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Tuesday, May 15, 2001

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ďTrust/Reappearing X-Files/Snoring: Every Individual Creates Their Own RealityĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Bobbi (Jale).

Elias arrives at 1:20 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BOBBI: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) Itís good to talk to you.

ELIAS: And you also.

BOBBI: Iíd like to start today with some questions from other people.

ELIAS: Very well.

BOBBI: The first would be a question from Mary, and Iím going to read exactly what we went over and start from there.

Her question is, ďIn light of this information and my limited understanding of it, if I think another person did something to me that I perceive was hurtful and I lose trust in that person, how do I regain trust in that person?Ē (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. You may offer to Michael this explanation. As he is already aware, first of all, the attention is to be directed to self. Therefore, the question is not in actuality how shall he regain trust in another individual, but identifying what is not being trusted within self that creates the situation. The other individual, regardless of their choices, does not create your reality.

Therefore, in relation to this question, I may express to Michael the inquiry of what in actuality does he not trust within himself? He may be expressing this question in relation to another individual, for he is not trusting his own ability to be creating what he wants adequately and [is] continuing to view that another individual dictates his choices, which is incorrect. Other individuals do not dictate to you your choices. But many times individuals may allow themselves to be dictated to, as they view that they do not incorporate their own choices.

Now; Michael has moved into more of an awareness of self and has been creating a much fuller relationship with self recently, and therefore has also offered himself an objective awareness of what he chooses and what he creates, and has offered himself what we may identify as a glimmer in the identification of his ability to be creating what he wants. Although this be a quite unfamiliar expression, he may also experience moving into the familiar associations in relation to interaction with other individuals.

Now; in questioning what he is creating within himself and allowing himself to examine inwardly what the expression of the lack of trust genuinely is and what aspect of himself that is being projected from, he may also allow himself movement within his own abilities to turn his perception, recognizing that he creates what he projects to his perception through his own associations and beliefs.

I may express once again, it matters not what other individuals choose. What holds importance is your perception and what you choose, and whether you allow yourself choice or whether you create the expression of being a victim of yourself. For being a victim of another individual is, in actuality, being a victim of yourself, for another individual may not victimize you.

Therefore, if he is experiencing what he identifies as a lack of trust in another individual, in actuality what is being created is an expression of a lack of trust of his own ability to be creating what he wants to be creating efficiently or, in his terms, completely.

I may express to you, Jale, which you may offer to Michael, he is moving in this direction, but he continues to associate that he may create what he wants in his reality and in his choices to a point; he may create his reality in relation to another individual partially. But there is a point in that creation which he also creates a stop, for he continues to view that the other individual creates part of the scenario or the interaction, and therefore aspects of his reality continue to be dependent upon the choices of other individuals. In actuality they are not, and I may also express, he may be reminding himself in his experiences what he has offered to himself in information concerning his ability.

For you create what you concentrate upon, and what you project outward in relation to your beliefs and associations within self Ė which are directly influenced by your trust and acceptance of self Ė is what you shall filter through your perception, and you shall create a precise translation of all of those expressions that you hold inwardly.

For example, if you are expressing a lack of trust concerning another individual, you project an energy to your perception which creates an actual physical manifestation of that lack of trust. The lack of trust is expressed in relation to a fear. Protection accompanies fear, for in any expression that any of you create in association with fear, you automatically also couple that fear with defense.

As you create this movement of energy, you project specific messages to your perception, and your perception creates an actual physical reality that reflects those associations, that fear and defense. And what are you defending, and what are you defending against? The other individual does not create hurtfulness to you. You create that within self. Therefore, what is the identification of what is being defended, and what is it being defended from? (Pause)

BOBBI: I understand what youíre saying. I also understand what Michael was relating to me this morning, having gone through a similar situation. What we both donít care to experience again is that depth of hurt and sadness and everything else that went along with that in our conflict and our situations with another individual.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the importance of turning your attention to self and not projecting your attention outward in relation to the other individual, for all that is created is within you.

