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Sunday, March 24, 1996

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“Sick Session”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cecelia (Sari), Charles Jr. (Ty-Le’), and a new individual, Rex (Dosh).

Vic’s note: This session has been titled “The Sick Session” because even though Mary was quite ill this evening, she refused to cancel.

Elias arrives at 6:17 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome to new essence. (Smiling) This evening, we shall open to your questions, and I will incorporate our discussion of consciousness at our next meeting. Michael is quite disagreeable this evening! (Smiling) Therefore, I shall be indulgent. You may ask questions, if you are wishing. We have been discussing time and consciousness, and if you are needing of clarification, I shall be at your disposal to be helpful.

RON: Is there a little bit more information you could give us on Regional Area 3, as far as the collective consciousness?

ELIAS: We shall be entering this subject matter, with respect to our subject of consciousness. We have not entered into the subject of mass consciousness, as of this point. We shall be discussing this, although Lawrence may not be very excited about this, (smiling) for this will also involve political connections; but this will be offering you information of how your consciousness is affecting of all others physically focused. This will also offer you information with regards to your shift, and how connected and affecting you are. We will be discussing this at our next meeting. (Long pause)

VICKI: I have a question regarding Ti-Le’, and the connections with Sophia. Does this have anything to do with her younger brother?

ELIAS: There are connections in this area. I have expressed to Sophia to be investigating, and she is choosing to not be investigating; (smiling) but these essences have been very connected. Also, Sophia has been quite connected with this essence of Jaren previously, many times. Therefore, she identifies with this connection of Ti-Le’ also.

VICKI: And would Jaren also be aligned with the Zuli family?

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay. I’ll keep working on it.

ELIAS: Very good! (Smiling, and another pause)

VICKI: And is our new essence connected with the Milumet family?

ELIAS: Correct. We shall offer essence name; (pause) Dosh.

VICKI: Could you spell that?

ELIAS: D-O-S-H. (Grinning at Vicki)

REX: Dosh, huh. Who is Michael?

VICKI: Michael is Mary’s essence name. (Another pause)

CHJR: I have a question. I think I have like a connection with John Lennon possibly, me and a couple other people I know. I was wondering if you could shed any light on that at all.

ELIAS: (Smiling) I will offer you a small bit of information. This also connects with our subject matter of consciousness. I have touched upon this subject previously. There are certain individuals who, within physical focus, aspire to generate a tremendous amount of energy which will be affecting of many individuals. When these individuals discontinue a particular physical focus, their energy remains. This energy may be “tapped into.” It is an “energy pool,” so to speak. Many individuals may identify with this energy and be affected by it, and they may also be connected in such ways that they may be (pause) expressing a knowing of this individual. This is for the reason that they have identified with this energy. This is not necessarily a situation of aspect personalities, although at times, this may be the case; but each individual that attains a certain (pause) mass familiarity (pause) moves energy, in a fashion that is affecting for reasons of connection.

This energy may be incorporated by those who are (pause) within future, so to speak, existence of the individual who has generated this energy. It may be tapped into, and it may be very helpful to individuals in many different ways. Many artists generate this type of energy, to which future artists may tap into this consciousness which has been “left,” so to speak. This we have spoken of previously, as world views of an individual which remain after the individual has ended a particular physical focus. It may be expressed as the individual’s world view within consciousness, or their conscious “psychic pool” of energy; which is then available to all other individuals. Not all connect with it; only some identify with this energy and allow themselves to align with it, therefore also enhancing their own consciousness with inspiring information. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question about fragmentation. When an individual is fragmented within a developmental focus, as Thomas and Ti-Le’, why are sometimes the connections very strong within that type of fragmentation?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon a particular fragmentation. The reason you identify so strongly with these particular fragmentations is that the essence that has been fragmenting is quite aligned with these fragments; these being what you might term as “favorites.” (Smiling) If you allowed yourselves the ability to be viewing, as a movie, your developmental focuses, you may identify with one in particular that you like very much. In this, you may express that it would be your “favorite lifetime.” Each essence which physically manifests also holds an affection for certain developmental focuses and experiences. In this, if one of these is fragmented, there is a great bond and connection with the fragmenting essence to the fragmented essence.

VICKI: And within the physically focused name category on our board, under Otha, the physically focused name is Aren, correct? Am I remembering this correctly? So at this point, I have to ask about that particular name and the name Aram, which is what I named my son, and I don’t know. I don’t even know where the question lies. I’ve never asked a question in this area before, but I’m real curious about it now. The names are very similar. (Babble, babble, babble!)

