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Thursday, November 01, 2001

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ďReleasing Physical TensionĒ

ďAcknowledging NoticingĒ

ďThe Action of EmergenceĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Carmen (Tirza).

Elias arrives at 11:37 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

CARMEN: Hi, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) We meet again!

CARMEN: Pardon?

ELIAS: We meet again.

CARMEN: Yes, many times. (Elias laughs)

Well, as you know, I am still moving through this time framework of addressing to myself. My accomplishing seems imperceptible to me at times because of the intensities that I am still creating, but I am trying to see movement. So, I would like to go through areas that weíve talked about, tell you how I think Iím moving or not, and then if you would offer your impressions and any information that Iím not allowing myself to see.

ELIAS: Very well.

CARMEN: Consistent with the purpose of this time framework, I think I have spent a lot of time focusing on myself, thinking about what I want, identifying belief systems, automatic responses. I donít know if ... (breaks down in tears) Iím sorry.

ELIAS: There is no need for apology, my friend.

CARMEN: (Continues emotionally) I know. I am trying so hard, and that is the problem. But I do feel that I have been using this time as Iíve designed it.


CARMEN: Would you agree?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

CARMEN: (Unintelligible) ...part is the most difficult.

ELIAS: I am aware. This is quite challenging for many individuals, and I am recognizing the challenge that you are presenting to yourself in this movement.

CARMEN: I know I project my own judgments on myself onto you sometimes, but I immediately realize that you are not judging me.

ELIAS: Quite. (Smiles)

CARMEN: Another thing is that I think I am holding my attention more with myself than with other people than I did before. I have some contact with some people, but I have noticed that for the most part during or soon after the contact I pretty much return my attention to myself, and this can be extremely difficult given my familiarity of turning my attention outward; but I do think I am keeping my attention more focused on me.

ELIAS: Yes, I am in agreement with your assessment. Let me also express to you, my friend, that although you may choose initially to be creating a method in turning your attention to self in a type of retreat from other individuals, eventually you shall recognize that you may be quite interactive with other individuals but also continue to hold your attention upon you.

CARMEN: That is something that as I begin my interaction more with people that I will really have to practice. I have read in sessions about that ability, but, boy, because my attention has become so habitually to shoot out to the other person, thatís going to take some practice for me. But that is where I eventually do want to get, because I am feeling isolated. I recognize that I am choosing to be more isolated right now, but I donít want to spend the rest of my life like this.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Be assured, my friend, that this shall become easier.

CARMEN: Okay, thank you. Iíve been trying to stay in the now and distract myself, which has been another challenge. I do come out of it quite a bit but I do notice it Ė even when Iím out there in the future, I tell myself to return Ė and I think Iím about where I was last time. Iím noticing and trying to bring it back, so I still need and want to work on this one. Because when I get into the now, I do Ė I mean genuinely in the now Ė I do feel the peace and the empowerment. Itís just getting there and staying there that Iím still working on.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This, in actuality, is a tremendous challenge in relation to many individuals, and I am recognizing the challenge that you are presenting to yourself, for projecting your attention is quite familiar. I have expressed to you all, this is the reason that I am interactive with you each, for this movement in acceptance and in holding your attention within the now is quite unfamiliar to you all, and therefore it is easily expressed in projecting your attention outside of yourselves and outside of the now.

You have, in actuality, designed your societies in this manner, in which much of your actions are concerning either past or future, and little significance is placed upon holding your attention within the now; and as you are aware, it has become quite automatic to not be paying attention to the now.

But I may also express to you, I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of this forum, the greatest term in your language may be viewed as ďnoticing.Ē This is actually your greatest tool, and you are incorporating this tool to be offering yourself more information and opportunities to practice. How shall you practice if you are not noticing? And you ARE noticing, my friend.

CARMEN: Now that you mention that, I really am noticing more. Iím hoping, Iím even thinking Ė because I do feel connections with Asian cultures Ė that I have a focus somewhere who is more practiced at this and is kind of lending that energy to me. I even found a Japanese calligraphy for ďnow mindĒ that I put up, and when I look at that, I do ... it doesnít always bring me back to the now, but there is something in me that connects with it. So Iím hoping that Iím tapping into a little bit of extra help.

ELIAS: You are correct, and I may express to you that you also are allowing yourself not what you may identify as more of a connection, but allowing yourself an openness in which you are becoming more aware objectively of counterpart action that is also offering energy to you in this expression.

