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Monday, March 19, 2001

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ďDiscovering Your Genuine Wants and PreferencesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and John (Rrussell).

Elias arrives at 11:17 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOHN: Good morning! Questions,right. (Elias chuckles) I didnít know where to start, actually. In general, I want to talk about how I find myself here.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOHN: Right; and I found myself here anyway, and I donít know if I like it here.

ELIAS: Ah! And this was your aspiration for a time period, was it not, to be locating yourself in this physical area? (Chuckling)

JOHN: Quite!

ELIAS: Now; this presents an interesting situation which is quite common in the experiences of many individuals, not merely yourself. For within your thought processes, as you are viewing your reality outside of yourself, in similar subject matter as we have spoken yestereve, individuals may be creating thoughts that they desire to be in a different position than they are presently. Are you following?

JOHN: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. As I have stated, this is a quite common experience with many individuals.

The individual is experiencing some confusion or frustration, such as yourself, and attempting to be assessing their situation and what they are creating within their reality, and viewing that there are aspects of their reality that they assess as lacking. Therefore, you set your sights, so to speak, in a direction of creating a different expression in your reality with the assumption that this change or alteration of your reality shall also bring forth changes within your experience that you may find more satisfying than what you are creating in the present now; but many times you create the type of experience that you are engaging presently.

You engage this change or this alteration; you change your environment. You view yourself to be moving, not merely physically but also what we may term to be internally, and you accomplish the change, and you view yourself not to be satisfied with this change, and this creates confusion, once again. And in this confusion you sit with yourself and you express to yourself, ďWhat am I creating? Why is this not satisfactory to myself?Ē

Now; let me explain quite simply to you, my friend, you may locate yourself in a different physical region, you may move yourself physically to another country, you may move yourself to another area of consciousness beyond this physical dimension, but you shall accompany you wherever you choose to move. (Chuckling)

Therefore, what you are seeking is not in actuality the alteration of the outside scenario, circumstances, location. This is not what you are seeking out and are driven to within yourself. What you are actually seeking is a satisfying of yourself within yourself, and in this, the question may be posed, what is the nature of what I am seeking to be satisfying?

Now; I may express to you, individually, an identification of what you are seeking. (Chuckling) You and I have engaged conversations previously, and you have been upon this quest for a time framework. In this, you are seeking this comfort and recognition of yourself in your own abilities. You are seeking that area of comfort within yourself that ceases to question your abilities and what you may be creating yourself, and not continuing to be dependent upon outside scenarios to offer you what you want.

You turn your attention to the scenario of your employment, your job. This is the strongest direction in which you hold your attention, your foremost attention.

JOHN: Attention outside?

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let me, as an aside, say to you that this same seeking, in a manner of speaking, spills into all other aspects of your focus, but your attention in foremost is held in the direction of your employ, to be offering you validation in relation to your creativity and of what you are attempting to satisfy within yourself. But this becomes disappointing, for it does not offer you the volume of satisfaction that you seek out, and it may not. For what you are attempting is to be tapping into that aspect of yourself that you may genuinely trust your own ability to be creating what you want.

You have identified some aspects of what you want. Now express to me what you have identified in relation to what you want, and we shall examine what you are actually expressing.

JOHN: (Laughs) All right! Itís a game. (Elias chuckles) Good! I want a job where Iím around people all the time, constantly, and by the same token, not doing a lot of work! (Laughs) Iíd travel around quite a lot, and it would allow me a lot of free time. It doesnít have to be logical, does it?

ELIAS: No. (Chuckling)

JOHN: Something more in terms of relationships ... what is it I want? (Pause) To base myself in England, which I prefer, and use that as sort of the base for traveling a lot, to spend more time with music Ė although thatís curious, because whenever I go to do anything, I get really bored. Itís more fun thinking about it, and not so fun doing it. I think Iíve got most of it ... to do the psychic sort of things weíve talked about previously, and to let myself be seen ... to be seen.

ELIAS: Now; this expression of ďwanting to be seenĒ is one that is less surface than the other wants that you have expressed. The other wants that you have expressed are surface expressions which offer you, in a manner of speaking, a beginning point to be exploring and examining what lies beneath that surface want and what the genuine expression of the want is.

