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Tuesday, November 28, 2000

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“Other Avenues of Communication”

“The Creation of Mass Events”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Deane (Leland).

Elias arrives at 4:44 p.m. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

DEANE: Ha ha! It’s my drinkin’ buddy! How ya doin’?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! We meet again!

DEANE: Ah, and much to my pleasure, sir.

ELIAS: At our last encounter, you presented yourself as such a little mouse!

DEANE: (Laughing) Don’t pick on me! I’m innocent!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! (Deane cracks up) Ha ha ha ha!

DEANE: My friend, I have two questions for others ...

ELIAS: Very well.

DEANE: ... Hal and Geri, who you met in Huntsville. Geri asks the orientation, family and alignment of her half-sister, Linda. (Pause)

ELIAS: Orientation, common; essence family, Sumari; alignment, Milumet.

DEANE: Okay, and the other question: Hal said that he has not been consciously aware of any indicator of your presence, as you promised him would occur within a week of your meeting in Huntsville.


DEANE: Please comment, sir.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I shall express, you may deliver the message that my presence has been as promised, and the individual is looking quite strenuously for the expression of this presence, and in trying so very hard to perceive my energy, is not paying attention to the ease of the energy which is being offered.

DEANE: I shall relay that, sir.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may express to this individual to relax and discontinue anticipation and expectation, and this may offer much more of an opening and clarity in his allowance to be recognizing my energy, which continues to be present.

DEANE: I shall do so.

ELIAS: Very well.

DEANE: Very early in the morning a few days ago, I was sleeping and saw this gentleman standing in nothingness. He said, “Are you awake?” He startled me and I awoke, never getting back to sleep. I thought this guy looked suspiciously like the probable self I encountered that you spoke of in session 383. Would you tell me what this was all about?

ELIAS: What is your impression, other than that this is a probable self?

DEANE: Well, I’m rather empty there. I was looking for information. I sensed that there might be some there, but there wasn’t anything there. I thought it was a little strange. I’m not sure if he was that particular probable self, or if he was just someone who looked like him.

ELIAS: It is the probable self, first of all.

Now; the key is that you hold an impression that there is information which is being offered, but you view nothing. Now, my friend, you are quite accomplished at creating analytical games!

DEANE: (Laughing) I’ve done that before!

ELIAS: Ah, I am aware! And you amuse yourself quite often in your analyzation of concepts, of actions, of your reality. In this, you are continuously seeking out what you view to be the underlying motivations and the insidious, correct?

DEANE: Ah, yes. That’s an excellent word, and that very much describes that. Insidious, yes.


Now; (laughing) incorporate your tremendous ability in these directions to be exploring YOU, for you do incorporate quite an accomplished exhibition of these qualities of analyzation and investigation of the insidiousness of all that is within your reality. But you are always searching for the suspicious! (Chuckling)

DEANE: (Laughing) Boy, I’m putting all of that together! That answers the next fifteen questions!

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! I have been anticipating our interaction, my friend! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

DEANE: There is no doubt in my mind, and in fact, the next thing I have here on my screen is, over the last few weeks there have been a number of instances where I thought I might actually be consciously communicating with you. Is that correct?

ELIAS: And you are correct.

DEANE: I thought so. I have no privacy at my bar anymore!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! YOU have extended the invitation! I am merely compliant.

ELIAS: And I appreciate that acknowledgment on your part, sir.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

Now; in continuing in this subject matter in relation to your experience with this probable self, what you are offering to yourself in this experience is an opportunity to engage these actions – these qualities that you exhibit so very easily and that you have developed throughout your focus – and apply them in a different manner. Apply them to not seeking out “things,” but the seeking out of you and the other avenues of communication that you offer to yourself, not merely thought or emotion.

You direct your attention quite strongly – and to the exclusion of many other expressions – through the avenue of thought. You couple this at times with your emotional expressions, which you thusly create an interpretation or translation to yourself in relation to your emotional expression, or that which you yourself identify as your feelings. You identify this or define this coupling of the thought and emotion expression as a communication of your intuition at times, and I am expressing to you that you are beginning to offer yourself experiences and information to direct your attention in other areas.

