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Sunday, December 17, 2000

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“Victim To Your Own Creations”

“Objective/Subjective Separation”

“The Telephone Is Still Ringing...”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Frank (Christian/X-tian).

Elias arrives at 1:18 PM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

FRANK: Hello, Elias! Nice to talk to you again objectively.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And how shall we proceed this day?

FRANK: How shall we proceed? Well, let’s see. First of all, I can’t breathe! (Laughing) How shall we proceed ... I’m just very, very ... this is gonna be the complaint department again!

I’m just very, very frustrated with myself, in what I perceive to be a lack of progress and actually a worsening of symptoms, even though the dynamic has changed, to the point where I feel totally limited, and like Michael says, I’m in a box. What is going on? Is this ... am I dealing with the shrine again, or did I just forget everything that I thought I knew? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Let us engage in a different direction. What is your impression of what you are creating, first of all?

FRANK: My impression is, I’m creating a very, very limiting set of probabilities and of limited circumstances for myself, to the point where nothing matters.

ELIAS: And what is your impression as to the identification of why you are creating this?

FRANK: My general impression is, it’s something I have to deal with as myself – dealing with myself. Obviously, I guess it’s acceptance, or maybe I’m just very disappointed in myself.

ELIAS: Now let us examine definitions, and your associations individually with your definitions. Define your view of these physical manifestations. What are they, in your definition?

FRANK: Okay. The first one that’s the most obvious to me, even before breathing problems, is my weight. I’m way overweight, to the point where I’m disgusted with myself, to the point where my mobility is totally limited; then breathing; then of course my heart problem.

ELIAS: Now; beyond the identification of those physical manifestations, define to me what they are, in your definition.

FRANK: I’m sorry. Can you say that again? What they are?


FRANK: Beyond the physical?


FRANK: What they represent?

ELIAS: No. What are these physical manifestations? I am understanding that you are confused presently, for your assessment is that you have already defined them, correct?

FRANK: Right.

ELIAS: (Laughing softly) What I am asking you to view and to allow yourself to recognize is how you define these physical manifestations beyond the identification of how they are affecting you or the actual physical display of them.

In this, I am recognizing, in your energy and your perception, that you do have an acceptance and a realization objectively that you create your reality, but you also define that in certain manners that are conflicting. For generally speaking, you express to yourself that you are creating this “condition” of affectingness of your heart, or this “condition” of affectingness of your breathing, or the “condition” of your physical weight.

Now; the key in these three manifestations and the definition of them is the term “condition.”

For in this, you have created a camouflage in your viewing of these manifestations by expressing to yourself that you create your reality. That statement is a camouflage, for in part, you do hold an understanding and an acceptance of the reality of that statement, but you also hold other associations in your definition of these creations.

Now; what I am expressing to you is that you assess that you create your reality in one association – a general association. But you also separate and divide your definition of your awareness – or of yourself, in actuality – into two separate identifications, one of your objective, one of your subjective, and as you define those two aspects of yourself differently, what you have created in actuality is a separation of identity of you.

Figuratively speaking, but also strongly enough to become literal, you have created a definition of you as two entities; not that you create two physical manifestations of yourself, but that your defining of yourself has divided into two quite separate identifications.

This is significant in the recognition of how you define these manifestations physically that you are viewing, and significant to my question to you of how you define these manifestations.

For first of all – although objectively, as I have stated, you generally accept the reality that you are creating your individual reality, therefore you have created these manifestations – as you have also created this separation of two identities of self, the objective and subjective, the definition of the creation of these manifestations is associated with the subjective, the OTHER you – the you that is separated from the you that you are familiar with, the you that is hidden from the you that you know – and that it possesses a power to be creating certain expressions that your objective you shall be compliant with, but is not choosing.

Are you following thus far?


ELIAS: Now; beyond that movement, there is another association that you create within your objective identity. This association is, once the subjective has created an expression and a direction, it is communicating that to your objective, and your objective cooperates in manifesting that particular “condition” within your physical body, and once it has been created, it moves into another association as a manifestation of its own – that you may be creating it, but once it is created, it now becomes an entity of its own.

FRANK: Objectively?

ELIAS: Yes. This is your definition of condition.

FRANK: Right, right.

ELIAS: Once you have created the weight, the weight becomes an entity of its own, and it grows in itself, and you do battle with this entity. For it is no longer associated as your continuous creation, but as a thing that you have created at one point, and now it exists within itself, in like manner to a creation of a sculptor. They may be creating a shape and a form, but once it is created, their view of it is that it becomes an entity in itself. It is not an extension or a projection of the sculptor, for it is a separate object, in your physical associations.