CARMEN: Now, ďcounterpartĒ Ė do you mean in my present now time and space continuum, or other focuses?

ELIAS: In this time framework. It matters not that you may not hold an objective awareness of the individual that is participating in counterpart action with you, but that you are allowing yourself the beginnings of a recognition that you are drawing upon that energy and allowing yourself a reinforcement in your movement in the recognition of the energy flow, so to speak.

CARMEN: Oh, good. Well, every little bit helps. (Elias laughs)

The next thing is that I havenít spent a whole lot of time allowing my imagination to what I call ďsoar.Ē I do like those flying images and analogies. Other issues and at times just trying to hold myself together has taken so much of my attention, but Iím hoping ... well, I have given my imagination a little more freedom, and enough I think to assure myself more that it is there and expressing, and that I do have a facility with it that I can draw on and become more aware of. Iím hoping that this is enough for me in the present time framework, because I just donít feel like I can do it all right now.

ELIAS: Correct.

CARMEN: So Iíve had to choose which issues are most critical to be addressing, and I guess you just validated that imagination is less critical right now.

ELIAS: Yes, and what is your assessment of your movement in exercising relaxation?

CARMEN: Okay, boy, that was on my list, too. (Elias laughs) I didnít know if I should talk about it under my seriousness or my ... Iíll talk about it under my tension. First of all, I wasnít even objectively aware of how much tension I was holding before. I cognitively was at times, but a lot of time went by before this time framework, where I was just holding it and not addressing it, so I didnít even objectively know how to try to release it. Itís really come to the forefront at times now just because of the issues Iím addressing. Iím trying to allow myself a little allowance for that, because Iíve been judging myself for not releasing more tension. But I have made efforts and done some things to try to relax, and compared to the rages and just how my energy felt before, I think Iíve dissipated some of it.

Iíve tried swimming. Iíve gone back to swimming a little bit, which I havenít done since I was a kid, and that really relaxes me. Iíve tried to work a little bit with my energy centers and trying to create the feeling of releasing tension. Iíve tried merging with furniture, not real successfully. Iíve tried to create a concept of relaxation and delta waves, but Iíve been so distracted I havenít been real successful. But I am trying to make some steps toward it, and at least I think I am aware of how tense I can be and also what tension does in terms of creating my duplicity, which is something you mentioned before, in creating blind spots in my choices. I definitely have noticed that.


CARMEN: So I think there is some movement there. I donít know that I will ever become a serene, really calm type person, because sometimes I think my energy expression just is really restless, that there is some restlessness in it inherently, the part of my essence that created my focus. But I do think Iíve made some steps.

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of this assessment. Let me also express to you, my friend, the suggestion that you allow yourself to be offering more attention to this one particular area. For I may express to you, you are correct, you generate much movement in energy, but what has become quite familiar to you is to be holding that energy in a physical expression of tension, and this has become so familiar within your focus that many times you are not noticing the extent of the tension that you are creating, for it appears to you to be normal.


ELIAS: In this, let me express to you that energy shall be expressed. Therefore, if you are continuously holding tightly to your energy field and, in a manner of speaking, binding it to you and creating this physical tension within your physical body consciousness in a continuous manner, what you in actuality create is a perpetuation of the expression of anxiety, and you view the physical response to this in two obvious manners within you individually: either you engage the action of weeping or you engage an action of shaking. You create tremors within your physical expression or you weep.

Now; these are natural releases of energy. They are also indicators to you that you are holding energy and creating tension continuously and not allowing a free flow of energy in relaxing, to the point that your subjective awareness communicates to your physical body consciousness a command to release energy in some manner, and the automatic natural release of your physical body consciousness is to create this weeping or to create the tremors.

CARMEN: Yes, yes. I have thought about the crying jags that I go on, and then I start addressing to belief systems which are involved and then I tell myself that Iím placing limitations on myself and all that. Then after I released some of it, I felt better and I thought, ďI wonder if thatís one way that I dissipate tension.Ē


CARMEN: I think youíre validating that, and Iím glad you did. And also the tremors, thatís true, so...

ELIAS: But let me also express to you, my friend, you may now allow yourself to recognize objectively that these actions are also, as I have stated, indicators. Therefore if you are allowing yourself to be objectively addressing to relaxing, you shall also dissipate these pressure valves, so to speak, for they shall become unnecessary.

