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Thursday, January 25, 2001

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ďAllow Yourself to Pay Attention to Your Own CommunicationsĒ

ďInterpreting the Emotion CommunicationĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Isabel (Larkshire), Letty (Castille), Rosario (Micon), Stella (Cindel), and a new participant Juana (Shylo).

Elias arrives at 6:39 PM. (Arrival time is 27 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

GROUP: Good evening!

ELIAS: Welcome once again, and welcome to new individual! How shall we proceed this evening?

STELLA: Why donít we leave it up to you, Elias?

ELIAS: I shall open for your questions.

STELLA: Okay. Who wants to start?

LETTY: I will, I will!

STELLA: Go ahead. (Elias chuckles)

LETTY: Hi, Elias!

ELIAS: Greetings!

LETTY: Itís been a wonderful week. So, I am going to start with questions for a friend who could not be here today. Her name is Terry. Sheís beginning to read some of the transcripts, and right now would like her information on her essence family and alignment. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Zuli.

LETTY: Essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name Siev, S-I-E-V. (see-EV).

LETTY: And her one question is why has she Ė to quote her Ė why has she not been able to get pregnant, or attract another essence, is the way I word it.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You may express to this individual that she may be examining her own direction and the nature of her want in this situation. For in actuality, she is choosing not to be engaging that action as there are hesitations in the association with being a parent.

In this, although there is a desire to be incorporating this action, there is also hesitation in the association with the interruption of her direction.

LETTY: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

STELLA: Elias, I would like some confirmation with regard to this vision. I saw this boy all in white running through an alley way, and he kept coming in and out, and there was somebody following him and he was very scared. After that, I saw his face like it was on TV. I saw the face, and what came to me was that his name is Yamin, Y-A-M-I-N, and he is from Pakistan. Is he a focus of mine? (Pause)

ELIAS: No, of your partner.

STELLA: Oh! Ooo, okay. Is there a specific message or something for me to know? Because he was being chased, Elias.

ELIAS: You are merely offering yourself the opportunity to be viewing other focuses of other individuals, and allowing yourself to be investigating of that.

In this, you are also Ė as you have been Ė allowing yourself to become more familiar with the difference of energy expression of yourself and other individuals, and their focuses and your focuses.

STELLA: Oh. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles, and the group laughs) And you continue to play! (Chuckling)

STELLA: I do! Anybody? (All laugh)

ROSARIO: Okay Elias, I have a question, a couple of questions, in terms of my health. The first one is, I have fibroids in my uterus, and I want to know why I have created that and any suggestions to uncreate.

ELIAS: First of all, offer to me your impression as to what you have created.

ROSARIO: Umm, no idea. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Ah, tsk, tsk, tsk. (Scattered laughter) We have been meeting and expressing for much time framework, and you all continue to move in the direction of not paying attention to what you are creating and to what you are communicating with yourselves.

In this, I shall offer to you the suggestion in relation to how you may be altering this creation or, in your terms, uncreating this situation: allow yourself to be paying attention to your own communications.

As you create a physical manifestation within your physical body consciousness, you are also creating a communication. You incorporate many avenues of communication to yourself to offer yourself information as to what you are engaging in the moment. This offers you the opportunity to become more familiar with yourself, and in becoming more familiar with yourself, you also allow yourself to be directing of your reality much more freely and fully, and in that freedom you allow yourself to recognize how you create your reality.

In this, as you create this particular manifestation within your physical body, it offers you in one expression a communication to yourself to be paying attention to you. It also creates a situation in which you allow yourself a justification to not be engaging in certain time frameworks of intimacy, for you are turning your attention to your creation and creating an uncomfortableness in your expression.

Now; as you are investigating self and your motivation for your creations, and becoming more familiar with self and how you create your reality, allow yourself to move beyond merely questioning what beliefs you are associating with, but how you are associating in relation to yourself and how you view yourself and what fear you hold.

ROSARIO: Would this have anything to do with being confused about whether to have children or not to have children?