Once you have created the direction from the subjective you to your physical body consciousness to be affecting of your breathing, the definition moves from the perception of a continuous choice of you creating that action in every moment to the created entity within your physical lungs. Once you have projected the direction subjectively to your heart, the definition is that your heart creates independently of you. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, you within self – not within thought, but within self – objectively move yourself into a role of association of being the victim to your own creations.

Now; the key in what you are creating within your perception is allowing yourself to recognize that you are not creating a perception of viewing that you create these actions – that you CHOOSE to be creating these actions, these manifestations – moment by moment.

It is a continuous action; not that you have created a “condition” and therefore it exists in prolonged fashion within your time framework as an expression of the physical body functioning or tissue themselves. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: This holds you in the association of the role of the victim, for you continuously feed energy and power, so to speak, into the conditions themselves as entities in themselves.

The physical mass of tissue that you define as weight becomes a thing within itself that you are battling. The condition of breathing becomes defined as the malfunction of your physical lungs. The condition of your heart becomes the malfunction of the physical organ of your heart, which you do not define as you, but as a manifestation of you, a projection. It is connected with your physical body, and you do not associate your physical body as you. (12-second pause)

FRANK: Okay. So I’m looking at myself as a victim of my own creations. (Frank seems to be having trouble breathing here)

ELIAS: Quite.

Let me also express to you, Christian, the association of the role of a victim is the viewing and the defining of yourself as holding little or no choices. Therefore, simply expressed, the role of victim is the denial of choice within yourself. (12-second pause)

FRANK: Okay....

ELIAS: You have created a belief within yourself that expresses to you that your physical body may be expressing certain directions without your permission, and in that belief, you view yourself to be subject to it, and that it in itself is dictating to you your reality and therefore you are subject to it, and in this, you view it to be more powerful than you, for you have separated your identity into these sections of different you’s which are not the same as your perception of your objective waking you.

Let me also express to you, it is quite common within physical focus that individuals associate the core of themselves – or that which is the makeup of themselves in their identity – as being some elusive and indescribable quality of the mind, which is their definition of the truth of their being or the self of themselves, the you of you.

And in this, there is created a separation of the definition of body as the vessel which houses the you of you, but that you is not your physical body, and there is another association that is created within individuals’ perceptions that the spirituality of the self is also separated, in the identification of the higher self.

The mergence of these three identities creates challenges for many individuals within physical focus, for your beliefs reinforce the idea that your physical body is not actually incorporated into your expression as you.

For you view physically within your reality what you term to be a death of the physical body, and you do not hold an objective understanding that that physical body transitions also into other expressions of consciousness, just as the awareness, objectively and subjectively, that you view NOT to be physical transitions into other areas of consciousness. It merely incorporates a different physical time framework, dependent upon your direction and attention with it.

But in this, you create these separations of identity, and this creates a challenge for the perception to be merging those separated identities into a recognition of a lack of separation.

You also reinforce quite strongly the idea that there is some aspect of yourself which is subconscious or hidden, which in some respects, I shall state, is reinforced even within this information. For I have expressed a distinction of two aspects of your awarenesses, subjective and objective, and in relation to your beliefs, you automatically view the subjective to be some aspect of yourself or some awareness of yourself that is hidden from you and inaccessible to you. Regardless of how often and how many times I continue to express to all of you that it is not hidden and that it is not what you associate as subconscious, your beliefs are very strong in association with these divisions of self.

In that expression of division, you have created a definition and an association of these separations of self in a manner in which you continue to reinforce this expression of victim through the association that there are aspects of reality, not merely your individual reality, but of that elusive OTHER reality (chuckling) ...

FRANK: Yeah.... (Laughing)

ELIAS: ... that may be controlling or expressing manifestations that you objectively are not choosing.

Let me also express to you, this is another factor in this dynamic that we are speaking of. There is no OTHER reality which is more real than the reality that is created by your perception.

FRANK: I usually blame the shift. (Laughing)

ELIAS: HA HA HA! As ANOTHER reality which is moving and dictating to you what you shall be creating within your individual reality, which is separate from the “big picture” reality! (Laughing)

FRANK: Right, like you get hit with a wave from the shift while you’re swimming along.

ELIAS: Quite, which you view to be a separate entity from yourself.

FRANK: Yes, I do. That I see.

ELIAS: There are many associations that you have created within you that move in this type of expression and direction.

FRANK: So where do I go from here, then? I have to become aware of this and focus on that I am doing this?

ELIAS: First of all, I shall suggest to you that you allow yourself to examine your associations with victim.

