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Sunday, April 21, 1996

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“Other-Dimensional Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jene (Rudy), Jim (Yarr), Cecelia (Sari), Charles Sr. (Thomas), and Charles Jr. (Ti-Le’). Abbreviations: CELIA, CHSR, CHJR.

Elias arrives at 7:27 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! (Looking at Charles Sr. and smiling warmly) Welcome, once again! We shall briefly continue on with our discussion of Source Events this evening. We were previously discussing Source or Master Events, to which some of you incorporated some confusion. We have discussed mass creations and situations in the area of illness and your weather patterns. I will express to you, speaking in the area of Source Events, you may gain a slightly larger perception of these as we move into the area of religious creations, for this spans a greater amount of time, as you view it, in one area; and also involves many individuals throughout your world that you individually may view as connected to certain religious belief systems. Also, you yourselves are very affected by these types of belief systems.

In this Source Event, within Regional Area 2, the myth is created collectively within consciousness. The myth is much vaster than the interpretation which physically manifests. It also is affected by other Source Events within other Regional Areas of other dimensional focuses, this being the action that you may view as “bleed-throughs” into your dimension; aligning with religious belief systems, but not quite focusing within your officially accepted religious belief systems. Therefore, you create new belief systems which also fall into the category of religious belief systems. They stem from other religious belief systems within other dimensional focuses, but as all consciousness is connected and intertwined with all consciousness, (smiling) many areas of consciousness bleed through to others.

Some individuals may be intersecting with these belief systems and misinterpreting their origin, not having the information of the Source Event, and where, so to speak, it is coming from. Therefore, you incorporate many belief systems that all fall into one category, so to speak. These all stem from one myth, that which you would perceive as the original; although this is an inefficient term, for in actuality, there is no original, as you perceive an object or an idea. These things hold solidity; or, to your perception, hold a sort of solidity. A Source or Master Event does not. It is an action within consciousness, a very highly creative and expressive action of collective consciousness interaction between essences and The Creating Universal One And Whole. We shall explore, partially, these bleed-throughs later.

I will also briefly digress for one moment, to deliver another message. I will be informing Lawrence of a correction for our transcribing, but I will offer the explanation that this is a request from another essence. As I continue in information to you, as an addition and also a repetition of information of another essence, I may alter terminology for the purpose of not creating belief systems within you to be encouraging you to be creating a new “sect.” Therefore my terms may, at times, be slightly different, although their definition and meanings are the same. Within this, I will request from you that you be focusing upon these Regional Areas within our transcripts, referring to them with numbers instead of words; and also that you be allowing a distinction of these areas of consciousness in granting my request for capitalization also, this being a request of this other essence to me.

VICKI: So you want me to use the number 2 instead of spelling two.

ELIAS: Correct. Within previous material, these areas were referred to as Frameworks. (The Seth material) You may use this as an example. I do not use this word of Framework, for it is appearing to me as inefficient as an area of consciousness. Therefore, I have chosen the terminology of Regional Areas. If you are exploring the literal definitions of these words, you will understand why I have chosen these words carefully.

VICKI: So you want me to continue to use Regional Area, capitalized.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Agreed.

ELIAS: Very well. In continuing: Within consciousness, within Regional Area 2, in what you view to be centuries ago, you, within energy, created a Source Event. Within your perception and your “thinking,” you view these events in a very piecemeal fashion. You view segments. You do not always connect all of the segments together. Within time periods of your history that you remember, (smiling) or that you may investigate to be remembering, you may view a type of global shift. This is quite different from what you presently are beginning to experience; but nonetheless, there occurred a type of shift within consciousness, in focusing upon a religious focus, which has continued till this present now. It was developed in many different expressions, but each expression was an interpretation of the Source Event. Not one was the entirety, or the “one.” Each was an interpretation of one Master Event which occurred, once again, so to speak, within Regional Area 2. In this, you created belief systems quite strongly within each of your interpretations and expressions of this Source Event. Some of the interpretations and expressions became quite strong and quite enduring.