ELIAS: Partially, and this also is an expression of your hesitation in the expression of intimacy. I am not expressing to you a hesitation in the act of sexual contact, but in a genuine expression of intimacy with another individual and with yourself.

ROSARIO: Another question is, I seem to be developing some sort of film around my eyes, and also at night when Iím driving I have a flash, and depending on how I move my eyes the flash will go up or down or sideways. What am I telling myself?

ELIAS: These are two different expressions that you are incorporating.

The one which is clouding your vision is a creation that you are incorporating, once again, to be allowing you to pay more attention to self and less attention to all that you view outside of yourself.

You create a tendency, so to speak, to be paying attention to other individuals more than you allow yourself to pay attention to what YOU are creating or what you want, and therefore you are offering yourself a physical expression to gain your attention.

In this, your expression is to be incorporating an interruption of vision, and this being the signal to you to allow yourself to pay more attention to self and what you are creating and what you choose, and not focusing your attention upon other individuals and what they are choosing, and therefore creating a situation in which other individualís choices dictate to you what your choices may or may not be.

As to this other expression in relation to your vision, that is a different expression. You are creating this action in relation to neurological pathways within your physical brain. In that, as you create new openings of neurological pathways, you are also creating this particular manifestation within your vision, that which you express to be these flashings. This is temporary. It may continue but temporarily, and it shall dissipate. (Pause)

ELIZABETH: I donít even know where to start.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

ELIZABETH: Things were a bit chaotic, and the last time they were in, my life was in this type of a situation, and I was facing these types of decisions. I had one person to look out for, which made my decisions a lot easier. And when I met ... what she called herself was a guide or a helper, and she told me I had met some helpers, some guides, along the way. I believe I met one at my Clay Club. She called herself Wendy, and she put me in better spirits but she didnít seem to clear up my questions like the first guide did. And...

ELIAS: But this is not the point, Elizabeth, for it is you that creates the clarity. What is it that you want? Ask yourself this question. Do not incorporate the question, ďWhat is it that shall be beneficial to other individuals? What is it that other individuals want?Ē Pose the question to yourself: what do YOU want?

It matters not that you incorporate a relationship with other individuals. If you are focusing your attention upon other individuals, you shall not create what YOU desire; and in not creating what YOU desire, you shall also not create the relationship that you choose.

ELIZABETH: Mmm. Thanks, Iíll let you know if I have anything else.

ELIAS: As you create choice ó or deny your choices Ė as dictated by other individuals, what you create in that action is a denial of self, and what manifests in that denial of self is what you term to be unhappiness.

ELIZABETH: Okay. I have sort of a question, I suppose. Iíve always been interested in, ever since you told me the first time, about Sarah Bernhardt. Iíve always been extremely interested, but for some reason I havenít, I guess you could say, allowed myself to recognize almost her existence, see her face, look into who she is or who she was or anything.

And tonight, right before we came, I decided to, and I saw her face and it struck me in a way that I have never been struck before. I donít know exactly what to make of it, or what to think of why I even looked into her. But now that Iíve looked into her Iím hooked! (Elias chuckles) I need every piece of information that I can get in my hands now, you know?

ELIAS: For you are offering yourself a new opening to the exploration of you and all of your aspects, all of your focuses, and you have offered yourself the beginning point. This allows you to view how much more vast you are than you allow yourself to see.

ELIZABETH: I understand.

ELIAS: And as I have offered to you previously, in your terms much time ago, (Elizabeth laughs and Elias chuckles) you may also offer yourself interesting information in investigation of that focus. There are many parallels of that focus and this focus. This may be helpful to you in allowing you more of an expansive definition of you. It may also be helpful to you in validating and reinforcing your movement in paying attention to you in this now.

Be remembering, you create all of your reality, and you create every individual within your reality. They are a reflection of you. Therefore, as you are not placing your attention upon you and listening to your own communication, this becomes reflected through other individuals, and therein lies your confusion.

