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Sunday, May 05, 1996

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“The Objective/Subjective Self”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jene (Rudy), and Cathy (Shynla).

Elias arrives at 8:39 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Arriving slowly, and smiling)

GROUP: Good evening.

ELIAS: Now! First of all, we will incorporate an adjustment of some terminology, to be more efficient for our purposes.

Henceforth, I shall refer to your waking state of consciousness as objective consciousness or self.

All altered states of consciousness, such as your dream state, your state within out-of-body experiences, and all other altered [states of] consciousness, as you view them, including your view of “subconscious,” shall be referred to as subjective consciousness or self.

These terms are more efficient and encompassing for your understanding, for all of your conscious state that you view within your waking element deals with information projected out and received from “out.” All other information is directed from within and processed within.

We will also adjust the term of “units” of consciousness to “links” of consciousness, for units imply a closed system. Therefore, in speaking to you of consciousness, I shall employ the terminology of links.

This also is directly related to our present subject matter that we engage within mass events, for I expressed to you that your individual experiences are influenced by mass events. All of your individual experiences are influenced by mass events.

Subjective self is the creative aspect, the initiating aspect, of your manifestation. Objective self is the experiencing and executing element of your manifestation. The subjective self is directly connected to mass consciousness and Regional Area 2. Therefore, information is obtained through Regional Area 2 within the collective consciousness, filtered into individual manifestations of reality, interpreted individually, and projected into objective self.

We shall speak of our tree, once again; my very faithful example. View the tree to be the objective self, the roots of the tree being the subjective self; but the tree is intimately connected to the ground. The ground is the collective. It supplies the information, the nourishment, the focus for the subjective self, which is interpreted within manifestation of the objective self, the tree. The ground, being the collective, may also be compared to mass events, for if the ground is creating parchedness, the tree alone is not affected only. Each blade of grass, each flower, and the ground itself is affected directly. If the ground is creating abundance of saturation, the tree, along with all other vegetation, is affected through the subjective self of roots, manifesting an experience within the objective self of the tree. Are you understanding thus far? (Here, there is a silent, uncertain pause, during which Elias seems to evaluate each person individually, and then continues)

The subjective self engages mass events. You look to mass events and you think of your involvement objectively; your physical experience. You also incorporate subjective experience within your dream element, for you incorporate mass events within this area of consciousness also. Mass events are not always incorporated throughout a nation, or a world, or even an entire community. A mass event, as I have expressed previously, may be experienced within small groups of individuals, but you are experiencing collectively, through agreement, within Regional Area 2.

You do not always understand the manifestations of your mass events. You do not always manifest all of your reasons for mass events, for within Regional Area 2 exists your Source Events. These are creative expressions which are vastly exceeding what you may physically manifest within physical focus. Therefore, I have expressed that you manifest an interpretation, an element. A Source Event is never entirely manifest, for physical focus of any design may not encompass a Source Event. Therefore, you may look to your mass events, and you may feel that you are left with “pieces missing”; incomplete explanations of the reason why you have created these events. This is quite common within the element of physical focus, for just as you have distorted information from Regional Area 2, you also omit experiences from Regional Area 2. Not all of the reasons for manifestations are necessary for the experience.

You may manifest a mass event. You may walk away affected by a mass event, and within years to your future, you may look “backwards” to the event and you may question, “Why? What was our purpose?” The purpose for the individual event may not be apparent to you, for the experience is what was important for manifestation. The reasons for experience are held within the subjective self, always. They are always accessible. Therefore, it is unnecessary, at times, to be manifesting all elements of certain issues or subjects of mass events.

I have expressed to you, from our beginning of our sessions, your purpose within physical focus is to experience. You have asked many times, “What is my mission? What is my purpose? Why am I in existence?” You exist within physical focus, for you choose to manifest within physical focus for experience.

You choose many experiences. You are choosing a new experience and manifesting a new Source Event, involving your shift, for your experience. You choose to experience differently. Therefore, you create a new Source Event, which will be partially expressed and manifest within an interpretation and experience of your shift.

You also employ dialog continuously between the subjective and objective selves. Just as the tree does not exist without the root, one element of consciousness does not exist without the other. Therefore, there is continuous communication and interaction; therefore, your dream state. I have expressed to you, from very early on within our session times, the importance of this state. It is your subjective communication. It is important. It is very affecting, for it is affecting of all of your objective expression.

