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Wednesday, August 02, 2000

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“Belonging to the Family of Vold”

“Revolutionizing Spirituality”

“The Confusion Accelerates”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Carmen (Tirza).

Elias arrives at 11:23 a.m. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

CARMEN: Hi, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have questions this day?

CARMEN: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

CARMEN: Okay. First of all, I’m looking for more ways to connect with my essence. So, would you tell me my essence name, and also whether it’s changed during my focus? (Short pause)

ELIAS: I shall express to you, yes, there has been fluctuation, although the tone of this essence has for the most part continued in a consistency in one expression; essence name being the translation of Tirza; T-I-R-Z-A. (teer’zah)

What I am expressing to you in this is that for the most part, this has remained the tone of your essence, although in like manner to all other essences, in relation to time frameworks of mergences and different interactions between essences, there have been what you would identify as time frameworks within your focus in which the tone may have altered slightly, temporarily.

CARMEN: Okay, great. Along the same lines, would you tell me what the musical note is, or preferably the chord, that corresponds to my tone? I seem to gravitate to the key of A major, but I resonate with a lot of chords, so I’m not sure. (Pause)

ELIAS: I may express to you, a more closely associated tonal quality in sound within your physical dimension that resonates with the tone of your essence may be identified in the chord of B flat.

CARMEN: Oh, that’s very interesting! Well, that’s close to A.

Okay, would you tell me what color my essence tone is? Again, I’m looking for ways to kind of help me connect with my essence.

ELIAS: Prior to the offering of this information, express to me, what is your impression of your color?

CARMEN: Well, that’s interesting, because I seem to gravitate more toward the blue-green to blue-violet end of the spectrum, but I also really like the combination of blue and red; the two colors separate, but next to each other.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding. In this, your impression is quite accurate as you translate that into an objective draw, so to speak. The actual identifiable color vibration may be viewed as plum.

CARMEN: Plum – interesting! Okay.

My next question is my orientation. I have a feeling that I may be soft, but I might be mistaking my extreme sensitivity to people and my emotionality for softness. (Pause)

ELIAS: I express to you, you have manifest within this focus as an emotionally focused individual, which may at times be confusing in the identification of orientation. The identification of orientation within this focus is common.

CARMEN: Really! Okay. Well, that does make sense because I do like to spend some time alone, and commons do have a subjective side. So, that does make sense.

Okay, my next question is my essence family membership and alignment. I’ve really gone round with myself on this one! I’ve read the family descriptions several times, and I honestly feel strong inclinations in the direction of several. Now, I know we incorporate traits of all the families, but I’m really fuzzy on where I fit in the scheme. So, would you clarify my membership and alignment, and also if either has changed or is changing? Because I’ve never really felt a strong calling in my life. I’ve chosen and pursued certain directions, but I haven’t felt a huge emotional commitment to them.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And express to myself, what is your impression thus far of your inclination in belonging to and aligning with essence families?

CARMEN: If I had to guess, I would say Sumari aligned with Milumet, or vice versa. But also, when I read about Tumold, I think I very well could be aligned with Tumold, and I have Zuli tendencies. But my first guess would be Sumari and Milumet.

ELIAS: Now; express to me also, what is your identification of self that draws you to this type of conclusion?

CARMEN: Okay. I’ve always been very artistic musically, and in visual arts like photography, painting, and drawing, and I’m very sensitive to beauty, which also could be Zuli. But my stubbornness and individuality lead me to think Sumari.

As to Milumet, I’ve just always, ever since I can remember, asked myself questions about spirituality. I was just very curious about it. I also have an extremely strong feeling for creatures, and I’ve had experience with my cat talking to me in English, which apparently is how Milumet experiences an energy exchange.

So, those are the things that have really led me to those families.

ELIAS: I shall also be acknowledging of you, that you are allowing yourself objectively a recognition that these qualities that you are viewing may be associated with different essence families, and that you do express objectively an exhibition of qualities of many of these essence families that you allow yourself to be recognizing of.

In this, I shall express to you that you are ALIGNED with Sumari; which, the alignment of an individual focus presents itself in more of an obvious expression objectively. Therefore, the qualities expressed by that particular family may be incorporated into your focus in more of the objective, surface expressions, so to speak, creating more of an obvious identification of that alignment with that family.