You communicate with yourself in many more directions and through many more avenues than merely thought and emotion, and in this, [in] allowing yourself to turn your attention and explore and examine and investigate and evaluate these other avenues of communication, you also may re-evaluate the communication of thought, for thought many times is channeled in an expression of energy NOT in alignment with its design of purpose within this physical dimension.

Therefore, the energy that you focus in the action and creation of thought may be distracting. It also may be distorting. It also may be confusing, in your analyzation and your evaluations of different expressions, experiences, and concepts.

(Intently) Thought is a construct of physical dimension to be a clarifying communication and defining communication of the base elements of your reality.

One moment, my friend. Offer to yourself and to me now, within your thoughts, and allow yourself to recognize what I have defined to you are the base elements of your physical dimension in this reality. They are what?

DEANE: The base elements of our physical reality are emotions and the things we create, the physicality, right?

ELIAS: The base elements of your reality in this physical dimension – the base constructs of your reality – are sexuality and emotion.

DEANE: I gotcha.

ELIAS: You have not nor shall you futurely hear from myself that the base element or one of the base elements of your reality in this physical dimension is thought. It is not. This is a construct that you have created for clarification and definition OF the base constructs or elements of your reality. It is a tool that you incorporate in communication. It is a tool that you incorporate to define, to clarify, and to translate in some aspects the expressions of sexuality and emotion, which ARE the base elements of your reality.

Now; your attention has moved to the expression of thought so fully that you have created an expression of thought to the exclusion of your awareness objectively of other avenues of communication....

DEANE: I wondered what had happened, because it seemed like that previous dimension of – I’m just gonna call it stuff – since we very first met, the new experiences and the expanded awareness are missing now. I know they’re really not missing, but I understand what you’re saying.

ELIAS: For this is the direction of your attention. You move your attention to the familiar, and the familiar is to be directed in the energy of thought and the expression of thought. This is familiar and comfortable, and in this, you allow yourself to move into those designs of thought which are distracting and which move you into confusion, for you are not incorporating the tool in the manner in which it is and has been designed.

DEANE: Okay. Let’s see. I lost my place here ... oh yeah. I’m surprised I lost that!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

DEANE: This one throws me. I can’t believe hardly that this occurred, but....

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, what you are presenting to yourself recently – in this area, in this expression – moves or permeates, so to speak, all of what you are creating in your reality.

I am aware that you hold questioning in relation to your creativity. I am aware that you hold confusion in relation to your book. This also is another area of your focus and your creations presently that are being affected by this particular direction.

DEANE: I see.

ELIAS: Your relationship – or shall I express plural – relationships are being influenced by this expression. ALL of what you are engaging recently is being affected by this particular movement.

This movement within you has been chosen and is being affected by this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently addressing to this belief system of duplicity, and you presenting to yourself more of an awareness of you – not outside of you, but YOU – and allowing yourself to begin your movement and your journey into familiarizing yourself with you; not with your thoughts concerning you, but with YOU.

DEANE: I appreciate that, sir. I will continue to digest that.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And so you shall, my friend! Ha ha ha ha!

DEANE: Probably in spades, right?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

DEANE: (Laughing) Well, here’s this special one now, and this still throws me. As I’m sure you know, I was quite afraid in Huntsville, which prevented me from interacting with you at all.

ELIAS: Ah, the little mouse! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

DEANE: (Laughing) I know at least part of it was a fear of what you might say, and I would appreciate some comments on this so I can help myself understand why there should be this fear. I mean, why did that happen? I’m not afraid now.

ELIAS: Quite, but you also are not within physical proximity of all of those other individuals. You are merely engaging interaction with myself, and this is comfortable, for there is an aspect of trust that you have created and allowed between yourself and myself.

There is a knowing within you that regardless of what we engage in conversation, regardless of the subject matter that we may discuss together, you hold an awareness within you that there is continuously offered, through my energy, an expression of acceptance. This is unquestioned, for you have allowed yourself to explore and you have allowed yourself an openness in your experimentation with my energy, and in very physical terms, you have tested the waters and have found them to be acceptable.

DEANE: Nice and warm. In fact, I’m looking up at my white ceiling and I see my color splotches. They’re still there.

