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Monday, April 01, 1996

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“NDE Session (Near Door Experience)”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Ron (Olivia).

Vic’s note: This was the first time in days that Mary felt enough energy to incorporate an energy exchange with Elias, which was frustrating for her because she had many questions regarding her illness. This is also the first time she has felt an inability to “channel.”

Elias arrives at 7:33 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening!

VICKI: Hua fuas!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) So! We incorporate a meeting ...

RON: Finally!

ELIAS: ... at last! And shall I attempt at guessing why you ask audience this evening?

VICKI: Well, I have the question written down.

ELIAS: Proceed. (Smiling)

VICKI: For Michael: Why couldn’t I fix this plague and why did I get so weak that I couldn’t talk to you and what good is it to have you to talk to if I can’t do it anyway and what am I supposed to be remembering and what’s so important about that particular lifetime – the one with the French Revolution – and why did I view that ugly scene and why didn’t I open the door the other day and what does this have to do with anything anyway???

ELIAS: Is this all? (Grinning)

VICKI: This is all! That’s Michael’s question.

ELIAS: And he expresses that I am very long-winded! (Chuckling) I detect frustration in this question! My, my!

VICKI: It’s been a difficult week.

ELIAS: Where to begin ... well! We shall begin at the end! “And what has this to do with anything anyway?” (Smiling) I suspect, given long enough, he shall understand the answer to his own question by himself; although if he is wishing for helpfulness, I shall be helpful.

What this has to do with, in his terms, is very many probabilities, which I expressed to you earlier at our last encounter. Many issues have been initiated. This, most probably within your probabilities, will not be the last encounter of this type, although he has moved through the present battle. Many issues have been incorporated within these sessions with all of you, and with Michael also. In speaking with me, you choose to focus within and view the vast universe that lies there. This is not always a completely comfortable space to be viewing, for you incorporate many belief systems about this “black hole”; but you have faced courageously and looked beyond what you view to be the surface. In this, Michael also strives to look, but incorporates issues that have been long-standing within this developmental focus. Some of these issues have been confronted recently; some not. Some are beginning.

(To Vicki) Your impressions are very insightful. The battle has been real. I was attempting to be preparing you for this battle by offering you information previously of this situation. You were not understanding what I was expressing, for you view in only one direction; in concepts. Therefore, you continue still to not understand that these concepts are reality. When I speak to you of issues and challenges, I speak to you not figuratively, but realistically! You do not always hear what I am expressing, but there are times when your choice to not understand may be saving you from some confusion and conflict. In this case, this has been effected. I expressed to you of the challenge that has been raging for quite some time. I explained of the issues of creativity not expressed and the manifestations that may be expressed as a resulting of this. You have witnessed a reality; an expression of this challenge.

As to the reasoning of the visualization: Previously, it was unnecessary to be viewing this doorway. There was no issue close enough to be initiating of this focus. Through these sessions and our interaction, you have moved closer within consciousness to yourselves. In this, the doorway appeared. The reason he was choosing not to open this door was that he was unsure of whether he was wishing to be entering or not.

I have incorporated interaction with Michael through these consecutive days, so to speak, interacting continuously, although he is not quite aware of our interaction. His indecision stems from a great desire to move. This is the move. In this, he is not quite sure which path to take, for his desire is great in one area, but his desire to continue to experience is also great. His understanding of connecting with other individuals is very strong and he is wishing to continue, for this creates excitement; but the curiosity which is quite motivating for what he views to be “beyond” is quite strong. (Pause)

It is not what you term to be “time” yet. I have expressed to you earlier within our sessions, you have things to do. You may be forgetful of this message, but I am not! (Smiling) Your eagerness may run on in front of you, but this is the agreement we have incorporated, that I will be helpful to be reminding you. Therefore, the hesitation was experienced in opening this door.

You are correct, in your terms, that you express a fifty-fifty chance; this being quite accurate, for the decision at this point may have moved either way. In choosing to not open and step through this doorway, he was not choosing to remain. The choice was only made to postpone the viewing, a very good example to himself in one way of speaking that he views no fear; but in another way of speaking, this may allow within future events less hesitation, for he incorporates no fear to open this door, and in stepping through, [there] would be no more physical focus.

