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Saturday, September 23, 2000

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“A Discussion on Intent”

“Elias’ Interaction”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Sheri (Milde).

Elias arrives at 1:12 p.m. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SHERI: Good morning to you! (Elias chuckles) I have some questions for you.

ELIAS: Very well.

SHERI: Okay. Do we just jump right in?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

SHERI: Well, I am, unless you choose to do something different.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may proceed.

SHERI: Okay. I was wondering, what is my intent, and am I allowing my natural flow?

ELIAS: And I shall express to you in response to both of these questions, what is your impression?

SHERI: Of my intent, I’m not sure. Of my natural flow, yes, 50 to 75 percent of the time?

ELIAS: To the natural flow of your energy, I shall express correct, in your physical terms. (Chuckling) To the question concerning your intent, what do you view as consistency throughout your focus?

SHERI: Learning to express myself.

ELIAS: What do you view in consistency in what you create and how you create within your focus?

SHERI: I think I create basically with ease. I don’t have a lot of conflict most of the time like some people have. But I don’t always ... maybe I’m learning to understand that I really do it, because I don’t ... I like to pretend like it happens TO me sometimes. (Elias chuckles) Does that make any sense?

ELIAS: Yes. (Chuckling)

SHERI: Is that correct? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Yes! (Grinning)

Now; allow yourself to view the entirety of your focus. Allow yourself to include your experiences and the manner in which you have created your reality, as a small one and throughout your focus to this point within this present now; not merely within the recent years, so to speak, or what you associate as the consistencies within recent time frameworks, but throughout the entirety of your focus.

What do you view in that assessment of consistency?

SHERI: That I draw myself to people who ... I buck up against them, and then turn around and fight for my right to be who I am. But I don’t ... and maybe you can help me with this one. I have a belief, I guess, that I don’t remember my childhood that much, so it’s hard for me to go back and view that.

ELIAS: I may express to you that your identification of this type of challenge is correct, and that you have created that type of movement as a small one also with other individuals.

Now; this is a key point that shall allow you more of an objective identification of your intent in this focus, for you are correct that this particular action and manner in which you create your reality IS a consistency throughout the entirety of your focus. And I shall express to you, your intent within a particular focus shall exhibit itself in those experiences and creations which appear consistently throughout your focus in its entirety.

Now; you may disguise some of the configurations of energy in these creations or experiences, and in this, objectively it may appear initially to be confusing. But as you allow yourself to be viewing your focus, and genuinely allowing yourself to become familiar with your own energy and how you are creating your exploration in experiences, you shall also offer yourself valuable information concerning your intent. This particular design of movement, in creating challenges in relation to other individuals to be creating an establishment of a particular design of movement and expression within yourself, is significant to your direction in your intent.

Now express to me, what is your impression in relation to your intent in this particular focus?

SHERI: I’m not sure if I understood all of what you were saying. I think I spaced out a bit!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

SHERI: (Laughing) Oh, it’s not that funny – I do that occasionally!

ELIAS: This is acceptable! (Laughing)

SHERI: Maybe you were interacting with me subjectively, and that’s what I was doing.

ELIAS: Quite!

In this, I shall offer to you that you have designed a type of movement, or a method, so to speak, of exploration in this focus, which is your intent. It is a method of experience to be creating interactions with other individuals, which allows you to be focusing your attention objectively and outwardly.

And in this action, your intent has been to incorporate a type of objective understanding of the expressions and the manner of creation of other individuals expressed in other orientations, and allow yourself to incorporate that information within self, reconfiguring it to offer yourself an understanding in objective terms of the difference in how you create your reality through the lens of YOUR orientation.

Are you understanding?

SHERI: I think I got that, yeah!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

SHERI: Yeah! That’s kind of what I’ve said to a couple of friends before too, that it feels like I knew, but then I think maybe I’m not really looking at it right or something. (Elias chuckles) So, that paying attention to self – I am doing that, but in my own way.


SHERI: Oh, cool! I like that! Thanks!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!

SHERI: I have another question.

ELIAS: Very well.

SHERI: Could you comment on my latest move? I would really like some information on why I chose here, Fresno, and why now. I feel like I was ready for movement and change, but we don’t always have to physically move two states away to do that, so I would just like some insight, if you would comment on it.

