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Monday, December 18, 2000

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“Emotion as a Communication”

“Why Do I Create Intensity?”

“From Concept into Reality”

“You Create Your Imagery”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Letty (Castille).

Elias arrives at 11:14 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LETTY: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) Happy December!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And to you!

LETTY: Thank you. Thank you very much! I want to start first by ... well, of course it’s always wonderful to talk to you objectively, but I’ve been enjoying our conversations at bedtime.


LETTY: I’ve been noticing!

ELIAS: And paying attention!

LETTY: Yes. I sometimes wander off, but I come back!

ELIAS: (Laughing) This is a time framework within your daily movement in which you allow yourself an openness and a relaxation, that you may be receiving interaction within energy. I am aware of your movement within dream state, which allows you a mobility and a receptiveness for energy interaction.

LETTY: Is that energy interaction within consciousness or within myself with you?

ELIAS: Both.

LETTY: Okay. Well, I realize that I’ve been dreaming. I wake up knowing I’ve been places and done things and talked with people. I just can’t remember. There’s only one that I’ll ask you about if I have time, because I have a couple of creative ... well, one of them is an invention because it’s something I’ve never created before, and that might take a little time, as you probably know! (Elias chuckles) But first, Marta asked me to ask two questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

LETTY: Okay. His first one is more of a validation. There is a noise in the back of his car that he’s hearing. He suspects it is connected to his lower back pain that he gets every once in a while regarding his belief system of responsibility. You know, all these women in his life! He wanted to know if you could shed some light, or at least validate that that’s what he needs to pay attention to.

ELIAS: His impression is correct, I may offer to you, and in this, as he continues to pay attention to what he is offering himself within imagery, he may also allow himself to be paying attention to his automatic responses in relation to this issue of personal responsibility.

I may suggest to Marta that he may practice as he is noticing his automatic responses, allowing himself a moment in which he may stop his movement and interaction [in] noticing those automatic responses, and allow himself an exercise of attempting a slight movement different from what he is familiar with.

In this, as he recognizes an automatic response in any particular situation in relation to other individuals, the suggestion of exercise would be to offer himself one simple, different movement. It matters not what the choice is in difference to his familiar movement, but merely to express one unfamiliar or different action in the moment that he is experiencing this recognition of automatic response in relation to personal responsibility.

Now; this may be significant, for what is occurring in these situations is a lack of recognition of his own choices. Therefore, the movement continues in this cycle, so to speak, of automatic responses in relation to personal responsibility.

But as he allows himself any expression of action, regardless of how slight he views it to be – any action that may be unfamiliar or different – in practicing that type of movement, it automatically shall be offering a validation to self, and in that, he may begin to reinforce inwardly that there are other choices available to him that he is not recognizing yet or has not recognized previously, and this may progress, so to speak, and allow an opening within himself to be realizing much more of his choices, which shall offer to him much more freedom and much more mobility.

(Humorously) For many times I am aware that he is experiencing this association of being “stuck,” and this shall lubricate the gears, so to speak! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

LETTY: (Laughing) That’s a great one! (9-second pause) Hello?


LETTY: Okay, he has one more question. I think this is going to be very helpful to me too. He wants to know the connection between Paul and his new friend Monica. (Pause)

ELIAS: I may express to you, they have participated in several focuses together and have engaged in several types of relationships together. In this, if he is so choosing, he may be allowing himself to be investigating of these, if his curiosity is so dictating. But there are some expressions that are being allowed to bleed through in relation to those other focuses.

LETTY: Okay. I can tell he’s going to be talking to you very soon objectively! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Very well! I shall be anticipating this!

LETTY: This will keep him going for a few weeks. Now, back to me. I saw Isabel a few weeks ago, and she was experiencing some problems with her wrists, and for a couple of nights ... and even in this last week, I still had one night where I experienced the same as she does, I think. Are we still exchanging this energy?


LETTY: Okay, that’s what I thought, because I knew it wasn’t mine. I could feel it had to do with her. Okay.

