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Friday, November 02, 2001

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ďPay Attention to the CHOOSING Rather Than the ThinkingĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Sherry (Seale).

Elias arrives at 3:03 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SHERRY: Good morning! (Elias chuckles) Iím really excited to talk to you today!

ELIAS: Very well, shall we proceed?

SHERRY: Iím giving myself a lot of objective imagery that people are understanding, I guess, that I am the little sapling, because theyíre asking me questions. Theyíre asking me to lend them energy or theyíre asking for more information when theyíve not even wanted to hear those words or always thought I was so far out there.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And in this you are offering yourself validation in your movement, are you not?

SHERRY: Yes, thatís what Mary and I were just talking about. This is so unfamiliar. I mean, itís a little overwhelming in that unfamiliarity. Thereís mixed feelings about it.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But let me also express to you that the unfamiliar becomes familiar quite quickly.

SHERRY: Iím looking forward to that! (Elias laughs) There are several things I just want to ask you about, and then see where else I go after. Iím hoping that this may clarify some things for me.

I was looking out the window at those trees, and Iím not understanding if the trees were talking to me about the land being in some kind of mix-up in the court because they didnít have the correct legal descriptions. I saw teepees on that land, and I didnít know if that was about my dream, if I was objectifying wanting to have kids come out and get more connected to the environment with learning about tracking and the different plants and animals and just experiencing what itís like to be one with the environment. Is that what the teepees were about? Was it also that there used to be teepees on that land, or both?

ELIAS: Both.

SHERRY: Oh, thatís why Ė interesting. Thatís so funny. That just came to me this morning, that Iíll betcha itís both. Thatís the part Iím not understanding very well. I got the impression, but Iím not always sure if itís future/past or how to discern that.

ELIAS: And the manner in which you may discern is to continue to listen to yourself and allow yourself to continue with your impression, as you have this day. As you further listen to what you are expressing to yourself in your impressions, trust in what you offer to yourself in additional information, not merely the initial expression. You do elaborate in your impressions to yourself, and it is merely a matter of paying attention and listening.

SHERRY: Were they talking about my separating them so they can be there, or was it my love for the trees that got me to that part, or were they communicating to me that there really was an opportunity with that land? I donít have any money right now so Iím trying to figure out or understand what this is, where this is leading me. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Yes, and I may express to you once again that in this expression to yourself you are also creating both. You are creating your communication with this group of consciousness, so to speak Ė these trees Ė and you are also offering yourself information in association with YOUR desire.

SHERRY: So theyíre saying that they know they need to be split up so that they can grow to be healthy and to their full growth, or that they want somebody to get the land that wonít chop them down?

ELIAS: The association with thinning the trees is an expression that is generated influenced by your beliefs. For these expressions of consciousness, these trees, may thrive quite well in the manner in which they have already chosen; but in another respect they are your creation. Therefore, you may also configure your creation in the manner in which you want.

Now; concerning the expression of protection, so to speak, this also is a choice. It is not necessarily a choice of protecting the trees but that there is an opportunity to be engaging and creating an expression that YOU want and that this may be an environment that you want to be generating that creation in. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Very well.

SHERRY: You mean using that as my business, to start my teepee thing with the kids?

ELIAS: If you are so desirous, yes.

SHERRY: But thatís the part I donít get. I donít have any money. This might be interesting to see how I create that.

ELIAS: It matters not. You may create any expression that you want, and it does not necessarily need to be generated through the channels or avenues that you physically associate with. As I have expressed to you previously, you are offering yourself imagery to suggest to you that you may in actuality create what you view to be impossible.

SHERRY: I got that loud and clear! Not only about that, but in terms of the court thing.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

SHERRY: Speaking of that, I havenít found a lawyer. I didnít want to go with that lawyer anyway because he thinks itís going to be a big struggle, and I donít want to have a lawyer that thinks itís going to be long-winded and a big struggle because that doesnít go along with my desire or my belief.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

SHERRY: I did my appeal and (sigh) I guess Iím just trying to understand more of what it is that Iím ... I mean, in that regard Iím thinking, ďOh no, Iím still trying to create the impossible.Ē Right?

ELIAS: And the impossible is not impossible.