Now; let me also express to you, Christian, as an individual that has chosen to be manifest in this particular focus holding the orientation of soft, many times it is unnecessary for you to be creating extensive analyzations of your beliefs and your creations, objectively or physically, to be altering of them.

One of the obstacles that you individually create within yourself is this separation that you are creating in the objective and subjective associations, and as those awarenesses are so very closely associated with each other in the design of this particular orientation, you are continuously creating a struggle and a battle within yourself which does not flow in your natural expression of energy.

Now; let me express to you, an individual that holds the orientation of common may create a type of energy movement that you are creating, and they shall be expressing in a natural flow of their energy, and they shall offer themselves information and they shall allow themselves an ease in their movement, for this is the design of their type of perception, or the mechanics, so to speak, of their type of perception in this particular physical dimension.

There is an association within individuals holding the orientation of common that creates this type of separation in perception of the objective and subjective ... NOT to the extent that they create separate identities of them, but that they LISTEN to the objective.

They focus their attention upon the objective awareness. They offer themselves information through the objective attention, and in this, there is little struggle that occurs in association with the subjective, for their attention is not focused as intensely upon the subjective. They allow themselves one main avenue of imagery and of direction within their attention and energy.

You ALL participate in an objective reality. Therefore, regardless of your orientation, you all hold an involvement and an awareness of your participation objectively in this physical reality.

You, as an individual holding the orientation that you do, incorporate a type of perception that pays attention to both objective and subjective equally. This is not translated in thought.

One moment. (8-second pause) Let me express an example to you.

FRANK: Okay.

ELIAS: I have offered information previously concerning different types of manifestations within physical focus associated with personalities, those being defined as political, religious, thought, and emotional, and you have offered yourself, through the engagement of transcriptions and our interactions in sessions, information concerning those four types of manifestations in association with personality types in this dimension, correct?


ELIAS: Now; I have also offered information concerning the three different expressions of orientations. You are manifest within this physical dimension holding the orientation of soft. You also have created a design of this focus in relation to personality as emotionally focused, correct?


ELIAS: Now; let us incorporate an example that you may view in association to orientation and what I am expressing to you as expressed differently from that focus of personality, in a difference with thought focus and emotional focus.

Michael also manifests within this physical dimension as soft in orientation. Michael has manifest in this focus as a thought focused individual, not emotionally focused.

Now; in this, although Michael manifests as a thought focused individual, he incorporates a continuous flow of emotional communication, in different expression to Lawrence, who also manifests as a thought focused individual. This is not to say that Lawrence does not incorporate emotional expressions, for ALL individuals within your physical dimension express emotional qualities, for this is a base element of your reality.

But as I have defined recently within this forum, the function of emotion is not reaction.

The function of emotion within this physical dimension is an avenue of communication from the subjective to the objective awareness. There is a continuous input of communication from the subjective to the objective through the avenue of emotion.

In this, an individual of thought focus or political focus or religious focus holding the orientation of soft shall be expressing that emotional communication in different manner and many times more often than an individual that may be of those three types of focuses but holding the orientation of common or intermediate, for the subjective and objective are held in equal attention.

Therefore, the attention is acknowledging that communication continuously, even though the individual may not be emotionally focused. They may not be processing their communications through the identification of emotion first, but they are paying attention to that communication continuously.

In a manner of speaking, I have offered an analogy previously with another individual, of viewing an individual holding the orientation of soft as being a very, very shallow pond, in which the ground of the pond or the bottom of the pond is quite visible to the surface of the pond.

The bottom of the pond may be likened to the attention of the subjective, and the surface of the pond to the attention of the objective awareness, and within this particular pond, they are so closely associated that from the vantage point, figuratively speaking, of the objective, the subjective is always within view.

The pebbles upon the ground of your pond are quite visible continuously, and this is expressed through the continuous communication of emotion.

Now; this is significant that you allow yourself to be assimilating this information, for it shall offer you a clearer identification of yourself, and a recognition that these aspects of yourself are not separated. One is not creating any expression within your physical reality that the other is not simultaneously creating. (Pause)

Within yourself, the exchange which is occurring in relation to perception may be expressed in both directions.

I may express to you, within the expression of an individual that holds the orientation of intermediate, the perception moves in an association, in a manner of speaking, that the subjective shall create the initial direction, and the objective shall express the physical manifestation of that direction.

Let me be clear – this is figuratively speaking, for one does not follow the other. But in the manner of attention, the attention is held more in strength with the subjective, and therefore, this is more of the directing force of the perception with an individual holding the orientation of intermediate.

With an individual holding the orientation of common, the attention is held more fully or in strength in the objective. Therefore, this is more directing, in a manner of speaking; not that the subjective follows the objective, but figuratively speaking, we may say that the objective may create many expressions first, and the subjective shall be compliant with those creations.

