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Thursday, February 01, 2001

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ďRegional Areas of ConsciousnessĒ

ďBlinking of AttentionĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Joe (Holden).

Elias arrives at 11:50 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOE: Good morning! (Elias chuckles) And how are you, old friend?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

JOE: Brimming with questions, as always.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! (Joe laughs)

JOE: Elias, the last session you and I spoke very briefly, and I had gotten an impression of two old friends sitting in chairs discussing things. I think what you were telling me was that I was getting the impression that in another focus you and I were friends?

ELIAS: You are correct.

JOE: Can you tell me a little bit about that?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

JOE: My impression was that you were a rather tall dark-haired gentleman. I donít know if we were both teachers. Thatís about it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I may express to you, you are correct, and your association of teachers or instructors is correct also. This may be explored within your time framework of 18th century in physical location of England.

JOE: Okay. I tell you what, donít tell me any more about it, and let me see what I can do on my own.

ELIAS: Very well!

JOE: And then Iíll probably ask you to tell me whether Iím correct or not! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very well!

JOE: Thanks. (Elias laughs) Today Iíd like to talk about some things, and one is, have you ever heard Ė or you probably have, what am I saying ó of water-witching or dousing? Itís a phenomenon where a person seems to have an affinity to locate water in the earth.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOE: Can you tell me about that, and how that works and how that association exists?

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, that this is merely an allowance of the individual to be tuning into their natural abilities in relation to your inner senses.

It is not a situation in which an individual possesses a special or specific gift, so to speak, or ability that any other individual may not express as well. For in actuality, it is a situation in which the individual merely allows themself to exercise their inner senses more fully than many individuals allow themselves to express. ALL of you hold the ability to be creating this action and engaging this type of exploration.

In this, the individual also allows themselves an objective recognition of less separation between themself and elements of your universe, so to speak, recognizing that your earth is an aspect of themselves. Therefore, in physical action and display, what the individual is engaging is merely allowing themselves to explore your physical earth and identify the locations of an aspect of themself in their creation of water as an element of your reality, recognizing that in actuality there is no separation between the individual and the physical matter which is created within your environment. It is a projection of yourself.

Therefore in allowing yourself less of an expression of separation Ė viewing yourself as a separate entity from your world, so to speak Ė you merely turn your attention to different aspects of yourself, identifying that the aspect of yourself that you wish to be discovering in physical location is the physical manifestation of water.

ANY individual may be accomplishing this action, for you all hold the same inner senses. This would be the engagement of your empathic sense and allowing yourself to empathically merge, so to speak, with your earth and explore what is contained within the actual physical matter of your earth.

JOE: Can you give me any specific guidelines or exercises in developing the empathic sense?

ELIAS: I have offered exercises previously which you may inquire to Michael of, concerning practicing in the expressions of the empathic sense.

Now; you may incorporate similar types of exercises in relation to this specific action that you are inquiring of, the location of physical water within your physical earth. As you allow yourself to turn your attention inward, engage your empathic sense in relation to your earth, allowing yourself, figuratively speaking, to become the earth, the ground, and as you become the earth, you also allow yourself to be experiencing what is contained within it, and as you identify the different elements that are contained within it, you also may allow yourself more specifically to identify actual locations of different elements within the matter of the earth.

JOE: Okay. Iím going to ask one more question about our 18th century focuses. Were we college professors at Oxford?


JOE: All right. That just came to me. Okay, this is great fun! Iím going to experiment with that, and then Iíll ask you to kind of verify my being correct the next time we talk, if thatís all right with you. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: And I shall be encouraging of you my friend!

JOE: Elias, Iíve been thinking a lot about Framework 2 and Regional Area 2. Are they basically ideas?


JOE: Ideas in the sense that theyíre an imaginative construct?

ELIAS: These are, in actuality, areas of consciousness. Now; understand that an area of consciousness is not necessarily a place in terms of physical locations, but they are areas of consciousness. In this, they may be associated with states of being rather than physical locations.

JOE: Okay, and not to interrupt you, but following along those lines, what Iím gleaning from this is, then, Regional Area 2 would permeate all of consciousness, as opposed to being in a corner of consciousness. Iím trying to correlate the idea, as you would think of it in normal physical construction versus nonphysical construction, like an All That Is sort of thing. So Regional Area 2 or Regional Area 25 or whatever would permeate and be available to every aspect of consciousness versus a place that you would literally have to go?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct. But I may also express to you that different areas of consciousness are associated with different expressions of consciousness. Therefore, although you are correct in the identification that any expression of consciousness is available to and an aspect of all of consciousness, it is also designated in identification in affiliation with certain expressions of consciousness.

In this example of Regional Area 2, or what you term to be Framework 2, the association is directly correlated with the expression of your physical dimension. Therefore, although it is available to and an aspect of all of consciousness ... for you yourself are all of consciousness, and all of consciousness is available to you within your individual manifestation. You are in actuality not separated from All That Is as consciousness, and neither is the designation of Regional Area 2.

