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Monday, October 29, 2001

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“Alcohol Use – A Tangle of Beliefs”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Gillian (Ari), and Renate.

Elias arrives at 2:36 PM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

BOTH: Good afternoon, Elias!

ELIAS: Again!

GILLIAN: Again! ‘Tis true, we can’t seem to get enough of you! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! For I am exceptionally charming! (Laughing)

RENATE: Precisely, yes. (Laughter all ‘round)

GILLIAN: This session, really I’m going to be asking quite a few questions, but Renate has one question before I go. I’ll let her ask that question and then I’ll follow.

ELIAS: Very well.

RENATE: A member of the forum, Ken/Connor, has been thinking that he might be dispersed. Is that correct or no?


RENATE: When I was writing the question down, I had this feeling that I had to give him a compliment on widening his awareness because I noticed that lately, and that when the transcript will come out, whenever I would give this compliment that would be a point in time that he might need it some way. What was going on? Is it true, because it was a strong feeling.

ELIAS: You are offering yourself information. Are you questioning whether you shall implement this information or not?

RENATE: I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but I was having the feeling that the moment Ken is reading this in writing, he might need a compliment.

ELIAS: Very well, offer it.

RENATE: Ken, you are great! (Elias smiles and nods) Now let’s see what happens! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckles)

GILLIAN: (Very emotionally, and continues so through out (1)) So much has happened in coming here. I have connected with so much just in being amongst the people in the forum. Which I thought I couldn’t do, but just little thoughts would come into my head and they were real.

I am going to ask one of the questions that I feel is important to me, because Renate and I were chatting over things and I wanted to find out what is the most beneficial city or space for me to actually connect with what I need in my movement. I’m living in London, but is there a probability that I will move and be with Michael? Because I offered myself in services in helping her with all her paperwork, and I was wondering if you can shed some light on that.

ELIAS: (Gently) This is a matter of choice, my friend, merely choice. What you are presenting to yourself is the challenge of the choice. You have already presented to yourself information. You have already engaged interaction. You have already expressed the potential of probability that you want to create, and now you present the challenge to yourself whether you shall offer yourself permission to engage your choice.

GILLIAN: I do feel it a challenge. I do feel a little fear factor there.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is a challenge concerning how you create your reality, your choices, whether you offer yourself permission to be expressing your choices in what you want and trust yourself to accomplish this. Also you are challenging yourself with this aspect of fear, not quite recognizing your own abilities and what you actually CAN generate.

GILLIAN: Thank you for that.

(Continues emotionally) Coming back again to my relationship with alcohol, I thought I was moving into accepting, and I’m becoming concerned because I find that I’m wiping out memory of moments with it. I know I’m continuing my movement, I’m doing many things, but at the same time there’s some space of a couple hours in the evening that I have completely wiped out of my memory; in the morning I can’t remember what I did in the last hour or so. My memory is a very important aspect of me. I feel that it is an ability I pride myself in.

I was hoping that you could give me further direction. I know you have offered me my mountain exercise and I have no struggle with my mountain; in fact, I look to my mountain occasionally for its comfort because of its majesty and strong aspect of me. So I was hoping you could give me some more on that.

ELIAS: This also, as you are aware, is a very strongly expressed mass belief. Within many cultures en masse in your physical dimension, there are very strongly expressed beliefs concerning substances of this type. First of all, there is an expressed belief – which you align with these beliefs also, and this is the reason that you are affecting of yourself – as I have stated, first of all the belief is expressed that the substance itself creates. Your mere consumption or engagement with it shall place you in a position of being subject to it.

I have expressed that one of these actions of this shift in consciousness is to recognize self and that you create all of your reality and to recognize the power of that.

Now; I have also offered examples to many individuals of how they turn their attention to expressions outside of themselves and view them to dictate to themselves what their choices shall be or whether they shall incorporate choices. Some individuals view the object of money to dictate to them their choices, for the belief is that it generates an expression of its own. In viewing any substance that you may consume, you also attach qualities to the substance itself and assign power to it.

Now; let me express to you, it matters not what substance you may be engaging, every element that you create within your physical reality within itself is, in a manner of speaking, neutral. Whether it be organic substances that you assign affectingness in association with it, whether it be distilled liquids that you term to be alcohol, whether it be a snake within a jungle that you view as poisonous – it matters not – within themselves they do not generate the affectingness.