SHERRY: Exactly. Iím understanding that, but the cool thing to me is that Iím understanding a little bit more of how I operate. It scares me when I think, ďSherry, canít you just make little small things? Why do you have to make such a big creation where it looks like itís not possible?Ē You know what Iím saying?

ELIAS: For you are offering yourself information, and in this you are choosing to be generating certain actions that shall allow you the validation of the reality that you DO HOLD the ability to create what you deem to be impossible, for there are no impossible actions.

SHERRY: The other thing I was talking to Mary about is doing a program like workshops on allowing or helping people to see or to experience that together we can create whatever we want. I had that thought a while ago, a year maybe, when I first met Mary, because I wanted people to understand that they could create things. Thatís before I even knew about you. I understood that most people felt victimized, myself included, and I was showing myself even way back then that I didnít hold that as the end-all be-all truth.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding, and as you have offered yourself experiences and examples of how you generate your reality and have offered yourself information to familiarize yourself with you and how you create within this physical dimension, you also may interact with other individuals and you may be offering information that may be helpful to these individuals also. But...

SHERRY: If they are so choosing.

ELIAS: Correct! And they shall draw themselves to you, and you shall draw them to you. For you shall project the energy and those individuals that are of like kind, so to speak, shall also draw themselves to you. In this, be remembering that you are sharing; you are not teaching.

SHERRY: Thatís going to be the thing. I asked Mary about that, about using the soft and intermediate definitions. I know about common, because thatís me and thatís what Iíve experienced. I could give them information if that was allowable for Mary, and she did give that okay, that I could share that information. But thatís going to be coming from the website, not from me and my experience because I donít have that.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This may...

SHERRY: This just came to me this morning. That was amazing, so then I was going back to wanting to create something like that. I also want to lessen the trauma, and Iím hoping that that will be my way of experiencing the lessening of trauma by sharing.

ELIAS: Very well! And I shall be encouraging of you.

SHERRY: Oh, thanks! (Laughs with Elias)

You know what? When we talked before, we talked about being playful.


SHERRY: But I havenít felt that with you. I am really trying hard to be open to everything that happens.

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, that you have been quite occupied in your attention with yourself and your movement and your creations, which is quite acceptable, for this in actuality does familiarize you with you quite efficiently. As you continue and you become comfortable in generating your movement and do not deem it as necessary to be concentrating so INTENSELY in your movement, you shall allow yourself to express more playfulness, and as you express more playfulness, you may also be allowing yourself more of an openness to recognize my energy also.

SHERRY: Because I thought, ďMan, what am I doing now?Ē I knew I was doing something but ... and itís true, I recognize that I really am wanting to understand how I do what I do.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is significant. This is the point in moving in the expression of this shift.

SHERRY: Then the other thing, there went my trip to Belize! (Laughs) Oh god!

But I am moving out of the place Iím in, and thatís the part that I want to understand exactly. I thought that talking with you about this I could get clarity. I want to make sure I am understanding what Iím doing about moving out of here and moving up to Burpee Hill again. I can have less distractions, because the lady in the apartment keeps ... Iím not interested in rescuing that person and I donít want to have to keep dealing with the neediness. Thatís the part that gets confusing because Iím creating it, so how do I create it differently? Thatís why Iím glad to talk to you today, because I want to be clear about what Iím doing moving up there, if Iím creating really what I want. Up there I could have my dog, too, and I really would like her back.

ELIAS: Very well. And in this, what is your question?

SHERRY: Am I doing it for those reasons? Is that right?

ELIAS: Yes. You have offered yourself an identification of a direction that you want to move into, and therefore you are implementing action to create that.

SHERRY: But I also want to go to Belize or to Cancun or to wherever down there to swim with the dolphins, and thatís just as strong a desire, I thought.

ELIAS: And express to myself, what is the association that you create in the either/or?

SHERRY: The tickets were mirroring that, because I thought I was going to Belize and it looked like I could go, and then boom! After the hurricane the tickets became horrendously expensive, and itís like, well, forget that idea now.

ELIAS: And therefore you assess that within another time framework you may not create this movement?

SHERRY: No, I know I can create it, but it seems like I am in conflict with myself. Because why, when I really wanted that, why wasnít I able to create it?

