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Friday, December 15, 2000

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ďThe Telephone is Ringing...Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael), Gail (William), and Jeremy (Opan).

Elias arrives at 12:45 p.m. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, William!

GAIL: Good morning! How ya doiní, Elias?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

GAIL: Pretty good. I feel better today than Iíve felt in a little while, but overall, I definitely have some questions to talk to you about, and our pal Jeremy is on the other line here, listening in.

ELIAS: Very well.

GAIL: Well, letís see, where to start? Yarr came over last night and helped lend energy to me, and activated some energy centers, my yellow and orange, Ďcause Iím again creating irritation, and we kind of went over the topic, and I was just wondering if I pretty much got the issue brought up to the surface, that I can look at it.

ELIAS: What is your impression, William?

GAIL: My impression is that I pretty much hit the topic of getting mad at myself for creating what I created.

ELIAS: Which is?

GAIL: Well, my life, (laughing, and Elias chuckles) in a nutshell! You know, what we consider negative Ė hurtfulness, pain, torture, all that kind of stuff. Iíve realized that I created it, and now I feel like Iím at the point of being mad at myself for creating it, and I feel like I continue to beat myself up, thinking that I donít deserve to create anything thatís joyful or pleasurable and that I want, and Iím really tired of it.

ELIAS: And what are you offering to yourself in this information, in this revelation that you have presented to yourself concerning your worth and your disdain with your creations?

GAIL: Well, I think Iím definitely ready to move on, and create happiness and things that are light and playful and joyful.

ELIAS: And your question is, how may you accomplish that.

GAIL: Yeah, how can I ... I know it sounds easy to like let it go, but I donít know how to let it go, and I know that I still hang onto it, but I donít know why I continue to hang onto it, when I want to move forward and create joy and pleasure.

ELIAS: Let us examine this idea of ďletting goĒ or continuing to hold to experiences and expressions that you have created within your focus in a different manner, shall we?

GAIL: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. Your society and your science of psychology expresses to you that the manner in which you may accomplish creating happiness or joyfulness within your focus is to be letting go, in your terms, of the emotional experience associated with certain creations that have been enacted within your focus, correct?

GAIL: Right.

ELIAS: Therefore, you align with this belief and you struggle, for you are continuously attempting to move away from the association of certain experiences and replace them with other experiences. But in your very physical terms, this does not work. (Chuckling)

Let me express to you, the reason that you Ė and many other individuals also Ė encounter much difficulty in this type of association is that you are not in actuality addressing to self and what creates the movement that you continuously find yourself within, in a manner of speaking.

Now; let us discuss allowing yourself to view yourself in a slightly different manner, which may be helpful to you in allowing you to move your perception.

Let me first express to you once again, your perception creates your actual reality. Your beliefs influence that perception, but your beliefs are not what is creating the actual reality. They are influencing. They are directing.

In this, your beliefs set forth a type of design which is expressed to you, to your perception. The perception translates your individual association with those beliefs, and constructs an actual reality in relation to them.

Now; there are elements in this mechanism of creating your reality that are extremely influencing in how your perception shall translate those beliefs that you hold. One very influencing aspect of this translation mechanism is your individual definition of terms, of actions, of expressions within your individual reality.

Now; let me express to you, in certain expressions or aspects of your reality, the definitions that you hold may be distorted, or you may offer to yourself a definition, and in actuality, it may not be what genuinely defines a particular aspect of your reality.

Now; I shall direct to you specifically, one of these types of expressions is emotion.

You hold a definition in association with the action and the expression of emotional qualities, but your definition is askew, for you define emotion as reactionary. You view emotion to be an expression which is created within you in response to other actions, to other creations, to other events. You do not view emotion to be a thing in itself, so to speak, which is not dependent upon response.

GAIL: I gave myself an example of that, I believe, when I was with Danny, and I felt myself respond to him, as opposed to him making an action and I have a response and an emotion from it.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This definition moves more extensively than merely what you view to be outside of yourself, for you also define the reactionary quality of emotion in association with yourself and with your creations.

Let me express to you, as I have offered recently to other individuals, the genuine definition of emotion is an action of communication. Communication is different than reaction.