ELIZABETH: Littleís friend.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

ISABEL: Okay, Elias, here I am. I believe that I am in my final chapter with my two guys. They left for Miami, and Iím very happy in a way for them. And Iím concentrated in my own company, but Iím very scared because I donít see production, orders, you know, movement, and that scares me a lot. As much as I say to myself, the more I worry, the thicker the wall is gonna be, but I canít think that. I sit there and look at it. I say, ďI want all of it.Ē Nothing is happening, and I really worry about that because Hewett is already in Miami. Tomorrow heís coming back to Los Angeles to pick up the baby here, but ... and thatís it!

STELLA: He already sold his boat?

ISABEL: No, itís better now. I tried to prolong it from the first time that he left for Paris. I said, ďI want to change that, I want a different reality.Ē But I was not able to, because I would have loved him staying here. But thatís what I want, thatís not what they want. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ah! But this is also not entirely what you want either, and therefore it is not a situation that you are not creating what you want or that you are unable to create what you want. You already ARE creating what you want.

Your direction has been for a time framework to be concentrating upon you and your ability to trust your own abilities, and you offer yourself imagery that expresses precisely an identification of the moments in which you are NOT trusting.

You express to me your wish to be creating of these orders, so to speak. What you wish to be creating is an expression of trust within you, and as you create that you shall also create the physical imagery to be supportive of that and to be evidence of that trust.

As you continue to hold your attention outside of yourself, you do not address to your trust in your own ability. But, I may express to you, you are quite efficient in creating what you are expressing! As you express a lack of trust in your ability to generate what you want to be generating, you do not generate it. You create precisely what you expect.

ISABEL: Itís hard for me to understand. You know, like I want to create my own reality, okay?

ELIAS: You ARE creating your reality! Ha ha ha!

ISABEL: Iím gonna create a million dollar payout, you know! There, I see it, Iíve seen the light! Itís ďwhat am I creating here?Ē You know, how is my behavior? I start analyzing myself. Should I change my attitude, should I sit down and relax and forget about it? I cannot do it, you know! So I start going, a tornado in my head, trying to figure out, going to different points. I keep going around and around, until I say forget it, you know? I do what I can do here, and I live and I go home and I think tomorrow will be a better day. But itís hard for me to get in my mind or in my heart, wherever it is, to be that positive, that donít even think about it, itís gonna be. I havenít been able to get to that point.

ELIAS: Disengage your thought process! (The group laughs)

ISABEL: Itís an easy solution, right? And Iím going crazy here!

ELIAS: You are engaging thought in a manner to merely be confusing yourself, and you create your hamster wheel and you reinforce what you are already creating. For you concentrate upon what you are already creating Ė or the identification of the lack of what you are creating ó and in this I express to you once again: relax! (Smiling)

ISABEL: I will do that.

ELIAS: And allow yourself to disengage the thought process and the analyzation.

ISABEL: Okay, Elias. I will do my best. Because I really enjoy that way, and now that Hewett is going, thatís like ... it was wonderful, because heís the one who found me that job. So I said look how everything works out, you know, so perfect. I was worried about it, and I realized that every time I turned back, I said nobody need ever worry about it. But going into the process of doing it, I get confused.

ELIAS: Attempt momentary practices. Practice within moments. In the moments that you are experiencing this anxiety, this worry ... which creates what? The manifestation of your expectation.

In the moment that you are experiencing this worry, allow yourself intentionally, quite objectively, to express to yourself to stop and relax and disengage thought and practice trust.

ISABEL: Thank you.

ELIAS: Do not create an expectation that you shall be expressing entirely a trust of self continuously. Recognize that you are not creating that expression. Acknowledge that within yourself, and merely allow yourself to practice with moments. This creates a situation which allows you to become familiar with the action of trusting yourself.

