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Thursday, February 01, 2001

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“Life on Mars”

“Blocking the Communication in Channeling”

“Projecting Aspects of Self into Creatures”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Kevin (Merrith).

Elias arrives at 3:15 PM. (Arrival time 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

KEVIN: Good evening, Herr Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Yes, and now we meet!

KEVIN: Yes. I’m out of Germany, and it’s a little bit difficult, maybe, to find the words. But I will try.

ELIAS: Very well, you may proceed!

KEVIN: Okay. First, I will read the questions for other people. Should I now read the first question?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, yes.

KEVIN: Okay. The first question is for Bernt L. He asks this: I need an entry for my dreams in relation to the planet Mars and the past of its population. There exist photos which look like buildings, the photos made by satellites. They show a giant face and some pyramids. Also, the structure of the planet shows that there existed water at one time. Can you tell me something about the past of Mars, when it was full of life? I hope to get an entry for my dreams, and also I think that I have a life there, but I’m not really sure. Thank you.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall express to you in response to this question, it is not a situation of offering information concerning the past. But what this individual is allowing himself to be viewing is a recognition that within this present now, piercing the veil of dimensional quality, there is in existence, so to speak, population and what you term to be civilization occupying that space arrangement of that particular planet.

What I am expressing is that although you view this particular planet through your sciences and you see no expression of life, in your terms, in actuality you are viewing this planet within your individual dimension. There are many dimensions which all occupy the same space arrangement.

The individual is correct in the impression that they hold a focus in that particular dimension in which there are manifestations upon that planet. Therefore, I shall validate and verify the impression that there is a participation of this individual in relation to that particular planet. It is merely expressed within a different dimension to this dimension that you presently occupy.

KEVIN: And the dream? The person asked ... I don’t know if you said about the...

ELIAS: Yes, this is the association in an offering of information that he has participated in a focus upon that particular planet, and I am validating of that and expressing that it is not in relation to a past time, but rather in relation to a different dimension.

KEVIN: Yes; okay. He’s got more time for that one minute. Could you say how he can find a better connection to the dream of it, to the dimension?

ELIAS: He may be engaging this action in dream state or in the action of meditation, allowing himself to be focusing upon that particular manifestation and relaxing, and in that action, he may be allowing himself to view more of the actual manifestation itself, recognizing that that particular manifestation is another focus of himself, of his essence, which is focused within a different dimension but occupying the same space as the same planet.

KEVIN: Okay, the same space. “Thank you for that,” he said.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

KEVIN: Okay. The second question is from Marlies. She calls herself Mallory – I think it’s her essence name. The first question of hers is: I am channeling. With some questions, I think that I am blocking the answers. Therefore I want to ask you, I had a vision of being part of the energy while channeling. Can you tell me what kind of connection exists between me and the energy?

ELIAS: I may express that the energy connection, in your terms, is a recognition that what is being expressed is being offered by another aspect of the individual herself.

Now; in this, the expression is, in actuality, an action of channeling, which is to be distinguished from an energy exchange which is the action of this particular phenomenon that is accomplished with myself and Michael.

The action that this individual is engaging is a channeling of energy of the essence that projects that focus. Therefore, the energy is partially objectively familiar to the individual, and there is a recognition of what she terms as connection. The recognition is that this communication is being offered by other aspects of that essence from other areas of consciousness.

Now; in relation to blocking the communication, as she recognizes that there is no threatening expression or action in this type of communication, and that it is being offered through the energy of her own essence, and that the information is valid and is not less valid as it is being offered through an action of channeling rather than an energy exchange of more than one essence, she may allow herself to relax and allow the flow, not questioning the validity of what is being expressed, and recognizing that it is no less valid information even in the incorporation of some aspects of distortion.

The action of blocking this experience is being created from a doubt within self as to the validity and the distortion factor which may be incorporated in the communication. You may express to the individual from myself, it matters not. The information may be beneficial regardless of aspects of distortion.

KEVIN: (Laughing) I didn’t understand half of the words, okay? (Elias laughs) But it is recorded.