In the orientation of soft, you create both. At times the objective may assume the lead, so to speak, and at times the subjective may assume the lead. At times your attention is focused equally in both areas of awareness. At times you may move your attention to be more dominant in one or the other. For the most part, your attention is equal in both areas of awareness.

You objectively have not allowed yourself to understand and recognize the translation.

FRANK: Translation how? Translation subjectively?

ELIAS: The translation that you create objectively and subjectively. Your subjective awareness is continuously in communication with you, but you move your attention into thought and you move your attention into language, and within thought and language, you view that this is the identification of communication.

This is your interpretation, your translation of how you identify any avenue of communication within you. If you do not translate a communication into thought, you do not identify it as a communication.

FRANK: Right. True.

ELIAS: This is not to say that the communication is not occurring. It is.

FRANK: All the time.

ELIAS: Yes, and you ARE objectively aware of it! As you yourself have stated, you are aware that your physical body is offering you a continuous communication.

FRANK: Right.

ELIAS: But you are creating confusion and difficulty and challenges in that translation, for your thoughts are not understanding the communication, and you are not offering yourself a translation through thought. It is not necessary to be translating all of your communications into thought.

(Intently) This is key within your orientation, that you allow yourself the recognition that these different aspects of yourself are not separated. They are all one you, and in this, the communication is occurring continuously, and as you continue to not accept the communication, you continue to offer the communication to yourself.

Hear what I am expressing to you, Christian. You are not receiving the communication. It is not being offered to you through thought. It is being offered to you through other avenues, and you are not receiving it, and therefore it continues to express itself.

FRANK: When you say I’m not receiving it, do you mean ... what do you mean?

ELIAS: Let me offer to you another example that has been offered within a recent discussion with myself and William. William has offered dream imagery which you shall be privy to futurely in transcription.

FRANK: Okay.

ELIAS: In this, William has offered imagery to himself in the form of a telephone that is continuously ringing but that he does not answer, and therefore it continues to ring. This imagery that he has presented to himself is very similar to what I am expressing to you.

You are offering yourself communications, emotionally and physically, and you are not receiving the communication, and in like manner to the ringing telephone, as it is not received, it continues to ring.

As you do not engage your telephone and receive the communication of the call, so to speak, the telephone continues to express the communication in ringing. Once you receive the communication, once you acknowledge the communication and you in your physical terms pick up your telephone receiver, the ringing discontinues, for it need not be attaining your attention to be delivering the message any longer.

You have opened yourself to the reception of the message. The ringing is the signal.

FRANK: So my symptoms are the signal.

ELIAS: The physical manifestations and the communication of the emotion are the signal. They are offering you a communication. As you refuse to accept the communication, the communication continues.

FRANK: How can I not be ... how can I be refusing to accept it? I’m acknowledging it. I know it’s there. I know I’m creating it.

ELIAS: You are acknowledging that the ringing is occurring.

FRANK: Right, okay. (Elias chuckles) But how do I pick up the phone, then?

ELIAS: Ah! This is the movement of paying attention to you and becoming familiar with you; listening to the different avenues of communication not as separate from each other, but as expressions that are created together in relation to each other, not as reactions, but as different avenues of communication that you are offering to yourself simultaneously.

You ARE paying attention to the ringing in the physical manifestation, and you are acknowledging: “This telephone is ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing. I am noticing that it is ringing.” But you are not receiving this communication.

You also create another ringing, ringing within your emotional communication, but you view that to be reactionary, and therefore you are not listening to that in what it is expressing to you.

You are paying attention to the signal with the physical manifestation, but you are not recognizing that the communication to be received is also being expressed within the emotional communication. Therefore, your attention continues in the noticing of the signal, but not in the recognition of the message.

The message is expressed through the emotional communication, and that is a communication of acknowledgment and validation of the movement of your interaction and influence of your beliefs, which are speaking to your perception and creating an actual physical reality.

The perception is created within your physical dimension objectively, but as the subjective is so very closely associated in your expression of orientation, it is offering a communication to you quite frequently as to what you are in the moment creating, in association with your beliefs, in influence to the objective perception.

Your subjective IS communicating to you information of how your perception is translating those beliefs, but you are not paying attention to that communication, for you have defined it as reactionary and not as communication.

Therefore, as you turn your attention and allow yourself the recognition that you are creating an actual communication, not reacting to what you are creating, you may be allowing yourself a new opening to your own awareness of self, a new awareness of how you are creating – and WHY you are creating – what you are creating.