But you are incorporating the fear, and expressing within yourself that this action is impossible. As you continue to express that this action is impossible and it is impossible for you to be trusting of yourself, and you skip shells and you move beyond the identification of the trust and into associations concerning your abilities to create physically, you turn yourself once again to the expression of the fear and the lack of trust and the worry and the anxiety, and you reinforce, once again, that creation. I may express to you once again, you shall create what you concentrate upon. What you expect is what you shall create.

ISABEL: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Chuckling)

JUANA: Ooo, heís looking at me!

ELIZABETH: Do you have a question?

JUANA: I donít know!

ELIZABETH: Do you want to know your essence name?

JUANA: Sure, how do we start with this? Because Iíve never done this!

ELIAS: Very well.

JUANA: Is there anything you can offer me that I donít know? (Group laughter) That could be a lot!

ELIAS: Ah! I may be presenting volumes! (Much laughter)

JUANA: Letís start with the very first. (More laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! Very well, I shall begin in offering of essence name and family, as you have requested, Elizabeth. (Pause) Essence name, Shylo S-H-Y-L-O (SHE-low); essence family, Zuli; alignment in this focus, Ilda; orientation ... and I may offer to you also, if you are so choosing? (Directed to Elizabeth)


ELIAS: Common, both.

ELIZABETH: Both, okay.

ELIAS: This information, I may express, (humorously) are your cosmic vital statistics. Ha ha ha! (The group laughs) And, in actuality, they may offer you some information concerning self, but I may also express to you they are not of ultimate importance. (Chuckling)

JUANA: Probably another opinion!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I may express to you, you also present yourself with challenges in similar manner to the other individuals present within this forum this evening, and in this, the theme of this discussion this evening may be ďallowing yourselves to pay attention to your own communications and your own expression of trust in your individual abilities to be creating what you want.Ē

For each of you create movements and expressions within your focus in which you are automatically, without thought, expressing an association within yourselves that you have an inability to be creating certain expressions.

It matters not what imagery you choose to focus your attention upon, some in relationships, some in financial situations. The objective imagery of the relationship or the finances or whatever you choose in focusing your attention upon is not the expression of importance. For I express to you quite genuinely, you do create what you expect. You do create what you concentrate upon. You do create a reality influenced by your beliefs.

And in this, as you believe that you do not hold the ability to generate a relationship in the manner that you wish or finances in the manner that you wish, what you are in actuality expressing is that you do not believe that you hold that ability.

You are quite accustomed to viewing your reality outside of yourselves, and your association in relation to your beliefs is that outside elements create certain expressions of your reality: employment creates your generation of finances Ė not necessarily. You create that expression. You are directing of it.

You believe that the creation of a relationship is expressed by two individuals. No. Your relationship is created through your perception. Therefore, what holds significance in all that you create, in all that you engage within your focus within your world, is created through your own perception, and your perception is directed by you and what you associate within you.

In situations in which you view that you interact with another individual in a relationship with the other individual and you are experiencing conflict, the manner in which you may be redirecting of that expression and, in your terms, uncreating of a conflict is to be turning your attention to you and viewing what you are creating, for the other individual is reflecting what you are expressing.

Another individual may be expressing in conflict and anger to you, and you view yourself as not participating within this action Ė you are merely receiving this expression of another individual. And you focus your thoughts upon the other individual and your concentration upon the other individual, and you question, ďWhy shall I be receiving this behavior from this other individual? I have not engaged an initiation of this action. Why shall this individual interact with myself in this manner? I am not deserving of this treatment!Ē (Group laughter)

Ah! But the attention is upon the other individual.

As you turn your attention to self and you allow yourself to question what YOU are creating and your own association, you may be viewing that YOU have created an association within self as a victim, and as you have created that role within self, you draw to yourself an objective expression to be reinforcing of it. But as you are not paying attention to self, you are not identifying those expressions within you that you do associate as a victim. Thus, you create confusion.

You also create participation in reaction. You react in defense of yourself objectively. The expression of defense is another expression of victim.

JUANA: I want to say, ďAmen.Ē

ELIZABETH: Well then, say it!