It has been addressed to us many times, “I experience difficulty within my dream state. I dream only mundane interaction. I dream of elements that I have viewed upon my television, or interaction that I have experienced within my day or within my employment.” I express to you that even within these interactions of dream state, the subjective self speaks to you. Sometimes, your interaction of a dream which is focused upon your work state is, in actuality, a communication to the objective self, to be dealing with and coping with elements of that situation. It is delivering information to you to be helpful. It expresses creative information to you to be more artfully employing your energy within your every-day life.

As there is no time element within the subjective self, you may view the interaction, from the standpoint of the objective self, as reversed. You may dream, and to your perception it is seeming that you have been dreaming of what has been occurring within your previous day. There is no time element within your subjective self. It is an interpretation of the objective self.

Many times, within your dream state, your subjective self expresses, prior to an event, information to be helpful to the objective self. The objective self is not remembering of this information; therefore the interaction or event occurs, lodging a memory. Within communication and validation the following evening, the subjective self communicates once again and is confirming, “Yes, I have been helpful in offering you this information. You have responded and experienced. Now, I shall allow you to review and watch again.”

This offers you also the opportunity to be adjusting; for if you are experiencing elements within your objective self “time” that you are wishing to adjust, the subjective self offers a presentation to you to be reviewing, once again, of your position; therefore also offering you the opportunity to adjust behavior.

Very much interaction occurs within this state. It is your clearest and closest interaction. You may view this to be your “subconscious” self, which is not subconscious! Your subjective self is continually available to you. You only choose to be complicating your interaction, and believing that it is removed from you.

If I am expressing to you of very intricate methods for interaction with your subjective self, you will be engaging much brain activity, and you will be exhibiting a determination to be accomplishing; but as I express to you of effortlessness and ease, and how automatic these elements are to you, you do not understand and you do not acknowledge your own action. I have expressed to you, many times, you incorporate these actions continuously.

You experience oobs continuously, but you continue to express to Elias, “How may I experience an oob?” If I offer you a mathematical formula, and a very complicated method employing your silver cord, let us not forget this element, (grinning), you may acknowledge yourself, and accept your experience, and view your accomplishment; but as I express, “You already accomplish,” you do not accept. There is no method! There is only trust of self, and acceptance.

Within the communication between the objective self and the subjective self, you also offer yourself an acceptance of explanation for elements that you may not explain. Thus, you have “coincidences.” These are elements that will not fit into your factual focus; but nonetheless, they occur. There is no category for these occurrences, but you are accepting of them, for they are too regular to deny! Therefore, even your most scientific individuals are accepting of coincidences. These are elements of Regional Area 2 being manifest within Regional Area 1. Express to Shynla, as will I also when she is rejoining us physically; there is no method, only acceptance. The action of the oob is already engaged ... with ease.

I will also offer, briefly, a continuation of information for Rudy. My interaction with you, within the area of what you term to be healing, is different than what I engage with Yarr; for within this present now, it is necessary for Yarr to be focusing upon inner senses and connecting empathically, to be developing and to be connecting with self, and accepting, and trusting. With you, you employ this already. You have engaged your empathic sense effectively. You have engaged your empathic sense a little too effectively! (Grinning)

Therefore, I express to you that although it is quite important to be focusing upon your inner senses and allowing a free flow, and your empathic sense holds great importance in this area, it is unnecessary for you to be completely employing this empathic sense. As Michael, you must also learn to detach. It does not serve noble purpose to be engaging the empathic sense to be experiencing, personally, another’s experience.

Within your action of helpfulness, you create effort by allowing yourself to assume energy which others create personally for their own experience. This is where inefficiency lies. You may be quite helpful, and also not acquire a cold! You may be empathic, and not experience the depth of emotion that another chooses for their experience. Effortlessness is not creating of more issues for yourself to be moving through! (Smiling)

I also acknowledge, although Michael is not understanding as of this now, I am knowing that you understand what has been set forth at our last meeting. It will be explained within more detail later. Be assured, the agenda continues; and you are moving, and you are experiencing affectingness of this moving.

I will express to you, there is a connection within consciousness between you, seemingly to be along the same lines. You are outwardly, some of you, experiencing similar actions. Within the interaction of the subjective and objective selves, which are now busily within communication, you are moving into positions. Information is being relayed. The processing of information has begun.