The big question for me today is, I experienced, created, CHOSE to create (Elias grins) a very unusual back pain, kinda like what they call a pinching of the nerve, where it was very painful, very, very painful. It took a while, but I finally made the choice of going to a chiropractic person who helped me, and I think he helped me to the point where I felt it was enough, and then my conflict was with him and the belief system that I needed a long-term therapy, when I knew, paying attention to myself, I didn’t. But I’m not really sure why I created it.

I have a lot of things happening with perhaps the news of changes that are coming in my work, job-related, that I was having problems viewing. Back pain, to me, I thought of basically like support that maybe I was looking for or I needed or I felt I wasn’t giving myself enough. Then also, I needed to drive to San Diego last weekend, and then I realized that it was a trigger, and then the pain subsided and then came back. Stella, Cindel, gave me a wonderful massage one day, where she felt the energy within my body moving a lot, and while she was doing that, I could see the bright yellow light, so I knew it had something to do with my solar plexus and my emotional, and then also, at the same time, part of me says I’m aligning with the mass movement of the wave of duplicity.

ELIAS: First of all, I shall be acknowledging of you, Castille, in your impressions and your interpretations of what you are creating, and some of the associations that you offer to yourself in information concerning what you are creating.

Now; I may also express to you that what you have presented to yourself in your impressions are the obvious expressions, and those that may be viewed as the most surface components of what you have created and why you have created it.

Now; in this, let me also first of all be acknowledging of you that you are moving and presenting to yourself imagery in relation to information that I have been offering recently, and you have allowed yourself to begin objectively associating with that information as you recognized the imagery of the yellow energy center and offered yourself an identification of emotion.

This is significant, for this is your offering to yourself the beginnings of movement and assimilation of information that I have been offering recently that you have not objectively offered to yourself yet in completeness. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, receive my acknowledgment in your allowance thus far in relation to this subject matter. You are correct in your assessment of the involvement with the movement of duplicity. You are also correct in your association with the subject matter of emotion.

In this, as I have been expressing recently, information is being offered now in definition of this expression of emotions. This is significant, for it offers you objective information that allows you to turn your attention and interact with your emotional expressions differently, and therefore it creates an ease in allowing you to turn your perception, which alters your reality.

In this, it may be affecting of many of the issues that you and other individuals have been addressing to and continue to address to now.

You, in like manner to Marta, as we have discussed many times, hold an issue in this expression of personal responsibility in relation to other individuals. You also create within yourself a movement of pushing within yourself and an action of striving, which in some manners creates a motivating force within you. But in other expressions, it also creates obstacles within you, for you do not offer to yourself the same expressions of attention that you offer to other individuals in relation to this personal responsibility issue that you engage.

Now; as I have defined, emotion is a communication. It is not a reaction. Therefore, as you recognize this and redefine your identification of emotion, you may be allowing yourself to pay attention more closely to the expressions of emotion that you offer to yourself continuously.

Let me express to you, Castille, within physical focus, as this expression of emotion is an actual communication from the subjective awareness to the objective awareness in validation and offering information as to what you are creating, you offer yourself quiet expressions of emotion communication much more than you recognize objectively.

For in defining emotion to be a reaction, you allow yourselves to pay attention to emotional expressions as they become more intense, or in your terms louder, within your attention. But you also ignore the smaller or quieter expressions of emotion communication, as you are viewing them to be a reaction. You view it is unnecessary to be paying attention to these quieter expressions of emotion, for you are focusing your attention upon your objective movement.

But in this, many of these quieter expressions of emotional communications are in actuality offering you information that may be quite valuable to you and may prevent many conflicts that you subsequently engage, or many extremes or more severe expressions that you create objectively in relation to your not receiving the communication.

What I am expressing to you is, in very like manner to how you create all of your reality, in the time frameworks that you are attempting to gain your attention and you are attempting to be offering yourselves communication, as you do not pay attention, you continue to create more and more imagery that SHALL eventually gain your attention.

As you choose, as you are aware, to be addressing to any particular situation or aspect of a belief or interaction or issue, as you do not offer your attention to addressing to what you have chosen to be addressing to, you continue to present to yourself more and more imagery that shall be reminding you objectively that this is the subject matter that you are engaging within that time framework. Are you following thus far?