The incorporation of the viewing of the door that he did open was helpfulness from myself. In realizing that the fear is no longer, in traveling through this door, I was “helping” by allowing a viewing of a scene which would be viewed not quite so pleasantly. This is not to say that this viewing was a fearful sight, for it was not, for the issue of moving out of physical focus was not fearful; but the elements of emotion incorporated within the scene created a picture of heaviness. He interprets this to be cold and dark; unpleasant. He is not quite sure what the unpleasantness was, but he is very sure of its reality. There is no unpleasantness in stepping through this doorway, but as it is not what we will term the correct time as of yet, a deterrent seemed appropriate.

Within agreements within essence, sometimes essences may be helpful with your visualizations, although you may not recognize the helpfulness. I have been expressing to Michael continuously of our agreement. He is not remembering. You may ask him if he is experiencing (Elias knocks three times on the table) on his head, like he has experienced previously before we were so engaged; for within this time period I have expressed many, many times of our agreement, and I hear Michael express, “I should remember something, but I know not what!” He is drawn to elements that are reminding him that he is not understanding.

This focus is important, and it does matter. (The French Revolution focus) For this focus, a pact has been made. His agreement was sealed then, which is also now! (Grinning) Therefore, he may step from one to another quite easily, for they are both present! Within this particular focus, our agreement has been sealed. You are correct. We have had many developmental focuses together, not one only; this one though, being ... what did we say ... the “favorite”; the favorite of this essence, and the favorite of these essences also. Therefore, your easy and effortless visualizations.

This lifetime, so to speak, may pop into your mind quite easily. You may visualize scenes effortlessly, for you identify with this focus. It was – it isimportant. Therefore, when he is feeling a pull to this time period that he views to be past and he is feeling that he must remember, this is what he must remember, and why you also shall be drawn to this particular focus.

I will express also, very privately, that within this indecision of this time period, if it were not for this agreement which we have all entered into, I may not have offered the last scenario of “stepping through the door.”

I will express to you at another time of connections which you also hold to each other quite strongly, but many essences hold many strong connections with other essences which manifest throughout dimensions, throughout developmental focuses, and are strong within non-physical focus. We are not quite so different than you! (Smiling) You cannot be experiencing you within your emotions and your passions and then be nil, for they are all a part of your essence, and they continue within non-physical focus also. It is different, but there are connections. There are draws.

Therefore, you may feel safe now, for the choice has been made ... temporarily. It will not appear again too soon, although I also will not promise that it will not appear at all. I also will not promise you that I will be quite so helpful within physical focus within its next encounter. I hold a “vested interest” also. (Pause, and then to Vicki) You very well may incorporate your plan if you are incorporating a strong enough agreement. Is this sufficient in answering this ongoing, very very long question? (Smiling)

VICKI: It’s very interesting. The feeling that we had that we should have been able to figure this out ourselves and initiate some actions ourselves, that was very strong. Did we accomplish anything?

ELIAS: Ah! Yes! You were listening. You were receiving messages and acting upon these messages. Energy is reality. I have expressed this to you many times. You may feel a fool to be expressing of energy as if it were a chair, although it is more real than a chair! Individuals deposit energy continually. You also do this. You may also “leave” energy deposited wherever you choose. This, though, was a very true listening; for within this situation and this scenario of this battle, the energy left was needed, for the battle may have moved in another direction of probabilities without the incorporation of “extra energy.” You do not understand how very connected your physical expression is to your consciousness within physical focus. It is necessary. Just as I have expressed it is not a vessel, it is a necessary “conscious part element expression” of your consciousness. It is you. Without proper attention to its needs, it will not function properly, which is quite affecting of your energy.

Think of yourself as a perfect wheel. You spin and turn and roll quite nicely, quite effortlessly, and very smoothly; but if this wheel becomes damaged and one “part” or aspect of it becomes flattened and square or angular, it will not roll effortlessly. It will thud. It will not work. Therefore, in this same manner, if you are not attentive to your physical expression, it will not “work” either; and without the incorporation of this physical expression, you will not be. Your consciousness may fly around, but you will not be. Therefore, it is important. Within a weakened state of physical expression, it was necessary to incorporate the helpfulness of energy left. Therefore, this was very helpful. I will also express to you that beyond this, in your helpfulness of bringing this energy, it has been Michael’s choice. Therefore you, in your wishing to be helpful, may have incorporated meditation continually [and] it would not necessarily be helpful, for it is his choice. I expressed to you previously that this challenge was approaching. I have expressed to you, many elements were incorporated within the physical move. A much greater move was initiated within probabilities. You may have chosen to follow, but you may not choose for another their own expression.

