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Wednesday, May 01, 1996

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jene (Rudy), Jim (Yarr), and a new individual, Rhonda (Rahsha), which will be abbreviated Ronda in the transcript.

Vic’s note: I have termed this the “mellow” session because Elias was very mellow tonight, almost hypnotizing, and also very loving. Mary had been very “whatever” about engaging Elias tonight, and only did so at the request of those present. The energy was decidedly different, which was most physically evidenced by Elias speaking quite slowly.

Elias arrives at 8:00 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Arriving slowly, speaking slowly, and smiling)

GROUP: Good evening.

ELIAS: Welcome to new essence. (Smiling at Rhonda) So, you have questions! (Pause)

RON: I have one. I’d like to know about one of our new categories in our game, of aspect personalities. I’m wondering if the answer, or the answer to the questions in the category, has to be specifically an essence name, or can it just be a personality type?

ELIAS: If you are wishing to be entering a personality type, you may add a new category.

RON: Okay. I’ll do that.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Smiling)

RON: Thank you. (Pause)

RONDA: I have a personal question about my daughter that was born in ‘72. Is she okay?

ELIAS: I shall initially return your question, to be asking why you are wishing this information.

RONDA: Because I have no contact with her, and I’ve put out the energy to be in contact with her and she hasn’t contacted me, so I just want to know that she is okay.

ELIAS: One moment, if you will excuse.

RONDA: Okay. (Long pause)

ELIAS: There have been encounters of what you would term to be difficulties, but in actuality, yes, this individual would be “okay,” as you are terming this. Be assured that each individual chooses their own reality for their own reasons. This is for their own experiences. Therefore, it is natural for you to be experiencing concern, but it is also unnecessary. (Smiling)

RONDA: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Long, silent pause) I wait!

VICKI: Okay. I have a question. Today I interacted with the material from our last session , dealing with Source Events and mass events and individual events, and I think I must not be getting something. So my question is, what am I not getting? Because I have had no difficulty with it at all, and from your comments I kind of felt like I probably would, but it must just be like going “whoosh!”

ELIAS: And we are aware of Lawrence’s linear focus with absolutes, therefore incorporating Elias’ words to be physical time immediate!

VICKI: Yes, I did that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: When you are engaging your confusion, you may inquire.(Pause) Are you truly this bored, Lawrence? (Grinning slyly at Vicki)

VICKI: No. (Laughing) I was just curious about it. God forbid I get bored!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Absolutely! A week of conflict! (Long pause)

JIM: I would like to clarify a few points, if I could please. With healing energies, there’s no healing energies. There’s just energy. It’s all the same, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: The energy that is received through herbal remedies is a belief system? We’re really not receiving energy through that? Is that a belief system, or is the energy really being received through the concept of the belief? Or is it just the thought and the trusting in yourself? Is that just as valid as herbs and color and so forth?

ELIAS: Interesting question, Yarr. In actuality, within essence, you possess the ability to be affecting of all things with no interaction of other elements, but you have manifest within physical focus. You incorporate belief systems. You also incorporate interaction physically. Therefore, as we have discussed previously, there are differences within the vibrational tones of energies.

Each element of your manifestation holds a wavelength, so to speak. Some energies are denser than other energies. Some are merged with your energy more easily than others. You may create belief systems around these energies, but you may also incorporate physical manifestations of energies, and manipulate them to your creative benefits. Not all things within your physical focus are distortions; much, but not all. (Smiling) Your ideas of how to be manipulating energies may be distorted, for you do not understand energy itself.

You are presently, within your separation, unaware of the reality of consciousness itself; its elements, its properties, its movement, its affectingness, its creativity. Therefore, partially, your belief systems are quite intertwined within your manipulation of different energies. This is not to say that these energies do not hold qualities that may be affecting within themselves. You only do not understand yet how to be merging and engaging these energies.

I will also explain to you that I am not suggesting that you are incapable of this merger. You hold the ability, within physical focus, to become wider and less separated, and in this you may merge and understand your intermingling with other energy. You will also understand in this, though, that your manipulation of these energies is not your understanding of manipulation, for there is an agreement within consciousness to be incorporating a cooperation. You do not tell an energy “what to do!” (Grinning) You merge and experience together.

JIM: Empathically.

ELIAS: Or conceptualization, or many other inner senses, as you term them; for all of your manipulation of energy is an intermingling, which is accomplishing. You engage telepathy through an agreement and understanding of how to be intermingling energies.

JIM: This book that I’m engaged in right now, by a gentleman named Klotsche, on color medicine, much of it seems to ring true with color and vibrational tones. Is there much distortion within that text and those concepts?

ELIAS: There are valid elements in many of your texts, this also included. You must engage, within yourself, your own energy and your own knowing to ring true. You will experience a vibrational quality which will allow you to understand and know when you have connected. Color is absolute. I have expressed this previously. It holds tone and dimension, and also a vibration. (Pause) You must learn to be engaging energy within cooperation. This affords you effortlessness. Effectiveness does not spring from pushing a table. You may push your table across your floor, and you may exert much energy within this process. You may, within reality, “think” your table across your room, effortlessly! (Grinning)

JIM: In cooperation.

