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Monday, September 18, 2000

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ďPsychics and AbsolutesĒ

ďYou Already KnowĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and John (Rrussell).

Vicís note: John has an interesting British accent that is difficult to decipher at times, so you will see (inaudible) here and there.

Elias arrives at 2:25 p.m. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

JOHN: Good evening indeed! (Elias grins) Iíve got, as usual, a number of questions. The first instance we met, I really tried to formulate my questions and so forth, and I did that to a lesser extent last time, and Iíve done that to an even lesser extent this time. Between our sessions, and weíve only had three, so thereís only been two in-betweens, I tend to Ė which I attribute to being soft Ė I tend to formulate questions and think about things in the terms youíre presenting, so Iíve tried to bring them together here, but Iím not sure about reading my own handwriting!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: Iíve created quite an intro this morning, which may yield sort of a background or a backdrop for a person to have, or maybe not, but Iíll sort of read it, and try to act as though Iím not reading it.

ELIAS: Very well. (Grinning)

JOHN: There are areas or issues ... Iím sorry?

ELIAS: Very well! (Chuckling)

JOHN: Okay. There are areas or issues in my life at present that I sometimes feel frustration towards, and when that frustration hits, it hits really hard. But at other times, everything is sort of very clear and I feel sort of a harmony, but I hesitate to use that word, because I donít know exactly what it means, exactly, but I sort of know what it means. I feel a harmony. I feel a sense of grandeur. But at other times, I feel the frustration and the harmony at once. But altogether, I feel able or more than able to resolve or clarify for myself those areas in which I hold difficulty. I mean, I feel quite capable, and I like that, and I want to do it on my own. But there are parts, I suppose, where I canít, and itís quite natural, given my age (inaudible). It doesnít matter. But none of this is to say (inaudible), and even someone I donít know has been helpful.

Your sessions are also helpful, and almost any of the issues I can make my own issues. I can conceptualize in terms of your material, in the backlog of the transcripts, and thatís why I wanted all the sessions in the first place, and I feel theyíre helpful, and itís a good opportunity. Iím taking all of this as an opportunity for me to address issues and areas head on, and once again, I hope we can cover everything in the time allotted, and judging from previous sessions, I think itís probably possible. So on that note, shall we proceed?

ELIAS: You may.

JOHN: Very well. Certain sessions ... well, theyíre toning down, after being a bit pointed. Sometimes I feel Iím misleading myself, as I myself am reading, in the way I go about understanding the transcripts. While some of the material is applicable to a lot of people, some of itís also very personalized, and I take into account that personalization. Iím careful not to take words out of context. Is that a correct assessment?

ELIAS: Let me say to you that although information may be offered to one individual in a conversation with myself, and it may be expressed in what you term to be quite personally with that individual, there is also a projection of energy which is offered to all other individuals, that the information may be assimilated by other individuals in a manner that may be equally as personal within them.

JOHN: Absolutely. I mean, you preface some of your sentences with, ďand this is applicable to a number of people,Ē or something to that effect. Can you hear me? Is this coming out?

ELIAS: Yes....

JOHN: Okay, good. You preface your sentences in such a fashion. However, itís not ... weíre not getting everything. I can look back to my own transcripts and say, ďWell, yes, this isnít exactly what I said, but I wish some of the interactions were there. It would make more sense,Ē and so on and so forth, or maybe a bit of my background.

For me, I feel it quite easy ... I feel like Iím taking things out of context, and misapply ... or I have a potential for misapplying them, and that is really the essence of my question.

ELIAS: In this, what is your assessment, in example, of how you may be extracting some aspect of information that you may be misapplying or misinterpreting....

JOHN: How do I go about that process?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: Correct. Okay. Well, in reading the transcripts, I try to understand the personís view that is asking questions, and I try to connect to that person in certain ... I try to understand this bloke or understand this girl or this lady, and I try to see myself in that personís situation or I try to see myself in that personís shoes, and in relation to that, there are indeed a lot of belief systems and so forth operating, and thatís possibly what throws me off. But thatís how I go about it Ė I try to understand the person. Now, I donít completely understand the person, and my belief systems are huge....

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you, this is what is creating the nature of your confusion, for as you are engaging this information, it may be less confusing to you and create a situation of less misinterpretation as you allow yourself to be assimilating the information from the perspective of yourself.

For let me express to you that it matters not what the expression of the individual situation is, within your physical objective terms. Each individual, yourself also, is presenting questioning in the imagery that is relevant to that particular individual, and in which they understand the objective communication in terms of their own individual examples.

But the information which is offered in response is applicable in many, many, many layers of consciousness, and therefore may be assimilated by other individuals quite accurately and adequately as you allow yourself to be paying attention to YOU, and merely opening your awareness, and not defining what is being offered in information as only applicable to those particular physical situations. For you each uniquely create your own individual imagery, but concerning very similar issues.

