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Sunday, May 06, 2001

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“Figuring Out Focuses”

“Interacting with Creatures”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Margot (Giselle).

Elias arrives at 1:53 PM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds.)

ELIAS: Greetings, Giselle!

MARGOT: Hello, Elias! How are you? As always!

ELIAS: Correct! (Chuckling)

MARGOT: (Laughing) I’m doing nicely. You didn’t ask me, but I’m doing nicely, now. I have my ups and downs, and I’m just doing fine right now!

ELIAS: Very well!

MARGOT: Okay! It’s time for me to start then?

ELIAS: You may proceed.

MARGOT: All right. I have a couple of things here first that I want to ask for two others. There is a Turkish woman who lives in Israel, whose name is Jale. She became very interested in a session of mine in which she saw the name Joya, and she made the connection that there is some sort of a connection, and she wrote to Vicki. (1)

In that – I’m going to refer to my notes here because it’s kind of complicated – she said that her great-grandmother was named Joya, which she says in Spanish means “jewel,” as well as being a very common name among Sephardic Jews. Besides all that, in naming her, her parents took the “J” from great-grandmother Joya’s name, and named her Jale, which is a Turkish word which means “dew.”

This of course caught Vic’s attention, and she got in touch with both Jale (2) and I, and so there are four of us now who are very interested in this. We’d like to know if either the great-grandmother Joya or the Jale who now lives in Israel hold connections to either the essence of Joya or the essence of Jale. (Pause)

ELIAS: Therefore, your inquiry is in relation to the association of naming...

MARGOT: Well, of essence actually, the association of essence – is there a connection? That’s what we’re trying to establish. Since these two names, essence names, have come up in one lady in Israel, is she connected to either of the essences of Jale or Joya? (Pause)

ELIAS: The individual manifestation of Joya is a focus of the essence of Jale.

MARGOT: The individual who has that name right now?

ELIAS: Of Joya.

MARGOT: Yes, right, is a focus of Jale.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: All right, and the great-grandma, what was she?

ELIAS: This is the individual I am speaking of.

MARGOT: Oh! Oh, oh, oh! Okay, I knew this was complicated! The great-grandmother Joya is a focus of [the essence of] Jale. The Jale in Israel right now, who lives right now whose [focus] name is Jale, who is she the essence of?

ELIAS: This individual is a different essence.

MARGOT: A different essence and not at all connected ... so she isn’t a focus of her great-grandmother?

ELIAS: No, but has drawn herself to individuals within this forum in the interconnectedness of essences, and the subjective recognition of another focus of Jale which participates in this forum.

MARGOT: That’s really interesting! So, my understanding right now is that Bobbi and Joya are both focuses of Jale.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Okay, I’ve got it! Also, Mary asked me to ask you how many focuses she has in this dimension.


MARGOT: Ah! (Laughs)

ELIAS: And Michael now ventures into this direction and offers the question! I have been anticipating this question for a time framework, as he vacillates in his choice to inquire or not to inquire.

MARGOT: (Laughs) I know!

ELIAS: You may express to Michael in his curiosity in the identification of what you translate in your physical associations and beliefs as “new souls,” as he is identified in that translation as a new soul, I may offer total numbering of focuses in this dimension, 51.

MARGOT: Then the twins are both new souls.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: That’s what I thought.

ELIAS: And manifest very few focuses of attention in this physical dimension.

MARGOT: I’ve got it! Now I’d like to go back to the last session I had with you, where you challenged me to figure out for myself what the essence name is of Lowell Thomas. I did work on this, and I kept getting the same answer immediately every time I worked on it. Is Lowell a focus of Patel? (Pause)


MARGOT: Ah! I couldn’t get any other answer than that. It was like, okay, this must be the way it is. Then I also thought of something. I had Vic ask a question for me in 1997 – and I finally found that the other day – and in response to “what is my relationship to Lowell,” what you said was, “She is identifying this individual as Lowell Thomas, which in another focus held very close relationship to Giselle.” Now, can you give me a time frame or a geographical location for that focus? (Pause)

ELIAS: Of Patel?

MARGOT: Yes, right.

ELIAS: First of all, offer to me your impression.

MARGOT: I haven’t really thought about that, but the first thing that comes to me, and it’s probably because I read a lot about it, and that’s in the Colorado mining fields, late 1800s. I know he was there. I think I likely was, too.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you are correct.

MARGOT: I just can’t believe how good I get at this! (Laughing with Elias) Okay, very good. Was I a female at that time?


MARGOT: I was a female, and I was closely connected to him?