Therefore, if you are holding your attention upon the other individual and you are creating expectation in relation to the other individual and their choices and their expressions, their experiences, their behaviors, you are not paying attention to what YOU are creating. Therefore, you are also not listening to your communications and your signals as they occur for your attention is held upon the other individual, and you create further blocking of your own communications and not paying attention to those communications as you create the defense, for the defense creates a type of shield within your energy that further removes your attention from your own communications. You create less attention listening to your own communications, your impressions, your emotional communications. You do not hear them.

BOBBI: Right Ė putting all the energy into defense, into the shield.

ELIAS: Correct, and in paying attention to the other individual.

Now; as you allow yourself to turn your attention once again to self, and you explore within yourself this identification of trust or a lack of trust and what YOU are creating, this allows your energy to flow without the block, and you allow yourself much more of a freedom of your own movement and your own creations.

One of the strongest influences in these types of situations is the lack of recognition of your genuine ability to be creating what you want FULLY. You recognize merely a partial exercising of your ability. This quality that you hold, this expression of yourselves in ability holds tremendous significance, for this one expression is very affecting in what you shall or shall not allow yourselves to create.

If you are expressing a lack of trust concerning the other individual, this is what you shall create quite precisely, and you shall reinforce your inability to be trusting of the other individual for you shall create them in the mold of your lack of trust. Therefore, you shall view the behaviors in your projection of the other individual that move in harmony with your belief, with your expression.

Now; as to his question, how may he regain a trust which he views himself to have lost, so to speak, in relation to the other individual, this may be accomplished quite genuinely as he recognizes that each moment that he is expressing this lack of trust, this is precisely what he shall create.

BOBBI: So, theoretically you could trust anybody in the whole world. Would that be correct?


BOBBI: That would be a big step for me! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is not to say that you may create a preference of interaction with other individuals or that you may not be creating a preference. This is not to say that you shall choose to be interactive with every other individual within your physical dimension, objectively. You choose individuals that you prefer to be interactive with, and you choose not to be interactive with some other individuals for it is not in alignment with your preference, but this does not involve the expression of trust.

You may be choosing not to be interactive with certain individuals for many reasons, in your terms. You may not be expressing a similar tone. You may be engaging a particular type of counterpart action with another individual that may be influencing of your lack of a desire to be interactive with them. You may be encountering another individual that holds a very different personality type from yourself, and you may choose not to be interactive with that individual. You may hold associations and beliefs concerning morality or value within your belief systems that may prevent you, so to speak, or you shall prevent yourself from interacting with certain individuals. But none of these identifications are associated with trust. You may trust any other individual, for it is not concerning the other individual, regardless. The trust is expressed within yourself.

BOBBI: So the idea of trusting someone else is not really accurate.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Itís a matter of trusting yourself in any interaction.

ELIAS: Correct, for this is not the situation. It matters not. It is irrelevant to be expressing trust in relation to another individual.

BOBBI: In so far as re-establishing or regaining trust in someone else, thatís not even what you would be doing. You would be changing your perception within yourself.

ELIAS: Correct, and recognizing that the issue of trust, the identification of the issue of trust, is expressed within self [and] not in relation to the other individual, for you shall create precisely what you express through your beliefs and associations. If you are creating trust within yourself, I may express to you quite definitely, you shall create experiences and scenarios within your focus which reflect that expression of trust. If you are expressing a lack of trust, you shall also create that type of experience. You shall draw to yourself that type of energy.

Let me express to you, you may be interactive with another individual that objectively is known to be many different identifications of expressions that you view as unacceptable, hurtful, and untrustworthy, so to speak, in your terms. You may be interactive with an individual that in your assessment is untruthful or that may steal or that may be violent or that has been known to be murderous or torturous, all of the identifications of actions that you view as immoral and unacceptable and negative, and in your expression of trust within self, you may also experience the calm and the knowing that no harm shall befall you, for you are creating it.

