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Wednesday, April 24, 1996

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“A TFE With Paul (Patel)”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Ron (Olivia).

Vic’s note: This session was held at Ron’s request, instigated by his excitement and resulting questions regarding his interaction with Paul during his transfocal encounter earlier this evening. Mary, as the facilitator, encouraged Ron to “merge his energy” with Paul, and Paul did appear to “break through,” briefly. The struggle involved in this action was apparent, and also verbally acknowledged by Paul.

Elias arrives at 8:33 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening.

RON: Hello.

ELIAS: So, you are wishing of questions this evening. We shall interrupt our regularly-scheduled transmission for commercial breaks! (Grinning at Ron)

RON: Okay. I am aware that I was closer to Paul today than I have been so far. I was also quite close to you today, closer than I think that I’ve been in consciousness. (Elias chuckles) Or not! I’m curious about my own awareness of it, of how much was actually ... how much was me, and how much was Paul. I have an idea, but I’m not real sure on it. It was confusing for me.

ELIAS: I will first express to you that you were no more “closer” to Paul or myself than you are continually. Your allowance of your acceptance of your awareness of interaction may have been greater, but your actual interaction was no different. You automatically engage your rational thought processes. To an extent, you continue to hold to this rational intellect and interpretation. You do not accept your experiences for what they are. Therefore, you interpret that you are creating a fantasy. (Smiling)

Within your waking consciousness, it is difficult for you to be accepting of things that you view to be foreign to you. Therefore, you automatically reject these. In this, you offer yourself an explanation, to a point, of your action. There is a point, though, to which you may not offer yourself rational explanation, for within you, you realize an interaction; an energy field. You mingle with this. You incorporate this into your experience, which your rational intellect does not hold an explanation for. Therefore, in allowing your awareness to widen, you choose to be accepting of this information. If you were not choosing to be widening your awareness and accepting, you would automatically be denying of all evidence.

An individual may be visited, so to speak, by a manifestation of an essence that they may visually, within their physical space, view, and also completely deny its existence. They may deny the occurrence for within their rational intellect, this is not possible. In allowing yourself to widen awareness, I have explained previously, you also allow your vision, your perception, to widen; to incorporate and to see, so to speak, what is actually there that you have been denying to yourself throughout your focus. The reality has always been there. You choose only to be closing your eyes and not seeing. Now, you allow yourself the opportunity to be fluttering with eyes, (fluttering his eyelashes at Ron) catching glimpses. Soon, you may choose to be completely viewing and accepting.

I shall be reminding Olivia of her own thought processes: “I incorporate this information; I do not accept it. I do not question, but I do not accept.” (Smiling at Ron) You are beginning to allow yourself an acceptance, for without acceptance, you may only perceive so much. You must allow your own trustfulness of your own self; for without this, you do not incorporate your peripheral vision, for you do not accept. You have accomplished, through your desire, unlocking a door. Now, you may choose to enter, IF you are wishing.

You were given a message, a time ago, of the inception. You view these things within linear time, and within your own time frames. Therefore, your thinking automatically magnates to a response of this message, thinking, “Oh, I must engage this phenomenon immediately, for I have been given the message”; but all time is now. (Smiling)

You also move very quickly within consciousness. You may not perceive yourself to be incorporating this action of this quick movement, but I have expressed this many times, and you are not outside of this statement. Many individuals incorporate great lengths of your time to be engaging and interacting in this fashion, for they are not understanding that their key is the acceptance and trust of self. You may not trust the interaction of another essence “through you” if you are not trusting of you first. You must be accepting of you.

You may use terms as receptor. As you are understanding of electrical elements, you may understand that if your receptor is faulty, it will not be conducting properly of the electrical current. Therefore also, if you are, as the conductor, not incorporating trustfulness and acceptance within yourself, you affect the energy flow and create a block. Your desire will intensify with your interaction and meeting of this essence; as you learn that you have no thing to be fearful of. (Smiling)

RON: The fear lessened a lot today, and the desire intensified.

