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Thursday, November 30, 2000

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“Creating in Harmony with Beliefs”

“Money: An Expression of YOU”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Ronda (Adorabelle).

Elias arrives at 12:40 p.m. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

RONDA: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We meet again!

RONDA: How are you?

ELIAS: As always! (Chuckling) And how shall we proceed this day?

RONDA: Well, I have some questions for you, and my first question will be about someone I work with. His name is (inaudible), and I was wondering, Elias, if we’ve had any past lives, and if you could tell me about one or two.

ELIAS: You do engage other focuses together. In actuality, you engage several other focuses together.

I may express to you an identification of one within what you term to be physical location of Spain, 16th century, in which you participate in an intimate relationship together. In this particular focus, you occupy the same genders that you occupy now – that individual being male, you being female. The relationship is a partnership. You also participate in a family unit engaging several children in that focus. You may be investigating of this focus if you are so choosing.

You also participate in another focus together in the physical country that you occupy now. This would be a time framework [of] 18th century; central area of the physical country; that which you term to be natives of this continent.

I may express to you also, you hold another focus [in] which you participate quite actively and objectively together, but you may classify this participation as conflicting (chuckling) in this one focus. This would be within your 19th century within a physical location [of] central European, in which you engage a business partnership and create many conflicts together, in like intensity to the flow of ease and passion, so to speak, in the other focuses. You create an expression of intensity with this individual in these different focuses, almost to an extreme. (Chuckling)

RONDA: Is that bad?

ELIAS: Not at all! It is merely a choice that you have engaged in interaction with this individual, that you generate a type of intensity of emotional expression and interaction, and in some of these other focuses that you participate [in] together, you create these intensities almost to extreme. Either you are expressing great passion in what you term to be a positive expression of affection, or you create an intensity of equal measure, so to speak, in a passion of conflict. (Chuckling)

RONDA: Okay. Elias, do we have work together in this life? If so, what does it involve?

ELIAS: In relation to your intents? Are you inquiring as to movement together – that you term to be work together – in relation to your directions and your intents?

RONDA: I guess I was wondering if we have more emotional, extreme, maybe relationship-type work, or is it over with?

ELIAS: Ah! This is an expression objectively of your belief in association with karma, and your assessment of learning and work that needs be accomplished to be attaining certain levels of spirituality throughout your focuses. Let me clarify to you, there is no karma.

You do not manifest within this physical dimension to be creating work in spirituality, so to speak, or in enlightenment, and you are not manifest within this physical reality to be working through challenges. You may present many challenges to yourselves within your physical focuses, but this is a choice. It is a choice of exploration and a choice in the creation of expressions, not a requirement of movement in association with this physical dimension.

Therefore, as to your questioning of whether you continue to be engaging work together and the implication of that question – or whether you have already accomplished the work that you need be accomplishing in this physical dimension – it is a moot point, for this is not the design of your physical reality or why you manifest within this physical dimension.

Now; as to a question of your movement together in this focus, you are aware already that you are participating together and interactive together now already. Therefore, you are choosing to be participating in experience and exploration of creations with this individual in this physical focus, but be aware that these are choices. They are not dictated to you by the universe or the cosmic design of consciousness. These are choices that you engage in your individual directions.

Are you understanding?

RONDA: Yeah. Yeah, I am. Okay. Elias, can you tell me about any past lives with my son?

ELIAS: You engage several focuses with this individual also.

I may express to you that you engage a focus with this individual as siblings, which may be recognized in a time framework of 3rd century; physical location, northern Africa.

You also engage a future focus with this individual in which you engage a life partnership, in your terms.

RONDA: You mean we get married?

ELIAS: You have not engaged that particular establishment of action in that particular focus, for in that focus, that action is not viewed in the same manner that you view it now. But you do engage the same type of relationship that you now identify in the establishment of marriage presently.

I am encouraging of you to be allowing yourself to investigate these focuses – or other focuses, if you are so choosing – yourself.

RONDA: Okay. You mean the ones with (inaudible names)?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, yes.

You may be presenting yourself with information concerning other aspects of yourself and your movements and your interactions with these individuals, and this may offer you more of an objective clarity in movements that you create now.

RONDA: Okay. How about Tom? Can you tell me about my husband Tom, what we shared, or should I investigate?

ELIAS: Yes. I shall express to you that you hold many focuses of attention with this individual.