I shall express to you also, it may be beneficial to you – and I shall be advocating this suggestion – that you allow yourself to be discussing this particular information with Michael. For I have stated recently, but shall state now, as it shall be incorporated into transcription, and in previous statement was not chosen to be entered into transcription:

The engagement of this phenomenon with this individual manifest of the essence of Michael is no accident. This phenomenon that is engaged with Michael in this focus has been purposefully chosen, as I have stated previously.

In this exchange, Michael provides another aspect of the phenomenon itself, in allowing himself to be incorporated in many situations as an example. I have stated previously several times, Michael allows himself a very swift movement in relation to this information and his ability to be incorporating it into his objective reality and into the movement of his physical focus.

His participation in this phenomenon is not merely to be offering an avenue of communication from myself to all of you, but his participation in this phenomenon also is the allowance of himself within this physical focus to be viewed and incorporated as an example to other individuals, for he does hold a tremendous ability to assimilate this information and offer to you an avenue of translation that you may view and that you may interact with.

I am non-physically focused as essence. I do not provide you with a physical example of this information. I provide you with information that you inquire of. But for the most part, without the physical incorporation of experience within your physical dimension, the information that I offer to you remains as concept until you allow yourselves examples through experience. Michael provides the complement expression to the concept in the physical incorporation of the information in demonstration. Are you understanding?

FRANK: Sure, as in the physical problem with his neck.

ELIAS: In MANY physical expressions.

Michael provides an example of a physical individual that all of you, as being also physically manifest individuals, may interact with, may exchange information with, and may also view actions, challenges, and movements that he engages, and this offers to you a validation that you also are participating in very similar expressions, and validates to you that you also may be accomplishing as he accomplishes. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: In this particular situation that you are addressing to in relation to your orientation, it may be of benefit to you to be allowing yourself an interaction with Michael presently. I may also express to you, he is moving himself into much more of an objective awareness of the information that you and I have been discussing this day. Therefore, he is already incorporating an understanding of what I have been expressing to you, and therefore it may be helpful to you if you are allowing yourself the expression of that interaction.

FRANK: Okay. Michael is thought based and I’m emotionally based.

ELIAS: I am understanding of this. It matters not. In the information that I have been expressing to you this day, he shall be understanding of that information objectively, and recognizing that those differences in your expressions objectively are not the point, and it matters not.

FRANK: Okay. Do you have any messages for Michael as far as – I know this is from my perspective – as far as how he’s doing with his physical manifestation, which to me seems to be a very severe thing?

ELIAS: Michael has not inquired of information, and is allowing himself to be assimilating information through what I have offered thus far in these sessions. I may also express that he is beginning an objective recognition of the purposefulness of what he has chosen to be creating.

And I may express to you, Christian, this physical manifestation presently, as he incorporates it, incorporates less concern within himself than it may within you! (Chuckling)

FRANK: Right. Yes, I’ve noticed that! (They both laugh, and there is a pause)

ELIAS: Very well. We shall be discontinuing this day, and I shall be offering my energy to you in encouragement. I understand your frustration, and I am aware of the energy of confinement that you are creating within yourself presently. Be encouraged my friend, for this is temporary.

FRANK: Okay, just one very quick question.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRANK: I just want to confirm that I did meet my soul mate objectively, as in past conversations.

ELIAS: One of them, yes.

FRANK: Well, the focus that I was dealing with in New Orleans specifically.


FRANK: That is the one, right?


FRANK: I was pretty sure, but I just wanted to get confirmation.

ELIAS: This is one! (Chuckling)

FRANK: What do you mean, this is one?

ELIAS: You hold many soul mates, so to speak, not merely one.

FRANK: Okay, but the one that is in the chapter focuses ...

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

FRANK: ... that I’m specifically concerned about.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

FRANK: That’s very interesting. Alright, that’s good enough for now! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I anticipate our next meeting, and I shall continue to offer energy to you in the interim, in expressing an encouragement with you.

FRANK: Also, at night before I go to sleep, sometimes I try to like meditate a little, and sometimes I try to stimulate conversations between you and me objectively. Do you hear that? Do you get that?

ELIAS: Yes. Relax your energy, and you may also allow yourself to receive my participation.

FRANK: Yeah, I was gonna ask you, why don’t I hear you? (Elias chuckles) But I guess I’m not open enough to that yet.

ELIAS: It is not that you may not be expressing openness, but that you create a tension and anxiousness within you. As you allow yourself to relax, you may be allowing yourself also an awareness of my participation.

FRANK: Okay.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRANK: Very well, and thank you very much again.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. To you in tremendous affection, au revoir.

FRANK: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:40 PM.

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