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Saturday, October 07, 2000

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“A Discussion on Channeling”

“Protection is Unnecessary”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Robin (Renea).

Elias arrives at 10:26 a.m. (Arrival time is 33 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Smiling)

ROBIN: Morning.

ELIAS: Ah, so we meet. And what shall be your direction this day?

ROBIN: (Sighing) I think I’m curious about what my future, in terms of my profession, might be.

ELIAS: Specific?

ROBIN: If it’s in fact true that I’m supposed to be a medium when I grow up or not.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what is your impression?

ROBIN: (Sighing, and a chuckle) I think so.

ELIAS: And this is a thought, not an impression. Therefore, I shall inquire once again, what is your impression?

ROBIN: My impression is that it seems like a big responsibility, and that ... I don’t know, I feel scared about it.

ELIAS: And these are thoughts and emotions, and not impressions! Ha ha ha!

ROBIN: What’s an impression?

ELIAS: What is your small voice expressing to you – your communication through your intuition – and what is your experience in relation to that small voice? (Pause)

Allow yourself with myself to explore your actual communication to yourself in relation to this subject matter, and what you are offering to yourself to be validating of this communication, and allowing yourself to identify the indications, the evidences that you are presenting to yourself that moves your thoughts and your emotional communication in the direction of this type of interpretation.

I am expressing to you in this manner quite purposefully, for this offers you the opportunity to pay attention to you, and become familiar with what you are creating and your own language; not outside information, not outside input, and not the beliefs that are influencing of your perception, but that soft voice within you, and your allowance for your own experiences that are moving you into the interpretation of this identification.

In this, as you allow yourself to become familiar with your communication, you also offer yourself information as to the actual action, and allow yourself a clearer identification of which direction you are choosing to be engaging.

In this, explore with myself now your experiences and your communication to yourself that are the presentment of evidence of this type of action.

Now; I hold an awareness that you have presented yourself with experiences in this subject matter. In those experiences, allowing yourself to be listening to you, what is your evaluation of those experiences? What has occurred?

ROBIN: Well, early on in my life, when I had some of these kinds of experiences, they were not ... they were very, very scary to me, and I didn’t feel strong enough to handle them. Five years ago, when it happened in a different way, I felt it was much more positive, and I think I am strong enough now, but I don’t know why it hasn’t happened again. I don’t know if I need extra training – I’m sure I do.

ELIAS: Let us examine your beliefs. What is your identification of what you have engaged?

ROBIN: With that?


ROBIN: I believe that it’s ... how it feels to me is, it’s like an opening into other worlds that not everyone has access to, which I do know I have.

ELIAS: This is the presentment of one belief that we may examine.

ROBIN: Okay.

ELIAS: Continue.

ROBIN: (Laughing) I don’t know what identity I would have in the culture that I’m living in, and I have actually a problem with that. I have a lot of uncomfortableness with that.

ELIAS: This is the presentment of another aspect of beliefs. What is your assessment of the actual action? What are you engaging?

ROBIN: I think that that’s probably my biggest concern, is that I only want to allow in, through me, information that would really be helpful to people.

ELIAS: And how is that presented to you in your evaluation? What is it that is offering the information to you?

ROBIN: Well, the face that I saw when it happened recently, I think that it ... my experience of it is that it’s some pact that I made a very, very long time ago with a group of people – I’m not sure where, I think the Pleiades, but I’m not sure – and that I feel that I have some kind of ... it feels like an obligation.

ELIAS: (Grinning) This is the presentment of another aspect of beliefs! Very well. Let us examine these belief systems that are influencing of your response in this situation.

Now; first of all, I shall express to you that you do allow yourself an openness that creates an ease for you to engage information in other manners than merely objective expressions. This is an allowance of information to be assimilated and projected through you from what we may express as other areas of consciousness.

First of all, all individuals – every individual within your physical dimension – holds this ability. There are no individuals that do not hold this ability. This is not to say that all individuals allow themselves to engage this ability. Some individuals allow themselves more of an openness in this particular type of direction, of which you also allow yourself this type of action.

But you also engage and align with several aspects of beliefs that create obstacles. One obstacle, which may be viewed as quite strong, is an association that you hold, identifying yourself as a physically focused individual within this physical dimension in a manner that is “less than” other areas of consciousness in knowing, that other areas of consciousness or other manifestations of consciousness may hold more knowing or more information than do you. (1)


ROBIN: In a hierarchy?

ELIAS: Correct. This is an influencing aspect of your beliefs, which creates an obstacle. For in that belief, you create an automatic discounting of yourself and of your abilities, for this sets an identification within you that you are merely a vessel.