LETTY: Very well, yes.

ELIAS: This has become a familiar action to many of you in this time framework. It is not difficult presently for many of you to be identifying aspects of beliefs that you are presenting to yourselves or what you are moving into.

But there is more information to be offered than merely the identification and the recognition of the particular beliefs, as we have stated previously in the steps that move you into acceptance, correct?


ELIAS: Therefore, as you have offered yourself much information and have assimilated that information, you have moved into a position, so to speak, in which you recognize your beliefs, you recognize your issues that you hold, you recognize the movement that you are creating, and to an extent, you also recognize some communications that you offer to yourself in relation to all of these subject matters.

But you also continue many times to be creating certain expressions and imagery and interactions that continue to confuse you, but which are intense enough that they do attain your attention. Once attaining your attention, you become confounded, to a point. For although you offer yourself identifications of the beliefs or the issues that may be influencing those particular creations, you do not quite objectively understand why you have created those particular expressions, and in this, you do not allow yourself a recognition of how to be creating differently if you are so choosing.

Now; many times in the moment of recognition of the creation itself, an individual – such as yourself and other individuals – may be moving their attention into an expression of partial acceptance, and therefore not express a movement in which their immediate attention suggests to them the desire to be eliminating what they have created.

But there continues to be a confusion as to why you need be, in your perception, creating these types of expressions to gain your attention, and this is the key, this question: “Why shall I create a painfulness within my nerve within my back in an intensity to gain my attention? Why shall I not be creating an expression less severe to be gaining my attention?”

As you engage that type of questioning, there is also an automatic discounting of self, for your automatic response and association is that you are not accomplishing well enough yet, or that you should be creating better, or that you are continuously not paying attention enough, and therefore you are continuing to create more severe expressions to gain your attention.

Now; in part, this is essentially correct, but not in the association that YOU express – not in a discounting manner. In part, you are correct that you are not paying attention, and therefore the expression progresses into more of a severe manifestation.

But one of the reasons that you are not paying attention is that within your physical reality, you have created definitions and identifications for certain expressions within your reality that may not necessarily be quite accurate. One of these identifications and definitions that you have held for much time framework is that concerning emotion, viewing it to be and identifying it as a reaction and a gauge to monitor your state of being.

Now; in this, as you view it to be that definition, you do not pay attention to the expressions of your emotions in a manner which offers you information. You view it merely to be a gauge of your state of being and a reaction, which objectively you express to yourself that you already know your state of being. If you are experiencing joyfulness and you create an emotion of happiness, you objectively know that you are experiencing this. You are not paying attention to what the emotion is communicating to you, for in your assessment, it is merely a reaction.

In this, you also pay attention to these reactions – as YOU define them – as they are expressed in some type of intensity. You pay attention to an emotion of happiness in an intensity of that expression. You pay attention to an emotion of sadness or disappointment or anxiety or anger as it moves into an intensity.

As the expression becomes louder, you pay attention. But in the softness of these expressions, in the quietness of these expressions, you pass over those communications and you do not pay attention.

This is the answer, so to speak, to your question of, “Why shall I create an intensity of experience or manifestation to gain my attention? Why must I be manifesting in this manner before I gain my attention?” And the response that I offer to you is that your definition of your communication is incorrect, and therefore you are not paying attention to the communication.

The communication is offered continuously in what you term to be small, quiet expressions of emotion, and in this, your subjective awareness is validating and also identifying what you are engaging objectively.

As I have stated, your objective and subjective are continuously in harmony. Therefore, one is not creating one action and the other creating another action. They are continuously in harmony with each other. What one creates, the other also is creating, but the imagery or the expression of them is created differently.

This is purposeful, for it offers you a fullness of experience and understanding of what you are engaging within your physical experiences.

As you do not receive the communication that is being offered to you – the message, so to speak – the communication becomes louder and persists, and in this, as you continue objectively, you also continue to be offering yourself those communications from the subjective.

