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Sunday, March 25, 2001

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ďExchange, Individual Worth, and Monetary ExpressionsĒ

ďDeciding to Put Down a Pet ... Or NotĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Sherry (Seale).

Elias arrives at 12:10 PM. (Arrival time 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SHERRY: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) How shall we proceed this morning?

SHERRY: Oh, quickly! (Laughing)


SHERRY: Well, itís been a long time before Iíve been able to get back with you, and Iíve got a lot of things!

ELIAS: Very well, you may proceed.

SHERRY: Okay. About that shaking Iíve been experiencing Ė do you know what thatís about, that vibration every now and then? It feels like somebodyís shaking me back and forth, or moving me back and forth.

ELIAS: First of all, prior to my offering of explanation, attempt to be offering to myself your impression concerning this vibration.

SHERRY: I donít know; Iíve had several ... well, I havenít heard that you do something like that, but that came to my mind, that was a possibility, or somethingís trying to communicate with me or letting me know that theyíre there.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this is a movement that is occurring in cooperation. Your impression that I am cooperating and there is involvement of my energy in these time frameworks is correct, although it is not an expression which is solely offered from my energy to you. It is a cooperation of your energy and my energy in specific time frameworks, to be gaining your attention in the moment to what you are participating in and what you are creating in that moment. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: You mean like Iím supposed to be noticing that I am creating something or ... you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Yes, and what you are participating in within that moment. These are offerings of communication, in a manner of speaking, to be gaining your attention that you allow yourself to be noticing and paying attention to what is occurring in those particular moments, for this may be beneficial for you objectively in your movement in understanding how you are creating your reality and what is influencing your perception in the moment. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Oh, okay. Now, Iíve got so many, and theyíre not in any order because I didnít have time to really settle myself before I started calling Mary.

Can you tell me my color vibration or my tone?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. I shall express to you, the translation of this vibrational color tone within your physical reality may be expressed as a metallic gold.

SHERRY: Oh, yuck!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! In actuality, this is a quite powerful expression of vibrational quality.

SHERRY: Well, Iím kind of getting that understanding. But metallic gold ... I mean, a gold is like a gold-ish color, so what does the metallic look like? I mean, how does this look like?

ELIAS: Within your physical translation in your actual physical viewing of a color, what you may view as the expression of this particular color would be a bright gold, that which you may assess as shining, in your terms.

SHERRY: I know, but itís still yellow, not white.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Oh, no! (Elias chuckles) Okay. Well then, how come I always like white gold and not yellow gold? Thatís interesting!

ELIAS: What holds significance is that you identify the aspect of gold.

Now; you also create a translation in association with the white, for this is influenced through your beliefs in association with the expression of white as being an expression of spirituality.

SHERRY: Oh, okay. Like purity and all that stuff?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Okay. Oh my, isnít this interesting. Well, letís see. Question: Iím not understanding everything thatís happening; Iím sure you can relate to that. But first, I have this opportunity of going into business with Adrian, the Native American artist, and I want to know if that is most efficient or less efficient, or more efficient, I should say.

ELIAS: Once again, offer to me your impression.

SHERRY: I think itís really exciting, because itís me creating what I wanted to create with good quality artists and supporting creativity in this plane and in this shift, and I have that ability, and creating the whole business, being a part of the ground floor. I have that desire, or have had that desire, and this is like the answer to that.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And I may also express to you, do not be discounting of yourself and altering your terms in questioning of yourself. You began your expression acknowledging yourself that you do hold this ability to be creating this type of movement, and you altered that expression and expressed rather that you hold this desire, not ability.

It is significant that you continue to acknowledge yourself, and not merely express that you hold a desire but you also do hold the ability to be creating this type of movement, and in this, offering yourself a fuller expression of value fulfillment as you create another expression of your own individual value fulfillment in offering what you may identify as your individual contribution to the movement artistically in relation to this shift in consciousness.

Now; it has been purposeful that I have inquired of you what your impression is prior to my offering of response to your question, for this offers you the opportunity to be acknowledging of yourself and to validate within yourself your own movement and to express outwardly a knowing of your abilities, and therefore also offering yourself a quelling of the questioning that you present yourself with inwardly in relation to your ability.