Your emotional expressions are not reactions. They are a communication. They are an objective translation of subjective information. This is the manner in which your subjective awareness is not hidden from you and expresses communication to you.

You are familiar with communication of language and thought. You have forgotten what the creation of emotion is in this physical dimension. It is a base element of this physical dimension. All of this physical dimension is based in emotion and sexuality.

Emotion is an avenue of communication, and in that avenue of communication, each expression that you offer to yourself through emotion that you do not or choose not to receive or listen to shall continue to be expressed.

Individuals puzzle themselves in why they shall create an expression of emotion in happiness, and that shall appear to them to be brief. But they may be creating what they view as negative emotions and they shall continue and repeat, and the individual views themselves to be stuck within that expression, which continues to perpetuate. There is a reason that this occurs.

In this, as you receive a communication, you no longer continue to present that same communication to yourself. It has been received and accepted. If you are refusing to receive the message, that which is delivering the message continues to deliver until the point that you allow the reception of it.

This is a basic and simple principle, but this also creates tremendous confusion and conflict for many individuals and for you individually, for you are not understanding the nature of the expression. The nature of the expression is an offering of communication to you.

GAIL: Is that what the door-knocking and the phone ringing in my sleep state is about?


Now; let us view this briefly as an example Ė your telephone ringing. This provides a clear, objective, simplistic example of what I am expressing to you.

As your phone rings, it is delivering a message to you to respond, to receive. As you answer your telephone, it discontinues ringing, correct?

GAIL: Right, but I never seem to get to pick up the phone in my dream state. I just hear it ringing and it wakes me up.

ELIAS: And this is the imagery that I am expressing to you, for as you do not answer that ringing telephone, it continues to ring, correct?

GAIL: Yeah, but I want to answer it! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And this is what you are presenting to yourself, and this is the reason that you are engaging with myself this day ...

GAIL: This is very true!

ELIAS: ... that you may allow yourself a clearer understanding of what you are presenting to yourself. This is a clear example. You are not responding to the emotion; not the emotion being reactionary or responding to you.

GAIL: Right, and I know that Iíve created that all my life. Iíve responded to people as opposed to paying attention to what I wanted. I only reacted from what other people wanted. Thatís what I created.

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: But now I want to look at it from the other side and go okay, I want to feel something and have an action or an understanding, and I donít. Itís like I was in a dark room trying to find a way out, and I just couldnít find a way out, but I knew there was one.

ELIAS: And this is what you are examining. Let me express to you, you are feeling, in your terms, already. You are experiencing the communication of your emotion. You wish to be experiencing a different communication, but you continue to experience a specific communication, for you are not allowing yourself to receive that communication. The communication....

GAIL: I want to know why Iím not! (Laughing)

ELIAS: The communication is offering to you NOT the movement of ďletting goĒ of the experiences that you have created throughout your focus. The communication is an identification of those experiences, a recognition of those experiences, and a call, in a manner of speaking, to you to allow yourself to be accepting of those experiences and those creations. They have each been created purposefully within your focus. They have been chosen Ė not merely created by you, but chosen by you, and....

GAIL: I understand that. I mean, Iíve had thoughts of that and Iím aware of that and I accept that, I think anyway! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) I know I created it for the experience, but somehow that seems ... I canít like get my hands around that to really understand what that means. I mean....

ELIAS: I am understanding.

GAIL: I mean, yeah, I created it for the experience, but what does that mean to me?

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this is what you are exploring now. Let me offer to you, the experience that you have created and what you are presenting to yourself now in your exploration is an offering to you, that you allow yourself to view the depth of yourself.

Now; allow yourself momentarily to visualize a picture, and within this picture, if you incorporate no shadow into this picture, what shall you create? You shall create a picture which is flat. It incorporates no depth. As you allow the expression of the shadow into this picture, you also introduce the depth and the dimension.

Therefore, in allowing yourself to fully accept self and move into a genuine appreciation of self, you incorporate the acceptance of the shadow intertwined with the brightness, and they serve equally in creating the multi-dimensionality of you.

But you continue to view the shadow as bad, and you continue to view the shadow as an element of yourself and of your creations and your experiences that you wish to be eliminating, and as you continue to be judging of yourself in this manner and not accepting of that shadow as the depth of yourself, you continue to perpetuate the refusal of receiving the message, and therefore you continue to create the emotional communication to yourself.