JUANA: AMEN! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, it is quite difficult to be creating conflict with another individual if one of the individuals is not participating. (Chuckling)

And as you recognize that every expression that you encounter through another individual is also a reflection of you within that moment, you may offer yourself pause to view yourself and what you are creating. You are very accustomed to viewing outside of yourself and blaming...

LETTY: Mm-hmm. Automatic.

ELIAS: ...and justifying. And this applies to all of your reality, not merely relationships and not merely finances. This is your own expression of your trust and your acceptance of yourselves.

As you continue to pay attention to self in the now and not project your attention futurely or pastly, but hold your attention in the now and listen to your communications that you offer to yourself, you may allow yourself a much greater expression of freedom, for in that action you offer yourself choice.

The expression of victim is the identification of the lack of choice. It is not negative, it is not bad. It is merely the identification that you in the moment are not presenting to yourself the availability of choice, and this is your expression of freedom, the offering of choice.

And you block your choices continuously. You express to yourselves you cannot Ė not that you may not, not that you will not, but that you cannot Ė that there are some expressions within your reality that are impossible. (Continues softly) And I express to you, what glorious freedom you actually hold, for there is no expression within your reality that is impossible.

JUANA: If you say so! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! We shall break, and we shall reconvene briefly subsequent to your break.

JUANA: Okay.

GROUP: Thank you.

Elias departs at 7:25 PM.

Elias arrives at 7:44 PM. (Arrival time is 13 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing!

LETTY: Iím next in line! (Laughter from group) Itís all about me!

ELIAS: Ah! You are quite correct! (Laughter)

LETTY: Part of it is validation, because I think I have moved a lot within the last couple of days with our evening discussions. I feel in a much different place, but even this weekend I developed my sinus infection due to a conflict with another person, in paying attention to that other person and not myself. (Elias chuckles) Iíve been working on manipulating getting rid of my infection and my chest cold, and I guess thatís the validation, that I really have manipulated my energy?

ELIAS: You are correct.

LETTY: Cool! (Elias chuckles) And then my other question is, Iíve been listening to my last discussion about emotion.


LETTY: And I do get, as you know, a little frustrated still, because I want to have it clearer in that communication, and I want your assistance in helping me investigate how to listen to that communication. I think the little ones Iím paying attention to, because I realize when my electrical appliances go off balance I understand where itís coming from. Itís the big ones that I think Iím not focusing on how to listen to those. Can you help me?

ELIAS: Be remembering your thoughts are not a communication. Emotion is not a reaction. Emotion is a communication. Therefore, in these two incorporations of action with thought and emotion, the function of thought is to be translating and defining the emotion communication.

Now; you and Larkshire and other individuals create a very similar action in relation to thought, that which you term to be analyzation. In this, you allow the natural function of thought, in one aspect, to be defining the signal of the emotion which offers you one term of identification: frustration, anger, happiness, sadness, disappointment, anxiety. You offer yourself the definition of the signal, and you move your thoughts in the direction of analyzation. This is not the function of your thought process.

The reason you incorporate confusion is that you are attempting to manipulate certain functions in a manner in which they are not designed, and this creates confusion.

You have incorporated thought in this dimension, in this physical reality, as a tool. It is not a communication. It is a tool that you incorporate to define and to translate communications that you offer to yourself.

Your communications are an intricate aspect of all of your reality; not merely your communication with other individuals, but more so your communication with yourself. This is offered to you, as I have stated previously, through all of your outer senses, through all of your inner senses, through your impressions, through your impulses, through your physical body expressions, and through your emotions.

Your emotions are a unique form of communication, for this is the communication that is offered from the subjective awareness to the objective awareness, and this communication is not abstract, and it is precise. It expresses a communication to you in the moment of precisely what you are creating and what position you are holding yourself within in that moment. But you are paying attention merely to the signal. You recognize the signal, but you are not receiving the communication, the message which lies within the emotion.