Okay, she’s got a second question: The energy tells me often that I am in a stage of practicing and that the contact will widen at a later time. What does this mean, and how and what will the contact be widening?

ELIAS: The contact, so to speak, shall be more expressive futurely as she allows herself to be opening and becoming more familiar with self.

Presently, there is a movement occurring within herself to be widening her awareness, and in that widening of awareness, there is an allowance for more interaction with essence. In that action, the communication is being offered by this aspect of essence in reassurance to her, that as she allows herself a trust and allows herself to be relaxing in the engagement of this action, more information shall be offered to her in what she terms to be the contact of the other aspect of this essence.

KEVIN: Okay. I will go to her third question. Why do I create a hurting right leg, abdomen, and backaches? I am not totally aware of when and why I do that, and which situations are likely to create this. Can you say something about this?

ELIAS: My offering in relation to the creation of these physical manifestations is that the individual be paying attention to what they are creating and engaging in the moment, for this is significant.

This individual creates these physical manifestations in moments in which there is a discounting of self and an experience or an association with a lack of trust of their own expression. This is created within the moments that this individual is experiencing doubt concerning what she is creating and how she is expressing herself.

Now; at times, this is created in moments in which the individual is what you term to be alone, physically. It is not dependent upon interaction with other individuals. This particular physical expression is exhibited within time frameworks in which the individual is discounting or doubting, and allowing an expression of guilt or a lack of trust in her own ability to be accomplishing in her expressions.

Therefore, it is significant to pay attention to what is occurring within the moment, for what she is creating in the moment and the associations that are occurring are what is triggering this manifestation physically.

KEVIN: Hmm. She’s got more time. I could ask you for any information about her, as a person now, Marlies/Mallory? Have you anything to say to this person?

ELIAS: I may express encouragement to this individual, for there is a movement in widening of awareness, and I may also be encouraging in expressing to this individual the suggestion that she not allow herself to succumb to fear in her interaction with essence, and also to be paying attention to the strictness that she incorporates with self. This may be significant. In allowing herself to relax more frequently and not incorporate such an intensity of seriousness, it may be quite helpful also to the relief in the physical expressions.

KEVIN: She knows her essence name. Can you say something about the focus or the tone, maybe, of her?

ELIAS: What is the nature of your inquiry in relation to the tone?

KEVIN: I don’t know (laughs). I think it’s better if I ask the questions for the next person, because this is all for Marlies.

ELIAS: Very well.

KEVIN: Okay, bitte. The next person is Mark R, and he asks three questions: Please tell me my essence name, essence family, alignment, orientation and tone. Start with the essence name, please.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Pinzu, P-I-N-Z-U (PIN zoo). Essence family, Tumold; alignment in this focus, Vold; orientation, common. Is the inquiry as to tone an inquiry of color?


ELIAS: Very well. Identification of signature color with this individual, harvest amber.

KEVIN: Hmm. Okay. The second question is, what is the reason for my problems to understand the way my son Jens is sometimes interacting with me? (17-second pause)

ELIAS: In response to this question, I may express to the individual to be paying attention to self, not to be paying attention in intensity to the interaction of the son, so to speak, but to be noticing and paying attention to his own expressions and behaviors. For I may express that what he is projecting in his own expressions from the energy that he is creating within self, he is also reflecting to himself in the recognition of interaction with this other individual.

Therefore, in noticing what he is engaging within self and the type of energy that is being projected and the automatic associations that are being created within self, he may be allowing himself new choices in his interaction, and therefore may be creating a different type of interaction.

It is not what you term to be a problem with the other individual. It is an expression of himself, and this is what holds significance to be noticing.

KEVIN: Okay. Have you any information about this special son called Jens, this child, maybe?

ELIAS: Not within this context, no. For the importance which may be communicated is to the father, and holding the attention in relation to that role and the associations that this individual holds in correlation with that particular role as the parent, and his own noticing of his own expression of energy.

I wish not to be distracting the attention of this individual in a continuation of looking to the son rather than looking to self, for this is the point, and the automatic expression of this individual is to be projecting his attention to the son and questioning that aspect of the interaction, rather than viewing his own creation and looking within self and examining his own energy and his own creations through expression and behavior.