Now; let me also express to you, you need not be complicating this action of relaxing. I am acknowledging of your choice to be incorporating swimming, but you may also incorporate this action of intentionally relaxing your physical body consciousness within each of your physical days, not necessarily in analyzing the beliefs or attempting to identify beliefs that are influencing your creation of tension, but merely through incorporating a few of your physical minutes to turn your attention randomly throughout your day to your physical body and allow yourself to examine your physical muscles and bones and recognize the tension that you are incorporating, and within a few of your physical minutes merely allow yourself to intentionally relax specific muscles.

This is not an incorporation of much time framework, and you may incorporate this action even in moments in which you are interacting with other individuals. They shall not objectively hold an awareness of what you are intentionally focusing upon, and you shall not incorporate much time framework in which you may be turning your attention to specific muscles within the moment. You need not be moving your attention throughout the entirety of your physical body, but merely choose in one moment one or two physical muscles that you notice are incorporating tension. (1)

And as you periodically throughout your day incorporate this small exercise, you shall be allowing yourself to release expressions of energy in small increments, but which shall contribute to dissipating this incorporation of tension and shall dissipate these extremes of pressure releases in the tremors and the weeping.

CARMEN: Thatís great; thatís wonderful. I like that itís simple. I really do have a preference for simple; if I can go a simple route, I will.

ELIAS: (Laughs) This may be quite simple, my friend. You need not overwhelm yourself and express to yourself that you must be accomplishing many actions simultaneously.

In this, you are approaching a mountain that you are choosing to disassemble; and rather than attempting to disassemble it in bulldozing it and overwhelming yourself with avalanches, allow yourself to incorporate a small spoon and merely spoon away!

CARMEN: I have been keeping in mind the ďone brick in one momentĒ expression and, boy, my automatic black-and-white comes in: ďIím gonna do it all and if I donít do it all, Iím not going to feel better.Ē But I did very much take to heart that philosophy, because I have traumatized myself and I know it. Itís pretty obvious by the way Iíve been feeling. So Iím still working on that automatic response I have that I have got to do it all right now and if I donít then there are judgments associated with that.

ELIAS: One brick within one moment; one muscle within one moment.

CARMEN: (Laughs with Elias) Yes.

On the topic of my current employment, I feel that I am still creating strong probabilities of continuing in this direction, even though the projects still are not manifesting. I often feel tremendous fear and duplicity that I havenít created the projects and fears that Iím quote ďbehind schedule,Ē that it wasnít my original intent to be taking this long in addressing to myself, and that I should have moved through this time framework by now. But I tell myself that I am dealing with some very large and numerous issues and that maybe Iím not behind schedule. Not that my subjective awareness has a time schedule, but this is a big dog that Iíve listened to for my entire focus. Iím thinking that maybe my subjective awareness knew that it could and maybe most likely or quite likely would take this long, so I can assure myself that I still am creating the probabilities relating to my employment and that Iím really not lagging behind.

ELIAS: Correct, and you are not. And I may express to you that in offering yourself the continuation of these small relaxation exercises, you shall also allow yourself more of a flow of energy in trusting yourself and not incorporating such an expression of worry.

CARMEN: Yes, which if there is a waste of energy, worry is one of them! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Correct. Ha ha ha!

CARMEN: I tell myself that so much! All the information from all my sessions and sessions Iíve read has been playing back like a tape recorder in my head. I understand that part of this is trying to battle the big dog. Sometimes I think Iím better off not engaging him at all, but I do, so Iím going to accept that I do that sometimes.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and it may be beneficial at times to not engage the big dog at all and rather ignore it. Ha ha ha!

CARMEN: A few sessions ago you mentioned that ideas for expanding my creativity in relation to what I define as my work were already in my awareness but I merely was not paying attention to them.

Now, Iíve been trying to allow some of those ideas to emerge in my objective awareness, and Iíve thought of several potential creative directions I could take. I know there are many, probably infinite, potentials that, especially as I allow my imagination to really fly, could come to me. But are any of these ideas ones that were in my awareness previously? Since I wasnít paying attention to them before, Iím not positive about it; I think some of them are.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. Therefore acknowledge yourself, my friend, that you are paying attention. You are allowing yourself more of an openness to yourself, and you are allowing yourself much more of a noticing.