The essence family that you are belonging to creates a type of underlying quality within an individual focus, which may not appear quite as obvious in its expressions within the individual throughout their focus.

In this, I shall express to you that you are BELONGING to the essence family of Vold.

CARMEN: Now, that doesn’t really surprise me. It wasn’t my first guess, but boy, my emotionality really comes through! I don’t have an objective desire to change or reform or revolutionize, but I have a desire for things to change, if you know what I mean. I’ve never been one to go out and picket, but I do have an underlying feeling of wanting things to change. So, that does make sense.

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of what you are expressing.

Let me also express to you that as you are belonging to this essence family – not aligning with this essence family – the expression, as I have stated, that is exhibited within your individual focus may not be exhibited as obviously as the expression may be within individuals that are aligning with that essence family.

You have exhibited throughout your focus, even within your time frameworks of being a small child, a continuous curiosity and movement within change within yourself, which you identify as a motivation to be moving forward and acquiring more information, or merely curiosity, but this is also an expression of this particular essence family. (1)

Your ability to be interactive with creatures – and even at times with other individuals in other manners besides officially accepted communication – is also a quality of this essence family.

CARMEN: Yeah, they do hear voices.

ELIAS: And create a natural inclination in the exercising of inner senses.

CARMEN: Great. Okay, could you tell me my individual intent, and also whether I’ve changed or modified this during my focus?

ELIAS: You have not altered your intent within this particular focus. Now; in viewing your movement and your choices throughout this particular focus, express your impression in relation to your intent.

Let me express to you first of all, it is quite purposeful that I am expressing this line of questioning to you, for in this, I am encouraging of you to be allowing yourself to be listening to and noticing of your own impressions, and therefore validating your own abilities and allowing yourself the opportunity to practice trusting self more fully.

Therefore, prior to my offering of information concerning your intent, offer to me, what is your impression concerning your intent in this focus?

CARMEN: Boy, I really have thought about this! I would say it’s several things. One, which led me to think that I might be Tumold-aligned, is that somehow I’ve felt that I came here to kind of make people feel better about themselves, because I’m extremely sensitive to people and how they are feeling.

Other times, I’ve thought that I’ve come here to develop a trust in my own creative abilities.

Other times, I think I came here to develop my quote “spirituality” and my inner senses, so to speak, to learn how to widen my view and communicate with ... I’ve always felt that everything was alive and had consciousness, and to kind of develop my ability to communicate and get information from that.

So, I guess those are the three intents that I’ve sort of gotten impressions about.

ELIAS: Very good, and I shall be acknowledging of you, for all of these expressions of impressions that you have offered to yourself are in actuality aspects of one intent. They are merely different elements of that one intent.

In this, I shall express to you first of all, the expression of offering to yourself more of a movement into the realization and actualization of acceptance of self is an element that is incorporated into the focuses of all individuals throughout your planet in this time framework of this shift in consciousness.

As to your identification of exploration of your creativity, and helpfulness to other individuals in exploring their expressions, and allowing yourself to be exploring aspects of what you identify as spirituality, all of these elements move together harmoniously in your individual intent, for they are all intertwined.

You are exploring your expressions and abilities in creativity to be applied in relation to interactions with other individuals, but not always in actual interaction, for at times, your movement within your individual exploration is to be discovering avenues of manipulating energy that may be interactive and affecting of individuals within your dimension without an actual objective, physical interaction. Therefore, there are two aspects of that particular direction.

In this, your overall direction in this exploration is incorporated in the design of defining spirituality in all of its expressions.

Now; this is significant, for there is an incorporation of assimilating information in many different types of expressions of spirituality, and exploring within yourself how all of those expressions may be simultaneously incorporated and expanded to be all-encompassing, so to speak, and not discounting of any one particular direction of expression.

This is the exploration of a specific area of acceptance, in the identification of spirituality.

By incorporating all of the differences of expressions and beliefs associated with spirituality, you have chosen to incorporate an action of your abilities in creativity to be incorporating all of these different expressions, and creatively expanding upon the philosophies to incorporate the expression of acceptance of all aspects of identifiable beliefs concerning spirituality.

Are you understanding?

CARMEN: Well, I’m really going to have to go back and think about it. Does this mean that I would be exploring separate avenues, but bringing them together in a single objective expression? Because I am a dabbler; I do a lot of different creative things. Or, does it mean I would be doing them separately, and accepting them all as an expression of both creativity and spirituality?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

CARMEN: The latter?