ELIAS: It is not a situation of you cannot create or did not create. It is what I have spoken to you of previously in paying attention to what you ARE creating, for many times you move into the expressions of black and white, either/or, absolutes. In this, you THINK you want to be creating a particular action in a particular moment, and in that thinking you are generating your associations of absolutes, definite expressions of what you want with no allowance for other choices. But this is the expression of your thinking, which is attempting to translate and interpret what you are communicating to yourself and also expressing beliefs in association with what you are creating.

Now; in this, I have expressed to you to be paying attention to what you are actually choosing, what you are actually DOING, rather than what you think you are choosing. For what you think you want is not always what you actually want (telephone bell tone), for you are actually choosing what is in association with your direction. (Another telephone bell tone)

(Pause, and Elias starts chuckling; 36 seconds pass and Elias departs. Mary returns, disoriented.)

SHERRY: (Clicking noise) Hello?

MARY: Did you do it again?!

SHERRY: What? No, something just clicked! (Mary laughs) No dial tone even came on!

MARY: Oh, you are so funny!

SHERRY: I donít even know how that happened. I was just listening and writing down madly and all of a sudden ďclick!Ē Then I go, ďHello, hello?Ē and thereís no dial tone, so I started tapping the phone thing and it didnít go off. Mary, I didnít even get a dial tone! Isnít that bizarre?

MARY: Well, you didnít actually disconnect this time! (Both laugh)

SHERRY: I donít even get it!

MARY: (Laughs) All right, here we go again!

SHERRY: Sorry!

MARY: You donít have to be sorry to me! (Laughing)

SHERRY: Iíll ask him what happened then!

MARY: Iím starting to really think this is funny! (Both laugh)

SHERRY: I donít think itís funny at all! (Laughing)

MARY: If youíre nothing else, Sherry, you are definitely consistent! You just are fascinating! All right, Iím going.

Elias returns in 11 seconds at 3:27 PM.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

SHERRY: What happened?!

ELIAS: Continuing again, as always, my friend! Ha ha ha! (Elias looks extremely amused)

SHERRY: What happened? All of a sudden, I was just listening and writing, and I heard this click abut thereís no dial tone, and Iím thinking, ďWhatís going on?Ē

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I may express to you, this is PRECISELY what we are speaking of, and you are offering yourself an example in the moment. Ha ha ha!

SHERRY: Youíre saying that I wanted to click off from you?

ELIAS: What I am expressing to you is that this is an example of paying attention to the difference in expression between what you are thinking and what you are doing Ė what you are thinking and what you are choosing.

Now; you do incorporate a desire to be assimilating and understanding this concept objectively, and you are generating considerable challenge in attempting to be understanding of this information that I am presenting to you. In this, you are providing yourself with an example of thinking that you are creating one action ... are you following this thus far?

SHERRY: Are you kidding?! You clicked off again!


SHERRY: I just got the ďI desire to be assimilatingĒ and then you clicked off! I got you back again when you said, ďAre you following thus far?Ē I got lost after the ďassimilating.Ē (Laughs)

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I am aware of what you are creating! Ha ha!

SHERRY: Iím not! I want to hear so I can stay connected!

ELIAS: Very well. In this moment, calm your energy.

SHERRY: I breathed and you came back on again, so Iím breathing.

ELIAS: Very well. Relax your energy, for the more that you generate this excitement in the manner in which you are generating excitement, the more that you generate this action. (Both laugh)

SHERRY: Oh cool. Okay, Iím calming, I think.

ELIAS: Very well. Now; in this, you have offered yourself an example of an expression of thinking.

Now; in this, let us discuss this together. Express to me what you were thinking.

SHERRY: I donít have a clue! I was just trying to write quickly to get everything down.

ELIAS: Correct. You are listening to what I am expressing to you, and you are thinking concerning what I am expressing to you, and you are thinking that you are... (There is a fluttering noise on the line, and Elias chuckles) Calm yourself!

SHERRY: Thatís someone calling in on the other line. Thatís not me.

ELIAS: Oh! Ha ha ha! Ah, for you do not create this either!


ELIAS: You do not create this either.

SHERRY: Oh well, you probably say I do!

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! (Both laugh) Quite!

