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Monday, September 11, 2000

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ďSoft: Dwelling on DwellingĒ

ďDo Dead People Hear You?Ē

ďCatching Up With TimeĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Dawn (Sarah), and Michael (Delal).

Elias arrives at 3:09 p.m. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

BOTH: Hello! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: And what shall we engage in conversation this day?

MICHAEL: Well, I was going to ask a question about my grandfather first, if thatís okay.

ELIAS: You may proceed.

MICHAEL: Alright. I have a few questions about my grandfather, now that he has transitioned. Mainly, I guess they are simple questions, like did he hear the poem that was read at his funeral, what kinds of things is he doing, things like that. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Let me offer to you that the energy which is expressed by individuals within physical focus, in moments such as the commemoration of an individual at a funeral or within moments that you may be expressing certain elements to the individual in what you term to be private moments, these are expressions that are received in energy by the individual, but not necessarily conveyed in the manner that you identify.

The energy is projected and it may be received by the individual that has chosen to disengage physical focus, but they are not receiving that energy in the configuration of speech or the type of communication that you are familiar with, and in this, they are not listening, so to speak, for they are not engaging the same type of energy configuration that you engage within physical focus. They are not allowing a participation of physical senses, nor are they engaging an objective interaction, for the most part, with the energy projections which are manifest from individuals that continue within physical focus.

Therefore, in response to your question, I may express to you that the energy has been received which has been projected by different individuals concerning this individual, but it is not received in the manner that you associate with.

As to the activity of this attention of consciousness presently, (pause) this attention is interactive with different configurations of energy within different types of expressions of consciousness.

Now; in a manner of speaking, it may be translated into an objective identification in what you may understand as a similarity to engaging an activity of experimentation, in which energy is being manipulated in relation to that individual focus of attention and its ability to be manipulating its own energy configuration in relation to some physical dimensions, so to speak, without manifesting within them but merely being interactive with the energy configurations of them, and in a manner of speaking, creating a playfulness in the manipulation of that energy in nonphysical expressions.

These are difficult questions to be responding to within a translatable identification of action that may be understood within your physical objective awareness, for you recognize reality in terms of physicality, and the activity which is occurring with this particular focus of attention is not a physical action and does not translate accurately into objective terminology or concepts, so to speak. But I may assure you that this focus of attention, that you identify as this particular individual, is creating a playful experimentation with energy within its activity presently.

MICHAEL: I think I understand. I guess when Iím not in physical reality, Iíll understand it completely, but I get it, what youíre saying about energy. I guess all the imagery Iíve been seeing is my own feelings ofguilt about it.

ELIAS: Ah! Now, I may express to you, this is quite a different matter! (Chuckling) For in this, you are correct that YOU create imagery that shall allow YOU an expression of comfort and reinforcement, which allows you also at times to become less concerned, so to speak, with yourself, not necessarily with this individual.

For the reason that you provide yourself with imagery concerning another individual that you perceive to have died is not to be comforting yourself concerning that individual, for inwardly you do hold a knowing underlyingly that the individual needs no expression of concern, and the action that they engage is quite acceptable. It is merely the configuration of your beliefs that are influencing you to be creating any of these feelings of concern or loss or confusion.

But in this, you create objective expressions that you offer to yourself to be reassuring of yourself in the recognition of your own creation of participation in physical focus, and your agreement to be discontinuing that participation within the physical focus at some point.

Therefore, you create this type of reassurance, so to speak, within yourself concerning other individuals, that allows you less fear in relation to yourself.

MICHAEL: Fear is my next question, but Iím gonna let Dawn go first.

DAWN: I have a question about ... I call it brooding or dwelling. Sometimes something will affect me in a way that while Iím thinking about it and tossing around possibilities in my head, Iím thinking that dramatic actions need to be taken, and I realize Iím doing this, and maybe traditional wisdom says that itís not productive, but then the next day or the next, you know, situation, things have turned out without any struggle or effort. Theyíve turned out in a better way. Can you explain what goes on in these periods? Am I shifting energy or perception?