ELIAS: Quite. And in this, in the knowing of the acceptance which is expressed by myself in relation to you, there is little expression of fear in interaction with myself individually.

Now; place yourself in the midst objectively of other individuals, and this may be quite another situation, for it is not merely my energy that you contend with.

DEANE: I see.

ELIAS: It is your perception and evaluation of your own expression, of your own energy, of other individuals’ energy; a questioning of their acceptance, a questioning of your ability to be expressing yourself in a manner which is acceptable to you. It is a questioning within yourself of the perceptions of the other individuals, and whether you shall be acceptable in their perception or whether you shall not.

DEANE: I see. Okay. We don’t have a lot of time here – I’ve got my timer – so let me ask you this.

Not long ago, I was sitting in my favorite chair with my feet up on the ottoman. My eyes were closed and I was relaxing, and all of a sudden, a small funny-looking character pulled this curtain of darkness to my left and exposed everything on the opposite wall in brilliant color, as if I was looking at everything with my normal two-eyed vision, even though I’m blind in one eye! I noticed that I could not see my feet or legs stretched out in front of me. It sort of looked like a fog where they should be, but I couldn’t discern them. Somehow this did not seem like the beginnings of an out-of-body experience, and I would appreciate your comment on what was going on there.

ELIAS: This is not an out-of-body experience, in your terms, or in my terms, a projection of consciousness. This is an experience that you have merely allowed [yourself] to present to yourself.

In this, what you have offered to yourself are two aspects of communication. Once again, we return to the other avenues of communication.

In this, you have offered to yourself a visual, in one respect to be expressing the possibility and potential of what you may create that appears to be impossible, but is not.

DEANE: I was thinking, a blind person could see that way. They wouldn’t need eyes, ‘cause everything was presented in my head just like I was seeing with my eyes closed.

ELIAS: Correct. And in this, you have presented yourself the communication of what you may be accomplishing and what you hold in potential for that accomplishment, regardless that it SEEMS to you to be impossible.

DEANE: That’s what I thought, because it startled me! The thing that really startled me was not seeing my legs ...

ELIAS: In this....

DEANE: ... in front of me. It was just as if I was sitting there with my eyes open, just like with normal vision.

ELIAS: Correct. And in this, you also present yourself with another aspect of communication, and this is the darkening of the periphery, and in this imagery, you create a blocking of the peripheral viewing, and it appears to be void.

You have created this imagery to yourself quite specifically and in clear, obvious terms to be expressing to yourself the central view, which offers you the expression of wondrousness, of impossible potential which is quite possible, and not “within your grasp,” but that you already hold NOW.

You also present to yourself the imagery of the cloudiness of the periphery. In this, you hold the ability to clear the periphery also, but you present it as clouded, for you present it in mirror image to what you are creating now.

DEANE: Mm-hmm. Okay. (With a tone of non-comprehension)

Vic’s note: I am just cracking up here! I don’t have a clue what Elias is talking about, and it seems that you don’t either, Deane!

DEANE: I would like a quick confirmation on a focus: Jimmy English, a young, very naive kid of nineteen years of age in 1942, I believe, thinking in terms of the excitement and glories of war – of course, we’re talking World War II here. As I receive it, he went to Europe, became quite disenchanted, and was killed in action there. (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

DEANE: That’s wonderful! Another focus confirmation: a young man in his twenties, Archimedes LeBeau, in France during the Revolution. He was a loner, but a friend of Vic’s – I’m talking about Lawrence here. His dad was a seagoing man, and not home much. His mother named him Archimedes because she thought it would help give him stature, and be an asset to him later in life.

ELIAS: I am quite acknowledging of you, my friend! You are correct.

DEANE: (Laughing) Oh, wonderful, wonderful! I can hardly wait to tell Vic!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

DEANE: I think she thought I was out to lunch when I was talking to her on the phone and this came up.

Vic’s note to Deane: Moi? Ne jamais, mon cher!

DEANE: I would like you to briefly comment on the special affinity that exists between Mary, Ron, Vic, and I. It was quite obvious at the Huntsville gathering, and noticed by a number of people.

ELIAS: And yourself also!