JOHN: Okay. How interesting! That tells me a lot about your own perspective, actually. Iíve got a number of bullet points that are interesting, and theyíre not organized at all, so that is a good segue into another bullet point, and Iíve written it down, but Iím not finding it at the moment. (Elias chuckles) It doesnít matter. Shall I just go down these bullet points, and perhaps they can tie together?

ELIAS: If you are choosing.

JOHN: Okay. I havenít disentangled ... to use a word from the U.S. I was born there and lived there, but Iím quite happy being away, and communicate with London specifically and New York City specifically. That holds fascination for me, and being away from them has taught me a way of looking at the situation, and myself tied to these different cities. England Ė why do I take to it? New York Ė why to I take to it? I realize thatís a number of questions all rolled into one.

In terms of New York, Iíve been there twice for a couple of weekends, and thereís a certain ... I hesitate to use the term energy, because I donít know what it means exactly, but the energy in New York City, and thereís some beliefs intertwined there, expectations of what New York City is, but some of that, what I feel, is not just beliefs, or (inaudible). Could you comment, please?

ELIAS: You are correct. There is a tremendous concentration or density of energy in these particular physical locations. It has been created so by the individuals that choose to be placing themselves physically in these particular locations physically.

Certain cities, so to speak, generate a tremendous expression of energy, which may be obviously experienced and recognized by any individual that may choose to visit these places, so to speak. It also is objectively obvious to those individuals that remain physically within these particular locations.

Individuals allow themselves to magnate to certain physical locations that mirror the energy that they project, or that they prefer and also project....

JOHN: So therefore, am I ... I am not ... what was the word you said before prefer? There was another word there.

ELIAS: Yes....

JOHN: There was prefer, and there was another word.

ELIAS: Project.

JOHN: Project, yes. Thank you. Project and prefer. Iím not in either of those cities, but am I still projecting and preferring in those directions?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: Okay. Okay, fine. Okay, thatís interesting. This might be a good time to ask you about Pakistan, which is quite interesting. My sister is living there. Iíve read a little bit about Pakistan, and (inaudible), and I feel a connection there. I think my sister and I have a ... we each have a focus there in a similar time, in Pakistan. Am I correct?

ELIAS: Previously; yes, you are correct.

JOHN: Previously. Yeah, right. Okay, and I think Pakistan, which this is quite ... the (inaudible) Pakistan, which is what was known as the gateway between the east and the west.


JOHN: Yeah, right. Okay, and she held ... she was kind of a ruler or kind of a boss ... not a ruler. She was bossy! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! In a position of what you may now term as a landlord.

JOHN: She was my landlord?


JOHN: She was my landlord, okay. Was my mother there at that time, my current mother? (Pause)


JOHN: Okay, and this is well before the time of Christ.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JOHN: Okay, right. And my mother at the time was ... I view my mother at the time, but she somehow had a relationship with me and had a relationship with my sister, but that was quite equal, I think. Iím sorry, that wasnít very clear. My current mother knew my sister, and she also knew me, and the three of us were quite independent, to a point, sort of people.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JOHN: Okay, okay. Thatís very interesting! Okay, that takes care of that one, I think, so Iím going to approach another bullet point. Iíve deviated ... we talked last time about this psychic, and I saw him, and heís a very nice chap who actually was funny, and he joked about (inaudible).

I really like the chap. Part of reason ... actually, I should say that the main reason Iíve gone to psychics is not because I believe in them or I hold a belief in Ė how can I say that? Ė in predestiny or whatever. But these psychics have always helped me in sort of a reconceptualizing of situations Iíve been in. They come up with the idea of a new sort of painting, or something like that, and itís not that what Iím doing is painting. They come up with a new idea for a way or a direction I could take this painting, and thatís why I like to see these sort of psychic types. Theyíre the only sort of people who can deal in those terms, and if I pay money for it, then....

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing, and in this, you provide yourself with objective validation.

JOHN: Validation? Yeah, well, I have created a number of different ... you say possibilities and probabilities, and in your context, Iím not exactly sure what word means what, but you know what I mean. So Iíll say, I can go with a number of different possibilities, and I can take each one of those and thereís a different probability, which I feel (inaudible) using that word, but a different probability, and Iím not always noticing all the different possibilities. But these psychics help me do that. So in those terms, what youíre saying is, yes indeed, validating the different sort of choices Iíve created for myself through these psychics.


JOHN: Fine. My feeling of what this chap said ... because at the time, or even after I think, he said, ďYou have this new girlfriend and you have this new job and you have this flat in Munich.Ē I got (inaudible) from that reading, and itís not bad, but if I understood him correctly, then what Iím doing now is not what he meant, so Iíve deviated from what he said. Am I correct?