But aspects of consciousness that we identify as essences create attentions in relation to certain functions and explorations in specific directions, and therefore certain areas of consciousness may be associated with certain other areas of consciousness in an affiliation with each other as different aspects of functions of those particular attentions of consciousness. Are you understanding?

JOE: Yes, I think so. I kind of get the impression that vocabulary in this instance is very limiting...

ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckling)

JOE: to an ability to explain it, but I think that I can understand it. As a part of consciousness, basically, its only definitive purpose would have to be with this dimension and not with, say, a gazillion other dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct. This is the aspect of its function and its affiliation with your physical dimension.

JOE: Okay. Then each dimension would have its own particular Regional Area 2, Regional Area 3, Regional Area 5?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is dependent upon the construct of the physical dimension itself. As I have expressed previously, you have designed a very intricate physical reality which holds many aspects and offers the opportunity for tremendous exploration and movement of consciousness. In this, as the design of this particular physical dimension is so very intricate and expansive, you create a network of areas of consciousness that shall allow for the expansiveness of experience of this particular physical dimension.

There are other dimensions which are created that do not incorporate the complexity that this particular dimension incorporates, and therefore there may not be a separation of subjective awareness, in a manner of speaking, or a concentration upon movement of energy and consciousness in the manner that you have created in this physical dimension. You create a specific design of movement of consciousness in this dimension which incorporates physical matter, expressions of singularity, separation of attentions, and the incorporation of a specific design of time. Therefore...

JOE: Framework 2, then, would be like a designation for a function inherent in this dimension that may not be necessary or may be incorporated with other functions for other dimensions?


JOE: Okay. I know Iím a little across the board here with these questions, but... (Elias chuckles)

We talked about cycles of blinking, in that each focus is one cycle or one blink of an essenceís attention. Am I correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

JOE: Now if thereís fifty focuses, is there a fifty-cycle blink, where it blinks fifty times in a specific cycle, one after the other? How does that work?

ELIAS: Each focus, in one manner of speaking, is one blink of the attention of a particular essence; but also in another manner of speaking, each focus is continuously blinking itself.

Allow yourself to be noticing your physical manifestation. In this, you create a physical body form. Your physical body form incorporates physical vision, and this physical vision is accomplished through the function of your physical eyes which, in your terms, blink.

Now; as you focus your attention upon any aspect of your reality within your physical environment, your attention is concentrated upon that manifestation, that experience, that exploration through that particular physical sense. For the most part, within your experience, you do not pay attention to the physical action of blinking with your eyes. Correct?

JOE: Correct.

ELIAS: Therefore, there appears to you to be an uninterrupted flow of attention and vision as you concentrate upon any aspect of your physical experience. But in actuality, in physical terms, there is a continuous interruption of your physical field of vision, for you are continuously creating this action of blinking.

In relation to a focus, the action is quite similar. Within your perception, which creates your reality in this one focus of attention, you are in actuality continuously blinking, but your attention is focused in this particular direction of experience. Therefore, it appears to you to be uninterrupted.

Also, in similar manner to your physical blinking of your eyes, you may be holding your attention upon one physical object and it may appear that your vision is uninterrupted, and you may also within a moment turn your attention, blink, and your physical vision shall instantly be focused upon another object and the previous object may not be incorporated within your physical vision. Therefore, within your field of vision, it no longer exists, in a manner of speaking. Your attention is not directed to it. At times the first object may continue to be held within your field of vision within your periphery, but your attention may be focused on another object.

This also is a similar action, in physical terms, to the occurrence of blinking in relation to a focus. As you blink and turn your attention, this focus appears to be eliminated, so to speak, or to disappear, for your attention is no longer focused upon it. But at times, you may be turning your attention in this action of blinking but also incorporating your periphery of awareness, and in that periphery you may continue to hold an awareness or a viewing of one focus, but engage your attention in the experience of another focus.

In a manner of speaking, as you offer yourself impressions concerning other focuses Ė as you have incorporated in this time framework in our discussion, allowing yourself to be noticing an impression concerning these teachers ó you are allowing yourself to be opening to your periphery of awareness, and what you engage in that action is allowing yourself to focus your attention in this particular manifestation and participating in the experience of this focus of attention, but also allowing yourself in the blinking to recognize other experiences that you are simultaneously creating.

JOE: Okay, now that brings up another question then, to me anyway. (Elias laughs) Now, how am I going to put this? Each focus of essence, it also exists whether I ... or does it exist whether I have my attention focused on it or not? Does it have its own consciousness, its own inertia?

You know, if Iím looking at an object, as we discussed Ė and I know Iím putting this poorly, but maybe you can see through to what Iím trying to question here Ė if Iím looking at an object, say a car, and I turn my attention away from the car, I subconsciously or subjectively know that the car exists. Iím not focusing on it, Iím paying my attention to something else, but here again, thatís not quite the type of attention that youíre talking about, is it?

ELIAS: Hmm, you are correct in one respect, but I may express to you, in physical terms the existence of an object is dependent upon your attention in creating it; but be remembering that there may be many individuals that are creating a similar object. The object itself without the involvement of your attention does not exist within your reality.