ROBIN: Right; right.

ELIAS: You are a conduit, so to speak, that some entity or some aspect of consciousness may use to be offering greater information than you hold yourself.

As you view yourself to be “less than,” there is this automatic action of discounting of yourself, and this creates an obstacle that manifests in an expression of fear, for it affords a powerfulness to other expressions of consciousness that is greater than you.

Now; the mere association and belief that there may be other expressions of consciousness that are greater than you sets into motion an identification within that expression of fear – that you may not be engaging control, that you may not be participating in permission for all expressions of another aspect of consciousness – and it creates an expression of suspicion as to the motivation and the direction of any of these other expressions of consciousness.

Now; that suspicion, which is an expression of the fear, moves you into a creation of action in which you manipulate energy within your energy field, and you create what you assess as a shield. This is your enactment of protection. This action of creating this shield of protection is directly influenced by your beliefs and creates a very strong obstacle, for there is an overt, strong expression of a lack of trust, that some expression of consciousness may be hurtful to you.

First and foremost, beyond any expression that may be engaged with other individuals, the initial point of engagement is between yourself and any other expression of consciousness, and in this, the suspicion and the fear is projected, in association with self, that there is a potential for harmfulness to you. This is a presentment of a very strong obstacle.

Now; what you have offered to yourself previously in experience – which influences your thoughts and your emotions, which are communications to yourself – is an opening to other aspects of your essence in its entirety, an allowance of other aspects of energy to be recognized in objective manner within this focus.

Let me offer to you in explanation that within any physical focus, what you have created is literally a focus of attention. This be the reason that I have chosen this particular term of “focus” rather than the term of “lifetime,” for you are in actuality creating a focus of attention of essence which manifests physically into the projection of form and personality that you view as you. There are many, many, many other expressions and attentions of essence which are all being exhibited and expressed simultaneously.

Now; let me be clear. There is not one aspect of essence which is the higher power, so to speak. There is no expression or entity of your essence which resides in some elusive area of consciousness that is the directing, greater force. You, in this focus of attention, are the embodiment of the entirety of essence. (Emphatically)

Therefore, all that may be expressed, within any attention, within any aspect of essence, is present within you in this physical manifestation. It is merely a question of widening your awareness and allowing yourself to open to your periphery, and allowing this one focus of attention to relax its singularity of attention, and therefore incorporate more of the entirety of you.

Now; I shall also express to you quite literally, within consciousness, essence is not intrusive. This may appear objectively, surfacely, to you, within your experiences and within your beliefs, to be contradictory to what you think you know in this physical dimension, for you recognize actions and behaviors that you yourself create or that other individuals create, and you view some of those actions, some of those behaviors to be intrusive.

You view many actions and behaviors to be hurtful. Your assessment of hurtfulness is directly influenced by your beliefs and by your association with the belief system of duplicity, which interweaves itself with all of your beliefs. There are no beliefs that you hold within this particular physical dimension that do not move in an interplay with the belief system of duplicity.

Now; in this, as you allow yourself to become familiar with your beliefs, which are the motivating influences of your perception, you also may allow yourself to be eliminating many of these obstacles.

Every expression in ANY form of fear is an expression of lack of trust and lack of acceptance of you – not of outside influences, but of yourself – and this be the reason that you automatically move into the expression of protection.

But let me also express to you that this expression of protection reinforces the expression of fear, for it creates a reinforcement of separation, and therefore creates an action of isolation.

The stronger you project energy into the expression of protection, the stronger you hold to your energy and the stronger you express this isolation and separation, and the larger the obstacle becomes.

In actuality, you are not severing yourself from any other expression of consciousness, for all of consciousness is you, and you are all of it. But what you ARE engaging is a communication to the mechanism of perception.

Your perception is the instrument that creates ALL of your reality. Every aspect of it, every moment of it, is created through this tool that is identified as your perception. This is an extremely powerful tool, and in this, all that you create through the instrument of your perception IS REAL.

It simultaneously is also an illusion, in terms of corporeal expression, for it is a projection created in the illusion of separation and entities. You create all of your physical reality in this particular dimension in this manner. You create yourself as a projection in the form of an entity. You create physical matter in many, many different expressions of forms, which are all entities.

ROBIN: I feel that.

ELIAS: But this is the aspect of your reality that is an illusion, for although you create the objective appearance of separateness and entities, all of these expressions are aspects of yourself.

Now; as you have created this illusion, so to speak, of separateness, you also disassociate your perception – not actual consciousness, but your perception of your reality – with yourself and elements that you perceive to be outside of yourself, and in the influence of duplicity, you associate that there are forces outside of yourself, be they physical or nonphysical, that hold the ability to be hurtful to you.