ELIAS: In understanding and acceptance of the reality of energy exchange. You do not believe that thought is reality. You do not believe that you may think your table across your room. Therefore, it moves not!

RONDA: Could we move the table now?

ELIAS: If you are choosing. If you are accepting and you are trusting within yourselves, you may. I shall not move this for you, but you may choose to be practicing, if you are wishing! (Grinning) These individuals have not quite accomplished feathers and boards!

JIM: So, there’s no difference in moving a feather or a ton.

ELIAS: Quite right.

JIM: And our belief being that it can’t be done is why we fail. (Elias turns and stares at Jim)

JENE: Oops!

JIM: But we don’t fail!

ELIAS: Thank you!

JIM: Whew! Okay, that explains a lot for now. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. No failure! (Pause)

JENE: I have a personal question. At our last session, you offered some information to me about didactic, and that I was moving. Could I have more information about that move?

ELIAS: Are you presently, within this now, understanding my avoidance of your term in definition of this word?

JENE: Well, we looked it up in the dictionary, and Mary also offered, instantly, “teacher” ... No! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This being the term that I intentionally avoided. Express to me what you view and the concept that you see within the term “teaching.”

JENE: Assisting; sharing. I often put it in a simple term like flipping a switch; light bulb effect; the process of walking together with another essence, sharing what I’ve learned, the experiences that I know of, whether they’re completely valid or not in this now, but to this point.

ELIAS: I choose to be diverting you away from your traditional ideas of teaching. Within your ability to hold a didactic connection, (pause) you may be (longer pause) You are quite difficult! (Laughter)

JENE: I am?

ELIAS: I will express to you, Rudy, that each term that I shall choose to incorporate within this forum, you will automatically associate with. Therefore, you will also be requiring a diversion from each term. You may be, if you are choosing to be engaging your most efficient choices, quite “guiding.” Bracket this word, for it will also require explanation, for I am not meaning your definition of guiding; but you hold this “guiding” ability. You possess a tremendous awareness of inner senses. You block these inner senses, although you believe you do not, for you transfer within your own safety elements. Therefore, you allow some “guidance” through some inner senses. You allow much interaction through intellectual engagement.

If you are allowing yourself to be accessing abilities that you hold greatly within this focus, you may be tremendously effective. You have already begun to allow your questioning, to open ideas for your own noticing. You are already connecting with what you view to be your new choices. You need only be trusting also of yourself, and be engaging within your inner senses and trusting of these. Essence is speaking to you. You are receiving your messages. You are choosing to be not listening! You have led, so to speak, yourself into the direction which may be quite efficient for you within this focus. It lies before you, (pause) not within healing centers. (Longer pause) You presently are in the presence of your direction.

JENE: I think I’m getting it. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I will express to you that you may choose to be trusting and accepting and you may choose an effortless direction, or you may choose to be pushing and fighting and screaming and you may incorporate much effort; but your probabilities will, most likely, for there are no absolutes, remain the same. If you are listening, I may be helpful within your acceptance and your effortlessness, but this is quite dependent upon your allowance of belief systems to be flying away; for although you hold much knowing within your inner senses, you also hold tightly, intellectually, to many belief systems. This is not to say that belief systems may not be efficient if they are recognized, and your awareness is wider than your belief systems; to Lawrence also! (Grinning at Vicki) We are moving quite swiftly. To some individuals, it may seem that our agenda is not being engaged rapidly enough. Elias has not produced a manuscript as of this present now. We have produced a tremendous awareness. (Pause) You must be steady and unteetering before you may efficiently be walking, but you are on your feet! (Grinning)

JENE: That’s a great accomplishment.

ELIAS: Quite so; and you remain, with little tumbles! (Smiling) You are becoming more steady, and accepting and trusting of yourselves. I have postponed our discussion of our mass events, for I am aware that you are still requiring interjections of individual focus, which we shall continue until such time that I may disengage with you altogether. As of this now, we have much to accomplish! Therefore, within your present time element, this may be quite a while! (Laughter)

JENE: Well, that’s good. We enjoy you very much. We’d miss you!

ELIAS: We shall enter, for reference, R-A-H-S-H-A, Rahsha; new essence name.

RONDA: Thank you. That’s a nice vibration.

ELIAS: (Grinning at Ron, who appears to be dozing a bit) How is our conference continuing presently?

RON: Really busy.

ELIAS: Of much importance!

RON: Yeah. Break-through stuff! (Elias grins and chuckles)

ELIAS: Ron shall single-handedly initiate our shift, upon his orange feet! (Laughter, and a pause)

VICKI: For the record, I would also like to offer up the black tile to the city. (Mary saw the black tile in a “dream”)

ELIAS: Very good! You may re-engage yourselves with this quest, as you are beginning to be moving more quickly. You may be running out of time for building your future focus and your city! You shall have essences of Seers walking around with no structure around them!

VICKI: We could all fit in the library!