ELIAS: Both.

CARMEN: Both – okay! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Okay. Boy, that’s big!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And offers you quite a challenge in exploration, which continues to hold your attention quite efficiently!

CARMEN: Yes! Now, can I ask you a question about a dream I had that might relate to this?

ELIAS: You may.

CARMEN: I had a dream where I was talking to Picasso, and his eyes – you know how intense his gaze was – his eyes just burned into me, and he said something to the effect that we had similar mothers. Now, I woke up and had just a hugely vivid feeling about this, and it kind of shook me up. But could you expand on the meaning of that message, and what connection, if any, I would have with Picasso? I mean, he was creative, but....

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Once again, let us explore the offering together. Offer to me your impression concerning this imagery that you have presented to yourself. (Short pause)

CARMEN: Did you ask me a question?

ELIAS: Offer to me your impression.

CARMEN: Well, I associate him with revolutionary, artistic ideas; I mean really changing – in agreement with people on the planet – the way reality was viewed, and bringing all of the dimensions together. In one picture, you feel like you’re looking at things from different angles, so that kind of obliterates the space idea, and I suppose the time idea, and I guess I connected that with my own creativity. But when I had the dream ... oh, something just came to me. Okay, this was before I was really ... or maybe at the beginning of when I was really starting to express myself creatively.

But the mother part – my mother is someone who I interpret as not being comfortable with her own creativity. I don’t know that much about Picasso’s mother, but maybe he was saying that he also ... I presented him as an example to me, of someone who had a mother who also didn’t trust herself, and maybe he, as well as I, internalized some of her fears, and that’s been holding me back.

ELIAS: Ah, very good! I shall express to you that this information is twofold symbolically, in the identification of the mother.

As to the interaction with this individual in your imagery, you are presenting yourself with a type of parallel, which moves quite in association with your expression of belonging to this particular essence family of Vold.

In this, you have identified yourself objectively as not necessarily moving in a revolutionary direction, so to speak, but you also inquire as to your intent in this focus. It may not be expressed in extreme flamboyance, but this is not to say that the direction of your intent is not revolutionary, for it is.

In this, you are associating – within your imagery that you have presented to yourself – a movement of the incorporation of an established expression with this artist, who incorporates an established direction of painting art, but allows the expression of his individuality, in his manipulation of that art, in what you term to be a revolutionary manner.

You are creating, within your focus, a very similar type of movement in your choices.

You are incorporating established beliefs and philosophies which are held throughout your globe in relation to the subject matter of spirituality, but allowing your individual creativity to be revolutionizing the idea, so to speak, of the definition of spirituality.

[You are] incorporating, in similar manner to this artiste, the foundational elements of the officially accepted expressions – his movement in the objective expressions of art, yours in the officially accepted expressions of spirituality in its many forms – but [both of] your individual movements of incorporating your own expressions of creativity create a type of revolutionary expression, which IS affecting of the manner in which these subject matters are viewed by other individuals.

Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Now; as to the aspect of imagery that you have presented yourself with in relation to the communication of mothers, your identification of that imagery, in part, is correct; that there is a similarity in the actual choice that each of you – yourself and this other individual – have incorporated in manifesting in relation to certain individuals that hold the role, in your physical expression, of the mother; qualities that each of these individuals exhibit that are similar to each other, and qualities that each of you – yourself and this artist – have incorporated within your individual focuses in relation to these individuals that you identify as your mothers.

This is not a psychological incorporation of movement. It is a choice that each of you have created quite purposefully, to be offering more of an expression of motivation in your individual movements in your creativities.

Now; the other aspect of this information concerning the mothers may be expressed more abstractly; not necessarily in relation to the physical identification of the actual individuals in the role of your mothers, but symbolically, as an expression of identification that you have each, in a manner, chosen to be creating in your individual focuses a personality type which may be expressed as springing from – or as being given birth to by – a similar expression of energy within essence, creating a similar personality type in each of your focuses.

CARMEN: So, you’re saying that my personality ... it’s my nature to have a similar personality to Picasso? Is that what you just said?

ELIAS: Yes, and let me also clarify, for I am quite aware that within the actual physical objective exhibition of behaviors, your focuses appear quite different.

CARMEN: Yes. It’s an underlying....


CARMEN: Yes, I understand.