DEANE: Well, yes! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

DEANE: (Laughing) I know there has been interaction with other focuses, but I felt that maybe there might have been something “more significant” – and I put that in quotes – than the typical “you were sisters or brothers” or something like that, simply because of the magnitude of this sense that was there.

ELIAS: Express to me, my friend, what is your identification of more of an interconnectedness?

DEANE: Well, I was thinking like husbands and wives, or groups that form for major projects, things of that nature as opposed to acquaintances and friends.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, allow yourself to recognize an association [of] several essences that interact within consciousness together frequently, essences that move in relation to each other in what you physically term to be many time spans.

As you allow yourself to view the movements of essences, even conceptually ... once again, not necessarily merely through thought. But as you allow yourself this association, you may begin an objective realization that individuals recognize these strong draws to each other in particular focuses, for they are participating together in many aspects of their essences.

You participate together in many physical focuses in this physical dimension and in other physical dimensions. Therefore, there are many aspects of your essences that are participating together NOW, for all of this action is simultaneous. Therefore, you are not merely recognizing the interaction that you may be creating in this one focus of attention, but you are allowing yourselves to realize ALL of the interactions that are occurring. Many of these interactions are what you term to be, in this physical dimension, intimate relationships.

DEANE: I appreciate that, my friend.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

DEANE: Regarding creating a lens for my eye, you said in my last session some months ago that I was creating a lens and that my eye doctor had seen it. I have since been examined by four other doctors, and there is nothing there. I know that there’s nothing there. I didn’t create it, and I was....

ELIAS: Ah ah ah! Not necessarily!

DEANE: (Laughing) What – are they acting in concert in this giant conspiracy, and they all see the lens and no one is saying anything about it?

ELIAS: Ah, and we move in such absolute terms, do we not?

DEANE: Well, how can it not ... well, I’m not saying absolute, but it’s either there or it’s not there.

ELIAS: And this is quite absolute, is it not? And have you....

DEANE: Well, it is. So what you’re saying is that ... alright, you better tell me what you’re saying!


DEANE: (Laughing) And I haven’t even had any cognac yet!


I am expressing to you, sir, (laughing) that you create within the moment. It is not an absolute solidity in which you either create some expression or you do not. You create in each moment.

As we spoke previously, your choice and your action within that time framework was to be creating that particular physical expression, and this you offered to yourself physical confirmation [of] outside of yourself through other individuals, and subsequently, you also offer yourself physical confirmation and validation of other choices that you are creating.

You have not chosen to be moving in one consistent direction of expression and creation in relation to this physical affliction, so to speak – that you view it to be – throughout this entire engagement. From the onset of this action that you engage – from the event of what you term to be your accident to this very moment now – what you have been consistent in with your creation is that you have been inconsistent!

DEANE: (Laughing) That is for sure!

ELIAS: And in this, you have altered your creations in many different expressions throughout this time framework, and the creations mirror what you are expressing within yourself in each moment.

In moments that you are allowing yourself more of an openness, more of an expression of trust and acceptance within yourself, you choose to be evidencing that in the creation of inspirations and in the creation of what you view to be positive movement in relation to your physical affectingness or affliction. In moments that you are questioning and doubting and also discounting of yourself, you choose to mirror this in altering your creation with your eye.

Throughout all of this time framework and all of these creations and your alteration moment to moment of your choice of what you shall be creating in the affectingness of your eye, you have been struggling and battling with yourself in relation to the creation of the event itself, and that you continue to term this to be an accident.

DEANE: Yeah, I know exactly where you’re coming from, and that’s true. You know, it’s often that you say things, and I often discover that I already knew that. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckling)

Therefore, I express to you, my friend, it is not a situation of either/or – either you create this lens within your eye or you do not create this lens. You have created it and you have chosen not to create it, and you have chosen to create other expressions of a lens which you term to be artificial, which are quite real, but may be what you consider synthetic. But this also is a creation of a lens.

You have chosen many, many different expressions of how you shall be affecting of your eye and of your vision. At times it appears – in YOUR physical terms – better, and at times it appears worse.

DEANE: That is correct. That is very correct, and I almost thought that that’s what was going on, because I do know, from what you said before in some other sessions, that you create from moment to moment, that you don’t just create something and it continues to be ongoing.