CARMEN: Good. You know, Iíve also created a situation which brought to my awareness that I can also manifest opportunities for my creative broadening by creating other individuals that have ideas that I can participate in and then use my own creativity to expand upon, that I donít always have to be the one who initiates the idea. Although Iím thinking that since other people are me, I guess in a sense I am initiating the ideas even though they seem to be coming to me from outside.

ELIAS: Correct! You are quite correct.

CARMEN: Iím trying to take as much pressure as I can off myself, because I know that your mentioning of my emergence was completely from my subjective awareness, that I wasnít aware of and that there was no pressure involved, but I know myself and how I translate things into creating tension. So Iím thinking ďOkay, now I have to use my imagination: work, work, work.Ē (Elias chuckles) So Iím trying to think of as many ways that I can engage my subjective awareness to help me out to be creating some things without always having to use my conscious objective awareness. I guess even imagination is a communication from my subjective awareness.

ELIAS: You are correct, and in this be reminding yourself that imagination is fun and playful. This is not work, work, work. (Laughs)

CARMEN: I am working on it!

ELIAS: Allow yourself to view imagination as playful fantasy.

CARMEN: Yes, I am. The whole issue of rediscovering the playful self, I have buried her so ... I shouldnít even give myself this suggestion, but at times it feels like I have buried her so deep that rediscovering her may be, if I choose to make it so, a process.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this also may be a process of reintroducing yourself to you and allowing yourself to view yourself in a new perspective.

CARMEN: At the same time, I have to be personally carefully not to condemn the person I have been, but that is the automatic response.

ELIAS: Quite! This is quite significant in allowing yourself to recognize what you are creating and whether it meets your assessment of what you should be generating or not Ė to merely acknowledge yourself that you are noticing and not be expressing judgment upon yourself that you are not noticing quickly enough or that you are not moving in a specific expression or that you should be creating better...

CARMEN: Or more.

ELIAS: ...or that you regret that you have not noticed some expression earlier. It matters not. In the moment that you are noticing, you are noticing, and this is significant and worthy of your acknowledgment.

CARMEN: Iím really glad that you mentioned that, the value of noticing, because I do have a tendency to discount everything about myself except what I produce physically. If I can acknowledge that noticing is significant, that will help me feel better in moving through this...


CARMEN: ...because I am not, in my assessment, creating the physical imagery that I eventually want to as quickly as I would like to. But if I can at least acknowledge that I am noticing, that will help me feel better about myself.

ELIAS: Quite, for this is reinforcing a validation to yourself rather than discounting yourself and expressing judgment and not offering the significance to this action of noticing that it is worthy of. For as I have expressed to you, this is one of your greatest tools.

CARMEN: And it is an action.

ELIAS: It IS an action.

CARMEN: So I can think of it as a ďdoing,Ē in a sense.

ELIAS: And you may also allow yourself to view it as a production, for it is an outcome in itself. Therefore you are producing in this, it is an action, and it is an outcome itself. It is VERY significant.

CARMEN: Well, yesterday I created imagery Iím wondering about, which I have allowed to upset me. I decided to go rollerblading, which can be fun for me and a way to release tension; so I did and I was feeling accomplishment because I was not feeling traumatized. In the past couple of weeks, every time Iíve gone outdoors I have just almost felt like the stimuli was too much, it was very upsetting. But I was handling things, and I thought I was being really attentive to myself like how I was feeling, what I was doing, trying to notice the things around me and appreciate them.

But I came to a small construction area with a tricky hill, so rather than try to navigate it standing up on my rollerblades, I decided to be more careful and sit down and ease my way down the hill that way. But my rollerblades slipped and I fell on my right hand, and I sprained my wrist.

Now, I thought the imagery might be telling me that Iím not trusting myself enough, even when Iím trying so hard to be attentive and careful. Iíve also thought that since Ė I think this is true, Iím not positive Ė the arm and wrist are part of the green and maybe even pink energy center, that maybe it was bringing to my attention how little compassion and patience Iíve felt with myself in moving through this time framework.

I also thought that since itís my right wrist and the injury significantly disables my manual doing, that it was maybe bringing to my attention just how much I define myself in terms of my physical creations in all areas, even household chores. And I thought it might be telling me that I wasnít allowing myself to be playful enough, because it happened while I was trying to have fun and I was also on my way to see if a store had a certain playful gift that I was going to give myself, which it didnít.

Then I thought maybe Iím telling myself to appreciate the simple things that I normally take for granted, because not being able to use my right hand very much really has brought to my awareness how much I do value that ability. Finally I thought maybe it was just telling me to come back and be more in the now. I thought I was paying attention. But are any, some or all of these translations accurate?