For you allow yourself recall and examination of many, many experiences that you have created within your focus, and you continue to be creating a judgment in association with them, and in this, your telephone continues to ring, for it is expressing to you, ďNo, no, this is not the message that I am communicating to you,Ē and you objectively are expressing, ďNo, no, I refuse to receive this message,Ē and it becomes louder and louder and continues and continues, for you are not receiving it.

GAIL: Well, Iím gonna answer the phone!

ELIAS: HA HA! And I shall be quite acknowledging of you!

You may discover tremendous freedom in allowing yourself to be accepting of those aspects of shadow that you incorporate within yourself, and that create the depth of your expression and your exploration.

You incorporate a very active communication with yourself in the expression of emotion, and in this, as you turn your attention and allow your perception to move by opening to your periphery and redefining certain aspects of your reality, you may also offer yourself a tremendous expression of freedom and a new recognition of self, in appreciation of the wondrousness of your individual exploration within this individual focus.

You have offered yourself many experiences. You have offered yourself an exploration of your communication through emotion throughout your focus. Now you begin to view it in more clarity.

GAIL: Yeah, I can say that thereís definitely some dark shadows there! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

I have another question that Iíd like to ask or talk about. Iíve been very curious about peopleís eyes, and connecting with looking into their eyes. Thereís so much within another personís or even my own eyes that Iím quite curious about. Can you expand on that?

ELIAS: Express to me what association you are creating in relation to this viewing of other individualsí eyes and your own eyes. What do you view?

GAIL: Well, itís kind of hard to say, to put it into words. But when Danny and I are together and I look into his eyes, itís like, itís kind of strange. Energy exchanges between us that makes this really strong connection within energy, and when we look away from each other, it feels like fabric just ripping apart, and it hurts until we look back into each otherís eyes. Thereís just so much in them. It seems like the whole world is inside of them, sort of. I see joy and freedom, sometimes I see sadness Ė itís like a multitude of imagery that I get, but mostly thereís like this energy connection that happens, especially between him and I, but it happens with other people as well. But itís like when you look into their eyes, you see their world, sort of, and my own world within it.

ELIAS: If you are allowing yourself; you are quite correct.

I may express to you, there are many avenues of communication that you each offer to yourselves and in relation to each other.

In this, for the most part, you pay attention generally to merely two, that of thought and that of language, and you view these to be exclusive in the expression of communication. I may express to you, there are many avenues that you provide yourselves with to be communicating with yourselves and with each other.

You may be allowing yourself to incorporate more than one outer sense to be creating an actual interaction and communication, and it may be equally as clear and understood as other avenues of communication. You are extremely diverse beings, and hold tremendous abilities for expression in many, many different manners.

Your vision is a powerful tool that you have created within your physical expression. It offers you communication and information continuously. But at times, you may incorporate an action Ė such as you have allowed yourself Ė in paying attention to other expressions of your vision that may be more fully expressed than merely viewing outside manifestations, so to speak, or as an aid to identification of different expressions within your world, or identification of movements. You may allow yourself to incorporate much more of what may be offered to you through this avenue of communication within your vision.

In this, your vision, your eyes, may be allowed to interact with all of your energy expression, and may in actuality even be affecting of your physical expression Ė your physical body, your functioning of your physical body. The mere allowance of communication through vision may be affecting of your breath, it may be affecting of your muscles, it may be affecting of your heartbeat. It may be offering you an avenue of communication that needs no incorporation of thought.

GAIL: That seems to be the big one for me. When we look into each otherís eyes, itís like weíre talking without using words or thought. Itís just an understanding, like right away, without using all those other tools, so to speak.

ELIAS: Correct. There are avenues of communication that may be enacted much more rapidly than thought or language. Thought and language are relatively slow.

GAIL: Boy, are they! I just had a thought pop in my head. It reminds me of when I was younger, little, and for some reason, I think thatís how you and I communicated a great deal, was simply through our eyes, and there were no words spoken. I remember not necessarily even having thought processes, and being in that area where itís so easy, like fluid and flowing like water, and youíre just going with it.

ELIAS: You are correct.

GAIL: And I love that feeling!

