressing to you. What shall you do? Be playful!

PATRICIA: I am sometimes.

ELIAS: I am aware.

PATRICIA: It works, you know, in moving things!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. We shall disengage this day, for you have much to assimilate and much to entertain yourself with!

PATRICIA: (Laughing) Oh, goody!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And I shall continue to be available to you, and I shall also continue to offer my energy to you.

PATRICIA: How will I know? But really, how will I know? Did I know the other times? I think I did a little.


PATRICIA: But I wasn’t sure.

ELIAS: Allowing yourself to be open, and not discounting of your experience.

PATRICIA: Is it as helpful when I like second-guess?

ELIAS: Yes. In this, you shall know. You shall feel my presence.

PATRICIA: Can I ask one more question?


PATRICIA: Okay. I play with a Ouija board, experiments. I played with my friend Paul, and that seemed kinda like more of a legitimate ... well, like an honest ... whatever was interacting with us. It could have been us, but whatever it was, it seemed more legitimate. But I played with my friend Jerry the other day, and I got BM, DM, swirly, and then I asked for my number, which I was using 427 in my head, and it came up. Can you offer me any information there? Then you can go play in Sumafi land! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you may access other energies through the incorporation of this tool, and you may incorporate playfulness.

In this, at times you may incorporate this tool as a focal point to be allowing yourself information, but recognize that there is a tremendous window for distortion in the incorporation of this tool.

PATRICIA: It said “see me and you” one time when I played with it. Was that like an invitation to like speak....

ELIAS: This is you and your energy incorporating into a physical manipulation of communication through this tool.

PATRICIA: I did it?


PATRICIA: But was it like an Elias ... wait a minute. So is Mary doing this? Do you know what I mean? And I’m not ... I don’t know, maybe this is touchy, but are you like an extension of Mary? ‘Cause see, when I say that, it’s like in some sense, everything is an extension of everything else.

ELIAS: Quite. In that....

PATRICIA: But how....

ELIAS: In that identification, that there is no separation, and in the identification of all expressions being a type of extension of each other, yes. In the identification of essences and the differences of expressions of essences, in relation to the exchange between Michael and myself, no.

PATRICIA: It was different.

ELIAS: The exchange between Michael and myself is an exchange of essences. In the recognition of consciousness and no separation, this exchange may be viewed as an extension of one or the other, for there is no separation. Therefore, all is all.

In the identification of essences within consciousness as designations of personality tones, there is an identification of my essence and Michael’s essence, which are different and incorporate an exchange of energy.

In the experience that you are referring to, you have incorporated another aspect of you, as essence, to be manipulating energy in offering a communication to you.

This is purposeful – and has been purposeful – to allow you in objective terms to view that you are greater than you assess, yet. You are essentially more than you recognize, yet.


ELIAS: Correct, but you shall! (Chuckling)

You may continue in this activity....

PATRICIA: ‘Cause that’s funny, how I did that! (Elias chuckles) ‘Cause I knew I was in control, like, you know, I set it up! (Laughing) I set the whole situation up, and I was kinda like running it, but I didn’t think I was running it that much! Hmm. That’s funny.

I have one last question, and I can’t remember what it was. (Elias chuckles) Oh yeah. How’s my flower?

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am understanding. I shall express to you that it is quite lovely, and allowing more of an opening, and you may....

PATRICIA: What color is it?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

PATRICIA: Lots of colors?

ELIAS: (Grinning) All colors incorporate all colors. Offer to me your impression.

PATRICIA: Okay. A little orange ... I intellectualize it would be black. Purple? Sort of orchid? (Elias chuckles) I’ve been trying to like offer myself some imagery....


PATRICIA: Aha, yes! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) ‘Cause I would like to try, but not in an expression of better!

ELIAS: Trust yourself. I shall offer to you the challenge of the exercise, to view yourself and allow yourself the impression – not the guess, the impression! – of yourself in color as this flower.

PATRICIA: And this is it – this is my last one. Is Liva like an ocean, maybe? (Blowing in and out) Something like that? (Laughing)

ELIAS: In movement.

PATRICIA: ‘Cause it kind of sounds the same. Lee-vah, do-dah.... (In a sing-song manner, and making a wind sound)

ELIAS: And I am quite acknowledging of you, for you are allowing yourself to be opening to more of the expansiveness of your tone, recognizing that it is in actuality more than a word. (Grinning) Very good, my friend!

PATRICIA: Very good! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I express to you great affection and much encouragement. Take with you objectively my expression of energy, and hold to this in moments of your doubtfulness, and it may be encouraging to you.


ELIAS: Very well. I express to you this day, in tremendous lovingness, au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:48 p.m.


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