JOHN: Thatís interesting. Where did I do that? How did I do that?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in this, you allow yourself these interactions with different individuals that you identify as psychics, so to speak, in the very expression that I have offered to you this day Ė in offering yourself an objective validation.

It is no accident that you draw yourself to certain individuals and that certain information is offered to you, for this is the information that you seek, and in this seeking, you draw yourself to particular situations in which you create the validation that you are seeking.

Now; in recognizing that there are no absolutes and that you are not locked into....

JOHN: That I may ...?

ELIAS: That you are not locked into....

JOHN: Iím sorry, mate. Let me ... can you hear? Is this better?

ELIAS: I am receiving of YOUR communication! (Grinning)

JOHN: Yes, Iím not receiving of yours!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: Itís this bloody telephone. Can I use a different means?

ELIAS: If you are choosing.

JOHN: Yeah? How about a television?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And shall we be playful with electronic equipment? (Grinning) If you are allowing yourself to be relaxing, your apparatus shall be functioning adequately.

JOHN: (Laughing) Okay. Iíll have to question you about it later Ė you might have to remind me. But can we carry on about (inaudible). Thereís a film called The Matrix, and I keep hearing you saying itís not necessary, but this chap was into prophecy and (inaudible). But then he saw this lady, and she gave a prophecy ... can you hear me?


JOHN: Is this coming out on the tape, I should really ask.

Vicís note: Elias did not verbally respond here; he nodded. And yes, this is all coming out on the tape.

JOHN: She gave a prophecy and she said, ďWell, no.Ē The prophecy was in the prophecy. There was a meta-prophecy, and past the meta-prophecy was what the prophet said, or something like that.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JOHN: You are understanding. But if you say something like, Iím going to ... if I understand you correctly, Iím going to this chap, and Iím going there for a particular reason and so on and so forth, and in going there, as I understand it, I created a probability that I wouldnít follow that probability that he said, but when I saw him ... and that just entered another layer into ... how the hell do I understand the probability Iím creating at the time Iím creating the probability? I focus on the present, which you told me to do, and Iíve been noticing and Iíve been staying in the now and so forth, trying not to project into the future and so on and so forth. Iíve been doing that, and itís been quite interesting, and we can talk about that. But what youíre saying is, itís just adding another layer to that.

ELIAS: Yes. In this, as you allow yourself to become more familiar with you, in holding your attention within the now, you also may become playful in this type of interaction that you are creating, for....

JOHN: Which type of interaction?

ELIAS: This interaction that you create with these types of individuals.

JOHN: Okay, okay.

ELIAS: For as you inquire and you receive the objective information, you may also allow yourself an awareness of you, and how YOU are manipulating energy to be in actuality creating those expressions or directions that the other individual is offering to you ... or not!

JOHN: Okay. Another segue ... let me backtrack. This interaction with these sorts of individuals is a chance to ... I could look at it as a chance to look at the different possibilities I have, and choose more objectively.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

JOHN: Okay, fine. Then let me segue into ... what was that a good segue into? Iím babbling here Ė sorry about that! (Elias grins) Did I ask you about that? Acting Ė we talked last time about how I have a focus as an actor. I think that influences me in a number of ways.

ELIAS: As you allow it to.

JOHN: As I allow it to. Alright.

ELIAS: You allow yourself to draw upon this expression of energy to be offering you reinforcement to certain expressions in this focus that you have allowed to be latent and unexpressed.

JOHN: And this chap of mine knew your chap of yours in England? (Pause) No? Yes?


JOHN: Yes, yes, yes. Fine. What was the name of your focus there in England? (Pause) The writer, the playwright Ė it doesnít matter Ė who wrote a piece about a type of individual named (inaudible), who ... I havenít read it, to be honest. I just sort of picked up on it on the Internet, maybe Ė yes, I did. He had a nice house and quite a bit of family and was sort of very effeminate. Is this focus of mine somehow a ramification upon what the focus of yours had written?

ELIAS: This of Oscar?

JOHN: Yes, Oscar.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what is the nature of your inquiry in relation to this particular focus?

JOHN: Well, what Iím asking ... I suppose what Iím getting at is, how does this focus of mine and your focus of yours interact? What Iím trying to pin down with that particular piece Iím referring to is, is it referring to my particular focus at that time?

ELIAS: These two individuals interacted together in playfulness.

JOHN: Okay.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! That which may be viewed by the one as voyeuristic. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: Voyeuristic? Alright, so Iím fucking someone and youíre watching, or vice versa.