BOBBI: Okay. (Laughs, and a pause) I donít know what to add to that. I think that thatís a lot to assimilate.

ELIAS: (Chuckle) You may also offer to Michael, as I am aware of his energy, his expression of retreat, so to speak, as he is already aware, is directly associated with this issue of trust; and in this, although he holds an awareness of his automatic response, he continues to be creating this expression which is what may be identified as a defense, and as he continues to create the defense, he also continues to not create what he wants and to reinforce the skepticism, so to speak, and that is expressed within the other individual, as it is received by him. (Slight pause)

Do not delude yourselves in the expression that another individual is not aware of what you project, for they are.

BOBBI: Okay. Are we ready for the next question?

ELIAS: Very well!

BOBBI: The next one would be from Lawrence, and actually she has two questions. Iíll start with the more immediate one. She asks this morning, ďWhat happened with Ilsaís x-file? This was a transcript that should have been marked as an x-file, and through a series of whatever was not. It was sent out. There were some repercussions about that, and I thought that it was all taken care of, yet it reappeared on the website again today. It seems to keep reappearing as a non x-file. How does that happen, or what is going on with that?Ē

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Once again, every individual creates their reality!

Now; I may express to you, this is an example once again of what we have been speaking of this morning. Regardless of how impossible it appears to you within your beliefs to be creating certain expressions within your reality, there is no action that is impossible, and in this, it matters not what other individuals create, for you may create what you choose to create, regardless, in physical manifestations. This is a clear example of what we are speaking of. This is an example of an individual that is attempting to be moving into a more open expression of self.

Now; this individual expresses a tremendous fear in this attempt of this movement, but a genuine desire to be expressing more of an acceptance of herself and more of an openness in her interaction with other individuals and more of an openness to herself in creating a relationship with herself, and in that has created what you view to be the reappearance of this transcription in an open forum.

BOBBI: So this is primarily Ilsaís creation?

ELIAS: Yes, and it matters not that you may physically be creating a removal of this transcription or an isolation of this transcription within your files, it shall be moved as she directs it to be moved.

BOBBI: I see. And apparently that is what happened. It was being isolated out and suddenly has rejoined the rest!

ELIAS: Correct. And if she is so choosing to be incorporating this action futurely, she shall accomplish this action, and it matters not what YOU create, she holds the ability to physically manipulate her reality, which, in a manner of speaking, overlaps with all of your realities.

BOBBI: Yes. What runs through my mind is when Vicki noticed that transcript this morning, and she was scrambling to straighten things out and reassign it to its x-file status, it was impacting her reality as well. She feels a responsibility to keep these things where people objectively say they want them.

ELIAS: Correct, and...

BOBBI: So it is impacting her reality also, but this wasnít her creation.

ELIAS: And what is the implication? Why has Lawrence moved into that type of an expression? And I shall express to you, what has occurred is association with previous experience and an anticipation of similar future experience, which also is quite related to what we have been discussing this morning for this is a tremendous influence in relation to your perceptions.

You view your prior experiences and, in certain situations, you view the future as suspect in relation to the experiences that you have created previously, viewing your experiences as absolutes and that one shall absolutely follow another in the same subject matter or in a similar scenario which, as I have stated previously, is incorrect. Your experiences are not absolute. They are quite changeable.

Your objective imagery is quite changeable, and as you recognize that you are creating a response in the now in association with an experience that you have created previously, you are reinforcing the absoluteness of your experiences and not allowing for the expression of your ability and not allowing for the movement of altering your perception and accepting what is being created now. Once again, you no longer are holding your attention within self in the now. You are projecting your attention outside of yourself in anticipation of what the other individual may create in relation to prior experience.

BOBBI: So if she hadnít had that expectation or perception that this could go on, Ilsa would have created this kind of openness, or whatever she wanted to do, in another way.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: I understand. Okay! Iíll tell her.

