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Friday, December 01, 2000

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“Everything is a Reflection of You”

“Countless Layers of Reality”

“Emotion and Thought”


Participants: Mary (Michael), Melinda (Sena), and Tom (Malhai).

Elias arrives at 11:40 a.m. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MELINDA: Hi there, Elias! How are ya?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! As always, and yourself?

MELINDA: I am doing well. We just had a nice chat with Mary about some of her latest revelations, so it was a good way to get started. (Elias chuckles)

TOM: We wish you happy cosmic holidays!

ELIAS: Ah! The cosmic holidays! Ha ha ha ha ha!

TOM: I thought that was an interesting term. So many people want the cosmic, you know! (They both laugh) Isn’t it all cosmic?

ELIAS: And I may express to you, eventually you shall all offer yourselves the awareness that – you are correct – all of your reality is cosmic! Ha ha ha ha!

MELINDA: Every day is a cosmic holiday!

ELIAS: Ha ha!

TOM: So, how shall we start this, Melinda?

MELINDA: Oh, I don’t know. Do you have any ideas?

TOM: Well, I guess we wanted to maybe have you get more specific with how we support each other in the victim...

MELINDA: our victimhood. Oh, that’s right! Yeah, I would like to hear more about that. Elias, in your last session with Tom, you mentioned how he and I kind of reinforce that. Would you mind sharing a little bit more about that?

ELIAS: Very well.

Let me express to you first of all, this is not an unusual type of situation or interaction that occurs between individuals. But in allowing yourselves to move into an examination of the expression of being a victim or associating that other individuals may be a victim, it may be significant that you allow yourselves to examine more of the expressions of this subject matter than you tend to examine in your automatic viewing of certain subject matters.

In this particular subject of victims, there are immediate associations that you create in viewing the role or the action of being a victim, but there are many more expressions in which you actually ARE associating yourself as a victim than you allow yourselves to realize objectively, and as you are choosing to explore this particular subject and this particular creation within yourselves, it may be beneficial to allow yourselves to view how you are reinforcing of this movement with each other, as I have stated previously.

In this, many times there is created a camouflage of what you objectively define to yourselves as an expression of compassion or empathy or sympathy, even at times an expression of understanding.

Now; in this, as I have stated previously, you are incorporating a movement in this time framework in which you are redefining your terms and also your reality. As you move into this action of redefining, you allow yourselves to observe your actions, your creations, your choices, your manifestations – and those of other individuals – and you allow yourselves to move into an evaluation of those expressions and redefine your understanding, your direction, and your actual definitions of these movements within your reality. You also allow yourselves to view, in an expanded manner, your own expressions and interactions.

I have stated many times, expressions within your reality or creations within your reality are not always what they may appear to be surfacely, and that there are many more layers than merely one in every expression that you create within your physical reality. You view your reality, in actuality, in a manner of speaking, as though it were two-dimensional and flat. You view it in one layer of objective expression or manifestation.

In actuality, as I have stated from the onset of this forum, you are extremely multidimensional. This is not an expression that may be viewed, once again, in a manner of flatness, in the association that the definition of multidimensional holds the meaning of yourselves in this focus of attention occupying one dimension, and that you also occupy many other physical and nonphysical dimensions. This in actuality continues to be a flat observation, for you continue to separate and associate in segments and things, so to speak.

In this, one of the multidimensional aspects of yourselves is the countless layers or dimensions of yourself, even within each focus of attention. Every movement, every manifestation, every manipulation of energy that you create holds countless layers of actions that are occurring.

Objectively, surfacely, many times you view one layer, and that layer may be an expression of camouflage which overlays the other layers which are in play. In that overlaying layer, you create a perception through the identification of specific definitions – of your expressions, of your behaviors, of your manifestations, of your interactions.

At times you are allowing yourselves objectively to view more than one layer, and as you allow yourselves to view more than one layer, you also allow yourselves to uncover this camouflage expression. But there are many times in which you merely accept the camouflage as absolute, and do not view the other layers of activity that are occurring within you.

This particular subject of victim provides an example of how you may be accepting the expression of the camouflage in one layer, and not allowing yourselves to view many of the other layers of activity which you are creating, and therefore not genuinely identifying all that you are participating within and that you are actually creating.