ELIAS: Correct. It is not set in stone and solidly absolute. You are creating choices in each moment.

DEANE: Okay. Again, we’re beginning to run short, so I’ll do these as quick as I can. In session 608, you said that each essence family responds to one particular belief system more intensely and with more friction than it does the other belief systems. You said that with the Sumafi family it was duplicity, of which that wave is manifesting itself now. What would be that belief system for the Sumari, and when would that wave be due?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Now I may incorporate fun, and I may offer to you a challenge! For I may express to you, my friend, that this has been incorporated into our game.

Therefore, I express the challenge to you to be investigating and to be accessing your other avenues of communication, and accessing that form of communication that you offer to yourself through impressions, and you may present to myself....

DEANE: An entry.


DEANE: Shall do!

ELIAS: Very well! I shall be anticipating our next meeting, or your offering through another session with other individuals your entry within the game.

DEANE: It shall be done.


DEANE: You said in another session that transition was not dealing with death. I thought you started transition in order to prepare for disengagement, since at least as far as I know, nobody enters transition unless they are preparing to disengage. Am I correct in this?


DEANE: I am not correct.

ELIAS: No. Individuals may be creating this action of transition, and also may discontinue that action of transition. It is not an action that necessarily absolutely precedes or is prerequisite to death.

DEANE: Okay. Have I started transition yet, and if so when? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, you have engaged this action of transition in the initial expressions of your creativity to this book that we have been interactive concerning previously.

I may also express to you that subsequent to that action, you chose to be discontinuing this action of transition, and chose to be re-engaging the action of transition, in your physical linear time framework, three and one-quarter years prior [to now].

DEANE: Okay. Back to my book, you said I was waiting for others to make their decisions rather than creating my own. What I did is, I made the decision to make the manuscript available to a number of publishers, agents, and people in the movie industry, simply so it would be available to them. Certainly no one can do anything with it unless it’s available. One agency picked it up and then rejected it.

Now, as I see it, one can’t do anything without waiting for the decisions of others to become involved, and in regard to this work, even if I published the book myself, I would still be waiting for people to make their decisions to buy it.

I would appreciate your further comments, especially since you said in an earlier session that my intent was to bring more understanding to the masses regarding the shift, and that the publishing of this book was the most probable probability, including its sequel. I feel like I’m not meeting the intent that you spoke of.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are, my friend, for how shall you be offering information to other individuals if you are not offering it to yourself first?

DEANE: (Laughing) That is so very, very, very, very true.

ELIAS: And you ARE offering information to yourself, for you are challenging yourself. In presenting yourself with these obstacles – or what you perceive to be obstacles – you are also presenting to yourself question, in how may you be creating this reality if you are waiting for other individuals to be choosing first?

Now; I may express to you quite playfully, I am aware many times, many individuals express that I may be lurking within consciousness and eavesdropping upon the interactions and discussions and conversations that you within physical focus engage, and I may express to you quite literally, it is entirely unnecessary for me to be engaging this action of what you term to be eavesdropping upon your conversations, for I already am interactive with you in consciousness, in energy, and am present with you all continuously, and hold an awareness of the directions of your energy.

And in stating this to you, shall I express to you that I also hold an awareness of the energy expressed between yourself and Michael prior to our conversation together, and what have you been discussing but that which you have expressed to myself now, that you are not creating your reality dependent upon the choices of other individuals, but you express to myself in this now that you are.

DEANE: (Laughing) You caught me!


DEANE: And I thought I could get by with that! (They both laugh) Oh, gee whiz. I thank you for the mirror, and in providing these reflections.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend, and this is what you are presenting to yourself.

DEANE: I thank you, sir.

A couple quick ones: I have a small side-bar project, if you will, which is a children’s book involving a unique character, which is a jun-jun called Shikka-Tic-Tee. I would appreciate your comments on the probability of getting that published.

ELIAS: Let me express to you first, listen to yourself, and what is your impression?

DEANE: Well, I asked about the probability; it was a confirmation. My own particular impression is, it’s got a good shot at it.

ELIAS: And I shall express to you to be paying attention to that, and to be listening to that impression.