ELIAS: Both.

Now; let me express to you, at times it may be creating of obstacles within self to be continuing the action of what you term to be dwelling upon a certain situation or creation within your focus.

In this, at times you may be creating the action of batting your dead mouse, so to speak, but let me also express to you that this is not a rule. Therefore, it is not an absolute, and not all individuals are creating that type of action as they may be focusing their attention upon a particular experience or situation or creation that they have engaged or participated within.

In this, some individuals choose to be concentrating objectively upon certain situations and experiences, for this is the manner in which they have chosen to be objectively offering themselves opportunities to be noticing and to be opening to more of their choices.

In this, I may express to you that you Ė and several other individuals that engage conversation with myself, ha ha! Ė do engage this type of action in which you allow yourself to be concentrating your objective attention upon certain situations, for this is the manner in which you have chosen to objectively present yourself with avenues for opening to more of your choices. This is your method, so to speak, which you have allowed yourself to create, in offering yourself a means in which you may look to self and examine your participation, and therefore familiarize yourself with you and your actions in objective terms.

Now; let me express to you also, many individuals that have chosen to be manifest with this same orientation as yourself create a very similar action. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, this is not an uncommon expression in association with this particular orientation.

DAWN: I think that was one of my questions from our other session. Is this kind of action in a soft person because the objective and subjective happens at the same time? Is it a way of bringing it to our attention so we can maybe see it or understand it objectively?

ELIAS: Not entirely. I shall express to you, what is in actuality occurring is a type of natural flow of energy.

Every individual, regardless of their orientation, holds a participation of subjective and objective awarenesses simultaneously, and both of these aspects of awareness are continuously in harmony with each other, regardless of orientation. The difference of each of these orientations is the affectingness that it creates in association with perception.

Now; in individuals such as yourself, there is an underlying continuous awareness of the subjective movement and activity, so to speak. In a manner of speaking, individuals of this orientation are so very accustomed to and familiar with the movement of their subjective awareness that it becomes a type of background, in a manner of speaking. It becomes the landscape, so to speak, in which is inserted the objective activity. Therefore, figuratively speaking, we may express that the individuals, or the viewing of individuals and the interaction of them, may be the subject matter which is placed into the landscape.

Now; the attention automatically focuses upon activity and interaction which is directly affecting of the objective physical awareness. But the movement of the landscape is not merely present, but there is a continuous awareness of its movement and of its presence. This is not to say that you focus your attention upon that landscape, but you do hold an objective awareness of its presence and its movement.

Therefore, (pause, and then speaking slowly) in being objectively aware of this movement and this activity in energy, although you may not recognize that movement in an objective translatable term, so to speak, you are aware of an aspect of interaction of that aspect of yourself, and in this, it moves with your objective awareness in a similar manner to superimposing a dream upon your objective reality, a translucent haze, in a manner of speaking, that is ever-present and is continuously mingled with your objective awareness.

Now; at times, you may be creating an experience which you focus your attention upon objectively. The subjective, being so closely expressed to the objective awareness in the perception of this particular orientation, creates a different type of input. Your attention focuses in an objective manner upon you, more so than it focuses upon what you term to be outside elements.

Now; (chuckling) I am understanding of the confusion that may be ensuing in this discussion, for this is a turning of perceptions in relation to the information that I am offering to you. I am not offering you different information. I am merely offering expressions in helpfulness to turn your perception, that you may allow yourselves to incorporate a wider viewing of what is occurring in actuality, which incorporates difficulty in discussion concerning this particular orientation, for it is easily distorted or misunderstood.

In this, although it may appear that you, in like manner to all other individuals within your reality, focus your attention outwardly Ė and to an extent, you do Ė the interaction of the subjective movement and its closeness, in a manner of speaking, to the objective awareness creates a type of action in which although you may hold your attention in what is seemingly an outward direction, there is also an underlying knowing which is expressed quite strongly in the identification that that element that you identify as outside of yourself is not in actuality outside of yourself, but an aspect of you.