MARGOT: Was I his wife?

ELIAS: Ah, Giselle, now you are guessing!

MARGOT: (Laughing) Yes. (Elias laughs) You’d like me to work on that, right?


MARGOT: Okay, I’ll do that. Now, in my last session we talked about the peripheral experience that I had driving between canyon walls, and you told me that that was actually another planet in another solar system in a dimension within our space arrangement. This was a really big “wow!” for me! Do we have a name for the planet that I was viewing in my periphery? (Pause)

ELIAS: In actuality, this is not identified by a physical naming in the manner in which you identify your planets.

MARGOT: I just thought that it would be even more interesting if it was like Mars or some place! Did I view that particular planet because I have a connection to it? (Pause)


MARGOT: Okay, I’ll work on that, and then I’ll get back to you again on it. Since all of these planets that we see in our sky are in actuality in our space arrangement, when we look up at the sky and we say, “Oh, there’s Mars, or there’s this and there’s that,” are we seeing a mirror? Why do we think that we look up and see them, if they’re right here? (Pause)

ELIAS: Let me clarify.

MARGOT: Okay! Obviously I need it!

ELIAS: In this, you have created a physical dimension which includes many physical manifestations. Your physical dimension occupies a space arrangement.

Now; this space arrangement is quite vast.

MARGOT: Yes ... oh!

ELIAS: What I am expressing to you is not that another planet within your physical universe is superimposed upon your planet and that particular aspect of your space arrangement, for it occupies, in a manner of speaking, a position in your space arrangement of your physical dimension, which you identify as your universe. Other physical dimensions occupy the same space arrangement as what you view as your universe.

MARGOT: Yes, I’m getting it now! When I look up in the sky and I see what I see, I’m seeing within my dimension.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: I get it!

ELIAS: ...which is quite vast in the expression of space arrangement and physical manifestations. The physical manifestations of your dimension, your universe, are not limited to your individual planet. You also have created a vast universe to occupy the space arrangement of your physical dimension.

MARGOT: Yes. I get it! Oh, that’s a real light bulb to me. Thank you very much!

Now, in my last session also – and this is the last thing from that session – you challenged me to figure out which one of the wives of Erastus Snow I am, and he had four wives. The only resource or the best resource I had to check this is a biography of his that, of course, talked about the wives. But each wife was talked about in glowing terms, so I had to read and feel and think quite a little bit. I just can’t think that I’m anything but the first wife, whose name was Artimesia. Her tone seemed to fit me more than any of the others did.

ELIAS: You are correct.

MARGOT: Oh, I knew I was! See? I’m doing okay, aren’t I, Elias! (Elias laughs)

Since I now know that I have 1802 focuses, how many of those are lending energy to me now?

ELIAS: All of them.

MARGOT: All of them are?

ELIAS: As is the situation with all focuses that any essence manifests.

MARGOT: Well, some folks ask you that, though, and it gets narrowed down quite a little bit. In fact, I got the idea for this from Ruther, who thought that it was really important for her to know, and she’s described to me what she’s done with that kind of info.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Giselle, my interaction with you, in like manner to other individuals, is specific to you. Therefore, my interaction with you and my responsiveness to your questions is expressed in relation to the relationship that is created between us.

Now; this is significant, for my responses to you may be expressed differently dependent upon how you present your questioning.

Now; in expressing to me a generality of question concerning the lending of energy or offering of energy of other focuses to this focus, [this] shall be responded to in a generality also. For you have assimilated information and have participated in this forum for a time framework, and I may express to you that you are not paying attention and choosing your terms in which you shall present your inquiry. Quite simply put, you are expressing a laziness in your questioning!

MARGOT: (Feigning hurt) Oh! Can that be? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) HA HA! Therefore, if you are wishing information in specifics as to what focuses you draw to yourself to be offering energy to you in this focus – more specifically, in relation to what you are creating or what you are challenging yourself with or what you are exploring – do you view the difference in the questioning?

MARGOT: Yes, I do. Can I rephrase my question? (Laughing)

ELIAS: You certainly may.

MARGOT: All right! How many focuses do I have that I’ve drawn to myself in the things that I am investigating and working with in this focus?

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckling) I may express to you, presently you draw upon the energy of eight other focuses, specifically to offer energy to yourself in this focus in relation to your exploration of transition, which is expressed in continuing physical focus. You also draw energy specifically in relation to your allowance of yourself to be interactive and dropping or thinning the veils between yourself and other physical dimensions.