ELIAS: You are correct in your assessment that it is unnecessary for you to be creating an actual physical relocation to be expressing movement within self.

But in relation to what we are already discussing this day in regard to your intent in this focus, you have chosen to be physically relocating of yourself to be offering yourself new challenges in this very expression of your intent, drawing to yourself certain individuals that shall be expressing challenges in interaction with you, that you may be allowing yourself the viewing from a different perspective.

SHERI: Oh, good! Okay, I just widened my perspective, so I guess that’s what I’m doing! (Elias chuckles)

I have another one. What is my current essence tone, family, and alignment? Because I understand that they change. And I was also wondering, what is my ... I’m not sure what the exact term is, but what is my focus? You know, that political or religious doing and thinking thing, the thought thing?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I may express to you that within this particular manifestation, you express an emotional focus.

As to the tone of your essence within this present time framework, it is that which is familiar to you. It is not altered.

Although to be satisfying of your curiosity – ha ha ha ha! – which is prompting of this line of questioning, (chuckling) I may express to you that previously within your experience in recent time framework, you have altered the tone of the essence expression slightly, to be incorporating what may be translated as the essence name of Milsunen. (mil-sue’nen)

SHERI: Milsunen?

ELIAS: M-I-L-S-U-N-E-N. But this has altered and has been re-expressed in the essence name that has been offered to you previously.

SHERI: Milde. (mild)

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERI: With an “E” at the end.

ELIAS: You are correct.

SHERI: Okay.

ELIAS: The essence families have remained the same; which also, you shall be noticing if you are momentarily altering in fluctuation with the expression of the essence family, most obviously with that of your alignment.

For your alignment, in the expression of Ilda, moves quite harmoniously with the intent that you have created in this particular focus, and in this, you have become familiar with the harmony of these expressions, which is also evidenced in what you have expressed earlier within this discussion, as you note that you create within your focus with not much conflict.

You have incorporated the qualities of this particular essence family with your expression of your personality and your orientation to be creating a flow which allows you an expression of less conflict.

Now; in altering that alignment even momentarily, you shall experience an objective awareness of a slight uncomfortableness in a lack of familiarity. Are you understanding?

SHERI: I think so.

ELIAS: Therefore, you shall hold an objective awareness if you are creating that type of action.

Let me express to you, the alteration of family qualities within a particular focus may be expressed, but generally speaking, for the most part, it shall be expressed in your terms quite quickly, and what may be identified as merely momentary.

SHERI: Is that in general for all of us, or is that specifically for me?

ELIAS: Generally speaking, within you all, within your particular physical dimension.

SHERI: So even though we change momentarily, we’re basically ... like I’m basically Sumafi/Ilda.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERI: And then there might be little changes once in a while.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERI: Oh, okay. I was just curious about that. Is there more of that, or should I go on?

ELIAS: You may continue.

SHERI: Okay. Let me see ... oh, I know what it was; from Frank’s session, number 577 – that’s for Vic. (Thanks!) You said that you interact differently with soft orientations than you do with common and intermediate, and I’ve never had a feel of ... other people will say, “Oh, Elias this and Elias that, I felt it through my phone, I this and that,” and I don’t have any of that, and I was wondering if maybe it’s because you interact differently ... or do you just not interact with me?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I AM interactive with you, but this may not necessarily be recognized in an objective feeling, so to speak.

What I am expressing in this statement is that individuals holding the orientation of soft are allowing themselves a continuous interaction of the subjective and objective awarenesses in a manner that may be expressed more closely to the type of expression which is exhibited in the objective awareness. Are you following thus far?

SHERI: No. (Laughing)

ELIAS: You identify the subjective awareness in one manner, generally speaking. You identify the objective expressions and awareness in another manner. You define your objective awareness as waking state, but you associate waking state with the identification of thought, emotion, the engagement of your physical outer senses.

Now; you identify or define your subjective awareness as some expression that is more elusive or abstract. You associate your dream imagery as the subjective awareness.

Now; I may express to you, dream activity IS a configuration of energy which is expressed by the subjective awareness. The imagery is an OBJECTIVE translation.