ELIAS: Ah, very good! (Cracking up)

JOHN: Very good! (Laughing) Alright. I mean, I have my mate Randy Ė a very appropriate name Ė and he phoned, and I thought, well, you know, thereís this bird, this girl in New York, and she went through (inaudible), and I was watching her, and there was another girl you couldnít fuck, and (inaudible). Thatís very interesting. Thereís something parallel there that might be impactive on me, and Iím not seeing the bigger picture.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: Thatís interesting. Back to acting Ė Iím the actor.


JOHN: Iím an actor in that focus.


JOHN: Yes, yes. (Inaudible) or not well-known historically?

ELIAS: You may be continuing within your investigation. Allow yourself to be offering yourself this information. You do hold this ability....

JOHN: Alright. Another segue. In my last session, you said ... I didnít ask this directly, actually. You volunteered the information. You said, ďYou hold abilities....Ē Did you like the way I fucked? Was I quite good? In that focus?

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! Entertaining!

JOHN: Entertaining! Interesting, interesting! Huh! Alright.

So you volunteered the information and you said, ďYou hold abilities that you are not recognizing,Ē and that sort of ... actually, in the previous session to that one and in the last session, you said that certain tendencies ... I have certain tendencies, and you said this gets me going and is motivating. But one of the things you said is that I hold these abilities that Iím not recognizing, and I want to ask you point blank, what are they?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: Do you like this?

ELIAS: Ha ha! And in all of this, we shall cut to the chase, so to speak!

JOHN: Very well!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I express to you that you hold abilities in this focus that you are not quite allowing yourself the credit, so to speak, of viewing.

In this, you offer yourself many experiences. You seek out information in many different avenues, and each time you are seeking out information in these different expressions of these avenues, you also recognize subsequently that you have held the awareness of what has been offered to you.

(Intently) You already know.

JOHN: Sorry, I didnít catch the last word.

ELIAS: You already know.

JOHN: I ... what?

ELIAS: You....

JOHN: Youíre telling me that I have the ability to view, right? And in that ... well, thatís what you said: you have the ability to view, and youíre looking at different avenues, or something like that, and youíre not giving yourself enough credit, and then I lost you....

ELIAS: Let me....

JOHN: And you said, ďYou know....Ē

ELIAS: Let me....

JOHN: Itís not clear to me.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, think within yourself of information that has been offered previously, and I have expressed previously that for the most part, individuals within your physical dimension draw to each other in like kind.

Now; look to your focus and what you draw to. I may express to you, you view yourself to be interactive with other individuals in seeking out the expressions of psychics, so to speak, as you assess that they shall provide you with information that you do not hold or that is hidden from you.

Now; question yourself as to the nature of your fascination with these individuals. You draw yourself to these individuals as an expression of like kind.

JOHN: Right ... right.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Not that they may provide you....

JOHN: But I also draw myself to yourself, for a slightly different reason, but kind of the same.

ELIAS: You are drawing yourself to the information that I am participating in with you to be validating of yourself, and also to be reinforcing of yourself in movement into an expression of trust.

JOHN: Trust. Trust, okay.

ELIAS: For you do not approach me for the acquisition of answers, and I do not offer what you may term to be answers to you. You draw yourself to interaction with myself, as I may challenge you to be trusting of yourself, and spurring you in energy to be accomplishing.

JOHN: Ah, to be accomplishing.

ELIAS: You, my friend, hold the same abilities as these other individuals that you interact with. You merely do not trust your own expression of those abilities.

JOHN: I was in Greenwich, and (inaudible), and I was in Greenwich, and I did that, and I thought back to what we talked about, and you mentioned a dangerous quality and so forth in our last session, and I thought back to Greenwich and (inaudible). And I do that, but at the same time, why shouldnít I do that? The question of your material that you present in your sessions, and your quote of ďdangerous,Ē I can take that opportunity to sort of say, well, itís not dangerous, or itís an opportunity to have something explained or what have you.

ELIAS: It may be assessed....

JOHN: Yeah....

ELIAS: It may be assessed in the terms of dangerous in the manner that individuals accept the information which is offered by these individuals as absolute. This is the presentment of the quality of dangerous, for in actuality, what is being offered is a communication of interpretation of an individualís energy, but this is subject to the filtration of the individualís belief systems.

Now; as you....

JOHN: Yeah, and I ... no, carry on, please.

ELIAS: As you are allowing yourself this type of expression of ability concerning self, and even concerning other individuals, you are creating an action in a slightly different direction, for you are offering information to yourself, not necessarily accessing information for the purpose of projecting that to other individuals.

JOHN: I didnít follow that exactly. If Iím with someone, to give a scenario ... are you still there?


JOHN: ... Iím accessing information and offering some probabilities, but Iím doing that for my own edification.