MARGOT: Whew! Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARGOT: I’m so glad I learned how to say that question right! (Laughing, and Elias laughs)

Okay, I’m gonna go on to aches and pains. From time to time I do have a problem with my right knee. I’m not having this right now, and it comes and goes. I know I have an emotional issue with this, but I haven’t been able to identify it specifically. Can you give me a little help with that?

ELIAS: First of all, once again, offer to me your impressions.

MARGOT: Well, I felt that the last time I did a round with my knee thing, I felt it was connected to the other issues I have about staying in the now and the issue that I have with – well, it has to do with staying in the now, too – not getting myself overwhelmed like I tend to do. I didn’t think beyond that. It just seemed it was like the same old/same old.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. I may express to you that partially you are correct in your interpretation of your impressions in relation to this physical manifestation.

I may also express to you that as you create this physical manifestation, you are, in a manner of speaking, honing your attention, for you ARE allowing yourself the recognition of the association between the physical manifestation and your attention being held within the now. But you also are creating this physical affectingness to allow yourself a type of physical reminder, in a manner of speaking, to not merely be holding your attention within the now, but also to be paying attention to your communications to yourself.

MARGOT: Oh, okay. I fall out of attention quite easily, so I’ll do that. Thank you!

I recently had to get some new glasses, and it seems to me that my eyes are getting worse – I know there’s no worse – at a faster rate than I think they should be. (Laughing) Is there something that I do not want to look at, or would this be due to my belief system in old age?

ELIAS: I may express to you this is not a manifestation in relation to not wishing to view some aspect of your reality. This is not what you are creating. You ARE creating physical manifestations that are quite in alignment with your beliefs and mass beliefs concerning the aging process, and you are emphasizing some of these manifestations physically in relation to the wave in sexuality.

MARGOT: Oh, right, right! Well, yes, I knew that. So the eyes are part of that.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: I had an interesting type of dream that I’ve had off and on ... well, I can’t remember when I didn’t have these kinds of dreams. They’re very short. It always seems that it is not connected to a foregoing dream that I just had. All of a sudden, I become aware that somebody that I know or have known in the past is at my front door and about to come in. This, of course, is always a big surprise, and it wakes me up to the degree that I’m out of bed and on my way to the door before I actually wake up.

Recently, I had an episode like this that really was affecting of me. In this one, it was my mom who was at the front door. Of course, she’s been dead for quite a few years, and she was at the front door. The thing that was really interesting about it was that I experienced a flood of emotion like I’ve never had before. It’s always been that the emotion comes simply because I am so surprised and I’ve got to get to the door in a hurry.

But this time, within that little teensy dream space, I realized that this was like other dreams that I’ve had, and that this has happened to me before; but THIS time I knew it as much as I knew that this was me that it was really real! I knew that my mother was REALLY at my front door, and I was so excited, and my heart pounded, and I had a big grin on my face. But of course, on the way to the front door, I woke up! Can you enlighten me on this sort of thing?

ELIAS: Yes. First of all, I shall express to you that you are not engaging dream imagery. What you are creating is an actual projection in consciousness and allowing yourself the recognition that you are creating a participation, or attempting to be creating a participation, with other individuals in this action of projecting within consciousness.

Now; I express to you two identifications, that you are participating and that you are attempting to be participating. For in this, you are in actuality allowing yourself an awareness of the other individual’s participation. You are aware of their presence, but you are attempting to be participating with the other individual. For although you are aware of their presence, you discontinue the projection prior to your actual physical engagement with the other individual at the door. Are you understanding?

MARGOT: Yes, I am. Why would I ... like with my mom at the door, why would I cease my participation?

ELIAS: Let me express to you the explanation of what you have created and what your emotional communication to yourself has been in this experience. You allowed yourself to be creating this experience in this projection. In that projection, you have also allowed yourself a genuine recognition of the reality of what you have created, that this is not a creation of dream imagery; you have actually created a projection that is quite real.

You have chosen to be creating this particular projection, piercing the veil of what you view to be as death, the veil that separates you within physical focus and your objective awareness from individuals that are no longer participating within your physical expression.

This is significant in your exploration individually, for you focus your attention in an intensity of exploration concerning disengagement or the action and choice of death. Therefore, your recognition of yourself piercing that veil, and actually creating a projection within consciousness to create an engagement without that veil, created an emotional communication to yourself in validation of your ability in reality, which was expressed in the signal identified as elation.

MARGOT: Yes, I understand. Did I begin doing this, having these little episodes, when I went into transition? Is that part of transition?