The reason we focus upon this Source Event presently is that you are so accustomed to viewing your reality in this manner that you automatically lean to this type of creation. Therefore, you offer yourselves information, or you connect with information, that is unfamiliar to you within your historical lines, and you automatically “box” this information into your religious belief systems. This is not to say that you believe that angels speak to you or that you have been visited by god. It is to say that you have offered yourself information presently, within this now, that pertains to your shift, and you automatically interpret this within a religious element.

You have created a new religious belief system, this being of your metaphysics. The true interpretation of this word is the exploration of your universe and reality. Your interpretation of the definition of this word encompasses many elements that are ... particles. You piece together information that you are offered, and you attach interpretations to this of masters, and guides, and angels, and many other elements. You have offered yourselves, through consciousness, a widening, to be understanding of elements of essence and consciousness as you approach your shift. You do not understand that what you view, what you know, what you perceive, is greater and vaster than you interpret it to be. I will offer an example, with permission. (Looking questioningly at Jene)

JENE: Absolutely.

ELIAS: An individual offers itself much information in connecting with essence. This information is processed. As according to accepted, traditional belief systems, it does not fit. The square peg will not enter the round hole; therefore a search is engaged. Within this action, other belief systems are offered. Other belief systems, many times within your present now, have been offered as an interpretation of bleed-through belief systems. They seem, superficially, to be answering of questions; therefore they are accepted and incorporated. In reality, they are slightly “off the mark.”

I will address to a specific interpretation. The individual has offered itself information of essence and connection to all things. All physical manifestation is connected to you. It is not separated. It is a part. This information is accepted, but is confusing. Therefore, the belief system is attached in separating, which is an automatic response that you hold. To be viewing all of these connections individually, the individual expresses an individual connection to each element. “I have been a bear. I have been a flower. I have been the storm.” You have been all of these things, and you are presently all of these things, but not individually. They are all incorporated within essence.

Therefore, as I have explained previously, you do not remanifest, within what you view to be a lifetime or a developmental focus, as an antelope, or a dog, or a horse, or a tree. You remanifest as your species, for you have chosen this; but you incorporate all elements of all consciousness, always. Therefore, the basis of confusion; for within these beginning times of your shift, you will encounter many new, to you, belief systems which seem to be explanations of information that you hold as inner knowing. Your inner knowing is correct. The belief systems attached, that you have incorporated objectively instead of subjectively, are belief system bleed-throughs from other dimensional focuses. All other dimensional focuses hold belief systems also. They all are not, as I have expressed previously, experiencing this shift. You, within this dimension upon this planet, within this space and this time, have chosen, within agreement, to be initiating this shift.

In this, you have opened your consciousness. You have allowed these bleed-throughs through the opening of your consciousness. You are, in your terms, receptors to your universe. Other dimensional focuses are not guiding you. They are not influencing you directly. Indirectly, you are allowing their influence through bleed-through belief systems and your incorporation of them, but their interaction is not direct with you. You have not been subjected to other dimensional focuses which are what you term to be “above” you, for there is no beyond. There is no above. There is wider awareness; but within physical focus, within physical manifestations, you are, relatively speaking, comparable. There are some dimensional focuses that hold technology that may exceed yours. You may view them to be, in your limited perception, more intelligent; although I will express to you that many individuals, within your own civilizations many centuries ago, held what you would view to be more intelligence than do you now with your vast technology; for their connection to essence was greater, and their separation was less. (Smiling at Cecelia)

CELIA: If we are more connected, if we develop our connectedness, will we then understand and be in the same place or surpass the place that those other, the ones that you just spoke of in the past, the intelligence that they attained, will we then understand and be attaining this intelligence, if we are more connected?

ELIAS: I will explain to you, Sari, I have expressed that you may view them to be more intelligent. You are no less intelligent than any other developmental area of your physical expression upon this particular planet. Your expressions may be different, but your intelligence has always been the same. Your connections have been different. You now, approaching this shift, have widened your awareness, and have offered yourselves the opportunity to be within an element of consciousness which is more connected, so to speak; for you incorporate less separation. As you approach your shift, more and more, your awareness increases. Your veils drop.

CELIA: Thank you for clarifying.