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckling)

BOBBI: So in a way ... this is another question I had sort of shuffled to the end, but this reminds me. I was going to ask you about snoring. My husband is quite the active snorer, and I was going to ask you about it (laughing, and Elias chuckles) because it keeps me awake. But last week, in thinking about it, it suddenly occurred to me, Iím creating my reality...

ELIAS: Correct!

BOBBI: ...and somehow Iím participating in that. Because I noticed if I came in late and he was already sleeping, he was completely quiet until I lay down and tried to go to sleep, and boy, then heíd start. (Elias chuckles) Somehow now Ė Iím not even sure how it works Ė but in thinking of this now as my creation, he stops. (Elias smiles and nods) Is that the case?

ELIAS: It IS your creation, and you may be engaging similar exploration as Michael in allowing yourself to examine what you are creating. What is the expression of your creation? What is your communication to yourself? What is your motivation in creating this action?

BOBBI: That was sort of the direction of my thought process, and thatís when I noticed that the snoring would just stop. My attention was going to how am I doing this? What I am getting out of it? What is my participation, or whatever? When I was thinking in that direction, almost automatically his snoring just stopped.

ELIAS: Quite. Now; a significant communication to be paying attention to is your emotional communication. For within the moment, as you perceive the other individual to be creating this action, you experience annoyance and irritation, and you also experience an impatience. These are communications that hold information concerning what it is that you are creating, for they offer you the identification of your own associations, what you are creating in the moment.

Let me express to you an identification of what you have incorporated in the moments in which you create this action of your partner snoring. In the moment, you communicate an emotion to yourself that expresses this irritation and annoyance, and view what your associations are in those moments. You are within your night hours, you are occupying the same room in the expression of partners and in the association of intimacy, and you are not creating intimacy; and this creates a frustration and an irritation and annoyance. Therefore, you create the emotional communication to yourself, and you create the objective imagery.

You are not offering yourself permission to be creating what you want in certain expressions, and as you recognize this subjectively, you offer yourself the communication that you shall be aware objectively also, and you create the imagery. I may express to you, Michael is quite adept at creating this very type of imagery also! (Laughing, and Bobbi laughs)

BOBBI: Then sheíll be interested in this part also! I didnít take my understanding of it as far as you offered, but that makes perfect sense, and thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

BOBBI: I have a question Ė I have several questions Ė about other focuses, if we could kind of change directions.

ELIAS: Very well.

BOBBI: One of primary interest is about ancient Roman times. Ruther last week asked you about my impression of holding a focus of Mark Antony, which at the time was a pretty strong impression and seemed to be backed up by the objective information that I was getting. My first question is, obviously there was Ė because it was an impression Ė there was a translation going on there that I missed. What was I missing in that connection?

ELIAS: I may express to you, at times you and many other individuals are offering yourselves impressions and may be creating a translation of those impressions, and therefore your objective identification of certain impressions may be less definite than you recognize.

Let me express to you, an involvement of this type of action is related to the individualís recognition and familiarity with themselves and their own energy. Many times individuals may be offering themselves strongly expressed impressions and the impression may be offering accurate information, but your association with that information may be confused, as you are not entirely familiar with your own energy expression within self. This may occur relatively frequently, in a manner of speaking, with individuals as they offer themselves information in relation to other focuses.

For you are attempting to familiarize yourself with your energy as essence in this focus of attention, which presents challenges in itself, but in your association with other focuses, you have not quite moved into the accomplishment yet of viewing your other focuses as not removed by time and space from yourself. Therefore, there continues to be somewhat of a veil between yourselves and these other focuses and the identification of their energy as your energy. This may be confusing at times, for you may be offering yourself impressions and you may be offering yourself information concerning another focus, and in this, you may identify another individual in that focus, but in not being entirely familiar with your own energy, what you may be in actuality viewing is what the other individual, the other attention of you, is viewing.

For example, you may create a very strongly expressed impression concerning another focus of your essence, and expressing shall we say an admiration for the identification of that other individual. What your impression may be expressing to you in actuality is that in that other focus of attention, THAT focus also is expressing an appreciation for the identification of this individual, but may not be that individual. Are you understanding?