RONDA: Really?

ELIAS: Yes. Challenge yourself to be investigating through your dream state or through the action of meditation or visualization.

This may be quite validating to you, as you allow yourself to be accomplishing the viewing of interactions and information yourself rather than merely acquiring information from myself, for in these actions, you also offer yourself experience.

RONDA: Okay. Okay, Elias, I’ll do that. Elias, can you tell me why I created the medical condition of the virus herpes?

ELIAS: Let me first express to you the inquiry of what your impression is concerning why you have created this physical affectingness. (Pause) What is your impression?

RONDA: Oh, I’m sorry. You’re asking me what my impression is?

ELIAS: Yes. What is your impression as to why you have created this?

RONDA: I feel it sort of keeps me in line. It keeps me from ... at this point, I feel like maybe it keeps me from experiencing relations with another person, because it’s kind of a scary thing, because it can spread.

ELIAS: And you are quite correct.

In this, allow yourself to view how you create objectively, outwardly in your reality in harmony with the expression of both your objective and subjective movement and awareness.

Your beliefs are quite influencing of your reality, and in this, your beliefs are held not merely objectively, but also subjectively.

Therefore, in alignment with certain beliefs in any type of expression, you create certain choices that shall be outward expressions and evidences to yourself of the influence of your belief.

Now; let me express to you, you align with a belief. In this particular example, you align with several aspects of beliefs in conjunction with relationships.

Now; as you create this alignment with certain aspects of your beliefs, you also create a translation of those beliefs in offering them to your perception, and in that, you create a perception concerning the beliefs, and the perception is the expression that manifests the beliefs.

The belief is the expression that offers you a direction. The perception is the mechanism that moves that direction into being.

Therefore, as you align with a belief or are influenced by a belief that may express to you that you must be exhibiting certain behaviors in conjunction with a specific type of relationship, you also present yourself with a physical manifestation, which is the beingness of that belief in physical terms, which is in actuality your reality.

Now: the reason that you move into an expression such as what you have identified in this physical creation is that you also hold an awareness that there are other expressions within you that move contrary to the alignment with the beliefs concerning certain aspects of relationship.

More simply expressed, you may align with an aspect of a belief that expresses to you that if you are engaging a specific type of relationship, you associate an expression of loyalty and commitment with that individual in the design of that particular romantic relationship.

You also hold an awareness within you simultaneously that you may move your attention in other directions incorporating other individuals, but this movement is expressed contrary to the belief that you align with – that influences you in your perception – of creating a reality of what you define as loyalty and commitment.

Therefore, as you recognize this potential, so to speak, within yourself to move your attention in other directions that may be contrary to the alignment of the belief, in an expression of harmony with that belief – of the subjective aspect of it – you create an objective manifestation physically which, as you term, serves as a safeguard to hold you in alignment with those expressed beliefs.

Are you understanding?

RONDA: Yes, I think I understand that. So, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, I could just move through it if I wanted to.

ELIAS: You may. In this, you may create several different expressions in movement. You may continue to create this physical manifestation, for it offers you, in a manner of speaking, a sense of comfort in allowing you to hold to your own energy and hold within a perception of separateness, and therefore provides you with your own permission to not be expressing certain aspects of vulnerability with other individuals.

You may also choose to be eliminating of this physical manifestation through the recognition that your choices are your choices. You need not be creating an expression of protection of yourself, for there is no aspect of yourself that need be protected. You also may recognize that you need not be denying yourself your own expression of your choices, for they are merely choices of experience and exploration.

In this particular creation, you have also created many associations with the identifications of negativity and restraint. Therefore, you limit yourself and your individual movement and your choices concerning this.

You also express an avenue of viewing yourself as victim, which also limits your choices, and in this, there is an expression of automatic discounting of yourself and of your abilities as you continue to create this particular physical expression.

What I am expressing to you is that you need not be viewing what you have created physically as an either/or type of expression – either you continue to be engaging this physical manifestation or you choose to be not creating that expression, and if you are continuing to create this expression, you shall continue to be limiting yourself, and if you are not creating this physical expression any longer, you shall offer yourself the expression of freedom and allowance with your choices. This is not necessarily correct.

This is an absolute either/or viewing of a choice of manifestation, and in that type of viewing of your manifestation, you are not allowing yourself to be paying attention to the identification that you have created this physical manifestation and you have chosen it, and in this choice, you have created it purposefully.