ELIAS: The motivational factors and the expressions of creativity, the driving forces, so to speak, and even the objective expressions, which are incorporated in different manners, are similar in personality type.

CARMEN: Yes, okay. Well, that does illuminate that for me.

My next question is, could you offer me some insight on how I’m handling energy? Because my extreme emotions and mood swings really do bother me at times, as do the energy influxes, the insomnia, and the occasional panic, although the panic seems to be lessening.

Sometimes I think I’m way too open to any energy that floats by. Other times I think I’m too closed and that I repress my emotions, and then I just explode. This may be my participation in the shift and my personal way of expressing, but could you just tell me how I’m doing in the shift? And now you’re going to ask me how I think I’m doing, right? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Ah! Now you shall move in the direction of skipping ahead of myself!

CARMEN: Oh, I’m sorry!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I shall express to you, incorrect – I am NOT incorporating the question as to your impression! Ha ha ha ha!

CARMEN: Minus one point for me! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah ah ah ah ah!

CARMEN: No, I shouldn’t discount myself!

ELIAS: (Laughing) I shall express to you that you ARE moving quite efficiently within the action of this shift, and I shall also offer to you an element of clarification in this movement.

There is MUCH confusion that is incorporated with MANY individuals, as you all move in relation to this shift in consciousness. Many actions are occurring.

All of you are redefining your reality. All of you are moving into expressions of unfamiliarity. You are all moving in the recognition of more of an acceptance of self and what you physically identify as a new expression of independence, so to speak, which in actuality is merely the expression of allowing yourselves to be directing of your own individual course, so to speak, rather than allowing yourselves to be directed by circumstances, societies, or other individuals, or by mass belief systems.

Now; in this, confusion ensues in all of you in your movement, and as you continue to address to and identify your individual belief systems, you also bounce, so to speak, back and forth in the expressions of duplicity and doubt of self.

Now; in that incorporation of energy, a natural response, in the familiarity of your reality, is to be creating an automatic reaction of tension, and I may express to you, many, many, many individuals are experiencing this action and this incorporation of energy presently, and have been for what you may identify as much time framework throughout their focuses, yourself also.

CARMEN: I have a tendency to hold onto my energy, I think – that’s my impression – and that does create tension.

ELIAS: Correct, and this creates a movement in doubt – in your assessment of your expressions, your choices, and your behaviors.

You look to yourself, and as you have stated, you express you are either too open or you are not open enough, and you are being affected – or allowing yourself to be affected – in extremes. This is a very common expression of confusion and the incorporation of self-doubt and discounting of self, which is a judgment which is placed upon self.

I shall also express to you that this type of movement is quite common within this time framework, as you all have chosen to manifest within a time framework of this shift in consciousness. Be remembering, the onset of this shift was begun at the turn of your previous century. Therefore, a number of years have been incorporated thus far in relation to this shift in consciousness, and as it accelerates, the confusion accelerates.

Therefore, what I may suggest to you within this present now that may be helpful to you objectively, in offering you more clarity and more of an ease within your focus and your movement, is to be noticing self and your automatic movements.

Allow yourself to be noticing and recognizing self in your energy. Be aware of self, and allow yourself to be familiarizing yourself with your automatic responses.

This may be easily identifiable, and within the first steps of familiarizing you with you, allow yourself to notice the incorporation of tension. This may be in emotional tension; it may be expressed in physical tension; it may be expressed in mental or intellectual tension. In any form of tension, your physical body consciousness shall respond in some manner.

CARMEN: Oh, yeah!

ELIAS: Therefore, your physical body consciousness is a very efficient indicator as to your incorporation of tension.

Tension creates an obstacle, for it creates less of an ability for movement within self. Tension affects perception. Perception is the instrument that creates your reality objectively.

Now; in this, tension creates an interruption of the flow of energy within perception, and therefore creates, in a figurative manner of speaking, blind spots to your choices.

CARMEN: Yes. I hadn’t made that connection before, between perception and body tension, but just last night I said to myself, “I’m so tired that no matter what I think, it’s going to be colored by how I feel.” I mean, I did make the connection, but you saying it helps me make more of a connection.

ELIAS: Let me express to you also, this may be extremely affecting of sleep state and patterns. You may be holding to your energy tightly and creating a tension, which may be exhibited in an actual physical exhaustion, and you may also not be allowing yourself to incorporate sleep state ...