Within these individuals, you each deal ... not Olivia, of course ... (grinning at Ron) with extreme issues. Therefore, the objective self is retreating. Information continues to be processed, and continues to be offered, and is accepted; but you also experience an affectingness within physical brains to be closing down, each within your own design. Lawrence will be experiencing the most difficulty! (Smiling at Vicki) Be assured, I am continuing within loving friendship.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Little demons will not be after you! No harm will be coming to you, or to Michael. Belief systems will be widened; and within your struggling, I shall not guarantee that this process will not be painful, but this will be of your own design.

As to Olivia, it matters not! (Laughter) The focus is clear within supportiveness, which your allegiance is clear. Your supportiveness now engages a new individual. (Indicating Jene) I am understanding that you may not be completely clear as to what I speak, but it will become clear.

I am quite intentional in my offering of information, for Michael receives this information also. I would not be wishing to be disengaging a circuit! (Grinning) We are moving quite quickly; too quickly may be more of a hindrance than a helpfulness. (Pause) Are you wishing of questions?

JENE: Well, let’s see. What about Heritage International in Raleigh, South Carolina? Will this provide the funds for the publishing company? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: Ah! One of these physically focused automobile questions, (laughter) which you may be explaining to Rudy! I shall place this question within the category of John! (Who killed President Kennedy?)

JENE: Just thought I’d slip it in there! You never know!

ELIAS: Initiator! Shall you create a plaque for Elias? “Fortune-Telling Here!” And then you may add, dot dot dot ... Not! (Laughing)

VICKI: Well, I have a question. When I realize that I’m retreating, what’s a good thing to do to stop that?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your wishing. You may engage Michael, and you may be surprised at his response to his perception of this retreating ...

VICKI: Okay. I’ll do that.

ELIAS: ... which may serve as motivation. Or, you may be choosing yourself to be recognizing, and to be acknowledging, and continuing. It is not always necessary, as I have expressed within our discussion of mass events, to be understanding every element. Your experience may be felt, encountered, noticed, acknowledged, and let go. Evaluate whether your experience, within the moment, is beneficial or accomplishing.

VICKI: The physical feeling shared by the three of us would be a physical affectingness of a moving? Do I understand that correctly? (Elias nods) Is this also something we could look at as an expression of a mass event? This would be the same type of thing, right?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: I’m just trying to make sure I understand.

ELIAS: You are preparing for a larger mass event.

VICKI: So within the last few days, this physical thing, this is all connected to the same thing?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay. (Sighing)

JENE: Is there a specific category in this mass event that we can connect the three of us to?

ELIAS: (Pausing) This event engages this phenomenon.

JENE: This phenomenon?

ELIAS: This event engages our agenda, within its moving forward. (Pause) The foundation has been laid. (Another pause)

VICKI: Regarding the TFE’s, this would be an interaction between the objective and the subjective self, correct?

ELIAS: This would be an allowance of the subjective self to be expressing. It would be an agreement of the objective self to be stepping aside, and allowing information to be expressed directly from the subjective self.

VICKI: Yeah, because it seems like a little different experience, because you have both things going on at the same time.

ELIAS: The objective self is continuing to be aware, but is moving aside to be allowing direct communication.

VICKI: And can one achieve that same sort of thing in a dream state also?

ELIAS: Yes, and you may accomplish this more easily in continuing with your TFE’s.

VICKI: Regarding dreams, I have a question for Shynla. She says that she’s doing quite well at remembering her dreams presently, and she wonders if you could give her any helpfulness in learning how to be more directing of her dreams.

ELIAS: Express to Shynla to be offering herself, and not to be discouraging of, suggestions, to initially be noticing her presence within her dream state. As we have offered steps previously for dream involvement, this would be your first step. You may not manipulate within your dream state if you are unaware that you are incorporating a dream state! Therefore, it is necessary to be allowing yourself the understanding that you know you are within another state of consciousness. This is not to say that you must detach, and remove within your objective self, and be interfering. It is allowing yourself to be focused, or to begin to be focused, as much with your subjective self as you are with your objective self.

VICKI: Similar to the TFE experience.

ELIAS: Very much so. This affords you practice. This affords you the opportunity to be acknowledging of yourselves, to be recognizing of your continued control, and also to be recognizing of the interaction and exchange of the objective and subjective selves. One poses no threat to the other. You do not always believe this, for you have been taught that your subconscious is “dangerous.” Your subconscious is your subjective self! (Grinning)

Your subjective self, in actuality, is clearer than your objective self. It is no more reality than your objective self, for they are the same; but within consciousness, it is clearer. It also is more knowledgeable, for it possesses more information. It is an interaction both ways, for also you allow your subjective self certain time elements to be experiencing freely; within dream state, within altered states. You hamper its freedom and its interaction within the objective self. You block its information and its interaction, for you are more trusting of your objective self.