BOBBI: Yes, Iím starting to see how that can happen.

ELIAS: You are viewing, in your terms, through the eyes of your other focus of attention, for it is you. Therefore, the association is the same. You view what they view, for it is you.

BOBBI: Iíll have to think about that a little more then as Iím looking at these focuses. As I say, I was ... well, Iíll just have to think about that a little more. (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

Anyway, I have some more questions, and Iím interested in finding out who my focus was in that time ... unless you just want to tell me!

ELIAS: Ah! (Both laugh) And I may express to you, you objectively already are knowing of the response to THAT statement!

BOBBI: (Laughing) Yes, I am! (Elias laughs) Well, I couldnít help but ask!

ELIAS: HA! And are we all not very consistent? Ha ha ha ha ha!

BOBBI: I do appreciate consistency, so thatís okay! (Laughs) If itís okay, Iíd like to ask you some narrowing down questions.

ELIAS: You may.

BOBBI: Reading about all these characters, a lot of them seem so familiar. Did you hold a focus then as Cicero?

ELIAS: No. I do express a focus within that time framework, but not one that may be recognized in notoriety.

BOBBI: You had told Ruther that my focus then had interaction with Antony, and that also I have interaction with that essence now.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Okay, so that particular focus, the one Iím interested in, that focus was male, and would I find reference to that person in books?

ELIAS: Yes. In close association.

BOBBI: Would that be a family association?


BOBBI: Was this person a soldier or a political ... I guess thereís two things going on there.

ELIAS: Correct. They are interrelated.

BOBBI: I had that dream years ago of somebody named Cutullus. Was that the name of this focus, or was that somebody else, another focus?

ELIAS: That may be identified in another focus.

BOBBI: I had been trying to align these two, and it was just not going. Okay ... well, no ... well, yes. (Laughs, and is obviously completely confused)


BOBBI: (Laughing) Howís that for impressions and trusting self? (They both laugh) Oh, dear. Iíll put one name out there, and you can tell me yes or no: Curio, as a name.


BOBBI: No! (Sigh) Okay, well these questions are out. (Elias and Bobbi laugh) Oh, god! How about ... could you just give me one clue and then Iíll come back later (laughs) with the correct answer?

ELIAS: I have offered you...

BOBBI: You have, I know.

ELIAS: ...close association, expressed militarily. Now you may investigate. (Chuckles)

BOBBI: My next wondering is about who is the person that Iím closely associated with now who holds the focus of Mark Antony. In narrowing this down, since my impressions are sort of nil, Iíll start out very generally with asking, what essence family does he belong to?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Quite clever, Jale!

BOBBI: Iím familiar with the game of twenty questions! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Ah, you incorporate a trickiness and slyness in this line of questioning! (Laughs) I may express to you once again, it is an individual that you are closely associated with in this focus.

BOBBI: Oh god! (Elias chuckles) But thereís bunches of those!

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckling) QUITE closely associated with.

BOBBI: (Laughing) This is not my partner, right?

ELIAS: No, I shall express that to you. (Chuckling)

BOBBI: Would this be Chris, my son Chris?

ELIAS: AH! And this is a guess, but I shall offer you one point in your persistence! Ha ha ha ha! (Bobbi laughs) But I shall also express to you the identification that this was NOT an impression! Ha ha ha!

BOBBI: Well, thatís true, but is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

BOBBI: (Laughs) Well, okay, I have my answer anyway! (Elias laughs) Thatís very interesting to me, because Chris has been quite a bit on my mind lately for other reasons, other nuttiness, but thatís another topic. Okay, great! Iíll have to think about that then, maybe that will help.

Lawrence and I have been talking about the idea of having themes that run throughout all your focuses. Would you say that there is such a thing?