Continuing: in this, you are thinking that you are paying attention, and what you are paying attention to is your thinking Ė listening, thinking, concentrating upon writing what I am expressing to you and engaging your thinking concerning this. We are speaking of paying attention to the CHOOSING rather than the thinking, be remembering.

SHERRY: Well right, but I didnít even pick up my finger and punch the telephone either, so how did it click off all by itself?

ELIAS: It matters not that you have not engaged a physical action. Let me express to you, my friend, energy is quite real and quite powerful.

SHERRY: Oh no, thatís what Iím thinking Iím understanding and thatís what Mary and I were talking about. This is really powerful and itís really scary, and I want to really know what Iím doing with it.

ELIAS: Quite, and I am understanding of your desire to be objectively understanding and assimilating.

Now; in this, as you created a situation in which you are paying attention to what I am expressing to you and your attention is focused in thought, you are also not paying attention to other expressions that you are generating.

Now; this is quite understandable in actuality and quite creative, that in the moment that we are engaged in discussion concerning this very subject matter you choose to interrupt it to offer yourself an example of the difference between the thinking and the choosing. This you have generated quite purposefully in the moment, offering yourself an example. This is not to say that you are choosing to disengage conversation with myself, and you have not.

SHERRY: Thatís what Mary said, that Iím consistent. At least I didnít hang up this time! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! And in this, what have you NOT generated in this experience? You have not generated disconnection; you continued the connection, so to speak. You merely interrupted it to offer yourself an example. For your thinking is moving in a direction and expressing that what you WANT is you want to be understanding this information that I am offering to you, but your thinking is also expressing to you that you do not understand and that you do not recognize what your attention is and you do not recognize the choosing aspect of yourself or that you do not see what you are actually DOING Ė and therefore you have offered yourself an objective example.

Now; in this, yes, you do see what you are doing. You obviously view that you interrupted the interaction momentarily. You DO view this. You ARE aware that this has occurred.

SHERRY: Oh yes, but I thought maybe you did it!

ELIAS: Ah! Ha ha ha! For I now am creating your reality!

SHERRY: Well, yes ... well, no ... but this is a funky phone, so maybe people are trying to call in and it just cut off. But I am recognizing that I am still going back and forth with that, too. Itís getting funnier when I recognize it.

ELIAS: And therefore the telephone equipment is creating your reality.

SHERRY: Yeah, absolutely!

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckles) Quite an interesting example that you have offered for yourself in this moment.

SHERRY: Why did I pick this moment to do that?

ELIAS: For this offers you the opportunity to be recognizing these expressions, recognizing your associations with other expressions creating certain aspects of your reality Ė be they an object or another essence or another individual (laughing), it matters not.

You have offered yourself many examples of your associations in this one action. You have created it in cooperation with myself that you may allow yourself to discuss this with myself and allow yourself the opportunity to validate in conversation with myself. In which had you engaged this same example to yourself with another individual, you most likely would have not validated yourself but would have questioned yourself and also questioned the other individual, and would not have viewed this as YOUR creation but would have incorporated the possibility that it is the energy of the other individual creating this or, as you have with myself, expressed that it might have been my energy, it might have been a malfunction of the telephone equipment, it might have been another individual in relation to the operation of the telephone equipment.

No Ė this is YOUR creation, for you are creating every moment and every experience and EVERY aspect of your reality, and every choice is purposeful. This choice has been purposeful to offer you a physical objective example of how you may think you want to be creating one expression but you actually create another.

Now; in this example you are not in actuality deviating much within your thinking and within your choosing, which, I may express to you, many times your thinking is in harmony and accurate in its translation regarding your choices. In this example, in actuality, you have generated thinking in similar movement to your choosing, for your choosing was merely offering an emphasized example of what you want. You want to be understanding this information that I am offering to you now, and therefore you choose to create an experience that shall be an example. But in this also, what is your automatic expression in thinking, once you have created the action?

SHERRY: I didnít do it.

ELIAS: And immediately questioning, immediately discounting yourself, immediately creating a judgment, immediately expressing frustration. Not merely that you did not choose this, but now you also are expressing frustration, which is an expression of not recognizing what your choices are. Therefore, you are moving more into the expression of not recognizing your choices. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: I think so.