In interaction with each other, one may express a situation that they may be participating within or they may be creating individually within themselves, and this particular expression – hypothetically – may be relayed objectively in communication to the other individual, and there may be expressions of the first individual in a communication of conflict that the individual may be experiencing.

Let us hypothetically express an example that you, Sena, may be communicating with Malhai, and you may be relaying some experience that you are involving yourself with, and you may be experiencing some element of conflict.

Now; in this, you may be in that conflict ... or I may express to you, you ARE in that conflict, for conflict arises from the denial of choice. Therefore, you are already experiencing some aspect of association within yourself of victim. In this, you offer a communication to Malhai, and express your identification of the conflict that you may be experiencing.

Now; in this hypothetical situation, Malhai may be responding to you in what appears to be an understanding or a sympathetic or an empathetic and compassionate manner, in the attempt to be objectively expressing what you define as supportiveness.

Therefore, there is a communication from Malhai to you that is expressing, “Ah yes, I am understanding. It is understandable that you shall be experiencing what you are experiencing or that you shall be feeling what you are feeling.” And in this, there is created a tone – which translates in actual voice – and a movement of energy that you view, in a surface layer of expression, as a projection of supportiveness and compassion.

In actuality, the other layers which are in play of that expression – which are also influencing of inflection and tone and the manner in which you are projecting your energy – these layers that you are not viewing in actuality are expressing a reinforcement to you, Sena, in the expression of, “Yes, you are correct. You are justifying and justifiably creating the role of victim, and I am understanding of this, for I create this action also.” Therefore, there is a validation offered in the exchange which perpetuates the role of the victim.

This is significant to be allowing yourselves the observance of in interaction, for you create these types of actions often; not merely you yourselves, but many, many, many individuals within this physical dimension. This is concerning your definitions of certain expressions, your definitions of creations, how you define your movement, and how you view much of your reality in this flatness of surface expressions, and not allowing yourselves to engage an objective awareness of the other layers of the actions and the interplay of all of the energy which is being expressed.

Now; I am not discounting of either of you, for you also do create many situations and interactions in which you are allowing yourselves to view other layers of your expressions and therefore hold more clearly an objective awareness of what is being expressed, and in that, offer yourselves more choices as to how you shall manipulate energy in your interactions and with yourselves.

But the point is that you ARE widening your awarenesses, and in that action of widening your awarenesses, you challenge yourselves, and you – in a manner of speaking – seek to be evaluating and exploring more of your expressions within yourselves and with each other, for this offers you more of an expression of clarity objectively in your reality, which also offers you more of an expression of freedom.

Therefore, in allowing yourselves to view – WITHOUT JUDGMENT – that you do participate in these types of interactions at times, you also offer yourselves the opportunity to engage your creativity and more of your choices, to allow yourselves to turn your perceptions and engage your interactions differently, and therefore not be perpetuating this expression or this role of the victim, which limits your choices or eliminates your choices at times.

Are you understanding?

TOM: Yes.

MELINDA: Um-hmm.

TOM: Are you?

MELINDA: Yes ... are you talking to me or Elias?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I am quite understanding! Ha ha ha ha ha!

TOM: The layers seem to be the tricky part.

ELIAS: Be remembering, you create all of your reality, even in interaction with other individuals.

(Intently) Therefore, what you present to yourself through the interactions of other individuals – in every expression – is the opportunity to view yourself through the reflection which is provided by the other individual.

For although there may be times, so to speak, in which you may engage an interaction with another individual, and you may objectively express to yourself that you have not received the response that you want or that you expected or that you are looking for, in actuality you are continuously providing yourself with a reflection of you in every expression of the other individual, and therefore you allow yourselves the opportunity to view yourselves continuously.

As I have stated previously, you know all other individuals within your reality. You hold little difficulty in identifying movements of other individuals, of assessing situations with other individuals. You clearly allow yourselves to view and recognize/identify beliefs and perceptions within other individuals. The one individual that you do not know is you. The one individual within the entirety of your reality that you do not see is yourself.

Now; you have created this quite purposefully, in this design of separation and individuality within your physical dimension.

But you also have extremely efficiently provided yourselves with another avenue to be viewing yourselves and to be familiar with yourselves, for you have created this design of your reality in which every expression of your reality, be it interaction with other individuals, be it the expression of objects or elements, your weather, your environment, your scenery – it matters not – movement of your planets – EVERY element of consciousness expressed physically within your reality is also a reflection of you.