I may express to you, you have created quite well in your movement, directing your energy into the expression of what you want, and allowing yourself an objective manifestation of that as you continue to reinforce yourself in recognition of your ability, not merely to be creating, but also to be drawing to yourself that which you view as significant in the expressions of other individuals in relation to what you wish to be creating.

Therefore, I offer my acknowledgment to you also in what you have allowed yourself in your movement. I may express to you, my friend, well done! (Chuckling)

SHERRY: Thank you. Yeah, Ďcause Iím really seeing it! (Laughing) Itís amazing! (Elias laughs) I have so much questioning, and I know that limits me. Itís like I drive myself crazy trying to think is this right? Is this and this and this or ... do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: I am understanding, but recognize also that as you continue with your movement, you also continue to be reinforcing your trust of yourself. Regardless that you also continue to question your movement, simultaneously you are acknowledging of yourself and you are offering yourself objective evidence of your own movement; and in this, you create wonderment and surprise at the ease of your own expressions and your ability in genuineness to be creating precisely what you want.

SHERRY: Okay. Iím struggling with equal exchange of energy to me. I feel like our world Ė this physical plane Ė got way out of kilter or whatever. I know thatís a judgment but thatís what I feel, so thatís what Iím working with. In my relationships, I want to have equal exchange of energy, where both people feel supported or whatever, and Iím not sure what that is Ė you know what I mean? Because itís like with all the beliefs and all the judgments and stuff, itís hard for me to understand what that is exactly.

So thatís what I was gonna ask you, how do I recognize that? Because I was talking to this man and he was saying I can have 20 percent of any print or painting or sculpture that he does, I mean that I sell as a PR. But then thereís the other part of me, doing the web page and the basics, keeping track of the paperwork, and I was asking him for 15 dollars an hour for that. To me that seems reasonable, Ďcause I have skills and levels, and I see things fairly quickly; I donít waste a lot of time. Because Iíve been discounted so much or because I live in this world where everything has to be so much money or people are going after it, I donít know if thatís fair or not.

ELIAS: I am understanding of the struggle that you are engaging and the challenge that you present to yourself in this subject matter.

Now; let me first of all identify for you that this identification of challenge that you present yourself with springs from what you may recognize as religious beliefs. Be remembering, much of your associations and influences in relation to your perception are associated with your beliefs.

Many of your beliefs you may not necessarily objectively recognize immediately, for they are camouflaged. Individuals within your physical dimension quite often in this time framework camouflage many of the beliefs that they hold in association with mass belief systems, for they create objective movements and actions in which they suggest to themselves that they have eliminated certain beliefs within their particular focus.

Let me express to you once again, no individual within your physical dimension eliminates any of the beliefs or aspects of the beliefs that are expressed within your physical dimension, even within the movement of this shift. You are not eliminating beliefs or belief systems. You are, as I have stated many times, moving into the expression of acceptance of them and therefore neutralizing their automatic responses within yourself and opening yourself to more choices and new freedom.

Now; in this, metaphysical beliefs that are expressed within this present time framework in your physical dimension are another extension of religious beliefs. In this, the metaphysical belief which is held en masse presently is that as you engage actions with other individuals in relation to services or what you define as business, there is expressed an expectation that there shall be created an exchange of energy. In this exchange of energy, it is defined in relation to an action exchanged for monetary equivalent. Are you following thus far?


ELIAS: Very well. Now; let me express to you, genuinely, in actuality, this particular belief influences many, many, many of your expressions within your physical dimension, not merely that which you term to be business exchanges but also in relationships in their physical expressions.

You all create this association as influenced by your beliefs concerning the exchange of energy. Even individuals that do not engage exchanges with other individuals but create a singularity of attention in relation to spirituality hold an expectation of exchange of energy in equal proportion.

But in returning to your confusion and the challenge that you offer to yourself in this particular subject matter and your direction of movement in relation to the exchange between yourself and other individuals as associated in an exchange of energy in equal proportion, I may express to you different aspects of this subject matter that you may be allowing yourself to evaluate and examine, and in this, you may offer yourself more of an expression of freedom.