Now; in relation to yourself and this particular substance, it in like manner does not generate specific affectingnesses in itself. What creates the effect is your BELIEF concerning it. You have assigned to it specific qualities. Therefore, you view this substance as expressing actions in itself that are affecting of you and creating expressions for you.

Be remembering, I am expressing I am aware of the strength of these beliefs; therefore I am not expressing to you that you shall merely receive this information and immediately discontinue all affectingness in relation to the engagement of this substance. For I may express to you quite literally, in the expression of most likelihood you shall not!

GILLIAN: No, that is true! (Laughing)

ELIAS: But this is not to say that it is impossible for you to incorporate information and recognize in moments in practicing that you are not subject to this substance. I am aware that what I am expressing to you presently may be viewed quite negatively, in your terms, within your mass societal expressions; but in actuality, viewing the manner in which expressions are actually created in reality, this is the manner in which you create these certain types of experiences. (2)

There are many beliefs that are associated with this particular substance. In one respect, it is partially accepted and acceptable, but in many other respects it is not and there are many negative associations with it. You assign very much power to this particular type of expression, that it may attack you, it may dis-ease you, it may disengage you, it may dysfunctionalize you, and that it is bad. And there are other associations concerning rebellious expressions that many individuals incorporate, that “regardless that this is bad I shall incorporate this action anyway, for I shall not allow other individuals to dictate to me what my reality shall be or what my choices shall be – but I shall allow a substance to dictate to me.” Therefore, you create quite a tangle of beliefs in association with this one action.

Now; you also incorporate many expressions that you perceive to be of other individuals which influence your association also with this substance. In this, my friend, what I express to you is to allow yourself to recognize the beliefs associated with this.

Let me also offer you a suggestion. You may experience benefit, so to speak, in allowing yourself interaction with Cindel. You may incorporate information concerning this individual through Michael. Cindel also challenges herself with these same beliefs, but Cindel has also generated much movement in this particular subject matter and has offered herself much more of a trust and acceptance of self, and has also offered herself much information concerning this subject matter which may be interesting in your interaction with her.

GILLIAN: Thank you for that, I will do that. I’ll get in touch with her. Thank you very much.

Now I’m going to ask some questions regarding my relationship with Renate, because we’ve come up with several focuses together. I know the ones that she recognizes are the ones that are most beneficial to her in this focus, and I’m getting connections that are most beneficial to me in this focus.

I spoke to C9 yesterday, and I got confirmation that we have been twins. I have this strong feeling about twins all of this focus, like there is a missing piece. Have we been twins more than once in our focuses?


GILLIAN: How many focuses have we shared?

ELIAS: Eighteen.

GILLIAN: Thank you. Also, could you possibly give me some indication of which of my focuses would be most beneficial in this now in my movement? I got confirmation from C9 yesterday as well that I have already begun my transition. I feel it very strongly that I have, (very emotionally) and I think I am, I suppose, being impatient with myself. I feel like I have much to do in a very short time. So if there are any of my other focuses that would be most beneficial to me now, I can work with connecting with them more strongly. If you can give me information on that, I’d appreciate it. (Pause)

ELIAS: A future focus: this individual also incorporates the gender of female, physical naming Lila. This individual holds a wideness of awareness and, if you are allowing, may be in actuality interactive with you. For the individual holds an objective recognition and understanding of essence and that you are each other, and also incorporates ease in the ability of recognizing other focuses.

In this, this individual also is quite playful in her interest in bending time, and incorporates this action in what you may term to be a hobby. (Gillian laughs) In this, you may be allowing yourself through dream interaction or through meditation, if you are so choosing, an exchange with this individual, and this may be encouraging also to you to be incorporating more playfulness in those areas that you view to be serious. (Chuckles)

GILLIAN: Yes, I need to lighten up. The last time I was feeling playful, and I seem to have gone back into seriousness again.

The interesting thing is, the last time I talked to you and indicated how important the tone Ariel was to me and that I should investigate it, I asked myself and the answer that I got was “I have grown.” It literally stopped happening, the communication that I was seeking from Ariel. I am trusting myself much more that I don’t need a hand to hold, and that was the message that I got. I haven’t had any communication ever since then, in that manner. (Pause)

Oh, yes! Occasionally I break into song which is like nonsensical but it’s very comfortable, and I don’t normally sing – nonsensical in my physical language. But I carry my tune lightly, beautifully, playfully. What is it I’m doing then?

ELIAS: Precisely what you have expressed.