ELIAS: Very small city! (To Jene) And you, also holding the same ability as Ruburt in being a dream artist, may incorporate within this endeavor. You may offer much to the construction of this new focus, for you shall continue with the initiation which has already begun with Seth, who also initiated this city.

JENE: Big job!

ELIAS: A continuation. (Long pause)

VICKI: So, Shynla did a pretty good job of connecting with that mountain the other day. What’s she doing there?

ELIAS: You shall investigate, shall you not?

VICKI: I shall.

ELIAS: And you shall answer your own question. Shynla may not appear to be present, but she is ... always.

RONDA: Is Shynla like a guardian angel, or an essence that’s always around? (Elias looks at Vicki)

VICKI: Shynla is a member of our group that’s presently in a foreign country on a job.

ELIAS: Throwing temper tantrums!

VICKI: And counting on her fingers!

ELIAS: And you may express to Shynla, very affectionately, each little finger that she is counting on, Elias shall be flickering her light, and (mouths a kiss, smiling affectionately) Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

JENE: I have another question. Yesterday, in a dream in the afternoon, I had a restriction in my throat, and was extremely angry, and couldn’t speak in the dream. That often happens, and I used to become very angry. In the transcript, I read Ruburt has a fiery temper, as do I, and that it shows itself in the dream state. Was there a correlation yesterday?

ELIAS: Absolutely; although this was your experience. Do not be interpreting too far to be exchanging with this other essence, although you spring from the same. Therefore, as I have expressed previously, you hold the identical same encoding, so to speak, of essence as does this essence of Ruburt. You have chosen your own experiences to be continuing within elements that this essence was not choosing to engage. (Pause) More personal information! (Pause) You occupy this now; a continuation. Your connection is great with this essence. Your focus is very aligned, but your direction is for continuation, and the least distortion. The idea has been put forth; the initiation, the fire, sprung from Seth. Within that element, although the essence incorporated great care to hold very little distortion, your time element within your physical focus was allowing of great movement within energy, which was also allowing of distortion. The continuation is the fine tuning, so to speak; the commitment to widening awareness, within truth, with as little distortion as physical focus affords. This also demands great acceptance. (Pause) Are you understanding?

JENE: The feeling tones are understanding.

ELIAS: Very good. We shall continue much more. I shall be addressing to many belief systems, be forewarned ... but lovingly. (Smiling)

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I shall be departing and engaging with you at our next session, as one awaits within conference! (Grinning at Ron) I encourage you greatly to be continuing within the forum of your new game. You are propelling yourselves, quite efficiently, quickly, which is quite good, for you must learn to be keeping up! Your little feet may be skipping, but you shall keep up! (Smiling) Affectionately, au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:52 PM., and “pops back in” at 9:31 PM. This was initiated by a conversation between Vicki and Jim about healing, during which Vicki obviously was not getting it! Bear in mind that within a pop-in, we always miss the beginning statements.

ELIAS: ... you align with essence families, which aligns you with individual and collective intent.

VICKI: So then there would really be no difference ...

ELIAS: There is no difference! Lawrence offers helpfulness to other essences, which you may be terming to be healing, within another expression of communication. You may express this to be artistic, if you are wishing. You may express healing intent to be communication or artistic. We have indicated with individual identifying words, as you identify yourselves with names. All is helpful to each other; but within different intents, each alignment with each intent possesses an inner identification with tone and understanding, which is automatically connected with and expressed.

You do not choose consciously, as you view your conscious selves, responses to each given situation in alignment with your intent, for you have already chosen your intent. Therefore, you continuously follow your intent. Your desire manifests within your intent, and is directing of your action effortlessly! No thinking, or analyzing, or rationalizing! Automatically! You respond, just as your body responds automatically to growth and regeneration without your instruction.

VICKI: So this would kind of be where the wider definition of healing comes in? (Elias nods) Because when you respond within your intent and within helpfulness, it makes it a lot bigger, that word.

ELIAS: Absolutely! You may exchange these individual words within all of your essence families, and each word will apply equally to each family. I may incorporate the word spiritualist to each essence family, and it will be correct. I may apply healing or communication, and it will be correct in referring to each essence family. As to an understanding within your accepted definitions and belief systems, I have offered definitions to you, and explanations of your essence families, so that you may connect with and understand more easily why your desires manifest within the direction that they do.

VICKI: But there really is no difference between any of them. (Pause, during which Elias starts to speak) I mean the expression of the desire.

ELIAS: Yes and no. There are, and there are not. If you are energy manifesting as a flower, you grow and develop as a flower. Your desire is expressed within your beauty and your fragrance, as following your intent of a flower. If you are a tree, you are a tree. You are not a flower. Your growth and your manifestation of energy is a tree. You follow the desire of becoming the expression of a tree, which is your intent. Within energy, all energy is energy. Within desire and intent, energy manifests differently. (Pause)

I will also add a correction. You do not allow the energy exchange of the flower, or the herb, or the tree. You accept. You may allow yourself the interaction. You may not allow other consciousness. You may merge. You may accept. You allow yourself this interaction. Are we presently clearer?

VICKI: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: Au revoir, again!

Elias departs at 9:41 PM.

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