The message may be viewed and received by allowing your thoughts to express new questioning to yourself. In paying attention in the moment to an emotion, once you have defined what the signal of the emotion is, the feeling, you may move your thought process in the direction of examining what that emotion is expressing to you.

I may be incorporating a borrowing of terms from Michael, and offer to you presently. You may also incorporate the questioning in his terms of, ďWhere is the expression derived from within you? What are you incorporating in the moment of the emotion? What are you communicating to yourself?Ē

In example, hypothetically you may be expressing an emotion of anger within a moment. Your objective imagery may be conflict with an object. It may be conflict with another individual, a mechanical device Ė it matters not. You shall choose an objective form of imagery that you shall present to yourself simultaneous to the creation of the emotional communication. The objective imagery is not followed by the emotion. They are created simultaneously. Your attention is automatically focused upon the objective, therefore it appears in illusion to you that you create the outward expression objectively first and follow with a reaction of emotion. This is incorrect. Your attention is focused upon what you are creating outwardly, and you are not paying attention to the creation of the communication, which is the emotion.

As you turn your attention from the objective outward expression, you view self. As you allow yourself the discontinuation of your association with emotion as a reaction and you begin allowing yourself the noticing that this is a communication, you engage your thought process in a different manner automatically.

And in this, in the example of creating this emotion of anger, we shall express the hypothetical situation that you engage a conflict with another individual. In this conflict with another individual, you are creating an emotion of anger. You identify the signal of the feeling, and you express to yourself, ďI am experiencing anger.Ē Subsequent to your identification of the signal, you engage your thoughts to be questioning of yourself, ďWhat am I expressing within myself? What am I communicating to myself?Ē You may answer yourself in that question, recognizing that in that moment you are experiencing an inability to be expressing yourself in what you view to be an adequate manner. Therefore, your identification of the communication is that you are discounting yourself in that moment, and in that moment you create another objective outward expression in validation to the communication, and you express outwardly defensiveness in that anger.

In allowing yourselves to pay attention to the communication of the emotion, you identify what you are creating, and in allowing yourselves to identify what you yourself are creating, you offer yourself choice, for you are no longer in the position of automatic response but moving yourself into the expression of choice. As you recognize that you are discounting yourself, you may express not discounting yourself.

If you are not recognizing that you are discounting yourself, you shall continue to be automatically expressing this without thought in an automatic movement. Many times within your reality, automatic responses eliminate many of your choices, for you do not allow yourselves to view what you hold as choices.

STELLA: But the choice can be just one choice, because it could just be saying, well ... I mean, see because Iíve gone to that point, Elias. But then I get confused with the choices, because I only see one choice, which is not to continue to batter myself with whatever, you know, discounting myself. But I just see one. So do I have more?


STELLA: But which ones?

ELIAS: It matters not. If you are offering yourself the recognition that you hold choice in the moment that you are associating that you do not hold choice, it matters not whether you offer to yourself one other choice or hundreds of other choices. It is the recognition that you are not powerless.

LETTY: So you can say, at least you stopped discounting yourself?


LETTY: And thatís the one choice we want at that point.

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: Well, that makes it fun, because itís like then automatically what happens is I take my eyes away from the person that I thought I was angry with and then itís back at me, and itís like, oh, Stella, hello again to this other aspect of you! And thatís how I do it because ... and itís fun in that because then I donít concern myself with the other individual, which was the thing that would kill me, you know?

ELIAS: There is also the recognition that other individuals do not dictate to you your expressions, your creations, your choices.

Another individual may continue to be expressing conflict, and that may be the creation of the other individual. This is not to say that that absolutely dictates your choice and your response. You choose how you shall be responding.

As I have stated previously, your perception is an extremely powerful tool, and in manipulating your perception, you may be engaged in an expression of conflict with another individual and it is your choice how you receive.

LETTY: Is that why I give myself a lot of little triggers in my body, nice ones? So, is that like, lately have I been doing that to pay attention to my emotions?


LETTY: Okay. Iím being nicer to myself, Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

LETTY: Iím working on it.