GILLIAN: Isn’t it different? No, but I wanted to know if there was ... it felt like ... I listened to some stuff from Seth, where Jane was singing Sumari, and I thought, “That’s what I do!” Is that correct?

ELIAS: Incorporating tones that you translate into that which may be identified as some type of words that are not necessarily associated with a family but of tones of essence, yes. Therefore what you are expressing is similar, and the point is precisely what you described.

GILLIAN: Yes, the lightness.

ELIAS: And playfulness and an allowance of appreciation.

GILLIAN: I made a connection with a woman called Bridgy. She’s from the computer group and I made a very strong connection with her, but at the same time there was a sense of mistrust and suspicion, also that we were maybe like travelers or gypsies or something like that together. Could you shed any light on that?

ELIAS: Your association with another focus is correct.

Now; in relation to what you describe as a feeling, the sensing that you are experiencing is a recognition of a difference in certain alignments with beliefs that may be in strong opposition to each other, which you have not yet actually expressed in interaction with each other but you recognize the potential, and this is what is generating this feeling of suspicion within you.

For there is a recognition of energy, and as I have expressed previously, you do communicate with each other through energy quite efficiently and strongly. In this, although you may be communicating within your languages, the energy is expressed also and you hold a clear understanding of energy immediately, regardless of the communication in language. In this, there are beliefs expressed within this individual that are quite different from some of the beliefs that you hold, and there is a potential for an expression of strong judgments.

GILLIAN: Thanks for that, Elias. In this gypsy focus, were we with Michael and Lawrence in that same sphere or same group?

ELIAS: Yes, temporarily.

GILLIAN: Were we friends, or was there anything more intimate with her?

ELIAS: Not within that focus.

GILLIAN: But in other focuses?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

GILLIAN: Oh yes, I had a dream in which I recognized a focus of mine, Rachel. I believe it was in 18th century America and there were two other people there, a man and a woman. I forgot the name of the woman. I was curious whether if there was anyone within our forum that connected with me on that. I didn’t sense that this time. But I’m curious about it, if there is a connection there in that focus that is 18th century America.

ELIAS: In relation to interactions with other individuals that you interact with now?


ELIAS: Some, yes, although not in what you term to be intimacy or friendships – in like manner to individuals that you may identify as your periphery.

You interact with many individuals within your focus. You encounter many individuals and you may repeatedly encounter these individuals – merchants or teachers, many different types of expressions of individuals that you view as your periphery of individuals within your focus – and you also incorporate individuals that you focus your attention upon as friends or family, intimate relationships. Those are the relationships and individuals of a central nature, so to speak, and other individuals are the periphery.

In that type of an expression, yes, you have encountered and exchanged objectively with other individuals in that focus that are also in this focus, but as periphery.

GILLIAN: That focus name was Rachel?


GILLIAN: And the time period was correct also?


GILLIAN: I’m going to ask some questions for some other people, the general questions that we normally ask you in terms of essence name and things like that. These are friends of mine.

For Donatella, could you offer me details on her? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name Lauraine, L-A-U-R-A-I-N-E (lah RAIN). Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Gramada; orientation, common.

GILLIAN: Thank you, and my friend Azra?

ELIAS: Essence name same as focus name.

GILLIAN: Interesting! She was curious as to why she has such a strong affinity to water. When she is in water she is in her element.

ELIAS: You may express to this individual that this association is directly an expression in conjunction with another dimensional focus of this essence.

GILLIAN: Okay, that’s interesting. I would like the essence name and the family and alignment that my son had. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name Arief, A-R-I-E-F (are EEF). Essence family, Borledim; alignment, Sumari.

GILLIAN: How many focuses did I share with this essence? Were they all, as you say, central?

ELIAS: Eight; yes.

GILLIAN: Is there a probability the he will remanifest with this shift?

ELIAS: Within this time framework, no; subsequent to the accomplishment of this shift, yes. It is already accomplished, for it is simultaneous. (Smiling)

GILLIAN: ‘Tis true! (Both laugh) Oh! Can I have the same details for Pete, please?

ELIAS: Essence name, PAJAE P-A-J-A-E (PAHJ); essence family, Ilda; alignment, Milumet.

GILLIAN: That’s very interesting, because thinking about Milumet, isn’t that the family for spiritual? There is nothing within him that I perceive objectively that connects with any of it.

ELIAS: Ah, but all is spirituality! (Chuckles)

GILLIAN: It’s how we view it here, Elias!

ELIAS: Quite.

GILLIAN: How many focuses have we shared together?