KEVIN: Okay. He’s got a third question: What sort of experience was it I had some years ago in Munich? I felt like I was able to watch many parallel lives, like the grooves on a record. I was diving into this or that life, and I am not sure if I ended in the life where I started from.

ELIAS: I am understanding. In this, you may express to the individual that he has allowed himself an introduction to self in that experience.

What has been allowed is an objective physical experience of momentarily dropping the veils of separation between the different focuses of his essence. These are all aspects of himself in this expression of essence, as he is all of these individuals and all of them are present simultaneously. But for the most part, you do not allow yourselves to view other focuses simultaneously, for this may be confusing to you, as you have designed this particular physical dimension to be expressing attentions singularly.

In this particular experience, as he turned his attention and began engaging an actual movement objectively in widening his awareness individually in relation to this shift in consciousness, he allowed himself to momentarily drop these veils of separation and not merely view other focuses, but experience the reality of these other focuses of his essence as himself.

KEVIN: Okay, he has more time for himself. What do you ... maybe something to say about his life and this person?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you, this individual holds tremendous potential, so to speak, to easily allow himself to view in much more detail other focuses of his essence. This is an expression that he allows in ease, and in this may offer himself interesting information concerning self, but not to be moving into that type of action with self to the point of distraction. For this individual leans in a direction of creating distraction easily, and in that action is not paying attention to self and allowing himself the type of awareness and the responses to his own questions as he wishes to be.

This individual creates much movement in holding his attention outside of self in great quantities of time. Therefore, in seeking more of a familiarity with self and allowing himself to be creating an objective understanding of how he is creating his reality and what he is creating within his reality, it may be quite beneficial to be noticing the oftenness of the attention being projected outside of self, and offer himself the opportunity to stop and relax and turn his attention to self, rather than holding the attention outside of self so very often.

KEVIN: This person said that he wants to give another person a little bit of time for their problem, their question, and it’s a little question, a small question. The person is Brigitte G, and the question is, may we have essence name and focus, and the tone?

ELIAS: You are inquiring to essence name, families and color?


ELIAS: Are you wishing for orientation also?

KEVIN: She said she got that.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, (pause) Thelma, T-H-E-L-M-A; essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda (12 second pause). One moment. This individual, I may express, has engaged in what you term to be recent fragmentation. This information that is being offered presently is in relation to the new essence which this focus is an aspect of – you may offer this to this individual. As to the identification of color tone, violet-red.

KEVIN: Okay. I think that’s it for Brigitte. She had just a little small question.

And there is another person, the last person. Her name is Antoinette M. She asks, please tell me my essence name, essence family, alignment, orientation and tone. Spell it, please, and the focus.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Lyonn, L-Y-O-N-N (lion); essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Gramada; orientation, common; color tone, aqua blue. (Pause)

KEVIN: The focus number?

ELIAS: Are you wishing for numbering of focuses in this physical dimension?


ELIAS: Very well. Totally numbering of focuses in this physical dimension, 933.

KEVIN: She’s got a second question, maybe some more about herself, focuses maybe? She wants to know it.

ELIAS: And I shall present the challenge to this individual to be investigating of other focuses, and once allowing herself the experience of investigating other focuses of her essence, she may present the identifications of them to myself futurely, and I shall validate. (Chuckles)

KEVIN: Okay. Then she wants to know something about the behavior of her cat.

ELIAS: And what is the nature of the concern in relation to this creature?

KEVIN: I don’t know what she would say.

ELIAS: She is inquiring as to the creature’s behavior in relation to what movement?

KEVIN: I think ... I don’t know. She didn’t say what behavior it is.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Express to this individual that she may be presenting this question to myself in specific, and I shall be responding also in specific. Express to this individual to allow themself to be clear in the nature of their questioning, and therefore they shall also allow themselves to be clear in the understanding of my response.

KEVIN: Okay, I think that’s okay for that person. And the rest of this hour I ask my questions! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Very well!

KEVIN: Okay. My family wants to know — I want to know – what kind of connection has my mother got with me and my family now?

ELIAS: And what is your impression, my friend?