First of all, allow yourself to examine how you assess your individual worth. For many times, you, individually, discount your worth, and you express this outwardly in relation to other individuals in the translation into monetary expression in ďless than.Ē Are you understanding thus far?

SHERRY: Yes. Thatís why I didnít want to accept less than 15 dollars an hour, because Iím comfortable with that, and Iím not comfortable with less than that because then to me thatís saying that I AM discounting myself, Ďcause normally I recognize that I DO do that.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; in recognizing this, first of all, subsequently you may move yourself into the examination of the influence of the belief of exchange; for in actuality, this is not the point. You are always exchanging, and I may express to you, in energy you are always exchanging in what may be termed as equal measure. It may not appear to be the situation objectively, but that is the influence of your beliefs and also it is the influence of your assessment of self. For as you assess your worth of self to be ďless than,Ē you create an outward expression of expectation of more, to be, in a manner of speaking, compensating for what you are not offering to yourself.

Now; in THIS identification, let me express to you, the movement of this shift in consciousness is, as I have stated, accelerating. One of the expressions which is in progress in this shift in consciousness is an alteration of your physical exchange in relation to monetary expressions.

SHERRY: Right, and I picked that up. I understand that. Iím just having trouble in how to do it the new way.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your confusion.

Now; what I express to you is not that you concern yourself with a movement in the elimination of your accepted official reality which continues in this present now and does incorporate monetary exchange in the expression of finances; what I AM expressing to you is that you may begin redefining your movement and your direction in relation to this subject matter, and the manner in which you may be accomplishing this is to be re-evaluating what you are creating, moving your perception slightly in a different direction.

Now; this movement of perception is expressed in recognizing your abilities, your motivation, your worth, and holding your attention upon self. In this expression, you discontinue the expectations of what may be expressed by other individuals, and you allow yourself to express your creativity and your wants outwardly objectively, and you allow for the natural flow of the manifestation of that.

Now; as you continue to hold your attention upon self and not upon the other individual, you create less and less doubt and wavering concerning your creation, and you create less expectation in relation to the other individual.

Now; example: you may be creating your objective expression of your particular choice of creativity. In this particular time framework, as you continue to incorporate a monetary exchange for services, so to speak, you may attach a particular assignment of fee, so to speak, for that service that you provide.

Now; in holding your attention upon self and not allowing your attention to be held outside of yourself upon the other individual and the expectations which are projected in that action, you merely create a particular expression and do not question the worthiness of that. In that expression, you project outwardly an energy which is received by other individuals, and as you are not questioning, they also shall not question.

SHERRY: I see.

ELIAS: The significance is held in what you want Ė not necessarily what may be offered to you by other individuals Ė but what YOU want to be creating, as it is an expression of your value fulfillment and that value fulfillment shall draw to you the benefits that may accompany your natural expression. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Yep, actually I am! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

Okay, then I have ... oh, I donít want to run out of time before I ask these questions, and I really appreciate this Ďcause I do understand what you just said.

I have concern about my dog because sheís in pain, her back end, and Iíve tried energy work with her but it doesnít get any better. Sheís 14 1/2, and itís my belief that I wanted to keep her longer and that she could stay longer if she so chose. But I donít understand, if sheís in pain and sheís not leaving, am I supposed to be the one to let her go, to put her down or something? I donít want her to be in pain, and I donít want to put her down if she wants to stay.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, you hold choices in this situation. I am understanding of your concern. Let me offer an encouragement to you. You may be creating a choice, and you need not be incorporating worry or guilt in relation to the choice that you express. As example, you may choose to be engaging an action of involvement with your physicians, so to speak, in which you may be facilitating the disengagement of this creature.

Now; in this present now, you incorporate confusion and some aspects of hesitation and guilt at the prospect of this type of choice. Let me express to you, if the creature is not in agreement with you in that type of action, the creature shall not disengage. You may not choose for any other manifestation of consciousness within your physical dimension the moment of their disengagement. They shall choose for themselves, and if any expression of consciousness is not in agreement or not choosing to be disengaging within a particular moment, it shall not, and it shall matter not what you attempt to incorporate to be expressing that disengagement for them or facilitating that disengagement. (Very deliberately) It shall not be accomplished if it is not their choice also. This holds to every expression of consciousness.