DEANE: Okay. In Huntsville, if I understood you correctly, you said that a focus would create an event, and others would hop on and go along for the ride. You likened that to a boat. Is that correct?


DEANE: Okay. Would this be true for this presidential election, like one essence is creating it and 250 million U.S. citizens have hopped on and are going along for that ride?

ELIAS: No. In this, you have created a different type of expression, for this particular mass event is a creation of all of you equally.

You have chosen to be allowing certain individuals – and they are in agreement in allowing themselves – to be incorporated as focal points of the action of this mass event. But as to those individuals being that which has created an event individually, and many, many, many thousands of other individuals are choosing to be participating, no. This is not the situation with this particular mass event. This particular....

DEANE: There’s a lot of confusion, at least from people I spoke with, as to whether we co-create or joint-create versus individual creations that people can experience as such, or perhaps it’s both. This would be a great opportunity to clarify that.

ELIAS: As I have stated, in a manner of speaking, you are not co-creating, for this implies that you shall be creating in part.

DEANE: I see. So the presidential thing is not a co-creation; it’s a joint creation.

ELIAS: Yes. You are ALL equally participating in this mass event. You are not creating it in what you term to be co-creation, for each of you individually is creating in entirety. You are creating in agreement of expression of physical imagery, and in that agreement of physical imagery that you shall be participating with, you have also created agreement in creating individuals as focal points of the direction of energy.

Many times, individuals may be creating a direction of energy, and in that direction of energy, it is helpful to you within your physical dimension to choose a focal point of that direction, a subject matter. This is helpful in directing your attentions, that you shall all continue to move your attention in a similar direction. This channels the energy of masses of individuals into a similar expression, creating a mass event which is comprised of many, many, many individual events and many individual expressions.

DEANE: I think that helps a great deal. I know it clears up a lot in my own mind, but perhaps a commentary on other mass events – say, for example, my favorite football team. How much does an individual contribute to the team winning, or are there two different realities, one in which they win and one in which they lose, where an individual actualizes the winning or losing event that meets with his beliefs?

ELIAS: There are many layers of your physical reality, and in this, I may express to you, as I have expressed previously, all probabilities are actualized.

Now; in the participation of mass events, each individual is equally contributing or participating – not in part, but in entirety.

Therefore, as to your question of the significance or the importance of one individual’s projection of energy in the creation of an outcome, so to speak ... or in what you define as an outcome of a game, for as you are aware, I have expressed a different definition of outcomes. But in your definition of outcomes of a game, each individual is creating the outcome of the game. You choose to draw yourselves together in like direction.

DEANE: I thank you, sir, and again, our time runs short, so I will ask my very final question.

ELIAS: Very well.

DEANE: And remember that this part is worth an extra cognac in your honor!


DEANE: So make it worth my while! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

In all seriousness, a few words of what you think might be of particular benefit ... not that any part of this session is not beneficial; it certainly is. But I know that in the past you have highlighted certain areas that have been beneficial to me, and so I close this session asking that question.

ELIAS: I express to you, my friend, once again to be noticing of yourself, and in this, be noticing of what you present to yourself.

Now; as I state this to you, I am not expressing a statement of generality. But allow yourself to recognize that every interaction that you hold with another individual, you have drawn to yourself purposefully, and you in this time framework are engaging a movement of seeking information intensely. Therefore, what you draw to yourself all is an expression of that seeking.

In this, allow yourself to pay attention to that which you are drawing to yourself, for none of it is accidental, and regardless of how you may rail against some of what you draw to yourself, remember that you have drawn it to yourself and you have drawn it purposefully, to be responding to your seeking.

DEANE: Well, I thank you again from the bottom of my heart, and that was worth an extra cognac for you! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Very well, my friend. I offer to you a tremendous expression of energy. I recognize the challenge that you are presenting to yourself presently. I also, in your physical terms, hold the confidence that you shall meet the challenge, for I recognize the desire that you hold.

In this, I express acknowledgment to you and offer to you my encouragement and my energy, which shall continue to be with you, as always. I offer great affection to you as always also, and express to you this evening, au revoir.

DEANE: Goodbye, my friend.

Elias departs at 5:53 p.m.

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