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Thursday, December 14, 2000

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“Victim to Physical Creations”

“Altering Your Physical Reality”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Larissa.

Elias arrives at 1:21 p.m. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LARISSA: Good morning!

ELIAS: How shall we proceed this day?

LARISSA: I guess I have a couple of areas I’m interested in talking about. But also, just in general, this is the first time I’m talking to you, so anything you feel like saying is of interest to me.

ELIAS: Ha ha! I may begin in expressing welcome to you, and you may offer your questions if you are choosing.

LARISSA: I have a specific health-related thing regarding acne and varicose veins that I don’t wish to manifest, and I can’t figure out how not to.

ELIAS: And you are wishing information in how you may be addressing to this situation?


ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you that you are manifesting energy in an outward manner which is affecting of performance and appearance.

Now; these two areas of affectingness are interrelated to each other, in that what you are presenting to yourself is a manifestation in relation to your beliefs in association with sexuality.

In this, let me express to you, the belief system of sexuality is quite intricate and holds many, many aspects. As you align with certain aspects of this belief system, there are certain manifestations that you have created as an expression of what we may term to be protection with self. In manifesting these two types of expressions, you also create a certain element of irritation and painfulness, not merely a physical display which may be not expressed in discomfort. Are you understanding thus far?


ELIAS: In this, the one manifestation that you have created – in the swelling and irritation of the veins – creates a slowing within your movement, and also creates at times a blocking of your movement. It is also a manifestation that you incorporate some element of irritation with in painfulness. This also is affecting your perception of your ability in mobility.

The other manifestation that you are expressing outwardly is one that is displayed more visibly. In this outward projection of your energy, you are creating a shield, so to speak, in physical demonstration, which creates essentially a type of protection to yourself with respect to your interaction with other individuals.

Now; I am understanding that this may seem surfacely to be inconsistent with what you want objectively.

But in this, as you look to self and you begin to examine your association with self, your measurement of worth of self, and your trust in your abilities concerning self – and also in relation to other individuals – you may allow yourself to begin an understanding objectively that these manifestations reinforce your withdrawal from other individuals and create a type of protection, which also reinforces some elements of fear in interacting with other individuals closely or what you may term to be intimately.

Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, I may express to you, you may begin to be addressing to your manifestation by allowing yourself to examine what you create as your payoff in creating these physical manifestations.

In this, you offer yourself little information in moving into a direction of attempting to address to this situation merely by examining your dislike of it or your wish to be creating a different type of expression. This offers you little information as to how you may be actually affecting of these particular manifestations.

The manner in which you may be affecting of these manifestations is to be altering your perception, for your perception is that which is actually creating these manifestations, and you are directing your perception of yourself through the influence of your beliefs and how you view yourself and how you assess yourself in worth.

The other expression that you are attempting to address to in this questioning is your underlying expression of fearfulness in relation to other individuals, and your perception of what their perception is and how that measures into your worth.

Within the belief system of sexuality, there are strongly expressed aspects concerning appearance and what you define as performance in physical action.

In this, as you create a fear in your expression of self in the direction of sexuality – which is your physical manifestation or projection of yourself in this physical dimension and incorporates all of the physical aspects of your reality – you align with certain expressions within that belief system of sexuality that express to you, within your perception, particular acceptable and unacceptable manifestations of yourself in relation to other individuals.

This creation that you have manifest is quite intricately involved with your perception of other individuals, not merely yourself, and the influence of other individuals upon your perception of yourself, and in this, there is clearly a lack of trust in your abilities to be expressing yourself within your sexuality freely, which creates the expression of fear underlyingly.

Now; let me also express to you, as I have offered also to other individuals recently, another element of this manifestation that reinforces your continuation of your creation within it is that although you view that you are creating your reality and although you accept that you have created this manifestation, you also have not yet moved into the realization that you also have chosen this manifestation purposefully. Rather than the recognition of choosing this manifestation purposefully, you have created an association with the manifestations themselves as things within themselves, and in that association, you move yourself into the perception and role of victim, as expressed in these manifestations being things in themselves that are creating a reality to you and for you that you dislike, but are powerless to alter.

The point in recognizing – not chastising or creating judgment within self, but recognizing – that you view yourself to be in the role of victim in association with these manifestations is that as you allow yourself that recognition, you also allow yourself to recognize your ability in choice.