VICKI: I have another question from Shynla, regarding oobs. (Elias chuckles) She wants to know how you alter the reality of another individual if you visit them within an oob.

ELIAS: How do you alter the reality of another individual if you “visit” them within your objective self?

VICKI: No difference?

ELIAS: No difference. You alter their reality through interaction. It is the same. There is no difference. You only do not believe what you do not see! You do not visually see through this optic sense, therefore you do not believe, and you deny the experience. It is not reality. Absolutely incorrect! It is equally reality! There are many elements within your physical manifestation and existence that you do not physically perceive, but are very affecting, nonetheless. (Pause)

As to also this dream state: All consciousness engages this state; not only what you view to be alive, within your terms; not only your animals, yourselves, your plants; your plants do dream; but all atoms, molecules, particles.

VICKI: (Picking up a piece of paper) Pieces of paper?

ELIAS: ... are made up of particles and atoms, and all atoms are made of links of consciousness, and all engage within a dream state, for all employ both elements of subjective and objective selves. (Pause, smiling) Shall we on to our game?

JENE: I dissolve! (Laughing) Could I digress and ask a personal question? (Elias nods) In reference to the moment that I took on the cold in the healing process; as the person walked toward me and I walked toward them, the thought manifested in my mind, “If I touch her, I will get her cold.” In that moment, I accepted the cold?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: If at that point, when I acknowledged the thought, had I altered the reality by my literal changing of the thought in that moment, it would have altered that circumstance?

ELIAS: And also cooperatively detach the empathic sense, yes; it would have changed the reality. Do not be discounting of this empathic sense, for you are quite accomplished at this! Here you may view your effortlessness, for there are many times that you employ this sense that you are unaware. It is so effortless, and has become a natural element to you within your focus, as it is a natural element, that you experience an effortlessness engaging this inner sense. You must learn to be recognizing of this inner sense and its powerfulness. In this, you may be detaching, partially, and not consuming the expression being experienced by another individual.

JENE: That took place with the pony, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: It’s probably easier with animals.

JENE: I was practicing. I was sick myself, so that I didn’t ... I merged, but I didn’t take on the pony’s experience in order that the pony recover quickly. All I did was assist in the merging of the energy.

ELIAS: Which is your most efficient expression. You create conflict if you are assuming the experience of another.

JENE: Does that, in that moment ... I can answer that question myself, I guess, but I’ll ask it anyway ... create conflict for the individual within their subjective self?

ELIAS: Partially.

JENE: Are they aware of it? Usually not.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon their own individual awareness of self. Within the subjective self, yes; they are aware.

JENE: They are aware. But the objective self, most of the time, with most of the individuals so far, they have not been aware?

ELIAS: Although there is an affectingness, and it is felt. It may not be assimilated within the objective self; it may not be understood; but it is felt.

JENE: It is felt, and registered.

ELIAS: Correct; for you do them no service by assimilating their experience. You do yourself no service. You do reinforce their leaning to be not accepting of their own personal responsibility of their own creation.

JENE: This is also a part of that “taking care of others” too much?

ELIAS: Very good. (Smiling) Within these discussions that we engage, I will continue to be interacting with you upon these issues; for many times, individuals tend to be listening to these concepts and “swinging” the other direction, which is also incorrect. We are moving towards a balance.

JENE: Hallelujah! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And Amen to that! (Grinning at Ron)

VICKI: I have another question, if I may.

ELIAS: We shall not play our game this night! (Laughter)

VICKI: We have to play our game!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Continue, Lawrence.

VICKI: Just for clarification. I’ve been paying attention to my own personal individual events, and trying to think about them in terms of being expressions of mass events, and so a very physically focused question. Yesterday, I had an interesting experience during which I almost incorporated a very serious carriage accident, which is unusual for me ...

ELIAS: Ah, yes!

VICKI: ... instigated by another individual.

ELIAS: Very dangerous! (Almost sarcastically)

VICKI: I’ll say! I thought about that a lot, and I don’t really, I couldn’t figure it out. I couldn’t figure out how that was an expression of a mass event.