Now; I may also express to you, the actual configuration[s] of objective energy in many expressions are abstract. Your thoughts are not expressed in physical manner. Your thoughts are a configuration of energy which may be identified as abstract. Your emotions are another configuration of energy which may be deemed as abstract.

In this, as I express to you that the subjective awareness in individuals holding the orientation of soft may be closer to the objective configuration of energy, I am not speaking of thoughts or emotion, but other manners of communication that you express to yourselves – and that you hold an awareness of – within your waking state; not merely in the expression which is viewed in separation of waking and sleep state or waking and altered states, which the altered states, so to speak, or the sleep state are associated with the subjective.

Individuals holding this orientation of soft hold an awareness of the subjective movement. You may not translate that awareness into thought or into language, but you do hold an awareness of the action and the movement of that particular aspect of yourselves.

Therefore, my interaction with individuals holding this orientation of soft is configured differently. For I am creating a subjective interaction simultaneous to the objective interaction with all individuals, but with those individuals holding the orientations of common or intermediate, their objective awareness of the subjective interaction is less translated through thought and emotion.

In allowing for the interplay of the subjective and objective within waking state – without the engagement of any other altered state – in those individuals that are holding the orientation of soft, the configuration of energy in communication is different.

Let me express to you in a type of analogy.

SHERI: Oh, please! I love ‘em!

ELIAS: View yourself as a pond, and view all other individuals as ponds also. Now.....

SHERI: Excuse me. Ponds, like water?


SHERI: Okay.

ELIAS: You may view myself as – figuratively – an individual standing upon the shore of each pond, and creating an interaction with each pond by tossing a stone into the pond. The surface of the pond, of the water, may be likened to your objective awareness.

Are you following thus far?


ELIAS: Now; the water which occupies the space beneath the surface may be likened to the subjective awareness.

They are both elements of the same body of water, correct?

SHERI: Correct.

ELIAS: They are inseparable, correct?

SHERI: Correct.

ELIAS: But the interaction of myself in tossing a stone into these different ponds – dependent upon the configuration of the water in these ponds – may be different.

Therefore, those ponds that we may view as intermediate are exceedingly deep. Therefore, in my interaction with a pond of intermediate, I may toss the stone within the pond, but I shall be tossing this stone in a manner to be allowing the stone to sink to the bottom.

In similar manner, those ponds that we may identify as common also hold a depth within their water. Therefore, once again, the stone shall be tossed into the water, it shall penetrate the surface, and shall sink to the bottom. For the subjective interaction is the stone, and it shall be penetrating the surface, and it shall be allowed to be incorporated within the depths of the density of the water.

Now; the soft ponds are very shallow. (Pause)

SHERI: I don’t know if I like this ploy....

ELIAS: Ah, for you automatically associate the term of shallow with negative!

SHERI: I did!

ELIAS: Now; in this, as the soft pond holds a shallowness to it, it is unnecessary for myself to be tossing the stone into the water to be incorporated within it. Therefore, I shall interact with these ponds by skipping the stone upon its surface, and the stone shall penetrate the surface, and it shall rise up and it shall penetrate, and it shall rise up and it shall penetrate. (Hmm....)

For it is unnecessary for the stone to be sunk. It is unnecessary to penetrate layers of consciousness, for the subjective is very close, in your physical terms, to the objective in awareness.

SHERI: I take back my negative thought!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

SHERI: Sounds pretty cool!

ELIAS: Therefore, the interaction is different. The projection of energy is different, for it is unnecessary, in the terms of the stone and the pond, for myself to be projecting energy in a manner to sink the stone into the density of the subjective current, for the subjective is expressed just below the surface.

SHERI: Is that why I get my insights sometimes so easily?


SHERI: Okay. That makes sense. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!

SHERI: Okay, I think my next one is ... oh, my next one is about the transcripts and how they come to us, and sometimes we have to ask for them to be resent by Vic. I know she asked about sending them. What is my imagery of having to have them resent?

ELIAS: This also, in your creation of your interaction in this situation, is a movement that is expressed quite in alignment with your intent.

As we have been discussing this day, you focus your attention upon interactions with other individuals, that you may challenge yourself to view how other individuals – those of the same orientation and those of different orientations – create their reality and how they perceive their reality, that you may allow yourself an interaction that assimilates in objective terms this information, and views it in similarity and in difference to yourself and how you create your reality.