ELIAS: And if generating this for a more extended time framework, you may allow yourself in this moment to recognize that your automatic response would have been to move further into the expression of frustration and generate anger. The anger is frustration in extreme, in which you view yourself to incorporate no choices. Now do...

SHERRY: I recognize that part about me now.

ELIAS: Now are you allowing yourself an understanding of how this movement is incorporated?

SHERRY: I think so.

ELIAS: Very well.

SHERRY: But Iíll be able to tell that very shortly when I create something else. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha! And allow yourself, without judgment, to merely view these experiences as an opportunity to practice paying attention to what you are choosing and what you are thinking, and to view whether they are in harmony or not.

SHERRY: Thatís important, whether they are in harmony.

ELIAS: For each time your thinking deviates and expresses a difference from what you are choosing, you are in actuality offering yourself a tremendous opportunity to become more familiar with what you are creating and how you are creating.

SHERRY: Iíll pay particular notice. This will be my little theme for the next little bit. (Elias laughs)

Thereís something else that I want to understand Ė back to the Tom issue. Weíre interacting, but Iím not understanding what Iím creating there, either. I think Iím creating more, because he has accepted me more or he doesnít think Iím as weird as I used to be. So Iím validating myself with that imagery too, Iím sure.


SHERRY: And I needed that. One of the things is I donít want to ... I mean, if Iím creating him to be sick, I donít want him to be sick. You know what I mean? Itís like he is punishing himself, and I donít want him ... itís like heís not understanding how heís choosing. (Elias laughs loudly) Oh no, what are you laughing for?

ELIAS: My dear friend, YOU are not understanding how YOU are choosing!

SHERRY: (Laughs) As soon as I said the words, I said, ďUh-oh!Ē

ELIAS: I may express to you quite genuinely, my friend, you are tremendously amusing! (Laughing)

SHERRY: Well, Iím glad that Iím giving you and Mary such joy today!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Quite!

SHERRY: Fill me in so I can be part of the humor! It doesnít feel very humorous to me! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) In this, you are partially offering yourself validation. You are creating expressions with a familiarity, for you engage the energy of this individual that is familiar to you, and therefore you are allowing yourself to generate an expression that you associate with this individual that is validating to you. But you also are moving in a familiar expression of turning your attention outside of yourself once again.

What have you expressed? ďI do not want this individual to be creating illness. This individual is not understanding what they are choosing.Ē Your attention is projecting to the other individual, not to yourself but to the choice of the other individual. I may express to you, my friend, this particular action and subject matter you have presented to yourself individually as one of your greatest challenges.

SHERRY: I know. I think Iím dense in this area or something. I donít know whatís blocking this!

ELIAS: It is not a blocking. You are continuing to create this action to allow yourself to notice and therefore offer yourself the opportunity to turn your attention.

In this, you continue to express this to yourself to offer yourself the opportunity to be noticing. Be remembering, I have expressed many, many, many times throughout this forum, noticing is your GREATEST tool, for it offers you the greatest avenue in which you may allow yourself movement. If you are not noticing, you shall not offer yourself information concerning yourself and what YOU are creating. Therefore, how shall you offer yourself more choice if you are not even noticing?

SHERRY: The one good thing is I did realize as soon as I left the other day that I did it Ė Iím focusing on whatís going on with him.

ELIAS: Correct! But...

SHERRY: At least I got that. I havenít been back because ... am I doing this for some reason? And Iím sure that has to do with the lady next door, too. Itís that victim thing. Itís like ďno, Iím not getting into that.Ē

ELIAS: You are correct, but you are also, once again, offering yourself the opportunity to NOTICE in the moments that you are projecting your attention outwardly and focusing your attention upon other individuals and their choices and your automatic responses in relation to this action.

SHERRY: When you said he was familiar to me, like how familiar? I know weíve been together before, but is this lots of times?

ELIAS: This is not what I am expressing to you in association with. Yes, you have engaged other focuses together and you do engage other focuses together. I am speaking merely of the objective familiarity that you have created in this focus. You are not engaging this action with what you term to be a stranger, for this may not obtain your attention as clearly. But engaging this experience with an individual that is familiar to you SHALL gain your attention.

SHERRY: Is he going through the same things, because of the acceptance heís offering me more than he did before? Or youíre saying thatís still me offering my own acceptance?