The role and the expression and the definition of being a victim in any expression is merely a lack of choices. You view yourself to be with very few or no choices available to you, and this expression, within the reality of your perception, holds you in a position of not allowing yourself to view or exercise your choices.

As you recognize that you DO hold choices and that this manifestation IS a choice, you also may allow yourself the freedom to be creating other choices. But you shall not be creating other choices if you view that what is being created in itself is not a choice.

Are you understanding?

LARISSA: Yes. (14-second pause)

ELIAS: You may continue.

LARISSA: Well, regarding sexuality, I’m in a relationship with someone right now. What is this relationship mirroring for me? (Pause)

ELIAS: In which direction are you wishing to proceed with this questioning? I may express to you that this expression of inquiry is quite broad, and in this, I am aware of your energy in inquiring to specific directions. I am inquiring to you, which specific direction do you wish to proceed within?

LARISSA: I guess in the direction of an intimate relationship.

ELIAS: View your interaction in the expression of your relationship. Allow yourself to view the areas in which you view yourself as limited, or in which you become objectively aware of yourself and your projection of yourself in an expression of denial of yourself.

Within your physical terms that you commonly engage in your physical focus, this type of self-awareness you express to be self-consciousness. Your connotation of that term is uncomfortable and holds aspects of negative associations. In actuality, what you are expressing in that term of self-consciousness is a viewing of yourself in limitation and judgment.

Now; as you create that association within self, I express to you, you project that energy outward also. All that you create within yourself, you project outwardly, and those projections of energy are received by the other individuals that you interact with. In that, those individuals shall reflect to you what you are creating within you.

Let me express to you, this is a wondrous design of your reality that you all have created in this particular physical dimension. I have expressed previously, YOU are the one individual that you allow yourselves objectively to know the least! (Chuckling)

You are quite objectively aware of other individuals. You allow yourself clear identifications of other individuals’ behaviors, of other individuals’ expressions, of their beliefs, and in this, you also create a wondrous avenue to view yourself. For in every interaction that you engage with other individuals, and even with other expressions of consciousness within all of your reality, you are continuously offering yourself reflections of you.

Therefore, as you are interacting with your partner, in the moments that you experience a comfortableness and joyfulness, acceptance, trust, those expressions you are offering in projection, and you are viewing the reflection of those aspects of yourself that are creating those types of expressions.

In the moments in which you are experiencing frustration, irritation, a lack of trust, a lack of acceptance in your interaction with your partner, you are in actuality also creating a reflection of self in the expressions that you are receiving from the other individual.

Now; at times, the other individual may appear quite attentive to you, and at times, the other individual may appear to not be paying attention and to not be offering you an expression of presence in relation to you.

These are the reflections of what you are expressing to self – that you are not paying attention to you. You are projecting your energy outwardly in relation to another individual and you are holding your attention upon the other individual, and not paying attention to what you are expressing within self in the now.

Are you understanding?

LARISSA: Yes. (16-second pause) Can we change the topic?

ELIAS: You may.

LARISSA: I’m currently finishing a graduate program and starting to transition into the work world. I’m interested in your advice (Elias chuckles) in making that transition.

ELIAS: And what specifically is your interest? Ha ha!

LARISSA: Photographer.

ELIAS: In relation to my advisement in this movement? Ha ha!

LARISSA: I guess, how well am I doing creating the reality that I want as a work environment or a work situation?

ELIAS: Now; first of all, I shall address to you, what is your impression of your movement in this direction?

LARISSA: I’ve created something I’m happy with, but I need more.

ELIAS: And this also is quite related to what we have been discussing in association with your physical manifestations, and also what you manifest within your relationship.

All of these expressions that you create are all interrelated, for they are all manifestations of the same expressions within yourself, and this all may be addressed to in allowing yourself to view your distrust in your own ability to be creating freely all that you wish to be creating.

This also is expressed in relation to your view of yourself and your measure of not merely your abilities, but your worth, and this is the expression of acceptance and the lack of acceptance.

In the expressions that you are accepting of yourself and trusting of your ability, you allow yourself to be accomplishing. In your doubt of your ability and your skepticism in relation to your trust of yourself in your accomplishment, you express obstacles as you move in the direction that you have chosen.

Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, once again I shall express to you, within this present now, what may be most beneficial in your movement – in all of these areas of your attention presently – shall be to allow yourself to incorporate a time framework in allowing yourself to turn your attention to you, and allow yourself to genuinely view what you are creating, and as you identify what you are creating, move yourself into a recognition of what that creation is as influenced by your beliefs, and beside those beliefs and the creation, also allow yourself to view the payoff that is being expressed in each of these creations.

For I express to you, there IS a payoff. The payoff is to be purposefully creating a limitation, and this is created in relation to a lack of trust and fear within yourself. This becomes expressed, once again, outwardly, and continues to be reinforced within you, as you view certain expressions, situations, circumstances, and creations to be outside of you, and therefore limit your choices or deny yourself your choices, and create your role of becoming a victim to all of these perceived outside influences or expressions.

The beginning point is to be recognizing that all that is being created is an expression of you yourself. It is not outside of you, and in this, it is all being chosen by you intentionally, specifically, and purposefully.

You do not create randomly or accidentally. You create specific directions and manifestations that are projections of what you align with within your beliefs and how you associate with yourself, for these are the influences of your perception.

Your perception translates those beliefs and those assessments of self, those associations that you hold in relation to yourself – your abilities, your worth, your trust, and your acceptance of self – your perception translates all of those projections of energy into an actual physical reality, and creates a physical reality which IS your reality.

Therefore, what holds importance in what you may be addressing to is the mechanism of your perception, and the manner in which you address to this and allow yourself to be turning your perception even slightly is to be allowing yourself to become aware of you and what you are creating – not what other individuals are creating, what YOU are creating – and why you are creating these expressions, for this shall offer you much information in allowing you to be turning your perception.

Let me also express to you, many, many times within physical focus, individuals may be allowing themselves instantaneously to be affecting of their perception and turning their perception merely by identifying what they are creating and recognizing that they are denying themselves their choices.

In this, I suggest to you that if you are allowing yourself to genuinely pay attention to you and examine your beliefs and what influences your perception, and the many expressions in which you individually deny yourself your choices or your ability to create choices or even view your choices, this in itself may be quite affecting of your perception. (12-second pause)


ELIAS: It is not an expression of “doing,” so to speak, in the manner of physical action, as you commonly associate with your physical reality.

In this, let me express to you, your physical reality alters in the moments that you offer yourself permission to choose to alter it.

You view quite objective physical manifestations presently. You are presenting yourself with physical manifestations in relation to your physical body. You are presenting yourself with examples of physical expressions within relationship. You are presenting yourself with physical imagery in relation to the direction that you are moving into within the expression of your creativity, or that which you also identify as career.

In all of these expressions that you are addressing to presently, the association that is held within your perception now is outward and physical and “doing.”

I may express to you, we may liken any of these situations to associations that you may hold in relation to the creation of a break within a bone.

If you are creating a broken bone, your association within your perception is that it is requiring an action physically, outwardly, to be readjusting that physical bone and reconnecting the parts of the bone to join them once again together, and this requires a physical action outward, a “doing.” This is your commonly held perception and association.

Now; I may express to you quite literally, you may be creating those physical actions of “doing” outwardly in relation to the setting, so to speak, of this broken bone, and it may not necessarily mend. It may continue to be broken.

I may also express to you that you may be creating a perception in relation to this break within your bone, and merely by altering your perception or engaging your perception in certain expressions, you need not be creating any physical “doing,” and the bone shall return itself to its natural state without the incorporation of doing or physical action.

But you hold a belief that you accomplish by doing. You do not allow yourselves to recognize that these physical actions are accomplished not necessarily in the doing, but in the perception of the doing. The doing is not required. It is your belief that it is a requirement that limits your ability and reinforces your lack of trust in your own abilities.

Now; I am not expressing to you that physical action or the doing outwardly in relation to any manifestation is wrong or bad. It is not. It is merely a choice. I am expressing this information to you that you may recognize that it is not the only choice, that this in actuality is not what moves your reality and creates your reality.

What creates your reality is your perception. It is created [as] influenced by your beliefs. Your beliefs are that which offers the direction to your perception and expresses the method or the manner in which your perception shall create your reality, but your perception is the actual mechanism that is creating your reality.

Therefore, merely altering your perception may also alter your reality without the incorporation of an outward physical action.