VICKI: I think I understand that a little bit. To go back to the energy; the energy was left there as a result of a weakened condition?


VICKI: By choice?

ELIAS: You all deposit energy, always. This is not a weakening condition to you. It is natural. You may deposit energy in every element that you move through. This does not deplete your energy or your essence.

VICKI: It was just helpful to go to get the energy because of the situation?

ELIAS: Correct; for within this scenario of a weakened condition, it is helpful to be “adding” this energy. This, I will also express, was helpful in more than this way only, for the expression also of supportiveness and concern was helpful; for in this, you must understand that each of you within physical focus incorporates many elements in “choosing” between physical focus and non-physical focus. You do not only choose between one desire and another. Many elements enter into these choices. You weigh your situations. Your desire may be great on one side, but you add your weights on the other. If you have not enough weights on the other, you dispense with one side. Within this situation, the weights upon physical focus were being examined. Michael is not what you would term “consciously aware” of these issues, but this in actuality is the experience that has occurred.

VICKI: And within connecting with this one developmental focus, this will be helpful to Michael in remembering the agreement?

ELIAS: Correct; not in terms that you think of. We did not agree to each other, “I shall meet you within your twentieth century, and I shall be a ghost, and you shall speak with me!” (Laughter) We did incorporate an agreement to continue a connection, very long lasting, through many lifetimes.

VICKI: And just out of curiosity, Fromasch incorporating the same symptoms, is this a result of her incorporation within this particular developmental focus also?

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Pause) This within consciousness has been an expression quite apropos of this individual and her choices to be mirroring this physical expression only, in expressing a connection and compassion in feeling this to be necessary, as Michael has extended to her. Therefore, within consciousness, a mirror expression has been offered in response. One has offered helpfulness, and the other, in wishing to be accepting of the helpfulness, expresses in the area that she is familiar; sympathy.

VICKI: And in actuality, is this ever helpful?

ELIAS: Not really. It is not designed within the individual’s consciousness to be helpful. Michael has expressed helpfulness to Fromasch. Fromasch expresses helpfulness in return by incorporating an event of sympathy and empathy, in creating a similar experience. This is not helpful to Michael. It is also not helpful to Fromasch, for she only incorporates a perpetuation of familiar expression, which I have discussed with her previously.

VICKI: And would the same be true of Sophia?


VICKI: It’s just different for everybody, isn’t it?

ELIAS: Correct. Each individual who incorporates an illness within this time period is not connecting with each other, although we will be discussing the connection of these mass expressions of illness, for they are connected; but within what we are discussing this evening of this one challenge and focus, these are not connected. Michael has chosen, only for convenience sake, to align within a mass agreement of illness; which if chosen would very easily allow a particular choice, and with a very convenient explanation. (Smiling)

VICKI: Well, a personal question. I have ideas, but I’m curious why the little meditation, where we went and got the energy, why that was so emotional for me.

ELIAS: This being a recognition of the reason of why this act holds importance. As I have expressed, you do not always “think” and understand what you know within consciousness. You do incorporate a recognition of realities, and the severity of the situation. I do not use this word severity in what you interpret as a negative. It is only to express the reality of the concepts that you do not view as reality. In this, the scenario would be perceived to be severe; very real.

VICKI: And Elizabeth’s incorporation of illness at the same time?

ELIAS: As I have expressed, this is not necessarily connected. It is connected within the mass event, and for her own reasons. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, Elias ...

ELIAS: Yes, Lawrence ...

VICKI: Thank you very much, for everything.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Are you wishing of any questions, Olivia?

RON: No, my question was answered.

ELIAS: Very well. I will address to you both at a future time as to your connections, which are quite similar to that of my own and Michael’s, which you will be quite aware of within your “next,” so to speak, designated physical focus, for you will experience the same position as does Michael presently, and you will understand; for although I may offer you information of deep connection, you will not understand how far it extends. Think to yourselves though, as you dream this evening, that you spend lifetimes and universes together.

If this is all, I will not incorporate a “spentfulness” upon this physical expression any longer. I shall be once again speaking with you at our “regularly scheduled time period,” to which we shall return to our “track!” (Smiling) Au revoir!

RON: Thank you.

VICKI: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:30 PM.

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