As you continue your movement, and you continue to not pay attention to the communication of the emotion and not recognize that you ARE communicating through the expression of emotion, you create your direction objectively and you limit your choices.

For the subjective is offering you communication to be allowing you the recognition of your choices, but as you are not paying attention, you are also not recognizing your choices. Therefore, you continue to move in a singular direction, denying yourself many other choices.

In this, you may create some physical manifestation, such as you have with this physical affectingness within your back, and what is the emotional expression that you create in relation to that?

LETTY: Well, I got very upset with myself. I recognized ... it took a couple of times to realize I was discounting myself tremendously by being upset with myself for creating it.

ELIAS: Correct. You become, in your terms, disappointed with yourself, and frustrated.

LETTY: Very!

ELIAS: And these are the emotions that become quite loud and expressed in intensity, for this is the expression, the communication that has been offered to you prior to the manifestation. But in not paying attention and not receiving that communication, you do not offer yourself information concerning your choices, and therefore the expression continues and it increases and becomes more and more obvious, louder and more extreme.

LETTY: Oh yeah. I screamed! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Wow. Cindel told me a little bit about this, the communication of emotion within self, but I guess I needed a real-life example within me. I understand it much more after what I created.

ELIAS: Quite, and I shall express to you, Castille, as you yourself are aware, for the most part, as you offer yourself experiences, you present yourself with examples of this information and these concepts, and in that action, you offer yourself more clarity in understanding, and therefore move the concept from the association of an idea into your practical reality.

LETTY: Well, I have another one already, Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

LETTY: It hurts less, and I was going to ask you about my creation of this imagery. I know the communication I’ve been telling myself is this same type of frustration within self, because I have problems with my computer, and I have problems with the printer at work, and sometimes with my television, and I was doing it backwards in that I thought that was frustrating me, but actually my frustration has put out that energy or mirrored that.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Castille, also an identification of your communication to yourself in this expression of frustration. This shall serve as an example to you, in allowing yourself to pay attention to the emotion communication.

What you are expressing to yourself in this emotional communication is information that you are struggling and fighting with yourself and therefore creating a tension, and in that tension, in fighting within yourself concerning your creations, you are creating a type of movement that may be physically described as a jerkiness, so to speak.

In this, as you create these breaks in energy, in a manner of speaking, these interruptions, you are offering yourself this communication to pay attention to yourself and your automatic responses in this action of fighting and conflict that you create within yourself in disapproval of yourself.

This manifests outwardly, as you view, in struggling and fighting, so to speak, with physical imagery – with your equipment, with your electrical devices, with MANY expressions within your present reality, even other individuals.

LETTY: Right.

ELIAS: But that is the outward physical objective imagery.

The communication is that you are creating that action within yourself, and your objective awareness is mirroring that action, and as both objective and subjective are creating that type of action, you relay that direction to your perception, and therefore you create this type of physical reality in imagery.

LETTY: Well, that’s a load full! (Elias chuckles) You’ve been very helpful, because I’ve been putting the cart in front of the horse, as they would say here.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And I express to you, do not be discounting of yourself in that action!

For you, in like manner to most individuals within your world presently, have merely held a mis-definition of one of your base elements of your reality in this physical dimension – one of your base expressions, that of emotion – and in this, you may now allow yourself to be recognizing the actual function of this action as a communication, and this may be quite influencing of your perception.

LETTY: Yes. I think Marta picked up on that, because he kept telling me all this past week to love myself and to be good to myself. He picked up my frustration. That’s very interesting. Well, this was wonderful! Thank you so much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

LETTY: Much to assimilate, but kind of fun too!

ELIAS: Quite, and may be generating of a new excitement and inspiration within you, now that you present yourself with a new challenge to explore!


ELIAS: I shall continue to be interactive with you in whispers prior to your dream interaction, and offering you my expression of energy in encouragement.

LETTY: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. You may also express my greetings to Isabel and Marta.

LETTY: I certainly will.

ELIAS: To you in tremendous affection, my friend – and in playfulness! – au revoir.

LETTY: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:08 PM.

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