KEVIN: I thought I met her in animals, maybe – one, two, three animals – and in a dream. I don’t know.

ELIAS: Express to me your identification of this individual in your interaction with these creatures.

KEVIN: Just ... hmm. Just the presence of mental ... mental presence. My mother is dead, and the ambience maybe, I mean...

ELIAS: (Nodding and smiling in agreement) I am understanding.

KEVIN: (Laughing) Okay. Animals came, and there was maybe a fun or a friendly mental presence of, like, the same way she was.

ELIAS: Quite. Now; I shall express to you, acknowledge yourself, my friend, for you have allowed yourself to be paying attention to energy and expressions of energy.

Now; in this, do not confuse yourself in associating with the belief that this individual has manifest within a creature, for this is not the situation. But I may express to you that this individual has chosen to be projecting several aspects of self into other manifestations that continue within your physical dimension and your physical reality, and what you have allowed yourself is the paying attention to these expressions of different aspects of your reality and noticing the familiarity in the energy signature.

Therefore, I am acknowledging of you that you allow yourself to be paying attention, and you are offering yourself this awareness in identifying the differences of energies.

In your terms, my friend, very good! Ha ha ha!

KEVIN: (Laughs) Okay! And she is ... how is she now, she is very good? She’s got no message or ... because we didn’t say really goodbye to her.

ELIAS: It matters not. This is your own association within self, which is influenced by your beliefs. But the individual is not experiencing or associating any expression of what you term to be negativity. In actuality, these projections of aspects of herself into these other physical manifestations is a type of physical reflection of what the individual is creating within other areas of consciousness.

This is a quite playful expression, and this particular focus, or individual in your terms, creates quite an expression of playfulness in other areas of consciousness, and is exploring other manners of manipulating energy in a playful manner.

KEVIN: Oh, okay. I’ve got three minutes now for me!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

KEVIN: And I really want to know ... my aim is that my imagination becomes more real, and my reality becomes more magical, and material should be changeable. (Elias chuckles) And do you say to me that it is possible from this state, or from this stage that I am?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Yes, quite, my friend! Ha ha! Although I may express to you, in your actual engagement of that action, you may also incorporate some elements of confusion! Ha ha ha! For you may be experiencing your waking physical reality in like manner to a dream, and you may be experiencing other aspects of reality in the manner in which you create your objective waking experience.

I may express to you, this is in actuality not uncommon, and in this time framework, as you are inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, you may be, in your terms, closer to this action than you realize. Ha ha!

KEVIN: Okay! I called myself in the past Johnny, and now Kevin, and my real name is Georg. What is my essence name, you think?

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you that you are associating with these different physical namings as they are also associated with other focuses of your essence. They are not in actuality the expression of your essence tone or what you term to be your essence name.

In identification of essence name, I express to you, Merrith, M-E-R-R-I-T-H.

KEVIN: Quick, maybe, or quickly, have I something to do with John Lennon? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you that you identify an association with that individual, for in actuality you express many similarities in personality type, and this is your recognition and your draw to this individual.

KEVIN: But not active?

ELIAS: I may express also, if you are inquiring, that you have engaged another focus of essence in physical manifestation with the essence that created that particular focus of this individual.

KEVIN: Oh! That’s great!

ELIAS: And if you are allowing yourself, my friend, you may be exploring that focus in which you both share experiences.

KEVIN: What did you say? I didn’t understand.

ELIAS: You may be allowing yourself to investigate and explore your experience in another focus with that individual. Not THIS focus, but you do create an interaction with that individual in another focus.

KEVIN: Okay, I think I’m ... my life is nearer to me than John Lennon’s, and it’s okay. But maybe I will speak to you another time, a second time, but now the hour is over.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our continued interaction, and in the interim, I shall be offering my expression of energy to you, and we shall be playful together, shall we not?

KEVIN: Okay, we shall. (Elias laughs) We’ll be. Okay?

ELIAS: Very well. I extend to you great encouragement in your continued adventure, and offer to you great affection as I express, au revoir.

KEVIN: Thank you. Thank you, Elias. Bye!

Elias departs at 4:11 PM.

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