ELIAS: This is not necessarily what may be defined as an aspect of transition itself; although yes, you are correct that you have chosen to be engaging this action in your exploration of transition, but it has been your choice and your individual exploration and manner in which you allow yourself to be exploring aspects of transition in manipulating your awareness in other areas of consciousness.

MARGOT: Now, I have two things. The first one would be, if I actually got to that door before I woke up – ha! – and I opened the door and I embraced whoever was there, would that be a manner of my own disengagement?


MARGOT: Okay, all right. I didn’t want to take myself out too early! (Laughing, and Elias laughs)

The next thing that it comes to my mind is that it might be part of the fact that I have such a determination to be in charge of my own death. I know exactly how I want to do it. In broad terms, it would be just lying down and doing it and going! Is it because I have concentrated on that goal – which is a goal of mine – that I have engaged this sort of episode? Did I make myself clear?

ELIAS: I am understanding. No, this is not, in your terms, the reason that you have chosen to be creating this action. You are merely allowing yourself projections within consciousness to explore your ability to be lessening or thinning the veils between your awareness and your assessment of yourself and other expressions of consciousness that you objectively view to be removed from you.

MARGOT: I see, okay. Thank you very much! I’ve had a lot of questions about that for years, and I feel like I understand that now. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

MARGOT: I want to talk about house pets for just a little while here. I’ve always had a very interesting relationship with our 18-year-old cat Little Bear, and I’d like to know more about an aspect of that in which she often initiates empathy with me, not the other way around. The first time this occurred was several years ago. We had just gotten a new couch, and there was a seat on the couch that I liked and it was mine. But she liked it, too, and so every time I came along to sit down, I’d always find Little Bear there, and that was quite annoying to me ‘cause I had to wake her up or get her off of there.

So one night I was looking at her and she was staring at me, and I realized that we were in touch with each other, and that I could talk to her about this situation with the seat on the couch! (Laughing) I told her that was my part of the couch and that she could sit there as long as she wanted to, but when I came along and wanted to sit down, I expected her to get up and let me have the seat. That was years ago, and that cat has never failed to get up when I come along and she knows I want to sit down.

She’s done this with me every so often. I’ve never tried to do it with her, but we can really get on the same wavelength with each other. I’ve been getting for a long time a really strong impression that she knows way more than I do about everything, and that we are very old friends. (Laughing) Can you talk about this just a little bit?

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you first of all that you allow yourself this expression of allowance of your ability to be communicating with this creature as an expression of familiarity. In this, I may validate to you the expression of familiarity is recognized, as this particular aspect of consciousness, that is manifest as this creature now, you have created, in your terms many times in many focuses.

MARGOT: With this certain aspect?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Now, this is what I thought. It’s like we are such old friends! Can you give me an example that relates to the relationship we have now that we’ve had in the past?

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, that you have created many examples that are similar to what you create in this focus.

MARGOT: Has she always been a cat?


MARGOT: She’s been dogs, hasn’t she?

ELIAS: And other creatures also!

MARGOT: And she understands this; I mean, she knows that we know each other well.


MARGOT: It gives me chills, it’s so great!

ELIAS: I may express to you that this particular aspect of consciousness, which now manifests as the feline, in one focus is manifest as a horse, and you and that creature communicate with each other frequently.

MARGOT: I had a psychic tell me once that I was a stable boy in the time of King Darius, and that the horse would tell me all the things that the horses didn’t like about having to go to war or that they didn’t like about the way they were being kept or being fed, and I would go and tell the king, and then things would change. Is that by any chance a relationship to that? Or was that even a true story?

ELIAS: I may express to you, yes, you are correct. This is another example of this type of relationship. The particular focus that I am referring to, you within your physical associations view yourself to be the owner, so to speak, of this particular creature, this horse, and you express a very communicative relationship with this creature in which you BOTH communicate to each other.

MARGOT: Okay, very good. Thank you, that helps! In regard to this same cat, we had an incident here a week ago that I’d like to know about. I picked her up to carry her outside so that I could brush her coat. She’d been outside, and she had a lot of twigs and dirt in her coat. When I picked her up, as I’ve picked her up many times, she growled as if I’d done something to hurt her. Then when I set her down, she could hardly walk. It looked like at first that her left shoulder was dislocated, or there was something with the leg or the paw, and she could hardly walk. She’s improved now, and she has only a very slight limp. Was that a mirror thing going on, or what was that?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, this is a mirror action; but I may also express to you that the manner in which this creature at times mirrors you is to be creating similar types of actions. As example, you may create a physical fall, so to speak, and in relation to the fall, you shall create a physical affectingness of some aspect of your body.