GILLIAN: I feel a very strong bond, still feel a very strong bond, with his son. Can you give me the details on his son? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name Biann, BIANN (bee AHN); essence family, Zuli; alignment, Sumari.

GILLIAN: How many focuses have we shared? Because you said I have shared with Pete and Olivier, we have shared focuses together.

ELIAS: And your impression?


ELIAS: Five.

GILLIAN: (Laughs) I’m just curious about it. It’s also a very interesting thing. I sent a toy to the child and he will not sleep without it. I just feel inside of me that he recognizes the connection, and that is the objective item that brings that connection to him. Am I correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

GILLIAN: Also lately I’ve had dreams. I feel they are all connected with each other in accordance with the shift. One of them was I had guests in my home and somebody returned, but outside were what we call marginalized people. To get them to the road, I was being helpful and brought them through my home, but was also aware that I wasn’t being completely accepting.

Can you hold on a second, Elias, while I check my tape? (Pause) Okay.

I was guiding them out through the front door, but many of them remained or came back. There was, I guess, an embracing between us, the different people. I looked at that as a way of movement into acceptance.

Then there was another one, where there were people who were sort of like parading or being paraded past me under quite bright lights, and there were different forms of deformity, so to speak. I also felt that that was a dream of acceptance for myself of others. Could you tell me anything about that?

ELIAS: Offer your impression first.

GILLIAN: They were dreams of telling me that I was moving into acceptance generally around me. I was moving into that space.

ELIAS: Partially you are correct. This is not an expression of acceptance of other individuals. This is imagery that you present to yourself in allowing yourself acceptance of you. For within the first dream imagery, you offer to yourself imagery suggestive of those aspects of yourself that you are not quite familiar with yet but are becoming familiar with, and allowing yourself to be accepting of them.

Within the second dream imagery, you image these individuals as incorporating what you term to be deformities. This is the imagery that you present to yourself concerning aspects of yourself that you view as dysfunctioning, and your expression of moving into acceptance of those aspects of you also.

GILLIAN: In another dream, I was talking to a friend and saying, “Well, he’s gone. He’s left and he’s not going to come back. I just need to accept it.” It was like an off-handish thing, the sort of thing we say when we feel pain. Then I opened the door and this “he” – who is a blond person, no one I can recognize objectively – is flood-lit at the end of the room, there and present as if to say, “I am here.”

Now, I sort of looked at it as automatic, constantly creating an automatic reaction to in my life. But the bit I don’t understand was the very clear vision of this being. I was hoping you would be able to help me with that.

ELIAS: In this imagery that you have presented to yourself, you have offered yourself a communication in association with myself.

GILLIAN: Had to be you, didn’t it! (Laughs) Thank you!

ELIAS: And with this imagery, you express your exaggeration and exasperation initially, for you exaggerate the association with disconnection, and exasperation in disappointment. But this is an offering to you in communication to yourself to be trusting what you are being offered, that although you may not objectively recognize or actually be objectively experiencing this connection and offering of energy and you may view it to be withdrawn, it is not.

GILLIAN: It did come at a time when I was really seeking a lot of help, after the New York event. Because as you know, I was withdrawing within myself, retreating, as you say.


GILLIAN: But I thank you very much, because you pointed me in the direction of something that we’re so familiar with, that we don’t recognize, the belief that thought creates reality, and it’s like I forgot that one! So it was good that you did remind me of that. I appreciate that very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

GILLIAN: I think I’m through with my questions. Renate, do you want to ask anything?

RENATE: Yes! Of course, Elias!

ELIAS: Of course!

RENATE: I almost dozed off on the bed of Mary. (Elias laughs)

I used to work as a stewardess with KLM, and there was this one time that a black-looking – like black hair, black dress, black beard, black sunglasses – man was coming up to me and we had a conversation, and he asked me if I would go with him. I said, “Well, why are you communicating to me like this? Why would you want to go with me?” He said he wanted to have children with blue eyes. We talked a little bit further, and later on I found his visiting card in my apron. I totally forgot about that. I’m telling Gillian this, and I’m getting this feeling like you had something to do with that?

ELIAS: In energy, not in actual manifestation, yes.

RENATE: You are wicked!

ELIAS: It was merely a communication of introduction! (Sitting back, smiling and chuckling)

RENATE: I must say, that was a hell of an introduction! (Loud laughter)

ELIAS: Quite, and quite creative. (Looking very pleased with himself)

RENATE: Yes, you were, because everyone was spooky-like of the black guy back there, and I am used to them. (Laughter) Okay, that one is cleared up. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are QUITE welcome! I am quite fond of blue.