ELIAS: Yes, I may express to you that all of your translations are accurate, and I may also express to you one that is quite simple that you are not quite noticing, and that is the expression of caution. Your translation is quite accurate and correct in expressing to yourself that you are not trusting yourself, but I may express to you more specifically the not trusting yourself is outwardly manifesting in the expression of caution. You are attempting to be playful, but you are also cautiously being playful.

CARMEN: Yes. Do you know that I almost included that in my translation (Elias laughs), that I wasnít trusting myself and being too careful, but I left it out. So youíre right, I put that out of my mind. Okay, thatís good.

ELIAS: Caution within your expression is an expression of protection, and protection is an expression of a lack of trust, a fear of that some expression shall be hurtful to you, not trusting that you shall not be hurtful to you. But this also is quite familiar within YOUR expressions, for you have quite frequently been hurtful to yourself; therefore, you expect to be hurtful.


ELIAS: Now you may also be noticing of this, and as you recognize that you are expressing caution and protection, you may be engaging laughter to yourself and expressing to yourself [that] you are quite safe with yourself and need not be expressing this caution, for you are allowing yourself to relax and to trust that you shall create quite adequately in merely expressing fun.

CARMEN: Yes, thatís great. I will be practicing. I didnít say working on it; I said practicing. (Elias laughs)

The next thing is, Iíve been addressing or trying to address an issue you mentioned last time, which was my skepticism about being able to efficiently balance the artistic and the quote ďworking/businessĒ aspects of myself if I continue in my current employment. That contributed to my eliminating a project in the past, so I have wanted to address that.

I do think that Iíve come to a realization that I can do this, that even if I donít bring more creativity to my current quote ďjob,Ē it still leaves me ample time to create an artistic business on the side and also do creative things outside of any employment situation.

It is fully my desire and intention to create and allow more creativity in my current quote ďjob,Ē because I really do want to do that, but I donít want to create a feeling of pressure and tension in myself that I have to. I think it will be less stressful to give myself permission to not do anything different in projects until I feel a desire toÖ

ELIAS: Very well! (Nodding in agreement)

CARMEN: Just in general Iím trying to convince myself of the saying ďI am, I can, but I donít have to.Ē

ELIAS: Correct!

CARMEN: I have spent so much of my focus pressuring myself to do things that I think I should do, even if theyíre just me thinking I should do them. But would you agree that I have resolved that skepticism that I can efficiently integrate the two aspects of myself and continue in my current quote ďjobĒ?

ELIAS: Yes, to a great extent I am acknowledging of your movement in addressing to this particular subject matter. I may express to you that you may be noticing that you may at times be expressing moments of this type of association for it has not been eliminated, but you shall also recognize that you hold the ability to easily address to that within the moment and not hold to it.

CARMEN: Great, great. That has occurred. I have slipped into the doubts and then I think, ďThis is a limitation of choices!Ē (Elias laughs) And then I imagine that I can do this, even if ... well, you know, youíve been around. (Laughs with Elias)

My next question has to do with my emergence. I am still creating a lot of death imagery Ė people I know, people in the media Ė and there are times when I feel strong objective impulses of wanting to disengage, even though I know I take these issues into transition.

But Iím thinking that even those objective impulses are part of my extreme automatic translation of wanting to emerge, because Iím associating the emergence with death and the movement into a different kind of ... not different ... maybe it is a different kind of consciousness in redefining my reality. But Iím just wondering, have I been moving in my emergence at all? Iím not sure what it feels like to be emerged, so I donít know how to gauge it.

ELIAS: What the experience of emergence is is to be creating a wider awareness and more openness, more familiarity in intimacy with yourself, and you ARE moving in this expression. The manner in which you may gauge it, so to speak, is in what we have been discussing this morning, in the increase of your allowance of yourself to be noticing what you are generating in all aspects.

As you increase the volume of your noticing, this is also your indicator that you are creating this action of emergence, for it is your indicator of widening your awareness and directing your attention in a more focused manner.

CARMEN: That idea of directing my attention, that is taking practice.

ELIAS: This is quite a challenge, for this also is quite unfamiliar in its action. You are not accustomed to recognizing where your attention is directed and defining to yourself where you are directing your attention or how to move it.