ELIAS: This is a powerful avenue of communication. The associations may be received instantaneously and understood, and as I have stated, require no incorporation of thought, but merely an association of sense, and it is understood.

Many times, individuals incorporate a belief that thought and language are the only avenue of communication between different individuals, and this is quite incorrect.

GAIL: I can agree with that. I love using eyes to communicate Ďcause itís so easy. Coming up with thoughts and words for me is difficult, and most of the time ... well, a great deal of the time, words donít even ... Iím not able to find a word that connects with what I want to communicate, and I get frustrated.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Language many times may be quite limiting.

GAIL: Um-hmm! (Elias chuckles) Iím gonna turn the conversation over to Jeremy Ďcause he wants to talk a little bit before we go.

ELIAS: Very well.

GAIL: I enjoyed the information, and boy, am I gonna appreciate my shadows!

ELIAS: HA HA HA! And I express tremendous encouragement to you, William! (Chuckling)

GAIL: Thank you! Okay, Jeremy.

JEREMY: So, Iím learning a lot more about what we discussed last December 15th, in relaxing and allowing more of a flow and that sort of thing, which is basically just part of what I want to talk about, is my allowing that second hand to relax and put the pen down. Am I creating a similar situation in helping to propel myself forward, so to speak, within the wheel within the wheel?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

JEREMY: I would say yeah.

ELIAS: Partially. You are also quite efficiently creating an interesting exploration of yourself presently.

JEREMY: That I am! (Elias chuckles) Iím almost showing myself Ė even though thereís nothing to prove or whatever Ė but itís almost like showing myself that I can trust in myself and that I can have what I want and that sort of thing. The difference between now and previously when we talked Ė it was the same time last year, funny enough Ė it was like before, I would start worrying and questioning and doubting. I mean, there are still periods of time that I engage those things presently, but itís more of a boredom with those things, and so I just allow myself a lot more presently to be relaxing in that manner.

ELIAS: Correct, and I am understanding.

Now; in this also, as you allow yourself to be relaxing and reinforcing your trust in your ability to genuinely create and generate a reality that you choose, continue to hold your attention with you.

Let me express to you, Opan, I hold an awareness that you are allowing yourself to be paying attention to self and to be moving into an addressment of different aspects of your own creations of fears, in certain respects. But I may express to you also that you are moving in expressions Ė in relation to other individuals Ė that distract your attention from you.

Now; let me specifically address to what I am expressing to you.

The awareness that I view within your expression is that you are moving in a direction of attempting to be reinforcing of self and reinforcing of your trust of yourself and your abilities, and in that action, at times, what you also are expressing is a turning of your attention outside of yourself and creating an expression of teaching with other individuals, which distracts your attention from you.

This is the objective outward expression that you are creating as a mirror of what you wish to be incorporating within you. Are you understanding thus far?

JEREMY: Quite! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Therefore, recognize, as I have stated previously, it is not your job to be teaching. This is not the point. You are attempting to be incorporating that type of action within yourself, and you are projecting that type of energy outwardly. This creates a camouflage. I offer this information to you, that you may allow yourself to be aware.

JEREMY: Is that related to when I first got here, and I woke myself up early in the morning saying ... telling myself to wake up, thereís very little time? Is that referring to dispelling, so to speak, that camouflage?

ELIAS: This is a communication to yourself in relation to that action, yes.

JEREMY: Okay, so itís like saying thereís like time to be doing what I want to be doing within my direction, but without the camouflage.

ELIAS: Correct, and to be objectively aware of what you are creating outwardly. For this also is another avenue of communication to you, in like manner to what I have been discussing with William this day.

There are many avenues of communication. Your expression outwardly, your direction, your movement outwardly in your projection of energy with other individuals is a reflection of what you are creating within self.

You are a sojourner. You are a traveler. You are not a teacher.

JEREMY: Right. Well, thatís why Iíve chosen not to master in sociology anyway, so I think Iíll stick with that.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! What you are attempting to be creating in that action is to view yourself and identify within yourself [that] you are also not a student. You are not learning.

JEREMY: Oh, Iíve been quite acknowledging of that lately, Ďcause in more of my movement and my allowance, Iíve noticed that Iím ... like for example, individuals I looked to as teachers before, I donít look to as teachers singularly now, Ďcause I feel that I present the same abilities and stuff and have like reinforced that belief, and so Iím more in an area of just like going with the way I feel and stuff like that lately, so I think thatís pretty cool.