Therefore, it is not a black and white situation, so to speak, that if you are choosing to be removing obstacles within your movement, you must be eliminating this physical manifestation. This is not necessarily the situation.

You may offer yourself your own expression of freedom of choice and movement and continue to be manifesting this physical expression, or not. There are more choices available to you than you are allowing yourself to view.

RONDA: Okay. Elias, what is the probability that I’ll be channeling in this incarnation as Ronda? (Pause)

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this is a choice.

Now; in probabilities that you are moving within presently and creating presently, you create a movement in which you may allow yourself an action of what you term to be channeling information of your essence.

As to the action of engaging an energy exchange with another essence, within this present now and the movement of your probabilities and the movement of other essences, that action is less probable. (Pause)

RONDA: So, I guess I didn’t understand. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you, I am expressing a distinction between the action of an energy exchange and the action of channeling.

An energy exchange is an action that is an occurrence of participation of yourself and another essence, such as what is occurring in this action with myself and Michael in this particular phenomenon. This may be identified as an energy exchange. There is a participation of more than one essence in the exchange of energy.

The action of channeling is an action in which you allow yourself to channel energy of your essence – different aspects of your essence – through the avenue of your particular focus of attention. In this action, the individual allows themself to open their awareness to other aspects of their essence, be they physical or nonphysical, be they within the expression of this particular physical dimension or another physical dimension, another focus of their essence or a nonphysical expression of their essence.

In this action of channeling energy of your essence into the awareness of your particular focus of attention, you may create a similar outward expression to that of an energy exchange, but there is not the participation of another essence.


ELIAS: In this, in your movement presently, you ARE creating a direction which may allow you to engage this action of channeling other aspects of your essence into the awareness of your particular focus of attention, and therefore offering yourself other information concerning consciousness.

Now; let me express to you not to be discounting of this type of information, for it is equally valid as information that may be offered through an energy exchange of another essence, for you do hold the same information as any other essence within consciousness. It is merely a situation of allowance that you create in tapping into that information and channeling it into the awareness of your objective attention in this focus.

Are you understanding?

RONDA: Yes. Yes, I do understand, and how very ... it’s like a really wonderful thing! I need to start experimenting.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And [this] may be also providing you with another avenue of fun! (Chuckling)

RONDA: Oh, did you say fun ...


RONDA: ... or money?

ELIAS: No. Fun!

RONDA: Oh, fun! Okay, I’m sorry. I thought you said ... yeah, fun! That would be even better! (Elias chuckles)

Elias, sometimes I have this ... speaking of fun and money, I have a lot of negativity around money, and feeling a holding on. What can you tell me about how I could erase the concept of needing money?

ELIAS: This manifestation of money is a common and what you may term to be a large focus of attention of many individuals, in very similar manner to yourself.

I may express to you, quite simply, you create your reality. You create your reality in relation to your beliefs, which influence your perception, which creates the being of your beliefs.

In this, it also creates the being of your view – your assessment of yourself, of your worth, of your worthiness, of your abilities, or the lack of those expressions.

In this, as you allow yourself to genuinely explore self and recognize your beliefs concerning self and concerning money and its representation to you, and how you view that it is an entity in itself, not an expression of you ... which it is not. It IS an expression of you, not an entity of itself.

In this, as you allow yourself to recognize these aspects of your reality, you may also identify how this creates an expression of and is a reflection of your association within yourself of your own lack of trust of your own abilities.

In this, the generation of financial expressions – the generation of money – simply is a matter of your trust in your ability to be creating this.

But in this, there are many, many, many associations that you also create in relation to this one subject matter.

But in your allowance of yourself to be exploring this subject matter – how you view it [and] what you define it to be, how you associate yourself with this particular manifestation [and] how you view that it is an entity in itself outside of you, how you view that that entity is controlling of you, how you view that that entity dictates to you your reality and what you may manifest in your reality – what you may have or what you may not have, what you may do and what you may not do – you may also realize the volume of energy that you project in relation to this subject, and how much of yourself you view in relation to this subject, as defining you and your ability.

As you become familiar with you and all that I have expressed to you presently, you may allow yourself to view that the generation of this manifestation of money is an expression of you. It is not an entity within itself. Therefore, as an expression of you, it is your choice to be manifesting more or less of that manifestation, and that choice is influenced by your belief in your ability to be creating or not creating it.