ELIAS: You are welcome. This is the reason that you may view individuals surrounding you, within your everyday life, that exhibit understanding that you may view, that you believe they do not quite understand; and within their waking consciousness, they may not make these connections to essence and understand what they incorporate exactly; but this is a global shift. You all are moving within consciousness. Some of you move more quickly, if you choose to view this in this way, and within your perception, you may view yourselves to incorporate your connections more clearly, but you will all approach and intersect with this shift in consciousness at the same time, so to speak. This is your agreement.

I will also express to you, using this connection once again, (referring to Jene) that this individual also incorporates an understanding of this shift a little clearer in some elements, for you are correct that within conscious awareness, you also may be influencing and helpful within the accomplishment and the avoidance of trauma; that being my reasoning for incorporation with these individuals.

We have not yet approached this area of explanation, for it is important for each of you, as individuals, to understand your connections to yourselves first; to be understanding of your individual importance and power first; and to be trusting and accepting of yourselves first. Then you may be understanding of your affectingness of other individuals, and the affectingness of your focus in being helpful within the accomplishment of this shift; for I have expressed to you previously, there will be the experience of trauma.

You have not incorporated this Source Event of this great religious element, and willingly, within waking consciousness, allow it to simply drift away! This is a great imaginative creation. You hold very dearly to it. You have for many, many centuries; not only within the development of your Christian religious focus, but also beyond this. You have created many religious focuses, for these all are expressions of one Source Event.

Now you incorporate another Source Event which will be equally as powerful and encompassing; but you also, in your widening and letting go of the previous Source Event, incorporate confusion and distraction. Therefore I, as do many others, incorporate interaction for helpfulness, and some direction. Clarification as to help; in allowing you less conflict and less confusion and less distortion. (Pause) Do you wish questions?

RON: I have a question. After our last session where we spoke on the same subject, Michael and Lawrence and I came up with what we thought may be an example of a Source Event, just trying to understand exactly what that was. The example we came up with was the technological revolution. Considering the fact that in our history, that we have recorded in physical focus, there’s been a technological revolution, I mean, there’s been revolutions like that, that have gone on from the beginning of our time, as we see it. Would that be considered from the same Source Event? Am I explaining that very well?

ELIAS: (Smiling) I am understanding of your question. Yes. Your terminology of a technology is only one interpretation of this Source Event; but you are correct that throughout your development and your history, you have incorporated this Source Event also, in your discovery of many different elements within physical manifestation. All of your sciences spring from this also, and have.

You do not incorporate only one Source Event at one time. You incorporate many. They also overlap each other; and as I have stated, they bleed through to different dimensional focuses, therefore influencing other dimensions. Other dimensions do not only influence your dimension. You also, within your expressions, influence other dimensions. Within certain dimensions, your accomplishments within elements of your sciences have influenced the progression of developments within other dimensions. Belief systems that you hold within this dimension bleed through to others.

You would be quite interested to view the parallel that within this dimension, you incorporate a belief system that other beings from other systems, galactic or celestial, bleed through or interact with you in this dimension. Within another dimension, they view strange creatures to which they believe influence, heavily, elements of their planetary system, which you would view to be very ordinary Indians. They are bleed-throughs. They are connections. They are very strong belief systems and influences. Many of them are very connected with reality. Therefore, within one dimension, they bleed through; for their power and their force, within energy, is very strong. It may be quite influencing of another dimensional focus.

I have expressed to you of Regional Area 3, to which we incorporate our “World-View Library”; which I have expressed to you is energy deposited that may be tapped into by you, and also other dimensions, for information. Individuals incorporating great energy and power of thought, which is reality, (smiling) deposit energy within this “library,” so to speak, which may be accessed. The essence itself does not occupy this area, but the energy of the thoughts and the ideas and the creativity does. Within this, these may bleed through into your dimension, offering what seems to be information quite “out of time.”

Your individual of Einstein or Plato incorporated great information that individuals viewed to be far surpassing their time period. This information was acquired by tapping into this area of consciousness which has been experienced previously, or what you view to be previously, not within this dimensional focus; for within this dimensional focus, no other individual incorporated the information that your Mr. Einstein held; but within another dimension, this information was already remembered. Being deposited into this area of consciousness and being accessible, it was accessed.