Now; let me express to you, first of all, as I have expressed to other individuals previously, there is an aspect of significance in the physical location that you choose to occupy. It is not accident that individuals place themselves in specific locations throughout your globe. Individuals seek out physical locations that express harmony with their individual energy. You express a draw to particular locations, and you may surfacely offer yourselves rational explanations as to why you draw yourselves to specific locations, but in actuality there is an energy expression which is created by the collective of individuals that occupy any physical location that becomes a type of energy expression in itself, associated with the physical location.

JOHN: So is that why I feel quite contrary to this place?

ELIAS: Quite. Now; let me express to you, you have drawn yourself to this physical location purposefully...

JOHN: Temporarily.

ELIAS: offer yourself information Ė yes, temporarily Ė to view that although your thought process moved in the direction of assuming that this physical location would be offering you more satisfaction, you have allowed yourself the experimentation of placing yourself in this physical location to experience that this particular physical area is not in harmony with your energy, which offers you information in identifying one aspect of you and what offers you within yourself comfort: this is to be within a different physical location that you are in harmony with.

This is not an insignificant movement, for it is allowing you to become more familiar with your energy, and it also is allowing you to become more familiar with what you genuinely want, not merely surfacely.

Now; in recognition of this, you also express that you desire to be within your employment but experiencing more freedom. This is not contradictory. In this, I may express to you my recognition of this want within yourself and the genuineness of it. For what you are actually expressing is your desire to be offering yourself more of an expression of freedom in your movement in creating what you want, and offering yourself the ability to be directing of yourself rather than allowing other individuals to be dictating to you.

JOHN: I certainly had that in Munich, didnít I?

ELIAS: Partially. This also, my friend, moves quite in conjunction with the movement of this shift in consciousness in this present time framework. This is a movement of energy which is occurring, and you are not immune for you are participating in this movement. It is shifting from the expression of allowing other individuals to be dictating your reality to you and moving into the expression of creating your own choices and directing your own movement.

I may express to you, as this is a movement in consciousness which is being affected by all individuals throughout your planet, in genuineness there is, in actuality, more of an allowance even within what may be termed to be quite rigid employments for more freedom of the individual to be directing of themselves. You may be recognizing already in your experiences this expression of appreciation in these businesses, so to speak, for the individual to be expressing innovation, motivation of self and directing of yourself, and as the individual expresses that type of movement, there is a response in the businesses to be offering more allowance.

The point, my friend, is to be initiating this movement first within self.

JOHN: I may have initiated in contacting Chad, havenít I? (Elias chuckles) This is funny, because what youíre talking about, Iím not 100 percent aware of consciously, I mean itís not ... but I can react to a cue, and I would think that a cue would be for me to feel more motivated in going over the bloody executive summary, coming up with something, because this is the obvious thing to do ... maybe not, but thereís others. I donít know. Itís the only one I can see at the moment.

ELIAS: Your confusion is enhanced in directing your thoughts into generalities and absolutes.

Now; as you allow yourself to explore each of your wants and you become more and more specific in those wants, you also offer yourself more information.

Now; let us address to what you have stated presently in an action; and the energy that you have projected concerning that action expresses, ďI SHOULD be creating this action. I do not WANT to be creating this action, but I should be creating this action.Ē Correct?

JOHN: Yes.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) These expressions, my friend, offer you valuable information concerning yourself. Pay attention to what you are communicating to yourself. When you express within yourself, ďI should,Ē you are succumbing to the dictates of outside influences. You are aligning with mass belief systems, and you are holding your attention outside of yourself, and simultaneously you are expressing an emotion Ė a quiet subtle emotion Ė but it is present. And the emotion, as it springs forth to your objective awareness, creates the signal of tension and the identification or the translation of ďI do not want to be creating this action.Ē

As you listen to your own voice and your own direction, you may acknowledge that expression that you do not wish to be creating this particular action, and you may question yourself once again. What do you wish to be creating? What is the communication within yourself that you are identifying that you do not wish to be creating this action? What choice are you denying to yourself in the moment? What are you allowing yourself to be dictated to and therefore denying your choice of what you want?

Allowing yourself these questionings, allowing yourself genuine examination of what you want within the moment Ė not in generalities, but within the moment Ė offers you the opportunity to practice in becoming more familiar with yourself, and this is tremendously significant.

For each time you allow yourself that awareness and you practice with this action, you offer yourself a validation of yourself, and as you continue to offer yourself those validations, not seeking the approval or validation outside of yourself, you become more directed in allowing yourself to accomplish what you want in all aspects of your focus; and what you move into in these expressions is moment by moment, in a manner of speaking Ė which in actuality moves quite quickly Ė you begin creating precisely what you want for you discontinue doubting your ability, for you continue to reinforce yourself.