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging of you in this movement, and encouraging of you.

In this, continue to allow yourself an awareness of your participation. For in this, you may allow yourself to be remembering that information is offered to you by every other individual, and this is the point. For every other individual that you encounter is a reflection to you, of you. Therefore, what shall you teach?

JEREMY: Right!

ELIAS: (Laughing) For what is in actuality occurring is, you are drawing to yourself interactions with other individuals, that they may be offering you information as a reflection of you.

JEREMY: Um-hmm. Well, along ... oh, the agreement me and you made previously that we talked about, is that to be continuing along those lines of just paying attention to myself, and you know, continuing in this area and that sort of thing, or is it more specific?

ELIAS: Presently.

JEREMY: Presently thatís part of the agreement?

ELIAS: Presently, yes.

JEREMY: Okay, so thereís more to it then?

ELIAS: Not to be incorporated within this now.

JEREMY: Okay. (Elias chuckles) So I guess that might be why Iím not allowing an awareness of that part of it?

ELIAS: Yes. It is unnecessary.

JEREMY: Right. Okay. Well, also in my puzzle pieces, Iíve been putting a lot together as far as time goes, and realizing myself as the source and things like that, with the pictures in Oversoul Seven and stuff like that, and Iím just curious about what the thing with time is. Is this imagery to myself of ... within my exploration and further direction ... I mean, even Gail has been getting the imagery of time and how elastic it is, and many individuals have been talking about it, and again, this would be my reflection. But itís like, is that messages to myself about how I can be manipulating within time?


JEREMY: Okay, because my parallels with this one video game are just uncanny! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Let me express to you also, it is not merely an expression of manipulating WITHIN time, but that you may be manipulating time.

JEREMY: Hmm. Okay.

ELIAS: For it is created, in its expression, through your perception of it. Therefore, you hold the ability, within the mechanics of your perception, to be altering it.

JEREMY: And this would extend also to the reinforcement in the third Oversoul Seven book, that within our probable reality, Seven could go through all different times, and within his physical body also.

ELIAS: Yes. This is quite possible.

Time may be manipulated by you through your perception. Your perception is a tremendously powerful tool, and in this, it may be altering of the actual expression of time. Time is quite supple and bendable, and in this, you may be bending it in whichever manner you are so choosing.

You are not subject to it. It is created by you!

JEREMY: Yeah, thatís more of the area Iím looking to be pursuing, but you know me and my pursuing many directions at one time! (They both laugh)

Okay, me and David were talking previously about this thing in my astrological chart, about how I was ... well, in terms of astrology, itís like one planet was restricting this other planet. But I was thinking, I guess you would say, that in comparison to my creations of expressions the last time I was here, that same thing could be translated as the pushing or the blocking within the pushing that I was creating, although this time, I feel Iím creating, I guess you would say, holding back very purposefully, not like the last time, where I was creating it when it was unnecessary.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Be remembering also, this is reflected in these astrological movements, for you are creating of those also. It is not dictated by them.

JEREMY: Right, which is why I never really got that much into astrology myself ... well, within those terms anyway.

ELIAS: In this, you recognize the differences in the expressions, although the astrological movement may be, in your terms, the same. For the movement of your universe is merely a reflection of you, in physical terms and in physical manifestations. YOU are what creates the definition and the identifications of that movement.

JEREMY: Okay, and the holding back, so to speak, thatís not because of the camouflage thing, right? Thereís a different motivation.

ELIAS: No. The expression of the camouflage is not dictating to you. It is an expression which is being created in automaticness, in relation to what you are creating within you.

JEREMY: Well, thatís what I meant, within my motivation in creating the camouflage. What I meant was, are those the same motivations in my creating this holding back, so to speak, within the energy? Like are they the same motivation?


JEREMY: I didnít think so. My motivation for creating that is purposeful in this exploration that Iím engaging presently ...


JEREMY: ... in trusting myself to be continuing in this direction, in like manner to what I did previously, except incorporating more allowance and more trust.

ELIAS: Yes. Correct.