Therefore, you may also view that your reality is quite influenced by other realities, and intermingles, and is quite parallel and similar to other realities. You may not look the same; you may choose to incorporate different physical expressions; but your intellect within physical focus is what you would view to be basically the same. Therefore, within expression, you may say, not “I was a creature, or a tree, or the wind.” You may say, “I am.”

JENE: Thank you for clearing that up.

ELIAS: Within essence, you are all of these things. (Smiling) There is no separation. You are also a rock!

VICKI: Well, I have a question. Our shift is an expression of a Source Event, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Would this be a different Source Event than the one that our religious belief systems are expressions of?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So it seems then that there is also an overlapping between these Source Events.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: And that’s why, within our religious belief systems, we can read about the shift?

ELIAS: Partially. Within your religious beliefs, within the onset of your incorporation of your expression of this Source Event, you also hold an awareness that each Source Event, and their interpretations within physical manifestations ... Are you understanding?

VICKI: I think so.

ELIAS: ... are temporary. The Source Event is not temporary. The manifestation of the interpretation is physically temporary. Your temporary, within your expression of years, may be very long, but within no time, it may be no time at all! In this, your interpretations and manifestation of the Source Event include information of a discontinuation, therefore allowing for an open system; for there are no closed systems. You, as you approach your shift, now incorporate the action of helpfulness, within consciousness, to be avoiding trauma that you have expressed through your interpretation of what shall manifest as the ending of this period of this Source Event. Therefore, you now hold the responsibility of “shifting your ending.”

CELIA: Oh! (Note here that other individuals present made an interesting conglomeration of sounds in response to this statement)

ELIAS: You are not wishing to be experiencing trauma. You are not wishing to be experiencing devastation. You are understanding that energy is not annihilated. Energy is never destroyed. Energy never dies. (Pause, and then, softly) It only changes. (Another pause) Therefore, you may allow these belief systems that you have created of this Source Event to be changed; therefore allowing the incorporation of your new Source Event, continuing your cycle, allowing for your open systems. (Pause) We shall break.

BREAK 8:26

ELIAS: Are you wishing of questions?

JENE: Elias, I have a question. I have just recently heard of the Futon Belt. Does this have a value in information for us, in terms of the widening of focus?

ELIAS: I will express to you, appropriately this evening with our present subject matter, this also incorporates other belief system bleed-throughs. You will be encountering many, many of these. I have given you the reason for this action, in that your awareness within your consciousness, in this present now, has widened. Therefore, you are open to receiving much bleed-through information. Many individuals, within their awareness, may connect with information, and also very genuinely misinterpret; this being also the case which I have expressed to Dimin previously, within her questioning of her “Star-Borne” focus. These are realities in belief systems within other dimensional focuses. Do not misinterpret that these are not realities, for they are realities. They are only not incorporated within this dimensional focus.

Within their connection of transmission of these bleed-throughs, individuals are connecting with accurate information. It is only not relevant to your present shift; this being why I caution you of information that you may receive. These individuals are genuine. Their information is reality. Therefore you, within your awareness, must be cautious and must be trusting of self to be discerning which is affecting of your present reality within this dimensional focus; for you will encounter much information. It will not be so very easy for you to interpret which information pertains and which does not; for, as I have stated, you automatically accept this information from other dimensions for it is different, and your consciousness is knowing that your shift will incorporate a difference. Therefore, within these early stages of your shift, it is more difficult for you to interpret. This is the reason why I speak to you of your own awareness and your own connections to essence. If you are trusting and accepting of yourselves, you will be better equipped to be understanding of information that you are faced with. I have expressed to you previously that you will know truth. It will ring within you.

JENE: Thank you.

JIM: I would like to acknowledge your presence and your helpfulness, as well as the helpfulness of Yarr and Michael today, with our experience on the freeway with the electrical problem with the gas tank. That was a very widening experience, and I want to acknowledge that. Thank you.

ELIAS: Thank you!