I may also express to you, my friend, I have offered an analogy to another individual recently which may be applicable in this situation also: shall it be to you easier to create the action of swallowing one moonbeam in each moment, rather than attempting to swallow the entire moon in one moment?

What I am expressing to you is that your attention moves in the direction of ďI wish to be creating an event in this moment presently in which all aspects of my focus shall fall into place precisely as I want them to be, in this moment in this day,Ē but you have not even allowed yourself the genuine familiarity of you yet. And as you view that you shall not create the accomplishment of all that you want in this particular day, you become discouraged and you express to yourself anxiety: ďAh, it shall be much time framework and a long journey before I am allowing myself to be creating all that I want,Ē and this creates discouragement within you.

What I am expressing to you is that as you begin now Ė what I am expressing to you, in action Ė the time framework which is incorporated in the accomplishment of what you want becomes smaller and smaller and smaller. It is not so far futurely, for you become more and more familiar, and I may express to you, in this type of practicing, as essence and as a natural expression of essence, you quite quickly allow yourself this familiarity. You quite quickly begin offering yourself permission in each moment to be creating precisely what you want. You quite quickly move out of the position of allowing other individuals or circumstances to dictate to you, and you open wondrous avenues for your own creativity, for you stimulate yourself to be expressing new creativity and seeking out your own avenues of expression and exploration.

JOHN: So being in New York is helpful from that point of view, actually?

ELIAS: Quite! For although you view this experience to be non- motivating, in actuality you have created this experience to BE motivating. What have I expressed in our discussion yestereve? What shall you pay attention to quite automatically? If you are creating discomfort, you shall pay attention, and you shall motivate yourself to be altering what you are creating and seeking out what is harmonious and what does provide you with your comfort.

Therefore, acknowledge yourself. You have accomplished quite well in this movement, for you have recognized that this is not harmonious in expression with your energy.

JOHN: Yes. All right; where would be?

ELIAS: Express to me. You already know.

JOHN: London.


JOHN: Right; Iím doing all right on time, I suppose. Some quick questions, actually.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOHN: Iíve been talking during this sort of interlude with Mary/Karla [Johnís note: meaning Iíd been exchanging emails with her recently], her working on her intent. Do you have anything to say along those lines? Sheíd asked me is she working on her intent, I think, and then Iíd responded back, ďAre you wondering what your intent is or what certain blocks are?Ē and she responded saying, ďDonít ask what my intent is, please.Ē So Iím not asking, but if you have anything to say along those lines, just a couple of words.

ELIAS: First of all, you may express to her that I extend the invitation for our exchange of conversation together again; and in relation to her inquiry as to whether she is engaging her intent, I may express quite simply, you all engage your intents continuously throughout your focus. If you are not engaging your intent, you are not offering yourself value fulfillment, and in not offering yourself value fulfillment, you shall not continue within this physical expression. Therefore, yes, she is participating in the expression of her intent, and if she is choosing to be discussing and exploring this subject matter further, she may be responding to my invitation. Ha ha!

JOHN: All right. Has her signature color changed to a shade of purple?

ELIAS: No. She is merely allowing herself to be engaging this particular vibrational quality to become more familiar with certain aspects of herself within her own energy expression. Therefore, this particular color association becomes more obvious and appears to her to be predominant in her experience presently.

JOHN: Her third question is about the base element of emotion, and are you going to be talking more about that soon?

ELIAS: Ah! Yes, and I have engaged much discussion concerning this particular subject matter recently.

JOHN: Recently?


JOHN: Non-published type of recently? Not-yet-published type of recently?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. And you may express to her, once again, that if she is so choosing she may be interacting with Michael, and Michael may be offering her more information concerning this subject matter which has been ďbeing discussed.Ē

JOHN: Okay, very interesting. There was a session, I mentioned it yesterday, dealing with blueprints. (1) After reading the session, it sort of clicked, and then I got very ill. I already asked you about this yesterday, and you said, ďYes.Ē So, is that what happened? You know, it was just too much, and it just sort of...

ELIAS: Quite.

JOHN: Yes, I suddenly fit myself into ... and I understood exactly what youíre talking about.

ELIAS: Quite.

JOHN: It was too much too soon.