Therefore, regardless of which direction you turn and which direction you choose to be interactive with, you are continuously providing yourselves with a reflection of you.

MELINDA: I really need to think on that.

TOM: So that’s why I used to think I had control of the weather.

ELIAS: And you do!

TOM: I know.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In this, you also provide yourself, in quite physical terms, the demonstration of the countless layers of all that is expressed and all that is occurring simultaneously within your individual reality.

Let me express to you, in quite physical terms, as you interact with one other individual, do you create a reality which is devoid of any other expression, any other physical manifestation, any expression of physical matter or movement of energy besides the placement of yourself and the other individual in flatness, in complete darkness, and you are merely two figures interacting with each other, and there is no expression of any other creation of consciousness within your reality within that moment? No! You interact with another individual in a physical space arrangement which encompasses the entirety of your universe, which is all in motion and being expressed simultaneously, and YOU are occupying center position!

TOM: I am the universe!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MELINDA: Not a bad place to be!

ELIAS: And in this, as you allow yourselves to view a physical creation that is continuously occurring – your sun continues to move, your planet continues to rotate, your solar system continues to be in movement and in play, your wind continues to blow, your air continues to move, other individuals continue to create other realities around you – all of this is in play in the moment that you may be focusing your attention very singularly upon a conversation with another individual – you are creating this all simultaneously – all of the movement of your own individual body!

These are all actions that are occurring. They are a physical display of the countless layers of reality that is all occurring simultaneously, merely in this one physical dimensional space.

You provide yourselves with this wondrous reflection continuously, that you may also allow yourselves the awareness that within you, there are also multi-dimensions of movement and activity that is being created in each moment – many, many layers – even within the design of your beliefs. The movement is the overlapping and the interconnectedness of them, and how one offsets another and how one may trigger many, many other aspects of beliefs, and they are all in play simultaneously. These are the layers of each action that you create.

TOM: And there can be different directions of energy moving in the different layers?

ELIAS: Quite!

TOM: And it appears that way many times.

ELIAS: You are correct. They may be moving in many directions, and in this, some of those expressions of directions may be conflicting.

MELINDA: Yeah, I think I’ve discovered those! (Elias laughs)

TOM: Hmm. (Inaudible)

MELINDA: What’s that?

TOM: I said, we are amazing beings, I guess.

ELIAS: Are you not! Ha ha ha ha ha!

TOM: It seems to be a conflict everybody has, is getting a handle on the (inaudible), the multi-layers, the multidimensional aspects of it or the flat viewing of it.

ELIAS: It is objectively unfamiliar to you, and in this, you are presenting challenges to yourselves, and at times those challenges are expressed in difficulty. And in this time framework, as you are aware, you choose to be addressing to actual specific belief systems and the many aspects of them. In this particular time framework, as you are aware, you engage this belief system of duplicity, which as you are also aware and as I have stated many times, this particular belief system expresses itself differently than all the other belief systems, for the function of this belief system is to actually couple itself with every other aspect of every other belief system.

MELINDA: Sounds like a computer virus.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Or, in your physical terms and imagery, it may be likened to the expressions of parasites.

TOM: It attaches to everything, then.

ELIAS: Quite. Its expression in actuality, in a manner of speaking, is dependent upon its movement in coupling with every other aspect of every other belief, for within itself, it holds no expression.

TOM: This is why addressing to this one – to tie that into the last session – will benefit us in accepting all beliefs and all aspects.

ELIAS: Quite, and it already is creating movement in which you are allowing yourselves, individually and en masse, examples of widening your awarenesses, and providing you with examples of how you ARE redefining of your reality.

Even within your mass event that is occurring presently in your individual country, the movement in the focal points of the mass event ... for they are not individuals that are creating this mass event, and that you are participating in some expression of energy with them. You are all equally creating this mass event which is occurring, but you have designated in agreement focal points of it – individuals and a communication establishment.

There are three focal points. There are the representatives of the two individuals, and there is also what you identify as your media, which is another focal point of this mass event.

And in this, already within those focal points there is being expressed objectively a recognition of this elusive construct of perception and a questioning of the expressions of duplicity – an objective, outward questioning of the validity of the actual right and wrong, and movement into an exploration of perception rather than the judgment of right and wrong – which is a significant movement in the direction of acceptance.