Now; let me also express to you, this is directly influenced by a duplicitous movement in the association of victims. You create the association or the feeling, or the identification of self or any other manifestation in the role of victim, at the point in which you view there are no choices. You lack the ability to be creating a choice, and therefore you become a victim.

What we are discussing and moving your attention to is the genuine remembrance that you are never within a position of a lack of choices. Therefore, in actuality, there is no expression of victim. It is merely a situation in which you objectively do not recognize your choices or that you hold choices.

In this, as you allow yourself to become more familiar with you, and you allow yourself to pay attention to you in each moment, and you practice in the expression of no judgment in association with your familiarizing yourself with you, you also create a new expression of freedom, of openness, and you begin to view the extensiveness of your choices. Choice is a powerful instrument (Emphatically)

ROBIN: I thought I had worked this through, but I guess only physically, in certain ways.

ELIAS: Ah! And I shall express to you, recognize now, within this moment, how you are automatically creating a judgment within self.

ROBIN: I see that, but....

ELIAS: This is what I am directing your attention to, that you may allow yourself to view your actions, to be objectively aware, to identify your beliefs, your movements, or to identify your lack of movement in certain directions and to be accepting of that, recognizing that there is no better or worse, but merely the choices that you are engaging NOW.

It is not an accident that you, now, are engaging interaction with myself, and therefore, you are offering yourself the opportunity to become familiar with you. This is not coincidence. It is an expression of your motivation and your trust of self, that you are allowing yourself to assimilate information.

And may you offer yourself permission to acknowledge that within you? For I acknowledge this also within you.

ROBIN: (Softly) Yeah, I can see that. I can see I’ve also grown a lot in this lifetime in that way.

ELIAS: Therefore, as to your question of shall you engage this action futurely, I express to you to allow yourself to be paying attention to now, and not projecting your attention futurely, for this is an expression of another illusion!

As you allow yourself to be paying attention to what you are creating now and familiarizing yourself with now, you may also offer yourself much more clarity as to your choice in this action.

ROBIN: Yeah, right. It’s been interesting for me how unclear I’ve been about it, and how unclear I’m not about so many other things.

ELIAS: Clarity, within your physical expression, is achieved in allowing yourself the awareness and the attention within the moment, the awareness of all that you are creating within the moment, which is expressed through not merely your actions, not merely your thoughts or your emotion, but is expressed in the whole of your being in each moment, and the allowance of yourself to be aware objectively of all of your movement.

There is much within each moment of your reality that you do not pay attention to. You focus your attention singularly, for this is familiar. This is not bad. It is familiar, and in this singularity of your attention, you choose certain expressions of communication that shall be the dominating forces within your reality.

You choose one inner sense that you shall pay more attention to than the other inner senses. You choose one outer sense that shall be dominant in your allowance of input and stimulation with. You choose an alternation of thought or emotion in different moments, and that one or the other in a particular moment shall be dominant.

In this, you hold a belief that you merely have a capability to be filtering and processing, so to speak, information in the expression of singular avenues within one time framework. You must be holding your attention within one expression, one area of communication, one behavior, for if you are not, you shall confuse yourself.

I say to you, you are directing many, many, many functions and avenues of communication continuously within every moment, and you shall not confuse yourself in your allowance of yourself to be paying attention to all of these avenues of communication and stimulus that you create within your reality.

You may create several behaviors within one moment, and this is not confusing to you. But within your assessment, if you are directing your attention in more than one area in one time framework, you shall be scattered and you shall be confused. This is a very limiting manner in which you direct your attention very singularly, and you create this out of familiarity.

But within this time framework, in this shift in consciousness, you have also chosen to be expanding that action, widening your awareness, and not holding to the singularity of all that is familiar within your reality.

ROBIN: Right, yeah.

ELIAS: As you allow yourself a new recognition within yourself that there is no aspect of consciousness that shall be harmful to you, and that it is unnecessary to be expressing protection and guardedness, you shall also open your awareness to more of a fullness within your expressions and your interactions and your availability for information.

ROBIN: So you’re saying I’m always safe.

ELIAS: Yes. There is no aspect outside of you that creates any expression – and I am speaking to you quite literally – ANY expression – that is perpetrated upon you without your participation and permission and choice. If you are not choosing to be experiencing a particular action that you assess as hurtful, you shall not be experiencing that action, and in this, no other expression of consciousness creates that. YOU create that action within you.