ELIAS: For you are, as we have been discussing this day, moving into an exploration of you, and you are moving into what may be termed as your first step through the doorway. And as you have approached the doorway, you also offer yourself this engagement of this particular conversation in this transcription which, in this now, you are correct, you hold an objective understanding of that information, and you are approaching that type of movement; and this is unfamiliar to you and, I may also express to you, a bit overwhelming.

For in that unfamiliarity, there is some aspect of fear, for you have not quite discovered objectively the recognition of the power of your own ability and the power of your energy and how you may be manipulating of it. There continues to be expressed doubt as to your ability to be creating in many expressions, and therefore the recognition of this information objectively and the striking of the note, so to speak, within you of realization that this rings true presently and you do hold an understanding creates also an underlying recognition within you that you are responsible for you, and this triggered a fear, and this is the reason that you have created this expression of physical affectingness.

JOHN: Okay. I was really ... fear. God, yeah, I felt pretty bad. (Elias chuckles)

Carrying on, am I in the process of switching primary aspects? You talked briefly about ďnot expressed in primary aspectsĒ a couple of sessions ago. People do continuously switch aspects, and itís generally smallish, but sometimes theyíre more major. So, am I doing that or not? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, but not in what you identify as an extreme. You are allowing yourself an interplay and a fluctuation of different aspects moving into primary position to offer you a recognition of more of your abilities, allowing you to view that in actuality you do hold more abilities to be expressing your creativity than you had recognized previously.

JOHN: Okay. The chaps Iím staying with, one of them ... we get along quite well, but we donít communicate properly. I can liken that to differences in orientation, for the most part. Is that right?

ELIAS: Yes, which once again you have presented yourself with an opportunity to be practicing widening your awareness and engaging your ability to be translating and interpreting these differences in languages.

JOHN: This is all sort of correlated actually to the wave in duplicity?


JOHN: My intent, which is balancing subjective and objective, displaying that and creating fun ... there must be a smoother way to express it! (Elias laughs) Thatís funny! Okay, thatís irony, isnít it? Did I answer my own question there? (Elias laughs again) [Johnís note: I was going to ask something about the ways in which Iíve been expressing my intent within my focus thus far. Stumbled on my words here.]

Itís tricky in certain situations, because Iím so familiar with America on one hand and on the other hand Iím so familiar with England also, so I come here, and am I going to say petrol, am I going to say gas station or gas? The two different languages, switching back and forth, I donít know quite how to ... itís strange. If they say gas, I think, whatís gas, and I translate over and ... I donít know, I feel like Iím dealing with two different languages.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding.

JOHN: But it creates confusion in people Iím dealing with.

ELIAS: Ah! Now; this, once again, is an expression of your perception.

Now; as YOU are perceiving confusion, you project that energy outward, and therefore you also create the reflection to yourself of other individuals expressing confusion. The other individuals may not be expressing confusion, but you shall create that reflection to yourself for this is what YOU are experiencing, this aspect of confusion in the translation of different languages; and this is obvious imagery in this simple type of expression. For this is the outward, objective, mundane imagery that you present to yourself in many situations, that reflect what we have been discussing this day in your translations and your creations which are projected by your perception.

You presently are creating this vacillation of movement in all of your experiences, and in this you create this movement of confusion, and you express this outwardly in the reflection of other individuals appearing to hold confusion with you and you expressing confusion in translation of languages, be they actual physically expressed languages, be they the language of orientation, be it your own language to yourself through your own communications concerning what you want.

JOHN: Hmm, interesting. I need to be more conscious about it.

ELIAS: Listening to yourself and paying attention to yourself.

Be recalling of our discussion yestereve in which I have expressed that you create outwardly what you are expressing inwardly, and in this, it is not the alteration of outside of you which shall alter your reality. It is the recognition of what you are creating inwardly that shall alter your reality; and it shall, in quite physical terms.

JOHN: All right. What was the U.S. counterculture you mentioned in one of the first sessions I had with you? I questioned you about America for some reason, and you said thereís a narrowing of acceptable behaviors here. ďVery much narrowingĒ is what you said, or something along those lines, but the same way thereís another counterculture developing which more expressions were more acceptable. And what was ... have I seen this counterculture? (Laughing) I donít think I have, but...

ELIAS: In part, you have offered yourself somewhat of an expression of both of these actions or movements. In this, you do allow yourself the recognition that there are many individuals that are moving in very similar types of expressions as yourself with very similar information as to yourself. You also involve yourself in movements within business, so to speak, which continues to narrow some expressions of acceptance and even culture.