TOM: That’s very interesting.

MELINDA: It’s really a big thing.

ELIAS: Quite. It is a very significant movement that you are creating, and in this, you create once again an example. In this time framework, you create an objective mass event example, of which your world is watching!

TOM: And it’s only the beginning!

ELIAS: Quite! Ha ha ha ha ha!

MELINDA: Some people are going to shift whether they are prepared to or not!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

TOM: Well, I think we’re all prepared, and those that aren’t are choosing to leave?

ELIAS: You are correct, although I may express to you, in your definition of preparedness, objectively you may not necessarily hold an awareness that you are prepared!

You are engaging and participating in a choice. You are choosing to be moving and creating in this manner in relation to this shift in consciousness. But as you are individually aware, this is not to say that you offer yourselves an objective realization or recognition – and therefore, in your terms, preparedness – for what you may be choosing.

This be the reason that I have expressed, throughout this time framework of my discussions with you all, that there IS trauma associated with this shift in consciousness.

TOM: And not many objectively are prepared for trauma.

ELIAS: (Laughing) The preparedness is not an action that you brace yourselves within in anticipation of a future occurrence or event.

But the actual redefining – of yet another term! – of preparedness may be expressed in the now awareness objectively of what you allow yourselves to view within your reality, not in anticipation, but in your now movement, and allowing yourselves the very action of what we have been discussing this day – the action of allowing yourselves objectively to view and recognize the many layers that are in play in each of your movements and each of your creations, each of your manifestations, and in this, the recognition of your perceptions, and how your perceptions literally are the instrument which creates the solidity, the being of your reality.

TOM: And our choices.

ELIAS: Your choices are the movement that expresses the implementation of what your perception creates. Your beliefs are the influence. They are the suggestion that is offered to your perception. They are the influence of your choices.

Your choices are the direction of your perception, and your perception is the instrument that implements the creation of your reality. It is that construct which places into being your reality, as instructed by your choices, as influenced by your beliefs.

TOM: And implemented by perception.

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Doesn’t allowing the viewing of these multi-layers, within our perception of our infinite choices, as I’ve said before, allow more choices?

ELIAS: Yes, quite.

TOM: So we no longer limit our choices.

ELIAS: And this is the point.

TOM: Right... (inaudible).

ELIAS: And the manner in which you accomplish all of this awareness objectively is to be turning your attention to self and becoming familiar with you and all of the aspects of you.

TOM: And we become familiar with exactly how we create (inaudible).

ELIAS: Quite.

In this, once again, you provide yourselves continuously in every moment [with] objective evidences, reflections. Even within your own expressions, you create an opportunity for yourselves to view your beliefs, your influences, your choices in each moment – in your behavior, in your objective outward expressions.

Any movement that you create, any expression that you create and you project outwardly – even in the expression of thought, which you consider to be inward, or emotion – you are creating a movement of energy that projects into the forum of objective physical reality, and each expression that you create in this manner provides you with the opportunity to view yourself and become familiar with yourself.

Now; let me also express to you one final subject that you may allow yourself to play with (chuckling) in relation to all that we have been discussing. For in actuality, what we are discussing is the method in which you may allow yourselves to become more familiar with yourselves objectively, and therefore offer yourselves more of an expression of freedom.

In this, I shall interject another aspect of all of this movement, and that is the identification of emotion.

In this, as you are aware, emotion is one of the base elements of your reality – NOT THOUGHT – emotion and sexuality. Emotion is an expression of communication to you. It is in actuality quite an efficient expression of communication to yourself.

Now; I present to you, emotion is not created in reaction. You define the movement of emotion as occurring in reaction to any particular expression within your reality. In other terms, you define that some action occurs first, and you create the expression of emotion in response to it.

I present to you that it is another aspect of a circle, which may be otherwise viewed as a type of process of how you express your reality in the design of the constructs of the base elements of your reality, which are emotion and sexuality.

The expression of sexuality is that which creates a movement of physical manifestation. This may be in movement, it may be in interaction, it may be singularly within yourself, or it may be outwardly with any other aspect of your reality and other individuals. You create that expression, and this projects energy outwardly which manifests in some type of physical exhibition.