ELIAS: (Sighing) Within your time period presently, you engage in the use of your automobiles. You also collectively agree upon misuse of these machineries. Therefore, you also collectively agree to be engaging in what you have termed to be accidents. There are no accidents, not even within automobiles, but they serve to be beneficial; to some financially, to others within awakenings of consciousness, to others to be focusing and noticing of different elements, to some only to be (claps his hands twice in Vicki’s face) attaining your attention! (Grinning) Each individual creates the expression of the automobile accident for their own individual reason, but this is a mass, accepted event throughout your entire planet.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I would not be choosing to be riding this wave of consciousness and engaging these choices, for you may be experiencing conflict; (grinning) unless you are exceedingly bored, and then you may choose to be creating this type of conflict!

VICKI: Well, I did successfully avoid it.

ELIAS: Very good. Now hold! On to our game! Olivia may initiate.

JENE: Dissolve! Fade out!

ELIAS: You shall connect!

JENE: I hope so.

ELIAS: And we shall be waiting for your interaction. Maybe Rudy is only needing of Shynla’s interaction, to be “pushing!” (Grinning)

RON: Okay. Under cultures, with Paul, I don’t know if this is the right way to say it, Celtic.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Under the connecting essence’s category, intersecting with senses, I’d like to connect Paul and Elias with ... a sense of humor! (We all crack up. Good connection, Ron!)

ELIAS: One point! We should offer two points! (I agree!)

RON: Under authors, Rose, Lewis Carroll.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: And under artists, with Paul, Picasso.

ELIAS: This will be quite distressing to Michael! One point. Such disappointment we incur within this game! Oh, well. It matters not!

VICKI: Okay. For Elizabeth;

ELIAS: Ah! My little one!

VICKI: Sumari, political leaders, Richard Nixon. (Tricky Dick!)

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For Michael; Sumari, explorers, Marco Polo.

ELIAS: (Whispering to Ron) There is that Marco Polo! One point.

VICKI: Sumafi, artists, Michelangelo.

ELIAS: Very good! One point. Much attention to detail, and little distortion.

VICKI: Sumari, occurrences of nature, lightening.

ELIAS: Quite electric! One point.

VICKI: Okay. Milumet, wars, the Israeli six day war with Scotland and England.

ELIAS: Ah! These being two individual events that he is choosing to be entering into one category. One point.

VICKI: Okay, for Shynla; connecting physically focused essences, and artists, to connect Rod Stewart with Shynla and Michael.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) One point! With much struggling from Shynla!

VICKI: Okay. Gramada, philosophers, Aristotle.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Borledim, birds, “gyrfalcon.” I’m not sure if that’s the correct pronunciation.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Zuli, natural disasters, earthquake.

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Grinning)

VICKI: Sumari, habits, finger tapping! (Good one, Cathy!)

ELIAS: (Laughing and tapping his fingers on the table) One point!

VICKI: Sumari, religions, Catholic.

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Grinning)

JENE: Whew! (Laughter)

ELIAS: One clue; I shall be helpful. This answer to this question, in connecting, will be less offensive to Rudy! (Laughter)

VICKI: Borledim, seas, Mediterranean.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable.

VICKI: Okay. For myself; Sumafi, gods, Poseidon.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Incorrect.

VICKI: Sumafi, authors, George Bernard Shaw.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Ilda, occurrences of nature, an eclipse.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Rose, country, Albania.

ELIAS: One point!


ELIAS: One point, one point, one point! (Grinning at Vicki) Wow!

VICKI: Yeah! Wow! (Pause) Ilda, Source Events, communication.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Incorrect.

VICKI: And to go back to the other Source Event, of creation, how about inception?

ELIAS: (Accessing) In substitution of this word of creation, I will be accepting of this, but you still need be connecting with the following words. Inception of ... ?

VICKI: Physical focus?

ELIAS: I express, slightly too vague.

VICKI: Okay. Rose, emotion, rapture.

ELIAS: Very good. One point.

VICKI: I think that’s it for all of the papers here!

ELIAS: Our spokesperson! Be noticing of my acknowledgment of your present time terminology of “person,” in not wishing to be futurely offending of females taking offense to men! (Grinning)

VICKI: We wouldn’t want that! (Sarcastically)

ELIAS: Oh no! (Pause) I shall bid you adieu this evening, and I shall be looking forward to our next encounter. Good evening!

Elias departs at 10:12 PM.

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