Your society in this particular physical location expresses a continuation of narrowing of the acceptance within the culture in many, many expressions, in many aspects. This is an expression, my friend, also that is created in relation to duplicity, and allowing yourselves to objectively recognize the influence of duplicity and the strength in its expression.

JOHN: So things have polarized even more, or are leading to a certain type of polarization?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, as you continue to be expressing this wave in duplicity and addressing to this particular belief system and its affectingness.

In this particular culture, in this particular country, so to speak, individuals en mass are creating quite a strong display of the affectingness of this particular belief system of duplicity, creating extremes in their expressions but allowing themselves to objectively view the affectingness of this belief system in many physical displays of it. In individualsí creations, in group creations, in societal creations, in governmental creations, there is much movement addressing to this particular belief system presently.

JOHN: Interesting. Time is starting to run short, and so Iíve got some small sort of questions Iíll just sort of throw at you, not necessarily in line Ė but Iíll stop talking and start asking! (Laughing)

Letís see, overall preferences might move me away from creating a single intimate relationship continuously, long term? Thatís sort of a non-question Ė not much of a question there, I suppose.

ELIAS: What is the nature of your concern in relation to preferences in respect to relationships?

JOHN: I donít know.

ELIAS: Are you questioning your preferences?

JOHN: Not really; I donít think so. No, skip it.

ELIAS: Ah! (Elias smiles) This may be an interesting area that you may allow yourself to be exploring. For let me express to you, in relation to creating relationships, you shall be incorporating preferences but many times the qualities that you seek, that you think of, so to speak, as preferences, may not necessarily be the qualities that shall offer to you a genuine comfort and compatibility, so to speak, in relationship. For you look, once again, to these preferences in generalities.

Express to me in example what you view as your preferences concerning a relationship with another individual.

JOHN: (Laughing) You asked me this one before!

ELIAS: I am aware.

JOHN: I donít know what Iím supposed to be getting in a sexual relationship, actually. I donít know what Iím supposed to be getting in romantic-ness.

ELIAS: Honesty, humor, loyalty? What are your objective preferences?

JOHN: Accompaniment. I like accompaniment.

ELIAS: Presence.

JOHN: Presence, good word. I donít know, I think that really sums it up. Someone generally pleasant, compatible overall...

ELIAS: Now; I may express to you, the manner in which you may discover your preferences in relation to another individual is to be identifying and becoming familiar with your preferences concerning yourself, those aspects of yourself that are pleasurable, that are desirable, that are preferred within yourself that you move easily and naturally within. As you identify those qualities and aspects of yourself, you may also identify what shall complement those; for what may be expressed in complement of those aspects of yourself shall be the preferences in a relationship. There is your formula! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

JOHN: Well, this music figure ... this dimension, you were saying, a different planet, is that what it...?

ELIAS: In this dimension, shall you create a different planet than this particular planet?

JOHN: With regards to this composer, music focus, I had and the previous dream I had ages ago where Iíd heard some of the music Iíd written.

ELIAS: Which is not associated with this planet?

JOHN: Which is not associated with this planet, right.

ELIAS: And your inquiry is the identification of...

JOHN: Further identification.

ELIAS: Quite. I may express to you, yes, there are overlapping dimensions, and this physical dimension occupies the same space arrangement as all other physical dimensions. They are superimposed upon each other, and yes, at times you may experience what I have termed to be a bleed-through of these other dimensions and translate that expression or experience into some aspect of known element within your dimension. Therefore, you translate the experience or the vibrational quality into tones.

JOHN: I see. That wasnít actually music that was written by this particular focus specifically?

ELIAS: Correct. It is a translation within you in recognition of this experience. But as I have stated previously, many expressions within other dimensions do not quite translate into this dimension accurately, for you shall translate into what is known in this physical dimension to allow, in your terms, the experience to ďfit.Ē (Chuckling)

JOHN: Okay. I had one dream which was really obvious, but I have a feeling you may have more to say about it than what Iíve come up with. Iíll make it brief. Right.