BOBBI: Now in thinking about that Ė I would like your comments on this Ė I think I have sort of a theme of being a bit of a maverick, like belonging to a group but maintaining a sort of independence or a little bit of a separation.


BOBBI: I have another question ... Iím asking for clues, I guess, this session. Since I have been getting a lot of information about my essence tone from reading about other focuses Ė itís been extremely helpful for me, since Iím pretty objectively oriented Ė do I have other famous or documented focuses out there? Iím not asking for names! (Elias laughs) But just clues that I could be looking at. As I say, this has been very helpful for me in gaining information about my essence tone, and how thatís expressed in all these different scenarios and different personalities.

ELIAS: I may express to you, in response to your question, yes.

BOBBI: And would there be a clue to go along with that?

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you, first of all, to allow yourself to be practicing with your impressions.

BOBBI: (Laughing, and sighs) I would agree. I would have to say that the Antony thing kind of threw me a curve there. I thought I was doing so well with my impressions, and was very proud of myself. (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Laughing) Do not be discounting of yourself. You have been offering yourself impressions, and this is quite valid. It is a matter of allowing yourself to hone your recognition of what you are translating in relation to.

BOBBI: Oh, absolutely, I figured that there was a translation difficulty. It was just seeing where that came in. Actually, I didnít even see initially that there was a translation going on.

ELIAS: Correct. This offers you the opportunity to practice and become more familiar with your own communications that you offer to yourself.

BOBBI: Yes, absolutely. We shall move on then. Iím also interested in the concept of being an observing essence and how we would know the difference, because there seems to be quite a lot of confusion. So, in thinking about that and sort of casting around and looking for a focus that I might have been an observing essence of, would I have been an observing essence of the author Colette?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

BOBBI: Ah, okay. That gives me a little bit more of an idea of what that feels like. It helps me to know what these things feel like, when I correctly identify with another focus and then the feelings I have about that particular person. I can see that thereís a difference there.

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing.

BOBBI: Itís helpful to have those examples, personal examples.

ELIAS: Yes, and I may express to you, quite often an indication of an observing essence in relation to a particular focus shall be expressed in an individualís association with a particular expression or time framework in relation to that focus. The individual may or may not express an association with that particular focus, or may express, if they are recognizing their own fascination with a particular focus, that their fascination may be limited to what you would identify as a portion of that focus, not necessarily the entirety of it.

BOBBI: Do I have any focuses as writers? I have a feeling that I donít, that thatís not particularly my expression, in words.

ELIAS: You are correct; no, not in the expression of an individual that creates fame, so to speak.

BOBBI: Right, and I was thinking thatís probably a reason that I would be an observing essence of someone who did choose that kind of artistic expression.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: I have a question here from Jale, not me Jale, but Jale the lady who lives in Israel who Iíve been corresponding a little bit with. Her question to you is Ė Iím going to read it directly Ė ďI would like if you could ask Elias about my connection with Joya, if we have some common essence in which way she is connected to me and influencing my life.Ē Joya was her great-grandmother.

ELIAS: They are not expressions of the same essence, as I have already identified, but these two essences have created many focuses of attention in physical manifestations together.

BOBBI: Joya is a focus of the essence of Jale, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: The lady named Jale, what is her essence name, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Trilia, T-R-I-L-I-A. (TREE lee ah)

BOBBI: Thank you. What is her essence family and alignment?

ELIAS: Essence family, Zuli; alignment, Vold.

BOBBI: I didnít hear the belonging to, please. The phone cut out.

ELIAS: Zuli.

BOBBI: Thank you, I will let her know. Mostly my questions just go in directions all over the place after that, and (laughing) I think maybe I should pull them in a little bit and concentrate more on impressions as far as the essence business goes. (Elias smiles)

I kind of know what is has to do with, but my question to you is, why am I so close to tears all the time? Lately it takes nothing to get me to tear up. I canít read certain things or look at certain TV programs because I know theyíll set me off.