ELIAS: I have expressed to you that you learn through experience. In offering yourself the opportunity for interaction and experience, you demonstrate to yourself that you have no thing to be fearful of. You may express this to yourself within your thoughts many times, but without the experience to be confirming of this to yourself, you do not necessarily trust your own thoughts.

RON: Can’t ride a bicycle until you fall off it a couple of times! (Elias grins) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Be remembering also that just as with all of my interaction, my connection and intertwining with Paul is always in action. In this also, in your interaction with Paul, a familiar essence of Elias is always present also.

RON: And a welcome presence it was, too.

ELIAS: Thank you.

RON: Thank you.

ELIAS: (Turns to Vicki and leans forward expectantly; Vicki responds by rubbing her face) Frustration! (Pause, staring at Vicki)

VICKI: Could you explain why Michael has been feeling so much fuzziness within this company on a regular basis, why it has changed?

ELIAS: I shall, although I shall also express to you that this is, in actuality, unnecessary. (Pause) You are each experiencing the incorporation of widening awareness. In this, you are opening neurological pathways, as I have explained previously to you. Within this, you are affecting of physical action within your physical brains. You will incorporate physical responses. Michael also, in this, has chosen to be opening of consciousness wider than previously, to incorporate more of an awareness. Therefore, as he is not accustomed to this action as of yet, he experiences physical responses.

He has allowed himself to move into a position, in connection with these individuals incorporated within our pyramid ... No, we will not discuss our pyramid! ... and also with Rudy. In this, he incorporates a safe trustfulness of these individuals, and also is allowing of consciousness to be widened or opened, so to speak. Previously, Michael engaged this action only during your time periods of intersection with Elias. He now incorporates this action, at times, with you as individuals also, feeling no need any longer to be protective in allowing an openness. Interesting that he also has reversed within the forum of our sessions. He incorporates a removal, to an extent, of consciousness; not allowing intersection with individuals within our group.

VICKI: So I would imagine that basically the same explanation would apply to those silly little lights in peripheral vision?

ELIAS: (Smiling) This would be a physical manifestation of this brain activity.

VICKI: Entirely normal?

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: Just for clarification, are counterparts counterparts throughout all physical manifestation?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And also for clarification, within our exercise with Rudy yesterday, within Rudy’s experience viewing a ship in a non-physical focus, was that another dimensional experience? (Jene’s TFE)

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Not an actual non-physically focused space.

ELIAS: The words were correct. The interpretation of a non-physical interaction within a Regional Area of consciousness is incorrect.

VICKI: So that’s why it was confusing. My only other question that I had regarding the last few days was regarding Ron’s other experience today, in which he seemed to have a very close personality parallel with me in this focus. Is this due to a counterpart situation? (Referring to Ron’s TFE as a newspaper reporter, in which he also viewed Bill (Kasha) as a very close friend. Interestingly enough, Bill responded to this information, which was given over the telephone, very emotionally. It was as if he remembered!)

ELIAS: Correct. You are viewing that if you are incorporating an experience, it would be unnecessary to be repeating of this experience within the focus of a counterpart; although you may choose to be repeating of many experiences, for you magnate to them. You magnate to them for different reasons. You may enjoy them. You may find them, in your words, interesting. You may connect with the experience and the sensation. You may be drawn to a particular vibration. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay, one more question. Within Ron’s experience again, and his recognition of a familiarity of Jene, and then that familiarity not being there a few years later, how does that work? (Also referring to the newspaper reporter TFE)

ELIAS: Ah! We move into the area of probabilities! (Grinning) I shall offer a very simple example. Incorporate a sheet of paper. (Pause) Draw a line halfway across your paper. (Pause) Now continue the line from this point, but at this point, also draw two lines above at an angle extending outward to this line, and two lines below. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay ...

ELIAS: The center line would be what you would term the original focus. At the point that you intersect the other lines which extend from this original line slightly angularly, these are probabilities. In this, the original focus may choose another probability. Therefore, the extension of the original line, that you have continued from the point to the other side of your paper, appears to disappear. In actuality, it fades from that particular focus, for another probability has been chosen. Therefore, you continue and you (indicates an angular rise with hand gestures). You continue the same focus.