ELIAS: Very good.

LETTY: Thank you. (Elias laughs)

JUANA: You can give a compliment to yourself, too!

LETTY: Oh, Iím working on it.

ELIAS: I may express that you ALL may be complimenting of yourselves more often and receiving that complimenting to yourself, for you are quite deserving of it! Ha ha!

LETTY: Thank you for that. Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ISABEL: Elias, one more question. When I went to Bolivia, I fell in love with that country. I donít know what it is there that I felt comfortable, and I really liked the people there. So I just have one question, do I have focuses there?


ISABEL: So thatís why I feel like I was at home?


ISABEL: Because I went to Argentina two years before, and itís beautiful. I mean, each country has their own beauty, and you cannot say this is more beautiful than the other one because they all have a specific beauty that makes it unique. But itís something in Bolivia that I really fell in love with once I was there. Because it never crossed my mind before, but once I got there it was like a very warm feeling.

ELIAS: There is, many times, an immediate identification and association with certain physical locations in which you have manifest other focuses.

STELLA: I was in that one, right? With her, right, in that particular focus with her? I was in that focus, too. Yes.

ELIAS: And is this your statement or your question? (Grinning, and the group laughs)

STELLA: I want your confirmation...

ELIAS: I am aware of what you want! Ha ha ha ha ha! Correct. (Laughing) Not that this may be necessary, Cindel, for you already hold the awareness!

STELLA: Elias, I have one. You know, since I am this incredible communication center all of a sudden, and I want to create desperately and very obsessively and with passion something that just holds my attention tremendously.

Now, you do know that I want this, and that I donít know what it is. I canít come up with something. I thought it was the writing but Iím not sure, and I think itís the embroidery and Iím not sure. I canít come up with whatever it is, and I keep watching that channel, Elias. I know you do it in my ear when I watch that channel, because I see people making things with their hands but then I doubt myself. You know why? Because Iím not Sumari. And I think and I have in my brain that Sumaris are the ones who are creative, and because Iím not, I donít feel like Iím creative. So that holds me back. Is that it?

ELIAS: You are correct.

STELLA: Okay, so what can I do to listen to my own communication so that I can break this thing thatís holding me back from doing? Because I know that I will, but I donít know what.

ELIAS: This is the direction that you are moving into, allowing yourself this process of paying attention to what you are communicating within you, and you shall offer to yourself the identification of the want.

STELLA: So I will! So, I donít have to go out there and look or go to the library and search and god knows what? You know, itís within me, okay?


STELLA: So I just have to believe that I can, yes?

ELIAS: And trust that you shall offer to yourself.

STELLA: Okay. Youíll help me, right?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Group laughter) Iím ALWAYS helpful to you, Cindel!

STELLA: I know, I know!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I am always encouraging to you all, and regardless that you hold an objective awareness of my presence and interaction, I AM in communication and interactive with all of you. (Chuckling)

LETTY: But itís more fun when we see you!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And this is the manifestation of your own allowance, is it not? (Chuckling)

LETTY: Yes, it is. (Brief pause)

JUANA: I wanted to know if there was ... rather, what past presence have I had that I can connect with?

ELIAS: Ah, that you may investigate! (General laughter)

JUANA: Is there one, though, that I can find out more about?

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) I may offer to you, you may experiment in investigation with one focus as manifest Native American within a time framework [of] late 1700s of this northern America. You also may be investigating of a European focus, an English writer, early 1800s, male ó Native American, female. You also may be easily allowing yourself an investigation of male focus, 1500s, Denmark. (To Elizabeth) You participate in that focus also, both male.

ELIZABETH: Hmm, thatís funny.

ELIAS: Relationship of what you identify as cousins, interactive throughout the entirety of the focus.

You may begin with these focuses and allow yourself to be investigating, and allow yourself to be listening to your impressions concerning these focuses, especially the writer. This focus holds an element of notoriety, what you view to be fame. Therefore as you investigate, listen to your impressions, and you shall allow yourself the connection. (Chuckling)

ISABEL: Thatís great. Can you tell me something like that too? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ahhh! Larkshire!