CELIA: I also would like to acknowledge. The last thing that you just said was that these things do ring true, and that’s why I return again and again, because there is a feeling of clarity that I get from you, Elias. I want to thank you and acknowledge you for that.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I will also express to you each, as I have with Dimin; within your awareness and your connections, and to those of you that hold connections to other dimensional focuses more closely, or what you view to be more consciously, than others, some elements of information may ring true to you, as does information to Dimin. In this, you must be even more aware, for you must incorporate the ability to understand which dimension your information applies to. You may incorporate information that to you, within this physical focus, seems new, but that you may also feel within yourself a strong pull, as if you are being informed of an element that you are knowing of already, that you have been drawn to previously. This partially, at times, may be an indication to you that this information may be incorporated within another dimension.

When I am speaking to you, I speak to you of this dimensional focus. I speak to you of this incorporation of essence, this time period, this world, this dimension; you, as you view yourselves within this present now. Therefore, you incorporate no confusion. When you are investigating, and you are drawing information to yourselves, your clarity may not be so precise. Other individuals may speak to you in general terms of concepts, of movements of energy, of ideas which may ring true also within certain elements of your being, so to speak. This is why I say to you, they are, underline, realities. They only are realities within other dimensions.

Remember your guidelines: This shift incorporates this dimension, this planetary focus, this time period. Other “beings,” if you will, do not interact with you from other dimensions. They may bleed through. They may, to your understanding, “accidentally” intersect with you, although there are no accidents; (smiling) but to your understanding of the workings of energy and consciousness, it may appear that you may intersect with other dimensional focuses unintentionally; but you are not directly being influenced or “led” by other dimensional focuses. You exist within them already. Therefore, you are not “leading yourself” anywhere. You are experiencing within all of these dimensions simultaneously.

JIM: So that would fall in the category of the exercises of tensegrity, of gathering energies. That would fall in with what you’re speaking of? Carlos Castaneda’s ...

ELIAS: Not quite correct. You do not “gather energy.” It is unnecessary. You incorporate infinite energy. Therefore, it is unnecessary to “pull” energy in, or “push” energy out. You may redistribute, if you are choosing, but this also is unnecessary, for you energy is automatically directed within whatever focus you concentrate upon. It is continually in motion, and there are no closed systems. There are no limitations.

JIM: Understood. Thank you.

ELIAS: You may focus and be directing within energy, if you are choosing, for effectiveness; but you are not gathering, and you are not pushing. You are only directing motion. There is no effort involved within this action; for as you may concentrate, or as you may incorporate a thought, it is reality.

JIM: As the case with the pony that I’ve been involved with.

ELIAS: You all incorporate much more effort than is necessary, for you believe that you may not be affecting if you are not incorporating effort. What you do not believe is that thought is reality, and thought is energy, and energy is reality, and energy is constantly within motion.

Therefore, as you incorporate the reality of thought, you immediately, instantaneously create ... effortlessly. Therefore, the effort that you incorporate subsequently is for your own benefit. The accomplishment has already taken place. (Pause) Yes, Lawrence?

VICKI: The Source Event that is being expressed and interpreted within this shift, the myth that you speak of, is that being created presently?

ELIAS: It has been created; although all things within consciousness are in a continuous state of becoming.

VICKI: So in actuality, the myth has always been.

ELIAS: It has not been actualized.

VICKI: Okay ... (Sighing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Or maybe it has ... within your simultaneous time! I speak to you within the confines of time elements, for this is what you understand. You do not understand and you do not accept simultaneous time. You may say to yourselves and to each other that you understand and you accept simultaneous time, or no time, but you do not. It is a concept. It is not a reality within your focus, for you incorporate time! Therefore, it continues to be a concept, and not reality. You are beginning, very, very slightly beginning, to incorporate a small movement of widening your awareness, to incorporate the idea of simultaneous time. Therefore, you may be expressing, “I believe I have experienced! I know it is reality!” (Chuckling) It is not reality to you, as of this present now!