Therefore, your perception is held differently than individuals of the common or the intermediate orientations, for in the interaction with any other expression of consciousness within your reality Ė which may be another individual, it may be a creature, it may be an object, it matters not Ė in your interaction with any expression of consciousness, there is also a recognition and an interplay of energy from the subjective awareness that is interactive with the objective awareness, which creates this underlying feeling or sensing, so to speak, of interconnectedness between yourself and whatever you happen to be engaging.

Now; in the recognition of this expression ... which holds tremendous significance in relation to the orientation of soft, for this is a tremendously motivating factor in why you create what may be perceived as dwelling upon certain situations or experiences, for you are creating a time framework in which you are allowing the exchange of information between objective and subjective, and in that interaction, what you are in actuality creating is a translation.

In this, you hold a type of recognition Ė not within thoughts, but you hold a recognition Ė that the configuration of energy which is expressed subjectively or objectively individually is not what shall provide you with your avenue of choice, for this is not the manner in which you flow with your energy. Therefore, the manner in which you access your availability of choices and create what is translated into an objective direction is to be allowing both of these aspects of awareness to intermingle and create another type of translation [that is] not in identification with merely one or the other of these awarenesses, subjective or objective.

This is the reason that you incorporate these time frameworks in which you engage this action that appears to you at times to be not beneficial or what may be identified as a negative expression, for you view yourself to be not letting go of an experience or a situation or a subject matter, and therefore you create a judgment upon self that you may be holding to your energy and blocking your energy. This is not the situation many, many, many times.

For were you to be manifest with the orientation of common, I may express to you, yes, you ARE engaging an activity which is creating obstacles and holding your energy in a position and not allowing for your movement in free flow. But you are not manifest with the orientation of common, and this is not the manner in which you configure your free flow of energy.

This may be helpful also to other individuals that hold this orientation of soft, for I hold the awareness that many times, individuals holding this orientation are discounting of themselves, expressing that they are creating obstacles or blocking their energy by identifying that they are ďdwelling,Ē in objective terms, upon certain situations or experiences. And I say to you, many times this is not the situation. You are incorporating your natural flow of energy in conjunction with your orientation, and allowing yourself to be moving in relation to your physical expression of time configuration.

Now; as you practice in this action and you allow yourself an expression of trust and acceptance of your natural movement, the time configuration that you incorporate may appear to you to be less, and you may move in relation to the time expression more swiftly in your creation of your translation. But I shall express to you that you shall continue to incorporate some aspect of your time configuration, for this is a natural flow of your energy.

DAWN: Well, thatís useful to know. The last time this kind of thing occurred, I had a sense that it was a purposeful activity.

ELIAS: Yes, quite. Therefore, I may express to you that you may be acknowledging of yourself in this type of action and not discounting of yourself, for it is beneficial and it may be purposeful, and in this also, you allow yourself to be acknowledging your trust and your acceptance of your perception, and how your energy moves in its natural flow.

This may also be helpful to other individuals, such as yourself, Delal, (chuckling) in offering yourself more of an objective understanding in the movement of the perception of an individual holding this orientation, for it is configured differently from your own.

MICHAEL: I might have to become soft so I can accept my dwelling!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: My next question is about fear, and sort of, I guess, more of an affirmation of some things Iíve been thinking about in the last few days this week. Iíve been realizing that what Iíve been noticing is a lot of my fear from the past, and a lot of the actions that Iíve been taking lately, such as going to the doctor and having all of the medical influence, while momentarily frightening are actually to help strengthen my understanding of fear. And the sword that I got is to help align myself with Daniel, whose energy I align with quite a bit, to help give myself some strength. Is this kind of on the track? I feel like Iím making a lot of progress in that area.

ELIAS: Yes. I am acknowledging of you, for allowing yourself to be addressing to the expression of fear may be quite helpful in your movement in addressing to issues that you have created and held for much time framework.