ROBIN: Um-hmm. I understand. I understand that it’s a choice. Do you think that it would be a good choice for me? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) And I shall express to you, it is neither good or bad. It is merely a choice. Shall the choice be beneficial? All of your choices are beneficial.

It is a question of your desire, not a question of shall this be a good choice or a bad choice or a beneficial choice or a wasted choice. These are irrelevant expressions, for they are merely illusions and dictates of your belief systems.

All of your choices are beneficial. You shall gain information through all of your choices, and if you are not creating your value fulfillment and your exploration in a particular choice, you shall not engage that choice.

ROBIN: I guess what I’m talking about, though, is that I feel I’m at a fork in the road, and I feel that I have many choices now, and it’s the first time in my life, I think, in this life, in this focus, that I’ve ever felt this many choices, and not knowing ... I think.

ELIAS: And let me also express to you, within this time framework, many individuals, yourself also, are presenting themselves with new expressions of freedom, but freedom is quite unfamiliar to you also! (Robin laughs) Therefore, you strive and strive to be creating this expression of freedom, and as you accomplish that action and offer yourself this freedom and the recognition of your choices, you also immobilize yourself, for you are overwhelmed and you view, (gasping) “I have created all of these choices, and I know not which choice to choose!” (Chuckling)

And THIS is the point of familiarizing you with you, and allowing yourself to pay attention to your communication and your desire and direction.

You have ALWAYS held myriads of choices in every moment. Now you are allowing yourself the objective awareness of all of your choices and your freedom. But you are not paying attention to the other aspect of this action, in also allowing yourself to be aware of you and your desire, and allowing yourself to move within that desire without judgment, for the judgments create obstacles.

Allowing your natural flow of energy, in TRUST of yourself, also creates an ease within your movement, and allows you the accomplishment of your desire.

ROBIN: Hmm, trust. I have been feeling more trusting than I ever have before. Yeah. Yeah, I can see how that is created. Okay.

ELIAS: Quite, and were you not, you would not be engaging this conversation with myself presently! (Chuckling)

ROBIN: Right. So, would you please tell me what my name is?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Renea; R-E-N-E-A. (ren’ee)

ROBIN: Is that Renee?

ELIAS: No. (Grinning)

ROBIN: (Laughing) Renea. Okay, I like it! (Laughing) Very gamine! (Elias chuckles, and a pause)

ELIAS: I shall offer to you also an identification of essence family and orientation in this particular focus. Essence family, Vold; alignment in this focus, Tumold; orientation, common.

Now; you may be, if you are so choosing, inquiring of Michael, and he shall be offering you information as to the identification of these families and orientation, which I have offered previously.

ROBIN: So common is the orientation?

ELIAS: Correct.

ROBIN: And what were the other two again? Family?

ELIAS: Belonging to Vold.


ELIAS: Correct. Aligning with, in this focus, Tumold.

ROBIN: How do you spell that?


ROBIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ROBIN: I want to ask you what that means. I’m sure it’s a long answer.

ELIAS: And this be the reason that I am instructing you to avail yourself of this information through Michael, for he may be directing you to the information that I have already offered concerning these identifications.

ROBIN: We just have a few minutes left. Is there anything else? My original question to you, when I was thinking about having a session, was to say, why ... is there something that you ... I mean, I created you coming here. I had a lot to do with you being here.

ELIAS: Quite.

ROBIN: Yeah, and I guess my question would be, why did I do that?

ELIAS: That you may allow yourself an offering of information. Within you individually, quite purposefully, you are allowing yourself to be viewing and engaging another expression of energy, another essence, to validate to you objectively what we have been discussing together – that there is no necessity for the expression of shielding or protection.

You are quite concentratedly addressing to this action of engaging that which you identify as channeling, and you are examining your motivation and you are examining your obstacles, and therefore you draw to yourself an interaction and an experience, that you may allow yourself to view the reality that there is no monster that shall consume you, and that you are safe, and that in actuality, the expression of essence and consciousness is quite accepting, and therefore, you may reinforce yourself and allow yourself to trust.

ROBIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: And I shall offer tremendous encouragement to you, and offer my expression of energy to you also in this time framework subsequent to our objective interaction. Be aware that I continue to be present with you.

ROBIN: (Whispering) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. To you in great affection, au revoir, until later. (Smiling affectionately)

Elias departs at 11:25 a.m.


(1) I have switched the words “in knowing” in this phrase: “...identifying yourself as a physically focused individual within this physical dimension in a manner that is “less than” other areas of consciousness in knowing...” It was originally stated: .”..identifying yourself as a physically focused individual within this physical dimension in a manner that is “less than,” in knowing, other areas of consciousness...”

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