JEREMY: Thatís what I thought. (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

Letís see. Does Yarr have a focus as a toy maker, and a painter in France, a painter in Germany, and I forgot where I got the impression about the other painter, but three painter focuses? (Pause)


JEREMY: Two painter focuses?

ELIAS: Correct. And yes, you are correct Ė as a toy maker.

JEREMY: Okay, and are Gail and I complementary counterparts or parallel counterparts? Iíve had that idea for a while, but now Iím kinda starting to get a little iffy about it. Iím not sure. I think I may be confusing those designations with the energy that weíve been lending each other within terms of examples.

ELIAS: You are correct. You are not parallel counterparts....

JEREMY: Okay, and a silly question ... which you may or may not choose to entertain. But I was curious as to the essence tone of this dimension and of this planet, the vibrational tone translated into a naming within our language.

ELIAS: Of this planet?


ELIAS: And of this physical dimension?

JEREMY: Yes. (16-second pause)

ELIAS: This does not translate into an identifiable word within your physical dimension, for the tone of the planet is expressed in a combination of all of the essences manifesting within physical expression.

JEREMY: Thatís just awesome!

ELIAS: Therefore, this may not be translated into an identifiable language or term.

As to a tone of your physical dimension, this incorporates Ė beyond the essences that physically participate in manifestation upon your planet Ė all of the essences that participate in generating energy in association with your physical dimension, which may not necessarily choose to be manifest within it. Therefore, the expansiveness of participation of the actual dimension extends beyond that which is actually physically manifest within your physical dimension, and this also would not be translatable into an actual term or word within your language.

JEREMY: Okay, Iíve got two more brief questions and a suggestion. One question is more of an impression. Within my paralleling of the video game, The Legend of Zelda, the mask within that, within the reflection of my imagery within my movement, is that imagery of the camouflage Iím incorporating?


JEREMY: Okay, and I would like to enter a tile for me and Gail. Itís a blue kind of eye. Itís like a blue eye, but the pupil is a spiral like the memory tile.

ELIAS: And where shall you place this within your game?

JEREMY: Sumafi.

ELIAS: And what is its function?

JEREMY: Communication within ... just communication, although I think there may be more to the communication part. Communication through the eyes, maybe?

ELIAS: Visual communication.

JEREMY: Visual communication. Yeah, okay.

ELIAS: Accepted.

JEREMY: Iíd like to submit my tile, which is circles in circles, like ripples, and then another tile, which is energy configuration when itís manifest in a dream, being the pyramid within the pyramid.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are limited to one entry!

GAIL: Okay, Iíll take one of them!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JEREMY: Well, I donít play the game that often....

ELIAS: You have not altered your rules of your game, so to speak Ė ha ha ha! Ė in agreement with each other yet. Therefore, I also am in compliance with your agreements! Ha ha!

Therefore, beyond the tile of the eye, which has been accepted, which other tile shall you enter?

GAIL: Youíve got to choose one! (Laughing)

JEREMY: Oh. Well, Iíll consider the other tile as bleed-through or something. (Everybody laughs) Bleed-through Ė yeah, thatís it! Iíll enter the circles in circles as my individual tile.

ELIAS: And where shall you place this?

JEREMY: In the tile section.

GAIL: (Laughing) You nut! What family, silly?

JEREMY: Oh! Iíll go with Sumafi.

ELIAS: You are guessing!

JEREMY: Yes, yes.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! Less probable!

JEREMY: Whatís that?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I am accepting of your tile, but your placement is less probable.

JEREMY: Okay, Milumet.


JEREMY: No, I thought that was ... never mind.

ELIAS: Discontinue your guessing game and allow yourself to genuinely express your impressions, and you may offer this to me at our next meeting.

JEREMY: Okay, and yes, Iím going to work on the spontaneous thing. I still hold some issues in that area.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JEREMY: The guessing game!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! Very well. (Chuckling)

JEREMY: Iíll see you later, my friend.

ELIAS: To both of you, my friends, in tremendous affection and great encouragement to each of you, I anticipate our next meeting, and I shall continue to be offering energy to you each, in your time framework. (Chuckling)

GAIL: I appreciate it, Elias.

ELIAS: To you each, au revoir.

GAIL: Bye.

Elias departs at 1:52 p.m.

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