Let me express to you, if the creature is in agreement with this expression and with this choice that you engage, it shall be accomplished, and you need not be incorporating any expression of guilt or concern. If a creature is not in agreement, you may engage this type of action and it shall not be accomplished; the creature shall not disengage. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Okay, so if I got some medication or I wanted to give her a shot to let her leave by just going to sleep, like some chemical junk which I donít even believe in, but if I did that and if she wanted to disengage, then she would disengage? But youíre saying even if I give her something thatís lethal, if she doesnít want to disengage, she wonít?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Oh, good. Well, why canít I know ahead of time?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, it matters not. For you may create your choice, and your choice shall be expressed through your intuition, and it shall be expressed in agreement with the creature.

I may express to you, it is extremely rare that individuals may be creating a choice of this type in which the creature is not in agreement with them. I may express to you, it is also extremely rare in which individuals may participate in certain types of actions, that you may term to be lethal, in which it may not be accomplished, but this is not to say that this type of action does not occur.

SHERRY: But if she wants to go and sheís in pain, why doesnít she just go in her sleep?

ELIAS: And I may express to you, my friend, also, many times creatures that you identify and define as companions, or that you label as pets, do not create this type of choice, for their choice is to be disengaging with the involvement of their companion.

SHERRY: Great.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, contrary to the perception of many individuals within your physical dimension, creatures recognize the expression of interconnectedness of consciousness and the sharing of experience within your physical dimension.

Now; in this, those creatures that are manifest in the expression of companionship with you as individuals choose to be expressing that interconnectedness objectively in sharing experiences with you continuously. Even within their choices for disengagement, there is a desire to be sharing that experience as a participation of interconnectedness between you.

SHERRY: So, she is ready ... am I right about that?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

SHERRY: I mean, sheís ready to go.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Oh no, so Iíve been keeping her here!


SHERRY: Oh, because otherwise she would have gone.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: But I donít want her in pain. Okay, so I will now get ready ... thank you so, so much because that step is going to be so hard.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this is not an offering of information that you may be incorporating expressing to yourself any absolute direction of choice. Be remembering, you hold choices, and whichever choice you incorporate, also be remembering that the point that is being expressed is the sharing of experience between yourself and the creature. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Yes, but Iím also understanding that sheís in pain. I mean, sheís not happy like she used to be, so I donít want to share that with her.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

SHERRY: Okay, but you know me; I doubt myself. I just wanted to make sure. I didnít want to be taking away her choice. If she wanted to go ... I didnít understand why, if she was in pain, why she didnít go, and I gave her permission to go. (Emotionally)

ELIAS: I am understanding, my friend, and I may be assuring to you, you may not be creating a choice for this creature or for any other manifestation of consciousness. Each manifestation shall create its own choice. It may choose in cooperation with you, but you may not choose for it. Therefore, it is not your responsibility, and you need not be incorporating guilt or questioning of yourself that you may be creating an action that the creature is not in agreement with.

SHERRY: Okay. Oh gosh, there are so many things! (Elias chuckles) Letís see, Iím still working on understanding translations. Okay, you know what? I donít understand. I mean, I understand but I donít understand. So is there anything ... and Iím still dealing with George; I mean, Iím still choosing to interact with him, and he still is expressing that he doesnít get how to take responsibility, how to change. Is there anything that you can offer to me to share with him about that? Or is he really not wanting it?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, the most valuable offering of helpfulness that you may express to this or any other individual is that of example, not necessarily of concept or words.

SHERRY: Okay, well, Iíll just continue creating. The lady Iím here with, Iíve done energy work on her, sheís in a lot of pain, and she just found out that she has cancer in her spine. Iíve been trying to give her information about that she can change her reality. Is there anything else that I can do? What is my connection with her? This is the lady Iím staying with.