The probability, within the focus of personality type within the same essence and focus, may slightly veer; changing, at the point of intersection, a vibrational tone quality. It may be very, very slight. Those that may not engage within a very close physical connection to this individual may not be noticing of any difference. Those who incorporate a very strong connection to this individual will be noticing of a slight alteration, but they will be unable to identify the difference. It may appear to them that this individual has altered themselves only within appearance. “Your hair appears differently now. Have you changed the way you make-up your face recently? You have lost or gained some weight.” An individual, within consciousness, will be recognizing of this change within vibrational tone qualities, and incorporates the ability to be identifying of this, recognizing of an exchange of another probability intersection. This happens within physical focus very much! Within your waking state of every-day consciousness, so to speak, you may not understand your recognition.

As you enter an altered state of consciousness through your new game, you allow yourselves the opportunity for a wider perception. You allow yourselves to be identifying of these things. You allow yourselves to “unblock” your consciousness and view, peripherally, many other elements of essence than only this focus, which you deem to be so solid! (Grinning)

VICKI: I guess I just assumed that one would be recognizing the vibrational tone of the essence, but within ...

ELIAS: Ah! Lawrence, what is your vibrational tone? (Grinning)

VICKI: I don’t know! (Cracking up) But within Ron’s recognition and then non-recognition, it seemed confusing because I guess I’m assuming it was still the essence of Rudy.

ELIAS: Correct; but you may not identify automatically this far. You have only incorporated a very beginning with this game, and you have not interpreted all that you have encountered. You have encountered many elements thus far that you do not even recognize as of this now!

VICKI: It seemed kind of perceptive on Ron’s part that he noticed the difference.

ELIAS: Quite! As you notice, within your waking consciousness, many elements, you do not always connect with their meaning, or hold an understanding of what you have incorporated through an impression or an impulse, but you are always recognizing of these things.

RON: Kind of like the fact that the name Olivia doesn’t bother me anymore?

ELIAS: Ah! You will be becoming quite impossible now! (Laughter) I am convinced, within this now, that he has been awakened! I shall go forth with you!

RON: 11:11!

ELIAS: Now, within your vernacular, I shall say to you: Whatever it is taking to be awakening you may be incorporated! (Grinning, pause)

VICKI: I’m also curious, just out of curiosity,

RON: That’s a good place to be curious from! (Smart ass!)

VICKI: It is a good place to be curious from! Who this other essence is, that requested the change in terminology in the Regional Area 1, and 2 ...

ELIAS: You are already knowing of this answer.

VICKI: Okay. (Throwing her pen in frustration; she doesn’t know!)

ELIAS: Express to me! (Oh, great!)

VICKI: Well, I assumed it was Ruburt, but I don’t really know ...

ELIAS: Seth. (Silent pause)

VICKI: Thank you for satisfying my curiosity. (Okay, I knew, but I didn’t trust myself. One point for Elias!)

ELIAS: Ruburt engages within dream elements within a fiery temper, (smiling) as continuing within expression of this essence, to be experiencing what we would term to be an extreme emotional response; for Ruburt has incorporated very little experience, or what you would view to be time element, within completeness of non-physical, and therefore also holds, still, within Regional Area 3. (Pause) Seth requests these distinctions for reasons that will be apparent to you.

VICKI: Acceptable.

ELIAS: Our agenda continues, regardless of your awareness of it. Therefore, the implementation of certain details. (Long pause) Are you wishing more questions?

VICKI: No, I don’t have anything immediate.

RON: No, I’m satisfied.

ELIAS: Continue playing with your game. You may encounter surprising break-throughs! I also incorporate break-through information, hot off the presses! (Grinning) But you may offer yourselves your own break-throughs. You do hold the ability. I shall be continuing interaction, as if you incorporate any doubt! (Laughter) Au revoir!

RON: Good night, and thanks.

Elias departs at 9:21 PM.

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