You incorporate thought as the interpreter of the base elements of your reality – sexuality and emotion. Thought is the tool that you engage to be defining, clarifying, and interpreting these expressions of communication and manifestation.

In this, emotion is not a reaction. You do not create an event or an action within your reality and react to it with the emotion of sadness or react to it with the emotion of happiness. You create movement and choices yourself. You provide yourself with reflection outwardly, which is the engagement of the objective awareness.

In this, you create a direction of the objective and subjective harmoniously. The subjective is moving and directing. The objective is expressing in like manner and providing you with its exhibition of imagery, which offers you the expression of reflection.

(Intently) The expression of emotion is not a reaction to all of this movement, but is another avenue of communication that you offer to yourself to be allowing yourself the awareness of the other layers of what you are engaging. Emotion is an efficient expression of communication that is not reactionary, but is the communication, in part, of the identification of some elements of subjective movement that are what you view as underlying or beside the objective expression.

Both are the same expressions. Both are the same movement. Your subjective incorporates your belief systems in equal manner to your objective. They are merely expressed in different types of imagery, and the communication which occurs, that allows you an objective awareness of all of these movements of layers and subjectivity in awareness, is the presentment of emotional expression.

MELINDA: So in a sense, the emotions are really just a signpost if you want to look for other layers. Follow your emotion, and it will lead you to expanded awareness?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. They are another avenue of communication.

Let me express to you, allow yourselves to incorporate the thought process of memory within yourselves of any time framework in which you are experiencing an emotional expression which you objectively are unable – in a manner of speaking, in your terms – to couple with any event. All of you experience this at times within your focuses, in which in certain moments you are actually experiencing some type of emotional expression, and you objectively view no reason for that emotional expression.

Now; many times in these situations you express confusion, and the reason you express confusion is that you define emotion as a reaction – you shall not create an emotional expression if it is not a reaction to some other expression – and this is not in actuality the function of this expression. Emotion needs no event to be invoking of it. It is an avenue of communication.

TOM: Would you say that the expression of emotion ... I’ve used emotion at different times to create different layers of energy, to create choices objectively. Is that what a person is doing in that?

ELIAS: At times, yes. In actuality, many times, yes.

TOM: So there’s multi-functions, so to speak, in all areas.

ELIAS: You are correct. Many times individuals incorporate an emotional expression and deny choices in response to that communication, or attempt to be forcing energy to not be listening to that avenue of communication.

MELINDA: Okay, that sounds like me! (Elias chuckles) I remember ... I mean, for years there was a lot to my emotions that I just didn’t want to feel, so I went into my head about it, and this puts a whole different spin on it, I guess, as to what the purpose of emotion is.

ELIAS: And also to what the function of thought is.

You have not created thought in this physical dimension, in the expression of it and the movement of energy within it, to be overriding the base constructs of your physical design, but you do attempt to incorporate that action with this tool of thought, and therefore create obstacles, create confusion, create conflict within yourselves.

For you are attempting to be incorporating this tool of thought as though it were a base construct of your reality, and as I have stated previously, I have not stated to you that the base elements of your reality are sexuality, emotion, and thought, but that they are sexuality and emotion.

TOM: So we have a major aspect here that says, logic overrides the heart, so to speak, or emotions, and that creates (inaudible).

ELIAS: Quite, and a lack of acceptance of your natural flow of energy and your natural expressions.

MELINDA: Isn’t it interesting – something just hit me – how in a way, emotions and sexuality have taken such a bad rap in our cultural system.

ELIAS: Quite.

MELINDA: It’s like we spend a lot of time trying to contain them and deny them and pretend we don’t have them, when we really do.

ELIAS: Quite.

MELINDA: And you’re saying, this is a base element of our reality! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And view how intertwined they are! (Pause) Therefore, you hold much information to be contemplating presently, do you not?

MELINDA: Our heads are full, Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

MELINDA: (Laughing) You’ve given us a lot to think about today.

ELIAS: In this, I shall bid you both adieu in tremendous affection, and anticipate our next meeting and the investigation that you shall be engaging in the interim. (Chuckling)

MELINDA: Well, thank you Elias. It’s always a pleasure.

TOM: It’s been very much fun, and great information... (inaudible).

ELIAS: To you both, au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:51 p.m.

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