ELIAS: I may express to you, this is an experience and a relationship that you are creating in purposefulness, to offer to you a clearer understanding of your movement and the creation of reality.

In this, you are attempting to be offering helpfulness, which I am understanding. But I may also express to you, you may be more efficiently offering helpfulness in merely accepting the choice of the other individual. What has been created is not an accident, and it is not an expression of malfunction or broken. The individual needs not be fixed.

You are correct, that if so choosing, the individual may be altering the reality and altering this choice and may be creating a different choice of physical expression. But I express to you, the individual is not choosing in this present now the probabilities of altering her expression.

SHERRY: Oh no. So sheís looking toward disengaging?

ELIAS: In this present now, the concentration is not necessarily upon disengagement but in the creation of the physical expression and the continuation of it.

SHERRY: Right. I mean, I get that part loud and clear.

ELIAS: Therefore, the expression of helpfulness that you may offer, which may be accepted, is an offering of acceptance of her creation, and that it is not wrong or bad, it is merely a choice and it matters not. And you may be expressing a genuineness of compassion in the genuine expression of essence in an acceptance of this choice and not in attempting to be altering or suggesting of an alteration of the choice.

What this expression offers to the other individual is a recognition that they are not malfunctioning, that they are not inadequately creating their reality, that they ARE powerfully creating their reality; and as that is expressed to the individual, the individual thusly may be recognizing objectively within their own reality the strength of their own energy in how they create their reality, and this offers them the objective suggestion that they do hold choice.

SHERRY: Oh, that makes sense. I understand that. So have she and I been together before?

ELIAS: You do engage other focuses together, yes.

SHERRY: Okay, I recognize that. What about me and Adrian?

ELIAS: Yes, you hold participation in other focuses also.

SHERRY: So time is almost out. What is most helpful for me at this point?

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you, be noticing of the moments in which you are experiencing that vibrational quality. For in those moments, you are offering yourself the opportunity to view how you are holding your attention outside of you, and this offers you the opportunity to draw your attention back to self in the now and to be expressing from your attention within self, and not expressing automatic responses in relation to beliefs and the expressions of other individuals. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Ah, yes!

ELIAS: This may be helpful to you. Therefore, be aware of this exchange and that it is a communication to be drawing your attention to self. Also, I may express to you to be observing self in relation to other individuals in the time frameworks in which you are attempting to be expressing energy to be fixing. (Pause)

SHERRY: Even when they ask me?

ELIAS: Yes, for this is an automatic association within individuals. Your automatic association in your reality is that there are aspects of your reality that are broken and therefore need be fixed. But you have offered yourself information which allows you to widen your awareness and recognize that all choices are purposeful and that there is no aspect of your reality that is broken.

Therefore, recognize that even in the expression of another individual in request to be fixing, you may be responsive but you may also be recognizing that the individual needs not be fixed. This shall move your response differently for you shall alter your perception, and therefore your expression to the other individual shall be different and shall incorporate more of a genuine supportiveness. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Yes. The last question is, what are the birds doing? (Laughs) I mean, I go outside and hereís this crow talking. I know heís communicating with me, but do I understand the language? No! Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) It is merely an offering of energy. You are allowing yourself to be noticing, and in this, you also provide yourself with an opportunity to be paying attention to your empathic sense and listening to your communications within yourself, and this, as you practice, shall be influencing of your interaction with individuals also.

SHERRY: Iíve been trying to contact you, but obviously I havenít been able to hear you myself.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are recognizing my participation in energy expression with you!

SHERRY: Oh, you mean the shaking Ė yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, do not be discounting of yourself! Ha ha ha ha!

SHERRY: (Laughing) Well, I guess itís time to go, and I donít want to go over because Maryís expecting somebody else. I really, really appreciate this interaction, and I hope I can talk to you again before long Ė not so long, you know.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I offer tremendous encouragement to you in your continuation of your adventure and your exploration. I also offer to you, once again, great affection until our next meeting, and I shall continue to be offering an expression of energy to you. This morning, to you, au revoir.

SHERRY: Thank you very much. Bye!

Elias departs at 1:10 PM.

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