What was happening was, I had a new flat and a female was coming to live in the flat also, and she had been delayed, and I decided to go out to eat rather than cooking because Iíd been unpacking and whatnot, and I wanted to go for a walk. There was a really nice sort of supermarket, grocery shop, and a big carpark out in front and lots of sort of society women wearing fur coats coming out of Bentleys and walking into the shop. There was one, she might have been a secretary or something like that, she came out crying, and she said, ďEverybody hereís really snobby. I canít stand it. Donít go here.Ē I was dressed quite shabbily after moving Ė jeans and trainers Ė but I just didnít think much of it, walked up, and got my trolley, and everybody was smiling and I said, ďThis is really nice! This is just about everything Iíve ever wanted in a supermarket, and all the stuff I like is here.Ē I was quite excited, and went to get some wine. There was this chap there, and of course dressed in his best suit or whatever, and we struck up a conversation. We started talking about wine, and he invited me to his wine party. I decided to get caviar of all things, which is not really like me to do, but I did and the lady behind the counter said, ďWait a minute, I just got something better that came in,Ē and wanted me to take that and it was really nice. And that was it! I sort of paid, left, bags in my hand, and I sort of walked away back to my flat. And as I woke up, I was wondering why did that lady have so much difficulty in this place?

ELIAS: Now; first of all, offer to me an attempt to be viewing your impression.

JOHN: I draw myself to things that I prefer, and by the same token I donít need or I simply donít fit in within mass expressions. And so I happen to like wine, I happen to like whatever else it was, but Iím not fitting into the sort of ... well, Iím not wearing a fur coat! Iím wearing jeans, a tee shirt, and I like that. Itís sort of dealing with not necessarily fitting into mass expressions but at the same time liking the things I like, and that was it.

ELIAS: Now I shall offer to you the significance of this dream imagery. You create the imagery as an expression of offering yourself all that you want, and experiencing joyfulness and pleasure in allowing yourself to be creating all that you want, moving easily within that expression and experiencing this pleasure. But you also present yourself with this woman, so to speak, which this individual is your image or your symbology to yourself of the aspect of you within your energy that continues to express to you that what you want is unacceptable.

JOHN: How does one represent that? Sheís merely delayed on an airplane?

ELIAS: And expressing to you dissatisfaction with the environment.

JOHN: With the airport?

ELIAS: And the experience.

JOHN: Oh! Iím sorry! Ah, point! There was the woman in the airport who was delayed, and then there was the woman who was not fitting in and sort of came out and everybody hated her...

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: the shop. Youíre talking about the woman who everyone hated in the shop. Right.

ELIAS: Both are expressing dissatisfaction.

JOHN: Both are, right.

ELIAS: I am aware of what you are expressing, and in this, this is your symbology to yourself that there are aspects of you that continue to express within you dissatisfaction, and also expressing to you that what you want is unacceptable.

For your belief is that what you want appears to be shallow or not acceptable in terms of other individuals, and this is the point of what we have been discussing this day. It matters not. There is no judgment associated with what you want. It is merely a choice. What you choose is not good or bad, and what creates conflict is your expression of comparison between yourself and other individuals, which also blocks and limits your choices or your allowance of yourself to be creating what you want.

JOHN: Interesting. When I first got here in Brooklyn, this part of Brooklyn, I was sort of worried about walking through the roads in the middle of the day. Itís not that bad; itís really not that bad. Iíve walked here at night, and it seems all right ... but I donít know. Itís a matter of ... thereís a connection there, and Iíve lost it.

But youíre right, just wearing a suit or something like that ... actually, one should sort of shy away from doing that in that area, but ... itís very strange. Anyway, weíve talked about that, havenít we? (Elias chuckles)

Very quickly, sort of psychic expressions and reading people and so forth, if youíre really disconnected from ... I was doing it a lot better three weeks ago, before I got here. So again... [Johnís note: it shows Iím not moving in harmony with New York City.]


JOHN: Yes, okay. You were my dentist today, so thanks very much!

ELIAS: Ah! You are very welcome. And perhaps you shall be incorporating and assimilating this information, and it may be helpful in your experience. To you, my friend, I offer much encouragement. I continue to be interactive with you.

JOHN: Are you, when I think you are Ė are you?


JOHN: Or is it me interacting with me?

ELIAS: You also are interactive with yourself, but I am interactive with you, offering you encouragement. (Chuckling) I anticipate our next meeting, and offer you great encouragement.

JOHN: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you, in tremendous affection, au revoir.

JOHN: Au revoir. (2)

Elias departs at 12:35 PM.


(1) Johnís note: see session 649.

(2) Johnís note: I left NYC a couple of months later. Despite not moving in harmony with the energy of the city, I partied a lot and generally enjoyed myself. I look forward to returning for a visit.

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