MARGOT: (Laughing) I’m sitting here laughing! I told Vic during the week – I was talking to her about this – and I said, “She looks like me when I first get up in the morning!” (Still laughing and Elias chuckles) I understand this completely, Elias!

ELIAS: The creature also at times creates actual physical actions that manifest in physical affectingnesses of certain aspects of the body.

MARGOT: Yes, and because she’s old for a cat, it just fits right in there! (Laughing) You know, we’ve talked about it a little bit here, and it seems that both cats mirror me. I don’t think that’s quite fair! I think some of the mirror action going on should have to do with Bosht (laughing), but it doesn’t seem to be like that. Are we wrong, or do they ... what’s going on that it seems to be me and my stuff?

ELIAS: I may express to you that in actuality, you engage more interaction with these creatures and project more of your creation of them in physical energy.

MARGOT: Is this because I’m the one that feeds them and does that sort of thing?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. These are merely actions that you physically engage in relation to these creatures. What I am expressing to you is that in the projection of energy which interplays in the creation of the creature itself, you project more of an expression of energy in that action than does Bosht. Therefore, the creatures express more of an alignment with you than they shall with Bosht.

MARGOT: Okay, that makes sense.

ELIAS: I may also offer to you, Giselle, in relation to your experience with this one creature, a small explanation as to the response that you encountered, so to speak, in your lifting of the creature, and this once again is quite a mirroring of you – for you have disturbed the creature, and it expressed crankiness with you.

MARGOT: Ah! Well, she was asleep when I picked her up, but she was lying on top of the bed, and I didn’t want her to get all that stuff in her coat on the bed!

ELIAS: HA HA HA! I may express to you, at times you express crankiness also!

MARGOT: (Laughing) Yes! (Elias laughs) I understand that very well, too! We have just one more little bit of time here ... are you here? (Pause and then Elias chuckles) Elias, are you there?


MARGOT: Okay; I can’t hear you as well – something’s going on. At any rate, in our forum group there has been a lot said about the Nazi era. I’ve searched and searched, and so far I’ve only found maybe two slight connections to that group. But Friday night I had a long very tangled dream that I couldn’t completely hang onto when I awoke. In it, I was watching Nazis and Jews having a battle, but it was a battle of wits. There wasn’t any gunfire; there wasn’t very much gunfire. Was this dream I had having to do with a focus of mine in that era?


MARGOT: Was I there? Yes, I guess I was, if it was my focus!


MARGOT: Was I a Nazi or a Jew?


MARGOT: That might relate to a number of other things that I’ve thought about. Now, my sense in this whole thing has been that those of us in this religious chapter took both sides of the issue in the focuses we had during that time. Would that be true, that that was a big point with us?

ELIAS: Within this forum or in general?

MARGOT: Forum.

ELIAS: Although it matters not, not necessarily. Some individuals have manifest in what you term to be both experiences or interacting with both sides of this event. But other individuals have chosen to be manifest in one or the other direction, so to speak.

MARGOT: Then let me ask, I did a projection that I won’t take the time to ask you about ‘cause I feel that it was right, and I was a Jew, a man, and then I’ve also been told about a focus that I won’t get into right now. But the thing I want to find out is, do I have a focus among the Nazi party elite?

ELIAS: And your impression?

MARGOT: I have one, and the only one that I can actually say that I think might be so would be that I was [name omitted] assistant, whose last name was Kempf. (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT: Yes, I thought so. I picked up on the tone, and I, of course, saw this in a movie. Sometimes I think when you sit and watch a film, we don’t quite get the opportunity to pick up on the realness of whoever the actor is or the part being played. But I did really feel that that was me. Okay! Now, did I have any other focus other than Fraulein Kempf during that time frame who was part of the Nazi thing?


MARGOT: Okay, that’s what I thought, too! I’m so pleased that we’ve had this talk today! I’ve gotten through everything I want to talk about, but you can’t stay for a week, so I guess we won’t get to that today! (Elias laughs) Sometime you’ll have to stay for a week!


MARGOT: Ah! (Elias laughs) Anyway, thank you so much, Elias! It’s just been great, and I’ve really learned a lot again!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I anticipate our next meeting, and shall be playful with you in the interim.

MARGOT: Thank you very much!

ELIAS: I offer to you as always tremendous affection, my friend, and express to you this day, adieu.

MARGOT: Adieu.

Elias departs at 2:52 PM.


(1) Refer to session 509, November 28, 1999, and session 663, July 16, 2000.

(2) Meaning Bobbi, whose essence name is Jale.

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