JUANA: The Internetís going to be wired tonight! (Much laughter, and Elias laughs)

LETTY: Okay, Elias I have a question. It seems like Iím on my way out from my current job, and I basically want to create what Iíd call favorable results in terms of financial exiting from that company, and also in terms of ... I donít know, Iím confused as far as being a temp or where to go or what to do. I mean, I would like to start something on my own, but I donít know. I can visualize myself being successful but I cannot quite get a grasp on it. I donít know what, how to focus on it.

ELIAS: This will return to the theme of this evening, in allowing yourself to pay attention to you and what you want, what you desire. Follow that direction, regardless of the impossibility of its appearance.

As to your movement in generating the financial expression as you are departing of your current position, I may express to you, your most effective expression shall be to trust your value. For as you express that energy outwardly in trusting your value of you, you shall also draw that to yourself.

LETTY: Okay. I have another question in terms of Vernon, which from my understanding he is Sumafi/Ilda. What is his orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

LETTY: Common. Now, heís been wanting to start his own business for some time, but somehow heís not. He doesnít seem to be able to accomplish it. What seems to be the problem?

ELIAS: Once again.

LETTY: Not trusting himself?

ELIAS: Yes, trusting [his] ability to be efficiently creating the expression of the desire. It is a lack of trust of ability. I may also express to you, this incorporates also much attention upon outside expressions, which is distracting.

LETTY: Can you give me an example, is there...

ELIAS: Outside individuals and outside elements that are being viewed as the more important expressions than his own. This is quite affecting.

LETTY: Okay. I also have a question except I forgot his essence name. He was my brother. He passed away almost four years ago, but I somehow seem to not be able to let go of him. I know that we had a previous focus where he was my lover and eventually he became my husband. Is there anything that you can tell me as far as why it seems to be so difficult to let go? Or where is he?

ELIAS: I may ask you, why do you view it to be necessary to let go?

LETTY: Well, it may not be necessary, I donít know. Where is he, supposedly? Is it...

ELIAS: Within this present now, engaging transition and also manipulating some aspects of continuing creating some expressions of objective imagery in playfulness.

LETTY: On myself?

ELIAS: No, within his own attention.

ELIZABETH: Speaking of playful essences, I came across one where I got to know him better in death than I did in life. Because I havenít been around my old apartment just to check up, I need confirmation that he made it okay to the other side, that heís found whatever heís looking for, that heís not just playing tricks and games on my sister in this focus, you know, sticking around for any reason. I met a lady that said she could help him transfer and leave.

ELIAS: It is unnecessary. It is not a situation that the individual is requiring of helpfulness. It is intentionally projecting energy, and in that expression is continuing to be creating objective imagery in association with this physical dimension. The individual shall be recognizing of the inconsistencies within its own creations, and as that is recognized, movement shall be incorporated into other expressions of transition.

ELIZABETH: Okay. Thank you. (Elias chuckles)

LETTY: Hopefully, thereís a short version. Isabel and Marta send all their love. And Marta...

ELIAS: You may express affection in return.

LETTY: Thank you. And Marta asked me to ask you since I was seeing you tonight, Paul for the third time got held up, and they again requested her watch and her cellular and her wallet. And he was just curious to see, why does she keep creating this?

ELIAS: I may express to you, offer to Marta that she may be incorporating this questioning with myself...

LETTY: I like that one.

ELIAS: ...and I have offered previously that Paul engage this action also, and this be their choice.

LETTY: Okay, I like that answer. Thank you. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: We shall be discontinuing this evening, and I extend to you each tremendous affection and shall be with you in encouragement and offering my expression of energy.

To you each, in anticipation of our continued interaction and our next meeting, I express to you all, au revoir.

ALL: Goodbye! Thank you.

Elias departs at 8:22 PM.

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