JOHN: Okay, fine. This is ability or abilities from last session.


JOHN: Yes?


JOHN: We also talked about notoriety in our last session, and you said a curious thing. You said ... I asked you about notoriety and am I creating this for myself, and you said, ďYou are correct,Ē and you also said, ďYou may be creating this even more,Ē which presumes that Iím already creating this, and Iím not. What is that notoriety based on that we were both talking about, and why did you say that I may create more of it than I already am?

ELIAS: For all probabilities are created in the now and in the moment. Therefore, there are some probabilities that you are creating. This is not to say that they may be materializing in the manner of your expectation presently, for....

JOHN: What expectations?

ELIAS: In relation to the definition of this word.

JOHN: Notoriety.


JOHN: Okay. Can I describe my expectations of the word notoriety?

ELIAS: You may.

JOHN: Fine. Notoriety is ... to be on the cover of a magazine ... or not. Iíd be on the cover of a magazine, and Iíd be influencing, influencing in a way that influences the mass, although I think Iím creating in a way that does include the mass, but not in my lifetime.

ELIAS: Ah, but in your focus, yes, you are.

JOHN: I am.


JOHN: Okay, this is interesting! You can help me here! (Elias chuckles) What were we talking about before?

ELIAS: You are inquiring as to the identification of this notoriety, and what you are creating in probabilities in that which you identify as present and future.

JOHN: Okay.

ELIAS: In this, as you continue to be offering yourself information concerning self and allowing yourself more of an expression of trust in your choices of direction, you are beginning this type of movement into the object of your want, which is the notoriety.

JOHN: Fine, but Iím not creating this as much as I possibly could.

ELIAS: In physical terms, within this present now, no.

JOHN: What sort of notoriety am I creating? Let me ask that again. What sort of physical notoriety am I creating?

ELIAS: In this present now, you are projecting energy within the circle, so to speak, of individuals that you interact with within your employ, which is establishing a foundation, in physical terms, for your expansion of that expression of energy, which is already creating the movement in this direction. Are you understanding?

JOHN: What I feel already is that Iím already there. Iím already within this probable line.


JOHN: Yeah, fine. Fine. And the ďmoreĒ of the notoriety is what?

ELIAS: Is the actualization of your physical expectation in terms of objective imagery, such as your identification of the picture upon the magazine.

JOHN: And this is still tied to ... let me ask again. Each time I ask, thereís a different projection of energy, I think. Let me ask correctly, in these terms. This other notoriety is still based upon the notoriety Iím still creating now?


JOHN: Yes, yes, and itís this company called (inaudible) at present, and itís mainly with this company at present ... or not?

ELIAS: In possibility, yes.

JOHN: In possibility, yes. The other possibility is no, and Iím in the midst of creating different possibilities around this possibility of this company.

ELIAS: I may not be expressing to you absolutes ...

JOHN: No, of course not.

ELIAS: ... for you hold the choice.

JOHN: Most of these choices lead into the direction of this notoriety weíre both talking about.

ELIAS: Yes. This I may express....

JOHN: Do other choices involve my buddy Michaelís friend at the company that he (inaudible)? That is obviously, for that reason, probably not. Perhaps Greg might be another possibility....

ELIAS: Now I may express to you that you are creating an action which is quite familiar to you and NOT in alignment with what we have been discussing this day, in relation to your movement into the trust of your abilities. There is quite a difference in expression between....

JOHN: Yeah, I hear you. Got it. Fine. Yeah, got it. Alright.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: And you laugh, and in many sessions your laughter is sort of disconcerting. What are you laughing at? What do you laugh at?

ELIAS: (Grinning) At times, I engage laughter in amusement and affection, my friend.

JOHN: Amusement and ...?

ELIAS: Affection.

JOHN: Affection. Amusement at what? In terms of what? I mean, your laughter must be based upon a ...?

ELIAS: A recognition within yourself and your energy that you may be, within the moment, recognizing and assimilating what we are in actuality discussing. (Grinning)

JOHN: Fine, fine. Time is not running short, but time is running a bit ... weíll carry on.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOHN: Um ... my weekend, this weekend ... my cousin is Tumold to me. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. (Said at the same time as Johnís next comment)

JOHN: No, itís not. Essence family alignment for this chap? (Pause) Why the pause?

ELIAS: I have answered already.

JOHN: You have answered already?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I have....

JOHN: What did you say?

ELIAS: I have expressed, yes; correct.

JOHN: You have indeed? Very interesting! Our last session was punctuated by, ďyou are correct, you are correct, you are correct.Ē Hmm....

I talked about this chap, and I talked about his (inaudible), and nothing has happened there, nothing, nothing, nothing. Nothing, thereís nothing.