MICHAEL: Along those lines is a question about the artwork that I used to do ... drawings that I used to do quite a bit. Sometimes I feel like that is something I need to recapture, but other times I feel like it isnít, and that itís something that held a purpose at the time, and that my creativity is in a whole different place that doesnít require it, but still acknowledges the memory of it. Iím kind of confused on that, and I was wondering if you could give me some guidance in that area.

ELIAS: I may express to you that what you are offering to yourself is the opportunity to view how you associate with absolutes and the expressions of either/or.

MICHAEL: That makes sense, actually.

ELIAS: In this, you are not limited to the choices of expressing or not expressing, moving in one direction versus moving in another direction, and if you are incorporating one direction, you may not be incorporating another direction simultaneously. These are expressions of your beliefs and of mass beliefs in singularity and separation, and in this, you limit your choices and your expression of yourself in creativity. You allow yourself to be bouncing with this idea, so to speak, that you may present to yourself your identification with absolutes.

MICHAEL: That actually helps quite a bit, because I can parallel it to what Iíve done with computers and with the certification Iím going after right now, because Iíve always felt like thereís a level that I canít get to, and I either have to do it all ... or not!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha HA!

MICHAEL: Itís been a belief thing, so Iíve been doing really well with the computers, but I believe that artwork is something I still want to do, but I havenít really had a chance.

ELIAS: And why shall you not engage this activity?

MICHAEL: Time! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! And I have anticipated your expression of that word! (Michael and Dawn crack up) Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ah, the enemy of time! That entity in itself which is the monster that gobbles your abilities and your expressions, for it dictates to you in limited supply! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Let me express to you, my friend, allow yourself Ė in the ďtimeĒ that you are incorporating now and within your brief future, so to speak, (grinning) Ė and in this, allow yourself a playful exercise in which you merely notice different expressions of time and its movement, and how you in actuality are manipulating it, for you are!

I have expressed recently within this forum that in actuality, en masse through individual expressions, you are in actuality, in association with this shift in consciousness, reconfiguring your expression of time, as you are reconfiguring ALL of your reality in association with this shift in consciousness. Time is not exempt from this action, and in this, as you are reconfiguring it, you are in actuality accelerating your expression and your perception of it, which accelerates it itself, in actuality.

Now; this is not to say that you incorporate less of it than you have incorporated previously, but this may be a tidbit of information for your objective consideration in your exercise that you engage in noticing within this next week, shall we say, and as you are noticing, allow yourself the recognition that you may be participating in your expression of accelerating the movement of time, and one of the reasons that you perceive and feel that you do not incorporate enough of this time is that you continue to configure your objective movement in the familiarity of slower movement of time. (Chuckling)

Many of you are expressing quite often in many directions that you need be ďcatching upĒ with information or activities or experiences. Now I may playfully express to you that should you be incorporating the idea of catching up in any expression, it may be catching up with yourselves in your configuration of the acceleration of time, and allowing yourselves to move in equal measure! (Chuckling)

MICHAEL: These are two things that Iíve been thinking about. I was also going to ask you for an exercise, and now youíve done it!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: And the other one is that for the last few days, studying for my class, Iíve been thinking, if I allow myself the opportunity to not be blocked by my perceptions of how good or bad Iím gonna do, it will move more freely, and I got the imagery of like light moving through me easier than I normally would let it, and that Iím not as solid as I have been, so thatís a good thing.

ELIAS: Ah! And I shall say to you, my friend, if you are creating the allowance of your perception that you are not quite as solid as you have perceived yourself to be previously, you are well upon your way in your movement into your exercise, in catching up to yourself in your configuration of time! Ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: I think I see myself in the distance there!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: Well, Dawn went to go answer the door, so Iím gonna ask another fast question, something that Iíve been wondering about, a verification. My friend Dana and I, do we share a lifetime in what we call the early 1920s, 1930s? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, briefly.

MICHAEL: And for her, it hasnít happened yet, but for me it did. Thatís the other thing Iím getting.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your identification; yes.

MICHAEL: Okay, Ďcause you canít say that out loud very easily, but for me itís especially difficult. (Elias chuckles) Okay, I think I was the male and she was the female, right?