In relation to your manifestation of what you term this to be as acne, this is a physical outward manifestation that you have created. You also hold a perception that it is requiring of physical action to be affecting of it.

You may incorporate a physical action and it may be affecting of it temporarily, or you may be incorporating a physical action, and dependent upon the strength of your belief concerning that physical action, you may alter the physical manifestation entirely. But what is altering the manifestation is your perception of it.

In this, the manner in which it is affected or the “method” in which it is affected is dictated by your beliefs. Therefore, as you allow yourself to recognize the beliefs that are influencing the manifestations, and you allow yourself to recognize the areas in which you deny yourself your choices, you also allow yourself to open to your periphery and affect your perception.

If you are dictating to your perception that you hold very few or no choices in any particular expression or direction, your perception shall create a reality in very narrow expressions, for this is what you are dictating to it.

If you are genuinely allowing yourself the recognition that you incorporate more choices than what you have expressed to yourself previously, you allow an opening of your perception, and in this, you offer to yourself the freedom of movement to be creating your reality in different manners. (Pause)

LARISSA: Okay. How would I apply this to, I’m trying to work on muscular flexibility to be able to do the splits. How do I go about changing my beliefs?

ELIAS: Very well.

First of all, let me express to you, the direction is not to be changing your beliefs. It is not to be eliminating them or changing them, but to be recognizing them, to be accepting of them, and allowing yourself to recognize all that is being expressed in the influence of them.

Now; you may incorporate this one physical action as an example to yourself. In this, you hold a direction of what you wish to be accomplishing, a physical action, a creation of mobility. As you allow yourself to pay attention to self, you may recognize your beliefs; not change your beliefs, but recognize within yourself the beliefs that are influencing you and whether you allow yourself to be accomplishing this action or not accomplishing this action.

Now; as you practice with this physical action, you may be allowing yourself to view all that you are expressing – rigidness, a lack of flexibility, a tension within your physical body, impatience within self, a distrust of your ability to be accomplishing this action, frustration in association with time.

All of these expressions are occurring simultaneously within you, and all of these expressions are aspects of beliefs, and they are all influencing of other aspects of beliefs concerning your assessment of self – that you may be better, that what you are accomplishing presently in this now is not good enough, that you continue to strive. These are expressions of a lack of acceptance of self.

As you allow yourself to recognize all of these expressions that are occurring in the moment, in the now, as you practice this action of flexibility and this physical position that you wish to be accomplishing, you may also incorporate in that practice, as you allow yourself to be recognizing all that is being expressed, an actual movement of your attention to be relaxing – relaxing your energy, relaxing your physical body, relaxing your thoughts – and as you create this action of relaxation of your energy in the practicing of this physical action of position, allow yourself to acknowledge to yourself that this is a choice, and that you may offer yourself permission to be choosing.

You are not subject to your physical body. You ARE your physical body. It is an expression of you. You are not dictated to by it. Are you understanding what I am expressing to you?


ELIAS: In allowing yourself to be creating this type of exercise in the incorporation of your physical exercise and practicing, you may be actually creating more of an allowance of your own physical mobility, and with less discomfort.

LARISSA: Okay. I think we’re out of time.

ELIAS: Very well. I am greatly encouraging of you, for you do hold the ability to be accomplishing in all of these expressions.

I am quite understanding of your projection of energy in some expressions of frustration, but let me also express to you, you are offering yourself information presently. You have moved in the expression of conversation with myself presently in an attempt to be exploring yourself and allowing yourself a new discovery of choice and of freedom that you have denied yourself previously.

Therefore, be encouraged, my friend, for you are creating movement and you are addressing to these issues that you have created within your focus. The challenge presently may be exacerbated to an extent, as there is also the incorporation of this wave in consciousness presently which addresses to the belief system of duplicity, which is also quite influencing of many of the expressions that you are addressing to presently.

But be encouraged, for this movement within this wave is also providing an energy of motivation within you individually to be moving in this addressment of these issues. I am quite encouraging of you in your movement, and express to you an acknowledgment of the accomplishments you have already created and encouragement to those which you engage now.

LARISSA: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

I express to you great affection and an anticipation of our future meeting, so to speak. I shall offer my energy to you also in that encouragement. To you this day, au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:24 p.m.

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