I was introduced to a girl named Nina, and I happened to be there the weekend she was back in (inaudible) where she lives, and she actually lives in Munich. Sheís been there for not long, and I live in Munich and we were introduced, and we went out last night. She talked about earning energy, in that direction, and in this situation, itís not great. Itís not earning energy properly. Itís not working. Whatís happening? I feel that this is one of those situations, particularly last night, which I referred to as a backdrop, which is ... where is it? Itís on my paper. You know, thereís harmony and frustration all at once, and itís (inaudible). I donít know whatís going on there.

ELIAS: What is the nature of your concern, my friend?

JOHN: How do I ... I can look to her and I can look to a number of other people Iíve met and say, ďWell, this is a great relationship. It might be possible.Ē But while Iím in the situation, maybe I donít really want that, and I do at the same time, and itís sort of a this or that, or ... yeah, itís kind of a this or that. Her, I feel this (inaudible), and German is a language that I donít speak very well, and she doesnít speak English very well, but we talked and had a good time, and it was interesting. I sort of want to continue, but at the same time, from my prior experiences, as I continue on, Iím not sure whether thatís something I want to care about. But Iím considering my prior experiences....

ELIAS: I may express to you, we have spoken with concern to this creation and this direction previously, as you are aware. And in this, I may offer to you the suggestion that you allow yourself to examine your expectations, and also your motivation. What is your motivation in the creation of this direction of this relationship?

JOHN: Well, Iíll tell you what it is. I have a lot of very close friends, and theyíre all male friends, and Iím attracted to females, and I want her to be my good friend, you know? Are you still there?


JOHN: I want her to be my friend. I want to be able to sit down and talk, and we can talk in a similar sort of language, even if itís in German. I want a friend I can have sex with and be intimately close to in a way that Iím not with my male friends, and I want someone who I feel really sort of at ease with.

ELIAS: I am....

JOHN: And she seems to fit ... she seems to fit all that.

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing in relation to your motivation.

Now; in this, allow yourself also to be examining your expectations. Allow yourself to view the expectations you hold of yourself in the creation of this type of a relationship, and also the expectations that you hold of the other individual in participating with you in this type of a relationship.

JOHN: Yeah, yeah, yeah! You know, I was ... yes! Yes, thatís ... yes! So what is happening in this situation? I mean, whatís going on in this situation? I have a (inaudible). Thereís a blueprint or something. Thereís a blueprint, and this one chap nailed it on the head. But yeah, I have an expectation, which is that it takes too long, fear that it takes too long, that expectation, and imagination (inaudible), and she may or may not fit within that, and Iíve looked at my imagination a lot, and I havenít looked to the real situation involving this bird, Nina. I havenít looked at that enough, so Iím looking more towards this imagination. Itís not an expectation, but itís sort of a ... well, Iíd imagine itís ... maybe not. Whatever. But sheís not it.

ELIAS: I may express to you quite intensely that you do hold expectations. Whether you choose to be recognizing of those objectively or not is....

JOHN: Letís recognize them objectively, alright? Expectations: particular color hair, particular height, particular this, particular that, particular going to work, particular ďis she fair?,Ē particular (inaudible), particular location, particular looking flat, particular this, particular that. Yeah, I saw that, and Iíve looked at it and recognized it. At the same time, this, as well as other situations, I can look at all of these particular ďthisesĒ and ďthatses,Ē and thereís a switch somewhere. Thereís a switch somewhere, and someday I can flip that switch however I want it. You talk about acceptance and looking at different sorts of things, and I think for me, thereís a little switch there, and I can just switch, and itís all pure, and thereís acceptance, and itís all there. Itís just a little switch. I donít have to look at every issue in microscopic detail. Thereís a little switch I can press, and this issue that weíre talking about, and these others, can (inaudible).

ELIAS: Ah, but you are offering the inquiry to myself as to what may be creating of an obstacle in your movement in this particular relationship. This is the nature of your question.

JOHN: Well, the nature of my question is ... actually, to be honest, the nature of my question is, I look at this on one level ... I look at this as (inaudible), sort of sitting around and talking. I look at this on another level as my expectations, and yet another level is you asking me, and me throwing out different sorts of scenarios, and thereís a few different layers to the situation. I mean, come on!

ELIAS: Ha ha! You are correct, and in this, you ARE accomplishing in some layers of this situation in the manner of your desire.

JOHN: But not others. But the others, I can flip the switch.

ELIAS: Very well, and....

JOHN: Very well; not you are correct, but very well.

ELIAS: Very well. You may engage your switch, and why shall you engage questioning to myself if you are aware that you may be accomplishing of this action, and you may be offering to yourself the very expression....