Are you understanding?

RONDA: Yes, I think so. I understand that if I trust in myself, it’s not an issue of whether I have a lot of money or not a lot of money. It’s just not important.

ELIAS: And you may create quantities of it, or not.

But you allow yourself to move into the creation of this – if you are so choosing – much more easily if you are trusting of your ability to be accomplishing that action. If you are not trusting your ability to be creating that, you shall create obstacles and you shall create more difficulty in your expression of generating that particular manifestation.

As you concentrate on the difficulty of creating money, this is what you create – difficulty in creating it, for you are not trusting your ability to be creating it in ease.

RONDA: Okay, that’s really very good. I think that will help me immensely. It’s just kind of an annoying problem! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) I feel it’s totally unnecessary, and I needed help on that one.

Elias, I know you asked me not to ask you this, but am I able to find out if we were ever associated in any past incarnations?

ELIAS: What is your impression? (Chuckling, and a pause) You may speak it! What is your impression?

RONDA: It seems kind of foggy. (Elias chuckles) Were we friends in London? (Laughing)

ELIAS: In actuality, you are correct!

RONDA: Really? (Elias chuckles and Ronda laughs) Is that past or future?

ELIAS: This may be expressed in your linear identification as past.

RONDA: Past... and can you tell me about it?

ELIAS: I shall allow you to be investigating!

RONDA: Okay. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

RONDA: You have a terrific laugh!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

RONDA: (Laughing) I think we have a little bit more time ... yeah, we do. I don’t want to go too much over. Let’s see. Elias, who are the elementals? (Pause)

ELIAS: Clarify. There are several expressions of this identification. Clarify which you are inquiring of.

RONDA: Wind, earth, fire, and water.

ELIAS: And you are wishing an identification of them as individuals? They are not. They are expressions of elements within your reality that are YOU. These are elements of your reality that you create – each of you creates – individually.

RONDA: Okay. Elias, can you tell me ... I’m working for Federal Express now. Is this a good working place for me to be?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what is your assessment as to whether this be a good environment for you to be working within? (Chuckling)

RONDA: I guess for now it’s pretty good.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Why shall you inquire to myself whether it be good for you to be in this environment? You have chosen to be in that environment, have you not?


ELIAS: If you assess that it is conflicting for yourself, would you not alter your choice and discontinue participation in that environment?

RONDA: Yeah....

ELIAS: Yes! Ha ha ha ha ha!

RONDA: I find it interesting. I mean, I know there’s a lot of people I have shared incarnations with, and probably other people other than my friend (inaudible name).

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

RONDA: So....

ELIAS: All of these individuals that you interact with, you have participated with in other focuses.

RONDA: But some more intensely than others?

ELIAS: Yes, or some in more quantity than others.

RONDA: But it really doesn’t matter that I’m just ... I guess part of me feels that ... I’m a little bit obsessed with (inaudible name), and I’m wondering if I could ... I think I need to get over it.

ELIAS: Ah. I express to you that you are presenting this situation to yourself, that you may allow yourself to explore what you are creating. It also offers you an opportunity to explore the mechanism of how you create your reality; not necessarily that you are creating a wrong expression or that you are challenging yourself in the area of judgments, so to speak, although you are creating that action in part also.

But in this, you are allowing yourself to view how you create actions, behaviors, how you create choices in relation to your beliefs, and also how you communicate certain information to yourself through your emotional expressions.

RONDA: How I communicate information to myself?

ELIAS: Yes. You do not merely offer information to yourself through thought. You also are communicating to yourself through emotion.

In this, you are not creating emotional reactions. You are creating emotions – in many of these situations – that are communications to you concerning your own movement in this situation. Therefore, you are providing yourself with an opportunity to be paying attention to you and what you are creating, and simply, what you want, and what you allow yourself and do not allow yourself permission to create in relation to what you want.

RONDA: Okay. Okay, I got it! (They both laugh) Well, I think our time is up, Elias. I’m so happy to be able to talk with you today!

ELIAS: I express to you tremendous encouragement, my friend. You have much to explore presently, do you not? (Chuckling) I shall be interactive with you and offering an expression of energy to you in your movement in this present challenge that you have offered to yourself. (Chuckling)

RONDA: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express tremendous affection to you, and anticipate our next meeting. To you this day, au revoir.

RONDA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:44 p.m.

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