RENATE: Yes, I noticed! (Elias laughs) My friend got blue cheese spilled all over him! (Loud laughter) For the group, some questions about connections: is Ron the girl I loved in Scotland? He must be.


RENATE: That was a very strong love we held...

ELIAS: Quite.

RENATE: ...and he doesn’t even realize that.

ELIAS: This in actuality, I may express to you, is quite common within your physical focuses. One individual may be allowing themselves a recognition of strongly expressed experiences within another focus, and dependent upon the direction of the other individual, they may not necessarily offer themselves that same recognition.

GILLIAN: How many focuses do I have in this time framework?

ELIAS: In this time framework, five and yourself.

GILLIAN: I feel like I maybe have a couple of them in India, even though I came from India as well, and in some ... I know in one dream a while back, a long while back, I remember trying to protect one of them.


GILLIAN: She’s running, and I’m saying, “Leave your body, leave your body!” in the dream state. “You can do it! Leave your body, he can’t do anything to you!” Does she have an abusive husband?

ELIAS: What you term to be.

GILLIAN: Where he beats her physically?


GILLIAN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RENATE: Could you say something about my relationship to her (Gillian)? Sometimes I feel she’s asking more than I can give, because I need to restrain a lot of energy for myself which I know I cannot give. I don’t really feel guilty about it, but she’s missing out on something. Sometimes I feel too much and she feels too little, that’s what she perceives. And I’m trying to tell her, “You’ve done a hell of a lot of things.” Could you express something that might be beneficial to all?

ELIAS: It is not that you cannot, but you choose not to be expressing this outward expression of energy and interaction, which matters not. This is the choice of each individual.

I may express to you the identification of what is occurring. You are turning your attention more to self and choosing not to be concerning yourself outwardly with the choices and expressions of other individuals. Not that you are oblivious to other individuals and not that you are not interactive with them, but you are turning your attention more to self.

(To Gillian, smiling) You, my friend, are projecting your attention outside of self, seeking from other individuals what you are not offering to yourself. You are seeking approval, acceptance and trust from other individuals, but wish to be generating these expressions within self.

GILLIAN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. And I may express to you also, this is not bad, but at times it is quite beneficial to recognize objectively how you may be projecting your attention outwardly, seeking what you are attempting to discover inwardly.

GILLIAN: Thank you.

RENATE: (Applauds) Thank you very much, very good. Thank you Elias for this one, because I didn’t have the words for that.

ELIAS: Very well. I offer tremendous encouragement to you both and as always great affection. I shall be continuing to offer my energy to you each, and we shall meet again.

BOTH: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: To you both, au revoir.

BOTH: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:39 PM


(1) Gillian’s note: I have been trying to figure out the very scattered and emotional feeling of this session, as I didn’t hear it until a good year and half after. It made me uncomfortable, and I knew it had something to do with Renate. I just simply have to add this note to this session because this is the only session that has boggled and saddened me for such a great length of time! I asked Elias about it in my 6/9/03 session in Vermont this past weekend.

The impressions I offered (for he just doesn’t give without that) was that it had to do with Ari being very close to Renate’s essence and that we have shared many focuses together. Elias acknowledged that and said it was so, but it is in this focus that the expectation or the assumption (my translation) that it would automatically translate into the physical as being as loving did not come into fruition.

I offered Elias that I had been genuinely open and loving in this focus and instead suddenly within the meeting I felt the rejection and the deep loss of the connection within this focus, and he acknowledged that because there was not a reciprocal action from Renate I felt this loss and felt scattered – it was unfamiliar to me in the connections of love and the appreciation of Ari and Renate’s essence together in several focuses shared and in consciousness.

In terms of this physical dimension, we have shared around 14 focuses as twins; to my beliefs in this focus, those are important and very close connections. After my session the other day I had the impression that other than twins we have altogether shared 53 focuses together because of the comfortableness with each other as essence. This figure has not been confirmed by Elias, but I am trusting of my impressions and this is right for me!

So it is, so it was, and so it is again in explanation with me that I create what I experience. It may be in sadness or sorrow – there is no separation, and we increasingly are understanding that! That’s it for me, and in this writing of what I have felt and feel regarding this session I most feel comfortable.

(2) Originally stated as “I am aware that what I am expressing to you presently may be viewed within your mass societal expressions quite negatively in your terms...”

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