JOHN: Thereís an emotional ... thereís a certain ... alright, we can (inaudible). This is good. Thereís a certain emotion commitment. I mean ... I donít know. I mean, she (inaudible). Sheís quite pretty, but ... who cares? I mean, at the end of the day? Letís look at the situation (inaudible). I was sitting with her. I was sitting with her, and (inaudible), and she was there, and we were talking, and we were just talking ... and there is a layer that youíre talking about, and that particular layer divides in terms of different layers, and still, within that layer, there is ... there is this electrical wire that connects to the switch that Iím talking about, that I think I can still switch on.

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckling) I am not expressing to you that you are moving in a wrong direction, or that you are not accomplishing. I am expressing to you that you ARE accomplishing. I am merely responding to the question that you have posed to myself.

JOHN: Yeah, yeah, I know. Thatís the tricky part, isnít it, getting all the wording right or whatever. (Elias chuckles) To carry on, you mentioned in another session about this relaxing sort of thing, and to me itís not a relaxation thing. Itís very alive and very much not relaxing. Itís (inaudible), and itís cool. You mentioned once that essences arenít intrusive, except to themselves. I think to myself, in smoking a lot of weed ... which Iíve done when I want to, but Iím not doing here in Munich simply because I canít find any. But was I being intrusive to myself when I was smoking weed before ... and the sort of images and things I would have?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

JOHN: No, not necessarily. Then what sort of (inaudible) have we created that brings about this sort of (inaudible)?

ELIAS: You allow yourself a specific type of intimacy with yourself as you engage this action ...

JOHN: Of smoking pot.


JOHN: Alright.

ELIAS: ... in which you do not allow yourself that type of interaction with yourself objectively in many other situations.

JOHN: Yeah, Ďcause itís not a relaxing ... itís a fascinating thing, but definitely one word I would not use to describe it is relaxing. But I love it, but thereís no weed at the moment. Thereís a reason for that, and we might go into it. (Inaudible)

Finding soft people Ė I donít think I know many people at all that are soft, but I think Daniel is soft. Am I correct? No. (Pause)


JOHN: Yes, okay. I said no because I thought you would say no, and so I said no just to say no, because I thought you were going to say no. (Elias grins) So yes, heís soft. I think heís the only person I know very closely who is soft. (Pause)


JOHN: Okay. Nina is not soft.


JOHN: No. So thatís an obvious obstacle, in terms of your sessions and us getting together, isnít it?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

JOHN: Not necessarily. Fine. Danielís essence family and alignment?

ELIAS: And your impression?

JOHN: My impression is not Ilda. Itís Sumari somewhere in there. Itís not Tumold. Itís not ... what was my sisterís essence family? Milumet. Possibly Milumet. Sumari fits in somewhere, but possibly Milumet, not so very ... not obvious, whatever that is, although it could be an essence family. Sumari fits in somewhere, and the rest of it is unclear.

ELIAS: This individual expresses Ilda belonging to and Sumari aligned with.

JOHN: Really? I wouldnít have guessed Ilda. Come to think of it, I can characterize it in terms of Ilda, but that wasnít my impression. This could be a way I could hone my impressions. Whatís that energy all about? I mean, you talk about hone, and you hone your energy in terms of this ... in terms of Jim Morrison (inaudible), and you hone your energy! What is that all about?

ELIAS: Ha ha!

JOHN: What does it mean to hone your energy? Please tell me!

ELIAS: In this, I am merely expressing to you that you be allowing yourself to focus upon the energy that you project. Allow yourself to be familiarized. In this, you may create more of a directedness, and in a manner of speaking physically, you may be streamlining....

JOHN: Streamlining what?

ELIAS: Of your energy....

JOHN: What is this energy Iím projecting? I mean, come on! Whatís up? Whatís going on? (Inaudible) But what is this honing? I still donít understand.

ELIAS: It allows you the ability to be directing, as I have expressed previously ...

JOHN: Expressed? What have you expressed?

ELIAS: ... in objective terms.

JOHN: Objective?

ELIAS: Yes. Now....

JOHN: Okay, fine. Iíd be (inaudible). Is that correct?

ELIAS: In this, view the term of energy as synonymous to movement or action. Therefore, all that you create in movement and action may be directed in a more focused manner objectively. This....

JOHN: Objectively?

ELIAS: This is what I am expressing to you....

JOHN: Okay, okay. Let me ask you ... let me ask you, how much time do we have left? How are we doing?

ELIAS: You may be engaging one more question.

JOHN: One? Can I push my luck?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) No.

JOHN: No. (Pause, reading through a list) Thereís a lot I can handle on my own, to be quite honest, and Iíd be quite happy to.