CHJR: Is simultaneous (Charles trips over his tongue several times, in a humorous, unsuccessful attempt to say the word simultaneous) time, I can’t even say it! Is that the same as saying in possibilities, all things are equal? Or at a given moment, anything can happen at that given moment? Is that the same thing as saying ... Oh, let’s see ... (Obviously exasperated with himself)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Within probabilities, all things are possible. It is only your choice to choose one probability for this particular focus, within each moment of this focus. In actuality, all probabilities are actualized somewhere, so to speak. All choices are incorporated. You choose one, within each moment, to be actualized within this time dimension and focus.

As to simultaneous time, the meaning of this is that all things are happening now; within all dimensions, within all focuses, within all consciousness. All occurs now, within the moment. All consciousness is in a state of becoming. There is no past. There is no future. There was no beginning. There will be no end. (Pause)

Vic’s note: Here, Elias starts coughing and can’t stop. Mary “pops back in” quite unexpectedly! She was trying to “get close enough” to ask a question. We resume a few minutes later.

ELIAS: We shall continue, hopefully uninterrupted! Shall we continue with your questions?

VICKI: Well, maybe I should ask Michael’s question, which is what instigated all of that!

ELIAS: Impatience! (Laughter)

VICKI: Michael wants to know if the interaction and the experience last night was affecting. (Referring to Mary’s “transfocal encounter” in which she experienced being a sorcerer) (1)

ELIAS: (Accessing) You are asking if your action within the present is affecting of what you view to be the past?

VICKI: Well, I guess that’s partially his question, but then we already know that it is.

ELIAS: Do you? (Grinning)

VICKI: No. (Laughing) In words, yes.

ELIAS: Yes. Each time you interact, within each moment, you are affecting of other focuses. I have expressed this to you previously. Each action that you incorporate directly, with another individual or another focus, is directly affecting. Therefore, you alter that reality.

VICKI: So I guess his question would be, within our specific experiment, we did alter that reality?

ELIAS: Correct. Each action of an “oob” that Rudy incorporates, which involves another individual, alters the reality of the other individual. (Pause)

CHJR: So could you go back and educate yourself in a past life? Or no, educate yourself in this life? Just go back to when you were five years old and influence yourself then, and that would affect what you are right now?

ELIAS: Correct.

CHJR: Time is scary! (Laughter)

CELIA: This is breakthrough stuff!

ELIAS: If you are choosing, you may incorporate this action if you may widen your awareness enough to be understanding what you have chosen, and how to implement it. (Long pause) Many wheels turning this evening! (Laughter)

CELIA: Well, this then just brings us back to what you’ve been saying. What you’ve been teaching us is that we can affect our realities.

ELIAS: You create your realities, in entirety, every moment!

CELIA: Please excuse us for being so hardheaded about it. It keeps coming back to that.

ELIAS: (Smiling) No excusing necessary. I shall be repeating of these concepts until these concepts are no longer concepts, and they become, in their state of becoming, realities to you.

VICKI: So within Michael’s experience within this exercise, of an incorporation of fear within a developmental focus, we could connect with that focus, alter it, and remove the fear?

ELIAS: If you are choosing. Michael must move through his present issues to be affecting in this manner. You do not only affect within one direction. Within his belief systems, he does not quite accept his affectingness or his ability. You may offer this information to him though, and he may be responding more confidently with the knowledge that he may be affecting in this direction also, in changing the probabilities of this focus that cause fearfulness. It is his choice.

VICKI: He just keeps getting drawn there.

ELIAS: And will also understand the reasons. (Pause) Shall we incorporate our game?

RON: Why not!

ELIAS: We were beginning to lose our initiator! (Laughter)

VICKI: For Shynla; she would like to connect Elias, in the oceans and seas category, with the Arctic Ocean.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Ordin, vibrational tone qualities, physical body movement.

ELIAS: One point. You may express my pleasure with Shynla’s expression, and my acknowledgment of this.

VICKI: Rose, animal, elephant.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Tomkin, wars, the Civil War.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Incorrect.

VICKI: Composers, blue, Beethoven.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For Michael; composers, Tomkin, Rachmaninoff.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Composers, Rose, Bach.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: In the same category, Brahms.

ELIAS: (Nods) Hua fuas! (Laughter)

VICKI: In the physically focused connecting essence’s category ...