MICHAEL: Names and time?

ELIAS: Ah, you create such disappointment in myself in your lack of trust of yourself that you may be accessing this information, and you were doing so well! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: I do trust myself, but I backtracked!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: Iíll let Dawn take the next one. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are welcome, my friend.

DAWN: This question combines things that weíve discussed in other sessions about sneezing, and about being more directly connected to essence. In relation to our cats, the creatures we have discussed previously, one of them almost always meows when I sneeze, and Iím curious as to whatís going on when this happens.

MICHAEL: Sheíll even run up to you and lick you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Be remembering that your creatures do not incorporate the belief systems that you incorporate, and therefore, they also do not participate in the degree of separation that you design through your perceptions. Therefore, as you create certain actions within your physical experiences, your creatures may be responsive to what you are creating, and what they allow themselves to view in what you are creating.

Now; in this, in the action of this moment, you are, in a manner of speaking, in a brief momentary expression, disassociating yourself with your objective interaction of this one reality. In a manner of speaking, it may be likened to the action of blinking out, and therefore, what you allow is a momentary openness of energy.

Now; in that momentary openness of energy, you also express no barriers of yourself in expressions of separation. The creature is recognizing of this action.

Now; let me also express to you, not all creatures shall be responsive, objectively speaking, to this action, although they hold an awareness of what is being engaged. Some creatures may be interactive with you in these types of moments of recognition and viewing.

Now; they are interactive for the reason that you are in agreement with them to BE interactive. Were you not projecting an energy that creates a flow with the creature in which it is responsive physically to your expression and offering you an avenue to be noticing and gaining your attention, you would not be viewing the response of the feline. But as you ARE in agreement and you ARE interactive with this creatureís energy, and it has chosen to be compliant with your energy, it merely expresses a response physically to be reinforcing your desire to be noticing.

DAWN: Okay.

MICHAEL: (Inaudible, but obviously funny!)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And I shall express to you Ė ha ha ha ha! Ė your creatures are reinforcing your desire to be expressing noticing of yourselves! (Chuckling, and a pause)

MICHAEL: I have one last question, if you have a moment.

ELIAS: Very well.

MICHAEL: I was going to ask about the perception from Delalís perspective of me, but thatís gonna go along with what we talked about with my grandfather, I think, and energy, so Iím gonna ask about something else instead.

Iíve noticed in a lot of areas, like programming, for example, and instances and sessions, that a lot of the programming structures go along with what weíve talked about, in theory at least. Is that by internal design, or is this just something Iíve offered myself as a recognition of whatís going on?

ELIAS: (Humorously) Ah, I may express to you, my friend, quite accidental and purely coincidental. Ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: Ah, yes.

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA HA! And is this not your objective evidence of your collective movement?

MICHAEL: Yes, actually.

ELIAS: I have been expressing to you, throughout this time framework of our five years together, that you shall, more and more, be viewing this movement objectively, and offering to yourselves evidence of this shift in consciousness. It is not merely those of you which speak to me that are incorporating the action of this shift, but all individuals throughout your globe.

In this, as you are all participating in this shift in consciousness, you are also manifesting evidence of it, and you also, as I have been offering within this particular time framework of this year, [are] beginning to be inserting this shift into your objective reality.

Therefore, you shall be and ARE experiencing more of an expression of the manifestation of this shift in consciousness within objective terms, in physical terms, for each of you is contributing to its objective manifestation within your reality.

You shall also notice, those expressions that previously may have been perceived as odd or unusual or uncommon are becoming quite the ordinary!

MICHAEL: Very true. Iím personally excited about this shift thing!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: Just gotta catch up to it!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And I shall be moving in encouragement with you, in spurring you on, my friend! (Laughing)

MICHAEL: Thatís it for today then. Weíll do it again tomorrow.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall engage conversation with you on the morrow. To you both in tremendous affection, and in great anticipation of our meeting in short works, (chuckling) I express to you each, au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:13 p.m.

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