CARMEN: And dreams.

ELIAS: Quite. ... for although you may be experiencing fatigue or even exhaustion, physically or mentally or emotionally, the tension creates a movement that is contrary to the allowance or the sustained movement of sleep state.

CARMEN: Yes, I can see that. Sleep has been a problem, and I know that I connect with my essence a lot in my dreams, and when I don’t do that, when I don’t dream, I wake up. I may physically sleep for four hours a night, but I feel like I haven’t dreamed and I’m not rested, and that just perpetuates itself. So, that’s very helpful.

ELIAS: It is a recognition of a lack of what you identify as rejuvenization. This is your allowance of a physical time framework in which you merge the objective and subjective awarenesses to be in communication with self as essence, and you allow yourself to open to yourself as essence, not holding your attention in the narrow field of separation of only objective recognition and awareness.

Therefore, as you create the tension, what you are in effect creating within your energy is a block which separates the objective and subjective awarenesses from mergence together. Therefore, you awake with little or no dream recognition, for you are not allowing the free flow of the objective awareness in relation to the subjective activity in sleep state.

CARMEN: Great. Okay.

In the past 5 years – and this is related to body energy, I’m sure – my vision, like a lot of other people’s, has changed, so that now I’m farsighted. Now, I’ve been wondering if this is a symbol of fear on my part to look within myself, or some kind of a wish to detach from focusing on physical reality, or something else. I want to address the issue, hopefully to get my vision back, because it does relate to my creativity; you know, if I could see what I’m painting or taking a picture of....

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this once again is twofold, in the imagery you are presenting to yourself in this particular manifestation.

One, [it] is not necessarily that you are choosing not to be viewing self, but it is an indicator, so to speak, that you have presented to yourself in physical terms, as to how concentrated your attention is outside of self.


ELIAS: [It is] not that you do not incorporate the desire to be turning your attention to self, or that you are blocking your ability to turn your perception to self or your attention to self, but merely allowing yourself to identify that in many situations, for the most part, your attention is NOT turning to self, but is automatically turning to outside of self, and this is mirrored in the expression of farsightedness, or your identification of that.

Now; there is another underlying expression which is affecting of this physical exhibition, and this is related to an aspect of beliefs that you hold underlyingly.

It is quite directly associated with creative abilities in the expression of artistic directions. Therefore, in alignment with a mass expression that influences the perception, the communication is, many or most individuals exhibiting artistic qualities in a physical focus eventually create a physical disability, so to speak, within vision. (2)

Now; let me express to you, in allowing yourself to turn your attention to this mass belief system and addressing to that belief system, you may also be moving into an acceptance of this, and affecting of a partial expression of your physical vision.

CARMEN: Okay. Now, I just want to be clear. The mass belief system has to do with people doubting their creative abilities?

ELIAS: No. It is a quite physical mass belief system; that many, many, many individuals that exhibit creativity in the expression of artistic expressions eventually create a physical disability in vision.

CARMEN: Interesting! Now, I was buying into that without being totally consciously aware of that.

ELIAS: Quite, and this is the strength of mass belief systems.

CARMEN: Pardon?

ELIAS: This is the strength of mass belief systems.

CARMEN: Oh, yes.

ELIAS: It is not necessary for you to create an objective thought process in relation to mass belief systems to be aligning with them.

CARMEN: Right. Well, Elias, it’s been an hour, so I want to let Mary come back. I don’t want to wear her out, and I suppose other people are waiting.

I really want to thank you. You’ve given me so much information to be working with, and I do feel more clarity now, or at least a place to really begin taking off from. So, as I said, I just really want to thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, Tirza. I express an anticipation of our continued interaction, and offer to you a tremendous expression of encouragement in an offering of my energy with you.

CARMEN: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. Express to yourself the wondrous acceptance that I offer to you also. (Chuckling) To you this day, in great affection, au revoir.

CARMEN: Thank you, and backatcha!

Elias departs at 12:24 p.m.


(1) I have changed this sentence. Elias originally said, “You have exhibited throughout your focus, even within your time frameworks of being a small child, exhibited a continuous curiosity and movement within change within yourself that you identify as a motivation to be oving forward and acquiring more information, or merely curiosity, but this is also an expression of this particular essence family.”

(2) The phrase “the communication is” was originally stated “in the communication of.”

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