ELIAS: This is quite a mouthful! (Laughter)

VICKI: ... intersecting with gender, he would like to connect himself and myself with male.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For myself; blue, occupations, sorcerer.

ELIAS: Very good connecting, Lawrence. One point.

VICKI: Black, wars, the Vietnam War.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Rose, occurrences of nature, rainbow. (Elias nods) And black, element, oxygen.

ELIAS: Very good. One point.

VICKI: That’s it on my end. Oh, excuse me! For Samuel; Rose, gender, male.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) One point.

JIM: Okay. Twylah, category of wars. (Laughter) Here we go again!

ELIAS: We continue!

JIM: Yes, we continue! The Incas and the war with Spain.

ELIAS: One point. We still continue! (Grinning)

JIM: In hobbies, with indigo, connect magic.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: But there’s more. I’ll keep searching.

ELIAS: Do this!

JIM: That’s all for now, thank you.

ELIAS: Continue searching with your Indians also. You may receive another point.

JIM: Oh boy! Okay.

RON: I’d like to add a couple new categories, possibly. Minerals?


RON: And vegetables?

ELIAS: Acceptable. (With an “Oh, brother” look)

RON: Okay. Under cities, for Rose, Palermo.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Mythical creatures for Ayla, the serpent from the bible.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Acceptable.

RON: Occupations for Ayla, shepherd.

ELIAS: We are incorporating this religious focus this evening! Very well ... Incorrect!

RON: Okay. Occurrences of nature, Rose, birth.

ELIAS: (Sarcastically) Ah! Quite creative! Acceptable.

RON: Okay. Places, Otha, The Mountain.

ELIAS: (Grinning at Vicki) One point!

RON: Thank you.

ELIAS: No gender for Rose? (Laughter)

RON: I haven’t gotten a perception on that yet.

ELIAS: Ah! (Turning to Charles Jr.) Shall you attempt, Ti-Le’?

CHJR: Yeah, I’ll try. For religions, under Ordin, Buddhism.

ELIAS: One point.

CHJR: And that’s my only attempt tonight.

ELIAS: (To Jene) Shall you attempt?

JENE: I pass.

ELIAS: Acceptable. And Sari?

CELIA: Well, I have a question. It was a subject that we were speaking of tonight; the Source Event. Is this a category?

ELIAS: You may enter this as a category, if you are choosing.

CELIA: Yes, I choose.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CELIA: Then I will take one more step, and connect the development of nuclear energy as a Source Event.

ELIAS: This would be incorporated within the same Source Event as your industrial movement, your technological movement, and your sciences also. This is one expression of this Source Event.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Have you more questions this evening?

VICKI: I have another question. Okay. The Source Event that our shift is an expression of, have we seen an expression of this same Source Event before, so to speak, our religious focus?

ELIAS: No. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay ...

ELIAS: It is different. You speak of what you view to be a time period of Seers. These essences, being not completely physically focused, incorporate a different element of consciousness as connected to physical focus. You move presently into a wider area of consciousness, but continue to be physically focused. You incorporate all of the elements of your physical focus; you only incorporate also a wider awareness of essence and probabilities. Therefore, you incorporate a wider ability within physical focus, and also a “letting go” of inefficient belief systems. (Pause)

CHJR: I’ve got one question, or no, a possibility for a ... I’m not sure. If it was just pleasures ... Physical pleasures may be off for this, but for physical pleasures, under Otha, I’d like to put intimacy.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Grinning at Vicki) Not necessarily habit! (Chuckling) Although you may enter this as a category of its own.

VICKI: Habits? (Elias nods, still grinning)

ELIAS: I shall express to you all a great fondness and tremendous affection at our interaction this evening. I shall be departing. Much love incorporated to these essences present.

CELIA: And likewise.

ELIAS: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:42 PM.


(1) I have, at Ron’s request, incorporated the term “transfocal encounter” as a substitute for the term “past-life regression,” as the term regression implies an incorporation of time, and there is no time! Therefore, instead of going backward or forward to other developmental focuses, we are “transferring our focus.” I may also use the term “transfocus.” Any input regarding this term will be welcome.

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