JOE: Does the focus exist? Does the focus exist as an object of attention? If essence blinks, in the time framework of that blink, does the focus exist?

ELIAS: Does the focus exist without attention?

JOE: Yes.

ELIAS: No. Attention is the creation OF the focus.

JOE: Okay then, I think the terminology here is confusing me: attention versus attentive to.

ELIAS: Ah! This is a distinction. The essence needs not be attentive to, and may continue to hold an aspect of attention.

JOE: Okay. All right. The terminology still had me a bit confused. So ďattentive toĒ does not correlate to ďattention of?Ē The focus exists but as an attention, but the essence may not necessarily be attentive to that focus all the time.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOE: Now does ... and here again itís confusing for me. If the essence is attentive to a particular focus, it experiences everything thatís going on in that particular focus at that particular instant. Am I right?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOE: At the same time, since it is not being attentive ... and here again I know time can... This is a hard concept. Itís not attentive to the other focuses, but in order to exist, naturally those other focuses are an attention of that essence. Correct?

ELIAS: Not entirely. You are creating a thought process in relation to what you know in this physical dimension in association with linear time, which is an aspect of what we have spoken of previously. You create translations in relation to what is known in this physical dimension.

Now; in this, you are viewing essence as an entity that is blinking in attentions, and that as one attention blinks out, the essence is no longer attentitive to that particular focus of attention and is paying attention, so to speak, to another focus, and this perception and thought process is created in association with your identification of time.

Consciousness does not incorporate this same association of time outside of your physical dimension. In actuality, time is simultaneous. Therefore, the attention is held with all of the focuses simultaneously, and it is also attentitive to each of the focuses simultaneously.

Now; I may express to you, there are aspects of consciousness, there are aspects of essence, which may be projected in specific areas, specific manifestations and directions, in which there is an attention, but the essence may not be attentitive to that attention.

This is the confusion which is expressed in the concept that an individual may be manifest within this physical dimension or another physical dimension and may disengage and may project an aspect of themself to another individual Ė or any manifestation within your physical dimension Ė and allow for the incorporation of experience in continuation within your physical dimension, but they are not remanifest. For that aspect of the individual that may be projected into your physical expression of this physical dimension shall not be held in attentitiveness, but there is an attention. For without the attention, it is not created.

JOE: Well, then am I right in assuming that the term ďblinkingĒ really isnít a time association term?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOE: Okay. Itís simply a... (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! In this, I am understanding of your association with time, and therefore in relation to your experience and your creation of your reality in this physical dimension, there is in actuality an incorporation of time in association with this blinking, but it is relative merely to this physical dimension and the experiences and associations of this physical dimension.

Outside of this physical dimension and experience, the action itself of blinking is not associated with time. You associate it with time, for this is an element of your physical reality.

JOE: Yes, and along this line of questioning I think Iíve just reached the limits of my vocabulary!

ELIAS: (Laughs) It is quite limiting to be engaging physical vocabulary for the means of communication, is it not? Ha ha! Quite challenging! (Laughing)

JOE: Yes, and I have to really think about this to see if I can even push this envelope any further, because I just donít have the vocabulary. (Elias laughs)

Okay, along another line, Iíve been reading these books on channeling, and I was just curious as to, in your opinion, whether I have the ability to do this. I know we all have the ability, but whether itís probable that I would try this.

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, this is your choice. As you are aware, you all hold the ability to be engaging that action. It is your choice whether you shall engage that type of action or not engage that type of action.

JOE: Yes, I think I knew the answer to that even before I asked it.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOE: Okay, Elias, is there anything that you would like to put out into the transcripts about the chakras? I know weíve barely brushed the surface of that, but is there anything that you particularly would like to say, to have transcribed, about the chakras that would be of information to anybody reading them?

ELIAS: I may express to you that information concerning these energy centers shall be offered in response to your own choice of questionings in relation to them.

My responsiveness is directly associated with your own direction of exploration and your attentions in your questioning, for you create questioning specifically in conjunction with your individual movements and in association with your involvement, so to speak, with this shift in consciousness and what you focus upon as being helpful to you in accomplishing this movement within this shift in consciousness ó and this is the point, as I have stated from the onset of this forum and this energy exchange.

I engage conversation with you and offer information to you in response to your questions in an action of helpfulness, so to speak, in your movement within this shift in consciousness.

JOE: And that helpfulness is deeply appreciated.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are quite welcome, my friend! Ha ha!

JOE: Well, Elias, next session Iíll have my ducks all in a row here. (Elias laughs) And I will try to access more information on our 18th century friendship, and Iím sure Iíll have questions along that line.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall engage discussion with you. (Laughing)

JOE: Well, until next time.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be encouraging of you in your exploration, and I shall be expressing to you to be incorporating fun in your playfulness with your new adventure. And you may be practicing with your mergence with your earth also! (Laughing)

JOE: Yes, as a matter of fact that is about to happen here shortly.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! To you, my friend, in great affection, I anticipate our next meeting and express to you, au revoir.

JOE: Take care old friend.

Elias departs at 12:42 PM.

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