CARMEN: I have one last question, and that is about my blue energy center. Now, Iím not sure I have ever seen this when I close my eyes, this energy center. Iíve seen all of the other ones, except possibly my Ė oh, whatís the Zuli one? Ė the purple one, because my essence color is close to purple. So Iím not sure, I may have seen that one.

But I have seen a blue, but I initially thought that was your color; but now Iím thinking that might not be your color but instead may be my blue energy center. The blue that I occasionally see is not real dark and not real light, and itís neither a greenish blue or a reddish blue; itís almost exactly in-between. I also previously thought that the blue energy center was more like a robinís egg blue, a lighter blue, but I may be wrong. So could you clarify, what color is the blue energy center, what shade of blue?

ELIAS: This may be recognized as what you identify as primary blue.

CARMEN: Primary blue Ė so maybe I have seen it. That was not your color.

ELIAS: Correct.

CARMEN: Oh, my goodness. Here Iíve been thinking, ďMy, you have a beautiful color.Ē Thatís not your blue, so maybe I have never seen your blue.

ELIAS: I may express to you that I incorporate offerings of blue energy in different hues, but most commonly I express a bright blue in energy to individuals within physical focus as a reminder of my interaction with them, quite similar in hue to what you may observe within the color of your daylight skies in its deepest expression.

CARMEN: Yes, yes. Okay, thatís helpful. Iíve got two minutes left.

Iíve been hearing my tone, and I do check it to make sure if itís B-flat to see if it is my tone, and Iíve also been seeing my essence color a lot more. Sometimes I even wake up and I hear a distinct tone, and Iím wondering if I can validate to myself that it is communicating that I am listening more to the essence part of me.

ELIAS: Yes, you are offering yourself a validation and encouragement.

CARMEN: Now, am I correct in assuming that the Tirza part of me Ė even though I know I am Tirza Ė but she ... oh, this is so complicated. I know Iíve read about it in the sessions, but to conceptualize it is so difficult for me. But she could talk to me, have a voice as you have a voice, and that part of her is where you are. Sheís already transitioned and doesnít hold belief systems. Well, I guess essence in general doesnít hold belief ... oh, I get so confused! (Elias chuckles)

Iíve become so aware of how separated I have been in the past from the essence part of me. I did give her a voice once, or that part of me a voice. But if I put out a question, I could give her a voice that would respond to me. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. This would be your imagery to yourself. This is not to say that it is not quite real, for it is; for any expression that you choose to create through your perception IS quite real. I may express to you merely the reinforcement that this is not a separate entity from yourself. You are this essence and you do hold attentions in all areas of consciousness, you are correct. But if you are so choosing, yes, you may create a voice, so to speak, and you may incorporate interaction with other aspects of your energy.

You may even generate a form, if you are so choosing. This may be quite similar to what many individuals actually create and project in relation to fear. Some individuals actually create a physical entity in association with fear. Let me express to you, my friend, this is an acknowledgment of the tremendous expression of power that you incorporate. For if you may generate an actual entity in relation to an expression of fear, you may also incorporate that energy to be creating an actual form and voice to speak to yourself.

CARMEN: Well, I have created imagery ... when Iíve been outdoors, right before this time framework, I would see so many people wearing sweaters or coats with my essence color. I interpreted this as suggesting a message from the essence part of me that ďI am protecting you or supporting you,Ē because I have a tendency to think that I need protection still. So, I interpreted it that way.

And this is another question I have. I give myself messages through music, all kinds of music. One day a song came to me and it was called ďMagic,Ē and when I read the lyrics I said, ďBoy, that sounds like my essence talking to me.Ē Can I validate myself that that was indeed a message to myself from my essence part? (Elias smiles and nods throughout)


CARMEN: (Laughing) It was almost like it was preparing me for this walk through the valley of death. (Elias laughs)

Well, Elias, the time is up, but I wanted to thank you so much again.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my dear friend.

CARMEN: I so appreciate it, and I try to give myself credit for having availed myself of you...

ELIAS: Ah, yes.

CARMEN: that I donít project power over me. Itís just been so helpful. So, I guess until the next time.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall as always continue to offer you encouragement and my expressions of energy. I offer you great affection as always, my friend, and express to you, au revoir.

CARMEN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:41 PM.


(1) Originally stated as: ďYou need not be moving your attention throughout the entirety of your physical body, but merely choose one or two physical muscles in one moment that you notice are incorporating tension.Ē

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