ELIAS: It is both. Yes, this individual is offering himself more information objectively, and is offering himself more of an expression of acceptance and therefore generates that energy expression to you, and you configure this energy expression through your perception and create the interaction. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Very well.

SHERRY: I could feel that part. Otherwise I donít think Iíd be around him if I felt more ucky stuff (Elias laughs), you know, if I felt like he wasnít being accepting. Iím getting more to the point where Iím not wanting to put myself through that.

ELIAS: Very well, and this is also moving into recognition of YOUR choices and what YOU want.

SHERRY: I thought that was cool. Itís like wow, this is kind of another validation, because I left that alone and did my own thing and now here weíre talking. When I created talking to him, it was like me understanding that I did recognize that something had shifted with him.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: My, this is amazing. I still donít get how I get those impressions. But at least Iím going with them more now, so Iím giving them more credit.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Well, we have maybe ten minutes left. Do you have anything to say to me that might be things I can look at, or are there things that you can see that might be helpful that I havenít talked about?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may suggest to you, my friend, merely to continue practicing in noticing, for this is, in your terms, presently enough of a challenge. Ha ha ha!

SHERRY: (Laughs) Very funny!

ELIAS: And I am recognizing that you wish NOT to be generating trauma, and therefore you may be choosing not to overwhelm yourself. (Laughs)

SHERRY: Really? Because thatís scary to think about all of that power, and then I donít even get it. I feel like Iím just this something on its way to happen. (Elias chuckles) That doesnít generate a lot of peace inside! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I may express to you, you ARE something on its way to happening! Ha ha!

SHERRY: But not out of control...

ELIAS: No. (Laughing)

SHERRY: ...even though most of the people think that I am, because they told me that!

ELIAS: You are shifting, my friend, and I continue to be encouraging in your movement. (Chuckles)

SHERRY: Weíre still on for when I get to Cancun or Belize or wherever. Iím still wanting to get that going, too.

ELIAS: Very well! I shall be compliant with your invitation.

SHERRY: So you could become objective?

ELIAS: I am being objective with you in this moment.

SHERRY: No, I mean like a body.

ELIAS: Ah! I have infrequently generated this type of expression in what you may term to be an apparition. This is, in actuality, in your terms requiring of a tremendous expression of energy to be moving and manipulating energy in a manner in which it filters through layers of consciousness to create that type of manifestation. It is not impossible, and I have generated that type of an expression.

But generally speaking, I choose not to be creating that type of an expression for, in a manner of speaking, it is not of what you may term to be tremendous interest to myself. I may be expressing energy to individuals within your physical area of consciousness and efficiently allow myself and my energy to be recognized and known, as the individual may be allowing themselves to be open to that expression; therefore it is unnecessary to be creating a physical apparition.

SHERRY: Oh yes, I feel your energy, but for me to reach out and actually touch something...


SHERRY: ...itís just different. It must be a belief thing.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you are choosing to be engaging these manifestations of essence that you identify as dolphins, and in this, I may be interactive with the energy of these essences also and you may be physically interactive with my energy.

SHERRY: Oh, when I go there? Okay, cool!

That brings up something. I was working with Dale from the E-list, and she was saying that it may be a desire to go to the dolphins ... I guess she was helping me to understand what thatís about. I said I really felt the need to go, and she said that I probably have the need to go, so that ... I mean, I think that I have to go there to feel it. I could just do it right here, but thereís something that didnít fit right with me inside of that answer. Is that because a beliefís getting in the way, or is there something else Iím supposed to get when I go over there, that sheís not understanding?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this identification of creating that action without physically traveling is correct. You may generate that type of action, but this is not the expression of your want. Your want is to be physically engaging these manifestations in another physical location; therefore you are moving in the direction of creating that. It matters not. This is the...

SHERRY: Well, weíd better go. Itís time. Thank you so much, and Iím glad we shared in humor. Some of my things are really serious, and so Iím glad I offered that with you. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Continue to be playful, my friend!

SHERRY: I will try!

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you, as always, great affection and much encouragement.

SHERRY: Thank you, my friend.

ELIAS: Until our next meeting, au revoir.

SHERRY: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:04 PM.

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