I had a dream where I was smoking cigarettes, and suddenly my left hand turned green, but not a sickly green, like quite not a sickly green, and I saw these blue flashes, blue dots, and Iím looking for an ambulance. Somehow Iíd like to slip back into, Iíve had a lot of fear. Thereís certain songs, ďEvery Little Thing She Does Is Magic,Ē and itís a belief, and I was in preschool at the time, and there are other songs, and there is a video game I play and I have, and somehow it sets off a certain ... I donít know what it is, but itís a feeling Iíve had since I was just a little kid, of ... yeah, of all that, of all that and more. Iím not describing it in words exactly, but you know what I mean, and if you can talk about dreams, you can talk about my other questions, and thatís it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you are expressing an inquiry as to the imagery of your dream and how this is affecting of your....

JOHN: Well, Iíve cheated and Iíve entered two questions into one.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I may express to you, what you are offering to yourself is a communication to yourself in this dream imagery that offers you a recognition of more of your familiarity with self. This is in actuality quite in association with what we have been discussing this day, in relation to your abilities in....

JOHN: Fine fine fine. Fine fine fine. Fine fine fine. (Elias chuckles) And thereís this song, and I donít even know if itís a correct memory. Itís myself, and there was a girl that lived far down below in the rocks, right off of route 204 in Ohio, and being dropped off at preschool and going downtown, and this song, ďEvery Little Thing She Does Is Magic,Ē and this other song that was Joe Jacksonís ďStepping Out,Ē and ďEye In The Sky,Ē and all this stuff from my childhood, and still to this day, it evokes that Iíve lost something. I donít know. Is it something from a while ago thatís still affecting me now? Is it something Iím looking upon from now, and making new interpretations to words? Is it something that is altogether not those things at all? It makes a really good....

ELIAS: It is your incorporation of a trigger. You have allowed yourself to be creating a trigger in relation to certain expressions of music.

JOHN: Is that why I cry when I listen to certain pieces?

ELIAS: Yes....

JOHN: Yes, yes! I cry when I listen to Beethoven, but not Eminem or whatever.

ELIAS: You allow yourself....

JOHN: What?

ELIAS: You allow yourself an association objectively with certain expressions of music as a trigger for an emotional expression outwardly. Yes, you are correct.

JOHN: Yeah, and I can use these triggers objectively. I mean, I can sort of literally (inaudible), and certain songs, I mean, god! But I can take this in a different manner, and I can draw the solution out that youíre talking about, I certainly recognize, and I can sort of (inaudible).

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JOHN: Yeah. Yeah, and thatís what Iím moving into in terms of the probabilities we were taking about earlier, looking at (inaudible).

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Yes.

JOHN: Yes, okay. I wish ... Iíve got to get her number. Maybe I will, actually. The bloody transcripts are just inadequate. I mean, come on, eh? Theyíre inadequate, and theyíre just words, and theyíre not interactions, and theyíre not (inaudible). I mean, nobody knows. Itís not there. Thatís not another question; thatís an old question. The picture is not there in the transcripts.

ELIAS: And you may allow yourself to be accessing energy in interaction with myself, regardless of what you term to be the printed word.

JOHN: Okay. You were the design on the television screen? No.

ELIAS: Within one moment, yes.

JOHN: Within one moment? Which moment?

ELIAS: Ha ha!

JOHN: Within the moment I saw, and within another moment, that happened again, the (inaudible) one.


JOHN: Yes. Alright, okay. And you had nothing to do with the (inaudible) lights Iíve got here. Thatís just a pain in the ass, that light situation.

ELIAS: I am not engaging playfulness with your electricity presently Ė ha ha! Ė although I may be expressing in this manner if you are desirous of me to be doing so! (Chuckling)

JOHN: Okay, fine. Fine, fine. Very well. I think I may have got it all in. I have a situation with frogs and spiders, an itchy ear that Iíve always had, and (inaudible), and if itís okay, you can answer that. Itís the last bit.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that the creation of the affectingness of ear is to be gaining your attention.

JOHN: To towns?

ELIAS: No Ė to you.

JOHN: Fine, fine, fine. Fine fine fine fine fine. And the frog, the bloody frog! I love the frog, to be honest, the toad.

ELIAS: This is your association with transformation.

JOHN: Yes, okay. Very well. We shall be ... Iím gonna go off to the pub now, I think. Iím gonna try. I didnít last time, but Iím gonna try, and Iíll say, ďCheers, mate!Ē and Iíll give you a nod.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall offer to you also an expression of cheers! (Chuckling)

JOHN: You shall offer an expression of cheers. Fine. Iíll feel it or Iíll look at it in an objective fashion, either way.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOHN: Iíll get a glass and so forth. Thanks very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JOHN: Au revoir.

ELIAS: Au revoir, my friend.

Elias departs at 3:43 p.m.

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