Now; I expressed initially to you that you create this type of challenge and this type of action, that you may view the difference. But you also create actions objectively at times which are similar, which ALLOWS you to view the difference. Are you understanding?

SHERI: Not the last sentence.

ELIAS: You may be creating a similar type of action to other individuals, but the outward expression may appear similar, and the inward action or direction may be different.

SHERI: I got it! I think Mary and I were just talking about that.

ELIAS: Therefore, you allow yourself to participate in certain actions, creating similarities to other individuals, but you create this type of action quite purposefully, that you may allow yourself a clear and familiar identification of the differences in those similarities that you create.

SHERI: I got it! (Elias laughs) Can I ask you too, in general, why did we create the imagery of the transcripts? There’s a bunch of us that had to have them resent. Is there a general reason, or is each reason specific to each individual?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, the generality may be expressed merely in your choices individually to be creating similar actions, that you may offer to yourselves objective validation in similarities of experiences.

For I may express to you that you always express validation to yourselves within your physical focus through the exhibition of similarity. Similarity expresses validation. Difference expresses threat. Therefore, you choose a method of objective imagery in similarities.

Now; the reason that you choose to be creating this type of imagery objectively is highly individual.

SHERI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

SHERI: I have a game entry for Vic. (Thanks again!)

ELIAS: Very well.

SHERI: In the category of books, The Clan of the Cave Bear with Vold. And she thanks you.

ELIAS: (Laughing) Ah! Thanking before the acknowledgment of the point! Quite confident! Ha ha ha!

SHERI: Well, maybe I’m reading it out of order! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You may express to Lawrence, one point!

SHERI: Oh, good! Now I have some questions for my friend Colette.

ELIAS: Very well.

SHERI: And she would like to thank you for your company and support ... and I’m guessing she’s not soft, because she knew it right away! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You are correct! (Chuckling)

SHERI: Okay. Her questions are, “Which essence family do I belong to and which am I aligned with, and what is my orientation and also my essence tone?” (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Cleon; C-L-E-O-N. (clee’on)

SHERI: You pronounce it how?

ELIAS: Cleon.

SHERI: Cleon. Thank you.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Vold; orientation, common.

SHERI: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

SHERI: She would like to know her intent. (Elias chuckles) You chuckle at a lot of questions, don’t you!

ELIAS: And I shall express that you may offer my response to this individual, of the same exercise in questioning that you and I have engaged this day – to be viewing the focus that she has created in its entirety, allowing the assessment of consistency of experiences and creations, and subsequently to allow a quietness within self that shall allow for a clear expression of impression.

You may also express to this individual, if there is a continuation of much confusion as to the identification of the individual intent, I shall offer information as to the identification of it.

I am quite challenging of you each presently to be genuinely allowing yourselves a familiarity with self, and allowing yourselves the expression of validation through the action of offering this type of information to yourselves. You do have an ability to be accessing this type of information. This is merely a question of familiarity with self, and allowing self to identify in objective terms that familiarity with yourself.

Therefore, the challenge stands first to be offering the impression to self, and if there is a continuation of difficulty in this area, I shall be quite compliant in offering the information. (Chuckling)

SHERI: Okay, I’ll pass that on. She also would like to know, who are Jonah and Antonia? Are they a part of her essence, an expression of a belief system, a world view, an energy exchange, or a mergence? And if there’s an energy exchange, what’s the family and the purpose of the exchange?

ELIAS: This is not an energy exchange. This is what you term presently to be a bleed-through of energy which is being allowed.

Now; this is in actuality an expression of allowing the self to move in the direction of familiarizing self with different aspects of self. In this, one of these individuals is another focus of this particular individual. It is another aspect of the same essence.

SHERI: Which one would that be?

ELIAS: This would be the identification of Antonia.

SHERI: She is another focus of Colette?

ELIAS: Correct. The other individual is another individual within that focus which is what you may term to be closely associated with her in that focus in relationship.

Now; this may be explored more fully if she is so choosing, and in this, she may allow herself to be gaining objectively more information in familiarity of self by opening to her periphery. There are similarities expressed in personality type between herself and this other individual, and they create similarly.

SHERI: The other individual – the other focus of her essence?


SHERI: Let me see if I understand this. Jonah is associated with another focus of Colette’s essence?