ELIAS: They are very close within vibrational tones. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay. Was I drawn to that name that I gave to my son because of a recognition of this particular developmental focus of Otha’s?

ELIAS: Partially. This would be an incorporation upon Lawrence’s part, so to speak; a remembrance, and an interpretation slightly different than the complete vibrational tone to which this essence incorporates. Each one of these names that you have connected of physical focus to these essences holds significance, as what you would think of as a “favorite lifetime.” This also involves other reasonings though, with this one individual. (Pause, grinning)

VICKI: This being??? (Elias starts laughing)

ELIAS: I will offer to you that this individual also had a hand, so to speak, in its own naming, wishing to be ... “not the same!”

VICKI: Probably incorporated within alignment of the Sumari family.

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence. (Pause, grinning)

VICKI: Okay. I’ll do my own investigation in that area this week.

RON: Could you tell us what his essence name is?

ELIAS: This individual fluctuates. This would be essence name of Kyari; fluctuation being not wishing to be identified within a particular gender tone; therefore sometimes incorporating one, and sometimes incorporating another. Quite impish! (Chuckling)

VICKI: How about spelling of that name?

ELIAS: We have no spelling for this name! (Chuckling)

VICKI: I knew you were gonna say that!

ELIAS: Therefore, you may choose. Very interesting fragment! This also, I will express, is an interesting example of fragmentation, for within fragmentation, you may also express qualities of your essence that you are quite fond of; and, in a manner of speaking, you may move these energies into a collective area, and it may be fragmented. In this, you allow many of your individual personality traits to the new essence; but it, very playfully, will incorporate its own new qualities that are individual to it. Many times, the playfulness within these essence will be desiring to not be aligned with anything! (Pause, grinning, and Vicki and Ron are laughing)

CHJR: I guess its like whatever trait you have, there’s kind of like the opposite, like the physical would be associated with the spiritual. Would your favorite type of person be someone from your own category, or someone from the category you exchange most with?

ELIAS: There is no rule! (Smiling) This would be quite convenient for you, if I were to express that you would always be drawn to your mirror image, or to one exactly the same, but this is not the case. It is dependent upon your choice of personality, that you yourself incorporate, and your counterparts. Also, I will express that your “favorite type of person,” so to speak, varies; for within different developmental focuses, your alignment may be different. Your intent may be different. Therefore, you will be drawn to different experiences and different personality types. (Long pause)

VICKI: Okay. Well, I noticed something while I was doing this last week’s transcript, regarding the information on consciousness. I noticed I was very uncomfortable with this transcript. I had a hard time doing it. I had a hard time focusing on the information, and I had a hard time completing it. I think a lot of the uncomfortableness lie within wondering what an individual, without any previous information in this area, would immediately assume reading this introduction to consciousness, because I would immediately assume some sort of a religious connection, which makes me extremely uncomfortable, and because of that I’m even surprised I even finished it, instead of putting it off for another few days, and rereading it again, and maybe trying to convince myself that I was reacting in a ridiculous manner. So I guess my question is, why such a strong reaction to the brief introduction? (Babble, babble, babble!)

Vic’s note: There seems to be a direct connection here between Mary’s illness, Elias’ energy, and Vicki’s babbling. An interesting viewing of this phenomenon, which seems to change constantly.

ELIAS: Some of you do respond very strongly to information that you deem to be religiously oriented. Lawrence, being very connected with a religious involvement, will be experiencing of this type of response. I will explain to you though, that although your religions have distorted your truths, they each are exceptional creations. Therefore, viewing religious elements as what you term to be negative or unacceptable is humorous, for you have created these belief systems for yourselves, and they have quite served you well. You only involve a distaste for a subject when you have felt affected in what you term to be a negative manner. You are approaching your shift; and in this, you are widening your awareness, which is also widening your belief systems. Therefore, you are not eliminating belief systems. You are recognizing of them, and accepting of them. Acceptance is quite different from eliminating! Your belief systems are not “bad.” They are, in many ways, only ineffective, for they have been distorted and they have created much conflict, which you now are moving away from.