ELIAS: And I may express to you quite simply, you are offering yourself the opportunity to be practicing recognizing your communications to yourself in relation to emotion, not merely identifying the signal, but practicing listening to the communication, the message, which identifies your association and your creation in the moment.

BOBBI: Well, I figured thatís what it was, itís just...

ELIAS: You are merely...

BOBBI: I can see why itís crying, because itís so annoying to me. (Laughing) It demands my attention!

ELIAS: I am understanding.

BOBBI: If I was laughing all the time I wouldnít be thinking about it.

ELIAS: You are merely offering yourself the opportunity to be practicing paying attention and practicing with this action of identifying the communication.

BOBBI: So once I get good at it, then I can stop! (Laughs, and Elias laughs)

This is sort of a miscellaneous question: how many current focuses do I have? (Pause)


BOBBI: Six Ė off by one. I have a couple of impressions about that: a female in England?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: I also have the impression of a young black woman with freckles in the mid-West/Detroit area of the United States. (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Iíve just a brief impression of maybe a Russian cosmonaut, but Iím not sure that that would be current right now. It would have been current at another time. (Pause)

ELIAS: An over-lapping focus, yes.

BOBBI: Really! I got the first syllable of his name, S-I-G, Sig something, and then I couldnít get much more than that. Is that correct? Am I heading in the right direction?

ELIAS: And shall you investigate?

BOBBI: (Laughing) I guess I shall! (Elias chuckles)

Do I have a relationship with Charles Trenet, the French singer? A few weeks ago he died, and actually I thought heíd been dead a long time. But when I heard on the radio that a French singer had died, I thought, ďOh, Charles Trenet has died.Ē Somehow I had connected to that information. So do I have some ... or am I just drawing myself to information that Iím interested in?

ELIAS: In relation to another focus of your essence? I may express to you that you do hold another focus which also expresses an admiration for this individual and that experienced an objective meeting once.

BOBBI: So that would be it. I really enjoy his music as well.

Well, gosh. (Elias chuckles) I have a bunch of other questions, but they seem like they can wait at this point. Do I have time to ask Vickiís last question?

ELIAS: Very well.

BOBBI: Her question to you is, ďSo, Mary has 51 focuses in this dimension, and Iíve always wondered if we have the same number of focuses. But the impressions Iíve had very clearly include the number 6, like 6 or 26 or 56 or 76. Also, a long time ago, I got impressions about other focuses in a dream, and they appeared as a number, a colon, and number, like 12:24. You said the first number is that which is then, in your manner of speaking, manifest. The second number is the probable number, if choosing within this present now, to be remanifesting. Right after that, I got an impression of myself as 3:3, which adds up to six, as does 51! Ha ha! So, how many focuses do I have in this dimension? My first impression is 26, in accordance with Regional Area 26, of course!Ē

ELIAS: (Laughs) Now; I may express to Lawrence the identification of the 26 is not an impression in actuality, but a wishful association! Ha ha ha! (Bobbi laughs) But the identification of the six IS an impression. I may express to Lawrence, total numbering of focuses in this physical dimension is closely associated with Michaelís manifestations, Lawrence incorporating 56.

BOBBI: So she has a few more.

ELIAS: Not many! Ha ha ha ha!

BOBBI: Not too many. (Laughs) Well, the six was correct anyway.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Okay, I think Iím gonna go away and think about all this some more. (Laughing, and Elias laughs) Thank you.

ELIAS: Identifying that you hold enough to be assimilating presently!

BOBBI: Well, yes! (Elias laughs) Yes, absolutely. I will find this guy Ė I will find this Mark Antony person!

ELIAS: I hold no doubt of your ability, Jale!

BOBBI: (Laughing) Well, good!

ELIAS: HA HA HA! And I continue to be encouraging of you. In this, you may offer my greetings to Lawrence and also to Michael, and I express to you, as always, great affection, and I shall continue to be playful with you. Until our next meeting, to you this day, au revoir.

BOBBI: Thank you, Elias.

Elias departs at 2:45 PM.

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