ELIAS: Is associated with that same focus of Antonia.

SHERI: Oh, of Antonia?



ELIAS: In intimate relationship.

SHERI: Oh! Antonia is very, very soft. Feeling-soft – I don’t know about her orientation. But she feels very soft and gentle.

ELIAS: And this other individual is extremely interactive with that individual within that focus.

SHERI: Jonah?


SHERI: I like Jonah. (Elias chuckles) Okay. She has also been feeling symbolically for a few years that she’s pregnant, and she wants to know when she’s giving birth.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I may express that this may be interpreted as a crystal ball question!

SHERI: Ah! (Laughing)

ELIAS: For this is inquiring of a prediction, and I shall express, this is her choice as to the time framework in which she chooses to be participating in the facilitation of an entering focus.

SHERI: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: I may express to you one small bit of information, that there is an essence which awaits this type of choice.

SHERI: There’s an element?

ELIAS: An essence.

SHERI: Oh, an essence. (Pause)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, in your very physical terms, an essence which awaits in the wings for this choice of the individual to be facilitating this action.

SHERI: Of a symbolic birth?

ELIAS: A new manifestation!

SHERI: Hmm. Okay, I’m not sure if I get all that, but I’m gonna let that one go! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

SHERI: She might get it! She wants to know if she’s a final focus.

ELIAS: Once again, I shall express the challenge that the individual be responding in answering of this question herself.

Now; this question, in your very physical terminology, may be answered quite easily, for this in objective terms is an obvious awareness. Each individual within your physical dimension holds an obvious objective awareness as to the identification of final focus, initiating focus, or any of the focuses that may be designated as in-between, so to speak.

Therefore, you may express to her, trust herself in her impression, for it is correct! (Laughing)

SHERI: Okay. Along those lines, I would say that I am not a final focus or an initiating focus or any of those guys! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You are correct.

SHERI: Is that why, when people talk about how they can’t wait to leave and to explore further dimensions and all this stuff, I just can’t relate to it?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express to you, partially you are correct. You do not incorporate the restlessness that may be exhibited in some final focuses. Not all final focuses express this quality within physical manifestation, but some are expressing of this restlessness or impatience, so to speak. (Laughing)

SHERI: Hmm. Okay. Can I ask for the essence name and orientation and family for Kat?

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Nissa; N-I-S-S-A. (nee’sah) Essence family, Borledim; alignment, Zuli.

SHERI: Which one?

ELIAS: Zuli.

SHERI: I’m not understanding that one.


SHERI: “C” like in Charlie?



ELIAS: As in zebra! (Grinning) (Elias seemed to get a big kick out of saying this!)

SHERI: Okay, got it. Sorry – it wasn’t sinking in. (Elias laughs) And her orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

SHERI: Thanks! Unless you have anything else to say, I don’t have any other questions.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you an encouragement to be continuing in the movement that you are creating presently.

Let me also offer to you the suggestion that you allow yourself to be noticing what you are engaging in your interactions with those individuals that you identify as family members, for this in part is the game that you have chosen, to be incorporating a difference in perception and perspective in how you create interactions.

SHERI: I thought it might have something to do with family.

ELIAS: (Laughing) This is an opportunity to be engaging more of your periphery, and in this, you may be offering an objective expression of example in your movement to these individuals.

SHERI: Okay, I thank you very much. I’ve enjoyed myself today!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And I also! Ha ha ha ha ha!

SHERI: And I’ll try to figure out how you’re interacting with me subjectively, even though I won’t know it objectively! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha! Do not look to the expressions of the obvious objective displays, but allow yourself merely to recognize the difference of your energy and my energy, for in this, as it translates in interaction, it may appear to you to be your own expression. (Grinning)

SHERI: Oh, okay. (Elias chuckles) I’ve wondered about it. Oh, is that sometimes ... I used to think sometimes that things would just kind of fall out of my mouth, and I hadn’t thought of them first?


SHERI: Is it that type of thing?


SHERI: Oh, okay! (Elias chuckles) Well, I thank you very much!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I anticipate our next meeting, and I shall continue to be expressing energy to you playfully! To you this day in great affection, au revoir.

SHERI: Bye-bye.

Elias departs at 2:09 p.m.

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