Within the area of religious belief systems, as I have expressed previously, many, many elements are truthful. They have only been distorted within stories of your religions. Being Seer, you hold a great desire for the least distortion. Being physically focused, this becomes confusing, for you are not quite sure what is distortion and what is not! In this, when we touch upon “tricky subjects,” (grinning) there will be a response. Within areas of religious elements or political elements, there will be “twinges” within some of you, for your essence is becoming very close within consciousness. Therefore, you are wishing no distortions. This is not possible within physical focus; but you may incorporate little distortion. You need only reach a point to which you are accepting of your own belief systems. It is not necessary to be pushing them away and eliminating of them; for if you are recognizing of them and understanding that they are belief systems, then you also render their power of conflict null.

When we speak in terms of god and consciousness, this creates “feelings” within you, for we incorporate words that you identify with within physical focus. For the most part, I attempt to move around terminology that you incorporate strong identification with, therefore not influencing your already existing belief systems. Unfortunately, you do not incorporate sufficient terms to be expressing of the all-encompassing consciousness. It is quite tedious to be expressing The Creating Universal One and Whole continuously! (Grinning) This very small word “god” you understand, and it is efficient. I also express quite strongly that my explanation of this word is nothing of what you conceive it to be. It is quite different; but you have much experience previously with these issues. Therefore, they are affecting now. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay. (This answer finally stops the babbling. Interesting!)

REX: I’d like to ask a question. Does time mean anything to you?

ELIAS: Very little.

REX: Does it exist?

ELIAS: In your terms that you think of it, no; only to you within physical focus. I will express that time, within physical focus, does exist. It is a creation of your perception and your senses, therefore it is reality. I will also express that within certain areas of non-physical focus, it exists also, within a different context; not the same as you identify with, and holds much less meaning; but within wider awarenesses of consciousness within non-physical focus, it is not in existence. It is an invention for perception. (Pause)

CHJR: Is it possible to be alive, and not have a physical focus?

ELIAS: You are always alive! (Smiling affectionately at Charles Jr.)

CHJR: But while you are inhabiting a physical body, it is possible to have a non-physical focus?

ELIAS: I am non-physical! (Grinning)

CHJR: Yes, but you’re just visiting part-time! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! Therefore when I am not engaged with you, I do not exist!

CHJR: No, no, no, no, no! But say an individual, who was born and raised, and had a physical focus for many, many years, and at some point decided not to have a physical focus anymore, and spent years and years and years acquiring a non-physical focus ... Is that possible, for said individual to have your nine-to-five job, and all that good stuff, and still not have a physical focus?

ELIAS: If you are choosing to be entering into the cycle of physical manifestation, then you are choosing to be entering the cycle of physical manifestation! (Grinning) In this, you manifest. You do not incorporate this physical world walking around as a ghost!

CHJR: It’s just that I figure that a broader consciousness could incorporate the physical, and other stuff too.

ELIAS: This is correct; for your consciousness, within essence, encompasses all of your physical manifestations within this dimension and all others, and all time frames, and also exists non-physical.

CHJR: Huh? I’ll think about that one! (This individual is a very enjoyable addition to this forum!)

CELIA: When ... May I approach? (Elias nods, smiling) When we have finished this physical focus, when this essence has finished with this physical focus, when it is extinguished, then do we have the opportunity for yet more physical focuses?

ELIAS: If you are choosing.

CELIA: So it is our choice?

ELIAS: Always. All systems are open to you. There are no closed systems. Therefore, you may choose that which you wish to manifest. If you are choosing to remanifest, you will. If you are choosing to not remanifest, you will not remanifest. You may choose to not remanifest, and you may choose to project an aspect of your consciousness, for experience, into physical manifestation. There are no limitations within essence. Therefore, what you may imagine, you may accomplish.

CELIA: And so I can take that to be true for everything in this physical world then, also?

ELIAS: Correct.

CELIA: Thank you. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question about this physical manifestation of Michael’s and Elizabeth’s, being so directly coinciding with their move. Are those two things connected somehow?

ELIAS: To the physical move?

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: This is much more complicated, as we have spoken previously. There are many probabilities, which have been initiated and set into motion with the incorporation of this physical move, which involve many individuals. There are many aspects of this movement. There are also many probabilities involved with this physical manifestation of dysfunction. Not all are what you term to be connected with the move. Some, correct. Some others, not. It is a manifestation of many aspects culminating. We will speak of this at a later time.

VICKI: Okay. (Sighing)

ELIAS: I shall be encountering you all soon within your future time, and I shall express a very fond affection for you all, and will be anticipating our next encounter. I will express to you, this evening, au revoir.

Elias departs at 7:08 PM.

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